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Trends in Terrorism

Trends in Terrorism

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Published by Salvador Dagoon Jr

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Published by: Salvador Dagoon Jr on Jul 08, 2013
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.Trends in terrorism – defined as changes in the type. number and lethality of terrorist attack (modus operandi) attitudes of terrorist groups and other factors.

Changes in terrorist infrastructure such as those related to command and control. recruiting and financing. . capabilities.

Capabilities of a terrorist group to inflict serious damage? Are they increasing or decreasing? .

To what degree may an organization be changing its role from ideological to operational one? .

.Have the intentions or ideology of a movement or group changed and if so are they more or less radical? More or less focused on causing widespread damage.

Are they becoming increasingly involved in criminal activities or seeking to cause violence for its own sake? .

and c) Slowing anti-terror progress where it has been achieved.IMPTORTANCE OF TRENDS: Identifying trends as indicators of terrorist activity can assist policy makers in a number of areas including. a) Prioritizing counter-terror resources b) Targeting terrorist and terrorists activity with the intention of preventing attacks. .

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