Zone Blocking in Football

Steve Addazzio - University of Florida
Notes by Hez Butler for from the 2008 Atlanta Glazier Clinic Football Coaching Philosophy. “Florida Zone Blocking presented by Steve Addazio at the 2008 Atlanta Glazier Clinic. Coach Addazio spoke on the Tight Zone, Stretch and Outside Zone as they are run at Florida. There is especially good information on the Offensive Line details for the zone running offense. (Coach Butler)”

1. Fox Hole a. Can I trust you? (can't trust = can't coach) b. Do you care? 2. What we say here, stays here, when we leave here. 3. Relentless effort to be great! 4. Tool Box - Learn your trade. 5. Ego Away 6. Meeting Room a. Have fun: work when time 7. Be the Head Coach of position.

Offensive Line Techniques Mate Blocking = gap-zone; combo/double team blocking Principles must be worked and preached everyday for zone blocking. 1. Hip 2 Hip 2. 4 eyes on LB 3. OL to side of LB working to deliver ball w/ shoulder 4. Cover/Uncovered w/ indicator system 5. Step to LB 6. Arm to LB free

stance to live (Step near foot to LB.PS gap to #2 PSG . Finds by on or over playside player C.PS gap to #2 . iv.PS gap to #1 BST . OL & TE working together 2. combo to) Zone Blocking Concept 1.PS gap to #3 PST . Run-off/no worry 3. Evolution A. Zone: 2-3-4. v. PSTE .PS gap to #0 BSG . Attack ODD/Slanting B. Gives angles/advantages C. Numbering System A. Rules: i. vi. Center ID's = find "0" B. stance to pre-fit.o o Deliver Guy = guy coming off (inside hand push off) Take over Guy = guy who takes over Deliver/Take Over Drills = pre-fit. iii. ii.PS gap to #1 C .

up as close to LOS as possible 2. Covered = outside shade/head up inside 2. aim near hip Footwork wedge step PS/Backside 90 degrees Stretch Cov. Uncovered = is the DL on the covered man shaded to you or away Align 1. Aim Uncov. Covered . Wide wedge.Covered/Uncovered 1. Uncovered as deep off the LOS as possible If you get an outside shade: Away: from the run = Wedge Step/1 hand on To: the run = 2 hands on Zone Running Plays Tight Zone Covered Aim outside # Uncovered Wedge/90 degree. 3 Back knee hard & through crotch KNOCKOUT! / up to LB . Outside armpit Screws on Screws Footwork Wide wedge.

Outside # Uncov. Naked Strong side: 1. Read Wk. get shoulders vert Offensive Line Zone Blocking Drills Boards = steps. cross over. contact Drive LB Get off Sift How to handle extra defender? Weak side: 1. Aim Cov. Pitch 2. Extra Defender Need to give a little. "Lock the Box" . to enter square . Get Face across Footwork Rip-Reach-Overtake Big = wide wedge (open Reachpull).OZ Seal Front. Defender 2. rip-run punch w/off arm. Extra blocker 3.

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