Name at leas three types of machines where steam turbines are used as drivers. 2. What are the advantages / disadvantages of steam turbine over a motor drive? 3. What is the primary difference between impulse and reaction stages of turbines? 4. What is a back pressure turbine? 5. What is a condensing turbine? 6. Name the device used to control the speed of a speed turbine? What are the types? 7. What are the various maintenance approaches for rotating equipment? 8. Define vibration and what are its units? 9. What is the allowed vibration limit for pumps at Reliance, Jamnagar? 10. What are the online vibration instruments used on a reciprocating compressor? 11. What are the online vibration instruments used on a high speed centrifugal compressor? 12. Which instrument is used to measure vibration on an antifriction bearing/gear box? 13. What are the different types of bearings used for rotating machines? 14. What are thrust bearings? 15. What are common causes of bearing failure in a centrifugal pump? 16. What factors warrant the use of journal bearings instead of antifriction bearings?

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