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Description of the Wiradjuri Wall Memorial

Description of the Wiradjuri Wall Memorial

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Kamp Kraken fundraising project
Kamp Kraken fundraising project

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Published by: danielducrou on Jul 08, 2013
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Wiradjuri Wall Memorial

Proposed Concept provided by Dean Ingram Aerial - The Wiradjuri Wall Memorial is to be built in the shape of the Aboriginal flag. The Memorial will feature two walls, two raised garden beds and a sculpture of a woman and child in the centre listening to a dream time story. It is proposed that lights (possibly solar powered) be located within the structure, pointing at the sculpture.

Inside Walls - The inside of the wall will feature names derived from Wiradjuri families that first lived in Narrandera. It is proposed that flowers (native plants) be planted in each of the raised garden beds. If this is not practical then an Australian Native plant may be more appropriate. Planting items that reflect the colours of the Aboriginal flag has also been suggested.

Outside Walls - On the outside of the walls it has been suggested that the words ‘Wirajduri Dreaming’ be inscribed and accompanied by a painting of a lizard on one outer wall. It has been proposed that the outside of the other wall be inscribed with the words ‘Wiradjuri Warriors’ and accompanied by a painting of another animal relevant to the Wiradjuri nation. No drawing has been provided with this suggestion, and the concept of Wiradjuri Warriors would need to be investigated in terms of relevance.

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