adopting. . adapting. applying. rapid change in new technology. and involvement of several business entities in the organization. The set of processes for the build. or buy decision must be identical for every instance or business opportunity that arises. localizing. lease. and developing through to diffusion. The acquisition issue is multifaceted for various reasons including large variety of IT applications. introducing.The term ‘acquisition’ refers to all the stages from buying.

In general strategy is defined as "the long term direction of an organization .

 Requirements determination  Requirements specification .

 Feasibility Analysis  Final specifications  Hardware study .

 System implementation  System evaluation  System modification .

T applications. develop in-house. or outsourcing a system from any other companies. Some major options are buy.Some main alternatives exist in acquiring I. When does it make more sense to buy the applications? Does it make more sense to lease? . lease.

.Do we have to outsource our applications to other companies? The set of processes for the acquisition decision must be identical for every instance or business opportunity that arises.

the application. the application in house.  Leasing  Developing  Outsourcing .Below are some critical factors that should be evaluated prior to choose preferable IS:  Buying the application. the application.


Understanding of company objectives  Strategic vision and plan  Executive and management level support  Comprehensive financial justification  Use of external expertise in decision process  Open communication with users  Careful selection of the vendor  Ongoing management of the acquisition  .

Short term benefits motivation  Unqualified service providers (vendors)  Domination of service providers in decision making  Lack of management capability  Failure in IS Acquisition planning  Cultural issue (Resistant to change)  Lack of defined process and change management  .

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