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Tanks, Vessels, Columns, PSV Systems Questions and Answers

Tanks, Vessels, Columns, PSV Systems Questions and Answers

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Tanks, Vessels, Columns, PSV Systems Questions and Answers
Tanks, Vessels, Columns, PSV Systems Questions and Answers

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Published by: charzree on Jul 08, 2013
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The actual travel of the disc from the closed position when a valve is relieveing 2. What is coefficient of discharge? The ratio of mass flow rate in a valve to that in an ideal nozzle. It is used to calculate flow through a pressure relief valve 3. What is overpressure? It is the pressure increase of the set pressure of the relieving device allowed to achieve rated flow 4. What is CDTP? Cold differential test pressure is pressure at which a pressure relief device is adjusted to open on the test stand. 5. What are the typical types of pressure relieving devices? Spring loaded relief valves, Pilot operated relief valves, rupture discs 6. What are the different types of tanks available in Reliance? Floating roof tanks, fixed roof tanks, Horton spheres 7. What is the purpose of bunds? To prevent spillage from spreading to surroundings and to contain 8. What are the various types of seals used in floating type tank roofs? Mechanical shoe seal, liquid mounted foam seal, vapour mounted foam seal 9. Why is blanketing required in tanks? Avoid water ingress, maintaining non flammable vapour space, preventing auto ignition liquids at ambient temperature 10. What kind of joints are used in roof drains for floating roof tanks? Swivel joints, universal joints

What are pontoons? Pontoons for the air space between double floating roof tanks. they come in segments and help in floatation. How do we perform leak test of a column? Take pressure upto 3-4 kg/ cm2 using nitrogen and all manways. Why are vortex breakers used? They are used to prevent formation of vortices in the outlet which may result in entering of vapour in downstream pumping systems. column overhead temperature.11. 18. What is the definition of pressure vessel? Any vessel that is being used to store material at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure is considered as a pressure vessel . What are MD trays? Multi downcomer trays are basically trays which have more than 3-4 downcomers per tray and are propriety of UOP. 16. pipe joints are checked for leakage 17. What is the basic function of columns? To distillate and separate out different products from a single stream 13. column liquid level 15. What are the various control points in the operation of a column? Column overhead pressure. 19. feed temperature. What are the typical internals in the colums? Trays and packings 14. What is the function of demister? Demisters are used to separate liquid entrapped in a gas and more frequently water vapour entrapped. column bottom temperature. 12.

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