PID Controller and PWM Generator for Motor Driver Based on PIC or ATMEL µController Master Thesis Proposal

Transportation Informatics Group
Introduction Goal of this project is design and implementation of a micro controller-based PID controller for controlling a motor’s robot. Due to the landscape and slope we should control the motor torque. In this case we must get a feedback from motor, according to the input pulse and environment situation, and system must generates proper PWM pulse to ensure that the motor is working according to the input reference. We have a 250 watt, 24V DC motor that is equipped with an incremental encoder (1024 pulse per revolution), MD03 board with I2C connation, Industrial PC to sending high level command through the serial port to micro controller board. Skill Requirements Familiar with ATMEL or PIC microcontroller Good knowledge in C Programming Good background in Digital Electronic and Hardware (Ex: RS232, I2C, Encoders and PID)

Details of Project In this thesis, the following issues must be investigated: Motor Modeling. PID Implementation on ATMEL or PIC microcontroller family and tuning the coefficients. Design and implementing a protocol for communicating between Computer, Micro Controller and Driver Motor. Designing high level commands for controlling the motor through the serial port.

PC µController Board




MD03 Board – Motor Driver

Encoder Signal

Fig-1, Block diagram showing the system structure

An industrial PC is connected to the micro controller board through the serial port (there is a possibility to connect by CAN BUS also) microcontroller should work a master. High level commands interprets on Micro to low level command that should be sending on Motor Driver.Student must design and implement an evaluation PCB board for ATMEGA or PIC micro controller board. Language programming for micro controller is C. Encoder is optic 1024 pulse per revolution that is coupled to the motor directly. It obvious to finding the number of pulse per revolution we must add the gear ratio that is coupled to the motor. We need a protocol between PC and Micro controller for forwarding massages and commands trough Hyper Terminal. Fig-2. Gear box is for increasing the torque. PID controller We need a Speed controller based on PID to ensure that robot is working robustly in any condition. by receiving data from computer a program jump on an interrupt rutting and must handle the data. global view of control diagram and feedback channel Time Scheduling: 1-2w 3-4w 5-6w 7-8w 9-10w 11-12w 13-14w 15-16w 17-18w 19-20w Survey on robot Modeling Motor Making Board for uC Programming For uC Designing PID Debugging System . PID Diagram showing the main component Fig-3.

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