Teams and Teamwork


Keeping together is progress. . Working together is success.Henry Ford .Coming together is a beginning.

.What is a TEAM? A team is a group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively accomplishing a purpose and a goal.

the fielders all work together to achieve a common target i. the bowlers.e.  Everyone. win the game.Example of a TEAM Cricket team:  All the players have a common focus and a common objective. . the captain.  No one ever thinks of losing the game. the wicketkeeper.

Not necessary that the group members would have a common objective .Difference between Group and Team Group Members work independently A group is not necessarily a team. attitude as well as thought processes. They should all work together and strive towards the achievement of a common goal. Team Members work interdependently A team must have individuals with a common objective to achieve. Individuals with varied interests. .

  Should help each other. .Team members  Must compliment each other.  Work in unison.

These include questioning.Building an Effective Team  Informality as well as participation : In order to build an effective team. paraphrasing. as well as relaxed. comfortable. .  Listening :A highly efficient team has team members who use effective listening techniques. the climate has to be informal. as well as summarizing in order to get out ideas.

Attitudes for Effective Teamwork Mutual trust  Respect for team members  Openness to feedback  Reflection on group process and interest in improving  Shared vision  Appreciation for value of team decisions  .

Extracting the best from a Team Motivation is the key to a team’s success The goal must be clearly set and circulated among the team members Don’t criticize any of your team members A team leader alone should not take any decisions Performance reviews and appraisals are a must Avoid conflicts within team .

The team leader should take the initiative of bringing the team members closer. A team leader must be impartial.Role of Team Leader in Team Building      A team leader plays an important role in guiding the team members and motivating them to stay focused. . The team leader is the face of every team as well as the organization. Encourage the team members to help each other.

Importance of Teamwork T E A M Together Everyone Achieves More Kushal PM 4 .

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