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Brochure_OTDR 3 Edition LR

Brochure_OTDR 3 Edition LR

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Built to make a difference.

otDr portfolio


Built smart PORTABLE OTDR MARKET SHARE ›40% UNITS SOLD WORLDWIDE 50 000 16 DIFFERENT MODELS AVAILABLE ZERO JOB REPEATS Reduce truck rolls—get the job done right the first time. 1 EXFO’S OTDR PORTFOLIO .

Stéphane Chabot DIRECTOR—PRODUCT LINE MANAGEMENT.Built on rEal-worlD ExpErtisE OTDRs are at the core of EXFO’s optical expertise. OPTICAL BUSINESS UNIT 2 . At the onset of the development process. our OTDRs are designed around a specific need and then tailored to the different realities that operators face.

That is why we have always made it a point to share our expertise and build partnerships with customers. wEll-DocumEntED applications Through the years. there’s a document that addresses the topic. So when you choose EXFO as a test and measurement provider. Furthermore. EXFO’s experts get direct feedback from field technicians— providing a true edge in terms of product quality and effi ciency. many of our test solutions have been developed in conjunction with major network service providers. based on our expertise and close relationships with our customers. multiple-dwelling units (MDUs). EXFO’s experts are committed to being there for you—whenever you need them.real real knowledge real people network issues DEsiGnED for your rEality At the heart of EXFO’s optical expertise are OTDRs and. The Library section of our website contains exclusive documents aimed at solving specific testing issues and addressing problems efficiently. fiber-tothe-home (FTTH). In fact. real-world expertise and accessible experts. Throughout EXFO’s 25-year history. ultra-long-haul. from the start of the development process. you choose quality instruments. our vision has been to innovate and be at the forefront of the telecom test and service assurance industry. Topics covered include coarse wavelength-division multiplexing (CWDM). and much more—whatever your need. accEssiBlE ExpErts Whether it’s technical-support personnel helping you directly from one of our worldwide service centers or product specialists who are always ready to solve complex test cases. EXFO has accumulated an extensive amount of documentation for every single OTDR application. At the heart of this process are real people. they are designed around a specific need and adapted to different realities. real knowledge and real network issues. 3 EXFO’S OTDR PORTFOLIO .

Built for 2 .

you can now optimize field efficiency. How? By providing you with time-saving features. MACROBEND FINDER FULL-SCREEN VIEW INTUITIVE GUI ERGONOMIC UNITS PASS/FAIL THRESHOLDS COMPLETE POST-PROCESSING AND REPORT GENERATION 5 EXFO’S OTDR PORTFOLIO . Have you ever wished for shorter training time.pErformancE accElEratE worKflow in tHE fiElD. faster workflow and lower OPEX? EXFO’s line of OTDRs is designed to help you achieve exactly that.

2 Built for accuracy .

trust your mEasurEmEnts. And just because we can help you do things faster. OTDRs and accuracy go hand in hand to create a test solution that is fast. Designed with all possible scenarios in mind and backed by timeproven innovation leadership. our optical hardware components and the algorithms behind the software analysis are always a step ahead to deliver the pinpoint characterization you need.8 m). At EXFO. This is what sets our OTDR specification benchmark. doesn’t mean we don’t live and breathe accuracy too. and also why we were the first to offer the shortest dead zone in the industry (0. 7 EXFO’S OTDR PORTFOLIO . The ability to clearly see what’s on the link through an OTDR trace is the result of highly precise optical engineering. Make your first acquisition the right one. easy-touse and accurate—because we know that you want your first acquisition to be the right one.

EXFO continues to strive to develop the leading OTDR software portfolio on the market. the key is the precision of the software analysis and features that accelerate test routines. 2 . Compared to complex optical phenomena. OTDR is straightforward. Yet with OTDRs. These features create a highly efficient team of field technicians that reduce truck rolls and this is why year after year.Built on 20 yEars of otDr DEvElopmEnt ExpEriEncE Evolutionary softwarE.


complExity into Built-in simplicity iDEas + Know-How = 2 .

simplicity Delivering highly precise optical engineering and hardware into the built-in simplicity of modules and handheld units is what we do. while giving you flexibility and ease of use in the field. Our OTDRs offer all the precision you need. 11 EXFO’S OTDR PORTFOLIO .

HanDHElDs our powErful HanDHElD unit The AXS-110 is optimized for testing PON within FTTx architectures. multimode controlled launch conditions. its landscape screen promotes in-field trace analysis. As a complete solution. 0. the one module platform for dedicated applications. a power meter. With a dynamic range of 39 dB. This lightweight unit characterizes splitters and offers unbeatable applications. tHE last-milE. A great quality/price ratio. With a dynamic range of 39 dB. designed for singlemode OTDR troubleshooting..axs-100 ftB-1 ftB-200 ftB-500 an otDr Built. What’s more.8 m dead zone and a summary screen for quick pass/fail indication. axs-100 sEriEs tHE liGHtwEiGHt on-tHE-Go altErnativE The handheld AXS-110 comes fully equipped with quad functionalities. its Full-Screen mode enhances the graph area by 130% for easy. this powerful handheld OTDR is ideal for all installation and maintenance jobs. 2 . 1490.8 m dead zones and over 8 hours of operation. ACCESS/LAN/WAN tHE QuaD powErHousE The FTB-200 Compact Platform and the FTB-7200D LAN/WAN Access OTDR make it ideal for contractors to test any fiber type.. fttX/mDu proJEcts complEtED fastEr The FTB-1 Platform. 1550 and 1625/1650 nm as well as through high-port count splitters. this solution enables testing at 1310. Plus. includes a summary screen for better results interpretation and in-service testing capacity. 1490. FTTH/MDU PON our most complEtE solution for nEtworK construction The FTB-200 Compact Platform and FTB-7300E PON FTTx/MDU OTDR offer the best PONoptimized solution in an evolutive two-slot platform. and the FTB-720 LAN/WAN Access OTDR are perfect for singlemode and multimode fiber installers. it includes bidirectional analysis. Template mode and an at-a glance summary screen. 1550 and 1625/1650 nm. The FTB-7200 OTDR provides 36 dB of dynamic range. as well as through high port-count splitters. the FTB-720 OTDR offers 35 dB of dynamic range. its high-end connectivity brings unprecedented data exchange to technicians while in the field. Plus. along with another module such as an OLTS or Ethernet tester for a complete test solution. the one module platform for dedicated applications. in-field trace analysis. and the FTB-730 PON FTTx-MDU OTDR are optimized for access fiber deployments and troubleshooting. multimode controlled launch conditions. 1 m dead zone and a summary screen for quick pass/fail indication. HanDHElD trouBlEsHootinG unit The AXS-100 Access OTDR. a VFL and a light source. exceptional 0. it enables testing at 1310. With a dynamic range of up to 32 dB. platforms ftB-1 — ftB-200 EmpowErs frontlinE accEss tEcHnicians The FTB-1 Platform.

platforms ftB-500 EiGHt wavElEnGtHs rEaDy to Go Two FTB-7400E CWDM OTDR modules combined in the FTB-200 Compact Platform test through CWDM-based MUX/DEMUX at ITU-recommended wavelengths. the FTB-7600E Ultra-Long-Haul OTDR has a true 50 dB dynamic range at 1310/1550 nm and can test over a 200 km span. platforms 13 EXFO’S OTDR PORTFOLIO . ultra-lonG DistancEs anD morE Combine the FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer and the FTB-5800 Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer with the FTB-7600E Ultra-Long-Haul OTDR in the FTB-500 Platform for the most powerful fiber-characterization kit on the market.03 dB/dB along with 256 000 data points is what makes them the most reliable OTDRs on the market.... The industryleading linearity of ± 0. ftB-200 no compromisE vErsatility for mEtro anD lonG-Haul tEstinG The FTB-7400E Metro OTDR module or the FTB-7500E Long-Haul OTDR module housed in the FTB-200 Compact Platform combine short dead zones and high dynamic-range values to cover longer distances. ULTRA-LONG-HAUL comBininG powEr.for EvEry application METRO/CWDM/LONG-HAUL tHE total fiBEr cHaractEriZation Kit Combining the FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer and the FTB-5800 Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer modules along with the FTB-7500E Long-Haul OTDR in the FTB-500 Platform results in an accurate and integrated fiber-characterization solution on the market. tHE ultra-lonG-Haul portaBlE comBo Housed in the FTB-200 Compact Platform.

.tHE final BuilDinG BlocK complEtinG a tEst routinE Has nEvEr BEEn so fast.

universal Bellcore OTDR file compatibility enables to seamlessly open and convert third-party files. Afterwards. it enables the automatic or manual management of different measurements. saving in Excel. flExiBlE rEportinG: tHE way it’s mEant to BE. PMD. Increase speed and get uniformity in your results by setting the detection thresholds for all measurements at once. The bidirectional analysis capability uses the software’s batch-processing power to analyze an entire cable in two simple steps: (1) setting the direction and (2) creating the bidirectional file. the data is displayed on a single screen for all fibers—at all wavelengths. Fortunately. The autodocumentation feature allows to document an entire project in a matter of seconds. users can handle high fiber-count jobs and report up to 100 traces in seven minutes—now that’s true efficiency. OLTS (loss and ORL).BiDirEctional analysis tHat’s a BrEEZE. 15 EXFO’S OTDR PORTFOLIO . using a reference. you can treat all the data in a single batch. This is truly multitasking at its best. Thanks to batch processing. Combining CD. ORL and loss into a single report. CD and PMD test results. When reporting is flexible and streamlined. things are much more efficient. actions need to be automated. CD and PMD testing. With detection and pass/fail thresholds for OTDR. FastReporter’s batch processing automates repetitive operations on an unlimited number of OTDR test files during a session. autoDocumEntation for strEamlinED Data manaGEmEnt. HTML and PD formats and customizing reports with external software are all features that simplify reporting. OLTS. And because it is critical that the end results meet the link’s requirements. integrating OTDR. tracE analysis into BatcH analysis. What’s more. BatcH procEssinG In order to speed up processing. FastReporter allows to adjust the parameters of your traces all at once. FastReporter includes comprehensive reporting and post-processing tools that accelerate the management of test data.

otDr solutions Built for customEr BEnEfits our most complEtE solution for nEtworK construction FTB-200 — FTB-7300E tHE QuaD powErHousE FTB-200 — FTB-7200D fttX/mDu proJEcts complEtED fastEr FTB-1 — FTB-730 EmpowErs frontlinE accEss tEcHnicians The FTB-1 Platform and the FTB-720 LAN/WAN Access OTDR our powErful HanDHElD unit AXS-110 tHE liGHtwEiGHt on-tHE-Go altErnativE AXS-110 tHE last-milE. HanDHElD trouBlEsHootinG unit AXS-100 ACCESS/LAN/WAN FTTH/MDU PON .

comBininG powEr. ultra-lonG DistancEs anD morE FTB-5500B — FTB-5800 — FTB-7600E — FTB-500 tHE total fiBEr cHaractEriZation Kit FTB-5500B — FTB-5800 — FTB-7500E — FTB-500 tHE ultra-lonG-Haul portaBlE comBo FTB-200 — FTB-7600E no compromisE vErsatility for mEtro anD lonG-Haul tEstinG FTB-7400E — FTB-7500E — FTB-200 EiGHt wavElEnGtHs rEaDy to Go FTB-7400E — FTB-200 METRO/CWDM /LONG-HAUL ULTRA-LONG-HAUL 17 EXFO’S OTDR PORTFOLIO .

BUILT FOR THE REAL WORLD.BUILT FOR PERFORMANCE. ExplorE tHE Exfo otDr portfolio: Product tour Online demo Printable literature BUILT FOR all at EXFO. ACCURACY.COM/OTDR 1 800 663-3936 (USA and Canada) 1 418 683-0211 (Worldwide) Printed in Canada 11/01 — 3rd edition .

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