The Girl and the Bird A lonely girl sat by the well Until a little bird came to call

. “The sky is blue, the winds are swell, Why do you not fly as well?” “I have no wings, no hopes, no dreams, Until you came to call. My skies are grey, the winds are dead, Until you flew by the well.” “Then fly with me, far away Where the skies are blue and the winds alive, And dreams and hopes fly just as high As the feathery clouds and the blazing sun, All under a November sky.” The little girl smiled and wandered away, And just as persistent, the little bird follows. “For me to go, to fly free with you, There are several things that you must know – The most important – who am I and who I am.”

The Two Masks Two masks stood in a confessional. For the moment, neither said a word. Then one stated: “Would you care if I were tall or short? Would you care if I were ugly or beautiful?” The second stated: “What’s inside counts the most.”

Fire, Stars, and Gems Like the darkest of clear nights when the stars are out They shine brighter than any gem. Lighting up from within, are the fires of passion, Burning so brightly, so mesmerizing. Nothing compares – not even the stars on the darkest nights, Not the lively gems that shine with mirth And not even the passionate and undying fires – To how time stops when I fall into the fire, stars, and gems.

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