.Scientist Linnaeus named mankind as Homo sapiens.

groups tribes races .From the beginning mankind was divided into many small and large groups.

Mankind differs in appearances like - SIZE COLOR FACIAL FEATURE TEXTURES .

2. Negroids.Anthropologists have classified mankind into many races like – 1. . Mongoloids and 4. Australoids. 3. Caucasoids.

Is responsible for evolution of mankind. .

But marriage between people of different populations are lessening the differences. .

.Presently the discovery of blood groups helped the anthropologists tracing the early mankind migrations.

hand. All possess comparable organs (eye. HUMAN NOSE HUMAN EAR . just exterior differs. leg.HUMAN EYE HUMAN HAND But despite all these differences mankind are much more alike than they are different. nose . Interior is all the same. lips etc) characteristics & uniformity in chemical characters. ear.

.Actually man differs externally in the way he lives and appears.

.  No more differentiating. say NO to racism.  So lets get together. So lets say NO to discrimination.  We want a world of peace. because all men are of one nation indeed.


Vocabulary:  Colonize :  Isolate:  Mingle:  Mutation:  Survival:  Evidence:  Diverse:  Appearance:  Offspring:  Anthropologist:  Moderate:  Cumulative:  Frequency:  Combination:  Clarification:  Inheritable: .

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