Goodbye Teacher Nur, Ain and Sofiyya!

Today was a very busy day full of celebrations and farewells. Teacher Nur as well as her daughters Ain and Sofiyya are leaving us to return home to Malaysia. Ain is almost five and we celebrated her graduation from An-Nur. This involved Ain wearing the special purple graduation gown, receiving her awards and a small gift for her continuing education at primary school. Although excited to have a party, the children were sad that they would not see their friends or teacher anymore. To celebrate and farewell we had a party at the children’s favorite place – Chimpmunks! All of the children enjoyed playing with Ain as they ran and explored the different challenges at

Chimpmunks. The favorite was the giant blue bouncy slide, followed by the air guns which shoot foam balls. After playing the children enjoyed a beautiful cake Teacher Nur had prepared, and Ain gave out goodie bags to her classmates at the end of the party as she said her goodbyes. Farewell T. Nur, Ain and Sofiyya, you will all be missed! Teachers Voice: Today Abdiqualiq as part of our goodbye celebrations you demonstrated a diverse range of learning dispositions in an unfamiliar setting. Although not our school, you took an interest and were involved the entire time at Chimpmunks! I enjoyed observing you interact with both your familiar peers and other children at chimpmunks, clearly expressing yourself with clarity and precision to them! You spent a large majority of your time challenging yourself physically, in particular your gross motor skills and eye/hand co-ordination. You are very confident Abdiqualiq, both within your own ability as well as on a social level. Your teachers will keep this in mind when providing you with new challenges. -Teacher Natasha

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