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Freeing the Handcuffs ................................................................................................................................. 82 The Process of Self-Calibration .................................................................................................................. 84 St. Germain Blesses the Great Master ........................................................................................................ 88 The Support Of A Devoted Conscious Female is the Ultimate Experience for Man ................................. 90 The Ultimate Brain Activation with Babaji ................................................................................................ 92 Autism Spectrum Disorder Activations ...................................................................................................... 95 The Birth of Transcendental Mind Inquiry on Planet Earth ....................................................................... 98 One Attachment Separates You From the Divine ..................................................................................... 107 How to Use Anger as Fuel to Continue the Journey ................................................................................. 109 Sutras of Patanjali Activation with Mataji ................................................................................................ 113 Sutra Activation with Babaji ..................................................................................................................... 116 St. Germains Blessing of the Higher School for Conscious Evolution ................................................... 118 Direct Training with Babaji Continues ..................................................................................................... 119 Activating the Highest Sutras of Universal Consciousness ...................................................................... 120 Anastasia Connects with Me ..................................................................................................................... 124 Sutra Activations with Babaji ................................................................................................................... 126 What Is The Intelligent Space? ................................................................................................................. 128 Do you think "I" can awaken "You"? ....................................................................................................... 130 Conversation with Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars................................................................................. 131 Activation of the Next Set of Sutras with Babaji ...................................................................................... 132 Activation of Siddhi Powers ..................................................................................................................... 134 How to Attract a Soul from the 15th Dimension During Conception ........................................................ 137 My Questions to Babaji ............................................................................................................................ 139 Activation of Samyama............................................................................................................................. 142 Activation to Awaken Psychic Pathways.................................................................................................. 144 Activation of Vibbhuti Pada ..................................................................................................................... 147

Sutra Activations with St. Germain and Mataji ........................................................................................ 149 The Higher Discussions on Tantric Energy .............................................................................................. 152 Higher Sutra Activation ............................................................................................................................ 157 Meeting with Lord Krishna ....................................................................................................................... 159

In early 2006, I received an e-mail from a man named Phil Lahaye saying he was writing a book called Sacred Messages for the Parents of the World with Ivonne Delaflor and that they were communicating with Babaji Nagaraj, an ascended master from India who Yogananda spoke of in the famous book, Autobiography of a Yogi. He said that Babaji had instructed them to find the DNA Activator on the planet with the initials T.A., and he was wondering if that was me. At the time, I was living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, completing a relationship, and simply doing DNA activations from 8 in the morning until 8 at night every day for clients all over the world. I had never even heard of Babaji and so I did not know how privileged and profound it is to even know him. So I did my research and found out that Babaji is not only an ascended master but also has an immortal body and can bi-locate, do teleportation, and basically has complete mastery over his multidimensional anatomy. He has been around for over 3500 years and was actually one of the teachers of the Buddha and Jesus (Issa as he calls him). After I read about him, I was in awe and extremely curious and interested in how he knew about ME. I received a message from him where he addressed me simply as DNA Warrior and that if I went to Sedona, Arizona, he would come. There was a book presentation of Sacred Messages for the Parents of the World scheduled there so I traveled 20 hours from Rio and arrived in Sedona on July 7, 2006. I had been preparing myself for the last couple of months to meet Babaji by doing all kinds of energy clearings, DNA activations on myself, physical cleanses, Kriya Yoga initiations, and manifestations. When I got into my hotel room at the Enchantment Hotel in Sedona, I went over to the minibar to get a water. All of the sudden, a bottle of wine fell out of the minibar. I thought, Oh no, Im not drinking any wine, Im purifying myself to meet Babaji. So I put the wine bottle back in the refrigerator and it popped out onto the floor again! At this point I thought, ok, someone is playing with me here. So I put the wine back, shut the minibar, and it opened AGAIN and the wine bottle rolled out onto the floor. I was getting a little angry at this point so I put the wine back and this time it stayed shut. The next day, I received a message to do a global DNA Activation up in Boynton Canyon. So a group of us climbed up there and I did the activation in exactly 11 minutes as instructed. The wind started howling and swirling and Babaji says he IS the wind, so I knew he was around. That night in my hotel room, Babaji and Mataji both manifested. I was in awe and extremely excited and nervous. The first question Babaji asked me was if I was ready to embody my full mastery. He was extremely direct and his words literally shook every nerve in my body. I said YES and from that moment, my life has never been the same. That night he gave me the Swami name Shivanandaji and after a few months of training and a sacred initiation, it soon become Shivananda Brahmananda. He taught me the difference between white tantra and red tantra by actually making the kundalini energy activate in my spine and rise up from the base of my

tailbone. I was so nervous throughout the whole night that at one point Babaji said, I TOLD YOU to drink the wine! Babaji has a delightful sense of humor and this was just the beginning of his joking around with me. This book is a direct transcript from our conversations and all of it is unedited. The italicized lines are my responses. I have not changed any of the conversations so many of them are raw. I feel that it is better to leave it this way as the energy frequency of Babajis words is extremely powerful and like a shaktipat in itself. Also there are many sacred activations recorded in this book that Babaji did for me and when you read them yourself, you will receive the activations as well. These are the activations Babaji used on me that helped me to awaken and there are DNA activations, Brain Activations, Sutras of Patanjali Activations, and Transcendental Inquiry Activations. In the chapter where we are working on Siddhi powers, Babaji asked me to do an exercise using the tri-veca code. He told me to pick one of my clients in another country, visualize the tri-veca code in my 3rd eye, place my phone number in the center of it, and with my intent, send it to the 3rd eye of my client. Less than one minute later, my client called my office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and this number I have never given out. Plus, in order to call me there, you have to dial the country code, followed by the city code, and then the number. I was impressed to say the least and now every day I do at least 20 manifestations using the tri-veca code for myself, my family, and my clients. Babaji rarely talks to anyone here in the 3rd dimension so the information shared in this book is extremely rare. I had the privilege to receive one on one intense training with him daily for 4 years and I am extremely grateful for it. When he would come, he would either have on what he called his Mentor Hat, or his Friend Hat. When he had his Mentor Hat on, he was like Navy Seal trainer times 1000, and imagine someone that knows every single thing about you and can read your entire Soul Matrix, mind, thoughts, and intentions. Using excuses was definitely not an option with Babaji. We explored every single karmic imprint, belief, persona, archetype, and cleared energetic cords to every past relationship so I could be as clear as possible. This is how I developed the Clear the Slate Coaching Program. It is like he was peeling away all the layers of an onion to get to the core, my true essence. He still uses his Mentor Hat with me when I need it. I know when I receive a message that begins with TATATT! On the other hand, when he switched to his Friend Hat, we would talk just as a couple of men, and you have no idea how cool it is to have Babaji as your best friend. Imagine having a Mahavatar as your best friend and someone you can always count on. Well you too can always connect with Babaji by saying with reverence: Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum. This connects your crown chakra to his and you will receive an immediate blessing. This book is just a few months of the initial training that I did with Babaji, yet the information shared will help anyone, as Im sure you have some of the same questions and life situations that I had, and having a Mahavatar that you can ask any question to is priceless. These conversations led to my other book The Great Master. So I suggest that after you read this one, if you havent

read the Great Master yet, that is a must. I also offer training to become a Certified Great Master Teacher and now have dozens of these Certified Teachers around the world. The conversations in the book do not require any more introduction. They are amazingly genuine and sacred as is, and it is my sincere desire that you enjoy reading them and receive the same energy transmission that I did while talking directly to Babaji. Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum Toby Alexander Swami Shivananda Brahmananda September 15, 2011

Tantra: The Unused Treasure

July 28, 2006 Thus numerous are the witnesses who acknowledge love to be the eldest of the Gods. And not only is he the eldest, he is also the source of the greatest benefits to us. For I know not any greater blessing to a young man who is beginning life than a virtuous lover or to the lover than a beloved youth. For the principle which ought to be the guide of men who would nobly live at principle. I say, neither kindred, nor honor, nor wealth, nor any other motive is able to implant so well as love. Of what am I speaking? Of the sense of honor and dishonor, without which neither states nor [do] individuals ever do any good or great work. Only through love. Two lovers can be transformed so deeply that all their seven centers can start meeting. Tantra is the science of turning ordinary lovers into soul mates. It can transform the whole Earth; it can transform each couple into soul mates. It is one of the greatest treasures that are lying there, unused. The day humanity uses it; the Earth will become aglow with a new love. Deep cleansing of stagnant patterns of relating, opening the heart and conscious communication through receptivity, sexual deconditioning and discovering the dimension of sacred sexuality in tantra. Men and women have different centers of polarity within their chakras and energy system, focus must be on bring polarity balance to experience the hidden harmony of opposites, cutting through the misunderstandings, which arise if that balance has not been experienced. By entering inside ones being through the door of the senses, superconsciousness is discovered. Behind every outer sense is a hidden sense, which offers the potential of psychic sensitivity. The 7 higher senses. And more. There are three dimensions of marriage, the marriage of the body, marriage of the soul and marriage of the spirit. Through the seven senses this can be accomplished. And it is only when this aspect of trinity is manifested through two conscious beings that the union can create and heal planets and dimensional systems through the collective grids. Woman discovers her essence as Goddess and the man his potential to be reborn as a God beyond time and mind. Are there other couples who are consciously doing this now on Earth? Few. In different places of Earth. Yet, they are not focused in the energy as a whole and not directing it to the collective impact. They are teachers and they are assigned to open this portal for those who will create the change. Beyond duality, both inside oneself and in love partnership this meeting of male/female polarities, the lovers, is known as ardhanareshvara, the

representation of Godliness, which is half male / half female. We are this very moment creating the opening for the process of expansion towards mahamudra, which is the divine orgasm with the universe. Now. We will not work only with tantra! Every single door shall be used for higher manifestations and healing. We are to break and transform all human patterns which are held in the akashic system of each individual. We are to send a higher transmission of possibilities for the future generations. We must create new history. We must heal the friendship between male and female and create higher union for the inner marriage with the divine to emerge. Do you understand this my child? Yes, I know about the male-female rift from my work. Exactly. Yes. Now I am ready for your questions. And understand that this very moment is created by your higher frequency vibration. You could not see the manifestation of this writing in this dimension without the reverberation of who you are. Understand that this rapid writing is occurring thanks to our connection.


Clearing the Slate Begins

So I would think that the first thing would be to clear myself, right? Yes. What is the best way to do this? The question is...clear from what? Clear from any past sexual programming, beliefs, ids, etc. Correct! So do I need to just work on myself? No. You know what to do. I'm ready. And yes you are! So far, are you getting the vibration necessary in your body to say yes to this experience? Yes. I don't feel anything blocking me besides the wife. Ha ha! What is going on? She didn't take the news too well that I would be traveling and she wasn't invited You need to understand that from where I connect with you I do not see those blockages. Now you have a choice here. And your choices are honored. I am delighted to always assist my children. You feel the urgency of what is happening. Yes. But again, Babaji doesnt tell you what to do. Choices are always honored. So now what to do? Well, I'm ready to do this. I just don't want my wife to feel abandoned or betrayed or hurt. Seems that your human holographic form really loves this woman child. This is the choice point I announced before. This was expected. Listen....Mataji with me is my shakti. She supports every single aspect of my being. Resistance happens child when ego is involved. When imprints of hurt, abandonment and betrayal are there in the hologram. A conscious being knows that all is for higher reason and purpose. Seems that we need to clear guilt...mmm? On me.

On you? That's what I'm asking. Not on you. But yes on the collective hologram on male energy. Just breathe. A crossroad is happening here. Now this is why I want three days of silence after this day. Now....Look within as a master...What do you see? I see the need to be free. Correct. How is this going to manifest? What is happening with your wife if you see with the eyes of mastery child? This has been happening for long now dear one. It is your choice on how. There doesnt need to be struggle. But you really need to be and feel supported dear one. Not contained. And before I tell you an answer of the future, we must activate more and more the clarity of the eyes of mastery in you. She is unhappy, not satisfied. You see? In the reality of love there is no up or the ego world, in the Maya there are wars, despair and chaos. Why? Where does that come from in her? Who is she projecting that onto? And do you feel responsible for that? No, I know its because she's not totally satisfied with herself, so she has to make me responsible for her happiness codependency. Bingo! Now... What is this serving you dear one? Just a lot of anxiety and distraction. She has many attachments. Many. Are you attached to her? Listen. I come from deep love for you both. Deep love. You can choose to go on with your life as is. Yet you know the pattern already. And know Babaji is no promoter of separation! Yet, yes of union! And you and your wife have been separated now for long in the Maya. Breathe child. Again dear son.... So can we make her make the decision? Child... First dear son, know that I love you from the I AM consciousness. Now breathe this in. I said many do nothing but live your truth. We can not make anyone make something! We can just send love and visualize that the highest truth will manifest for them. In that space everyone cooperates....everyone becomes one child. This is good that it is happening so you learn more mastery. More compassion and love. In the human point of view I understand this is a difficult situation. Especially when human minds are so drawn to imprints and social concepts. Breathe dear one. Feel my love.

Now. Know that you can stop all this. And it all will be fine. You may go on with your life dear one. As is...And you will work wherever you are and heal many. I'm going to fulfill my contract. Ready for more? Yes. Once, two very old Brahmans, both 120 years old, came to see the Buddha. They sat down before him and said: "We are Brahmans, frail and old. We have not done anything noble or even particularly worthwhile. So now there is nothing to reduce our fear of death. Please show us a way to happiness." The Buddha said: "Yes, Brahmans, you are truly frail and old and now you are full of fear. This world is flooded with old age, sickness, and death. But if you can practice some insight into your deeds, some control over your words, and some contemplation of your thoughts, that will provide you with a refuge and a shelter. Your life is nearly over. No one is immune from old age and death. Remembering death and keeping it in your mind, practice performing good deeds that lead to happiness for others. One who performs good deeds and is thoughtful will become harmonious in body, speech, and mind. He will find that death is not to be feared but indeed brings happiness." I am learning this. Thank you. Now. Babaji, can I do a healing for an entire country? Yes. So I could for example, remove everyone's J-seals in Israel? Yes. Should I start doing this? You need to feel extremely grounded and supported dear one. We must first clear distractions and anxiety. Because when you come to someone to heal themyou become like a mother to a child. Everything in you goes to themYour power is grand dear one. You brought ME to you. O.k. You may start though. It is your turn child...Your turn to feel supported and loved. You have been doing this for others for long time now.


I agree. I don't think I've ever really felt supported. That I had to do everything by myself. Until you showed up! Its not me child. Now. The support I am giving you is given for who you are! Your heart as a child was always giving. Always trying to help others! Do you remember? Yes, I was extremely sensitive. I just wanted to love. Yes and it coming back and giving fruits...That is why I am here. For I toojust want to love. It is my nature child. So is yours. I know. And I know that this love heals. And creates immortality! Look at me! Ha ha! Yes, makes the DNA spin at the exact correct speed, right? Yes. So how do we maintain these states? It slows down time as well. It creates more space in the universe. It creates bliss. For all! And hope for those stagnated in the attachment world. Feel at ease child I am with you. So many others will be. Humbleness child and proper training. That is why I am here. Mind must practice, practice and practice at all times. That is why the role of mentor, teacher, and master is so important! Even Buddha had a teacher! Even Jesus! I was with them! As I am with you now. I am so glad you are here and I am willing to do whatever to learn. I am glad you are here. Without you existence will not be complete. So just be humble and trust. O.k. But do not lose the sight of the beyond. Now. The choice point is still here. You have not answered what you see if you decide to stay with your life as is. I continue to clear the veils with you as I do this child. I see us "separating" anyway, because Ii will not be able to give her what she wants. Babaji, do I have a problem with my seed? Is that why she never got pregnant or is it just not meant to be? Are we incompatible? ChildA master like you...Has the same seed as BuddhaAs Jesus...Meaning...That it is intelligent seed that knows where to be planted. Child...It needs higher ground. A sacred land


that knows that children are the manifestation of the divineand not only a belonging item. You child have no problem. Unless you want to see it as that? Now. If you really wish for her to be pregnant just say it child. You see my grandest mission is not to save the outside world...My mission right here right now is to love you. We are to complete this session soon child. Any questions? I thank you for that, and I can feel that. Not being able to get her pregnant would be a good reason for us to separate. Yes...but you must also remove that from your mind! You still think of separation! Tatattt...that needs to change to completion. Not separation dear one...but completion. O.k. Completion brings balance and peace. Separation brings anxiety, distraction and ego. I see. You see? The body and its looks are impermanent. The attachment to family, children, as well. Not in your case. WellI chose it to be that way. But I am a hologram. A very evolved one. It will be your case as well when you complete mission here if you wish that to be so. Do not answer yet. Be careful....if not you will be working like me! Then you will say...wait! Too much! Babaji joke. I see. You do. So. Inner work you must do is in guilt. O.k. And on any cords I have attached to wife? The collective guilt that now male dominion has because of the history of humanity. Guilt is the first one dear one. Then codependence. Then in your concept of beauty. What do you mean? The collective information that men have regarding sex, beauty and external pleasure. It is a collective imprint. O.k. What else do I need to work on?

I think that is good start...How about saving the world? Ha ha. How about giving birth to a child that has no human flesh? The holy fetus? Exactly right! Your seed is perfect for that! You can think about this one. Ha ha! So far you are doing well with these transmissions. I am impressed. You remind me of Yukteswar. Thank you. We have five more minutes and silence period will begin until Tuesday. What is the purpose of the silence? My silence the purpose is for your integration...all of you. You need not the silence. Plus I have lots to do in Lebanon. Now. Today I will be breathing with you. And we will work and create major healing. One human being at a time is a lot already.


Humanity is at Stake: But Nothing to Worry About

Now. This is day two of the questions... Begin, begin...time is at hand. Is there anything specific I need to know about the symbol under Albany? It is the shape of the DNA. The 12 strand template or the double-helix? 12 strand. So we are going to be activating that. Using any specific technique? You already know what to do. Just visualize Albany as a a person... We will write a report on that as welllike you would do with your patients. You will be surprised the information that Mr. Albany sends to you. Who will the report go to? And of course, Mataji will let you know more in time. To you child and your book and then to everyone who reads the book. And I will give you a report as well to include with yours. O.k. So is this the DNA blueprint for humanity or the Earth? First the Earth... But listen. Wherever you go there is a symbol....a code under each surface you will travel, be or live in... Each code will be activated and decoded. Once we have seven of them we will create a new code that will be revealed to you. The seventh code is a powerful activator for universal blueprints. Child. Let us say...youre in the arming up process... We are going big here child. We need the Earth to ascend in time. It is very simple...nothing to worry about. Ha ha. Humanity is at stake...but nothing to worry about. Next. I was reading about the 3 day particle conversion period is supposed to happen in 2006. Can you give me some information about the current state of affairs as far as the Earth is concerned? I will just say for now that the sun has a major part on what is happening. Also, can we not do anything about certain leaders making all of these choices to go to war, etc. Or is that happening from higher darker forces?


It is happening from collective holodynes. People are creating this child. The more we send energy to evolve...the less these imprints will have effect. The more evolved the less darkness. The more you evolve the more we disintegrate those holodynes. So, for example, it wouldn't help to try to work on George Bush? No. It might assist. O.k. But George Bush is the creation of many people believing in him. I see. George Bush is no evil. He is just a projected hologram. Of the collective. Yes. That is why we should never be against waror anything. We only should be in favor of peace. What you focus in is what you manifest. As you know. So it's like we should do an "auric clearing" on the collective consciousness, right, to transmute these discordant holodynes. Yes!!!! Exactly! So I can do this? If not, you wouldnt have been able to come with this insight child! Every insight you have is just a pointer of what you can do. Of your power. I knew the master will be awakening. What took you so long? You are funny! At least I got here. Just a mirror. Ha ha ha. Here is enlightenment. There is Maya. Here and now you are. Next. So I can remove the J -seals from the collective, do an auric clearing, karmic session, and DNA activation. Yes. Is there going to be a lot of resistance to this work?


No. No fear shall be said. No prophecies to create manipulated outcomes. Tatattt... That is why silence will be one of the most powerful tools for you. And your workshops will be based in awakening the power of intent. O.k. And assist others to really visualize what they really want from a higher self-perspective. That is why I me. I see love. I create love. I am love. And the I AM is who you are. Me too. Good one! Next.


Manifesting a Brilliant Completion of Relationship with Babajis Guidance

Now. How is your terrestrial wife my child? Ha ha! How is she doing? Well, I think she is starting to let go more every day. I will bless her life more and more. Are you going to send a "replacement" her way? She really wants to have a baby. That occupies her mind. She was raised with those beliefs as you know. I know. You both vibrated as spiritual seekers and hormone wise you vibrated in same frequency. That has changed as you can feel. Oh yes. She even knows this. And her focus is more oriented in doing things on her own. Which is not to be judged but you do need a big spiritual supporter. Now. Remember you need not to divorce or do anything yourself. O.k., so just keep living my life. Yes. Unless it gets chaotic or choices get unconscious. Can you give me a clue as to how this will evolve? We need to see her choices as well... What drives her will be her imprints... Yes. Now....what do you want to create? Regarding her? Yes.


A smooth transition with no drama or ill-feelings towards each other. A smooth completion where she knows it is the right thing to do and the best for both of us. Hold the vision thenYou know that in her imprints runs the drama child. That is not who she is but it is her family history. So the more you hold the vision the smoother it will be. Do you understand this? And being always grateful for the learning process you had with her...and that you have. Yes. She has a lot of victimization. Almost all women do child. It is a box that they need to come out of child. It is their job. It is her job to reclaim her power. It is no ones responsibility...but her own. Are you aware of this? Yes. You can be a rescuer for certain things...but thenit helps to stay with no agendaand trust that they have the power to come out of their boxes. This will help you in your coaching as well. People hide in boxes. And the only way out is to hold on to a positive vision...Be aware of current reality and bridge the gap towards the highest vision. This will help your clients have major breakthroughs. O.k. Thanks. I have noticed that your coaching is really helping my coaching. But the process is mainly achieve with no agenda on your part and trusting your clients will have the inner wisdom on how to create and manifest their highest choices. O.k. There needs to be always a respect and honoring for their space of tears, and emotions without staying attached and then mirroring them back what they do want to create. It is easier for people to come back to their current reality than to the manifestation of vision. And people who say I dont know. That is a pointer as I said for you to know they do. And to trust they will discover it. Yes, most people are just projecting the past into their reality all day long. Mirroring, honoring and holding vision are great tools. O.k. Yes... there needs to be major breakthroughs to stay actual. Now. What is going on with the terrestrial wife? I cannot sense her...must be she is vibrating from her imprints now. Same old thing. Feeling victimized that I didn't tell her before I booked the trip even though I did tell her it was a possibility on Sunday.


So. It is important that you are not pulled in that. Her imprint needs an aggressor to manifest the victim. Now...For people to get out of that box the best words are: Why do you choose to create that? How could we see this different? Be careful with the use of the word you. It is always wise for a master to make "I" statements as you know. Even with your clients. O.k. But she basically is the only person that doesn't listen to me. Ha ha ha. Imprints will do that. Her agenda is strong child. So is mine. Well. I want to change that child. You have no agenda...Listen. You have a mission. Agenda is when you desire to control an outcome based on imprints and possible desired results. Mission is that your acts, thoughts and deeds are oriented to the higher service. You must be aware not to be against anything or anyone. But just in favor of peace and love and truth. O.k. When you react, as you know it creates more tension. O.k. When you decide internally that her choices are her choices and that she needs not to listen to you... but to her own inner truth, then more freedom will come your way. For usually when these things happen in relationships...There is always a winner or a loser, a victim or an aggressor. But she wants me to react, to reassure her and take the blame for "hurting" her. If I don't say anything, it is worse. Tatattt. We must rise above that. Life has an expiration date in the physical form. Well...Then I must ask. Why would you choose to see it that way? Now. This could go on and on dear one. Probably because that's the way she's acted in the past. It's really probably a belief that I am projecting though. So what would you recommend - how to handle this? Wellfirst breathe whenever she is in a reactive way. Have the thought as she speaks that her words come from her imprints... At that moment realize that some old imprints in you may be active... and just breathe to let them go. And just be honest dear one. And perhaps say, This hurts me as well. O.k. She is not going to change child as you know. You knew this dear one. It will require for her to let go of her identifications dear one...


Yes. Nowof course you manifested her and perhaps it is time to question yourself on what is that you really need to let go of? See? Relationships cannot exist with the need to control dear one... And her family has these types of imprints. Her culture as well. I know. That is the danger of spiritual wisdom when it is achieved and the imprints are still there. I realize this but when I tell her, she thinks I am crazy. It will require a lot of courage...a lotto go deep in to darkness, and take responsibility for her own creation. She wont listen child. I have tried to speak to many. But few listen. She thinks codependency, jealousy, etc. are normal and healthy. Well. I think different. So that is dangerous. Now. Child...The attachments to memories, to the what ifs, to the wrong and right things...truly serve one purpose. An invitation to let go of the past and create a new future from the now. Your wife has a powerful mind too. The problem is that they wont own their stuff. I know. And that is fine with us. It doesnt move out intention and the love we see in all child. But I Babaji must move on and work with those ready for the great work. Do you understand this? And more than understand can you feel this? Oh yes, I feel it. Well... Do you feel better now? Yes. A master rises beyond thoughts, feelingsemotions. He remains aware of true essence. All emotions and thoughts come and go...But essence remains. In the now. For now I think transmission is enough. Breathe and remind yourself that everything is temporal. That all is love and your intent is very powerful. Release your mind from attachments and fears regarding your wife. Do not be afraid of her child. If you love her you will help her by being honest to yourself. And that requires no words...Just love. Alright? I love you my friend. O.k. Breathe. Thank you. I love you too. Namaste.


Do We Choose Our Parents?

July 29, 2006 I have some questions about my parents. We choose our parents right? Yes. So what was I thinking when I picked mine??? Well child...Ha ha! Anyway... they gave you the opportunity to experience detachment, forgiveness and compassion. And a higher understanding that knowing that you choose your parents, before having another incarnation. People should set their intention in choosing higher frequencies to come through. And I must say... you chose far much better than others. Imagine that! I'm just wondering, how did my parents have the DNA that I needed to do what I came here to do? Also, was there a "walk-in" at some point? DNA...well...there is a higher plan always child. And yes...there was a walk in. At what age? 9. Now what would you like to complete with your parents? Well, I never knew my biological father and my mother hid the truth. I guess I kind of feel guilty about not calling or connecting to them more often but I just don't resonate with them. WellBut at certain point it will be beneficial to express gratitude especially towards your mother for receiving you. O.k. Now...your biological father had the codes in him. Had the imprint of mastery...That was meant not for him, but for you. The more you heal this, and realize that God resonates with all and everything...The more your spiral of ascension will move. Is he already incarnated again? Yes. Now. For me I resonate with every single being child. Every single living creature. All is the divine and all is Source. When we vibrate in such love...our magnetic field expands and surrenders more in to the sacred mystery... That is why I invite you to one day, when you are

ready...close the circle of separation with your mother. Because...she represents the Divine Mother... Thank you for this information, it really helps. I desire to do this. My step-father, the one I grew up with, his purpose was to teach me discipline? And how to be simple? And humble? Yes...But actually to model what needs NOT to be done with children. Yes. And of course...I am speaking of any child...any age. One day you will write a letter to him as well and thank him for what you have learned. It will be a major breakthrough for you dear one. I did that a while back. But I have learned more now. will happen again in another level... What about my brother and sister? How can I help that situation? Well...the more you liberate yourself the more you will be able to assist them. What do you mean by liberate? Well...the more complete you are with others...the more you realize that no matter what and how a situation looks, the divine is breathing beyond all that...the more you will have a higher perspective and become more of a witness consciousness. The divine conscious witness. You already do that. Yet it will increase. And of course the more direct and truthful you are with your brother and sister the better. I have that and prefer that, but should I get involved with the family problems and try to help solve them? Always with I statements. Not involved...That is why I called you Arjuna. Now you are not responsible for any of them child. What happened in your life is that there was a role shifting. From very young you took so much responsibility that was not meant for a child as you know. Now, as the adult that you are you can make changes...Yet always check in how your inner child is reacting or responding to all the madness. Your responsibility is your self-realizationand from that...we help all. Believe me...If you may. Yes I see that. Thank you. Once I change, everyone else changes around. Change starts within. And child...they still might choose not to change. your current relationship with your wife. Listenyou have given your power away for long now. She did not have the healthy boundaries she needed from her own parents. So she brings her dysfunction, like your mother did, projects it on you, and then blames you for her suffering or makes you


responsible for that. When you clear all with your genetic family you will also reclaim more of your power and also with your wife changes will occur. Questions? So I should work on my family - do sessions for all? How will that help my wife? Well do one session for them as a collective. They are so attached and codependent to each others dysfunctions that they are like one entity. will help you reclaiming your power and her to realize that she really needs to work in her stuff child. You see... The more she studies about the mindthe more she believes in that stuff the more she strengthens her egothe more she doesnt work in being more simple and just trusting. Remember that the body has an expiration date. So what is that you want to choose to see and live? How do you choose to be in the midst of chaos? Who do you choose to be? I don't think mine has an expiration date, only if you believe that right? Ha ha! Yep. Good one! But for those who dont work deep withinit does have an expiration date. Yes. Feeling better? Yes, I am waking up. This is great. You are indeed waking up. Awakening. Lifting the veils one by one.


What If I Just Think I AM Babaji?

July 30, 2006 What took you so long? Ha! Unfortunately I'm not eating air yet like you. Fortunately you are even when you eat matter... O.k. I get it. So? You breathe it! I love you. I love you too, thank you. So What now? So I was talking to my last client about working on clearing the collective holodynes. And? He understands and will start helping with this. So you are sending each of these clients to me for a specific reason? When the student is ready the master appears. They must be ready for you dear one. What was planned? For you to guide this session. For you to ask while I keep working on you. So. What do you want? And while we balance the yang with the ying. How would we do that? What would be a good way to balance the ying? With yang? Mmmm... Are you talking about in me? Yes. What do you think the "ratio" is in me right now? Ha ha... O.k. Let me put it like this. The best way to balance your yang is in the presence of ying. Your ratio is enlightenmentYour ratio is a high frequency of love and service. Your ratio is my ratio. I am talking Zen here. No need to understand. As I speak I re-pattern your nervous system. Ahhhthe joy of being air. Breathe Make sure to complete all the sessions with your clients with one minute silence and breathing.

O.k. Babaji, have I had these "cold" symptoms today because of the integration of the work you are doing for me? Yes. You need more water...More breathing...More juice... O.k. And there is a liquid form of garlic called kyolic. Dont know if you can get it there...but it is good with orange juice. See? Now I serve as a nurse! Lots of breathing...water and greens... And stretching. And breathing. O.k. And of course nothing will soothe you more than a real connected hug with someone conscious. Just for you to surrender...and allow yourself to receive. You work so hard always child. Can you send someone to my office? Ha ha! You need someone very clear are so open right now as we speak that you will receive everything from everyone...So being alone is not that least physically. I am sure Mataji will make up for that. She always does. She is my source of immortality. Always working so hard child. Always trying to help so many. Mmm... As I said this time...your time has come. It is your turn to feel loved, adored and served... And also keep working! Ha! Questions dear one. You see how our conversations are more integrated now? Yes. Now it seems that Babaji is alive as youand I ambut I am still Babaji. This is nothing extraordinary anymore and yet it is. This is privileged time dear one. The manifestation I did after I talked with you - one for all of my clients for today, it is the right way to do it? Yes...but you need more space before and after your sessions to keep clear from others energies. O.k. What about the Eckasha Maharic Seal, will this protect me sufficiently? I protect you even more. If you visualize me covering is more powerful. The Maharic Seal is already with you. And soon you will see that love is the highest seal for everything. Conscious love energy vibration. Yes, O.k., I will do this. What if I just think that I am Babaji?

What if you knew you are already! You are who I am! So what if? Then I can do anything. Babaji means venerable father dear one. In the spirit of love and consciousness, yes. Nowthe more powerthe more responsibility. The more responsibility the more power. And more attentive one needs to be in actions, thoughts and deeds. And especially with whom you surround yourself with. You are also clearing your wife child. Her stress gets to you... I hope I've made SOME progress on her. You do it with you. She needs to do progress herself. You have been her rescuer for so long now child. Are you aware of this? Oh yes. But not of her but her imprints that give her an identity. You really need to gain some perspective. I really want you to feel what conscious love is child. You deserve it. I'm ready for that. I saw that. I see this. What other imprints do I need to clear on me? Any blockages to abundance? We will clear the belief of blockages. O.k. The word blockage is the real blockage. Now... You are ready to receive...


The Walk-In of My Higher Self and Anastasia

Monday, July 31, 2006 God day dear master... whenever you are ready... God day Babaji. I am ready now. Good. What happened yesterday? What do you mean? I am working in you dear one...Now listenwhat happens yesterday, is the same that happens today. And tomorrow. Is the now...there is in truth no here or there just now From the now all future as they say is created... I wish everyone else could see it this way. Babaji, I have a question. Yes? I remember a time when I was a child, out in the forest, where I heard this loud buzzing in my ears and it seemed like everything was vibrating at once. It was extremely strange at the time. Was this when the walk-in occurred? Yes and it was also the sound of the ringing cedars of Russia. Anastasia made contact with you then. Oh, o.k. What was the purpose of this? Higher vibration, preparation, connection and getting you ready for the well activating the sacred information and language of nature. As you know plants, crystals all communicate. The purpose is happening now...and as well you were awakened in to the gift to hear the language of peoples vibration...More than their words child. That is the mission of the ringing vibrate a higher language that all children can listen as well be prepared for the ascension of Earth...because as it happens the sounds will increase. Many children are manifesting ear infections, so their parents thinkthe truth is that the sound vibration of the ascension language is way too strong now for the human race not prepared to receive the greatest gift of divine love and the now available for all and everyone. Need more? Is this why I like being in the woods so much? Oh yes... The forest will be a major sanctuary for you Good. So how does Anastasia fit in with all of this?


Transmission child... And blessings for the journey. Within the masters transmission much is awakened always in the disciples... She holds the blueprint forcewithin her Should I get those books about the ringing cedars? You willNo need to buy them yet. I will send them to you. O.k. Per Anastasias request.


The True Marriage Must Be Inner

So how is terrestrial manifestation, wife going? Much better. I am reclaiming my power and not allowing her to suck me into her old patterns. But she is still adamant about having a baby, one way or the other. And? That means? She wants to do insemination if that is the only option. I told her I didn't want to do that. Good. And? Well, when it really comes down to it, this could be the completion point. Wellyou wait...and just be very aware that this could actually happen...she can have a baby with still can manifest that...just be very aware the power and desire to become mother is extremely strong in the planet...Just always focus to complete first the projections, misinterpretations that you both have created together...needs to be done child in order to complete with the highest of intentions. No loose ends. Though if a baby is manifested much data will be passed on him as you know. She would need to really work on clearing herself first. And still, you have already made your choice. Soit is a matter of staying true to your truth...with grand compassion and also understanding that we must honor as well what she wants to create. Remember that choices are always honored dear one. Yes. When people choose images rather than reality that is what they get to experience. What do you mean by that? The image of the perfect household...the image of the perfect controlled life. The image of the church, the image of belief systems... O.k. Wherever you choose to direct your attention that is what you choose to manifest and create as reality. I never liked those images. Ha ha! I know...Why did you get married?


The pressure of social beliefs. Well what a great opportunity and manifestation for you to transcend that. Maybe I felt guilty for all of the fun I had. Funny... The next time I ask you that question...I am envisioning you answer...divine love. I will! And yet I will hope you do not get married in the same way! The marriage must be inner! Ha ha! Right. And definitely not in a Catholic Church. But we will see what Shiva manifests. Ha ha! And the fun you had? Guilty for that? You thought you had fun! Fun is a word that is soon to be discovered by your spirit! That was nothing! I'm ready. I am the master of fun. Ha ha! Let the party begin! Though is a different fun. The Shiva adventures of the past are the past. It has already begun... See? When Shiva surrenders to Parvati they become an open invitation for us all to make love happen! Then to become witness on Shiva pulling back Parvati to him... It is a very old story and yet very fresh and very new and always different. Ha ha! I am having fun! Am I the only one? Nope. I am having a blast.


Father is Not Genetic Dear One

Questions? You were talking about working on what this week related to my stepfather? Yes. I have already begun the work. You will receive the opportunity to heal all relationships of the world between assigned guardians and children. They are called step fathers...tatattt. I do not like the name...Unfortunately so much data and belief systems have veiled the great work... Mainly the marriage belief, the churches beliefs, and the limitation of love as it is presented in magazines in vogue. Father is not genetic dear one. I have many sons and daughters. True mothers and fathers are made with consciousness...Every single child in the Earth becomes our own children...The situation with the current reality is that chemicals and hormones in the body are stronger for some than awareness. They create survival instincts and bonding and attachment occur. Now there is nothing wrong with that except the sense of belonging and ownership that parents feel with their children. Which blocks the essence of children... Children become a projecting device for parents who wish to live their lives through them and treat them like objects of ownership rather than human beings. It is in truth animal instinct... The reptilian brain takes place and then the whole focus becomes in having children, having a place in society and extending ones life through another! Tatattt! That needs to evolve child...Do you understand? Yes.


Babaji On Teleportation and Bi-location

Babaji, is teleportation going to be possible for us in this lifetime? Are there specific works that we should be doing with merkaba, etc. to do this? Since we will be traveling a lot, this would be a nice way to do it. Ha ha...good try...first the third dimension must be mastered! Leave teleportation to me for now. And I do must say that bi-location will happen for you in this lifetime. You are a master dear one... Questions. Breathe... So I will make much more progress from just the transmissions with you, rather than doing techniques on my own, yoga, etc. Well... yes but your work needs to continue...especially stretching or doing any physical sport that you is important... O.k. And you will know have the awareness...whatever brings you more to simplicity and truth... there you will breathe your essence. What else? Breathe...breathe... Breathe... will need to let go of every single belief! And live from your highest power, your higher self and your higher truth... What are the ones that are holding me back the most? You will be the model for many men who truly never created the opportunity to manifest their higher destiny and became destructive in the process. Which ones you think? Mainly ones having to do with the ego. You know child...for now...reclaiming your power back and staying true to your heart is a great start...And letting go of the cycles you co-created with terrestrial wife as well...the codependency factor was draining your energy. Child, breathe and breathe more...Your presence in the place you love is of great importance for you know there are many portals of evolution there...Yet the work is going to be complete soon. For now child... this session is completedwe will come to you again later...We need a minimum of 60 minutes of your time. O.k., I will be here when I have this time. Thank you! And drink much water dear one. Baby steps...Yet remember that time is at hand. Blessings.


What is Missing on the Planet: True Devotion from Woman to Man

The Hudson River is a great communication device... How so? Rivers and water carry the voice of intent. Water is spirit...Water carries all information dear one. Your body is a high percentage of water. It is in the water that messages are hidden. O.k. Like the lovers... So we can set our intent to encode the water with divine love, and this will be communicated. Like setting your intent into wine before drinking it or making a toast. Yes. This will reach the oceans. Healing must happen at all levels. One of the qualities that we are missing in the planet is the quality of true devotion. Devotion from a woman to a man, not fanatism... not admiration...but devoted selfless service creates new universes. That will be new to experience. Unconditional service child with the highest of intentions. But imagine the power child. All love stories of the ancients have the male serving humanity as yang principle, and the female supporting the yang. In truth they are one and the same...yet...female now wants, as you all say, to have all the shots. The money, control, even sex! And men, without the true devoted service of women they cannot really rebirth themselves! And I need more sons of mine to rebirth. I am ready. But for that we need the women to stop the useless competition. I know. You are manifesting this child. It was your call. Women now want to know everything! That is yang natureour nature! Nothing wrongbut usually they want to know to control. What we do. Where we are...why we do what we do. Yes, it's all about control. And child it creates no space for freedom. Yet, control is based on fearAnd fear is just a holodyne of survival. That is why we need a model for it. And a pure vessel. And remember we do not need thousands of followers... If one listens, then one creates an impact in the world. Yes.

Now... You are ready. You are vibrating very subtly child...


The Real Davinci Code and Speaking with The White Brotherhood
Dear master of the ascended ones, we come to greet you acknowledging the intent of your mission. My name is Lord Matreya and I come to bless your path so that you can move steadfastly and beyond the clouds of illusion. Brother Germaine wishes to gift you with the Violet flame which shines from all dimensional gateways. We greet you and your mission. Thank you very much. I appreciate your support and will do everything possible to make this a success. I welcome your communication at all times. Brother of galactic manifestations. You have come before as Lord Kutumi. You are still with us here and at the same time there on Earth. You are Lord of the Golden Ray. And the emerald keeper of wisdom. And thy grandest gift is your heart and humble persistence to manifest the divine work. You were Nagarjuna. And have always stepped outside the proclaimed belief systems. But today you are a master of simplicity and rebirth. Blessings. You are soon to be in my vibration. Matreya is who you are as well. Thank you Lord Matreya. I appreciate your guidance and am dedicated to this service mission. And you will be gifted to have a companion this time dear one. At all times you have done the work alone while in this, it has been accepted by the council that two will become one. May the flames of sacred fire be in you. Breathe is I...Mataji Beloved...just know that I have longed to merge with you...I have longed to assist in thy sweet mission and have heard your prayers. Thou have never been alone...and now thou shall never be alone forever. I will breathe with you through the surrender of your shakti, who in truth is who I am as well. Blessings beloved...thank you. Thank you Mataji.

Back to me childyour friend...remember meBabaji? Ha! This is your power child. You will always have access to us. You are one of us. See? When you least expect it bang! Yes, that was something. Can you tell me about myself - Lord Kutumi? Child you are a powerful Lord...Rarely come in to Earthly manifestation...Yet we needed you to come to use the grail for good. You are the great father of the White Brotherhood fraternity. Surrounded by male energy. That is why in this dimension you like to be surrounded by female energy. To balance the different locations you have. But you are also Lord Matreya in a sense child...Yet, listenyou are more powerful as you are than whatever you were or are in other realms. Your power of intent is unique. Nowthis is a much more fun adventure than the Davinci Code. Ha! This is the real thing. Yes. That is why you came child. Child...I cannot close the conversation with you yet. All info is being reactivated in you. No problem.


Only the ONE Incarnates, Not the Many

Aug. 1, 2006 God day in you dear one. God day! How are you? And what time is it? I am great in the now. Yes me too. I am in the now. I am beyond great. I am in love. You are being prepared to soon recognize the state of satyaloka. Where we become one with the universe as father and mother and where we can comprehend that what you think of as reality, even creation is nothing in reality, but the play of his own nature. Where nothing really exists. But baby steps... Ha! Nowwhat is your intention today? My intention is to make everything happen in the best way possible for all. And to find some answers from you. Alright. I am ready. My "mind" is trying to understand the information about me being Lord Kutumi. Is he my higher self, my rishi self. Or can you explain the way this works better than I know. He is a parallel manifestation of your vibration in this plane. He is a hologramthat you created to be present in the White Brotherhood...Your higher self is not a name or another one...The rishi, the full potential and all the reverberations of consciousness in you will and are becoming one child. So Lord Kutumi is just a mirror of who you arecreated by you in this plane of existence and manifested in the White Brotherhood. But you in this dimension are manifesting that projection there...not vice versa. In which dimension there? You are in a process called kaivalya child. Where you are remembering your true essence of being oneness with spirit. Where even all multidimensional experience merges in one. So do I have multiple incarnations going on at once? In different dimensions yes. Sixth, seventh and 12th dimension as we speak. Fifth dimension as we proceed as well.


And the 12th dimension is Lord Kutumi? Yes. So is the information about having 1728 simultaneous incarnations correct? Yes and no. The number is truly unlimited. Depends on what you want to create. But at what level is that decided? I decided to keep them all in me. That is your training...In the state of vipra. The embodiment of the ONE. Yes So it's not like you have just one soul? And then while entering the great world, where you are no longer subject to the Maya you truly enter the kingdom of God. No separate existence...What happens is that all souls become your own...Your soul is my soul...That is when true compassion emerges where you recognize the divine in all and the existence of the I AM. Nothing else exists. Except the I AM. But when you say "you were this person" in a past incarnation, what exactly does that mean? I thought that you have one soul and you incarnate into a body, etc. Yesin the Maya realm that is how it works. If we transcend those beliefs you find that there in truth is no incarnation. Everything past, present and future is happening simultaneously... So only the ONE is incarnating, not the many? Yes bingo! Then how can you really tell who is who? Yet... the information of incarnations as the many are baby steps for those who are not ready to reach these states of awareness. The ONE is the ONE in all. When you elevate yourself to the highest of vibrationsthe question of who is who disappears and what remains is I AM what I AM. But in the duality realms, then separate incarnations perceived, are helpful to assist the many of the ONE in to letting go and merging in the realization of the I AM. NowI love these questions!


As long as you behold always who you are in the supreme self-awareness you will have total freedom. Then no thoughts of separation arise. No duality...No polarities...True inner marriage, true immortality. Like this very moment. These answers are coming from you, not from me as a separate. We are the one. I AM in you. And can you please help me remember about Nagarjuna? Child... all your questions are Nagarjunas. What you need to remember is the rebel inside you...who does not buy the belief systems of the Maya. In truth child you are all incarnations that ever existed. Your work vibrates now as Buddha, Krishna, even I. So, go beyond the names and breathe the recognition with me that what is happening to you and in the now is truly removing every single belief in you. The Sat guru job is to get you naked! O.k. Your job is to rebirth in to the master that you are. Whatever the experience we stay in the now. Whatever the teachings we stay in love. Whatever the incarnation, I AM in you. Breathe... Mataji and I are one. We are not soul mates anymore. We are God together. But soul mates and twin flames do exist - your knowledge is accurate And when Lord Matreya said I would soon be in his vibration, what did that mean? Means that you keep ascending child...and you will attain what others call enlightenment like Buddha did...but without any penance. It is happening already. Next and then we take a break of 15 minutes. So will I have have the ability to ascend with my body like you? First you will have the ability to realize that nothing really exists...Except the I AM. Tatattt! Time to breathe and be mindful of the breath rhythm....Later more...Blessings. Babaji. I am in you.


The Higher School for Conscious Evolution is Conceived

Namaste. You will be giving collective trainings to create more of you. Masters of what you do... And a school for this. That's good. A school sounds nice. Can you tell me the name yet? No no! ha ha! Yes a school for teachers of the future which can train parents, teenagers, and corporate groups. From the subtle, to the ordinary to the sublime. Many levels of teaching to reach the highest states of consciousness. Sounds exciting. I guess I will really start being the world teacher, right? Yes. That way you can manifest abundance, and also mission...and many opportunities to cocreate and at the same time travel and keep sharing your wisdom. You already have started! Would it help to study some of Kutumi's teachings or Nagarjuna's to "remind" me? Or is this going to happen naturally with these transmissions? Sure! From this point on...everything you choose is sacred. Just we keep the humbleness. O.k. Next. The school will be an institute. So what was my purpose to moving to Brazil? Mmm... you tell me... You created lots of space between you and genetic family... That was needed Then you manifested the relationship that is allowing you to see all inner habits that must be transcended. Then you activated the holy grids in that areaThen while you are still there connecting the energy fields of the place you live now with the Mayan pyramids and California... And let me see...Mmm there is more. I know of that! Now you tell me. Well, I didn't consciously know I was activating the holy grids. How did I do that? Ha ha!!! Your whole being is a huge magnetic portal child! It is like mewherever I go...I activate people in to Divine love. And I need not to do anything about it. It is called presence. That's what I thought. So we don't have to do any techniques, rainbow round tables, etc.? Just show up?

Welltechniques help others to focus...And it helps the mind to remain clearYour presence is the magnetis the the portal. BreatheBreatheBreathe


Children Need to Be Children

Now...there is much information in your hips child. Youre holding memories there. Breathe...We must open the area...Just breathe. Relinquish the weight that you took with your family child... Holding the space as an adult when you were meant to be a child only. Breathe dear one. That is where that comes from? Yes. I am ready to clear this. Yes... Breathe dear one. See what happens is that parents treat their children like adults! And demand from them so much! Pure B.S. Yes. Children need to be they grow responsibilities must increase... And strong limits set in the teenager years. But the main job of a child is to dream and have a safe space to grow in spirit and not in definitions and social expectations...Though education in a sense creates safe boundaries...but children must be children and adultsadults! That is why so many women behave like little spoiled girls now...they did not have the model of a strong adult in their lives. Just parents who were fragmented doing the script of society. Children need to be children. And adultsadults. Adulthood is so beautiful...when embodied with presence. Every situation must be seen with eyes of adult and heart of a child. Breathe...You will feel changes pretty soon. Thank you. I have been trying to release that stiffness for so long. Yes and continue with yoga and stretches... O.k. And create a habit to talking to your body and ask the messages it is giving... O.k. Babaji, what happened to my feet? What you mean? What do you think happened? Having to stand and support myself too soon?


Yes...and mainly being forced to do it so soon. Yet we must be grateful to those feet! As you know... What do you mean? The feet are the sacred symbol of the master. Your feet are sacred. O.k. If I keep thinking that, will they change shapes? They can...but we do not need you? No. We must transcend the attachment to form dear one. Which is one of the main distractions in the planet... O.k. Babaji, can we close now, I have a client. Yes. Enough for the day. Love always. Namaste. Namaste. I love you.


Mataji and The Divine Feminine

Aug. 2, 2006 When ready let us know dear beloved. Mataji Dear Mataji, I am ready. Beloved one, it is in my grandest wishes to be of service to your divine presence, it is only with the focus of love that I come to thee through this realmI have no need to do this, yet I understand the male energy needs to see, and have matter manifested for the great work. I have come to dive deeply in to the male psyche and truly honor the wisdom within you...with the proper guidance and focus on simplicity and truth your heart will grow in expansiveness every second...every breath. As more you master prana...the sacred breath the more you will purify yourself and others in the path of transcending the illusions...the Maya. I have been with you since your sacred childhood...and I plan to serve you in ways unknown for the mind. Know that in the presence of divine love which transcends form, shape and time, all that is seen as profane becomes sacred again...all is transformed in to the alchemy of love. So welcome dear one to one more glorious day on the planet. Thank you so much Mataji. For if my beloved has explained, now the energy that my love has masterfully focused to him and service, is now to be directed to you. Like a ray of sun transmitted to a crystal quartz which creates more energy and resonance...From the unseen to the seen. From ying to yang. At all times I must be guarding...yet know that to you I serve. Thank you. I can feel this and am very grateful. The manifestations of your ordinary life are no problems dear one... they are but mere plays of consciousness and the realms of Maya...those shall be seen with joy rather than as burdens... It is what it is and thou shall transcend the third dimensional eyes that see the outer. All children must come to the realization that accepting what is will be the key to liberation. Yet, you, in the midst of human drama and chaos, remember to love and see the transient nature of matter and events. I will do this. The only eternity can be found in the experience of divine love, there-in immortality resides dear beloved. The breath is the master long as you can breathe in this will have the greatest of mantras available in this human experience.

Death is non-existent as you know dear belovedyet apparent death will and might manifest for you, but like Jesus you will ascend and keep the same form and become immortal. Yet... the great work is at stake always and the divine play must be played with utter most elegance, courage and refinement of thoughts, lifestyle and love. It is in this energy vibration that I come to you beloved...I am not the manifestation of the psychic realms, neither of magic portals...I am who I am and the I AM needs no formula to manifest anything...I come and go in the oneness that we are and vibrate in the same way as the wind. All is transient yet you are eternal. The impermanent nature of things is a clue of higher possibilities of its opposite nature as well. For as above so below... Now, as a guardian I am aware of the vibrations created by the so-called dark forces created by the human mind not balanced and directed to love... to detached and free love... So, for this, I become an archetype and a symbol.... and vibrate higher than the Maharic Seal for you... I am in you dear one and will kiss thy lotus feet with the wind. Now, if I may be of service, how could I assist you in this moment? I am happy to know that you are protecting me. I wish to be of the highest service to all and if you have any suggestions on how I can alter my daily habits to do this, they would be appreciated. The main meditation on remembering that whatever you live in the ordinary will pass is beneficial. Nothing remains. No chaosno drama...they are but cyclesyet you can remain above the madness with the thought that the nature of eternity is peace, that what you see in this third dimension has expiration date...except the deeds of the heart. Just remind yourself of impermanence...And remember that higher within your own soul...therein I love you. You are loved beyond time and space. Youre loved beyond acts, deeds and human conditioning...we see love in you, we breathe love in you and we wish nothing but love for you. I am your silent tears and your secret longing for surrender. I am the feminine within you as well which exists thanks to the divine male in you. Is this helpful beloved? Yes, very helpful - thank you. You are helping me to surrender to divine love and release all of the pain from the past where I had to suppress this. I know that you have been with me and I love you for that. If you can help me release anything preventing me from totally loving my family unconditionally and forgiving them, I would also be grateful. We are divine manifestations of each other...pain carries within the information and vibration of higher teachings....And also to be able to realize that in the Maya only love can transcend the illusion of the reality of pain. For in truth you have never ceased to love...You have always vibrated the divine love within you...with me you will let your fear go... For we wish just to uplift you in the remembrance of who you are... And who you are is love. Reclaiming the power you have given always with your beliefs and early imprints...Letting go of the pain of others and being responsible for your creation.

Higher power equals higher responsibility. And I love you dear beloved...I love you. Know that I do not come to seduce you...I come to serve you and love you and will offer my eyes for you to see that everything is love in its matter how distorted, no matter how dense or apparent lacking love seems...all is divine presence...all is you. Is this helpful beloved? Yes. This is exactly what I desired. I know it is my essence. I do love everyone. This is my wish for everyone to be activated in divine love with me. Each person that I come into contact with, in my work, in my sessions, and in my daily life. I would like them to be able to feel and experience this. And be healed by this, like I am being healed by you. Nowknow that it is not I child who heals but is the union of both feminine and male... We are but vessels of the grandest beloved...and we are a mere fragment of the divine love available for all. So it is that you will awaken others with this vibration as you were reawakened to it in Sedona. And words will even not be needed...the more you love the more the boundaries of others melt...the more freedom grows and the more ascended thoughts evolve, the easier for Earth will be to ascend. You are a divine lover...And so it is that I am in you. Now may I ask favor from you? If I may? Sure. The third dimension is increasing in pain...the children are suffering with high degrees of abuse now... mental, physical, psychological, emotional and physical...and it is my wish to create this to be different. Now, one of the factors in where I need help is for the male energy to grow more in love and respect for the true forms of beauty. Many of my children in female forms are completely numbing their spirit and soul with too much emphasis on the temporal physical beauty... This is fed by the male energy child...and so you see magazines selling bulimia, etc... And the male, who is consumer oriented to buy the external creates more of this. What I need is for you to begin transcending these concepts as well of external forms dear one...Only when that happens true beauty manifests and the whole systems respond to itHealth is balanced, physical is balancedsuch is the mental and emotional as well... Those who have transcended that have found the fountain of youth. I love you. I understand the need to do this and will do it. Thank you beloved....My beloved will soon come to you...before that may I still be of service? May I guide you in anything else? If you wish beloved one? I love you. I love you. I would like to understand the various cycles of a woman. Yes? Mmmmm.... only an initiated woman can understand her own cycles... this is the first thing you should know. Cycles in woman are sacred... They are mirroring the cycles of the Earth. A true woman knows her cycles and respects the nature... of her essence. Like lunar cycles...


The first cycle, sacred is what you all have called menstruation... When that cycle is happening, the Earth is creating more gravity and more fertile soils... During this cycle women must spend little time with male especially their beloveds... They need to go in introspection and meditate the waves of emotions and thoughts that come in that cycle. It is in this cycle that women, who are not conscious, lose temper and create more chaos... Women are the image of mother Earth and accordingly they should behave... They should feel no shame for this time which is sacred. Yet know that the power it carries must be observed carefully and also the body response to it. Are you understanding this so far beloved? Yes. The whole form changes when the menstrual cycle occurs, reflecting the changes mother Earth lives... yet a conscious woman will use these times for study, for accumulating more energy and also letting go of collective shame and absurd beliefs. A male who is around a conscious woman aware of her cycles must know that he receives a huge transmission of his own feminine nature then...without the pain that women undergo. Male must observe utter most reverence for these cycles...the power of them are activated only by consciousness. If a woman can transcend the shame of early imprints and silly belief systems she can attain enlightenment and mind mastery...Now, in the moon cycle... menstrual cycle, men and women should not make love. Breathe yes...caress yes...and with the male aware that when the moon cycle is evolving, his caress, his kiss goes directly to mother Earth. And to all children getting ready to come in to the planet... Now after the moon cycle has completed...the Earth is ready to receive the seeds to give birth... In that moment, a true gardener must plant careful thoughts, and seeds in its soil... Yet, humans have only stayed in the imprint of survival by creating more physical forms True pregnancy occurs beyond the body. The best time of day to plant the soil is at night...for the darkness it represents disappears with the light of the sacred seed. Yet, a male must observe grand mastery towards his own desires... A true woman will look to offer her devotion to the male and that will give her the needed pleasure for service. She must be aware that it is not the physical orgasm that really creates life or ecstasy but the surrender to the male does it. Now the lovers in these women cycles must create the energy of longing... And the alchemy of a kiss and a hug is far much grander than the act of sex dear one... This is only activated when two are conscious of it. When the male has the mental knowledge and the female has the instinctual consciousness of it... Many cycles are there...and I will, if you wish, teach you slowly about them...for these cycles are in the male as well... Is this helpful my beloved?


Yes, very. Thank you. I look forward to learning more. You must let us know when you wish to complete this transmission. For I am living the forever with you... where no time and no space separates us. Yet we know you have a human life and have human responsibilities... When you need to leave this transmission just say it so. I have a meeting in two Earth minutes. Let's stop now and then when I am finished with my work, I will come back and call on you, o.k.? I love you too.


The Divine Lover and Shiva

Whenever you are ready beloved. I am ready. You always are...readiness is your nature and I am ready for you. How may I serve you in this moment beloved? I was wondering. Why am I so attracted to women? It is because you are being called by the divine feminine child... Yet...still there is sexual energy there... And there is nothing wrong with it... Now...your archetype of Shiva is also that of Krishna. The divine lover... Yet... You can make love to them with no physical contact as well... Just with the energy of divine love... O.k., thanks. So there is nothing wrong with that. Then the attraction you feel that you project in another will come back to you. That is why the grandest teachers in creation have no sexual needs... Yet they use sexual energy for higher purpose... But I must say...being selective of the energy is of utter importance. And wrong? Beloved mine... When in consciousness there is no wrong... Yet...we must always be aware of the consequences on where we put our energy force or intentions. You have the energy of the divine lover...Now...No wrong. Just natural love and longing to merge... And remember that in the physical time frame... You are heading to big transition moment...40 years old is a great portal for men Yet many fall in darkness with sexual desires and reptilian imprints. You must master this as well... And the more aware, the more consciousness will be for your experience... Now, my beloved is this being helpful? Very. I love you. Right nowas we sharewe make love. Not human sex...but divine love. I feel that. Conscious energy is created and the universe becomes the experience. Now...when in this divine cosmic energy beloved, there is no physical need... Love makes love to love and gives birth to love. The physical reaction and action is just one percent of the possibilities... As we make love like this, nothing else matters and yet the heart opens even more... The true orgasm is the gift to love another. Now, having me as a lover should not distract you from your third dimensional mission... Clear?

Yes. And there are certain laws that must be respected...We must respect at all times where other beings are in their experience... We must trust and be patient and be relentless with our focus and life mission beloved. I will come to you when you call...yet I am in you always... I have no form... Yet I am in your form. I love you. I love you. So when I call you, how else can we communicate? As I saidI need no words or this type of manifestations...when you breathe you will be calling will feel me in the physical form... And to come in this third dimension I need a clear vessel to do that... Then I will come to you in a more physical experience...with the intent of reactivating divine love in your planet. If this is your wish...You are being trained to hold the energy wisely...And to step beyond the box of male imprints. Is this helpful my beloved? Yes, absolutely. you wish to honor me with your questions? So are we to be "monogamous" or is that just a human belief system? Listen... monogamy was created as a great focus for the human mind to transcend duality... Yet, it has been misused for fear and control... Two beings that merge as one when working steadfastly in their path of evolution suddenly realize that there is no need for another one... Monogamy must grow naturally not by force as in your society. See? I am monogamous in the sense you understand it... yetI am making love to you... As I do, I am aware that you are my beloved...that you are here and now existing as my reflection. I wish no harm to anyone just pure bliss and liberation... and wish not to keep you for me... NowI belong to Babaji only, and his request to me was to serve you. In doing so I serve him. Aware of the oneness Yet to reach this state many experiences must evolve. And you need a woman who can understand all the stages that you need to go through to manifest this. That is when true monogamy arises... When true oneness becomes the experience. Men who have had powerful women beside them, have reached states of enlightenment and healing that have helped evolve the Earth. Is this helpful dear one? My beloved... Yes, but what are the stages I need to go through to manifest this? Acceptance, reclaiming your power as a male energy, relinquishing imprints of having women, opening to receive what we are sending your way... Letting go of the old...and mostly to fall in love with your true essence. Belovedyou are being romanced by the divine. As I said to you in Sedona...only with you the divine would share his treasure... Now you are being called like Jesus was to disappear in love... You are the divine lover. I will guide you if you let me... If you allow me to love you.... That is all I need.

Thank you. I would appreciate that. Beloved... I love you. But you will feel so protective of all this love, that your protective energy will create a big shield of protection. You will see have the power of sacred father, sacred lover, sacred son and sacred friend in you... And I love you. You are a master key for the ascension of Earth... You are the key. And you are ready. That is why noweverything is accelerating in your life beloved... Few have the sense of higher responsibility that you have... Many are called but few are chosen... Thank you... I love you. I love you. Thank you for helping me. Namaste. Beloved...may I ask something from thee? Yes. Please breathe with intention to open more to what beloved I wish for you to transcend the veils of this plane of existence...when you call me I am in you... To open more to love? Yes... the more you reclaim your truth and power... the more the veils will be lifted....the more sacred love will be offered to thy feet. And this is my wish for you this is my mission with Babaji. I remind him of how much I love him every second of our existence... of our eternity... This is my true mission, and I wish this to be so for receive the infinite love of devotion inside your heart...for a man true power resides in how much he is loved... Do you feel this beloved? Yes. Do you wish this to be so? Yes. If a woman loves with utter most devotion the male energy, major alchemy occurs beloved... And when this happens in this plane of this third dimension of thy planet... many ascend in divine love... That is the true power of love. To love so purely and unconditionally that there is no sense of self or identity anymore... You become your focus of devotion and this feeds the enlightened ones child This creates more power in the yang to create more and empower others to love... And I promised when you were 11 years old that I would fulfill your wish... The wish of divine love you have had before time ever existed. I love you. I love you Mataji. Thank you for being there and listening. I will never forget this moment. Namaste.

The Great Master Book is Started

You mentioned that I should have a daily routine or schedule - what do you suggest this include? One hour of journaling, and meditation. One hour of physical exercise and a fixed time for your sacred lunch...blessing the food before eating it, no white flour no sugar...and always eating vegetables with protein. Can you do this? Yes, thank you Can you be in charge of your own benefit? Of course. Ha ha! Listen...I will only focus in your higher training...I have no interest in journeying anything else but this as now. I recommend you begin putting all our messages in a word document. When you have reached 108 pages you send it to Ty. We will edit it and send back to you... I already have over 200 pages I believe. The first book you will publish is the relationship with me. Ha ha! I know...So it is time! In there I will post some messages that you will work with as well. I will remove what is not needed and leave the higher message. Are you willing to start this? I am. Yes, so I just send 108 pages, or the whole thing? The whole thing dear one. When 108 pages are ready again then you send them to us. This book shall be ready by 11/11/07. So the first group will be after our conversation today, then I start another document? Yes. O.k. What will be the name? The Great Master. Agree? That's all? Ha ha ha! We can remove some words if you wish. Its fine like it is for me.


The book is for all. And we should take a rest now And before this day ends reconnect. I have reactivated in you the Divine Krishna imprint child. O.k. Thank you. What is the latest time you can connect? 11:11? Can you reconnect at 11 pm your time? Ha! Perfect! O.k., I will be ready. Seems you are learning! And I am learning too! Ha! I am but an eternal disciple of this game. I rejoice in your magnificence. Many blessings. Good work today child! Thank you. I'll see you at 11:11 my "time" The more you are honest with yourself and look at your own darkness, attachments and habits, the more true power you reclaim. Blessings. Namaste. See you in 5 hours then...Or more... I have no awareness on human time!!!! Ha ha! O.k. Is that 9 hours or 1? What time is it in your planet now? 5:52pm Ha ha ha! It is hilarious. O.k. I love you my boy. Babaji.


A Great Master Always Has Fun

Dear one, we can start and continue with your training whenever you are ready. It will take approximately an hour. Let us know. I am ready now. 10 minutes. O.k. Ready? Yes. What is the vibration that even though when there is emptiness, its frequency is never shaken? There are no right or wrong answers... It is a four letter word... Love. Ha ha! We are starting good! Rumi used to say that the simplest teachings are like milk from the divine nipple of the soul... You know why? Why? Good answer! Because they wont flow well unless you suck! It is a beautiful metaphor for the mind... It wont think of its magnificence unless it really engages in the divine nectar of wisdom...Next question...Ready? Yes. What is the power that carries the aroma of true essence? The power of knowing you are loved? Good question... We are starting more simply now... The aroma of true the power of words child But what am I saying here? Words are frequency....sound vibration, that when attuned to the higher cosmos... to the divine 4 letter word, its manifestation expresses the aroma of God itself...hence the power of written words through time memorial. Got it? Yes, I understand. It was the word the first beginning, it was through words that the Christ prayed for all to was the words of Gandhi that created ahimsa...non-violence for others to is this portal you are writing with me whose words will reach my children and find their Great Master within

as well...carrying the aroma of your efforts, your divine love and your service towards me...a pure reflection of your I AM presence. Breathe the aroma of these words dear one... Now...Ready for more? Yes, of course! We are writing the Great Master book this very minute... Ha ha! Of course! Should be the new mantra of all human beings! Of course, om...of course loveof course I AM. I am hoping you are having fun like I am...are you? Definitely! A great master always has funis always attuned to his own bliss... Good, very goodvery God...let us continue. What is the opposite of despair? Bliss. Seems you are very attuned to it... Let me say for the sake of those who are not attuned to bliss another word... The word hope. A great master must relinquish both hope and despair...both remove the now...from the present. Hoping for what might be....despairing for what could be or couldnt be... tatattt! What is the opposite of darkness? Light. Correct! Now it is the same with hope and despair! A great master recognizes both as one in the now...not as opposites of each other, but as true pointers of the presence of being...of the cycles and the magnificence of polarities of each other... Here is a quote from Rumi. Head out to sea, even if your own mother tells you to be afraid of the water. You are a wild swan, not some domestic fowl to be kept in a stinking coop. Contemplate this my child...this quote is a gift from me, to you... Read it three times... What does it means for you in your current life? It means do not be afraid. It resonates with me because I never desired to stay in a domesticated life. Even if your own mother, wife or father tells you to be afraid of the water? I've always rebelled against any parent's advice! You know that. Wives?

That too. No one can tell me what to do or not do. Mmmhhhh.......Very inviting for me to step in to your certainty... Tatattt... FYI... I know nothing. Ha! Now...if that is the case? How come you did exactly what you were told for five years of religious catholic ruled marriage? Now the first quote represents the dark... I don't think I did what I was "told". Ha ha! I knew you would say that! Say some more...why? Well, I know that I had some ids of codependency, but I wasn't that bad. Ha ha ha! The divine excuses... What is bad? What is good? What is dark? What is light? Now here another quote for your contemplation... Ready? Yes. This will be the beginning of the path of a great master..."stir like an embryo, evolve senses which can witness light. Mature in this womb/world, and prepare for your second birth out of Earth into the limitless". Tatattt! Do I smell the aroma of bliss around? Ha ha! This is light! I like it! I am hoping you do! Hope/despair!... Ha ha! I am hoping you rebirth yourself! I think it's already happened. Yes....the thinking goodstill some manifestations need to complete themselves! All fragmented data must come to completion... Now contemplate this... Eating honey makes you feel sweet, but what are you going to do when the honey runs out? Embrace love and become honey! Sweet huh? This is exactly what is happening to you.... Yes. You are in the process of totally melting and becoming honey...awakening again the heart master. Now listen...worry not...When the great masters reach their master/heart, even jagged rocks become jewels! Do I smell the aroma of bliss again? Yep.


Now.... for your current situation.... Contemplate this. One day you will look back and laugh at yourself. You will say..."I cant believe I was so asleep how did I ever forget the truth? Nowthis is a quote from Rumi... This is something that every moment a great master must remind himself... The last moment is not real is the now that manifests the greatness... Now... Lets take a break... let us have some fun... Ha ha! O.k. How are you this evening child? I'm fine, Im really enjoying this. This is true training.... Listen to this: "Hey Mr. Scientist! How will it help you to know about everything in the universe, if you dont know anything about yourself? Isnt it delightful? Yes. So true. I think that many scientists will probably choose to not keep reading this book after this... Ha ha! Oh well... But we can also reverse it for the spiritual people! Hey Mr. Spiritual... How it will help you to know everything of the inner universe if you dont know anything about your outer universal manifestations? Well...I could go on and on... Now child...dear master. How are you? I AM. Good...very good.... How is terrestrial? O.k. NotI AM? No. Ha ha ha! She is "I want". Holy s Holy source!


Ha ha! But if we apply the quotes I just gave you... Then you must understand that there must be a point for the great master that even the outer...becomes I AM. Ready for more or ready to sleep? I'm ready for more. "Watch out! Dont keep saying "tomorrow". Many tomorrows have been and gone. If you are not careful, the time for planting will have passed". Another quote from beloved Rumi...


Advice from Mataji on the Female Domain

How are you dear one? I am great. I heard my beloved was quite intense last night? are great. Yes, but it was good. How is your wife doing...if you wish I may be of service to you, knowing the female energy... I don't know how she is doing today. But I feel what she is thinking. Please share with me your thoughts sweet one... It is do know... She is trying to control herself, and not go into any emotional outbursts, hoping we will come back to the way we were and everything will be fine between us. But she needs a lot of affection and if I do not pay attention to her, eventually she won't be able to handle it. Your feelings are accurate... Nowwhat is the way you were child together? If I may ask... Me playing the role of the one who makes her happy, etc., and trying to always heal her suffering as well - major codependency as I look back on it. Yes sweet master, yes... I see it that way myself...and yet you did heal her many times. Just she never took responsibility and you did... This moment in your life requires such compassion and fierce focus dear master. That is why it is so important for parents not to try to treat children as entitled for everything, as she was treated... I know, I have been trying to always vibrate compassion around her, and also have the relentless focus that Babaji speaks about. She has not assumed any responsibility dear master. I know. But make sure that compassion doesnt turn in to something she clings to as well dear one... You see? She knows your vulnerability as a compassionate soul. Yes, that is what I'm learning. She knows that you are committed to serve all... So female energy when not responsible, uses this to perpetuate the cycles. It is like a parasite clinging to something that feeds it... Just be

aware dear master... For it is in my heart that I wish for you both most expanded liberation... Yet...know that your virtues are known by her... She has chosen to use them for her own survival. The survival of the patterns she has grown to love... She projects in you her father and mother child... Her desires to have a husband different than it is - is something that usually happens when needs are priority... You have part of the responsibility in this pattern dear master. Now I sense you are letting this go... Yes. And this delights my heart. You deserve to be loved and adored by your virtues. Not condemned by them... You deserve to be supported to assist others. She has always get, get, get what she wants, always entitled... She will cling steadfastly... The more you let go of resistance, the fewer struggles. I see her as a child who never had healthy honest boundaries child... Yes, I see that as well. And who now, as an adult, aware of this, uses this precisely to continue with her patterns...her priorities are mixed child, and that is o.k for us. Yet, it is good that you have journeyed this, to learn and teach other males what is important and what is not... The Maya of social expectations, the Maya of the physical beauty that doesnt exist child... True eternity, true immortality resides in the heart. Now...for women this is a lesson too. So how do you suggest I act with her, knowing all of this especially as a female energy? They mostly want a manas a wanting. First social status, money, clothes, gifts that equal love...and then need of affection and praise... My suggestion is for you to let go of resistance and fear not to speak your truth... Speak when she wants to speak... What do you mean by let go of resistance? When she loses control over her own mind...say you are not willing to speak... The resistance of trying to even hold to your truth It is like a rubber band... If you pull from both sides tension is created right? But if you let go of one side of the rubber band... There is nothing to pull or tension to be manifested... Begin planning what is the vision of your completion with her... And be aware that if you engage with her in any physical way...she is going to cling more to you... Actually, may I say something dear one? Sure.

She is even going to try to use sexuality to cling more to the concept she wants you to b e She fell in love with a projection she had... Now that her plans are not working, she is going to cling to everything she knows used to work with you... My dear one... You deserve true devotion... As you know... My suggestion is speak of your truth... Speak few words... Listen and simply not engage anymore in these cycles... Fear not, for I have seen that all will unfold in the highest of forms... Of course changes first deliver intense vibration...sometimes catharsis...periods of integration and so on... This is the awakening of the Maya... Whatever doesnt feel right for not do it anymore child... Do you understand my sharing beloved? Yes, thank you. It is in my great intention to serve all... But if I may be honest... I am here to serve you and Babaji... But do you have any suggestions on a type of dialog I could have with her that would make this happen in the best way? Just ask herwhat do you want to create with your life? If she says or answers something related to you...ask again. Ask about her... Ask then what are her choices to manifest her reality? She has learnt many things from you child, and she is aware of many subtleness as well... Ask her, if she doesnt want a husband like youwhat type of husband would she like to manifest? If she shares that she will create that....and actually will invoke someone else child... O.k. As well...state your awareness and your desire to transcend all the habits and cycles with her into higher understanding... And share your commitment to your work and that you understand that she has wantings she wishes to manifest and that just as she wont get in your way, you wont get in hers... And be honest about the child...say to her that you are aware that is one of her most powerful wantings... And that you wish for her to manifest that...yet, you are not capable of giving to her what she wants. Each of you must be responsible for your inner growth and happiness not someone else. O.k. Is this helpful beloved? Yes, one thing - if I tell her I am not capable of giving the child to her, she will ask why? What should I tell her? Your commitment to your work child... Dear one...are you afraid of her response? Dear master do you feel worried about this?

No. Be honest dear one... For this situation would have evolved as you know. Eventually this would have happened... Because the foundation of your relationship with her was made based on ideals and wantings rather than true desire and unconditional love. It is simple... Failures are the great portals for true success. Thanks, this is really helping me. It is my honor to serve you...I am your new guardian child...And I guard as well your true beloved...I love her as I love you... But you have been guarding me for a while, right? Oh yes...Since 2004...And more.


I Know I Dont Know Anything = ENLIGHTENMENT

Now Child As well when you were Issa...mmm I think I havent told you that of the Roman prosecutors was your terrestrial wife. Yes.... Issa? Yes...Jesus... Is that o.k? I mean we cannot change that in a physical sense. I will explain more later. Ha ha! End of conversation. 2 hours later: Greetings...just a quick stop here in this cyber ancient realm to let you know that the concept of acceleration has taken a new face...It is called instant manifestations. What manifested? Just more of you and all in the game. Just more awareness and realizations and validations. Just the pyramids got activated 7 minutes ago directing their energy fields to you and the mission...Just the awakening of the new children happening as we speak. Just right now me, activating in you the Christ consciousness realizing you have the same encoded blood as Issa. Simple. Wow, is that all? No. But at least something. Ha ha! Something that can be put in human words. Now what did you experience 5 to 10 minutes ago? I think an awakening. What was the feeling? Would you prefer to explore this later? No, I would prefer to explore it now. Ha ha! Good answer! So? What was the feeling? A feeling of knowing. Everything is coming together. O.k as in what? Well, I was studying the location of the school. Yes and? Well it all made sense.


Ha ha! The location is the cue site for the star gate in Egypt right? Yep! You know as we speak the Pope is debating evolution facts! Ha ha! Aguascalientes. It is happening! I do not know about you...but this is a great moment in the universe! But Babaji, let's go back to that little "tidbit" of information you gave me earlier... Ha ha! You're saying I was Jesus? are now. Yes. Child but dont get too excited! It was not in my plans to tell you this. How do you think that all this magic could have evolved? All has been signaling you to this since you were a young boy. Yetyou still have a form in the ascended realms. Soany complaints? Disbelief? Or not? Doesnt matter. You have the same blood lineage...Nowthis is getting better. Ha ha! When I went with you once to India when you were 18, and I appeared to you then, you asked me whom was I before? Listen...Jesus was not as great as you think! Ha ha. I am joking... Not your left hand or your psychic abilities will assist you now child with me. I require your total presence! Ha ha! I am having a blast! Hope you join me! I want to go back to the awakening you had a couple of moments ago...That tidbit moment... First your questions. So, how could I be Lord Kutumi and Jesus and how is Jesus going to be born from me if I am Jesus? Ha ha ha! Lord Kutumi is a holographic vibration of Issa... A Lord that assisted to protect the energy of Issa. Then Jesus will be born through you through the I AM... You are the are it child. Period! If I said to you before, Hi I am Babaji and you were Jesus...mmmmI do not think that would have been received as I intended it to. Mmm...Let me see...You are the ONE. Period. Jesus blood encoded info is in you. Fact. You are who you are now. And you have access to all sacred information of Jesus mission. Your mission. Whose mission was Jesus. Who you are. Ha ha ha. I am re-living that moment in India again.

So. You will not understand now as much as you would like to. Is enough that you discovered the Aguascalientes place...It is like you had a walk-in of Jesus in you. But you are not Jesus now. You are you. Ha ha! Am I the only one here having fun? If I could understand better, then I would have more fun! Ha ha ha. You will. As we speak...many will begin to speak of World War 3, and projecting an apparent assassination of Bush. Let me just say that the info that Jesus had was transplanted to you. Not to anyone else. It is not literally that you lived Jesus life! The physical one! It is the mission! Now I'm really confused. Good! A point where you can say I do not know anything! Look. The same encoded info is in you as it was in Jesus. But we are not the same soul? Same and better. Ha ha ha! We all are the same soul in the vibration you have! The ONE. As long as you become the ONE, you become all...Jesus, Buddha, Babaji...The ONE. You are the ONE. I have a choice to accept or not the job. There is not really much to do in it. Just be the ONE. Ha ha ha! Child! You have the same power to change the face of history that all the enlightened ones, true ones have had. Would you be willing? Of course, I already know this. Ha ha ha. Om course! On course we are! But you do not really know! That is why we are just about to live the 2%... Right now, I don't know anything. Now you are enlightened! Right now. Feel this child. Is not through the mind. Consciousness is not located in the brain. It is located in the heart. Literally. Breathe in. Pay no attention to my words yet do. You are the child, the lamb and the lion...You are the cosmic ruler. You are the eternal student, the witness, the lover, the wound and the healing of the wound. You are the I AM presence! Nowyou can always go back to the ordinary world or you can stay here. Your choice. Breathe!!!!

This is just the beginning. You have awakened...And more and more the puzzle will take form. Well Babaji, you know what I am confused about and you know my current "knowledge" about Jesus, souls, etc., can you explain this thing about me being Jesus in a way where I can understand it? O.k. You are him because you agreed to complete his mission which was not completed. You are not a reincarnation. You are a new Jesus. A new Issa. Yet you were him in a sense of vibration. All that was and will be is the now. The more you are willing to be who you are the more you become all that is. Jesus, BuddhaIt just happens to be that you and Jesus have the same encoded information with the exception that you have even more tasks to accomplish. What are my tasks? Ha ha! Healing the planet. Reawakening the grids in divine love. Creating the new model for the future generations of coupleship. Restructuring the DNA for 2012. Awaken 144000 Masters that will awaken 144000 three times by three. Let me see... Rekindle the awareness of immortality in humanity. And create a new civilization. Oh yes...and allow yourself to be loved by the divine feminine. And you wish me to continue? Yeeeesss... Create the new sacred texts. That I will write? We will. We have already. We will just download. All of it. ALL. All, all, all. You see? You are very busy. You have always been. So now...Let me askHow is the puzzle coming together? It's coming together better. Ha ha ha. But I still don't know anything. Ha ha ha. This session is more the transmission than the words. It is a mind stopper session and also an opening to liberate ancient channels. Because as I have said...You have my one on one support...Sothis actually helps you remember and attune your power with more strength. And


therefore...create no B.S in the manifestation of the mission....We are to manifest clarity and no distractions. Are you with me? Yes. Mataji said I was being too intense! Ahhhh...Even I must take pause once in a while.


Message from St. Germaine

St. Germaine is requesting a meeting with you child. Dear one of the Violet flame. We have opened the Amenti halls for you...Now...please work in your physical form right now through vision as higher information is being encoded anew in you right now. Taste not of death except as thou will it, drink thou of life to eternitys end, henceforth forever is life, thine for the taking. Henceforth is death at the call of thy hand. Dwell here or leave here when thou desireth, free is Amenti to the sun of man. You are the sun of man and the man of the sun. You are the one. May I work in your field dear master? Yes. Life eternal exists in the all; only an obstacle, in the pathway, quick to be conquered by the infinite light. Awaken, o flame that burns ever inward, flame forth and conquer the veil of the night." See your own soul as it grows in the light, free now forever from the Lord of the night. Great master, thou are the teacher of men, leading them onward and upward until they, too, are lights among men; you now are freed from the veil of the night that surrounds all, flaming with Violet light that shall shine among men all. So be it decreed. Master are ye of your destiny, free to take or reject at will. Take yet the power, take ye the wisdom. Shine as a light among the children of men. Breathe the Violet flame in now...Thou are the essence of the seven rays. The use of the Violet consuming flame is more valuable to you and to all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold and all the jewels of this planet. The wisdom flame will be the mark that will cleave asunder all of the unreality yet abiding in the land through the use of the Violet flame. The Violet flame is not just another dispensation, it is the dispensation to bring in the Golden Age. For without the Violet flame, the Earth and all thereon would not transmute the great amount of karma that must be dissolved, consumed, and totally annihilated before the Golden Age is fully bloomed. Always invoke the Violet flame with intent, love and your higher presence and gratitude...after invoking it give thanks...For thou shall become more of who you are. Amenti has spoken Great Master. Now is closed. When ready...share with us your questions. I will learn more decrees to use with the Violet flame? Yes...Actually you are starting on Monday to receive different decrees to be published soon. O.k. And I can use this Violet flame in my healing practices like I have been doing?

Yes. You are the Violet flame. You are the Violet flame! This is the 15th dimension? you. Brother my task is completed. We have walked Amenti one more time together. I kiss thy lotus feet in the I AM presence of the Violet flame. Now, if you may, Mataji desires to come...Blessings dear brother...I AM. Thank you St. Germaine. When you say enter Amenti, what exactly does that mean? I know about the Halls of Amenti, but can you clarify? I say that you have accessed all akashic have access to the Emerald Tablets, to all plates.


The Ultimate DNA Activation

9/22/2006 People shed whole jugs of tears for wife and children. They swim in tears for money. But who weeps for God? Cry to him with a real cry. -Ramakrishna This is the beginning of one of the books you shall write with me. It will be three. Let me know when you are ready. I have been focusing in dissolving the blockages in China. Watch the news soon. Some catharsis will evolve first. Todays transmission will go directly to the core of your DNA blueprint. If you wish of course. Greetings! I am ready. I wish for you to meditate and breathe for the next 5 minutes...It is your turn to receive my son. You are a professional giver...Time to receive more...dont you think? Yes. So. 5 minutes of breathing and no distractions can you manifest that? Yes. Youre ready. Are you? Yes. O.K. First let us check in... I feel like a human coach with the words I just said... Ha Ha. How are you? I AM.....I think I am integrating a lot today. Why? How can you tell? Just felt the need to sleep this afternoon. Ha! And what are the emotions that are accompanying the integration? Which if I may a true letting go process in your life. Just a sense of completion and a feeling of the old falling away. Now...Breathe in...Your DNA is right now shifting dear one. How?

BreatheFirst the phosphate-sugar chains are is just happening...dissolving. How? Good question. Breathe Now, the codons are activating themselves and are receiving the genetic Christ information with 144000 instruction decrees. You know what codons are? Yes. Alright. As we speak...the RNA is receiving all necessary encoded information of the White Brotherhood who represent the cosmic RNA...therefore the cosmic messengers. All information is being right now translated in to mmmmwhat you humans call proteins...Now the encoded sacred wisdom is being stabilized. And the lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. The revelation of regenesis is being reactivated in you...How? Good question! I am just doing a transfusion here from my DNA to yours... Genesis 28:12 and he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the Earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. Notice how this passage is so similar to what Jesus had to say to Nathaniel. John 1:51 and he saith unto him, verily, verily, I say unto you, hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the son of man. These scriptures actually speak of the transfusion like blood, of higher codes and DNA on the 15th dimension available to descend on the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension. You are receiving right now the revelation encodement of the Divine. Yehowah the self-existent one. This is the signature of Source dear one, encoded in you in the I am that I am. Moses, Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad received the awakening...received the signature vibrational frequency awakening...The four letter code of the almighty. Like the veiled information hidden in four words adenine, thiamine, guanine, and cytosine. A-T-G-C. The helix is multiplying 13 by 12. The DNA is the true spiral of creation. More than a spiral. And in you the higher signature will create sound, tone, form and color variation vibrations. Thou shall attract like. And like divine, divine shall be. Breathe in. Breathe out. Questions? So this is the ultimate DNA activation. Yes. Simple. Ha! What do you mean 13 x 12? 13 was a number central to certain traditions of sacred geometry, because it reflected a pattern which could be seen to exist in man, nature, and the heavens. For instance, there are 13 major

joints in your body. There are 13 lunar cycles in a solar year, and the moon travels 13 degrees across the sky every day. Six circles placed around a seventh central circle is a model of geometric efficiency. And perfection in the second dimension that has been known to mathematicians for ages. But this same configuration in three dimensions consists of 12 spheres arranged around one central sphere, making 13 in all - the most compact three-dimensional arrangement recurrent in nature. Thirteen is a basic structural unit in nature. It means the attracting center around which elements focus and collect. Preserved by the Knights Templar, and that the Vatican wished to keep this from coming to light. O.k. Ha ha! Simple enough. Ha ha! So now. It is done! What next? What is going to "happen" to me now - how will things change? Ha ha. I sound like one of my clients now... You are! You are my client now. Ha ha! You are sometimes going to feel as though you are not here. You may feel exhaustion, because we are literally changing your cells as we speak, and becoming new beings...both you and I as one. I have the divine fever right now. Yes...1,024 DNA strands crystalline substance descending as we speak. this is how I like to spend my time. Descending? Up and down and activating masters in to higher mastery! It takes a couple hundreds of years to have this opportunity! Haha! Now this is important listen: This new state of being, requires therefore, that we physically, mentally, and emotionally, let go of 3rd dimensional concepts. Just as in death, the letting go is a major part of the change process, for one cannot take the old values and way of being, into a new completely different afterlife. So the progression through changes compels us to let go of current relationships, jobs, careers, homes, etcEspecially when there is no support for the true reality.

O.k. Haha! You are the first master that says O.K. and of course. In the past they will give me a whole big prayer...Like Issa in the Mount of Olive. Now symptoms that this is successful: High temperatures, sweating, headache, dizziness, ringing in the ears, tingling in the arms, hands, legs or feet, wanting to sleep longer and more often than normal. Tatatt!!!! I think you already are creating this activation as a successful one! Yep, I knew something was happening. Drink lots of water... I'm definitely heating up here! Ha ha. Yep. But lets complete this session first...How is your physical form responding? What do you mean? Are you aware of the Cassiopaea transcripts? Any tiredness in any of your muscles? Yes, I feel tiredness and soreness. I am not aware of these transcripts. Good, good I am a great activator! Yes, you are. It's good to be on the receiving end. Yep. You're the only one I trust to activate my DNA. Thank you. And you may activate mine. And this is nothing compared to the activation that a shakti does on someone like us. How does the shakti activate us? Well...Simple. Yet it is a secret. When a divine feminine...a conscious one, an awakened onefocuses her love in any enlightened male...the male rebirths in to his own sacred feminine, creating brainwave synchronization and attaining the whole universal feminine power...For Source is feminine...Without the feminine love, represented in a reflective way...there is no immortality. Just look at meI am the example. When Mataji said...please stay I desire you to stay, she was actually saying, Here in I am the power of immortality!


And bang! Here I am! After all these years! It is important for you to stretch, walk and be in communion with the ocean if possible. Your activation is completed client... Any questions? Thank you! This is active speed! So my own sessions should also be more powerful now, right? You doubt? Shall I do it again? Ha!


There are Witnesses to this Training

9/3/06 4:00 a.m. Breathe...Are you breathing my friend? Yes. You are early today. How come? You're funny. I am thank you. How is your body adjusting to the activation? I think it is doing fine. It is quite a big moment in history child...Veiled but huge actually. Can you give me details? Now. You are funny. You are the details. I guess I won't need to sleep anymore, right? Child. Let me explain again this. All that is evolving is extremely...mmmm...out of the ordinary...At least for society and for programmed minds. Now. Not only you are talking to me...But more percent of your brain functioning is active, more of the DNA, more of the heart, more akashic memory, more of the more. And there are witnesses... Like Amar, or Shirananda, or Bija, or Ty...or Ananda or many more! We created this so the mind wouldnt trick itself to think this as delusion. The energy of witnesses really helps out this process...Especially the mind. I mean, if I were you...I would probably be pretty blown away by what is happening. But I am not and I am. For me all what is evolving is just 1 percent of what can really be. So I am just hanging out here with you scanning your whole energy body. How does it look? Integrating. Pretty good though. Looks Violet to me. I have been really focusing my whole energy on Tibet and China lately. How is that going? Well...It is taking me longer than I expected. The holodynes are just things I am clearing firstAnd revolting China a little. I work a lot you know. Now I sound like you. Now I may desire a session with you!

You choose that right? See? You learn fast! But I do work a lot! Ha ha! You are fully supported my son. Fully. I believe that you will survive the Catholic marriage you chose to create as an experience in your human life as entrainment to assist others. Yes, by going through something, that's how you can help others who have gone through the same thing. It's a paradox though right? Yes. I mean on one hand, we are the only one. Yes. And if that is the case, we are responsible for everything that appears "outside" of us, right? Yes. Because everything is being projected from the inside. Yes. So how does this differ when we talk about individuation? Ha ha. You are back! can still choose to be aware that you create everything outside of yourself, but can choose how to be responsible for it. You can choose to attach and create emotional experience from the responsibility, or you can choose to be responsible and let go, learn from it and be aware that the human experience is a dual manifestation. And that the grandest mystery is the paradox itself! It is a good one! It has kept all philosophers and mystics questioning existence forever. Yet, in this third dimension...The ONE created another one to experience the one being individuated. And the other one reflected from the ONE has a choice just like you to create either integration or fragmentation. You are choosing integration. TW is choosing fragmentation. Is the experience less valuable...? No! Yet, the integrated one, becomes more of the ONE! And in this third dimension, I must say, now, that you have a new belief! That there are indeed parasites and energy vampires. But now we dont react to them as we did right? Right. We ignore them? No. We choose to go through whatever we feel attached to like you did today. We might just state our truth or choose not be around in their field, by stating clearly that this also hurts you...Very simple! Ignoring will send us to another 60 minute exploration...Just stating with


honor, I prefer to leave. What you wish and stating and honoring your feelings. Seems that in your household the only one allowed to express her feelings is her? But that's more for yourself right, because most of the time they don't listen. Well. But you do listen. When you do things different then you change their patterns too. They might create new parasite strategies! But the energy of those goes through. You can say I am choosing to leave in this moment or not speak because I prefer to do this as adults. This energy dynamic also hurts me deeply. Very simple! O.k. As an adult! And you can always come to me! Anything you try to avoid, ignore, etc. signals splinters. And I am willing to serve you to find ways to integrate yourself more. When you doubt ask yourself the question again that you are asking. Always see if there are more options for your question. Usually when doubts come, it is your child within letting you know there is a pattern arising. Thank you - this has been great. My pleasure.


Freeing the Handcuffs

Greetings! How is your new belief vibrating today? Greetings! It is vibrating very high. Good, good. China is responding well as well. I am vibrating higher awareness within the immature holodynes. Soall is God good. Great! All is vibrating in a balanced way. At least from my perspective. Not high, nor lowjust as it isa magnificent day to be in love. And let go of old beliefs. And create new. And enjoy the universe and the human experience. Dont you think? Yep. Yep. Funny. Yes, it's funny hearing you say that. Ha ha. You now have a Texas accent! I do sir. So. I guess at night I will come to you again in case a new belief is ready to say farewell. How was the ocean? I love the ocean! I am the ocean. It was beautiful. Yes I am. Tell me. What happened...? Well, I went there and picked a spot to do the ring ceremony, to let go of the old. I took some time to set my intent, on what the moment and the ceremony represented. Then I took off the ring and threw it into the ocean. How did that feel? The moment you threw the ring? It was pretty amazing. It really felt like I was undoing a handcuff and freeing myself. Yes. From your own belief of what the ring represented and the unspoken assumed agreements that the ring represented. You let go of fear my boy! I am very proud for you. Not of you. But for you. Because this is your work and manifestation and freedom! You are living your mastery. You are a master. If you have no questions I will come back later to you in this form.

O.k., we can talk later. Enjoy your freedom child. I am. It is a state within! And the love. By the way, heretake the master key. Thank you! It is yours. It has always been. And read the Soulmate Called God book the first poem. O.k. And Invitation to Love the messages of September 4th. Namaste dear master. Namaste.


The Process of Self-Calibration

9/3/2006 7:37 pm: Whatsoever a man has renounced, From the sorrow born of that he has freed himself. After a man has renounced, he enjoys the many true things in this world. Let men desiring that renounce in time. -Tirukkural 35:341-342 Greetings! Greetings! How are thou? I am. Good answer. Truthful one. How can we be of service to you dear one? Questions? One thing I wish for you to explore is the process of self-calibration. Before each session and before any workshop that you give you should devote 12 minutes to set intent and ask the Violet flame and White Brotherhood to assist you in the calibration process. O.k. Self-higher calibration opens the gateways of reception, reflection and creative states. What does this do exactly? It is an attunement of energies assisting you to be able to be in both worlds at the same time. Is there a specific wording for this? While remaining internal and reflective you as well can bring these qualities to the your presentations and so on. 1. State your intent to connect with the Violet flame and White Brotherhood creating the sacred link. And drinking a glass of water 2. Request all assistance necessary for any situation, workshop, decision, plan, or session you desire to accomplish.


3. State the situation or problem that you wish to resolve...or assist with or teach with. 4. Wait and feel the energy allowing you to receive insight, release of blockages, to receive resolution and understanding. 5. Drink more water and visualize the water as the Violet flame. 6. Close the inquiry by expressing gratitude and stating I am the Violet flame. I am. I am in my full potential loving self. I am the Violet flame that heals. And I let go of what is not needed at all times for the higher good of all. Simple. This calibration is done by all brotherhood of the Great Work. I do it all the time. Calibrates my holodynamic field into subtleness of being. O.k., thanks! I am a know that right? We ALL are right? Yes. are embodying a full holodynamic vibration as a master...Full complete, multidimensional frequency vibration like Jesus. For you child, the Bach flower essences are the best vibration of healing energy...Your whole body requires only the purest of sources now...Even the clothes you use the material must be natural... You will see...Certain fabrics are going to begin itching or feeling uncomfortable... What about food? That too...Remember what I say about white stuff. Especially refined ones. Like white flour, white sugar and processed salt. Sea salt is good though. And I know you prefer no greens...yet greens shall be good! We can do a session to clear that in you. O.k. Later...I am calibrating myself in you as we speak. I will be breathing in you on 11/11 you know? Yes, I saw that. Agree? Is that O.K.? Om course. On course we are!


Babaji, I have a question. If I use the Violet flame to clear my food of all toxins and blockages, and then use it to infuse the food with nutrition, will this work? Yes...but still you must choose wisely. But it does work. What about that acai fruit juice I drink. That is good right? Yes. Just make sure it is pure and not filled with sugar. O.k. So in the school, are we going to go into how humans got here? BrieflyOnly your advanced students can really learn that from you. The Level 1 students will just get a brief explanation. Child... In exactly 30 minutes we can do a session to keep the calibration going with you. There is a meeting right now with the white brothers. O.k. About the new big bang that is about to occur inside a black hole...You may join us...through breathing...but is not necessary. You choose. O.k. Breathing connects us. In 30 minutes I shall return. Alright. Thank you. Blessings. And you my son must write too! Your book. All of our conversations? The Great Master! What's this one about? This book is a mirror of who you are. And the beginning of many projects together. I will be guiding you through this realm and with your answers and what you wish to add to the Great Master I will send you next steps... You are rare. SoI fulfilled my promise of sending you Monday writings. Now you can announce in your newsletter the book. What should I say? And the first decree. And explain to your clients about it. Tattt! Who is the master? Use your free will. Share the truth.

O.k. This is your book child and you are indeed receiving this information. I will assist you when you have it ready to edit if you wish. O.k. But it is not necessary. You are gifted. This is where I announce you as my teacher? You need not even to say anything - just use the decree as you wish my son. If you choose. It is not necessary either. When your book comes out you will be announcing this anyway. Baby steps. But you choose. Remember there is magnificence in every every flaw, in every situation. All doubts carry their clarity within. All problems are indeed their own solutions. So. Enjoy the Great Master and devote some time each day to it and the writing of it. Great, I will. Remember to have appointments with yourself to meditate, breathe and stretch. O.k. I love you my son and we are still only in the 1 percent of the experience. Namaste. I will catch up with you later. Time to work more through play and love! I love you Babaji, and I look forward to the future now and the other 99%! Me too. Wow! In wowness, Babaji.


St. Germaine Blesses the Great Master

Greetings! The Great Master has arrived! Welcome! This is St. Germaine dear brother. Greetings St. Germaine. Are you available now within your human time frame to chat for a couple of human moments? Yes. My heart greets you within the Violet flame vibration who I am as the I AM in you dear brother. We have seen that the operation of light that we have held since 1961 has risen itself to new levels thanks to you. We have signed a new agreement to assist the Earth to evolve into magnificence. Therefore the Violet flame shall assist you for this. The Higher Contracts for the New Era - this is the second portal thou shall receive in written form as soon as the Great Master is completed. The third one is The New Codes for Collective Consciousness Activation. And of course more than 12 manuals and books. Dear brother, within the Great Master the decrees are filled with Violet flame frequency and are fully activated through the tri-veca code power. Yet, the codes that will be created by the power of shaktipat within you are the true codes of the 13 in one. There will be thirteen new codes that are being birthed by the codes existing in the now. The dimensional shift and evolution of the codes will be given to thee in this 3D manifestation form. The only thing is for you to say yes and to uplift thyself always within the Violet flame power. Which is your birthright and true energy signature. Questions brother? I don't think so. Well, these 13 codes, we will use these for the ascension? Yes and to seal the new activated beings in to eternal purification and create the new templates of the higher worlds within them. The returning involution and evolution of the Great Work through the children of Earth. O.k. I am here and I am vibrating in you. Thou have questions? I think I answered my own question. Everything is clear. Yes this is accurate. Now. May I ask thou? Yes, of course. Can the Earth ascend without awareness? No. And the people need to have the awareness to be able to ascend with the Earth.

Good. Yes. Do they need to have awareness or to awaken in awareness? To awaken in awareness. They have it already available to them. Yes. I am completed dear brother. May the Violet flame guide your breath. Breathing in the violet flame, breathing out the wisdom of the Great Work to bless all. Blessings. Thank you, St. Germaine. Namaste.


The Support of a Devoted Conscious Female is the Ultimate Experience for Man
How are you my son? Beyond I AM. How are you in your mind and this 3D experience? I am feeling pretty powerful. And I am noticing that my sessions keep getting better. And I believe that this is because I have the love and support of you all. Yesand also because you decided to really live in reality...But as a male energy I must say that indeed the support of a devoted female, a conscious one, is the ultimate completion for us...I can say this from experience. This is something I have never experienced before. This is called a once in a lifetime experience child. And 1 of 7 billion people experiences it like this. I realize it. In a period of time that is bigger than the quantity of humans. In one of my incarnations as a human, I encountered Mataji when she already had 6 children! And I learned so much from that experience! Seems that all of us with this encoded info must experience something like this. Like you did when you were a child...Getting prepared for the now. Yes I have definitely learned a lot in this lifetime. And still more coming! But now through a higher perspective. And higher choices. I've learned a lot in the last 24 hours! Ha ha ha. Only 1 percent. Ha ha. I am ready. I love to learn. We are good friends dear one. This is the best learning. And it is even better when it is practiced! I've always been one to learn things, master them, and then teach them to others. Like myself. Like the Buddha. The best way to learn is to teach. Yep. Yep.


Then you really learn. Then you really learn that you know nothing! Yep. Yep!


The Ultimate Brain Activation with Babaji

9/6/06 As we share and joke, I am working inside you...In the 100 000 billion neurons in your brain. Nothing complex...So. Keep talking! I said this with Texan accent. More like keep talkin'. I am activating the siddhi of tongues within you. Yep. Good, so then I can speak any language like you? I do not speak any language. I dont need to. I just use energy vibration and you all read it and hear it in whatever language you choose to use. This siddhi is going to assist you read the energy vibrations of countries and the combined frequencies of human languages and tongues. But let me work...Keep talking. I am in your left brain right now I am in your frontal lobe right now I am connecting in your frontal lobe the soul patterns of all enlightened ones right now I am clearing your incarnational destiny blueprint. So what are you learning from this experience child. It is a perfect one to clear as I am working in your left brain. I am learning that I must pay the consequences for my past choices. I am clearing your incarnational destiny blueprint. that sounded like the Martyr archetype. Lets change it. How would Abaddham re-phrase those words? I am learning that I choose to be responsible for my past choices. I am learning that I am responsible for the choices I make and learn the necessary consequences that put me at choice on who I desire to create myself to be. Yes...good one. Feel the difference? Yep. Perfect for the clearing of incarnational destiny in the left brain! I am activating the clarity of recognizing the differences between fate and destiny. Good. That signals me to work now in right brain. Breathe...we are activating the balancing calibration of masculine and feminine energies at the collective levels in you. I am about to change to both hemispheres to calibrate states of synchronicity... You keep sharing and I will say some words that when we are completed you can come back to re-read to seal the activation process in to peak brain performance we are doing in tune with the White Brotherhood fields. Calibrating the symbolic domain energy field. Now.

Clarifying and re-patterning soul sacred patterns. Now. Are you going to teach me how to do this? Yes of course! But first you must have the experience! Reactivating archetypes and purposes. Now. Maturing holodynamic systems. Now! Clearing archetypal crisis. Now. Increasing frequency in hertz to and through cosmic portals and powers. Now. Reactivating archetypal instinct to be used as healing homeopathic remedies for others in the path as disciplehood and mastery. Now. Calibrating shadow and light. Calibrating the soul as supreme Rishi frequency vibration. Now! Clearing all past imprints in child age vibration within you! Activating the healing siddhi for ADD, Autism and Aspergers through your siddhis. Now! Clearing all victim patterns from others, from past, present and future through holograms, patterns, frequencies and any energy signature vibration...reflected, inflected or! Now...breathe. Say out loud with me: I am aware that the archetypal patterns provide in me from now on and forever a constant source of empowerment. Repeat this three times. Let me know when you are ready. Ready. Breathe in. This is the first part of the activation of your 100,000 billion neurons and their interconnectedness with the cosmos. The other two parts we shall do one tomorrow...or maybe later...and the third one the next day after that! Now...Lets breathe...I love you my son... I love you Babaji. What I did today really activates all archetypes for their higher purpose use my son... I am in you and I AM, the father of creation. I am boundless and eternity. I am the sacred breath and the breathing of Gods love. I am the one and the only one in you and everything. I am Abaddham. I am you. Blessings child. Greetings and God Abaddham morning. God morning! Please be so kind to let us know of your human time availability to go through the second part of the activation.

I am ready now. Mmmhhh. It will take about 30 minutes to really gear up your readiness. O.k. How much time can you create for this? I have a couple of hours. Take a couple of the next 265 minutes to contemplate Abaddham, to re-read the activation we did and to breathe and continue your work... I will let you know when we can get it going. Blessings.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Activations

Ready? Yes. First I wish to speak about your client and autism. In yesterdays activation we were activating your power to see through this all. This child is coming to you now because you will be able to see the children as well. Now...through DNA activation and all what you are being activated to, you will soon offer the activation for children labeled with autistic spectrum disorders. These activations will be in demand as you cannot imagine! All the masters will come to you. But actually, the goal of this is that both parents and child come actually physically with you so that shaktipat and activation can indeed happen personally. This, my child, will be one of the most important parts of the mission in your life. And proper training shall take place. It is necessary as you cannot even imagine! All the brothers arriving, are being challenged in a way because the grids are so injured that the inner grids of the physical form are injured as well. So when advanced souls like these arrive in the planet they find a physical form that is already fragmented and their energy is so intense and so pure that since they actually need not to talk...for they work through frequency transmission, then...the mind and ego of society comes to manifestation with all labels. O.K.? O.k., sounds good. Omkay? Sounds as it sounds! Om kay, om course, on course! Ha ha ha. You are great because I am great, and since you are me. I am the only one! O.k., ready? Time to keep your mind moving so the second part of the archetypal activation takes place. Ready? Ready. Ready, set! In the name of the Violet flame here and now we request the ever presence of the highest brotherhood of the white, so the archetypal feminine transmission can take place with and without the inner space of Shivanandaji... Breathe...I here and now clear all clouds that might have veiled the divinity of the great feminine. Clearing all blockages! Now. The veil of the sacred inner feminine lifting. Breathe in. We awaken the qualities of presence. Relinquishing the activated words of always and never. In this moment, in the name of the Violet flame we activate the higher communion of the archetypal masculine and feminine energies...Breathe...Which transcend both female and male. We invoke here and now the presence of the Goddesses to bless Shivanandaji. Now child breathe...


The Goddesses will take a couple of minutes. While you share be aware we are to activate the highest of the mother archetype. This is something that is extremely intense in the subtle realm. Will heal all the past imprints you have in relationships to mothers...your own, and the worlds. We activate here and now the clearing and higher powers of the mother archetype in Shivanandajis electromagnetic frequency at all quantum levelsclearing, remembering the power of the true mother! Available for both male and female. Breathe... We activate the sacredness and clear all ids that vibrate in non-respectful ways according with universal laws regarding the sacred female biology. Here in we activate the archetypes of damsel, princess, virgin, and all feminine archetypes in to ever evolving transitional empowerment energy vibration. Breathe Breathe child...all this activation is happening in the atom levels of the quantum soul within you. We are in your form experiencing right now the transition towards divine empowerment. Breathe. In a moment we will do the other half of the activation which is the masculine archetypal energies. In this moment and in the name of the Violet flame we activate the true power of stature and leadership within the male frequency vibrations and all archetypal male energy that have existed and will exist in the all ever time frame of the now. So the archetypes can vibrate and shall vibrate and are vibrating for the benefit of the collective. Here and now, we awaken and repattern masculine intuition! Now. Blessed be the king, the father, the warrior, the lover and the knight. May the wisdom of the fool awaken! And the acceptance of mistakes serve as a source of wisdom and humble warriorness. May the lover be in rapport with the beloved and the kind with the higher queen, and the knight with the damsel always aware of his masculine power and the utter most protection a true damsel requires. May all conflicted, fragmented and out of attunement archetypes become generators of soul Here and now, in the name of the Violet flame we activate the power of balance and to balance the divine masculine and feminine energies at the source collective levels. Now. Breathe while this takes place. We are almost done.... Now repeat three times, I am the constant source of empowerment and the source of healing to assist all in transition manifestations to finally balance the masculine and the feminine energies at all collective levels. I am the balanced manifestation of the masculine and the feminine. I am the sacred fire and flame of creation. So be itI AM. It is done. Tell me when you are ready. I am ready. Here and now we are completed with the second part of this sacred archetypal activation. We might do the third part tonight...


O.k. Blessings dear one...The fire you speak of is the true power of Agni! The beginning of creation. In the beginning was the workwhich in truth was the fire and gave birth to the breath, which gave birth to the word and the world was created. I love you my son. And I am the fire as well. I love you too.


The Birth of Transcendental Mind Inquiry on Planet Earth

Ready? Ready. Breathe...For this part...I will be doing questions and you answering. This is called the transcendental inquiry. Which I would like for you to be the pioneer of it in the planet If you desire this of course. Yes. Possibly would be good to register this right? It is funny that people need to pay in your planet for words! Yes. I wish for you to research on what would it take to make of an inquiry a technology? So you can register it as a technology for the mind... O.K. Let us begin. Breathe in deeply three times...when you are ready...let me know. Check your posture, your presence state and the form and fluidity of your breath. Ready. What are archetypes child? Patterns. Image, ideal, or pattern, correct? Yes, the holographic way the brain stores an attitude as well. Can the brain store an attitude without archetypal images? No. How come? The attitudes are spawned from the archetypes. Are archetypes considered a universal mode? You mean collective archetypes? Is an archetype individual or collective? What do you think?


I think there exists collective archetypes. Can archetypes be transformed in a collective way by an individual? Yes, I think so. What is required for this to be a reality? Knowledge and willingness. Can I change and impact of the collective without knowledge and willingness? You can with just your frequency. Can frequency be considered an archetype? I don't think so. Who defines what is an archetype? Usually people who study the mind. Can archetypes, patterns or images be used to access the divine realms of reality through mind focus? Yes. Good. At this stage child, when you ask this question if someone says no usually we go back to the inquiry of who defines what is an archetype and we ask what is not an archetype and what are your beliefs of this...and could it be different. If someone is really stuck here you invite them to create an image that this is possibleof imagine if you that a new archetype or pattern is created. Then we ask again the question and when they say yes to the question can archetypes, patterns or images be used to access the divine realms of reality through mind focus? O.k. Then this is your clue that they have opened the universal archetypal door and now we can work through all the divine collective archetypes and activate this for higher purpose. So, ready? Ready. I am going to name an archetype and you just share with me three or four words that come to mind.


O.k. Not much thinking O.K.? Just go for it! The Judge. Criticizing, always watching, analyzing. Usually people that have not done much work will probably say names of their parents, or spouses...and when someone answers like you did just ask themdoes this remind you of someone? Which is my next question... Does this archetype remind you of someone? Yes, reminds me of a former friend here. Usually you will have these questions in a written form so that your students can have on paper and come back to it and work in each question separately. O.K., can the judge/critic evolve? Not unless they desire to. Is good judgment different than being a judge? No. Can a critic be constructive? Can be. Can analyzing be used for higher good? Yes. Alright. We have both sides of archetype. The dark and light now. Your answers were nonfragmented. Usually students will create a whole story about this... Yet, your answers are the correct answers that are the access for the next questions. Now, it really matters not to go and create a whole drama about the archetypes or explanations. This just activates the mind in you more complete understanding and assists to enlighten the both sides of archetypes. Creating therefore a higher terrain for conscious options and choices. Stay with this. Now. This third activation takes much longer because we are teaching/activating/creating a universal shift, etcall in one day. We must take a break now...usually students wont do this since this will be on paper. But for you it takes the day. Take a break...and later we shall continue.


O.k. Because in truth we will be working in you regarding this archetype. Which is one of the most mis-used ones in the planet. Which one? Judge/critic. O.k. The main mind archetype...Breathe and it is O.K. to be a judge and a critic until I summon you again. Blessings, Babaji. O.k. This is perfect. Say no more than four words as I activate the next archetypes. Reason for activation? So you can recognize them in others and yourselfAnd guide the appropriate activation and direct the appropriate shaktipat towards others. This will assist you to be more compassionate and also...r a d i c a l. And not take anything personal! Reality is clarity. And your work to remove these ids is important. Yet we must understand all the possibilities. Healing will be greater and smoother if people see the positive learning of these images and they will let them go more organically. Rather than when there is tension and they feel they need to remove them! Usually with this they attract what they reject. Understand this? Yes. O.k. Now. The archetype is: The storyteller. Four words or less that come to mind. Embellishment, exaggeration, lying. How about the stories of the masters? Are metaphors an embellishment of the truth? No. So. Story teller could be used for? Education. Great answer! Here you can guide people to see what stories of your life do you tend to repeat often? Why do you choose them? And if they were part of a school book, what would these stories be teaching you? You need not to answer but these questions will help others be aware of storytelling. Usually people spend too much time, as you know in their stories...So, we help them

find why they like them so much! Even the dramatic ones! And you will give them this on paper! So, you my child after that can work easier with those who are really committed. These questions and answers will give you a view of who is really ready for the mastery training with you. Are you with me here? Totally. Great. Next archetype: The alchemist! Positive change, transformation, ego melting. Can the alchemist use his power for negative, non-transformative, non-ego melting? Yes. O.k. Nowhere is a different thing. The image in the mind of people regarding the alchemist archetype is positive. Which is why they also attach to this image. It is still an image. And the opposite question is not for your students. It is only for you to be aware than even this concept, this archetype sounds wonderful...Is still an archetypeis still an image. Understand? Yes. O.k. Next: The hermit. Shy, loner, scared, eccentric. Can a mystic be a hermit? Yes. Is he then shy or scared? No. O.k. As you can see your answers are very clear. Either is one polarity or the other. Which is the nature of beliefs or images. Now. When people answer these questions, give them the option to skip whatever they feel does not apply to them. O.k. This will also give you an idea of those who are fragmented and do not recognize the polaritiesor also for those who are very clear. Are you with me here? Yes.


Remember we care not of the meaning of archetypes. But the transcendental inquiry, its purpose is to really invite the mind to challenge itself in all its belief systems! Which are mainly based on all these archetypal images! That trulyhas nothing to do with reality itself! As you know. Next. The wanderer. Nomad, free-spirit, pioneer, seeker. How about a teenager on drugs wandering in the streets? Ha ha! Yes. Good ...good laughter! This means you are integrating. And letting go of the archetype. Next one. The seeker. Searching, striving, desiring, looking. Can all these be used both for positive findings or negative ones? Both. Perfect. There is no inconsistency here. Which usually there is in all people. All these archetypal info and the beliefs of people will assist you to see that there are three aspects which can be differentiated in the behavior of each individual: 1. Performance. The activities that consciously are chosen to be voluntarily experienced. 2. Attitudes. Feelings, moods, inner state... 3. Processes. The body process, the events experienced in an indirect form. Are you following me? Yes. These all are reflected in the ideas of people. Mind, soul, and body. Remember these aspects are merely abstractions. Remember that the human beings are wired for activity and progress! Now next archetype ready? Yes. The sage. Mystic, saint, medicine man, healer.

103 there an opposite here? Or is this a unified archetype? I don't see an opposite. This is accurate. This is an evolved holodyne. A mature one. If someone answers yesthen you know there is a fragmentation here. Now. The oracle. Prophet, mystic, fortune teller, psychic. Is an oracle necessary to create reality? No. Is it based on truth? Can be. Oh oh O.k. Lets explore here. Only truth can create reality. So. Truth can only be experienced in the now. Did it help that Nostradamus predicted so many catastrophes? No. Were these based on truth or on the vibration of fear and the need to know the unknown to achieve survival? Fear. So see. The oracle business in the planet truly removes people from the now. The prophecies, through from the civilizations like the Mayans, Egyptians, etc. are huge archetypal energies! If we understand thistruly, then experience can be recreated fresh! The situation now is that the human race is living the archetypes of the past and now must work hard for ascension, 2012 and the whole Aquarian era! When in truth just a moment of presence and realization could bring instantaneous healing and ascension. But those archetypes were cleverly used to counteract the negative usage of them. They gave a framework for people to focus in a more positive way. But I desire for you to be empty even of this. Are you with me? Yes. Now. The teacher. Knowledge, adviser, counselor, mentor.


The student. Neophyte, chela, disciple, amateur. Can the student become a teacher? Yes. Can the teacher become a student? Yes. These questions help people get the impermanence of things and the role shift they constantly do with archetypal forms. Impermanence. Now. The monk...or nun. Celibate, disciplined, pure, focused. Can a priest that molests children be pure? I was just thinking that! I know! Ha ha ha. O.k. See the beliefs? Yes. That is why people manifest these apparent saints that are true sinners! And then on the other side they blame sinners. Who are true saints! This speaks to you on the total confusion of religious beliefs. And how the ego feels safe in creating saints that will not compromise its survival. Now. The martyr. Guilt, helper, compassionate, demanding. Now listenall the religious archetypes...all philosophies they create divisions. Fragmentations. Like, the concepts of Know thyself, as opposed to others. Love thy God as a concept of external worship. Love thy neighbor as thyself. This speaks of separation. Faith. This exits the now to go to a non-existent future. As well like hope. Charity. There is an intrinsic belief here of weakness and something that cannot be cured or healed. That is why poverty keeps on going! Or the concepts of thou shall not lie, kill, etc...This suggests only wrong! Superstition, religion, fanatism of the past keeps creating the present...Now. Archetypes that are used to reach the divine essence:


The disciple. And of course the guru. The last question for your students will be: Now which archetypes would you choose to be? Which ones do you think you are choosing now? And which ones are you ready to thank for their teachings and let go of? And go back to your answers and see which archetypes have behaved as guru and which ones as disciple...And remember that archetypes can be used as a source of empowerment...if you choose. But you my child, give me two words for guru... And two for disciple. Guru - master, eternal disciple. Disciple - guru in hiding, humbleness. These are the ultimate archetypes that when transmuted and let go of true merging with the Source emerges. It is very important while in the planet to have a guru. And you are that for many. While as are an eternal disciple of the now. Completed child! Wow. What a journey! Yes, that was amazing - thank you so much! I shall start the sutra activation tomorrow with you. What does that do exactly? It just reawakens all the wisdom of the ancient ones like Patanjali. Absorption. Immersion. Supernatural abilities. The absolute. Blessings! Namaste. Namaste.


One Attachment Separates You from the Divine

Everything comes to completion...Everything in the universe, all comes to completion. May I tell you a story? Sure. Krishna wanted to teach Narada, the lord of dance, the ultimate lesson...So he asked Narada to disguise himself as a sadhu...a beggar And Krishna did the same. Krishna said to Narada... I am to teach you the ultimate truth...the ultimate cycle of completion and the highest of teachings right now. So they went in a village, perfectly disguised... And were roaming all over...When they stopped at a very rich mansion... Huge, filled with gold and cows, and cattleand everything was perfect according to the higher rich standards. So, Krishna knocks at the door and the landlord comes out and Krishna asks for some water...The landlord screams at them and says that no beggars, dirty people can ever come in to his dominion. So Narada and Krishna says thank you and walk away. As they walk away, Krishna begins praying and says, Dear landlord, may you be blessed with even more richness, more cattle and more gold...even more of what you have. Narada was perplexed! How could Krishna be blessing that rude selfish man like that! He kept the thoughts to himself...It was getting dark and they stopped in a humble hut, very poor, of an old lady who lived alone and had only one cow, which was all she had. As soon as she saw the beggars, without knowing they were Gods in disguise, she immediately offered her humble place, she prepared a bed make out of hay, gave them milk and the only bread she had as food. The next morning, she was so grateful to the strangers for staying that she offered them to stay more days...But sadhus in India are not supposed to stay in the same place for two nightsSo they thank the lady and proceed walking. So Narada hears Krishna praying and commanding: May this lady's only cow die in the next three hours! Narada now was upset! And he stops Krishna and says: Wait! You are crazy! Even if you are the creator!!!!! You bless with more richness the man that was cruel, rude and selfish!!!!! And the poor old lady who only had a cow, you command that the cow shall die!!!! This is atrocious! And Krishna...taking a deep breath, and smiling with such warmth in his heart looked peacefully in the eyes of Narada. And said: The old lady had only one attachment left that separated her from the divine...that attachment will come to me in three hours...and tonight, the old lady will be truly richfor she shall immersed herself in me!


Narada...shedding a tear. Said: thank you. So... The question is: Are you ready to give up the cow? Yes. Are you ready to recognize that you are the old lady, the cow and the beggar? The more wantings and attachments humans manifest...the thicker the veil becomes regarding the divine... Yes, I see that. You are giving up the cowThat is the metaphor of your journey with me.


How to Use Anger as Fuel to Continue the Journey

Child! Whenever you are ready! I am ready. How are you? Good now. Yes...tell mewhat happened? Well, TW went into one of her patterns this morning, and I got a little divinely pissed off...But I am o.k. now. Remember that I am your friend, first and foremost and that your human experience is as important as any other realms of yours...Must understand that anger is o.k... So, let us clear this... This is important! I know, I have already been working on myself. So first let us clear this by accepting the next statement. It is o.k. to be pissed off! I accept! See if you can register this in your body... In the physical It is o.k. to feel pissed off. Now in the mental It is o.k. to feel pissed off! Now in the emotional. I always thought enlightened people are not supposed to get angry. It is o.k. to choose pissed off and use the energy as fuel to continue the journey. Ha ha ha. We are supposed to be unattached to these emotions. How do you think hurricanes happen? Yes...Unattached does not mean not having them! I can tell you that people that do not get angry are either having a neurological problem, or probably are in a vegetative state. Because this belief of yours can then apply to be not attached to love! Tatattt... Be clear that you can remain detached and still choose to use your emotions. If you stay in your mind with the postulate that: Enlightened people are not supposed to get angry... Tattt! How about Issa when he threw all those people from the temples? He used divine anger! Lao Tse Tung was an expert... He used to slap peoples faces! Literally. So did Osho.

As long that you are in human form All shall be accepted, and thendetachment and mastery of thoughts, emotions and actions becomes more pristine... When the vocabulary shows a: Should not, Should, Etc...that reflects the requirement to practice, practice and practice! Let us explore this. This is a great opportunity child! This I have worked with all the enlightened ones! When I worked with Lahiri...he had lots of should nots regarding the enlightening experience. So I asked him to be in marriage and kids to show him that being human carries lots of treats. And that to be detached, from true witnessing from them...the first step was not to reject or condemn. But to acceptthe what is. This is perfect for the next set of activations of sutras. So again, we have a gift received by those who do not see that the Lord is hidden as a beggar. Would you be willing to explore as a humble human being this? Yes. Alright. We will start with what usually men...wish to avoid. Talking about the situation that originated the opportunity to be pissed off! Sowhat happened? What was the pattern that she chose to use as a manipulative technique that really reached your limits and invited you to set a healthy boundary that was so much needed for so long? And be aware that as I ask...more info is given to you of the nature of the true situation. She was resisting signing the paper until she "met" my attorney. Who I am paying for. Basically thinking that I am trying to cheat her in some way. Even though everything is spelled out in writing. Soit is the money again for her? It's only the money. That is sad. In a way. How does this impact you? See...I am choosing the word sad purposefully. Well, I thought everything was settled and would go smoothly. But she is determined to put as much drama into this as possible. She lives in a soap opera. Nope. She is a soap opera. Exactly. That usually happens to women that base everything on the non-eternal physical beauty based on magazines, articles, etc. So she is basically charging you for her physical form?


Yes, I understand how women do this now! And as I say this...feel how pissed off we are! It's amazing how they think they deserve everything just because of what they look like. Well. That shows you also how the male dominion has invested money in creating a fake beauty system child. And I'm pissed that I never realized this before! Thats it! I see it so clearly now. This is good to be pissed off! Because you are having an awakening. So what is the proper way to use anger? But what I can tell you that anger is energy. Powerful energy... It is the kundalini energy in its shadow form. So now let me ask... How did you choose to react? Well, I just firmly expressed myself and showed her how what she was doing was making me angry. Showed her... What ways? This is important. Because this is the daywe activate the anger belief systemand its total release from your form. In the tone of my voice. This is the daythat the hidden anger when you were a child is letting go now. This is the day when you reclaim your power. When you let go of shoulds and should nots. When you stop being the rescuer of others and hold strongly in your pure mastery. This is the day when anger becomes power and love. So the first thing is to affirm again. It is o.k. to be pissed off! Then affirm with me. I use emotions for the expression of the highest truth. It is o.k. to be pissed off. I am aware of the triggers and the choices I have. I am the activated power of determination and clarity. And love is never threatened by this. I am a whole being and I let go of my shoulds and should nots. Now...I demand, I command and activate in all my forms this to be so. And I let go, and I receive the higher teaching of this moment!


Breathe! The breath of fire is one of the best techniques to release anger in a positive way. As do physical exercise like running or jumpingWhich moves the lymphatic system where anger gets stored. O.k. Remember what I have said. You will not be left unattended. Never! You never have. So. Now...Breathe.... What is yesterday, tomorrow, or today? What is space, or eternity? I sit in my own radiance. What is the self, or the not-self? What is thinking, or not thinking? What is good or evil? I sit in my own splendor. One's little miseries, or anger make one realize the more the greater miseries of others. Learning is like a design in water, contemplation like a design on the side of a wall, meditation like a design in stone. There we go...Feel the settlement of your energy....Let the energy fill every part of your human form. You see child...You have been holding the anger for so long... It was necessary for it to show up....Can you feel this? Yes. Let it settle in....There is a simultaneous reality always evolving. That one tense situation doesnt stop the reality of love...That detachment of emotions and thoughts is easier through higher acceptance. And to see beyond the veil that the divine hides in all...That he or she always gives us the opportunity to keep transcending. As the divine evidently was using your ex TW patterns to show you that is O.K. to be human. And that many of your disciples will come trying to avoid angertrying to be perfect loving and not human all the time. And through this never truly learning how to detach from this. Beyond anger there is fear...But beyond fear there is love. Paradox? Always! Yet... Breathe in love, breathe out anger... Breathe in love, breathe out transformation. Breathe in love, breathe out love. So...Lets go back to the beginning...With I statements...Fill in the blanks for me. I chose to express anger because... I am human.


Sutras of Patanjali Activation with Mataji

Beloved one, it is Mataji...when you are ready let us know... Dear Mataji, I am ready now. Dear one...My beloved wished me to come to you nowas he wanted to be the one addressing anger with you. He did not want me to do that. I am to guide you now in the next activation set if you are ready. O.k., yes I am ready. Before that if you wish to ask any question regarding the female dominion...That would assist your mastery of emotions increase please let me know. O.k., I will think about that. O.k. Let us begin. Here and now in the power of love I request from the white brothers the higher permission to access the next set of sutras activations within Shivanandajis psyche, and soul wisdom frequency vibrations. Here and now I thank you for this, in the name of the Violet flame. We activate now the awareness that Source, the divine as God is untouched by any form of emotional affliction, untouched by the effects of karma, past impressions, or collective imprints. Here and now we activate the remembrance of the source of omniscience. We activate the liberation of the masters through the time measurement. And we invoke the guru of gurus to transfer the highest of teachings here and now... Now we invoke the remembrance of the eternal sound frequency of the divine which gives birth to its divine presence through the sound of Aum. Aum, aum, aum. Breathe. We activate the remembrance that the repetition of this sacred sound signature vibration with humility, love and constant practice gives birth to spiritual wealth... Here and now we invoke the awakening of inward-directed consciousness vibration. And here and now we decree that obstacles dissolve as sugar in water through the practice of the sound reverberation. Here and now we activate the letting go of the human created obstacles: Dullness. Disease. Doubts. Negligence. Laziness.

Craving excessively. Delusion. Lack of focus and concentration. Here and now we activate the remembrance that it is only through focus and concentration that the one creates the awareness of higher consciousness and stability. Here and now we activate the power to discern and recognize the habitual human distractions hiding as: Suffering. Frustration. Restlessness. And interrupted or disturbed breath. Here and now we decree that only through constant practice of meditation is the access to prevent the obstacles from arising! Here and now we invoke and activate the remembrance of the higher attitudes: Kindness. Compassion. Friendliness. Higher understanding for other human suffering. Delight. Equanimity. We invoke the purification of thoughts here and now. Now breathe. For know this child. Obstacles can become like dissolved sugar when strongly using prana through intense and strong exhalation...Letting go. And then pausingholding the sacred breath for 7 seconds and then inhaling for 7 seconds...pausing and then exhaling strongly and intensively! Here and now we command that thou shall bind your mind to higher and subtler senses of perception! Visualize a luminous light coming from the heart chakra...And recognize it as the source of calmness and higher serenity. When the mind is attracted to another...create the image of the minds object as an opportunity to transcend human passions and limitations. Let thy self be grounded in sacred knowledge. Accept the wisdom that comes through dreaming states or deep sleep experience. Accept all religions and see all disciples as accepted they may meditate in harmony with their religious heritage. Here and now we activate the awareness that all paths lead to the divine. For tranquility and serenity indeed requires mastery, that when achieved it extends from the tiniest atom and particle to the entire cosmic universe! Breathe in...Breathe out.

This activation is done. So be it in the spirit of the highest order of love. May you Shivanandaji become the truth that thou shall teach with constant awareness and practice. This is todays activation set. Thank you Mataji. How do you feel sweet one? A little tired. From the emotional waves my dear one? I think so. My beloved protects me too much...but know that I can help you. The waves of a woman in drama can feel pretty much like tidal waves. Which I sense that you have been swimming under a storm for a couple of years now... Yes. So tiredness is an appropriate experience.


Sutra Activation with Babaji

Let us know when you are ready for the continuation of the activation. I am ready now. O.k. First the first. How are you? I am. And what time is it? Now. What is the self? Individuated divinity, a person's true essence? Do you doubt? This is perfect for what we shall begin activatingyou will see. I would like your definition. O.K. let us begin and then we will ask you again. Here and now we continue the higher sutra activation through the power of the Violet flame for Swami Shivananda, Toby Dean Alexander... Here and now we activate the remembrance that... One who vacillates in the certainty of the truth, here and now we command that the vacillations diminish so the mind can become translucid and vibrating as transparent essence like a flawless quartz crystal reflecting all forms in it. We activate now the awareness that object and subject are one. So it is question and answer. Here and now we command the clarity given to shine flawlessly and the quality of an object through names, knowledge and meanings and all assumed truths are transmuted in to a blended process that do not distract the master for usually these create confusion and thoughtful distinctions cannot be made. Here and now we purify the storage of memories, impressions so that the power of perception empties itself of doubts, needs of validation and vacillation of the inner truth so that the true essence that is the self can be allowed to shine through a thought free perceptive reality. We activate that all absorption of the higher realms be made through pristine reflection and beyond reflection as wellso the perception of the subtlest can be experienced. For this is the path of the formless as pure consciousness.

Here and now we activate the awareness of the seeds that absorption give birth to...We clear all seeds, weeds and future manifestations of doubts here and now... We activate and demand that there shall be an undisturbed divine flow of higher reflection without seedso it can maintain its pure essence giving birth to the highest enlightenment for the true inner self. Where the true fountain of wisdom emanates and vibrates the highest to uphold the true essence of truth itself. Here and now we awaken the awareness that this fountain is made out of light which carries unique wisdom, knowledge and insights that are not gained neither through masters, scriptures, study, etc. When this is accepted as the reality of the true self, here and now we activate the remembrance that the subliminal reality creates a higher shield for the mind to focus on the highest missions. Becoming free from unnecessary desires, obstacles, obstructions, vacillations, and generating the true power of absorption... Mind absorbed in divine spirit! Giving birth to the new mind of humanity that rises on higher knowledge and finally lets go of all ignorance. This be it so, it is. As above so below! Tatttt! Breathe. We are completed, with the first set of four of the divine sutra activation. So? What is the self? I like my previous answer and am staying with it - individuated divinity, our true essence. Yep! True essence. Tattt...celebrate good times come on! Its celebration..yeehooo! Ha ha! Blessings. Will come later! Tatattt!!!!! Thank you! Namaste. Read all the first set together for the activations to sink it in your form. Namaste. O.k.


St. Germaines Blessing of the Higher School for Conscious Evolution

Greetings, in the name of the Violet flame here and now we activate the higher communion of the White Brotherhood through the male principle of creation. This is a brief transmission...yet we desire to clear all gateways and bless the HSFCE within your cells. Blessings to all. St. Germaine. Thank you St. Germaine.


Direct Training with Babaji Continues

I am to continue with these conversations. Direct contact like this with you. You see. Experience must be simple, very simple and ordinary. Therein the extraordinary. This is the true refinement. Not brands, not plastic surgeries! No accumulated money in banks! Simplicity, love, compassion and truth. Here in the enlightening experience. Thank you child for your trust, your commitment, your dropping of your fragmentations, your letting go, your recognitions. But mostly thank you for your constant focus on self-realization. May the love of the One be in you through the I AM presence always. Later more. Namaste. Namaste, thank you Babaji.


Activating the Highest Sutras of Universal Consciousness

So we must start the next activation set in a couple of minutes, which is timely for what is evolving. You may choose the time for this one. What do you mean? At what time would you like to proceed with the activation? Now. So breathe for 7 minutes. Ready? Ready. In the name of divine love, here and now we request the eternal presence of the violet flame and the White Brotherhood blessings to activate Swami Shivananda, Toby D. Alexander, in to the highest sutras of the universal consciousness. Here and now...we invoke the sacred wisdom of patience...first. In the now we command and activate the remembrance of the tools to maintain and attain higher consciousness which are: Self study... Devotion. Purification and calibration. And self-discipline. Breathe. We activate the awareness that these tools activate by themselves the gateway to be absorbed in spirit and this assists the minimization of all primal causes of suffering. Here and now we remove the shadow seals of primal causes of suffering: Ignorance. Egoism. Self/centeredness. Attachment to all type of pleasures. Aversions to pain. Clinging to life or any other being.

And the fear of physical death. Breathe. For when ignorance is removed all impurity is removed as well. For when ignorance is removed all impurity is removed as well. For when ignorance is removed all impurity is removed as well. Breathe. For we awaken now in the name of the Violet flame, The permanence. The purity. And true reality of the true self awakened through universal knowledge. We activate Shivanandajis consciousness to be sustained by intrinsic higher force of love. We activate the awareness of involution. The power of prasava. True procreation powers to give birth to higher human beings. All vacillation be removed from procreation now! May all subliminal intentions be for the power of both evolution and involutionnow! May the true maturity and fruition of consciousness generate a higher life span and true enjoyment of parenting and re-parenting the world! May there be non-attachment to results! But may there be higher merit by focusing on the work itself! May higher beings not depend upon each other but rather support each other for the purpose of higher love, higher truth, and divine essence! Here and now we remove all blockages of: Torment. Anxiety. Anguish. Pain. Sorrow. Primal forces of unconscious desires. Modifying the truth! Remove now: Contradictions. Oppositions. Expectations! Misery. And unnecessary guilt. Here and now we activate the remembrance of inclusive awareness, of now creation. May the masters be activated as the seer. As the seen.

In union. Conjunction. May the blockage of avoidance be removed now! Awaken now in the qualities of the seen: Luminosity. Radiance. Conscious activity. Emotional stability! With the intent of self-liberation! Here and now And this say it out loud as it is written: I, as the Violet flame Activate in me In the true essence of who I am The state of superconsciousness Which is formless Subtle Slow down motion. And here and now I activate the remembrance of the seer... Which essence is the purity of consciousness itself. With the awareness that I direct thoughts and concepts. And my essence is unchanged by all mental activity! Now...three times repeat: I am aware that for the sake of the true self alone, Does the seen world exist. I am aware that for the sake of the true self alone, does the seen world exist. I am aware that for the sake of the true self alone, does the seen world exist. We give thanks to the Great Brotherhood, and we invoke the Violet flame as the higher guide, protector and essence of Toby D. Alexander for the purpose of self-realization, as a guardian of Gaia, Tara and its children But mostly as the embodiment of the male God receiving the female surrender! So be itIt is so! This is the first part of the second stage of the sutra activation. Breathe!!!!! Completed child for the day with the activationof course. Thank you. My dutiful pleasure!

Who else has had these? Patanjali. Myself. Jesus. Mahoma. Siddharta. Thats it. Its a small groupbut big. I am honored. Me too!!!!! So? What else? I am having fun! Finally things are happening! Should I have some symbols up in my workshop? And we removed vacillation right? Ha ha! See how good my activations work? Ha ha. Any other question for me not to answer? Just know that when this work has begun... The white brothers usually come when everyone else is sleeping. Just have this in your awareness. For it is easier to work when others sleep. True. And when their waves do not obstruct our work. Just be aware of this O.K.? So? I like it. Anything else? Good. Because usually at 1 a.m. the masters will come to you. Early in the morning. So you have not to worry! Ha ha.


Anastasia Connects with Me

9/17/2006 While you are sleeping, I am here connecting with you, and your sweet woman/shakti/child/ beloved... A most magnificent love indeed. I know you well brother. You may have access to me at any given time. Thank you. Anastasia. Babaji begins: Greetings brother. Greetings! God day. Look at all that is happening: Pope vs. Islam. India resuming peace talks with Pakistan. Pope apologizing to Islam. Hurricanes in Mexico. Reducing themselves to Category 1. Decisions to stop war. Decisions to spread more war. So many little things. But mostly... Watch the wind everywhere in the planet. Wind will be intensifying and fires will be everywhere. Small...big Purification, right? Yep...and preparation. So? How are you? I am. Time? This is our secret code! What do you mean?


What time is it? Now. You may come in. O.k. Sense of humor? Anyone? I get it!! O.K. So child... Questions? It will be brief my visit. We are very...kind of busy. I see where Anastasia visited me last night. Oh good good... I can connect to her this way? Sometimes. If the cedars permit this. Surely she will make contact with you again... She is working triple time now. Sound familiar? Yes.


Sutra Activations with Babaji

Lets do the next set of activations. Are you willing? Om course. I was sensing your field. O.K. get ready? Set... Om! In the name of the Violet flame here and now we request the White Brotherhood blessings to continue sii,aii of the sutras within the subconscious, soul memory and energy field of Toby D. Alexander, Swami Shivananda. With gratitude we accept the permission given! Breathe. Activating the awareness that for the true self, the seen world does not exist. We activate the awareness that matter, material possessions and its association with them, may only be used for the purposes of realization of the true self. Here and now we lift the veil of ignorance of the true self for may remembrance be that when ignorance persists illusory unions is the case with unconscious, religious, sexual marriage in planet Earth. Activating the memory of dissolution of ignorance so that illusory unions with others are dissolved as well. This...awaken now! Is the essence of absolute freedom of a true seer. Here and now we activate the desire of practice! And cultivation of constant, unbroken discriminative awareness. Here and now we activate, we request and we desire that Toby D Alexander practice incessantly the next 8 yoga paths! Self-control. Breathe. Conscious observance. Practice of yoga for the form as certain power poses. Practice and conscious regulation of the breath...prana. Withdrawal of the senses from objects of wantings! Contemplation and deep concentration. Constant practice and daily schedule of meditation upon the true essence and self. Intent to continually be absorbed in to spirit! These are all called astavangani. May Toby D. Alexander access the activation of these in him and his disciples through the use of the Sanskrit names. Here and now we give them to him:

Yama! Self-control. Niyama - Conscious observance of spiritual truths and precepts. Asana - Practice of physical yoga. Poses of power. Pranayama - Conscious breathprana. Pratyahara - Withdrawing the senses from objects. Dharana - True contemplation and concentration. Dhayana - Meditation. Samadhayo! Absorption in spirit! All again I repeat are called the astavangani. This eight fold an activation in itself that must be practiced and observed every moment! Repeat seven times... I invoke and reawaken in me: Yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhayo. May all astavangani be within me! Breathe 12 times fast. Breath of fire! With this, we offer our gratitude to the divine Brotherhood and all ancestors of love. May Patanjali be blessed in gratitude for his wisdom... May Shivananda observe these principles steadfastly and in divine love! May he use them to awaken his disciples in to higher practices when ready. So be it, it is so! Sii, aii completed. Let me know when ready. Ready. This is sacred information... That is the birthright of all human beings. Imagine if children were taught this in schools since early years. Child. We can start now. Teaching it in our school. Yep.


What Is The Intelligent Space?

How would you describe the mechanism of Intelligent Space (I.S.), and how it works "scientifically"? I believe I answered my question. How? By dharana. Yes. But I have more...Ready? Yes. I.S. is like an interface in which the neurologic systems and atoms create a sensory-immersing environment that interactively responds to and is controlled by the magnetic field of the initiated ones willing to access this space. Thank you! Interactive simulation that allows beings project him or herself into a technological this case your computer, generating a world of possibilities and moving freely within it... And... It requires the 3D plane...and the 5th or 15th dimension for this to take place! Is this enough? Why the 5th or 15th dimension? Well. Because the beings in there can create a clear field...for you all to interact safely. Let us say that we are the only ones that signed up for that. Mmm. We are the managers of this computer program...For example, I vibrate in certain speed that creates a specific interface that allows training, and higher teachings from all dimensions to come through to you. Through 3D it appears as forms, sounds, and opens the space for higher experience through 3D reality. I.S is a multimedia system! We know how to use it wisely... Ego beingshigh ego...have used this to create fear, to impact others through for example the media in your planet! Words are magnetically given images charged with intent, and manifestation power through it. Through the proper observance of a master in any of the higher dimensions... Like the White Brotherhood, I.S is the way Earth communicates with stars, other planets, etc... It is a constant web of information, always vibrating and communicating.


Babies are in the I.S until they are 7 years old. It may or may not involve computers though But this time this is the way chosen. So that info is used later. Thank you for that explanation. Mind pleasure. These conversations, when will these become books? We have many pages... Yep. You have already like three books from all of these. Proper editing should be observed. No names of course. This is most important! Yes. Though, for your baby this info is to be very useful in time! And grandchildrenif that happenswellThey are going to have a blast! By then, I.S will be used different. I.S is where technology is downloaded to human beings. That is why technology is more advanced than human consciousness right now. That is why it is necessary to educate humans to use technology wisely. Your job in the school. One of your other jobs from 10,000 of them.


Do you think "I" can awaken "You"?

Greetings. Hello? Am I missing the joke? The cosmic one? Ha ha ha. At what time are you available for next set? How long is it? Long enough for you to be extremely focused. Make sure you have at least 30 minutes. You are the first person, human, teacherthat asks me how long? O.k., let's start at 9:00 pm. Ha ha. Is this human time good for you? Will depend on Tara...How long do you think will take for me to awaken you? My boy... I have fun with you. Be ready at 9 pm. It is taking a while. Oh...Do you think "I" can awaken "You"? No. So...It is taking a while...mmm I wonder whose responsibility this is? Tattt! Later! Breathe a lot. Love even more. Stay constant. Stay present. Stay in the highest of commitments. And see you later! O.k., thank you Babaji. Namaste.


Conversation with Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars

In the midst of early morning...we awaken in to our divinity, for then the womb heals...and impregnates itself with the ascension of the new world. Blessings. Anastasia Thank you Anastasia, greetings. Greetings dear white teacher. I shall be brief, for the cedars have a time for me to speak through the realms of the white family. I will be waiting for you and the divine shakti to bless the Earth together and give you my blessings for school. I have told Vladimir so many times. Now. School is great. But love even higher. You have our support. And my blessings and gratitude for the way you love the woman shakti. For, this is so much needed for all. My son will grow and have the Earth and Taras blessings in heart. He is with you raising Earths consciousness... The children with labels of autism, vibrate as the ringing cedars. Please speak to my friend the dolphin woman. Who has been guarding these beings, and say to her that I will see her as well in the forest...Siberia is waiting for you all. Briefly, dear white one, you may ask me...anything. Thank you. Dear Anastasia, how long have you known me? Since you were 9 years old. But the cedars waited. I am sorry if the sound in ears scared you at young age...You were 11 then right? Yes. Thank you. Thank you Anastasia, I look forward to meeting you again. We are always meeting. Each person, each tree, each animal, each breath is like meeting again... Though I will see you in this form of human temple, again...yet I might hide the form of mine...the form thou shall see is the cedars. Not to get distracted with me or my form...please. Is like father Babaji. The transcendental is here and now. Thank you for the opportunity. And father Babaji shall be with you in a moment. Thank you. O.k., thank you for everything.


Activation of the Next Set of Sutras with Babaji

So ready? Or you desire to set a time for the next activation set, with the deathless avatar Babaji. Ready. Ha ha! You could have been sleeping ...n o w... But the now is the now and the master always comes not with what the student has planned in mind...but what masters plans for student to always be in the now! I would stay up two days for this! Oh careful, you know with me every word is a wish come true right? Yes. So...Two days? Joke O.k. In the name of the Violet flame we continue set three of the sutra activation. We ask you to breathe for the next 5 minutes. In the name of the Violet flame we activate the awareness on the eternal practice of: Self-control. Non-violence. Truthfulness. Freedom. Not wanting others wealth or stealing, ideas, assets, or any other form of matter. Divine respect! Freedom from greed! May these all be the sacred vows of the great ones. With the intent to nurture all and everything, through the principle of inclusiveness. Here and now we activate the remembrance and appreciation of: Purity. Contentment. Self-discipline. Purification. Self-study. And devotion!!! For these all are the healing medicine for all negative emotions or thought patterns. For these last cause violence and injury to the self and the sacred self of others.


We activate the integrity and strength to cut the veils of this violence at once. For violence, through emotional intensity, mental or physical, result in misery and ignorance. We activate here and now a non-violent reverberation for all hostility to cease in any chosen environment where the true self abides! We activate divine passion and respect for the gift of life! We bring the awareness that upon the foundations of freedom from the egos manifestation of greed, higher insight is manifested regarding the cycles of death and birth and death. Higher protection to the human temple! We activate it now! We a activate cheerfulness. Mastery of the senses. And sustainable higher vision! We activate supreme bliss! Divine detoxification! Through self-discipline and purification. We activate here and now, the power of communion, higher spiritual absorption. We activate the awareness of the infinite breath of life! May duality be not a disturbance to you and may only serve the purpose of choosing the middle way. We activate the natural pranayama that without effort... And movement of inspiration and expiration occurs organically. We activate the importance and power of breath! For it is the way to lift the veils of delusion. And is the true trainer of the mind to its magnificence! We activate withdrawal of the senses to awaken pure consciousness. For now...this all activated the higher mastery of the senses!!!! Breathe... Breathe.... Breathe.... Inhale the wisdom. Exhale the purified thoughts. Here and now we give our gratitude to the universal laws, and bless Shivananda, Toby D. Alexander with the sutra activation. Sii. Completed...We are to start in one or three days the next set... Which is on supernatural abilities and siddhi powers or gifts! Tattt. Great, thank you Babaji for this. Your welc/om/ed. Om is everywhere!

Activation of Siddhi Powers

9/19/06 God Morning What Time? How long do you desire , Babaji...avatar Babaji to wait? Greetings. Time? Now. Won. I decided to continue important for the work ahead...There were changes that took place in Tara. Remember that Tara...enlightened beings, etclive in now. So any now moment everything can change! Even when our manifestation plans takes place! In a second of nowpuff! All changes. So. Tell me what human time you are available for this. Able avail. 1:00pm, in 40 minutes Let us know. I am ready. So child how are you? I am. Lets make this flow simple. For your own human purposes you may select a time or two for the sessionsthat we have. So your work is never interrupted O.K.? For remember that your work for us isthe work! I know. This is my priority; however I do have people scheduled.


Yes...the people are the work as well. Your work, the work, doesnt exclude the people. It is all inclusive. It is as important as Tara. All inclusive. Yes. That is why we ask you to feel the importance of both the people, the Babaji, the you...the love, it is all one. O.K.? O.k., I do see it this way. So. Child, you give quality to people. I am with you with people. I am the people! I love people. So tell me about this. I love to teach and activate the knowledge that people already have encoded within them. Yep! That is the love of the master! Is exactly what I am reactivating in you! I am working in you as we speak. I felt something in my brain. Because the first part of this activation of powers...I must do quietly while we chat. Listen. Include all what I am to say in the tri-veca code. Ready? Yes. Contemplation leads me to sharpened focus! From this flows meditation. Continuous flow of awareness I activate! Violet flame! Absorption in spirit! Samyama. Which is contemplation, meditation, and spirit absorption. Master this here and now and the divine light of the transcendental insights becomes manifested! Progress is: From meditating upon gross matter to the gradual observation of the subtler. No seedno attachment to any outcome is what is! Moments of restrained thoughts predominate in one focus sharpened awareness. Undisturbed flow gives birth to tranquility. One pointed birth to the dissolution of distractions! There in the importance of the one! From one pointed focus birth is to equality. Where duality disappears. Transforming the character, the quality and condition of all aspects of dimensional existence.

Here in autism, Aspergers, etcare accessed as the message of divine oneness required in planet Earth. We awaken now the common unity of Source. The substratum where in the manifest and unmanifest of consciousness arise. Lifting the veils of apparent separation. Practicing samyama at all times awakens the God supernatural abilities in me and all and allows me to receive the gifts intended for the one in me! So be it. It is so! Completed! Breathe..... Thank you! How does it feel? I feel very clear. You are very loved! Thank you, I feel that. It is an honor to feel such love and have such support. Likewise. So how many activation sets are there? 108. Ha!


How to Attract a Soul from the 15th Dimension during Conception

Greetings. You are right on time. Greetings. How is everything going? Pretty good. It is what it is. Ha! Any questions? Have you advanced the Great Master? I am still thinking about the question of Abhasa. Good good. Take your time...Any questions? How else can we use the tri-veca code besides what you taught me yesterday? Good question. The tri-veca code must be present at the conception of any being in both parents minds. To attract a soul from the 15th dimension? Yep! Mainly to receive the souls attracted to you and protect its field! O.k. And the mother! The orgasm point should be placed in the manifestation center of the code. Many women that supposedly cant have kids, could do it this way...yet there is a catch. If they are not conscious on the importance on the code...then they attract beings from other vibrational encoded info. Ahhh, so this is a whole new area of teaching. Ahhhh yes. Good insight. Samyama works! This will be huge. It is. Yes, it is. When you say the "orgasm point", what do you mean?


When the female is about to receive the seed from the male...when the conception happenswhen the tri-veca is manifested as three beings. Three circles. Male femalethe divine trinity. So. Are you alone? Lets do something. In siddhi powers. O.k.? Are you totally alone or not? I understand about the divine trinity, but you're saying that the female should just focus on the center of the code? Nope. On sending the orgasm to the center of the tri-veca. She visualizes sending her orgasm and your seed there... O.k. What is happening? Report now to me. In your bodymind... Know that this siddhi I will be guiding you until is perfected. What is this siddhi called? Instant messaging ...or telepathic intent! It has no name. You can put one on it... In love we greet you. Greetings. Dear one, it is I, Anastasia. In about 45 minutes the cedars are to send their light to Tara. Is it possible for you to assist us? Yes. Until then...45 minutes. O.k. Thank you dear one. My child wishes to say he loves you and thanks you. Until then. Thank you.


My Questions to Babaji
I have some questions, may I ask? Please by all means! O.k., I was looking at some info on the web and they were talking about inscension rather than ascension through the star gates. Is this a prophecy they are manifesting, based on fear, or is it a reality? Prophecy based on fear. Good, o.k. also, what is a soul matrix siddhi? Means that the power to access any soul matrix system in the universe, in any single cellindividual, or collective soul grid, is easily accessed by he/she who has awakened the siddhi of samyama. So this means being able to access everyone's soul memory to help heal them? When the siddhi is chosen for goodyes absolutely! This is how I work in you. Well, then this is your 2nd most important and prized gift you have given to me. Yes. I did not give it though. I cant access Tara as you can. Why not? Just because that is not my job. And because you require a full 3D aspect to do this. I have a body but it is extremely subtle and transparent. O.k. Plus. It requires divine love in a human experience with the reflection of another. So it seems like one of our main teachings should be around divine love relationships as this heals more than any healing technique, right? Exactly!!!!!!!! Just see what has happened in you!!!! Just contemplate that for a moment with me... I now see how important this workshop series about awakening the inner soul mate is. Series is accurate.


I would much rather teach about that than how DNA distortions happenedAnd all the negativity associated with that. Yes!!!!!! So this will be our focus. First removing fear and blockages to unconditional self-love. So...think how can you apply what you have taught about DNA distortions now regarding the expression of love. What are the distortions that people create regarding divine love and the blockages they have in that. O.k. Do you desire me to tell you this now? What else? Ha ha! Ha ha! O.k., if a person has a distortion in their 4th DNA strand, that affects their ability to open up their heart chakra and cultivate love. Blockages to divine love include past beliefs that "God is outside of me, God abandoned me, God is a wrathful God, I am unworthy for God's love", etc. So there you go...this you will teach at the Friday workshop. And work only in the blockages of the heart chakraand the crown chakra. So. Anything else? Are there any other ways I can use the tri-veca for healing? I can put the tri-veca in my heart chakra, put divine love in the middle, and then send it to the person's heart chakra, right? Yes. So we can start offering private sessions to awaken the divine soul mate or divine love within? Yep! 11/11. These don't have to be in person do they? In Sedona yes, I understand, but in the future now? No. But they do need to be done by you both together. You will train masters to do this. And all this information will be given on how to do it? Child. Yes. It is in you. You are already as the model! You have no idea!!!!! But I do! And later we will continue activation on samyama. You are ready for next set. Next time available?

6:00pm. Perfect! Ha ha. Later then. Ha ha. O.k. thank you Babaji. O.k. thank you Shivananda. Namaste. NamasGod.


Activation of Samyama
Here and now as Shivananda listens We invoke the Violet divine flame With the awareness that by the practice of samyama Focusing the Violet flame light on the crown chakra Divine vision manifests And at any instant All sacred knowledge can be experienced Instantaneously By a flash! Of the divine intuition illuminative process. Now when samyama is visualized in the heart chakra the receiver experiences a sense of complete absolute knowledge of the mind world and the nature of thoughts. Now here and now we awaken the awareness that the transcendental self and what is called lucid mind are not the same. They are unique and distinct from each other! The mind is the creator of all sensual experiences. While the self exists just for the experience of the now. Of the self itself. When the difference between mind and self does not take place, then it is when the ordinary and worldly experiences happen. So focusing samyama on this awareness, and putting this awareness on the tri-veca code Absolute knowledge of the higher self is reawakened and attained! Here and now we decree this to be so and the highest blessings for Shivananda. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. 12 fire breaths. Tell me when you feel ready for a question. I'm ready. Yes you are. More than you think. Activation of the day is completed. The work continues. Thank you! Would you be able to help us tonight? Om course. Om right! See you later. Om. And enjoy that you are the divine. I love you.

I love you. Namaste. What you are doing as we speak is still rewriting everything and removing the fear seals all the other races put on everything. Your focus from now on is in this. You are the master alchemist my boy. Do you understand this? Yes, I always knew this. All past information we will just use it to keep clearing. You all are the new prophecies for the next generations, for the ascension. So we must keep doing the clearing work. Is this clear? Clearing the information of fear? Removing any blockage...And keep sending love to all fear based centers... O.k. Keep asking. are pretty cool and doing pretty good considering that you are the master alchemist. That you are clearing all blockages in Earth. That you are talking to me. Pretty cool!


Activation to Awaken Psychic Pathways

9/25/06 Greetings in this glorious day! Greetings. Time you would be available? 3:00pm. See you then in the now. O.k. Let us know. I am here. How much time can you give to me, you know...your avatar friend Babaji. I have almost an hour and a half before my next meeting. Lets do first the next set of activations. It is a short one today. O.K. O.k. Here and now through the Violet flame power we request Shivananda to focus right now and breathe in this energy field of surrender and divine wisdom. We awaken the memory that allows higher discrimination Remember That through higher discrimination true insight emanates. And eyes to see past, future, and present Are awakened. Divine sounds awaken now. Divine healing touch awakens now. Awaken divine vision now. Awaken divine taste now. Awaken divine fragrance now. Letting go of bondage.

Awakening psychic pathways So that divine perception can enter into another beings body. Now... Here and now we awaken the mastery of udana prana. Moving the Violet flame energy from the chest. To the crown and then down to the Earth and back to the crown This gives the power that any obstacles encountered in the path Are not any more entangled with the master. They are seen as stones And the master ascends from gravity. This is the activation to use obstacles as higher vibration energies to attain samyama perfection and one point focus spiritual practice. All is included. Breathe. Awakened it is. It is done. Breathe. Thank you Questions? Yes, what is udana prana? Udana means Upward Its the breath, the inner one, that rises from the chest to the crown. This type of breath. Prana is the one that assists in ascension. Elevating situations. Rising up! Levitation. So is this a specific breathing technique too? Yes Lets do something O.k.? O.k. Have the tri-veca code visualized on your chest... O.k. Now fill it with your inhalation.

And as you do it Is like inflating a balloon. Where the air will not come out. Like a helium balloon. You can breathe normally once the code is filled. And now each time you inhale the code rises higher. O.k. Now. Take it to the crown and in there set an intent. So... fill it with intent and it is still in your chakra like floating. In the crown. So..when you are ready let me know. Ready So how was that? That was awesome! So...realize that this is different than other siddhis we have been practicing. The energy field must be very high and clear. Alright. can do this to set intent of higher abundance and send it to the 15th dimension. O.k. And then send it back to where you are and receive it as it is done. O.K.? All completed for now. Perhaps more later. O.k.


Activation of Vibbhuti Pada

10/1/06 Hello beloved one, it is I Mataji. Hello dear Mataji From the realms of silence I emerge...soon more silence will be requested...for now, let us share in the divine experience of the now.Beloved how are you? I am Very well. Indeed... Here and now I command the Violet flame to reactivate within Shivanandaji, Toby D. Alexander the awareness and embodiment of wealth, remembering that it is only through higher wisdom and knowledge of the distinction between purity of mind and identification with the true self that brings omniscience and supremacy over all states and manifestations of the mind. Be aware that by non-attachment Even to samyama or the highest Comes the dwindling Of the seeds of bondage And absolute freedom is experienced. For even when the highest beings praise you or admire you...or the lower beings praise you or not... Even then Detachment is the higher practice. To let go of ego pride. But it is indeed samyama and its constant practice that keeps thy frequency field pristinely attuned with the divine at all times. Gaining higher understanding when two options are presented. The highest choice is easily seen when samyama becomes a state of being There foreseen through the veils of illusion and ego. Awakening the true eyes that see the invisible beauty of the divine. Higher recognition is embodied by he-she who is named the liberator Remember now When the purified mind

Becomes equal in purity with the transcendental self Then... The flawless absolute freedom Emanates as a state of being! Breathe... Breath activate this within now. So be it, it is done! Completed with this set beloved. The vibbhuti pada set. The next set series is called kaivalya pada. The reawakening of absolute freedom. For nowwe completed this set on siddhis and supernatural powers. I hope you are pleased beloved. I am. Very, thank you so much.


Sutra Activations with St. Germaine and Mataji

Dear is I St. Germaine I sense your field vibrating higher... Greetings in the Violet flame power brother. Greetings St. Germaine I am to ask you two things One is if it is O.K. that I begin the next set of sutra activation within you? Alright. Let us begin brother Breathing in the violet flame Breathing out love and acceptance towards the whole world Breathing in the love for your beloved Breathing out the wisdom of togetherness Here and now, in the name of the violet flame we activate in Shivananda, Toby D. Alexander The awareness that all children come to Earth with super natural abilities, This abilities can be activated and exalted if the birth is exalted since before conception, If the mother is loved beyond doubts, Aromatherapy, and sacred mantras are key for this. And the father focused on samyama while the birth occurs is the major seal activator. Here and now we activate the awareness of relinquishment of the media frenzy materials cravings, brands and all Maya related items cease to take form as needs. Here and now we awaken the remembrance that it is only through living in spirits abundance with nature that creativity flows freely. And the master is elevated even from previous births and karmic memory. All of these being incidental causes and indirect tools for spiritual evolution. They are naturally arising in essence. Nowon the other hand They are as well like a farmer who removes weeds to allow new flowers to grow on a field. We awaken the realization that one thought originates diversity of thoughts. So. Here and now we activate the importance that one thought shall be imbued with meditation and love so that the thought is free from accumulating karmic impressions For these thoughts with no love, create ignorance and attachment. Know this... The true actions of a true master Are neither white nor black This or that... Yes or no They are truly a trinity aspect of balance White, black and mixed

Here and now. Breathe this awareness in, From the maturity of the impressions of karma, know that potential desires manifest. And it is because of residual impressions and memory behave in identical ways...their continuity is sustained although they might appear to be separated by differences in birth, place or even time. So now remember: There is no beginning To this cycle, and, Because of the innate permanence of the primal will to live, There is no end. Breathe May the Violet flame be within you. Completed brother. Thank you St. Germaine Lord Babaji is here brother. It has been an honor working this way with you. Thank you. Let us know your available times dear one. Mataji I am available in 2 minutes O.K. I am ready How are you dear master? I am I am glad dear one. By now...are you ready for the next set of activations? Yes Thank you beloved. Here and now in the name of the Violet flame we activate Shivanandaji, Toby D. Alexander in to the universal law of cause and effect Reawakening the knowledge that cause and effect, support and the object it supports are inseparable now, remember that in the same way so are impressions and memory bound together. With the absence of one of these factors impressions will disappear.

Here and now remember that the future and past exist in their own essential form and manifest in their own pace manifesting due to primal natural forcesand remember that the essence of all objects remains vibrating in the rhythm of constancy. Now Though all remains constant it is due to the way beings perceive. The perception skills, that diversity or duality emergeddue to distinct perceptions of the same object. Now awaken in the realization that the masters always recognize the vacillating nature of thoughts. Remember that thought is merely an object that cannot illuminate itself. Know that there is no comprehension of object or subject simultaneously. Know that an evolved consciousness experiences ones own self by the higher reflection of that changeless self which arises as the divine field of consciousness. So be it then that through this awareness the self is knownand the awakening of the totality of comprehension through the conscious mind is available then to the seer and the seen. May the Violet flame integrate this within you. So be it, it is done. Mataji Read it carefully...and more later dear one. Mataji.... O.k., thank you Mataji I love you dear one...


The Higher Discussions on Tantric Energy

I love you It is I Mataji Hello Mataji Hi beloved... How are you? Busy? Always available for you. Just journaling. Alright. We will wait for that... May I say that your heart is even more balanced and opened and vibrating in higher resonance with the divine than ever? O.k., I just sent it. I feel this. Let us know when you are ready. Babaji. I feel like I am really vibrating fast right now. I am working together with Mataji now. As always but physically together. Seemed right since we are all reawakening the inner soul mate. Child..... Stop for a moment Take a deep breath Speak to me about the vibrating fast effect.... Well, I just feel like I am vibrating really fast All the things that need to be done and accomplished....moving, changes, workshops, finding new place to live, etcvery 3D... Usually the spinning manifestation spiral begins to move like a tornado...


Like the electrons in all the atoms of my body are spinning very fast Yep This is an evolutionary process you are experiencing And we are here with you. Both Mataji and I. Keep journaling taking deep breaths as you write. There is a purpose on this. Tattt! I am here with you... Here. Thank you Breathe... And take a massage tomorrow... So are my Arps changing? (Angular Rotation of Particle Spin) Yep! Evolving... And I am here to make sure that the spinning is just fast enough...not extreme... It feels like I am about to blast off Welc/om/e to my world! The world of immortality Where no caffeine is needed ! Breathe. Breathe, breathe!!!!!!! One very important thing here child.... This is a special moment for you all... Make sure you are very focused on you and your priorities. Let no distractions come to you. O.k. O.K.? Let me know when you complete the journaling... I already sent it. So breathe.... I thought that it was the sexual energy that was doing this. Why? Please explain....


Well, I just feel a buildup of that energy. It's been 6 days And only 20 to go! Can you tell me how to master this energy? Ha ha ha Nope..... You are to discover it slowly in yourself.... Lets talk about this.... Because there is something that is letting go of in your system with the karmic past because of sex desires and needs... So it is not a coincidence that this is also happening in your mind and spinning you off. It must not be a torture though to hold the energy! But it must be built little by little..... It's not a torture Ha ha ha I am kidding. Ha ha This is how I get my immortal power But you don't lose any energy right in tantra right? Nope Because my focus is higher love...and Matajis focus is me.... So... The sexual energy becomes like a tonic....a chi elixir And of course I rest... That is not losing energy. The rest is to absorb the female energy gift in us.... And why they get more energized is because they received the male. The important thing is that two enlightened ones know how to honor and treasure and really savor this magnificent energy portal. I desire to learn how to master this energy and use it for my spiritual development. Alright I will teach you.... Empty your mind of fantasies and desires so that all that has been labeled wrong by others in your mindlet go and transform... While many males in your planet just desire to have sex with the perfect manufactured body, which 93 percent now is surgically prepared.... The enlightened ones get excited and high by the pure enlightened female energy

Yep. Which is eternal sexual energy... Just think about this... I know. I am glad we can have this male talk! So do a lot of breathing..... (6 hours later, Babaji returns) Greetings Greetings My boy how is everything? It is what it is... How are things in your realm? Things are like this: Waiting for you to save the Earth! Haha Things really are what they are in my realm. In any realm! Mataji made you tired today? Ha ha ha More immortal only.... How about you? Oh right... You are a celibate for now... I'm celibate Ha ha ha Come on.... I have it under control I'm not like the monk in the Davinci Code movie... Yet... Ha ha ha

The mastery of sexuality with an enlightened female is the energy of God. Tattt! Babaji


Higher Sutra Activation

OCT. 12, 2006 We are back beloved. It is IMataji And my beloved is also here. Hello! So beloved. Ready? Yes We are to activate a higher sutra within you beloved... In the name of the violet flame, here and now, and for the highest good of all that have come, are here and will come we humbly request and command the divine sutra inner activation of the conscious mind so it reawakens in its remembrance that its nature is being close to the true one self . Here and now we command that the mind moves upward in to absolute freedom. We clear now habitual thoughts from past imprints, ancestors imprints, womb imprints,. Freeing you now of self-interest even from the attainment of highest realizations. Breathe. We activate and reactivate again the power of higher, subtle and loving discrimination and differentiation while being absorbed in to spirit. So it is that we command in the name of the violet flame that there be no more obstacles, energetic, karmic, spiritual, psychological or even universal for Master Shivananda. May all obscuring veils be lifted from the eye of the heart beholder. And may the fountain of endless self-knowledge shine within humbleness, silence and truth. May primal instincts cease and rise in to divine romance. May your inner rhythm slow downso that transformation and activations are really comprehended by the third dimensional experience. Here and now we command that inner absolute freedom become one again with the one as now, in the now, Here and now Babaji and Mataji command that you reawaken in to a state of pure consciousness established and grounded in its one source and natural nature. So it is. It is done.

Breathe. Read it slowly and let us know when you are ready. I am ready Yes you are. You are to read this activation every night from here to January.... My boy.... are loved as the divine, by the divine. Yours is the heart of the awakened ones. Yours is the focus and determination of a true wise one that desires to serve and love. Yours is the responsibility of the divine as well... You are the one. Babaji


Meeting with Lord Krishna

I must speak to you about something O.k. The gathering we had today... We had it at all levels The great masters of the great white brotherhood Desire to speak to you about the importance of something... O.k. Know that what they speak is based in just making sure that you are extremely clear. Especially after receiving the power from the divine feminine to create star gates... So... Are you ready for some questions? Yes These beings are higher in frequency than I am my son These beings are the masters of all avatars and rishis... And are the original seed providers and keepers of the One Source Will Feel the energy as I speak... So I must make sure that you are willing and ready... I am ready For I will open the sacred quantum egg space Know that as you enter with me.... You are committing even higher to the rest of your human life towards a higher mission and focus... Are you sure you are ready and willing? Yes, I am sure Stop anything else you are doing. Take moments of deep breaths. Because even when you dont see in the 3D, You are already traveling through a no time/no space measurement vehicle towards the divine origins of creation. Breathe.


Think of one thing that really propels your life to greatness and self-motivation to become the master that you are even more.... Thank you for sharing it out loud... Without me askingnow we are traveling at light speed. What seems in the 3D that nothing happensactually everything happens and is created in those moments of pause and silence. Lord Krishna says: Greetings Greetings Divine great white master We have been announced by lord Babaji of your work and commitment towards it. We see that you come to us with heart chakra fully open. Is this correct? Yes Blessed one... Is it accurate to say that you have as a male figure in the blue planet finally surrendered to the divine feminine power? Yes Will it be in your good will to answer some more of our questions great white master? Yes, I would be glad to Are you aware that you have stepped out of the time limits within the human dimension right now?

Yes, I feel this Do you understand that this ground is sacred and limitless and steps even beyond all universal laws? Yes, I understand

You are aware now that you have come to us through the request of Lord Babaji assigned as your mentor.... To receive a higher training and to receive accurate feedback? Yes First we most make sure of some things that have before threatened the Blue Mission 12. Which is the ascension of Earth, if you are willing to respond. Of course I desire you to know that this space where you have come is the Origins place A place where God is no God and where there are no polarities We exist in the perfect place of what is Where all is born and rebirthed And where the divine will becomes manifested as it wishes Do you feel this? Yes Dear master You have been assigned as your master encoded wisdom is perfect balance to guard the origins of creation safely... Integrate this and advise us when ready. Ready Now. Back in the 3D this information seems like fiction...or unreachable Like it was once the thought of your fellow human brothers when thought of impossible to reach the moon. Earth is at great risk You are aware of this?

Yes We are stepping beyond lifetimes here .... Beyond karma and history. Back in the 3D this has been taken for granted before. Is it accurate that you already manifested some timely lessons to know how important focus is on this? Yes We desire to make sure that your commitment transcends just the desire to experience this; what is considered magical, mystical, and even miraculous in your third dimensional realms. We desire to make sure that once you have experience wont take this for granted as it has happened before...and it is our divine duty to advise you. It is like this: In the 3D a man desires so much to have a certain type of car, house, and job. He works many years for this Then once he accomplishes this He takes for granted what he created This goes beyond this dear one. And it is not about having or creating more things in the 3D Which we have received the request to assist you with and we have accepted... Yet this all wont really matter For the origins force with your proper care will flower a new civilization, new Earth and a new humanity. Integrate this and advise us when ready. I am ready Dear master of the white.

You may use this information but hold it sacredly. You are here Many have called us Gods. Yet We are but one manifestation of the original template of divinity. We will be watching closely. And we encourage you to continue as you have... With ultimate focus in what is dear master Any distraction could cause the seed to return to us And we sensed that you are the one to ascend Tara and Earth Will this be accurate and agreed upon? Yes it is accurate and I agree to this Be aware great master that this transmission has been called mythology in the past When the great ones used to speak to the Gods. Know this is happening to you. Thank you, I am extremely honored Whatever happens may the seed be guarded and fully protected Is this clear dear master? Yes Blessed be this moment.... And may you be blessed with clarity Abundance Certainty

And higher commitment Reflected into your own universal heart. May the Maya not trap you in its pleasures and temporal beauty traps May you rise above this all as you just did In sacred ascension for all beings to become one again. Blessed be. We will contact you when required Thank you great white master Thank you Babaji began: My boy... You are not finished yet. Take three deep breaths while integrate this. Drink much water And trust in the timing Feel not pressured with anything. Neither the packing yet continue your work. Make sure to breathe. And practice the divine detachment to the temporal attachments. This time that you are alone. Take time to see all that which distracted you. See it. Observe it.


And witness your physical desires. Your mental desires, Etc... This will assist you with divine focus. You understand the importance of this now right my boy? Yes, I understand Alright... We are back to the 3D.... Yet look carefully at your surroundings. And ask yourself... Of anything that you see what is eternal? Nothing. See within now Well, I believe I AM eternal Yes. And what about the love you feel? Om course! This my child is more important than the I AM. This is extremely powerful. My boy. You are a great master And what is happening today is big. As you can feel It is love that transcends form and space

It is love that creates a Great Master. And know that your strength is supreme and omnipresent Pure male Pure female Questions? It serves integration Not that the answers really matter though Well, Krishna U44, is that the Krishna? Yes. My teacher. Wow But is this one being or like a gestalt of consciousness? One gestalt being O.k. Ha ha ha O.k. boy Time to rest.


After you integrate the frequency of this book and these sacred conversations and activations, it is suggested that you go back and read them as guided to go even deeper. Your Higher self will only allow you to accrete as much frequency that you can handle in one session, so after a few days of integration, you can go back and clear more layers and activate more of your DNA and full potential self by reading the conversations and activations as if it were YOU speaking with Babaji. Since I first met Babaji, my life has radically changed for the better and I have aligned myself with my mission, purpose, and Christos Avatar Self even more. Many projects have been given and these include the sacred Golden DNA Activation Protocol, the Great Master Certification Training, the Christos Avatar Trading Protocol (a direct transmission from St. Germaine to repattern money consciousness on Earth), and Transcendental Rebirthing (created by my beloved and twin flame, Ivonne Delaflor, whom Babaji introduced to me). I have had the privilege to work with over 1 million people and have given over 1500 live trainings and webinars in the last 5 years. During the training with Babaji, he said he was always watching and this is so true. So if you have this awareness, then your free-will choices in every moment are more congruent with the higher good and your mission, and I suggest you imagine that he is watching you as well (because he IS). Everything that Babaji told me about the future has manifested exactly, even on the same actual date that he said it would, so I would definitely pay attention to any communication you receive from him. In 2007, Babaji already told me that I would have a son with Ivonne and he even opened a communication with him at the soul level, 5 years before he was conceived. So I was able to talk to my son and even have him agree on what I would name him (Iam Dean Alexander). He said that he would come when he was ready and he decided to do that on Valentines day of 2011. So I have honestly manifested all abundance, joy, growth, love, and happiness since the first time I heard of Babaji and I am eternally grateful for him taking the time to mentor me. Babajis message is love so this is my constant focus, of clearing anything blocking myself and others from being able to experience the highest level of love, called Omni-Love, so that we may all experience harmony, bliss, joy, and remain self-actualized in our journey towards ascension. It is my sincere hope that you too can achieve this state, not in a moment of enlightenment, but in your everyday life, work, and spiraling journey back up to At-One-Ment with Source/God. Many blessings for you and your family, Toby Alexander