DOLE – 992-2073/ 955-0214 Ms.

Jasmine Sinko department/unit Labor related cases Complains Single Entry Approach Not provided atty. But they bring the clients to Provincial offices—hearing office at Dole Office Heaving investigation Cases: Illegal termination, none payment wages, labor standard cases *if any cases not settled by DOLE office, refer to—City Region (National Labor Relation Commison) Legal: TSSD technical support Service division 955-0214 Complain: hearing complain office c/o sylvia RSCC For adaption only DSWD’s staff do: Guidance and Counseling ONLY Heavy/Major Cases: --------- Refer to Fischal OFFICE (DOJ)

Christian Foundation for Children and Aging Project ------- Mr Jerry Bernabe They DO free legal aid by: Monitoring the child status such as (school performance, behavior at home) ---(house-house) For adult They do sessions/lectures about livelihood techniques Holy Rosary Family Center They do Home visit, do sessions They have child center (each student is sponsored by national office Student ages: 3-4 lessons 6-9- Psychosocial Module Katilingban NO LEGAL AID Resettle for Urban poor areas Partner for projects/activities --- Funding Agency HDES Focus: HEALTH and ADVOCACY ONLY Partner: Katilingban Cases not related to their field REFER to---- CHO/ZCMC OWWA

We Care Nursing Home .Refer to PAO Children and human trafficking victims Aka’y Kalinga Center If client only (Street Children Only) They have street children who stay at AKC Social Welfare Accept Free Legal Aid DO Legal Aid DOST Mr. Martin Wee Focus: Scholarship Notarization Only None Legal Aid at the moment They go to National Office Cases they refer to: Hall of Justice If student.Long term stay as long as they pay DSWD: Cases related to Crimes---.No lawyers/ no legal retainer Focus on OFW’s Sunshine Drug Abuse Intervention Focus: Drugs/Alcohol abuse Rehab with payment P8.Miscellaneous *Every session each client has to pay the fee.With payment . Calito M.Elderly ONLY .Affidavit Refer DOJ They settle cases @ Denr only.500/ monthly X 6 months--. refer to their private practitioners and accommodation P10. Joel Baysa/ Mr.000 X 6 months ------------.Mr. main office @ Pagadian . Tuballa -Assonance Area -Cases.

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