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Sample Essay Speech 2013

Sample Essay Speech 2013

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Published by: Khiarani Saidin on Jul 08, 2013
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HOW TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT Good morning teachers and friends, I, Ahmad Khairi Hafiz as the President of the

Environment Club would like to talk about ”How to Protect the Environment”. First of all, everyone can start by not littering. We should throw our rubbish into the rubbish bin and not anywhere we like. Once I went jogging at a park nearby my house but was dissapointed to see a lot of rubbish.I saw many empty cans and plastic wrappers lying around.They do not only spoil the beautiful park but they are the best breeding place for aedes mosquitoes. Another way of protecting our environment is by keeping our rivers clean. We should not throw rubbish into the rivers. Meanwhile the factories can stop dumping their toxic waste into them. Plastic wrappers can endanger the fish and other aquatic lives while toxic waste can kill them. We, human will consequently suffer as we rely on the rivers for food and water. Moreover, farmers should avoid open burning in their farming practice because it pollutes the air.Open burning can cause haze which contains poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. These gases can cause many serious diseases. Finally, we can practice the 3R; Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Every household should aim at reducing the amount of rubbish thrown.To achieve this aim ,each member of the household can refuse plastic carriers when he goes shopping. They can even reuse some items like glass jar as a vase. Old newspapers can also be recycled into new papers or reused in paper crafting. Clearly, each one of us can contribute towards the conservation of our environment and our efforts should be continuous.Protecting our environment means ensuring the existence of our future generation. With that, I thank you. __________________________________________________________________________________ Weight Loss and Weight Management Good morning teachers and friends, I, Ahmad Khairi Hafiz as the President of the Health Club would like to talk about Weight Loss and Weight Management. These days, many teenagers are worried about their weight. Many go on crash diets hoping to get slim figures. What is disturbing are the methods they use, such as going on crash diets and consuming slimming pills, which are harmful. Here are better solutions to weight loss and weight management. First, one should always eat sensibly. One way to do this is to cut down on foods that are high in sugar and fats such as cakes, biscuits and fast food. You should consume more fibre-rich foods as they keep you feeling full for a longer period of time.. Also, you should consume more vegetables and fruits, especially green leafy vegetables. One important tip to help in weight management is to chew your food slowly. This way you will eat less. When you eat in a rush, you tend to eat more and the results will show on the scale.

There are many forms of exercise you can take up. When you deprive your body of food. Write out the speech that you will give. Include the following points: · reckless drivers and motorists · speeding · tired drivers. you will feel physically tired and mentally sluggish . especially drivers of lorries · poor road conditions · poorly maintained vehicles · everyone is responsible for road safety You should use all the points given above. Exercise helps to burn calories and you continue burning calories for some time after finishing your exercise routine. not just short term weight loss at the expense of your health. Whenever you feel hungry. you might only be thirsty. Lastly exercise regularly. No weight loss programme is effective without some form of exercise. With that. Remember. You have to be disciplined if you want to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight. you should remember: · to use the proper address and closing remarks · that your listeners are students and teachers · to write in paragraphs . Crash diets take a toll on your body. your body needs nutrients in the right amounts to function efficiently. At the end of it. One major reason for this is that you will gain back the weight that you had lost. Another useful tip to reduce your weight is to learn t recognize hunger pangs. Remember. ask yourself whether you are really hungry. When writing the speech. Exercise at least three times a week for a minimum of thirty minutes. QUESTION It is Road Safety Week in your school and you have been asked to give a speech. you might even be heavier than when you first started dieting.Crash diets are unhealthy. In fact. I thank you. This way you can cut down on unnecessary calories by drinking plain water instead of reaching for food. the easiest of which is walking. your goal should be life-long weight management. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes effort.

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