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Applications of Sets and Venn Diagrams

Problem 1: A survey on TV Channel reference shows: 62 housewives prefer channel A only 115 prefer channel B only 39 prefer both channels 27 do not prefer either of the 2 channels Questions: 1. How many were included in the survey? 2. How many prefer channel A? 3. How many prefer exactly one channel? 4. How many prefer at least one channel? Problem 2: The following data covering 1000 employees of NQCI Group of Companies were taken from the records of the Human Resource Manager at the end of 2012. Each employee has at least one eligibility. 631 employees are Certified Public Accountant (CPA) 572 employees have Civil Service Commission (CSC) eligibility 733 employees have TESDA National Certificate - IV (NC-IV) 330 employees are CPA and CSC eligible 480 employees are CPA and NC-IV holder 416 employees are CSC eligible and NC-IV holder 272 employees are CPA, CSC eligible and NC-IV holder Questions: 1. How many employees are NC-IV holders and CSC eligible but not CPA? 2. How many employees are CPAs and CSC eligible but not NC-IV holder? 3. How many employees are CPAs and NC-IV holder but not CSC eligible? 4. How many employees are CPAs only? 5. How many employees are not holders of any skill/title (not CPA, not CSC eligible and not NC-IV holder)? 6. How many employees are holders of exactly one skill/title?