Farewell Nazwal!

Today we had a party for Nazwal, who is leaving us to return home to Malaysia with his family where shortly he will become an older brother. Although excited to have a party, the children were sad that they would not be able to play with Nazwal anymore. To celebrate his time here at An-Nur coming to the end Nazwal enjoyed a graduation including wearing the special purple An-Nur robe, certificates presented by both T. Maysoon and T. Natasha as well as a small gift – a red toy car. Nazwal was very pleased with the gift, so much so he did not want any cake but rather play with the new toy - cars were always his favorite toy here! Everybody enjoyed a beautiful cake Nazwal’s mother had prepared for the class. All of the children enjoyed one last good time with their friend Nazwal before he goes off on his new adventure. Good luck Nazwal, we will miss you!

- Teacher Natasha, June

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