For centuries multitudes of Hindus have been trying to search for that candidate who has been portended as “KALKI AVTAAR” in their sacred scriptures. This brief article is intended to quell that search under the light of sacred Hindu Scriptures.
What is “KALKI AVTAAR”, anyway?

A leading proponent in the field of Sanskrit, Dr. M.A. Srivastava, writes in his book*, on page 19, “Avtaar” word is made by the amalgamation of “Tri” with root “Ghain”. It means “to come on earth”. He further writes, “In (the phrase) ‘Avtaar “of” God, “of” is relational sign, hence, it is perspicuous that with relation to God; human is to come(take birth on earth). He strongly exhorts to not to confuse the import of “Avtaar” with ‘God Incarnate’, as he writes on page 5, “The meaning of “Avtaar” is never correct to be taken as God descending on earth bodily.” (Kindly Refer: Kalki Avtaar aur Mohammad Sahab). Dr. M.A. Srivastava further corroborates his notion through the concordant views held by religious giants and scholars. To name some of them are:Swami Vivekanand, Gurunanak Saheb, Pt. Sunder Lal, Dr. Ved Prakash Upadhyay etc and many more. So, with this concept of “Avtaar” let us search for him in sacred Hindu Scriptures. Stage Set: It is expedient to understand the circumstances and other ambient conditions such as social, moral, ethical etc in which “Kalki” would appear. “He would take birth when violence and chaos would be rife. When female infants would be buried alive.”, writes Dr.M.A.Srivastava (Please see: Hazrat Mohammad aur Bhartiya Dhram Granth, Dr. M.A. Srivastava, Publisher Madhur Sandesh Sangam). Furthermore, he would appear when swords would be used in battles (Bhagwat Puran ,12 Skandh, 2 Adhyay, 19th Shloke). It can be immediately deduced from the above cited “shloka” that “Kalki Avtaar” has already appeared because swords are no more to be used in strife and battles. But they were used 1400 years ago!

Thus. MM/DD/YYYY: The date of birth of “Kalki Avtaar” is provided in. the literal meaning of “Shambhal”.” (The Holy Quran 81:8-9). buried alive is questioned. according to “Kalki” and “Bhagwat Puran”. “Amina” – Mother of Mohammad (pbuh) – also means Peace . Kalki’s Parentage: Kalki’s father would be “Vishnuvyas”. Amazingly. Ved Prakash Upadhyay**. Dwadash Skandh.For what crime she was killed. “Vishnu” which means God and “Vyas” which means worshipper. Dr. Now. Rabi – ul – Awwal means month of happiness and joy – “Madhumas”. “Sumati” means one of peaceful and agreeable nature. 2nd Adhyay. would be “Sumati”. It is also verifiable fact that during Mohammad’s era swords were one of the chief weapons to be used. Mohammad(pbuh) was born on 12th Rabi – ul – Awwal. “worshipper of God”.The last messenger of Allah came with his divine mission under exactly same situation. Shlok 15 of Kalki Puran: He would take birth in “Shukal Pakchha of Madhumas” and on 12th of Rabi Fasal’s Moon. Where will “Kalki” take birth? “Kalki Avtaar”. “Shambhal” has an import of Adjective than a Proper Noun. Similarly. 2 Adhyay. “Abdullah” – Father of Mohammad(pbuh). Mohammad(pbuh). would take birth at “Shambhal”. is a place of serenity and peace. Vishnuvyas. was born in Mecca which is also called as “Dar-ulAman”. as Quran testifies. peace be upon him(pbuh). His mother’s name on the other hand. According to legendary Sanskrit and Vedic Scholar. according to scholars. because it is framed on two other basic words. also means “Worshipper of God. means. “When the female(infant).” Similarly. (Vishnuvyas: Bhagwat Puran. namely. Astonishingly.A place of serenity and peace.Mohammad. It is verbatim translation of “Shambhal” . 18th Shloke).

Page 101. Ali and Usman. Now. May Allah be pleased with them. O . sun and stars. He(Allah) send all Rishies and created the Sky. They are perfectly squaring with Hindu Scriptures. and the seal of the prophets.” The Holy Quran 33:40. Published by Gita Press. Abu Bakr. 1989 Edition). shlok 5). “Allah send all rishies and created the moon. Gorakhpur). (Kalki Puran Adhyay 2. 25th shloke). “Amina” is derived from Arabic root “Aman” which itself means Peace. Allo – Upanishad holds 15th position out of total 220 Upanishads in the Upanishad canon. No anomaly. ( Kindly read: “Vedic Sahitaya: Ek Vivechan. Allah created the universe.loving and serene natured. He was the seal of all prophets. Mohammad(pbuh). Tritiya Adhyay. namely. none is worthy of worship besides him. Mohammad was also the last and final prophet who came with the Last revelation. Further Support from Upanishads. Pradeep Prakashan. Pratham Skandh.” Prelude to Allo – Upanishad Lay Hindu might now be fully apprised that Allo – Upanishad is an authoritative book in Hindu Scriptural canon. (Kindly refer : “Upanishad Ank”. Umar. Allah is the Greatest. was supported arduously by four of his very close relatives. “Mohammad is no the father of any of your men. but (he is) the messenger of Allah. So much from Puranas (Kalki Purana). Furthermore. let us adduce you something from Upanishad – “Allo – Upanishad. (Bhagwat Puran. Ved Prakash Upadhyay ** has considered Allo-Upanishad as authoritative. What is in Allo – Upanishad? Verses 4 through 8 reads. No wonder. Dr. Four Brothers: Kalki Avtaar would eradicate evil with the help of four brothers. The last one: Kalki Avtar is prophesised as to be the Last messenger(Avtaar) of the last era (Yug).

” (The Holy Quran 33:21.blog. (Allahabad Acharya) Ved. page 59). let me conclude with Allah’s divine words. Mohammad is Allah’s messenger( who in turn) is the sustainer of this world.Question Mark MAY PEACE AND BLESSINGS OF ALLAH BE ON YOU.co. Wisdom of the Wise: Dr. Chandigarh. there is none worthy of worship besides Allah.B. tell (them). Roder Punjab University. Darshan. (Kalki Avatar and Mohammad Sahab.(G. D. D. Dip in German.A(Allahabad).Lit.N. comments that the unprecedented similarities which he found between “Kalki” and “Mohammad” startles him. a pioneer proponent in the field.Phil. M.in/2008/10/15/who-is-kalki-avtaar/ .A. Allah is since time immemorial(Anadi). Dr. proclaim that Allah is one and there is none worthy of worship besides Him.L. “You have indeed in the messenger of Allah(Mohammad) an excellent exempler. Srivastava.) By:. Publisher Madhur Sandesh Sangam. Gold Medalist.A. M. M. Rounding off: Evading my verbosity. Dharmashastra. Amristar) L. Bibliography and References:(*) Hazrat Mohammad aur Bhartiya Dhram Granth. Ved Prakash Upadhyay. (**) Dr. He is the sustainer of the whole world.U.worshipper. He is the dispeller of evils and trials. Ved Prakash Upadhyay. that the “Kalki” which Indians were waiting for has come and Mohammad Sahab is the same (Kalki Avtaar). Thus. Ref web: http://donotsaytrinity.

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