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The Millionaire Mindset

The Millionaire Mindset

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Having got that over and done with, I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this book. It is my sincerest desire that you gain insight into the mindset necessary to make it in not just business but life in general:).

Mary K Gill http://www.millionairemindsetonline.com/



It is a sad fact that the greatest percentage of people will by the time they retire, be either broke and living on a pension, or struggling to get by on Superannuation funds which at today's rate of inflation will be entirely inadequate. It is not that these people are lazy, drunks, gamblers or drop-outs. The greater majority will have worked hard all their lives, saved, paid off mortgages, sent their kids to school and lived perfectly good solid lives. In fact, many would say they are the salt of the earth but they never achieve their full potential. They may dream about having that 'millionaire lifestyle', the big houses, cars, yachts. They dream of being able to take off to exotic far away places, sipping Pina Colados whilst the palm trees sway in the soft tropical breeze. But it always remains a dream, a fantasy, which only the 'rich lucky people' of this world can enjoy. What is it then which sets those lucky enough to enjoy the dream lifestyle apart? Is it really luck? Is it that they are born with a silver spoon in their mouths? Or is the dream lifestyle something which everyone can achieve? The answers to these questions are NO, NO and a resounding YES! Did you know that, putting all the money in the world into one big pot and sharing evenly between every single person on this planet everyone would be a Millionaire? In fact each person would have around one and a half millionaire dollars each! Now that really is something to think about isn't it? It is not that there isn't enough money in this world to go around, though it may seem that way when you are struggling to pay the bills and the

kids college fees are due. Then there's the mortgage, car repayments, I am sure you can list a few more too. But the truth is that there is enough money and more for everyone! So why is it that only a 'chosen few' seem to able to rise above the greatest percentage of the population and create an abundant lifestyle while everyone else just dreams about what it would be like to be rich! The answer to this is that those who make it rich all have one thing in common – MINDSET! It isn't rocket science really. Most of the seriously rich people didn't start life with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths. They didn't have a rich aunt or uncle who died, conveniently leaving them a few millions in their Wills. And no, it isn't that Lady Luck smiled more benignly on them than the rest of the population. Nor did they hit the jackpot on the pokies or the lotteries. It is that they had BELIEF in themselves! They believed that they and they alone could achieve whatever they wanted too in life. Speak to any person who has 'made it' to the top of the tree, it doesn't matter what profession or area of business they are in, they will all have one thing in common, a burning passionate desire to be the very best, to reach the top of the mountain. And they also have the BELIEF in themselves that they can and will make it to the top. They started just like most of you have, at the bottom struggling to create a successful lifestyle. They too have had a J.O.B. "just over broke". But they had the MINDSET to rise above every single obstacle which they encountered. As I said before, it is that burning passion to succeed which has enabled them to rise to the top. Not luck, nor anything else. Sheer burning

passion and the MINDSET, yes that word again, is what sets them apart. Mindset is not something which anyone can buy but it is something which anyone who has a burning passion to succeed can acquire! Those two words burning passion are the key words! Without that you may as well continue on with your J.O.B. Stop reading right now and go watch television. Sorry if this sounds harsh but it is in fact the truth. It is no good wishing and dreaming. It isn't any good even just plain thinking about riches. It is something which must and can only come from a deep burning passion right from the very cellular being of yourself which creates the MINDSET of a MILLIONAIRE! Do you really think that every millionaire has 'had it easy'? That somehow miraculously everything they want just drops right into their laps? It may appear to be so now, now that they have made it, but speak to them and ask them if this is so and they will tell you that no, they too have had many set-backs, many challenges to overcome. But one thing you will notice with these people is that they never sit back and moan “why me?" They see every problem as a challenge, every set-back as a learning curve. And what keeps them on track? What helps them to overcome apparently insurmountable odds? Their burning passion – their MINDSET! That will to achieve becomes so deeply ingrained in them that they automatically see solutions to every challenge, not the 'problem'. They focus on the solution NOT the problem. Hence things appear to just drop into their laps. It's not luck, it is desire and passion which creates their lifestyle. Their total immersion into a MILLIONAIRE MINDSET! I am sure you have all known someone who dresses like they already have a million dollars sitting in their bank. Who never says “I can't

afford”, in fact, never says can't at all, that just doesn't compute with their thinking. That they haven't got a million dollars, or even in a lot of cases, anything at all in the bank is irrelevant. They BELIEVE that they have already made that first million. They act the part already of a millionaire and more importantly, they have that desire to actually BE a millionaire. Now I am not saying for one moment that you should immediately go out and buy an expensive car on time payment. That wouldn't be smart at all. But the first step to acquiring a MILLIONAIRE MINDSET is to feel and act the part with whatever you already have now. Feel the passion deep inside yourself. Quit saying 'can't' immediately, change it to 'can'. It doesn't cost a single red cent to change your thinking! Not one! Take stock of everything you say and do. Monitor your everyday speech. You may be surprised, unpleasantly, so I have in all honesty to add, how many times you use a negative word or phrase. Unfortunately a lot of negative conditioning starts at birth, or some say whilst we are in the womb itself and continues on right through our lives. Sadly, without realizing it many parents and teachers constantly use negative terms. How many times have you been told “No you can't do that?” In a lot of peoples' lives, far too many times. It takes perseverance and constant monitoring of our 'self-chat' to turn around the amount of negative conditioning we take in during our lives. Even those of us who have been blessed with parents and teachers who have encouraged us all the way, still find ourselves being bombarded with negative words. These can come from all manner of sources. News, watched that lately? Have you actually heard much positive news? I bet you that you have mostly heard doom and gloom. Friends, with the best of reasons will try to take apart your dreams. I am sure you have all had those friends who only tell you the absolute worst case scenario for your own good!

Well, it is now time to change all that. Take a leaf out of any Millionaire's book! They never associate with negative people or listen to negative talk. Their MINDSET is focused on POSITIVE PEOPLE, POSITIVE THOUGHTS and of course, need I say, their own BURNING PASSION to succeed. So right now take stock! Remember, if you are really serious about developing the Millionaire Mindset, immediate action is needed. Procrastination is the thief of time! Start right now, not tomorrow or the day after, to BELIEVE in yourself! Monitor your self-chat, eliminate ALL negative thoughts! THINK like a Millionaire! FEEL like a Millionaire! Associate with POSITIVE people, remember like attracts like! ALWAYS see a solution to a challenge! If you cannot do something yourself, find some-one who can help! Be GRATEFUL for everything good in your life! Start working on your MILLIONAIRE MINDSET right now, you will see a change happening immediately. Things will start falling into your lap. Life in all areas will become easier. Remember the old saying practice makes perfect:).

It is never too late to change. It will take time and effort but start now one step at a time, after all Rome wasn't built in a day. So make those changes and acquire that MILLIONAIRE MINDSET!

contact me: mailto:mary@millionairemindsetonline.com

http://www.millionairemindsetonline.com/ Just in case you are wondering about the symbols on the cover they are Chinese symbols for money, wealth and riches.
pronunciation: tsai fu left character: money, wealth
right character: rich

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Mary K Gill http://www.millionairemindsetonline.com/ contact me: mailto:mary@millionairemindsetonline.com Millionaire's Mindset was brought to you with the sincerest wishes to help you succeed in all areas of your life.


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