Wooden tongue

(Chronic infectious disease of cattle)
**ch` by inflammation of soft tissue of the head (tongue) *the disease common occur in adult age *feeding of coarse feeds → predisposing factor

**clinical signs:
1- ↑ salivation , difficult mastication & ↓ appetite 2- swelling of tongue , hard , have round yellow lesion(2-5 mm) 3- swelling of retropharyngeal & submandibular L.N

**Treatment :
1- I/V injection of Sod.iodide 10% as: 1gm/12 kg / b. wt/ repeated after 10-14 days 2- intensive coarse of antibiotic for 5 successive days as: I/M injection of Streptopencid → 2 vial/12 hr

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