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1 The procured materials are classified as       a) Standard Items Project Specific Items E&P Items Tools Fixed Assets Manufactured Items Standard Items Items. ABBREVIATIONS/DEFINATIONS RESPONSIBILITIES I/C Stores. E&P Items E&P items for Projects shall be inspected by respective I/C  c) . I/C QA&QC 6. shall be inspected through indent form at receiving store. quantity and actual material inside the packing. shall be inspected at receiving stores. 3. at the receiving stores. for integrity of packing. PROCEDURE 6. REFERENCES The following documents are considered as reference document: 4. 2. SCOPE This method statement covers all incoming material & equipment received from customer or purchased by Projects. OBJECTIVE To ensure that receiving inspection of material and equipment is carried out at Projects and receiving stores in conformity with the laid down specifications. Unpacked/loose material and fabricated material procured from vendor. 5.RECEIVING INSPECTION 1. which have been approved & accepted by QA&QC/Proc/ User. b) Project Specific Items Project specific items can be divided into two groups:  Items supplied from factory by vendor in packed & sealed carton/container shall be inspected.

2. exact status depending on the decision of I/C QA&QC at the time of inspection of the specific commodity Items supplied by customers should be checked for conforming to project specifications on random basis.3.2.3 . However 6.2. QA&QC inspector shall inspect the material as per reference documents. I/C Stores shall initiate a material inspection report for all incoming material arranged through fresh purchase. a thorough inspection will be carried out both at the consignor’s end & at the receiving end.RECEIVING INSPECTION d) Tools IMTE shall be inspected at the receiving stores.3.4. For material of intersite transfer.4. Establish acceptability quality level.2 Inspection Methodology 6.3 6. f) Manufactured Items Pre-shipment final inspection will be performed for all local manufactured items at vendor and subcontractors premises.2.2.2. e) Fixed Assets The user and QA&QC shall inspect fixed asset items at receiving stores. which is defined as “the upper limit of the percentage of defects acceptable” Extent of examination based on vendor qualification is categorized as below:      6. Random inspection of chosen lot for approved vendor.2 6.2 Establish the size of the lot to be inspected. QA&QC co-coordinator for procurement and testing will perform this activity and will issue inspection certificate 6.1 6.4.1 100% inspection of chosen lot for nonapproved vendor.2 6. Material and equipment procured shall be inspected inline with following guidelines: Specifications Packing condition Inspection report of the manufacturer (If applicable) Physical condition MTC (if required) Sampling and inspection methodology shall be followed as below: 6.

Materials.2. 6.5 QA&QC inspector shall place an identification mark on the inspected items for segregation and traceability. 7.9 Inspection of the imported material shall be carried out by the I/C QA&QC/User at the receiving stores. which do not conform to the given specification.2. 6. TOOLS AND EQUIPMENTS       8. it shall be positively identified and recorded on MIR and duly countersigned by SM. if rejected.2.2.6 6.2.RECEIVING INSPECTION the ultimate responsibility for performance failures will still be of the customer. 6. RELATED DOCUMENTS . No smoking is permitted in the restricted areas. 6.11 Every store shall prepare a vendor-wise quarterly rejection report of materials procured under fresh purchases and send it to procurement for assessment of vendor reliability and quality. Incase incoming material is released for urgent production purposes prior to verification.7 6. shall be returned to suppliers at the latter’s own risk and cost. Vernier Caliper Meter Tape Micrometer Battery Torch Welding Gauge Elcometer HSE INSTRUCTIONS Keep your environment clean. shall be rejected.2.10 Procurement shall ensure that all the materials. 9.

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