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Become a Success

Become a Success

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Published by Bryan Hartley
Become a Success, written by Bryan Hartley, Waycross College Athletic Director
Become a Success, written by Bryan Hartley, Waycross College Athletic Director

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Published by: Bryan Hartley on May 11, 2009
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Waycross College

What does it take to become a success?
Success is not found in “arriving”, but in constantly pursuing new goals and facing new challenges with all your heart, mind, and soul. If you look at “achievement” as your objective, you will be looking, thinking, and taking action at a higher level toward success. Here’s a helpful success formula:

Healthy body + mental peace + focus + action + “help” + love of what you do = achievement
• Healthy body. Overweight means over burdened, and many people are. Your eating choices and your exercise choices are critical to your total strength. When you combine physical strength with mental strength, it becomes achievement strength. Winning strength. • Mental Peace. Worry and stress are the cause of illness and failure. They occupy the mental space that should be full of ideas and calls to action. All thoughts and thinking are choices. Choose positive. • Focus. Your mental drive and vision to study, make plans, take action, and stay the course. It’s eye AND mind AND being AND body focused on the prize. Focus is thought based on outcome. Whether good or bad, your focus will determine your results. • Take action. Nothing happens unless and until you decide to MAKE it happen. Action can be planned, re-action, or spontaneous. Action requires risk and risk tolerance. The more risk tolerance you have, the more action you will take. Fear of rejection prevents action.
• Help. All successful people have had help along their path of success. There is a true statement that says “When the

student is ready a teacher will appear”. We must be open to receiving help and be observant for the teachers in our lives that are ready and willing to assist in our success. These “helps” will get you there faster – but don’t overlook the biggest help – help yourself. Each time you do something for yourself, it builds your wealth of experience, your wealth of knowledge, your valuable reputation, and your character. Even in situations where you didn’t win, you have learned what not to do next time.
• Love of what you do. Think about your biggest achievements. My bet is that those achievements were tied to your

passion. Love of what you do is critical to achieving anything. This one element will help you double your success. Achievement requires action. Even if you win the lottery, you had to take the action to buy a ticket. Achievement is improvement (getting from good to better), and achievement is completion (getting it done). Everyone measures it their own way.

Bryan Hartley Waycross College Recruiter / Athletic Coordinator 912-449-7594 Email: bhartley@waycross.edu

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