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Peter’s House
Goal: to create and live a Christian successful life with your brothers in Christ.

Rules and Regulations:

1. If you leave before your rent period is over you lose your deposit.
2. Your monthly payment of ____ includes electric, gas, water, local phone service, cable
(TV), LAN/WAN Access, and 10 GB Server Space. Make payment in check payable to
____________ on the First of every month. There is a deposit of one month’s rent.
3. You are responsible for your share of the long distance bill and printing supplies.
4. You are responsible for your own room key, if you choose to have one.
5. You can’t make or give any copies of the house keys to anyone.
6. The carport and gravel parking are reserved, you may park on the driveway or on the
street, if you are blocking any vehicles, please make sure to leave a copy of the key.
7. This is a Christian home and all the Christian manners must be followed.
8. No girls can spend the night.
9. Friends who are guys are allowed to spend up to two nights. Anything over two nights
requires the whole group’s approval.
10. We must act as one Christian family with one goal in mind to help ourselves and on
another in Christ. So what goes on in our family stays in the family.
11. Inside voices and volumes must be used at all time.
12. Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 8:00 AM every night.
14. Monthly assigned chores MUST be completed on time.
15. You are responsible for watching over your own belongings.
16. Your belongings are not insured unless you get your own rental insurance.
17. Respect everyone’s privacy.
18. If you break any of the above rules you get a warning on the first time. The second
time you break the rules, the owner has the right to ask you to leave within a 2-week
period without penalty on the owner.
19. Do NOT keep things on or running if you are not using them.
20. No pets. No Alcohol. No Drugs.
21. You must renew or give notice 45 days in advance.
22. Neighbors must always be treated with the utmost respect and kindness.
23. No one that is not a tenant can be left at the house unattended.

_____________________________________ _________________
Name/signature Date
Residential Rental Application

Name of Applicant: _____________________

Present address: _______________________________________________________

Phone Numbers: (H)________________ (W)_______________ Other: _____________

Social Sec. #: ____________________ Driver’s Lic. #: ____________________

Employer: __________________________ Your Position: _____________________

Work address: _________________________________________________________

Rent Period: From ___________________ to ___________________

How were you referred to the house?

Emergency Contact

Name: ___________________________ Relationship to you: __________________

Phone Numbers: __________________ ______________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________

I represent that the information provided in this application is true to the best of my
knowledge. You are hereby authorized to verify my employment in connection with the
processing of this application. I acknowledge receipt of a copy of this application. I have
receive and signed the rules and regulations.

________________________________________ ______________________
Applicant Date


Owner’s Use Only:


Deposit of __________ was paid on ____________

Conditions of leave:

Amount of deposit returned and why:

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