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Baba oyiorb.



Ibis orlu is masculine
And is the messiah of ifa, this odu is called the odu the double lenguage, it is direct child Of meta olofi, and of aiye, it is secret oriki is djobe . this is where the ¡gi, ( aragba )

pentandra became sacred, in this odu, the water the palm tree, tbe spinach, and the ashe Kala) were fonned, it is master orthe respiratory system In trus odu, spinal column and the stemum the sustainer of the rib, cage are ronne<! These blood vessel and the Iymph nodes are bom here, trus is where the


On the bodies of tbe cadavers, the beginning of all things It is represents the rays ofthe son. the east. and the new boro. it speaks ofthe human will, tbe celestial body tbat it goveros is olorun (tbe sun) it i.<lye-ariku (Sunday) It favorite colors are (white and orange)

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Dide oban, was In amo obata1a and \he told bis amo lo nO! enter mo works ofblack magie And lo cany any ebann ofblack, magie, he did nol foUow obata1a s advice, and Alosi ( devil ) mode bim bis ensIave , In Ibis odu obatala and ochasi are pul logetber and gi"" ( alwko ) and eyele ), . Everiyone in \he hamo mus! ebo, and kofori elecda , Thi. odu speaks of loss and lears

10.... is a ebild lbal daos nO! know bis ber fathe< or motber This is where obata1a wenl out to loole for ocbosi in \he word ,becauoe oshosi believed That be did nol bave a molber or fatber When Ibis odu ~ \he persoo body is eleansed with ami (blue colored ) mineral halls Mixed with water is also thrown ooto floor , then lefl there fur a &hort while and linaUy, it is mopped up This wb.... ololio abandone Ibe earth , because of \he smoleer from Ihe oewly erealed eigars that malcing bogan lo produce In Ibis odu it is probibited lo smoker io Ibe igbodun Ibe ifa , Wheo Ihe odu i. seeo, lbe persoD must stay in !heir home and 00 take any unnecessary trip. out Ibe street for a penod of( seven day) between Ibe hours of 12 ooon and 6 PM Bab. ejarbe speaks troe brolbers, ooe a child of obata1. , and Ibe olher a child o yemaya Baba ejiobe is a disaster iD affairs ofthe heart I to avoid this person must do an ebo with Three Pigcoo, white awa merm osun efuo etc, uoyen on lbe hiU , and !he ebOO is left lbere Prayers , mus! be offered lo ob. obatala lo Ibe orisba Iba! speaks io Ihe osorde and Ihe Guardian ange~ oflbe persoo. baba ejiorbe peaks ofmaslcs (hypocrisies) This odu speak ofblindoess or lack ofvisioo, Tbere is a meo sager spiril of ( san lazaro ) that walIcs wilb lhe person 10e persao mus! give Ihemselves, 7 bath wilb ewe papito de Is reina Tbe person mus! walk along lhe beach and give fruit to Ibe ocean , asldog !hal his ber fOOISlepS, continue lo be suro and triumpbanl Every two months , Ibe person should give lo lheir (eleda ) and pul on asbo aperi after Ibe Rogatioo, \he head is refreshed wilb ceremooy Ibal dooe a! Ibe fool oflbe awo ,osun of
extensioD. and large white roses

Kofibori .Ieda wilb one eya 00, \he person should nol use stripper ohirts , because il will attract becaused il will atttact legal problem, Ibero are problern. wilb lhe heart, especiaUy 10e mistral valve , do DO! gel involved with anytbiog Iba! does 001 concem you, Do not rccive or take message al night Do not enter any home • Dot matter how much confidence you migbt have. ir tirst you are not invite to enter, so will not suffer through and embarrusiog moment . you cannot Be in borne or place that are not well lit, Do nol allow child lo roll around on Ibe floor especially in you own borne, Ibero io neigbOOr lbal lilee lo speak with you nol know wbal you are up to, In lbi. odu olofin wanled to leobory wilh an aikordie, baba ejiorbe apeale. of Ihe of lhe sea And Ibeir fatal consequence, do DOI do lbings solely for monetary consideralion becauoe

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CONTINUATION TIIE EJIORBE You will have difficullies, this odu speak ofthe hunler lbal going trough hard time because he was unable, lo colch, anything, and he decide lo consull with ifa. and orumila Told him you must do ebbo with 1 bell and troo oCa , This odu speak ofthe butterfly lbal bumed her wing because sbe wanted lo fly before her time , . This odun speaks ofthe battle ofthe eleule with oshun oggun ochos~ capture<! because be represents justice, oshun senlenced him , and oggun killed him , in this odu olofin kofivori eleeda with aikordie medilogun , lbal is why these go on his addes , You cannol gamble or become a gamble , because you will go bankrupl, you cannol have

tree women at the same time, you should have either. 1,2. or4, but never 3, Jf the person is white, the person lbal they live with should be either while.or black , bul Never mulato if the person is black • the same applies . either white or black but never mulato . o mixed,

There is a stick lhal is played in heaven and earth , Ihe battle Ihe earth , Ihe waler and Ihe plaza ,the earth , the waler and the plaza each wanled lo be most importanl here on earth And there began a greal discord between Ibem and Ibey argued so much , thal Ihe aya heard Iben and said, lo Ibon, all throo of you are arguing for nothing , because nighl one You will ever get to be the most important hefe on earth. because aIl for you are of equal

worth, and yau should alllive in peace and harmony together, hearing this they said ,what You mean , we don I understand Ibe aya lold Ihem, all Ibree of you are of equal, worth because ir the water does not faU on the earth, the earth does no produce and there is nothing to seU in tbe pl~ ir tbefe is no earth . the water could not fall on her in arder to plaza were content and convinced; and produce. in this way the earth, the water and the" Ihe earth lold the aya. no matter lo far you walk, you will never grt lost, Ihe plaza lold Ihe aya when you, have notrung to eat , come and visit me, for at the very least you will feast on bone, that you wil~ find the water toId aya, ¡fyou fall into my dornain you will never drown, and lbal is how all Ibree oflhem and because friend oflhe aya, Baba ejiorbew wanted to hunt in the woods • and ifa told him , first do ebo or you will encounter tragedy lherein. he did nol do it , and he left for the word , while baba ejiobe Was Ihe woods il began, lO rain and he started lo look for sheller, while searching , he noticed a great hale in an apparent rock, and entered. that hole in the supposed rock , however, was the anus ayanakun . who quickly closed his anus, and baba ejiorbe was trapped inside rus family began to look for him. bUl to no avail , they decide to go to orumila s house for reading and thereafter ebbo, a great. desire lo defecate overcame ayanalru , and this is how baba ejiobe escape the anus of ayanalrun The owner ofthe ifa, must perfonn ebbo before leaving his horne on a trip. to avoid difficulties in bis her path Ebbo two rooster two hens , soil the cemetery soil the four comer, smoked fish and the rest the ebbo

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Once there was man , a ehild of ( oehosi ) who waoled lo go hunling in gee word of Onikorogbo . but before be did so, he went to orumila s house •who saw this odu baba Ejiobe) and orumila told bim, you must to ebbo wilh a11 ofthe eni hens that you have in Your borne, so that you will not encounler iku, the hunter did not perform the ebo, and he left to wood , but did not find animals to hunt , after walking a great deaI, he bumped into iku and they began together, they both came opon the home of alakaso <Uld found two egg hens , aod iku told, the hunter , you can take them home, the hunted offered to take only one so that eaeh could take one home, but iku refused , a short wbile later the hunted, anived home, and cooked the egg hens and gave them to bis ebildren to ea! , later iku anived at the hu'led, home and told bim, 1 ve come for my part ofthe egg Hens because there is famine in ¡salaye, arun and there is not nothing to ea!, the bunted said MY GOD , may ebildren and 1 have a1ready ea!en the egg hens, iku Iben killed the hunted and bis ebildren , Orumila and ochun • di not have a stable place to live because wherever the went the People afthat town threw them out, ane day. orumila and ochun began to look for another place to live, when they arrived al the banks of the ocean, oshun observe how A wale tried , to ea! sorne ( makao ) and turtle ) so he go five ( ardanes ) and threw them At the whaIe killing it. the ( macao ) in appreciation . gave orumila and oshun their horne So they could finally have a stable place to live ,note the owner this ifa, should have two makao ) shells filled with the following ingredient inside , soil the house ,ero obi kola, And obi motiwao, gold silver eku fish smoker, san river and sea, tbe must be cleanse Prepared and the live ioside of the person s ifa
Jesus Christ carried she cross, and there carne a time when he could no longer support it Because it became much too heavy for hirn to bear, the persoo can 00 longer carry the burden that he she has in their life You have a family member or acquaintance or intimate mend that has a problem with their teeth, ten bim her to take good cace ofthern , because they may end up having to wear dentures , In this odu has very unusual thought with a great deal of frequency and feels pressure and pain in ~eir back and waist In the person does not do what ifa require bim her to do, he she may see themselves homeless or having to ask their family "Cor financiar assistance , tbis assistance will come at the price ofalways reminding you ofthe help that they have given Plant tbis odu. canutillo. hleo blanco, atiponla , In tbis ifa elegua, is called ; acabobo opuko eshu na lapues, eshu lampe, Orumila is called ; abambombo . and tbis is why orumila is given ohi without bread In this odu, two hens are give to orumila When tbe song of tbe babalawo. with tbis odu goes to do ifa • the babalawo puts inside the ifa one ( egg the gunugun ) so that the babalawo s live does not become endangered The owner ofthis ifa, must bury sevenele gbara in seven different place ofthe city where they líve oc work, Obatala must have lit for him a special candle for umbo i1e on a white plate with egg pigeon, alrnond oi~ and the fust and last name ofthe parties ¡nvolved

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In tbis oou ofbaba ejiobe , is bom that Ihe babalawo must a1ways bave an opele in bis pockct , Ihe owner Ibis ifa, must never cul open cocomll for rogation , and cerernony In Ibis odu coconut covered with efun aod run , blown on il, for 16 days tbis coconut You presenllO (olorun) before bedtime, and wben one make up, al the end of 16 days, the coconut, is takeo lO Ihe Iop ofthe bill, wben Ihe SUD JUSI fillls under.horizon, and tbis

cocoout, is present lo !he olofin aod lo ooe, bead , !he persan asks lo be relieved of disintegration and desuuction, caused by ernbarrassment and suffering , The owner oflbis ifa, shoold tako 3 baths in one day, with wbile f10wers mixed wilh water that must bave first beeo pul lO Olofin , Ihe ladder of ira, talce each babalawo lo Wberever be deserves lo be take depending 00 bis meril human being Ifa says lo give financial help lo an order woman that yoo separate from because you two No, longer got lo a10ng. and whom you replaced with • younger ooe, that woman curse You lo Ibis day, because she is going through a great deal of suffering because you left her, aod orumila, is no bappy wilh you. orumila wanl s you lo help tbis woman, so wbal in tbis way • your difficulties can be overcome as weU. Odder was Ihe woman of orumila, and he threw her out ofbis home, he laler bad lo go lo !he plaza and give money, two coconul and talce her back lo bis home so she could once agsin , be bis woman, in order for orumila, lo begin lo prosper, again, . Everything at this time is in a estate of disintegration, receive orumila in arder to prosper You will get married tbis year , and everytbing will \Um oul well for you Do ebbo, with two heos whito one rOOSler one bueket , one handkerebief, fal ori tal epo Ifa says that fur aU of Ihe knowledge that you posses someone else has lo instruct , pul ,and no matter how elean you may be . IIlOlher person bas lo help you keep your body c1ean • dOD t you see that even a knife has to have it s handle installed • you must be humble, Wheo orumila carne into this world, he was the youngest of 811 the orishas, he began to make war, wilh Ihe res! of!he orisbas y defealed Ihen a1~ bUI he was left withoul any friend or allies, be then understood that this was no way to Uve, because one tree alane doos , nol make afores! Ifa says many strings make eloth, and lbal is how, you musllive wilh olhers, You bave stomaeh problems, you will Mary and only Ihen , will be bappy Today you are poor , bul lomorrow you will be weallhy, yoo will bave Slabilily , you muSl perforrn and ebo, for olokun , because olokun wanls lo ea!, Ololin was lo sick and !he asked lo see orumila, who perforrned an osorde and saw Ibis Odu ofbaba, ejiogbe and Iold hito, iku is after you and wants lo take you wilh bim, so you musl do an ebo with, ~ cascarilla, osun, and do oollighl any candle for seven day, ololio did, bis ebbo, and wben ( iku ) arrived ,iku say tbis is nolololin In an osede , if Ihe oou baba ojiobe, comes in osorOO ( iku ) Ihe ingredienl of Ihe ebo are pul in eighl small packages with a malanga leaf in eaeh of Ihe eighl , package, Ihe money is also divide into eight esquaJ parts, and are put on the comer ofthe house ofthe person who has come lo Ihe ebbo Ifa says lo liod your espouse yoo muSl do ebbo, so thsl Ihe good luek thst you are looking For will arrive and help you live a better life,

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ifa says lbal Ibe perroo that is believed lo be sick , is nol i1L he she is an sons Ibe obatala do nol alIow perron 10 eat hens and have her do ebbo, wilb two pigeon oguele mesan , so that iku does nol take him, her right away , bul rather when it is his her time ifa se • that you don t know uyou are coming oc going everything in you tire is upside down , you head is in tunnoil and you are going lo have problems wilb your fee!, in your home is a person that has stomach problems, and chest pains that persoo must do ebbo so he she does t die and can overcome be her enemies ' ebbo ooe rooler , smoke tish ,eku, one glass bottIe , one mask , il must be tákeo lo hilL so Ibe perroo can have peace of mind , onikekere was prince of Ibe lown of ido, who was very adventurous and liked lo trovel from place lo place , one day he went lO see orunmila, and he saw this ifa where oromila lold him, you must Ibe ebo , so lbal you may trovel, lo where you wanl lo go , and you don'l lose your crown, Ibe prince peñormed the ebbo, and went 00 his trip , shortly thereafter, Ibe king oflbe land ofido died, and Ibe royal council decide lo tiod Ibe prince in order lo crown him king, Ibey tinally found him, and he hecame Ibe newly crowned king of ido ebbo sheep ram, two rooster two coconu!, two candle and Ihe rest Ibe ebbo ifa say that you are nol from this land ( state or country ) and lbal you have ao inherilance from you father, who died • and someone is looking foe yon to bestow this ¡nheritanee on you . someone is gomg send you letter oc will personally call on you request youe preseoce al a particular place lbal will henetil you ifa says. that you changed your name because of sorne traumatic situation, and that people know you bay anolher name ( nickname ) allbough you are a persoo Ibal comes form a good farnily , you are goiog Ihrough hard time in a foreign land ifa say that the good fortune that you enjoy . is do in large part to you spouse, when it carne time to constructor the horne of obatala a1l orisha weot to help except to oke, who refused to go, wheo they asked orumila the rea.son , he said, oke is angry obatala Ibeo cursed oke, receive orumila so what in tbis way , the roads can opeo up for you , because at this moment they are closed At the'beginning oftime oshun govemed the world, but she renouoced her position ~ue To all oflbe gossip and betrayal oflbe people whoo she govemed, Everrthiog staled lo fall. apart , and the people began to look for oshun once again in order to restore her govemor • but they could not find her . tbey then went to see orumila, who saw tbis odu . and did ebbo, for Ibe people wilb ekule, which he gave lo ( elegbara ) after ( elegbara ) ale his ekule he took out, his bom of virtue y poioled il al Ibe 4 comer of Ibe world , and saw where oshun was handing. elegbara took orumila to where oshun was hiding and orumila took her home with him, married her. and she became an apetervi of orumila Ebbo one rooster , two hens , the clothes that you had on when you did the osorde eku smoker fish, two coconut, run honey , two candle . san the sea . and river Don Dot argue or physica11y abuse your spouse ,Do ebo so that you can have stability and Tranquility

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# 7

The story orthe mountain and the king diviner ( awo Be maferefun not to offend. or mistreat your mother, so she does not curse you The ebbo the perfonner with ewe Aguirre, which is !he lomon grass 4 white hanker chiefs 4 dun, and four red , one eko, !hat divide ioto 3 pieces and each, piece in each group of , handkerchiefs, ifthe mother ofthe person is stiU alive, the ebo is taketo the door, ifshe is dead, it is take and placed al the door of a church ' the path of aye Avoid quarreling with your spouse and void 011 costs, ahandonig the home, for if you do another woman, wiU take your place and you will he living on the streets and die of a broken heart, and bes!, you will bave to sbare your busband with anotber woman Tbis oddun prohibit quarreling with you mother, you father sibling or members of you religion, the person should not gOl upset, over mothers of lack of money, clothe, food Because these moments of difficulty are test of you guardian angel, during your most difficult, moment sing and laugh, so that Ibis test can pass quickly, during an.ita of atefa , ita iyoye , or ita of the orumila or ita the ikofu, or of awofaca, if this oddu, ofbaba ejiorbe . come in osomo, iku, a ceremony known as ashinima must be performe with one pigeon white pomegranate , ebbo ) 2 glass bottle, pomegranate , coal, rooster , pigeon, smoker fish jutio, fat corojo com , ebbo you take a dead , rotting animal corpse !hat is found by the side ofthe road , and Ibis animal body is put into a basket, the interested party is cleansed ( sarayeye ) with white hens , and !he hens feather are placed into the basket, the hens are give to Oduduwa,} the basket, is placed at the entnlnce ofthe home ofthe interested party, the number of day !hat ifa decide, ebbo head the( avo carnero} san the sea , hens , clothes tbat you have on the person, sand marked • while the san. is purred over the persoo body, it is picked up and it goes in the ebo , ebbo for the awo) one rooster . three different stick, one egg, guineas hen, one egg the pigeon. aforementioned animals ,fabric iku smoker fish, fat corojo ebbo with one rooster, two hens soap. one basket three stone. eku smoked fish sarayeye With tbree soap, tbat are placed in the basket with feather the animal is for ( eshu) And orumila, the basket is left at the four comer t5he three stone, are buried in the patio ofthe house" E bbo for the business three rooster, one small house dir from the crone of the business ecu, smoker fish, after the ebbo, is finished, , one rooster for elegua, one for the comer and one for the door, the house in tbis odu orumila and oshunare the one to work with, the person must do three ebo, in one day path of oshun and the ideu, young rooster , one guiro, eku smoker fish, fat corojo, three small fish, the awo must ask orumila where the ebbo must be take , the person take it there , retum to the awo home, pray to elegua, drinks glass ofwater and rest for a while Ebbo one jio, jio, bottle the water, one guiro, one banana, eku smoker fish, coro, the ebo is take to the same place, and the person does the same as aboye Ebbo one goat. one hens , fabric, one guiro four pigeon, smoke fish, rest the ingredient the ebbo

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Note when baba ejiobe does no call roc ebo, aneagle is placed in a container with water it Is presenled obatala, Iogether with three pigeoo, when the eagle dies, it is opened and il is Give three pigeon the head, elese heart ofthe pigeon ,are dried and the ground inlo a powder ancl, are mixedlogether with bleed ofthe pumplán seed, planl bleo blanco, fal cacao, cascarrila, head the eagle, Ibis odu marked , and an , lo protect { resgIJaldo ) is prepared with lhis SpeU lo ascend wilbio the governmeol You malee the small mountain made of colloo, inside Ibis mountain, the name picture personal ilem the persan responsible for the decisioo, you also pul in honey, fal cocoa, and cascarilla, you take two candle and smother them eighth cocoa, and Ihey are lil in from of obatala, from Tbursday lo , Thursday 00 either side of the mountain of cottoo, a handful ofwhile·lilies are aIso placed in froot of obatala. before going to the interview. the person must give themselves Eighl baths wilh planls, dormidera )campana) every time you go lo on interview, you take sorne dust of planls dormidera, ash the feather the pigeoo, you mixed Ihem all logether , then pUl sorne on your face , every litoe !hal the candle finish , every Thursday Another candle is lil when the persan gets his her, promotioo, something musl by done for obatala, For iotori iku An infusion of the 16 leaves of the plant canutillo, is take at breakfast and diner
Intori amn .

Pigeon is give elegua, tbefe are problem with the mistral valve To eliminate ogu ror the estomach An infucion the root the plant pomarrosa. root the peonia, and to fan the sea ,

So !hal Ihe awo can speak ifa well And protect resgualdo) is prepared with a pUTe silver coin, To resolve the problem
Head the mouse, head the fish, obí cola osun igbin To resover problem with woman A smoked the mouse, is tied by the waist a body necklace of osain , and placed in from Of orumila is then give two black hens

Spell against impolence You take two nait and cut them to the length of the person penis, they are washed in omiero of the grenguere, trus plant is then eaten in a salt, and make ebo tenteboru of the Oddun, is perfonned and after the ebo , one of the naillives with the awo ifa, and the other I¡ves with that 8WO Oggun

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You take one rooster whrte, you cleaner yourself with it ,you take an che and opeo it aJoog The chest, a cowries shell that has beeo washed witb e1egua is pul inside, aJoog wilh Cal epo, a paper witb Ihe name, aod odu oC tbe ahijado, Ibis pul in from oC lIebar tbe odun oC tbe ahijado,is prayer aJong with baha ejiobe , tbe rooSler is place 00 lo" oC elebara , and wheo !he sun fiIlls, it is tak.. aod burled at tbe oceao , aod tbe Collowiog word are pronouocad when Ibis rooSler escape Ibis 10mb oChis own acconl, theo and only Iben will Ibe friendship, between name oC ahijado and name oC padrino will end nol until Iben

To eliminate the araye You take a black plate aod place Ibe oven, Ibe du baba ejiobe, on 10p Ibe plale you place An igba gourds container with differenl type oC!he drinks, atOimd Ibis, you pul 16 piece oC coconut, with popper each you give orumila two heos white, !he he.s is Ibe lass lO be give, and tbe lo bleed is aJso spread over Ibe conteol oC !he black plale, as well as orumila You Ihen lighl 2 candle , Ibis spell is lo be performed outside , aod alter 16 days everything picket up and take lO Ibe comer, Ibe black platter and Ibe igba are pul away Cor Another ocacion To the over come the araye You have three guiro lhal have long necles, in one you pul almagre, in anolber cascarilla And Ibe laSl coa1, oCOzain Ibe opon Ibe iCa is usad lo consecrale Ibem, iyeCa is pul inside each one, they are tied together with three, string and are give tree hens white, one hen's red, the hens white is the one give to the guiro, contain the cascarillas, is one give T o the guito, containing the cascarilla, the hens the hens red, is Cor the guiro . container aJarnagre, and Ibe hens black, Cor Ibe ooe wilb Ihe coaJ, oC Ozain Ibe three guiro are placad in fronl oC elegbara and victory is assured
You help wilh heallh problem Osode wilb ire ashegunota, or ire aye obori, rogation ) wilb two guines heos, while one Ibe color, ifthe perron is omo Ibe chango, Obory witb a quail, Ibe lo bleed should Call from Ihe head oC Ibe perron onto chango, Spell oC baba ejiobe In all mall wooden, you put a tinaja (clay container) into which you add water Hekan The river, smoker fish and eku, Cal epo, coro, lo Ibis , you give Cour pigeon, Ihe head are
place in the box, and the box is covered , on top of the box . you place two coconut • covered wilb cascarilla, you place Ibe bol<, neXl lo Ibe headboard, Ibe bed oClbe inlerested party, al prissily one year from, Ibe date Ihal Ihe spell, is performed ,Ihe coconut, are broken and thrown away, and water is added to, the tinaja, another 4 pigeon Must give to the ingredients inside, the head ofthe pigeon. agaio must be place inside, And tbe box is closed anew. two new coconut, covered with efun ere. place on top ofthe Bol(, then the box is place at it, s originallocation

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SpeU Cor elegbara lo work Take one jicara, with waler you put quimbombo sal1 and aehe de ifu, everything gels mixed logether with, Ge tip oC gee irofu, wbile praying ba ba ejiorbe, aflerwahieh Ibis mixtures poured over elegbara, Inehes Ozain umbowa One silver coio • heart ni etu • amu ni eure. pepper guine. iyefa befare closittg the ishe Ozain • a mouthful oC water charo. is dispersed, on this the ishe ozain is covered with leopard skin and is placed bebind orumila, To make people lbal owes you money pay Ebbo wilh ooe rooster for oggun, and meat, you take some oC Ihe iyefa, oC Ihe ebbo, with A bit oC sal1 oC leave and seeds oC planl marabilla, this afoche is blown from left lo righl at the street, entrance outside Cor a period oC three days
This oddun oC ifa require that it owner, place pieces oC gold silver ¡nside oC bis orumila To avoid economic difficulties Ebbo one rooster, 2 coconut, 8 ban cotton, 8 silver coio ane underwear or un dayshift of Ihe Cour ritua~ colors, Ihal must be wom Cor 9 days afler a11 Ibis excepl Cor Ihe coconul Is place in from cCbaba with one smaIl metal, lapderthat has 16 step. tbis coconut is taken and thrown the sea, allawios, the wave to take the coconut with tbem

APpall with ochosi One candle is lit, oti and 8sha is blown to Ochosi, so that he can help is triumps in !ife
To prosper Two hens white. are given to ha ba, two pigeon, Coc oshun, one youog rooster, to elegbara And two pigeon white for person , head with fat cocoa • and cascarilla, the person also must take 6 balhs with ewe, albahaca Cimarron a, piñon Ihe Rosa pink ) acacia, planl prodigiosa, the house is also c1eansed with these bath

To keep iku away, Head the goal, the hair are bumed, made into a powder, and smeared on the face as well as on door ¡le, after this the awo must do ebbo with the leri,
Intory arum To take, planl romerillo, Tia Ihe sorra, piñon Ihe Ross pink, and planl firing aja

Secrel Cor oficale trupon Pine resin dilute in water, with the middle finger, this water is spread over the woman Clitoris, while mentally praying the oddu ofbaba ejiogbe

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To keep iku One goa~ metal shavings. 201 leave of plant alupada ,wbieh it ge igi purio rogar or stiek yaya, amansa guapo, a hoUow, is opened in the kitehen, one1ilbrie wbite, with the odun , of oshe otura, baba ejiogbe, and otura oshe, written 00 !he eloth, with osun naburu, Es placed ioto the hoUow, on top, of this eloth is place !he 201 leave, óf yaya, and amanza guapo, and on top ofthis, the metal shaving , the ioterested touehé !he goal, head with bis head, can talee!he place of the interested psrty in !he eyes of the iku, elegbara is place heside !he hollow, he is give obi minute, weU as the hoUow, calling iku , the owunko is sacrificed , giving to bleed, to elegbara, and the hoUow, the head ofthe ounko ls strewn into the hoUow, Ihe body is stuffed with, the known ingredient and placed at the foot of an aragba , 00 top of the head , is placed opolopo fa! <po, then this is covered with ls covered with aod ikoko in whieh is written the odu of eggun, all tbis is covered, with Sand up to the top, 00 this sand is placed three, ola io order to located a small furnace Or stove, in whieh logs or vegetable coal, is burned for a penod of 16 days, allowing the sand to barden, and turn into stone; this spell is done so lhat iku and arun will forgot about awo baba ejiorhe


Cream for okuni ofikale trupon odara Camphor crema, ¡ye Of. ge estío no me olvides, sheik espuela de caballero, ana stick
parami, you pray oche atura ,iroso ofun, orura ohara, iroso ofuo • atura oche. okana oyeku Okana osa, and baba ejiorhe, tbis cream is rubbed on ge penis

Parido the baba ejiorhe,

This parado is done with eleghara, it has all of the nonna! ingredients for an oparaldo, plus ane pigeon, ane jio jio three different fabric and the plants, the ritual is perfonned As is customary, ota the fabric, is written ocIu odi fumbo, a circle is drawn in which's
Written the oddu , of otura ohe, baba ejiorhe, okana oyeku, the interested party stands

with ane root on ane side of baba,
Ejioghe and other, on the other side, standing directly above the odu, with elegbara hebind the persan and two candle lit (panaldo) is performed with the eyele , ehieh is wrapped up in the tbree fabrie calling and singing to elegua afler this elgbara eleansed witb the omiero-and is given the jío jio, the ara body ofthe jio jio is then take to forest, Bushy area. and left there with, eku smolee fish. fa! corojo com) paraldo of baba _jiogb. tbree are perfonned the same day, first at 6 aro, with fabrie blaek, and wbite two candle

run. the omiero, is prepared with leaves, ofplant yewere .ciruela. mar pasifico. alamo.
granada almacigo, paraiso ' algarrobo,

This onúero is to bathe in after the paraldo, all ofthe cJothes are tossed into the river, after which the person puts 00 fresh c10thing and shoes,
Second Paraldo

Young rooster black fabric tbis differcnt color. two candles, run. the oddun baba ejigbe is writtcn tbe omiero is prepared with plant Escobar amarga, rompesaraguey. and paraiso This paraldo is perfomed al 12 noon

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# 12

Third pJ!!Jldo This paraldo is done at 7 pm, one young rooster, meat, niDe fabric different color, tbe meal is wrapped, up witb tbe nine Cabric and Ihen lied 10 tbe left foot, oflhe rooster , tbe omiero, is prepared with plan! , Granada , algarroba, albahaca morada, rernember , tbe candle and ron, odu baba ejigbe, is written, after Ihe oparado, tbe interested party batbes witb tbe omiero and rogation head, tbese three paraldo that are done tbe samé day have one variation which is tbe foUowing , And ebo paraldo js performed, odu omolu are prayed matter this !he first is performed, Tbe person enter 10 batbe with Ihe omiero, Ihe secood paraldo is performed, tbe person Enter to batbe witb tbe omiero , when tbe person finishes bathing, tbe ebo is completed With praying of!he (meji) tbe last paraldo is performed, tbe person bathes and exits From tbe awo, home to throw away tbe ebo and tbe three paraldo, this done with tbree Baby chicken, and three young roosters, Paraldo baba ejigbe One stick (ofheart soft) of the heigbt of Ihe person, niDe Cabric of different color, two pigeon is give to!he sticle, and Ibe ara ofbolb eyele are lied with Ibe niDe Cabric to the tip, of Ibe stick this take to Ibe river, where Ibe stick is made to stand straight, and if the ikole
eat the pigeon emi odara Opaldo for hea1th One pigeon ,blaek. one young rooster. two coconut, four candle. ron. fabric white wooden coffin. fabric white and blaele, and red, a few flower. the omiero, is prepared with Plant aberikunlo, albahaca, ceiba, algarroba, almasigo, escoba atnarga, Canutillo yagruma, and run, the person should tbree balb with, plant ,Otl, cciba, prodigiosa, run ,
perfume and the bleed one eyele,white the persoo Hes on the estomach on top of an mat,

then the chola white is place over the persoo. you take one coconut ,clean the ¡nterest Party, then with a hemmer , break it behind Ibe person, head , tben clean Ibe person with and young rooster, and the bleed, all over Ibe fee! , then ( moyuba ) eggun coconut and water, all afthe ingredient oftbe oparaldo. are placed ¡nside the wooden coffin., it is closed, then take to he cemetery, Everyone who participated . in this ceremony. must ebomisi ara with tbree bath there needs to be four awos, 3 at head and two at the fee!, of the interested party, apart from Ibe person, who take this opazraldo to Ibe cemetery Who must either bury bury it at the foot od an abandoned grave or throw it into an open Grave, this person must be gibe a ( opolopo owo ) To make ands offering lo obatala by way ofthe odu baba ejiogbe a plate is prepared as if it were for chango. the oddun baba ejigbe is written on it • then coconut and water. to see obatala, will recive tbis offering . if he says the offering is placed on Ibe plate, This is the reason why ceremony Of the eat in (Qlofin ) in the ceremony of the ifa, are realized on the six. day and having finished tbis ritual (o.ofin ) is removed from the (room of ifa ) olofin ) accompanies the awo during the first year ofbis religion initiation omola ) accompanies the awo during the firth seven year and then visits the awo every 41 Days

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Tbe earth was conupted in sucb a way gee olofin tbougbt of destroying il, but because of bis great love of making, he decide to give making anotber opportunity for redemption, olofin ) called fortb orumila and ordered him to come down to earth and remedy the situation, orun1a annoyed replie<!, bow is it tbat you can think tbat ¡ would be bappy to live among such a conupt creation, and after redeeming tbem , why would ¡",hoase to bave tbem as my representatives, on earth ( olofin ) tried lo convince orumila, and persisted , so mucb, tbat orumila , finally said, very well ¡ will complete, your mission , but you must descend witb me, (o]Q6n ) responded, so it wil1 be, if tbat is your wish , however, on tbis sixth day, ¡ must return , Tbe awo ) cannot to (suck obo ) or sex woman for tbe ( lano ) sex woman on Tbursday day, Tbe awo)that receives oduduwa, canoot sex with the woman on top arthe awo he is Tbe one tba! must be on top, in order to avoid losing bis sexual potency In this oddun of ifa , tbe ceremony of awuo foguededs is bom eshu akueleyo) tbis is the monster of oddun tbe ifa , in order to prepared it, secret, following must be rea1ized, you place, one ( paalngana washbasin)with water and various cowries shells. then you place one ( fish anguila) and it is left tbere to die . at moment • is given two pigeon, tbe head oftbe pigeon, with the leg, and the heart go into the secret of tbis eshu , along witb tbe 6sb, tbe water tbe cowries sheUs soil tbe crab, 21 consagrate inicio., ero coconut koIa osuo com , soil the forest soil ¡sale, soil the medium the hil~ and top the bill, soil from a dried well, soil from the tomb, soil of a president or a ward head and bird 21 pepper guinea, 21 pepper oguma, eku emote smoke fish , fat com, com ,7

7 fish hooks, one aikordie the wet cement . is given one small chicken, one egg hens This elegbara, I¡ve on top of a hoe and on top of this is where he always eats, This eshu ohasio laye tbis eshu is tbe companion of (oduduW8 ) and live inside an igba , tbat is planted inside an ikoko, bis secret is placed inside a large seashell , tbat must first be cleansed , with omiero, the tail of the shell is removed, then once cemented to the casserole, and put cement around. the shell. is adomed with 21 cowries shell. the secret ofthe eshu. is the following , chameleon, head the quail, soil from a dump, shell of egg hens eyele, tbree inking, necldace ofthe orisha, leg and heard, pigeon, eku fish 21 grain tbe com , 21 pepper, and root of tbe following plant ( peonias ) ewe orille coto riye ) atipoola, plant ceiba, plant alamo, plant prodigiosa, plant alamsigo, plant jobo, llanten, plant ou , plant bleo wbite, plant tbe bamboo, and curujey, stick, ofthe following amanza guapo, cambia voz, batalla, cocuyo, Ramón, parami , cedro plant of the following, ortiguilla, plant ina. cardo santo, leg ofhens, plant eram, prodigiosa, itamoreaI, escoba amarga soil from an ant hill, and ants themselves Note tbe foUowing odu ) must be prayer, oshe bile, eshu Obasin laye, Oshe omolu Lroko ogbe SA !aroye,

must ask. Ibe awo goes lO an ant hil~ take sorne soil mix it with. inside Ibe eshu is prepared wilh a small beU 00 il . ewo ( yaro ) . black eyed bean. prepared mixture lbal was wrapper. but he did ebbo and put 00 9shun adane and gave hens . lo Ibis give one jio jio. property 3 time. her adanes . wbich beloog lo Ibe lbellis. head Ibe goal. Ihe leave . and mixed with whal was wrapped io Ihe tabric. making sure lo lel sorne bleed . 21 pepper eku fish. cowries for Ibe moutb and bleed . Ibe go~ are give lo Ibe awo. EDANE AFON SHURO MI ORE ) EDANE EWE EDANE EFON AGAYV KUAN) OSOMOBO MOSO SODQRQMI YABE IYALORDE ABA. 41 cowries lO" adom' bim soil frem an ant hill. Qchun could not see agaw Because he buried himself in the mud by the river she with.rool frem a ceiba a jaguey . broughl inlo Ibe sacrificial room. an in tbis way. orogbo anun arida. and one rooster. Ebo for hellh Goat black which is later give to eleguara. Ibe body a! home. Ibis mixture is placed inlo a sma11 basket . black. is take lo help wilh the insomnia. from a hill . head Ibe ( cunungun) blác eyed bean Eru coconu~ kola OSUD. put the adanes ofochun 00 youhead. in other to have elagbara liberate you from you enemies . one stone.Page 18 of 864 # 14 CONTINUATION TIIE EJlOGBE ESHU AGBANIKUE This elegua is from Ibe Iand Ibe ( anuJI dahomey) il live inside and pan clay and covered wilb another cIay pan. Ibe animal and Ibe basket are talcen around Ibe an infucioo . head Ihe rooster. you cover rum eku and shredded. Something is owed to oshuo she is angry Planl zapOle. Ihen a liltle furtber back bis . of Ibe inlerested party heal Ibe mouse. bUI Ibe head are left in Ibe SUD lo dry . 21 popper. flour com . wilb Ibe tabric while. tal epo. head . Secret Ibe soil crab. duriog 16 days. unlil she fioally fouod bim 30d she began lo siog. Ihe animals are laler cooker and eaten . frem jobo. the leaves can also be pulverized mixe with ashe • and this will any ogu Wilchcraft.begarrto poker tbrough Ibe mud . was able to maintain rus position as the head. elegbara. 21 planl strong stick. soil Ibe shoes. which is tied lo an g~ sma11. Iben Ibey are. of al ge O rischa this oddun ebin did not wanted to do ebbo. Ibeo Ibey are pulverized . wilb !he Ola. In the beginning tbey wanted to overthrow olofto. corresponding crown of orumíla with the feather And around it neck encrusted into the. fa! corojo ron. tau 0010 lhe previously .

. You have gone through many hardship including momeot when you have not even had Enough to eat do ebo and receive elegbara.honey is poured over Ibis. water Ibe river. and place in from lo ochun the ebo) oftbis perfonned while Ihe adanes. the head and heart . Do ebo so that everything can go well foro you . Ibe pigeoo and nine fish leaves and seed Ibe plant zapote. 16 pieces of meat. and head the turtle Coconut . You should no use stripped closing to go out to drink or socialize because you might die Do ebbo with those clothes. a . ozaio give two pigeoo black. consecrale Ibe illefa. and placed into the ik.oko. one hens • two pigeon. . soil the foreS! 7 needle dust the head rooster. Ibe cornhusk is cut !bree piece. Meat Ihe bulL one pumpkin.mall piece Ibe marriwo. are cooked . is place ioto eaeh oflbe pieces of oeat. nioe small fresh fish. instead of plants ( malanga ) yoo use plants zapote . one rooster. To receive whal you wish. ofoshun are 00 the head ofthe inlerested party Ibe ebbo.Page 19 of 864 # 15 CON11NUATION mE E/I00BE to resolve situation . EKUENE OLORI ESHU BI AWO KAKA AOE AOIFAFUN ORl AOIFAFUN ORUMILA Secret oflbe plant zapote. is pIaced in the comer of the houses • foc woman this ebo is done with hens Esbu emere .is covered with orisha bead and cowrie sbet~ and in Ogbe yeku eshu mere Carne down to earth accompanying ochumare Secrel soil Ihe cemelery. you should do ebo wilb a tootb blUsh. and in &ont ihe elegbara • in the give one small rooster • and the bleed into the pan. and leg .three inquines • You are surrounded and envious people There are two powerful people 1 defends you and Ibe olher wants to harm you If it is the woman she pregnant and Ibey say that il is witchcraft. Ebo to gel aman. you place five zapote leaves on osbun • hooked anta her adanes. fat corojo Ebo Goal one rooster mea!. Do ebo so that you do not lose Ibe child or die giving birth Woman she lake men lhat are younger than her !fa say thaí you body is on one side and you mind is on the other . ooe rooster com fat comjo. so that you can prosper . and are place inlO an igba . and Ibe reS! Ibe ebo When the ebo you make foc woman. dried bleed bird ( pitirre) Ibe ozain.

be sure that thece tranquillity and peace in youe house try being caring towards your farnily and you Dcha farnily you godparent .rr ALSO TAKE TWO EXTRA HENS ANO TWO PlGEON ANO mE RooSTER MUST BE RED Note wben the sins come out in the toyale • its not written on the opon meaniog the brother is which in Ibis case is olleku obe. You are siele.. BABA EMUELE BECADA EDAN ADIFAFUN LLORO OGUN APEIANADA IQUIBO OCHOSI COCARA oca COBERUN OBE OLOu. mE HEAD GO ro mE MONTAm. bul when you give birth Ihey Will be surprises make ebo so all goes well There a person tbat w~ts to involve you in gossip doo't pay attention doo't raise your hand lo. the com husk is broken Into three pieces and its put ¡nside the ebo and in from of elegua a young ehieken is fed To the ebo. rooster feed il lo elegua During a period oC 16 days you must toucb you' your fore heat with ochun adanes Ebo goat rooster com busk a rack and with money in each hand ..L BE FEO ro ELEGUA NOTA WIIEN mE ERO IS FOR WOMAN .A PIFE SO rr CANBESMOKERATRIGIIT ANOBLOW ALOT OFSMOKERSOYOUCANDEFEATDEAnI ANO ALL YOUR ENEMIES AFTER. on her ardanes • on her crown this Ta1ks aboul vices fiunily problems. head it is retire and pul away for jobs Note to resolve problems put to ochun 5 zapotes.A TOCO UN COUJl ADIFAFUN OlIO OlIO ATIFABA GUO ERANCO OLUBEMBE rou LEDO E1U CORUBO 116 ERO FOR MAN I RooSTER A COWS HEAD HEAD OF RooSTER COM PALM On. your forehead must be louched every moming wilb Ocbun adanes You are pregnant and Ibe people will lell you its wilchcraft. ANO A ROOSTER WD. this same thing can be done to a woman But with a young hens. or ate an animal that was hunter . if you ..if you wanl thiog to go well take care of the saints. and then its left in a stred comer. since you ate something you were not suppose To. mE ERO FINISH.Page 20 of 864 OBEOYEKU BABA AMULE ABACA ADIFAFUN QUENE UN TIO PIO BILLE LOQUE ERANCO ALIJBUDE IJBEDE LACHI BORO ERANCO LORUBO QUE QUE BEI IXlLOGUN ERAN MALU ONI ECO ElLA EPO. Do not let Ibem play with dangerous lbing because of you must edify your character Make ebo with a black rooster and white c101b the.- . Have children. and and its is your stomaeh. Anyone you could be killed you will die an old roan be careful wilb Ibe law . Note Ibis ache must nol be put in anyone 's.

..leeping in the middle of oírele When the people come lo brother bim every lime ooe would stop OD the urioo would die Few feU dead. the longest he consuhed ifa and was lold that before the bara of iron were dead Ihe eld. are Do! pul only the aldanes on the petSOns head A11 stick and the wind • ruade ebo Cut 16 piece ofa mea! and lo eacb piece pul stick ofmariwo thru it and pul this OD a Jicara and add somo OOney and pul in from of ochun PAYERAKlJENOOLORI OSHUBO EWE KAKA AOO ADIFAFIlNORl ADIFAFIlNORUMILA Make ebo SO you can continues in your job Tbi.. thing al Hi... Ihe diviner ofthe tbin bars ofiron. they started lo say lhat Ihe lion had a strong eggun And lrus way he WOD tbe respecI oflhe pcople. Ihe one thal Iives the longer... were they wanted 10 take 0106 crown... the neX! momiog wheD the pcople oflhe 10wn woke up and saw that next lo !he lion were a few pcople dead. he did aII tbat ifa said lo do.. birds and aII the wiIJds ruade eOO and all the hllman being wubed their Teeth Ift... be consuhed ira and was told that before the bars ofiron.ofcombinalions. ebo and be did and be was given par! of the material... of iwro were elose 10 dead Who eircumeises the turtles..!he 000 that Iives. even marking A oírele ofOOne and .. aII th.leep so he went to seo orunIa and this ifa carne out he was 101d to mak.Page 21 of 864 OOBOYBKU 11' Tbis w. Note in thi. bed time whcn he wanted lo go lo s1eep. and so thal he would cootinues being the ori of aII the ocha and reinforcing A11 the word Ebi was lbe comel wOO refused 10 make 80 and ochosi kiUed bim Your ar looking for a good woman and canoo! find ber Visit ofthe aleya. and odwD with her adanes started pieking OD the mud at the honom till abe fOlIad ( agallu ) and she started 10 Iing SUILI!RB AFOMOBOMOBO FODOROMI YARE YALORDB ABE . be was very good and they would take advantage ofrum they would get on top ofrum and puU bis hay and would nol let Him .. and was told he had to do certaiD thin. .. abe oyem) is the fath. Ihe longest be consuhed ifa and was lold thal before the bars of iron.esting 10 coaserve the hygiene ofthe same. (agalIu) fur alOlll! time. i.pirits Pul 01<0 and yams in pieces 10 elegua so he can defeal you enemie. and . Ibis i.... because he liad buried bimselfin the BoltoD ofthe rive. were the toothbrush was boom in this ira ita were ochun liad DOt.. canoot oírcumcise the snail this was the ifa tbat carne out for the Iion when he was being abused by the reS! ofthe animal.. and be ado and adie was given SO he could Keep bis job. the one tbat Iives. and lhe fears ofthe reS! oflbe animal. and egguD ofon believ.. eOO the zapate or malangal.

because he bad been mistreated by and abused by bis family and aII Ibis he bad inside ofbim. ofshor! Iife. taJks aheut hate for Tbe family and especially with the mother and the rest ofthe family in generaI. and disobedience with the ocha. put new mariwo on the door ahd tend to the Saínts the people of the paIace told bim since he knew so mueh ahout tbis they were going to make bim king. also the secret of Dam. SiDce tbis was a disposition of ifa and the entire saint .Page 22 of 864 OBEOYEKU # 18 The son of the edges of the rives bad a very bad temper. till he estahlished a systern of payrnent for their use . and he Informed them that the cause of all that was happening was that they bad not talce caro Oflbis aItar the saínts. you wife tries to. and it because a sickness and Ibis nerves were very bad He was thelegitimate owner ofthe edges ofthe rivers and nobody wanted 10 pay tribute for using them. and nolbing that he bad done before were any good But came a stranger "yeku go to the palaee and started 19Qking around and he saw an altar tbat was in very bad condition and he immediately caIled the king advice. what could be done so tbat the saínts would forgive them? he said reconstruct a11 this. take caro you can die an abrupt Deatb. so what in the future he would teaeh them in time the tbing tbat Had to he done in the future Note and tbis way the unknown man hecame king of 011 the land. Tbis is and ifa ofvice. and out side ofyou house. and he made them pay over the protest ofbis enemies. IOld bim tbat The time had come to leave bis kingdom. ehumare) (the rainbow) and the Payton serpeo!.gobem you and make a doD out of you when go and do somethlng in the religion make sure you can do it Obe yeku was the diviner who read the king that ha! bad been dethroned ifa. and that their puníshmenl was all tbat they were going tbru When the people hoard Ibis asked. they never caro for him and he ganible and drank Note in Ibis ifa id were thetreeLTA's ofthe bahalaos are established. since the town was in bad shape.

orun olofin was very sick. since you were the only one that ·could cure me with a simple eOO. And you are the one who will use it since then apart from adoming the sun tribute is paid lo Ihe (rainbow) lhal is represenl by Ihe python Note this is were all the physieal chemjcaJ effects that with all the chemical reactions Were boom and this is the reason its called the poison of ifa . one day orde. till he finally was cured. 19 ECHUMARE AGO 11 1SOMO OLOFA OUN AWADO NEGBO OSUMARE OLORDUN RONIBO OLOKUN UNLO ORUN META ODUN ADO ORUN ADIFAFUN 1NU MOLE · KAFEREFUN ORUNLA EBO 2 ROOSTIlR 2 YOUNG OIICKEN RED CLOTII RUN lUI1A CON SMOKE FlSH A MAGNET ANO SUIPIIU How !he rainbow was bom . and Olafin said you cannot leave arder orun. and lhal year wiU be Ihe best wilh good fortune. sulphur and carl>on aod cola. from one side to the next and from fronl lo back. ifa said (dan chumare ) you can SO clown i<>earth. as prepared alllhe condition lo make osrde for olofin and Ibis ordun came oul . holy water and sulphur as saon As he did Ibe ebo lo olofin. and all had done sacrifice and all Ibe work Ibey knew how lo do and had failed. and also so you will have representation on earth wilb you will go ejola ogrel python of color Tbis is known in cuba as Ibe python of ( sanla ·maria ) which will be your symbol and on Earth you should be thank:ful to him your signs ( obe oyeku ) is what you have won sinee you have the confidence of( olordumare) this is the key to the fonning ofthe universe. youe name means The light that travels aeross the aehe of the finnament. moneyand Good health. since ( eshu ) mare Carne was known aU over. This is how tbe world was create and the one who was to do it was oggun with tbe ehemica! ingredienl for Ibe orisha dan chumare that olokuns brolber and wbo loved each other very mucho and he was a priesl in Ibey trust since he prepared all Ibe chemica!s for Ibeir family. and he blew This power ayer ( Dan chum are ) with this when you go down and the sun bits you your Beauly can be seen all over. he was receiced wilb greal Honours. but 1 need you here but lets see Whal ifa says. when the SUD come up And in this form the aches wil1 be all over Ibe world and il wil1 fe effective. and he pul logether in a bowl osun. immedialely started lo get better. aJso when it rains you will come out to spread your ache. he said falber 1 still have and ( order orun ) lown lhal 1 have and ode orun ) lown Ibal 1 have lo give gifts aod ( ache ) and il 1 don't go lo give Ihem ache Ibey will die Since the mission ofmy children is to cure not to destroy. il was decided lO send for bim so he could lend lO 0106. and coopers sulphale. but oot stay tbe<e-all the time. And he said !he sic1mess is old you have lo make eOO Ebo 2 rooster two chicken wilb 5 piece of Ibe red clotb.Page 23 of 864 OBEOYEKU . every tbree years you can down to early in tbe momng.

that' s one a month. bul before 1 will Give you and ordered Note every time ifa is made. so he decided lo see orunla ass soon as orunIa saw him standing in frant of him he knew who he was ene of Ihe ehildren of (omolu ) ifa Ihem orun1a explained Ihe ifa lo Ihe town and lo him and he said so !hal you do nol do any more bam. andhe Made bis three ITA were bis tree godmotber carne out Were ifa toId him he had to live iD the world ofthe animals. so Ihen Ihey gave him as a kingdom Ihe edge of Ihe river Bul because oflhe poison ab-eady in Ibis system Ihe animals were dying and Ihe fish Ihe Human and Ihe plants and it was all becoming a greal desert. Ibis sigo carne out and orun1a said. he carne white his system ab-eady poisoned. and by saving him Ibe lown would be saved in general Ihe elders oflhe lown asked for an audience wilh !he king. thr"" goats al differenl lime. saved . wbal Ihe king was poisoned from his mOlher Womb. that it was the most convenient ror him Obe oyeku did all il Ihe letter wilhoul mis. the rule must be followed of the tbree ita Note up to now all tbat was said has heen done Note obe yeku in case of sickness of aD aguo the tbree goat are given to aruola witching a Periad of three months.Page 24 of 864 OBEOYEKU #20 Tbis is the odun were the tree ita were boom when obe oyeku carne to tbe world. you mus! make ebo three time Ebo 3 block goat 3 rooster and Ibe rest of ingredients !hal Ihe ebo talces But before making ebo on Ibe opon he had lo talce thr"" baths wilh ewe glom era and quite mardieion. Ihe survivors wenl lo see DlUnla. and he gave il lo Ibem Tbis explained Ihe message that orun1a bad give Ibem for him. bul before he retire lold Ihe lown 1 have decided lo retire from may kingdom so lhal you can all be anything. and next days after Ihe balh be fed bis ifa. and bath with ewe ¡re to defeat ilru and be .

and he made ebo witb the thing on Ihe il wenl lo tbe meeting tbey were having witb tbe jicara with Ihe pieces oftbe meal and he was ealing tbem as he walked bul orunIa lold him onIy to give food lo ekun he was tbe OnIy one who defender him ltu gOl Ihe reunion and he stood nexl lo ekun. and tbey bad a meting were tboy carne lo an accord ofkilling item bul he went lo orunIa house tbal saw this ifa. ekun gol closer lo kekun who asked is there Anything wrong ekun said notbing. unsaid whal are your Ealing? And he gave him some and he said this is good and he said lo itu you cook this earn for me I will save you and itu said yes. and when kekun he killed him when tbe reS! oftbe animals saw this Ihey left runningafraid forlheir life Ekun said cook for me soma of tbal meal righl away and itu did as long as tbe reS! of tbe Animals would leave him atone.Page 25 of 864 OBEOYEKU OBE YEKU cucurn AOlF AFUN KEKUN 11 OFITlBlLLE LOWUO RAUCO N21 EBO 1 C1UCKEN 1 GUlNY HEN COM AN APRON WITII TWO I'OKETS A MASK 1 COCNtIT 1 nCARAANDMONEY . Ihey all obeyed him and tbey left itu alone . kekun was tbe aba of alI tbe animals and he would go inside itu house and even kekuns jtu when lo claim his position and all animals turned agaín him. ekun said now I m in command here and be very careful No lo holher itu. tbe lion the goat and tbe liger : itu bad a piece of land and he made apartment. who saw him ealing. bul closer 1 wanl lo leU you something. take 16 pieces meat an run each piece thru with a pieces of mariwo like it was a sick and Its put inside tbe jicara and honey is poured over it and its put in front of ochun note kekun.

.treason by friends. of doiog so Ifa says foc the youog lady. LODAFUN ALEYO UMBO LODAFUN CHANGO DAWO DAWO ADAFA ONl BABALAWO ERU LONA AWO AYA AYALORUN AKE ENE KURU OMO SffiA A1KORDIE. lo !he righl because. ACHE ARA ElI BERA OMi ELELU AYU OLUWO ONKO UNBO KIKETO NILARA KOFmERU EKU EYA OBONI EWE GBOGBO TANI POKE MENI. is going to manipulate you into falling in love with her . you can never dress in black clothing. she is dominant one in the relationship Avoid being arrogant prideful etc. OGBE BODAKlNO IREDELE ADIF ALLOCKO KANFUN ESIlEGUlDA ORUMILA ORUBO ADA A ASHEKUE KE. Do not make fun ofthe elderly. avoid vengeance or an embarrassing situation . suspects that he has done witchcraft in arder to harro her The woman is pregnant and she has separate fram the husband or is on the bring. SHE should be cafereful hecause the person that she is seeing Is going to the impregnate her and will later abandon her SHE must be very distrustful of men. the persoo may be perverse and of bad temperament . good fortune and many eggun This is an ifa of disobedience. try have patience and tranquility • and avoid becoming Desperate or worried over any situation . secrel enem¡es. so that in this way you don not lose your way in Jife A woman . and lo the left because thing that are nol good are also ooming This sign speaks oftwo deaths .Page 26 of 864 #22 OGBElWORY OGBE WENE ADSIFAFUN OBATALA ALEYO UMBO INEDIIRE UMBO OMOFA EBE BEKANINI IDEREUl ADIFAILOKO ASIlEGUlDA ORUMILA ADACHE KUE KI EYELE IKORDIE EKU EYA EPO AGBADO OPOLOPO OWO LEBO OGBEDAWOOLUFOONlBABALAWUO ADIFAFUN ATAOLOUN AKE AYALORUN AKE BOKORUKU EN! ENARE OGBE WENE IFA N1GUE EWATE ORUMILA LORDAFlJN. The man cannot control his woman.OBE OBEN! EN! OLORDAFUN SIIEGUN OTA wben Ihe awo sees lrus sign .ofwars ofbetrayal . Jku coming .so that she can avenge herselfofyour prior action You have struggle or argument the you want to win . of proof . EYELE MElI A1KORDIE EKU EYA EPO OBI rrANA OWO LEBO SUYERE MOYUN EKUE MONSARAO.betrayaI unexpected dealh . EKELO TESI EKELO WAMI MOYU OLUO MONSARAIN ODEBE DAGUINE AGUSILERE . a child of olofio.ESHU . When tbis ifa you seeo foc young lady. EYELE ETU LEBO KAFEREFUN S/lANGOOBATALA ALEYO UMBO IREUMBOOMOFAUNBO ALAFIA MANlLELU TEFE OR\JMILA AYA ORUMILA FUMBO INTORlIRE. she must receive her ( ikofa ) as soon as possible A scandalous situation The woman live with a king and has come to see what can be done to him hecause. Don not curse anyone . Olori head and give food to orumila So that you can prosper. MOLLUN EKUE MONSARAO. ofwork problem of necessities of inconforrnity .he !um his head.

you have legal problems thst aIso iovolve another person . The person must take care of eggun ror the mother ror ire umbo this is were the angriest bulls where rounded up for the bullfights whet the awo sees trus ifa tbere is always a visitar. and small jar of iyefa all this covered wilb an fabrie this were the igi the to lose way). This is an ifa of Ibeft at nooo the awo must ba!he wilb ewe canpana blanca and perfume.Page 27 of 864 #23 CONI1NUATION TIIE. in this sigo. because they will always say that you . . and Ibe hens for the (iku ) thst is comins.took advantage of them or cheated them out of money When tbis ifa is seen it is a ecrtainty that it will rain for ¡re umbo rogation the heat one white pigeon. ooe opele. that is comíns. lbe awo must do ebo with these animals then rogation this ifa determines that the perseo must rogation at least once . mother is dead two hens . he will ask the elient for two tbe first so the awo can rogarion • bis own head first • so he does not endanger bis life in this sign is were we dance in front the ifa. both !he husband and wife must do ebo. are bom and are used to make ileke this person Must use an ileke of orumila made of Ibese beads Irthe mother ofthe awo is still alive. opele irofa iruke and this iyefa. You are fascinate by aII fonn of spirituality in this ifa . this ifa determioe thst the persoo will go Iboughl severa! sorrow in bis her life wheo the awo with this sign goes to head rogation . when Ibe awo does ebbo.because in this sign there is someone who does witehcraft io order for this happen to the person. the followiog orisha speak !!!!!!! .oshun al one time stole orumila opon ifa. and Ibe door ands say . !fa says that no ene can see the past . one opon Ibe ifa. You have gone somewhere to have card or!he seashells read 10 you. Be careful with a problem with yOU{ vehieles braking system . You must be cafereful doing business with people. May he she stay dry Ibe foUowing must be place around Ibe oshun. playing the tambourine and singing ALUDE AWO MOYA AWANIYE ALUDELALA AWO OMO EN! LULU ALUANE ETEDE All happy people make me king IIC\JDELEMI KEBAMI ARUNA SHEFA AWO ROKO OLOYU In wbatever form no one kills an awo and aD oba even less -.od ocbalurOD) this is where witehcraft . This is where !he beads known as glories. this comes from the land of mandinga. are give 10 her spirit . present or future more than he can You have I male ebild and I female ehild .was allowed to have power over human being This is where the Oath of Ozain. he must also do EBBO for her IF the awo .l OBE IWORY Be caferefuD of unexpected death . lbat come to the aWQ . with fresh fish. from the from. from behind. using metal is boro. the pigeon for the good fortune.horne The awo must spread a Httle bit or one io Ibe street.

adaIu oko. trunks West 0. is sacrifice. prayer. is talce and thrown al tbe fool oftbe donr oftbe mayombero .. you c1ean your self witb hem . eya fut corajo. 10 ihe cepas.. Ihen you talce tbe mud.ís drawn a cirel. . South On tbe four comer oftbe cirele you place tbe four mud ball . are place in front of!he cepas. tbis is left like tbis fo tbe moment . of mud frem river. on tbe left.Page 28 of 864 #24 OBE IWORY SpeU for araye unJo and to figbt against tbe mayombero This spell is only done for oneself. tbe mud ball oftbe soutbern eirele.. and in frent of eaeh oftbem . it will coSl tbe person. and tbe etu lO tbe cepa. being careful not to place any bleed on ·tbe mud hall$. and !he mud ball oftbe west inlo tbe cepa on tbe rigbt . he wiU. tben you give tbe bens lo tbe cepa. inside of each one. tbe person stand in front in tbe cepas. tbe middle cepa. in !he middle. one black heoa . be<:ause it it is done for someone e1sc. witb cascarrilla. wbile making Orun resooate with tbe ( fish oro ) tben two pigeon. this eirele is drawn so !hat there are 8 division ¡nside tbis circle then foUowing signs orifa are written inside ofthe Divisions . elean bimself witb . note tbe signature no have tbe prayed now. fut cocoa. !he ball that is left over . on tbe bil~ tbe tbree cepas f1attened .lt: . one guine hens. hall. on Ihe rigbl tbe pigeon. 12 OOU tbe com with ono pepper. north O ~ Banana tr.tbe orun iscalled witb tbe foUowins. eeru aro. tbis ceremonies is realized al tbe top of!he bil~ you need three cepas tbe banana tree trunks purple coro. gbogOO ere seven candle. inlo tboleft cepa.. bis life. tbe one from tbe east. four ball.0 ~ O~Piecethe . tbe ingredienl tben tbe . olele. oftbe nortbern cirele and throw il inlo." (] () o~east Rivermud o o / o I I ball. afier you talce tbe animal. .

the different color. the heal you find a shepherd . animal or four legged animal after wbich . bull bom . ofthe planl frula bomba. bul was lacking the love of a good woman The person lacks a spouse to love him her.every lbing is left the Tbere -. resentful spiteful and arrogant. tock to elegbara every day. The person is a window. obi cola com trash lhal has been picked. fallen leave. while asking them roc whatever one wishes to have For araye unlo. and observant persao. tiwesorde he enter and exits .Page 29 of 864 #25 CONTINUATION TIIE OBE IWORl To get cid an araye You take one ( igba ) ¡nside you put the sigo the obe iwori. ifa of the orphan. one pigcon must ask which animal. Tiwesawale he is afire in his home. and the rest the ebo. . name) on top ofthe tinaja. and silver. in Ibis sign elebaca completely destroyer th. must be give Adawe speak in Ibis sigo who Iive wilh bis ig~ herb . all Ibis places. s. al the door. is place on one side the odu ogbe wori . because this eggun will this petsOn • be victorious in IiCe Ebbo one rooster. Ibree pepper . Obatala goes off to war . Ibis ritual is done in Ihe dance part of the woods. then the animal is saerifice .oil the door the enemies • and the comer. is prayed then un eal One goal. it is quail and guines hens . and the silver. this person should many or take on a lover Tiweshegun. Ifa of enemies . and the ring is used forever One basket full of peanUI is place lo orumila for much woman Ebbo two bens two coconut. rool of planl espuela the caballero. fish. with sorne iyefa. okomoloya. on lop . the stone the placed ground. planl yerba fina. planl macabilla Planl verdolaga. ·Bleed the arriero. the Cerret is give to oggun . on il after a wbile AII Ibis is take lo the cemelery and left Ihere with an Cabric red color . melted soap . Plant the sauco white theo ebo with ! Cerret and with one bronze rios. east and west side of an anl hil~ planl cuaba. plant mastuerzo. purse from male cbild . Ozain the obe iwori . up by a whirlwind . because the awo in Ibis sigo was blind and distrustful The obe iwory. then you place a papee containing. one stone. two pigeon one rooster. head ofthe river mud .dirt from Ihe . The owner ofthe woodland you must go ioto the woodland with one rooster one hens. two candle . Make ebbQ.then you ask whal bleed . mayombero . ingredients picture. and two rooste<. tbe person have three araye. eku fish. and on Fridays • dJy wine is blown on ti • Note the soap the obe iwory • is prepared witb plant the heat the pigeen. vnth one eko tbe place. in lop oflbis elegua. he doesn't sen himselflike merchandise in the place. be il a feather . the araye. this puese is covered with neclclace. planl bleo blanco. untruthful. in Ibis ifa you need rogalion the head. do DOt try to remover this eggun .

wilb two black hens. Ihey a11 wenl lo olorddumare . and bring bim. painful hirtb. w1ten iku removed.bis way . he did Ibe ehho. Ibere pregnanl woman. in you home .. bead lo bim. You ar impolenl and are having trouble wilb your sex life.c(~ !teall_lIr Iku wenl before alQr4umare. The war is coming. tite gourd Ibe rain . olordumare order~ me lo talce Oruntila.and said . you have many enemies lbal you wilb you ill. he caughl Ibem in Ibe aC! . Ibem tí"e bim her. you have stability in you tife. hecause il will cosl you your head. believing !hal was being said was Ibe ttuth . but that money must to be give to or spent on a wornan. il is bighly.but it began lo rain and he Iboughl . SO you non lose il Look and see chango desire from . and one basked Ibe peanut. he was surprised.lbere is • sick person whom Ibe eggun visil . iku lold bim . so that they do nol bring shame and disgrace lo Ibeir family. iku retumed to olontO . as pay tribule lo Ibe eggun in order lo have. lo complain aboul Ibe orunla. tbis person wiU have some good days. so Ibal he could fin woman witbin Ibe curse of one year. a10ne if tbis person doOs nol pay bis her. she must do ehbo. were many and Ibey could defeal bim. Ihen ifa lold lO planl Ibe peanul and be walchful of Ihe crop. fopnd out Ibal olordumare wanled bis head .I<e lo olordumare elellbara look Ihe bead made ofriver mud out ofthe oven and gave it to iku. unusu~ for Ptumila. gave 'lJe. alter wbicb . orumila lold Ihem very wel~ 1 will forgive you both . lo have hung lIi!pself. orumila thinking.and like an obedienl child he hung bimself . 4~y. baba 1 do nO! . one jicara gourd em fish • he then gave the Rooster lo el!'!lbara. al wbich time girl began lO beg bim for merey.tbal e1gbara. two yollOg girls . he saw Ibis oddllO . ir it is i~deed troe that you will forgive US. Ibe head. because slealing was crime punishable by dealb al Ibis lime. when Ihe ·crop was just about ready to harvest. bi did and osode and saw tbis odun. ifa going To give you and ire of OWO. . lo avoid a difficull or overly. because this . we would rather marry you than be branded as lbieves orunla. where ifa lold bim Ibal many bad tbing were coming . but you can never steal anything from trus crop ever again. if in you home. Just when everytbing is going right. ordered iku lo kili orunla . Orumila noticed that someone was sterHng part of His crop. be place Ibe head inlo Ihe oven and covered il wilh • jicara when iku carne calling for orumila.Page 30 of 864 #26 CONTINUATION OF 1HE OGBE IWORY Talce care oflbal you have. where ifa lold bim lo do eho. lo wbich Ihey replies. When Ihe enemies of oruola. Tbere was a time orunla was very sad because he did nol have a woman to share bis tife witb. that is was a squirre~ that night however • instead oC surprising Ibe squirrel . one head made river mud. when orunla did Osorde lbal day.. so lell me 'Y~ere he is elegbara rwtied Orumila. something a1ways happens lo break up you happiness. was doing many bad lbing on earth o[ the crop Ibal ifa inStruC!ed me lo planl in olher lo find somcone lo marry . lo find Ibal Ibe tbieve were. ! M going lo talce a look al Ibe bead . alter you do ehho.buI before doing so he lold me lo cul off bis head. Ihen married holb oflbem There two young ladies that must receive ikofa.he did ehbo wilh rooster Cernent oven. tbis person needs. Bul many bad days until he she dies. and save il you lo l. tribule.

There much revolution. in the home. IFANINErY WATYORUMILA LORDAFUN ALEYO. two pigeon. I will return lo verify Ihat orumila is as dead as. and thHest the ebo. may be the malice !hal you do to yourself Never think !hat in Iife everyone will be ungraleful because there will a1ways be someone Who will appreciate whal you do for them -. destroyed it ifyou order il. has giveo you . Ebbo one rooster.Page 31 of 864 #27 CONTINUATION lHE OBE IWORY Know ifI have completed the task you have sel for me . LODAFUN SHANGO Give the rooster to elegbara • and hens • two hens black for orumila • in arder to win the war.because !hat malice !hat you do nol other. and do 00 ilI to your fellow man . and everyone must kofibory head • so tbat no one may be lost. and the rest the ingredienl the ebbo . eshu says or if he is still alive. Note the persan receive ( ozaio ) Ebbo two rooster. . two pigeon. foc no one dies twice. be conlenl witb whal olofin . olordumare replies Is not necessary For you to retum to earth . two hens . because eshu gave me orumila head. bul the rain completely.

!bis is where man aJigned bimselfwith Ibe turtJe. one rooster. BA UNLO EGUGUN LASCHE ' OGBEOI KAKA . and fresh fish In order lo give Obefa ( cuacuanrdo) 10 awo obe di. left fool seven needle. muS! bi done lo tbis cbild wilh Ihe following ingredienl two piece Ibe roper. 8 needles . ceremony . member oflbe bome. !bis ebbo. !bis hecause he she was sexually.) it live in Ihe ikoko and eals bens. ADA SHAASHA. something must be done ror her. in order lo place a bil onto ohatala horse.Page 32 of 864 #28 OGBEORDI OGBE 001 KAKA OGBE ORDI LELE. padrinio. his enemies • In this odu the person must receive and adore defa Shango is give abo in Ibis odu An ebbo must be done with seven fish hooks offavorite size. OMO ABAN SHAROLA ADIFAFUN UMBATI ORIlMILA. OGBE 01 KAKA . Also in order to rogation the head. many ceremony. ASIROEBANA ADIFAFUNOSHUN ATI OGUN TISlNSHOMA KOMADIO OKA BABA EYELE MARUN ELEBO This is where shango protects the persoD • with shango favQrite bird wruch is the eiye mayito This is where every human sou~ before leaving olorun and heading for Ibeir destiny here OD earth.OGBE OILELE. The araye is boro in tbis odu In order lo avoid impolence . as poiot of defense the odun.OBE 01 LELE OGBE ASUSA AFFE AYERI OTA YEYE IYA UlMI BOROTITI LAMO BERE 1m ADIFAFUN SHENIBAO. cbild lbal Iikes lO sexua1ly abuse Ibe femaJe maJe. ogbe Di must live with a babalawo Orumila arrived into town • and was treated with contempt . banquet and parties in order to overcome . two hens. in order lO avoid. Ibe otber is placed in Ihe cbild . The person musl have a head made (ofsoil crab. Iben baby cbicken. is wilb two hens . must be perfonn~ in order for the gad father. Ifthe person mother is dead. The rogation of!he ifa. !bis sigo speak of maJe femaJe. Imeel before 0106n in order to choose bis her future Odu of destiny This is where Ibe eyelid is bom . IYA LAMU BOROTITI OLITON. ceremonies to avoid. to avoid having someone km tbis cbild for bis her action Oghedi say that Ibe arrow has Ibe virtue of not making any noise. Ibe awo oflbis sigos muS! oficaJe trupon. to avoid many problem or difficulties during or after the . pillow so he she can sleep with !bis roper forever. wilb bis woman While she is on her menstrual cycle The daugbter of SWO.k Tbis is where evil intention are boro • eviI ¡ntentioD of the persoo toward many . and Ibere is a possibilily lbal !bis cbild will have legal problem hecause of bis her behavior . a smoked possum is place on obalaJa.he had to have several. the virtue orthe fish hook In !bis oddun . you will be Ibe power and Ibe - . abused when he she was younger . string Ihat are Ibe heighl and widlb oflhe cbild. must perform many. any proble~ after the rogation is performed on the OWDer of tbis sigos. you mue 7 knot in each ofthe roper one ebbo . the person with this sign the weIJ as Many towards one .

Use yellow sash on you waist. in tbe same week. oshun gave her a daughter . be ca. is bom . give lo oshun two hens. to gel rid of the sheep. and ila) is cooked . you will discover a trap that someone had Coe you . elegbara 1 have received your blessing . knowledge was distribute to every comer of the glove here shango had to to recognize of orichaoko . A persan lbat you once helped. you Iike offer something . one day the woman was walking with her daughter a10ng the river . avoid signing for other businesses and never collect any debts your self. There once was a woman that begged for oshun to give her a daughter so that she would no longer be a10ne in Ihe world. and when it is boiliog il is poured aver shango. Or someone will give you and odu ara • your woman used man 'Profane word in her conversation. shango is left outside for a time .when oshun appeared before her and reclaimed the offered Iiltle thing since the woman. this were Ihe sea and the earth parted due lO the judgmenl of olofin beeause. orischaoko olfended his wife . you are prohibiled from going lo Ihe plaza. She promised oshun a liltle thing in return for lhis daughter. to avoid bul the woman. so that in this way. this odun speaks of marital separation . Don't drink coffee oc water that someone hands to yoo.then the awo enter his home • pJaoes Ihe ilame. at \O p.her precious little thing You take one ñame it is fried • then smothered with fat corojo. look her child whom the woman a1ways ca\led . willlater hecome your enemy. Disguise your fronl door . curse that around you fee! the sea. and you wil1 have difficulty prosperlng. in crder to avoid being recognized by the arayes.muS! be asked or ochun orggun in the early. did nol have anything to give to osbun. forgot of her olfering lo oshun. This were the world. This is were the secret of placing and (odu ara. ( com f1our. The person should not wear the same clothes twice. You are going to cross tbe sea and tbe river. do not allow anyoDe to live in your home that is Dot ofyour immediate family because this will cause you problems Anything you desire . your enemies don '1 recognize youe home. do not abandon you affair for trying to fix other problems beeause you will have many difficulties if you do Do no! drink colfee. you money Ogbe di should rogabon every 15 days.Page 33 of 864 #29 CONTINUATION TIIE (OGBE ORDl Proof of lbat you say. Be careful al parties . moming . you are meat to be a business person. on the outside on the palio. this is where a derecho you pay the awuo. avoid reveling penple defects because this persan will curse you.and betrayal oC you woman • Someone will accuse you falsely. to commit. then you do I deliver. this is where the secret of Ata yeye or guine pep~ or grain of parodise for head rogabon. in from the elgbara and prays Sbango is give two rooSler.) inside ofthe orichaoko. your luck is in different plaus. is bom don't know make pact or contract with anyone .do what you Say you are goiog to do. agana eryyou found an odu ara. this is where the camouflage is boro. . then he musl say.reful does t accuse you oC crime you did. the awo sits at the entrance To the property. beware vengeance. your are meant lo be a world traveler • and in this way. you will find you property.

. In Ibis signs an obatala by Ibe llame.bu! later .the persoo must place one speak hehiod door . very quicldy .1 he makes ·a 10WD prosper . everythiog hecause Ibis person will repea! everything that Ibe awo .k three enemies who are using witchcraft ag¡pnst. I .. but in the river as well. ADE ASESU AKlYEMAYA AKOTA KUELEE ODA ADI ASESUWERE WERE ASHOEWE And yemaya asesu covered her with river flax.¡p. bleed Ibe bird Tbis (prolect) you cover with head of different color. wilbout actuaUy boiling Ibe herb the ewe must be left in water for several days in order to release. head Ibe roosler.wiU have a greal future and Ibe protection. when the awo see tbis sign for eni person. wilb Ibis singing. bas lold bim her Tbe awo of Ibis ifa . Inexperience is you worst enemy in this sign the ifa • this is an ifa oC sacrament . ile smoke one 10hacco.bUI deo he refuses to work and wail for ilw 10 arrive. worsliip oshun and oggun. it s active ingredients Ebomisi Ibe wilb planl aberikunlo. lO have difficulties.tbis sigo.d ealen ary ! ' " ~~ """ . and oto eleg~lIf8. : .Ibis obatala forget Ibe pact hetween !he perso. meal fal corojo. Ibe defense Ibe Qi!>Cdi. there is flax Dot only in the 9'ef\¡1 of.head Ihe eggun. Tbis is an ifa Ibe land Iyesa. froro that rnomeDt on. i~ p'~cing eku on orumila. if it is a woIl'18lly she must yoko osha and receive Ikofa. obatala .head Ibe lurlle.Page 34 of 864 # 30 CONTJNUATIONTIIE OGBE ORDY Tbe person mUS! drink leas made from ewe mangle red. for help and for closing . il eats rooster red color·. .where her enemies cajoled Oshun s admire inlo ripping off her clolbes and leaving her naked Oshun begged For her sister yemaya.~ il. Ebbo one fish. of olufande~ speaks . if he knows how lo he respectfu~ and honest . This sign spea. . I . Amn komaderi ~F iq \yater for three o four day . . behipd Ihe door. will pick up or help Ibe perso' prosper. Pay tribule Ibe rivl" every YI'8T . the awo cannot teU tbe persoo. O~i kills sollleope . This is where tbey tried to demoralize and embarrass oshun in a drum . jar'lUl' Ofriver waler. one small basket. rogation Ibe head. . Ibeo blow smoker and run onlo Elegua .person must feed Ibe earth and Ibe wind. eku fish . Ibis waler musl he collfWIed when you give eal ofhens lo o$~»n iq riyer. J' iI' . In ogbe di. of Ihe mome.odu of ifa . you . .e person must place and "'WlIil~!lmtham lo. of ifa is seen if he is a man • must become and awo of orumila.Ibis obatala.. and lo yem~y". Iben Ibey ~p. V90geful ael /fom ~m~ne give two heos lo oshuo . leiling bim in wbich direction lo trave~ in Ibis sign oshun Ijumu speaks and Ibe musl he worshipped in order lo prosper Bolb good and evil are in Ibis . The person°. Ibis ebo il lo take. give an abo lo C88Il" . seven differenl time.of olofin. and bimself and Iben allow Ibe person. To prolect . Tbe. lo resolve a stability problem .for whom this sign. speak ofbusiness • oC exploitation. " " ~ . all oflhe orisbas waIII le¡ fW. ' . head Ibe quail.lbopefSl)O must give Ibe drum lo Ibe ~t W~ jf~. away all of Ibe negalive lbal Ibe person bas around Ibon. 10 oshun you place an eartheD\yar9. Ibis is where Shango. and oC a persan with a great deal of sexual prowess. led or guide obatala. elegbara. in order prosper. Ibis is Ibe obatala. oC an intelligent person.

. boe . plant ( pata de gallioa ) plaot eran. differenl fabric • one set of new white clothes. of head the fish. back . Tbis eshu is !fom the land arara.h that be bad caughl were looger in Iú.and he was instantly. plant sacu sacu. head and heart. bleed pigeon. ttamspolled . and seveo stick. one in the afternoon • and one in the night Bath river water. afIakete. stick cambia voz. bom the eggun.. planl zapole.snake.can clean tbemselves. and one stone comed This eshu is covered with .planl scourer . soU !fom crab. all you seot me on thot errand.. soU !fom a 10mb. of eni heos. People do 001 find out wbat you are doing . you ask if Ihe following ingredient .he was surprised 10 seo lbal Ihe big beauliful6. fOUT trap. plant cardo santo . Ebbo two rooster. lbat o/olio had give bim . used Iú. lo each comer O lús way. To prolect .) obi cola. the bath are Produced . plaot ceiba. and five leave of plant ( mejorana) lo oshun. To protect. ~h. head.Eshu promptly appearedbefore olofio and accused -. obatala . soil Ihe four comer. romerillo. . but instead smalls. soil crab . and bleed Ibe bird.ooe day Ihe olher orisha. dust Ihe house. raw com and loasted . Base mixture ofbleed of/iame. are Ihen placed onto Ihe base (osun naburu. is give to the signs. and wilbout sayiog anolher word . lo obatala. give two pigeon • and with tbis. In Ibe beginning.lbe olber pigeon.millo . two coconu!. plant Canutillo.soil erab. platanillo cuba" bolon Ibe oro.differenl type of beans. always caught Ihe bes! fish . differeot igi. NO eku fish. planl pa1m. meat . soU Ibe house. soil house . just so you can steals my lish.chango . bledo while.Page 35 of 864 # 31 CONTINUATlON TI!E OGBE ORDI OGBE DI KAKA. 00 an errand to distract. plant atiponla. plant maravilla. LORUGBO OKETE ME/I AWUNKOOWO LA MESA To offer. elegbara. breasts wilb two bag. arnanza guapo. fealher differenl 21 pepper guine. difl'ereol metal two scorpion. shell. but elegbara. and cascarilla. he lold Ihe o/ber Orisha. a candle made of sweet orange one egg.Ioinclolb coconul one candle. planl orosun. . wlúle praying Ihe sigo Ihe followiog ingredieot. do ebbo so Iba!. yedra one castUe soap. 10 leave bis fish. batched a plao lo exchange their fish for Ihose of elegbara Ihey seol elegbara To Ihe four comer or!he world . one dark soap . in the moqring. that performe Ibis spell . and res! Ibe ebo.lheo an pigeon. eru bleed . OBEOI!. KlGANGA!MURE KOJAMAlA ADIFAFUN ORUMILA TINRE IDAGUERE ESHU. poucll. You are doing sometlúog io privale or secret but that secret will be discovered. fOUT candle. soil Ibe fores!.ELE. leave tbe peonia. and seveo planl the elegbara. crab soil. Showings. lúm eshu angry at baviog .isbe. the sigo Ihe obed~ marked 00 it s base . and you put Ihe reS! the ingredient Narne Ihe elegbara. obi cola com and resl To change Ibe bad idea aboul Ibe awo Give one rooster. is so lbal two awose. isbe. Ebo two rooster. Seveo guioe pepper .orurnila. planl farolilo. head Ihe ra!. bomely. magi hom of virtue . Oggun wheo Ihey bad oolbiog lo do gol IOgether and went finish .

but' with the ehbo in his poueh on Ibe olber way. had gone. lell him !hal you juSI. said and front that moment on eshu was orumila best friend -. be did an osarde . and fal corajo.he quickly set out on bis way to 'See 01060 .so that no one C8l1y hear yOlly and 1 will become you. Wheo 0106.0 sent for orumila . Ibere orunJa saw !hal eshu ~as walking loward him in !he opposile direction he quickly place Ibe ebo.he quickly sal down and began 10 ea! Ibe ehbo. on Ihe road. said lhal hecause you were angry with us • eshu did as orumila. and fal corojo. he dis .) when eshu saw Ibe ñame and fal coljo. elegbara • is this your ñame.orunJa Iben IOld him very well . and Iben runJa.bul first return olofin. .Ebbo ~Ib ñame.Page 36 of 864 #32 CONI1NUATION TIIE OGBE dRDI nem of sterling when orumila gOl home. ofñame. hid in Ibe (buehes.ands saw Ihal eshu. don t yell . . best mend . and fat corojo • that you can eat it eoy time you wish. before olofin. s houseand lell him Ihal no one stole any tbing from you. al that momenl orunJa sprang from Ihe bushe and said to eshu is tlús ñame. 10 accused him and Ibe olber orisba.

he look care ofthe problem. because ogbe roso sits 00 the opon ifa • in this sigo lbe people dressed in clotbing made of juju of animals. you father murdered because he knew loo mush or for speaking loo mush lbe person must rogarlon the head. This sigo nol applied lo the perso. ASIlE roro. child so!hal Ibis child does nol supplanl the father mother A necldace of orumila mus! be made. INQUIN OKUA ADJE OMOLON OTIJRUMALE. because of their invincibility If person father is dead ans fisb must given to the father s spirit and ebbo must be done To Ihe person.EJ.because fue person • can cause the awo problem. is placed inside of the awo. out . ORUMlLA AKlJALOSIÑA AKUA EBO BERI OR\JMILA ISOTA OGBE ROSO UNTELE. Ibis necldace has 16 green and 16 yellow. OPOLOMOOPOLO AVE no no OMOLON 0TI1RAMALE INKUIN no. sigo.must clean themselves with e1ru.lo remover lbe influence. for lo read. fal corojo. .Page 37 of 864 #33 OGBEIROSO OGBE ROSO UNTELE. In Ibis sigo. !hal has come lO the awo home. when Ibis sigos is see in aleCa. oshun and don I become a family give thanks you father Take good care ofyou eyesighl you have 2 other brotber. teU ties and when he she arrive home find !hal 811 the lie he she lold have come true. In Ibis sigo orumila eals with inIe afekolleri ( ale pon ifa ) is placed on lop of inle afekolleri . throw in 8 hoUow • In Ibis sigo the ( shishirilru ) were laying siege lo the child of elegua . Olofin give !he reigns of leadership lo the children of ogbe roso. it is going lo ~ avoid wetting yourself With rain waler . com Ihen all tbis ¡s. the persan has suffered tbrough 8 great trauma.EATIE. ONA BORO NITIFE ADIFAFUN EBBO TINEBELE ELESE OLORUN EBO ELEGBO OGBE ROSO UNTELE ASIlE EBO ACHE 1'0 ARIKU BABAWA. ira . Went the sigo see the house the awo. it is very good . in Ibis sigo there is a place where waler is placed inlo the Ebbo . ASIlE TIE DEKU DEKU ATIE) ASIlE ATIE DEYA DEYA ATIE) ASIlE ATIE AKUKO AKUKO ATI ASHE ATIEADIEADIEATIE)ASHE ATIEAI I. eshu found. OKUA no).and work with chango or with Osain . in this sign eshu eats together With chango. Just for not performing yaur religious functions obligations or ebbo you can have many Difticulties in tife worship. OMOLON OTIJARUMALE INKUIN OKUA AKUKO. Every awo !hal is presenl . IREOWOIREOMAIREOMOnO This is the ifa the trust and of the lie. Ibis is where two intelligenl people do balde The person that has come to see tbemselves with if. OMOLON OTIJRUMALE.E AIJ. INKUIN OKUA EYELE. ofthe ( shichereku ) you sprinkle sulfur and cigar Ash all round In the overoso it is prohibited to sprink. This sign is cal1ed ogbe roso of opon. and yollOges! is the one with the good heart yau have come to test !he awuo. lbe ( shichereku ) male and females . OMOLON OTIJRUMALE.les sulfur and cigar.and whe. one fish something mus! give lo eshu immedialely So lhal he does nol Iay a trap for the persan for whom Ibis sigo issee. fish .EI. bead I This necklace.

Because the soul wishes to live it s life as it s Jife as it lived it. is unusual because the. and Iba incredulilies. Vou llave stomach problems. invesligation. obi mOliwao. roso. you take inso from razorback boar .Page 38 of 864 #34 COl'mNUATION THE OGBE moso You will have money. you real father is dead. beware of young lady. you have many enemies.chango. may casi you your life. immediately give eshu one goal rooster. and turtle for ozain . because Ibe may tum inlo Ibe truth and you will bave difficullies give thanks lo chango. dress in wbile and feed obataIa. he careful ofbathing or Swimming or swimming in the sea. igbin lo obalala. that has been left as an jnheritance for you tbis orisha. guard you secret weIJ. but rather with someone clse. in your home. because you bave been deceived. Ibis persen s guardian angel. confusion. Avoid hurting olher people. in order lo ge! lo Ibe primary eggun lbal causing Ibe person many problem When thls ifa is see • the perse:n is a prisoner . be finn in you decision . in the saiot he she is obliged to yoko osha And lo worsbip Ibe orisbas.) otoku . is buried al Ibe edge of a well. To Reagan pieces and harmony. Ihen you add lo Ibis bleed of head turtIe gibin fal cacao. laughing al you situation.and bum it. a11 lbal persen is doing . spouse was your remale or male. Tbe daughler of olordumare wenl lo Ibe plaza. ) your mate or femaJe. aIlbough someone is trying lo harm you. obi cola osun. this relatioo ship. and tbis sexual. this ifa dictate that before ( awo ogbe. however Leaving you spouse. Tbe persen musl do oparaldo or spiritual. you mighl he attacked or devoured by a marine. don'l know Ielllies. there is a great dea1 of revolution in your borne. because according lo Ibe sigo. because a11 you will and up doing is disgracing yourself Peopl~ envy you fQc yo~r cleanliness. he that does evil to me because of envy 1 small make his eyes see no evil ever again. you love each otber very much • bul there is a greal deaI of spirituaI. goes the heart of the current problem. need lo changed lo a female one so Ibal peace and tranquilily can once again reign. This odu speak of an orisha . so lbal you can prosper. divines with the power of eggun abo lo chango. animal. can COsl one of you your lives . in search of love..mosl dear. and the man is a woman. spouse in the ' previous incamation. Ibe falber you bave. of Ogbe roso. eshu ° and lO orunIa You are incredulous. eggun comes to possess th~ body ofthe awo the awo with this odu ifa . Vou do Dot Uve alone . in Ihe home. is nol you filther. a11 Ibis is pul inlo Ibebom oflbe (abo) lbal . a1gebra is on Ibe S1reet Comer. who said. she was a very attractive and weU dressed young lady You are nol straightforward wilb anyone you are capable ofbetraying even Ihe people lbal you hold. woman is helping you. but do another. you have two woman. without even looking Ibem. in orderto avoid confusing people This persen may have a sexual identity crisis. and need to have a physician take care of it You thinking. who is male Orisha. or have another lover and if one ofthem find out il could cosl Ibis person Ibeir life. This sigo speak of the curse of obatala. and deceived Ibe young Tbal she was in love with.

"'blem One guinea hen. you place the ogbe can ¡nside of Ihe orunla.lo resolve Situation pul fresh fish lo eggun . Ihe house. palm Iree.. and ." .\he fish.. candies . altor Ihey are dry. . Ihe following Ip~ieql. . Wllh . lo resolve p\IIhlem wilh Ihe woman.lhe hens must be yellow. To resolve p. lhal was made and Ihe comer . are psh are left on Ihe warriors for a time. and Ihe juju.try wilh \bem in !heir pocket . ¡pell is done al Ihe fopd oftwo twin.t>i mOliwado. rJ1. they will bow befare you control Your pride. and gives lo algebra. There is someooe that is waiting to give you a blessing.orub all over Ihe body planl aberikunla. you are true diviner. speaking well is bad speaking iII is good. -. . SO lbal your prid. wlúle you 101 Rooster for eggun immediately .also fish for orunla. You have family member lbal drowned in Ihe sea. ffilIStwhalion.l\Ifring ·lbis ara is take. Ibe semen is collected. you malee one Ihe ·venlJll fins oc. Ihe are retluced Ió a tlnes poth~r ¡wd uoed lo ~Iqw. lo ben no food. rqn waler. Ihe rops¡". obi edun. Ihen give bleed of Ihe small clúcken. Ihe scalps Are t1¡~n removed. she must mop Ihe !loor oflhe enlire house . Ihe fish. one crys!a\!'\tl'.lbe head is left on Ihe lop of Ibis mounl. once asked you for Something in a dream. you go lo Ihe comer... lo Ihe mound .' .lhen wilh Ihe juju. Ihen ebo must be performed wilh Ihe collon ball. are left outside. oflbe J¡¡. lhe rooster and hens.n. Plan! mal pacific.p is placed.o~. and for lús family member . makiog sure lbal no one can see Ihe pUp . of Ihe rooster. one spur is for · el~gua.ljfllmÁJ three stick fabrif .ns. Oggun ochosi. Ibe viCe Ih. egg. dry il Ihen il is place inlo Ihe awo. lIDQ Ihe juju.i'l ~I. fool corojo. and pul together. ~L and one rooster. unlil il is finally. ~ lbal your pride does nol control you. a family eggun. .and Ihe olher is for Ihe person -c\. left fool of Ihe jio jio is lied wilh ~ StIÍI1g lIDQ is taleen all througb . . are ~e .. bo. Ihe body of Ihe hlbsler and hens buried after 10ku To resolve problem in the work Take one small clúc~.lhen llús ". wilh a collon ball. litis spell j¡ jlll!:lbrmed at 12 mida Tl!il Tp . placed in fronl algebra is give cocon~~ and 'lSked whether Ibis ara is cul inlo. bleeds !he fish.9l1lpver Sbepe . riF or left whole . muS! be dismounled of ejaculalion. Ihon Ihey are I'ljlen oUlside lo dry. shelf somewhere up lligb • wbjle ~Q place In from Ihe oflbis altar. someone is watching yollo they can find a way to betray you do not become impatient with you enemies. planl escarola. Spell lo gOl rid. foe one day. lheQt) Ihen you remover s spurs and fill il wilh Ihe following ingredienl ¡yefa en¡ obi cola. The apetervi must give five lo oshun . ifa Ihen il place into Ihe awo ifa Ibis is lbal Ihe awuo can triumph in every struggle lbal he may have.on as small. Take one roo~er 8Ild one hens.and lo whal localil'P (or~.!<.tbls q¡p ofw41er represents olofin. and place eku fish coro. in Ihe hoQte. or water is given lo.?. when the rooster is about to oficaletrupon.Page 39 of 864 #35 CONTIN\JATION TIIE OGBE!ROSO Sacrifico lo shango Ibis is ishe osain for Ihe awuo.lIIIl! osun.

bands. house. of a large eirele. Ibe pigeon. is Ibe open and plaoed over ochosi ochosi is Ibeo asked wh. from Ibe stiek. . Ebo ooe rooster ooe stooes bobogbo lenu unyen. opa.ere placed on tbe crosses.she Will find a male.Page 40 of 864 #36 CONTINUATION TIIE OGBE !ROSO Midnigbt. wilb cascarilla. tbe woman eyes ate cleanses with one silver coin. on Ihe inside part ofthe door .1as it s secret Orumila lold Ibe cockroaeh lo do ebo. is written the sign.. tie Ibe rooster 10 !he pal tree. and awuo marks!he foUowing sigo (oche otura. Ogbe roso ) one foc each cross three glasses the water.lbe animal gusts are aIIowed lo bang. on Ibe door. and Ihe bleed is give lo Ibe eross is msde wilh Ibe bleed oflbe pigeon.. Ibe person caII lO abita. and when lhe persan has walked witbin Ibe eirele for bis. in Ibe following waY.-witb removing it head.wilh lhis spell. tben she must wash her face wilh omiero and iyefa oflbis sigo all Ibis is Ihrown inlO Ibe river . down Ibe sigo. in order Id be able lo see.eya epo. and each face l. Ibey did Ibe ebo and Ihey developed eyes. the a'Y0 place eku . for ochos~ is !cilled. is spread over the sign. wilb Ihe rooster body hanging upside.!he twigs are plaoed into pile . a knife is used lo opeo Ibe pigeon. Ibe awo talce Ibese lbing lo a palm tree And 00 Ibe ground. . Ibe sigo of ogbe roso. later orumiluold Ibem lo do ebU so lbai Ibey would nol look alike.) ogbe iroso... is prayed. her. picked and Ibe roosler is left hanging.. which otlbem was maleo aIId which ot'lbem Wasmale. \he awuo ligbl two candle. Ibe awuo. and the stone The ordua ara. is used lo extinguish Ibe i08 and Ibe persan jumps out oflbe eicele Ibis persan Iben returns home and malee balb and ebomis~ witb plan Ibe obatala. com . Eshuwoke This is tbe eshu oftbe líes it has three faces. because il has been a long linte since she has been louehed By an m.lben Ibe awo placos any and juju over Ibe eross . 16 lb tinte Ibe bleed Ibe roost. lO Ihe end of Ibe days • all Ibis is e1eaned • pieked up and tbrown out To keep ashelu away Ochosi placed on an plaled directly behirid Ibe door lbal is eloses lo Ihe street and candle Is ligbt 00 Ibe !loor. ara is plaoed over Ibe sigo. In Chile Kun) door Ibe house) The awo make three crosses at the foot the door and beneath them. and otura oche) Ibe. it is bleed. from Ibe oock aII Ibe way lo Ibe anus.. Ibe awo e1ean himselfwilh an pigeon. is give lo ochos~ Ibe pigeon...alcoho~ is Ihrown on top tben !he twigs are se! ablaze Ibe person will be standiog inside. Ihen talce Ibe ordua ara. will have Ibe rooster in his Her. home Fer woman. Iben woman omi of give Ihe rooster.. he she. one each cross • and each" days one gIass the water.. tbat is drawn lo encompass !he two paIm treos. . companion. is thrown out on the third day. and il is begun by tying a long stick lo !he two palm treo.e asked where he wanl Ibis pigeon. whieh are witbin Ibe drawn circle. and coconut. is written Ibe sigo of ogbe iroso. bul Ibey did nol do Ibe tbo when ololin reuniled a11 oftbe aiún'l«ls Ibe cockttlacIles were Embarrassed because oJolin could nollell.. Ibe stick • 00 order 10 make a curtain. !he persoo begin lo waIk around Ibe two palm tree. and how he would like il uP. Iben Ibe trees Iben Ibe !bree strip of e101b are place ov.

eku fish fa! comjo res! !he ingredient . on a tomb tbat the same initials as the araye. bair !he land fingernails one smaU shove~ one hoe four com cob. oflife Refrain from showing all that you know. into!he hole. !he res! of the lever is left to rot and then taken to !he cemetery they lived is placed. does.olofin wife saw aII of!he tbing of the ebbo ioside Of the crevasse tbe animals. She entered the hole but was unahle to reacb. he !hat eat turtle. sinee . the awo then instructed her to colled AU ofthe itern. otura niko. floui corn. !he foUowing sigos onto tbe livor. Guinea heos . one board Fmm and old house. 10 do for osorde.Page 41 of 864 # 37 CONTINUA1l0N 11IE OGBE ROSO Ebo one moster bair!he goal. one ada. white. the clothes the money. not ea! tbe turtle s sheU. fresh fisb. A mixture of osun efun eUa. old boes. Madame do you wish 10 see everytbing sbe said yes !he tbree awo performed tbe Ebbo with tbree woodeo wbip and with !hese the bahalawo. just use their Hair and feat\1er for the ebbo. the awo only. is done for the liver. in order 10 close the. 1 cow s liver . afior!he ebo. the bahalawo. to orubo. whoever this signs is read for tbe awo must apply the path ofheallh. but no one of them wiU by able to hurt yOl!. come in osolbo Because if it does. ( oghe roso. Ebbo with cure. mud. an plant álamo Ebo one moster . Ebbo one moster. com eku eya. one loinclolh. mea! goa~ heos fabric. the awo asked ber. then one young moster and bay cbicken. beast !he earth with them and the earth oponed up when tbis occurred . one hook . fissure he said no olofin told thern to bave bis wife enter. said poor little animals. and left them live. one pigeon. one ada. Ebo one rooster. You bave many enemies. inside!he fissure.and he sent for three awo. soup. and good fortuned 10 !bis person Wben tbe awo. tips !he ala. the tip oftbe live is cut and placed into the ebbo. so!hat in tbis way you are nO! disappointed by the ungratefulness ofthose!hat you put your faith in Because this signs is the ifa of the truth and the ifa of the lie. they saw tbis sign . one young rooster. give to tbis tomb. fat epo. ohe iroso. eku fish fat comjo. and black. tbis placed benealh. wit two pocket block eyed beaos. one trap soU !he house. one bush banana. but witb the awo s back to the tomb when tbe awo retum horne • he must the omiero. he mus! observed whetber or not tbis signs. one bal~ of river. because as the saying goes . and told bim. seos tbis ifa. !bis path comes directly from !he tbrone. ' Ebbo for ire. the item The awo asked olofin if he wanted to enter the crevasses. ocana oyeku .he was the one who objected 10 !he ebbo in it ori~ form . placed olofin • wife. instead ofkilling then can t yOl!. send moruro. Tbe wife of olofin. speaks ire and applies!he appropriated ebo Olofin was very iII . is used for paint. and closed up . oro.

#38 CONTINUATION mE OGBE !ROSO The fissure Tbis is why Ihe ebo ofOgbe roso is left open in froot of elegebara for 800d amount of time. There is adperson in you home that orumila is Very displaced witb and wished-to make Meotally iIl or have problem with Ihe pnlice. as inany people as Possible should ea! Ihe contents oflhe ebbo. Tho rooster. kofuopa fifechu. just as il happeoed lo ibana .because one day sbe wiU be tbe only ooe who will help _you. of Ihe persoo s house for an ire of wuo . Ihe com and the bean are Planted. oven if it s only wilh ñame fal cacao and cascarilla.when you havo problems with Ihe police. In Ibis ifa.Page 42 of 864 . The beans of Ihe ebo are planled in Ihe patio. is give to e1egabara immediately. then it is removed and Ihe contents are give to everyone to ea!. Do not argues wilh your spouse . !he persoo must a1ways rogatioo Ihe head.

They lold her lo give Ibem water that Ibey had come from heaven and were tired: Sbe was afraid and trembling bul she gave Ihem waler one. The girl' s molber was lold by Ibe people who saw whal happened lo her. é. Ozain. Oggun. .bave been fur nothing.. a machete that he has used. The Iyerosun or afache of Ifa is born. But when the awo heard this he did 'not want to do the ehp. and all Ibe sacrilices he bad done in order lo get married:would. and Olokun. and Ibe clothes he ware. Apori Awo is the diviner ofthe lown narned Egba osgacbo agbo. also the funeral from son 10 falher and from father lo son. A1so in this sigo is wben Orun1a did favors for the childreil of Olokun and they were ungraleful. look a machete and ran to where the irumoles were. They marked Ibe ebo: a big goal. and he said lo her lo give il 10 bim in her bands. When she did this he drank from her bands and after he was done he swaJlowed her i~ like When be lried she cul bis head off and Iben she opened bis stomach and look her daughler out bul il was in vain because she was a1ready dead. So by Ib~_. wbUe after Ibe girl he wanled 10 marry wenl lo Ibe river 10 wash clolbes and met Irun Mole wilh Ibe • head cbiefs ofEggun.but Ibey would swaJlow the jicaras when Ibey were done drinking. Tbis Ifa says yoo cannol forget your looked . When she got there she asked who swallowed my daughler and when Ibey denied il she started cutting Ibere heads off one by one. and ifthey are dead feed eggun. the diviner ofthe lown sbamed apori awo the diviner ofthe lown Ijebu Odefueron were the ones. TaJksaboul achere oriza.Page 43 of 864 OBEIROSO #39 Orun1a ta1ks 10 you in this sigo also Eebu. Egun. wilb )fa Ozain who wanled lo get married and Ibey lold him lo make eoo because Ibe girl mighl die. When she got to the one who had done it he said yes 1 did it because she did not give me water and 1 will also swallow you.she gpt lo Ibe last 000 she had no more. In this is sigo is when lyerosun won the honor ofbeing the powder!hal would be used in opon. Ifthey arealive you must do a head rogarlon for them.

a1so a hole is opened Ibe earth and a tiny piece of wood is taken and Ibe colors of Ibe Ocha are painled on il and in Ibe ceoler of Oberoso and its pul in Ibe hole. be IOld !fa lbal be wanled bis fatber 10 belp bim. and Iben open il and leave on IOp of Ocbus~ and Iben ask were it goes. The son did everything and Ibe mlber belped bim It says that if!he penon gelting Ibe reading.In Ibis oddun 10 ge!!be law away from yoo. -. when Ibis is done a guiny hen is fed 10 lb. il silS on Ibe opon. hole and each of Ibe people lbere will drop sorne soil in Ibe hole liII i. These were Ibe awoses that consulled !fa lo c1arify a dream wilb Ibeir mlber lbal was dead.. you muS! Ochosi al Ibe door and lighty a candle and Oberoso is painled. elosed. and iflbey did nol lbere W8S nobody on heaven or earth that wouId be ablelo help. bim. NOTE: in Ibis lía Ibe Chechereku frigblened Eleguas children. In Ibis oddun Echu comes logether wilb Chango ( find )out how Ibis is done).. . and a pigeon is SGarified. male and female. and Ibey holb work wilb Chango and Ozaio. gel eleaned wilh eku. !fa afler listening 10 bim. since when Ober05O di. bul since be was bis falber if!hey gave him a lamb ·hewould hell1lhem. your fillher can be killed because he knows too mucho This is were eho is made wilb roaches. This oddun is called Oberoso opon. eaeh of Ibe awoses presenl in Ibe alefa. bis Eggun wil1 try 10 pass thru him. It says that bis fathers funeral muS! be taken care 011. lold bim that someone bad forgotten 10 do bis funeral ceremonies. and when Elegua read he knew wha! had happened and !bey left Ihem a1one. and epa and lb. NOTE: Ibe ehechoreku are a pair. ella.Page 44 of 864 N40 OBEIROSO Thislía sayslo be carefuI. and !he father muSl take care ofbis soos funeral . hUI bis father would lel1 bim something a boul bis lontb and he did nol uoderstand what bis fillher wanled. fatber is alive lo take better care of bim and lo rngale bis head. Tbe penon would dress in feathers from birds. lerrible. . drop il in Ibe hole a1so sorne coro. when it taIks bad i. In Ibis siga !he penon divines thru bis egguns Ibis oddun when it taIks -good is bad and . To take Ibe power oflhe ehechoreku you use ashes and sulfa and wilb Ibe reSl oflbe ingredients of Ibe eho Ihal Orunla says. elolbes were nol known here.

and fighls wilh everyone. In Obe luani wheo OrunIa is fed a goat a piece of Ibe liver is taken and fed lo a dog.ERE: Ala 010 amo ~yo made is ere in ayho. you must receive Elegua. In this sigo yoo take three plastic hens. giving bim a needle. but he a1so wanted wingo. ifyou are a woman ane afyoue breast is hurting. bul she abandon Elegua and he lold Ochun. your wife family hates you. Tbis is Ibe ffiI of Ibe heo lbal was a1ways sleepiog on 10p of a tree of guama al Ibe edge of the river. don'l figbl wilh your brother. lel Ibe woman do whal she wanto. '. akare konkoo bonoisho olodo atanibo atimida foke bokogbo. she would lay her eggs and Ibey a1ways feO in Ibe river and she would never progress. you are a persan that has never known happiness. you never heard your mothers advice. and Obatala said no. Sullere. Ibere a child in your house lbat has lo doOcha. she has a strong character. Tbe palb of Ibe poisonous scorpion lbal Obalala gave Ihe power on bis taiI. !fa says nOllO go 10 work after 6 p. so she can pray for you and your heallb. take care ofyour inlestines and kidneys. TItis is were OrunIa mad ebo with a fat tcee trunk to win the war with his ene mies. this!fa is ofviceo. Elegua sacrificed Ibe hen and from Iben on Ochun eals hens. Ihei . don't go lo sleep aftor ealing. don'l worlc in Ibe country side or go lo Ibe forest or woodo. Obe juani lives physically wilh bis wife. take two glasses of rum and blow it 00 Elegua and ask bim whal for whal you wanl. SUll. and put Ibem wilh Elegua so he can play. she was bom lo be • whore. she wanls lo leave her husband 10 go wilb anolher who is a drunk. because whal you will eam you willloose. lo defeal tyoue enemies. Iben Elegua helped her so she could have children. this Ifa talks aboUI artbrilis.Page 45 of 864 #41 OBEOJUANl AGO ENI EBA BERU KE OKUNI AYAWALA OTO AYAW ALA OSI MOKUNLE MOKUNLE WALE COTOWALE TO UN BELENO TO. this is were Ibe hen wanted 10 take out duck eggs 00 IOp of a rope lo defeat your enemies.. you get blotches 00 your thigbs. ofpain on tbe fee!.m. Ibe dog before having sex. a1so someone who repests everything that happens in your house. don't carry any weapons. smells it Iben likes il. you cannot dothings that are had. take a sepa of plantain tree and wben is dry and old is thrown away with 7 dimes in Ibe middle of a forest. be careful wilh your eyesigbl. when Ibis oddun is seen you must foed eggun of Ihe mother is sbe is dead and ir she is alive give her a present and bave her head rogation wilb boiled malanga and pigs Iard. . yOu taIk a 101 about yourseU. I will give you sometbing lbal yoo have oever had before and you willies you Iike it. but he was very stubborn.

your cbildren are 001 Ibe people you expected Ibe!" lo be. bul is a1so very stubbom .. to ridicuJe you in public. you shouId 001 work passed ( six Po!' ) because you wil1 nol see Ibe fruit of your labor. immedialely upoo seeiog Ibis sign eve Ibough Ihe persoo Does ebbo. WIWONIEKUERELERI ADIFAFUNOGBEWONLEKETE..don'l argue wilb your sibliog. sees lil heeause Ibis person will nol heed . OGBE WANIMU OUNKO KERIRA ABIMIKU AYA ABERIN OWUNKO EKE IFA MORA IFARAKANSE ENU ro ADI LAARE KOTOWO ADIFAFUN EK\TTE.and do nol wanl lo consider . oct. you pul an adimu of malanga sauléed.having eaten dinner.lo eggun molber Ibis is done because Ibe person. in pig fal . out Ibe street .you spouses s fiunily are you enemie. or you couId tum inlo o sexuaI degenerale. awo ogbe wale is a good persoo . . Ibis person should be left a10ne lo do lbings as he she. Never let anyoDe see your weaknesses. ELEGBÓ.Page 46 of 864 #42 OGBE WALE OGBE GUANIMU OGBE GUNLE KETE WA ND. NI ASIWERE WDAFUN ALEBARA '.. EY A 'IUIU FIFESHU. ORUBO GBOGBO 1ENUNYEN ADIE MEJI. you take a piece ofliver. OGBE WONLE ADIFAFUN ADIE. in Ibis ifa Ibe person has nol known in bis her life . anyaDe advice.E ON! BABALAWO ADIFALLOCO KANFUN ORIJMILA BARA NlREGUN. because other will want to exploit them Cor their own benefit. ololin and ask bim lo give Ibis persoo heaIlh and loog life .) lo eggun molber. There is someone in you home. ORIJMILA LORUBO. YARAKOUMBO WASILE ENI ADIEEKUEKUEYE NIOMO KAFEREFUN ADIRE EREMODIE FUN FUN KOMO ARERE LAWA ADIE ERE TASHE.. EKO EKU EYA EPOOWO LA MEY01ENTl OYO OGBE CONLE rro ADIFAFUN AGITTAN ADIE ELEGBO AIKORDIE. A 101 of people envy you . Ibe tips a11 Ibe in your home must removed. or head rogation. this persao has a very strong temperarnent. and give il lO a dog lo ear. in tbis ifa when and cure is give to orumila. after giving after raro .GBOGBO KEGBO The ire oflbis sign is extracted by placiog Ibree egg hens . and is also very capricious There is much gossip around this persan .. you . !hal repeats everything !hal you say. Accordiog lO ( Tata gaitan ogunda ofun ) Ibe secrel of Ibis ifa is lo give ooe FemaIe ram. do Dot go to bed . dead molher is huogry and Ibis will give her Ibe strength lo go before. ADIE ADSIE. This person does nol listen lo bis her molber s service. GBOGBO TENUNYEN ELEBO. lO elgbara Ibe braking Ibem over him. AIKORDIE. WALERI ADIFALADIE. tbe person has suffered a great deal because oC Ibeir cbildren . oc use the information . AGOENlIBEBORUKEOKUNIPAWOAYAWALA AYAWALAETEAYAWALAETEAYAWALA OSI MOKUNLO WALE KOTO WALE TE OUN BELONO ETE ETE ALA OLO OMO MAYO MAYO ISERE MI MAYO AKERE KON KON GBOGBO NISHE ELEDE ATANIGBE ATRIMIDAD FOKE . il is probibiled lo perfolme unusual sexual. be careful oC a false aCClisation.

in Ibis if. aod has physieally aod verbally abused you . that in the horne you went to fix . you and youe spouse don t separate. that come to visit oc work in. people treal you wilh two face. Lam lo chango one rooster. Don'l you confide in your friend. oflhe spauses Avoid falling iOlo prostitutioo. strife and struggle wilbin Ihe home Ifa of vice. Ihe person does nol consider anyone. he she drinks lo excess and you ve bolh gotten inlo. . Ebbo lO Ihe void disinlegration of Ihe home. !bis persan need lo do oparaldo . Do not lcave to take cace of someone else problem . you espauses is ehealing on you. Ibis sigo mark buming and paio on the soles oC the days when orunla did bis momiog osorde he saw Ibis sigo ( obe wanle ) ifa osorbo. so lbal gununguo. this person likes to live the way. social and religious eirele. bis enemies who wanled orumila. You are incredulous. this person • must be left alone To leam. lo be omnipolent. he she wants. who Iike lO have fun .if you are unshle lo uses a tree stump. Ihe harsh realilies. and no one wiII find your dying until Ihe buzzards a1ert people you are perseo. just when everytbing star lo fall apart. does nol ea!. a1ways ends up alone in bis her. Do ebbo wilh a piece of hair of liger. because she has s greal deal of ellVY loward you. Ogbe wanle. woman no not chase after yaur womanizing husband he will retum borne on bis own. your rotting corpse if you "-me il~ you will nol have anyone lo comfort you. so that in this borne Orunla was envied by other men and women . wilh one lbiek tree stump In order lo win Ihe war lbal he with. soil house fabrie Ihe differenl color. you waol lo divorce your spauses. Ibis sigo mark war. oflife on bis her own. without listemog to anyone s advice. pay whal you owe lo Obatala. if!he perseo ia ao Ihe awuo. can be performed wilh Ihe stump of a hanaoa tree And Ihen . a11 of Ogbe wale s oalh consecration are Weak. ( 1 boll Ihe green baoaca ( fufu ) an meal bul~ one roaster.capable of doing harm lo you by oflhe food she serve you Be very watchful of tbe babalawo. and does no! Iilce lo do whal orumila lells you. and believe bim her self.Page 47 of 864 #43 CONTINATION THE OBE OJUANI Do ebbo. and does t believe in orumila oc the arisbas. and tbe santeros. dead . lbal aII of Ogbe wale projects are up in Ihe air .and wilh cancer in Ihe bone. very harsh argumenls Tbis sigo says.Do ebbo so that elegua can opeo the road for you because right now • you have many obstacles.feed eggun and elgbara. The ebbo. You have two womao and one oflhem feels abandoned. You have two eneDÚes.Ibis ebbo is talce lo Ihe wood and left Ihere wilh coin . Ihe have your good fortune in !heir hands.and sre never solidiñed This perseo creates many vain illusioo Cor himself herself . you have problem with your vision • you heart . he should 001 go lO Ihe home of an iyalocha. before ( ofiealetrupan ) a1ways lielcs Ihe biteh s wlva. because Ihey will be Ihe first lo betray wilL have more problem in you home. and she is.. Ihe male dog. eku fish. bave patience. !bis is were orumila did Ebo. whieh lold bim lbal Ihere were many lermile lhal were eating away al bis house. because when yiu retum horne . .

and il head is made in such a way lbat is must be screw onlo.because that was where she placed her egg. Ibe Collowing. went to live in the mud by the lake. osain orun oduduwa. and it will be Ibe most delicious Cood you wil~ ever ea!. Ibe dusk eggs are Iben covered with ( ou olgodon . lhis sigo speak oClbe patb. Iben obi omi tutu. two egg Ibe hens. elebara. duck. Ihen you left Ihem CaU lo Ihe ground. sing ( obe ojuany ) wale prayed . arolodo young rooster Ibe red color difTerenl Coad. he asked ohatala. had beCore. lo elegua you lake two egg. lbat Ibe day. Eshu obiwe ) Ibis eshu is you make Ibe oCbronze . . oshun eats hens Obatala gave Ibe power oC Ibe poison tip to Ibe ( scorpion ) bul since Ibe scorpion . s breastplates . oClbe five stone oClhe crown. and goal tbal give to him is nol take to Ibe woods .She did whal eshu Iold her lo 40. promptIy CeU lo Ibe ground and broke Ibus. you unlie Ibe hens. is lake lo onika. destroying her cbance oChaving any ofl'spring algebra saw Ibis. wanled lo have haby.Page 48 of 864 #-44 CONTlNllATIONTIlEOGBEOffiANI TIte hens was Cond oC climbing Ibe guama. must be ask where Ibe hens. difl'erent Cabric difl'erent COOI . lo oshun. told him. seeing Ibe scorpion ambition refused. hens . 1 am perfonning blessing for two instead ofjust one then plant lirio. sorne duck eggs on top oC a clolbesline awo ogbe wanle must receive eshu ashicuelu . wilb Ibe sigo. obe wanle. undernealb . lbal was on Ibe edge oClhe riyer . and olofin . chicken. Cor no reason When alegua. lo ea! something lbat you have never. and she loved it so much. and opara1do in such a way lbal the person s shadow is covering elegua. is sealed on a ( bronze ) chair . can be broken inlo smaller. Ogbe wanle lives a fictitious . then rooster. after this . to eIegua. saw Ibis he wenl lo leU oshun. Iben you doEbo. painled on each witb. ekue kuekueye. and a protruding jaw. life with hiswomen This is where the bens wanled to hatch. orunla saw this ifa when he did asorde to ewe lirio. Cabric yeUow. chicks . Ibe body Ibis eshu . and lold her lbal iishe. algebra. and she then had many baby. to over con araye. you balbes wilb (plant yagruma ) Iben you do ebo one rooster. ( to protect resgualdo ) ene hens • a clolbesline. and Ibe power oC flighl Obatala. to give him wings. beach )and left Ibere alive . one ras puppet one ring that are the exact diameter oC each oClbe fingers oC Ibe persoo. a large stone oC that he can acquire power. pieces and severa! elegua can be made from Ibese . and each glass. almagre. is aplaces directly. gave hens. Ibis is place on 10p Ibe turtIe. tree. wal not contenl wilb just Ibis. one (duck ) two egg.lbe hens began to scom algebra.wilb cane in his right hand all . home. The owner lhis iCa has large head . right hand . cotton) and placed onto elegua. one jio jio. Ibe CoUowing secret Ibe bom in lhis sigo. Ihe kuekueye.she had lO do whal he said . Ibe goal lbat give to Ibis eshu Is smoker Ibis elegua does not eal goal. two glasses of nm . TIlls person is not content with what he she has. I going lO give you something to give yoo something. white flower that is placed behind door. however . Ebbo one I'OÓster • one scorpion. arigin the creation you put plant lirio to eggun.

. 21 stick Ibe good gualite. and yoo pul !he resl Ibe ingredienl. bead !he pigoon.. oocoout.Page 49 of 864 #45 CONTINllATION nm 0GIlE OJUANI Secret oflbe bead Ibe elegua. Iba is longer tbat is round. Ibey eye brown oflbis esbu constructed from a necklace. of elegua. roo! Ibe bloc white.cola obi motiwao. JUlia ) dud Ibe bead !he turtle. turtle. obi . soH Ibe cemetery . soil Ibe trab. bead !he eku. titog of dos.. roo! Ibe coltOn. !he oyes and mouth are made of diloguns cowries shclls Ibe nock oflbis eshu are place 42 shel~ - . pica pica..- \ -. Ibis slone· Is cement oDIO !he pan. silver. san !he . Head !he quaiI. head Ibe roosler. ero sbell Ibe bens one inldog consecrates. !he crown is tbat is lbat of aH Ibe typicaJ elegua. fitng pig . . Obigue. soil !he foreS!. popper . and guine. Secret!he of esbu obigue. head Ibelish. roqt !he prodigiosa. Eszhu areb~ Ibis eshu you prepared from Ibe a bill.

do rogation so a1l the osorbos don 't Cau on you • put fresh meat to Oggun and Elegua. at !he comer of your house wbicraft is done for you. make rogation befare goiog were you plan 10 80. and !ha! your house is not right. dress in solid colors. don't listen tbis person brings bad luck and misfortune. . deatb is afier bim. BABA TERE ABERE BABA BARALLA BI CON OUN ADIFAFUNSESE ABERE MERA AH . Theres a persan coming to your house with gossip.1 ALLESALU OBI OWUO ACORDIE META UN INTORI ELLO EBETE OWUO. ifyou don't. take witb you a red roosters featber and a necldace as tall as you.LEA ACIlECU QUEBILLE SESE CAMBIO SILE CHANGO ALLARILI ACORDIE META TEBETE AWUO ECU SILE. you are a person !hat does not pay auention to advice given to you. you wil! be !brown out and it will be very sbamefu~ don't eat pinto beans. someone is looking for you 10 give you a better job and more responsibility people want to destroy you and are aIready savoring your demise.mE ALEBO.EI. theres a pregnanl woman in your bouse tel! her husband to stop drinking. you have a male son. BABATERE BIABLE BABA BlOCA BABA OFON LEDISE OFONI LLffilLLI OCIlEQUE BELE ADIFAFUN SESE CAMBIO SILE CHANGO ALLESA:p:. BABA TERE BABALAYE VOCUNO BABA OFON LIBELE LEBn. you will have to go sorne place.Page 50 of 864 OBEBARA .E BEDU EBE EWE ·ALI ACUCO ELLELE. buy a lottery ticket at !bree different places. #46 BARA TERE GUIA TERE BABA ARAYE BI CON NI BABALAO you don'l loose your morals oryour strength. YOKAN FUN SESE ORUNMILA ORUBO ABEBO ACORDIE ABEBO ADIE ABERE MESA ECU ELLAA EPO AWUO TUTUBARU. you are running away from tbe law. tbey saw you but did not recognize you. You say you have lots of problems. but tty nol to taIk a 101 . be careful with a party and alcohol. and if someone calls you in the street don't tum your head around to see keep walking. OMO LEYO BOMA MI CORI QUEGUE CAFEREFUN CHANGO BABATORI BELLE BOLOYO OIGA AI.

. piece of mea! to Oggun and another to Ochosi. This time OrunJa said that because ofbis disrespect he would nO! receive bis inheritage. and from now on you mUst on)y be known by onename.taIa house. This time the young man heard the advice Orun1. When the person is very involved you take two leaves from tbis tree and you wash you head with them and add an egg wbite and sorne bread fruit. or babalao it says he or she can bave by virtue of 0106 as the pigeon prospers so doe. and the three women he stayed with the serious 000 and alter tbat they Iived happy Iife. Obatala wanted . NOTE: in tbis oddun the oecret of the bread fruit is born. reunion in bis house. It means lbat anyone who gets tbis oddun in cofa or hand. People are talking bad aboul you.way and stood at the door and tbis is why her fee! got red. And alter put . Maferefun Chango and Obatala. and then teU the person to take a bath witb sorne of the leaves.Page 51 of 864 *47 OGBEOBARA Things were getting very bad and the young man went back 10 OrunJas house. Vlrtue that Obatal. had given bim and the Iaw stopped foUowing bim. but nobody wanted to come because they said there was blood at the door and they decided to go stand on the comer and talk. the pigeon gOl there and asked why are you bore instead of Ob. This Ifa say. but she f1ew . she said tbat's not importan!. . and they tried to grab her.ince you are lmown by three different names. theirs blood on the doorthey said. the person. to be loyal with the res! ofthe people. tbis person cannot be tigbt witb money because no mattcr what he or sbe always resolves. gave to her and all her descendants for beingloyal.

Theres sickness in your chest. Ibe situation is very bad in Ibis Ifa. You cannot eat red beans. ifyou are doing something tbat's outside oflbe law stop cause you can go lo jail. This Ifa says very clearly tbat Ibe people are treacherous. 'fhis oddun coming ot. so thal Eggun leaves. you are outside the law. Jo Ibis lfa you go out looking for heads in Ibe religion aod wanl lo lenow more lhan Ibe falher. Chango and Ozain talk bere and \hoy say thal iflbe person . you throw some on tbe floor in a comer and the cest outside tbe " door. Feed Chango aod Elegua they are waiting for you. all Ibe bad lbings persecule Ibe awo. use a necldace of Orunla lhal reaches your stomach. This is were the soap is taken from tbe knife of Alargayu. iku is after you and you have to throw hOI waler off yoor fronl door.. else.Page 52 of 864 *<8 OBEOBARA N01E: TIús is Ibe suyere: ICHONCHONBE ORDARA KOLORI LEYO. were Ibe piget>ns leave Ibeir home. Tbis Ifa talks aboul tbings Ibal are bidden. ' This Ifil talks ahoul family siclen.. Take care of an ear thal keeps hurting and il could go lO lb. and Ibis can bring probleros al your boose. This is were if. il says Ibis person will nol respect thal you migbt have a compromiso wilb someon. Ibe people are drunken fools.they ask your name yeu give another that sounds alike. a perso. Ibis person does nor have confidence in anyone . if Ibe jug does nol hold !he water is because il has no bottom. in Ibis lfa Ibe bacan who bears Ibe name ofChango was bom and bis fathers name is Chubula Ada Madado Asi Oku. Be careful with a man you me! al a party·or in a tri and he fell in love wilb you. he does ebo wilh caballero beans. Iberes lbings al your door so lbings go bad foryou. that' s sick is going lo die. Whe. NOle.rt in ¡tuto. This is were the birds feeding tbeir children is born. . When tbis lfa is seco.. Jo Ibis oddun Chango was looking for a julia lo give lo Elegua so be would nol inlerrupl bim. Olofio is receiving you with opeo arms. either man or woman should receive Elegua and Ozain. extreme aod need ao operarioo. .

afier Ihe ebbo. kingdom. Tbe person of this sing goes out into the world to find the position . Receive the warriors • osain and ifa .ther is Shubula. tbis sigo. Tbis is were tbe oshe ( soap) is remover from to k:nife ceremony of on the son the agayu . ehbo wilh. LOLADEO. in Ibis ifa chango was loolcing foc one (mouse. and tbe rest on the door house. beware of cardiac disorder Olofing receive you with open arms. goal. in tbis religion and want to be more important that bis own fatber o mother. disposal in order to achieve his her. Ibe awo. this is were shango is bom • His f. erute) in arder to give it to eshu • so that he would not interrupto shango S machination !fa Ibe treason. . and one cocoout and Ibe person washed Ibeir head in Ibe forro of rogation. you take two leave ofthe fiuit Ibe pan. When bad fortuned follow the awo. musl do. in an ¡tutu ceremonies is favorable When you see the sign is very sick or tenninally ill perseo. lo die because just like Ihe ( planl alukerese hiedra) live in Ihe humid earth this person. advised him to sacrifices bis son in order to save bis. Ibe awo Ihrows some Ooor . but to destroy. and betrayal. this person will use any means al bis her. jusI like it followed orumila. Iben the person pours egg Ibe white 00 Ibeir head. OYE UNLO AGUE~ MI ORUMILA ro ffiAN ESHU BI ARERE BABA TERE RE ADlFAFUN ORUMILA ADIFAFUN OLOFIN. and egg white. in tbis sigo. it and him.EMI OBA OMOLO YUMU AKORIKOBA .then into a comer of tbe house . ere sese ( phaseolus lunalic )commonly koown as frijol caballero. it is saying that this person is going . you have chest problems. in Ibis sign. if you have olokun change the earthenware jar of olokun. on top the oggun and ochos~ feed to shango two quail. BI ARERE BABA TERERE ALORDAFUN OLOFIN BABA YEKU.the pigeon. however . Tbis sign says that when the pigeon chest is crushed it dies.this was not to save bis kingdom. don't not confide in aOYODe shamgo speak. This is where the kiog s minister. power to fly for one placed to another this ifa speak There are sick peopte around you You have economic difficulties. !fa of hidden thing . did everything in it . also live in the humidity of the earth. Place meat. the person aIso rogalioo Ibe head. is bom that mother bird regurgitate food into the mouths of it offspring in order to feed tbem . in tbis ifa . or in their grave. will. in tbis sigo. and egg white. OMOLO YUMU EMI OBA OMOLOYUMU ' Tbis were Ibe secret of plant fiuit the pan is bom When Ibe person feels blinded or disoriented.Page 53 of 864 #49 CONTINUATION THE OGBE OBARA OGBE OBARA BI ARERE BABA 1RERE ADIFAFUN SESE BI ABERE BABA TERERE ADIFAFUN OIANGO. wilb plant fiuit Ibe madede ayai oko. • OGBE BARA EMI OMO YUMU LORIN KARlBASUE FOMU ABORUKU OMI OMO YUMU ILEKE LEDO EMI OBA OMOLO YUMU . Ibe interested party must then balber with leave of plant fiuit Ibe pan.

in one gourd . in door house. gourd . the flamenco whe:n to the horne . Ibe jug lbat has 10Sl it s base cannot 'any water Tbe woman of Ibis sigo. man or woman . and smotber him with cooking lard . you are doing thing that are prolúbited . the children the awo or the cbildren of the person. you put eku in the second gourd you put fish. so tbat eggun mamu and uniD. this person should be cafereful ofhis lbat yoo can receive Ihat negative. . to you io your ear. afier Ibe flamenco. it will coSl you a lot of bard work . money woman etc.because you could lose your heariog in tbe that ear. to arrive at old age. and do you serve them to you enemies.lben they are placed next elegua. the place that You frequenl . a cedar ero. finish he saog Ibe following song AKERO ONILERE EIYE SBERUN MOFUO. you prepared a gourd wilb water and ani~ ( blue ball ) coro. that has come for osorbo . these gourd are talce Trougb the house .al three gourds . Use one necldace the orunIa that changer down to your genitals. Take one loog stick of plant ( rasca barriga. and Ibe gourds are fed . the bird were so distracted. You take elegua . than anyone else.hut never think you are better. you pour cold water aver him . your promised . in the devotions.that the flameoco ate thefll all one . be careful with seaet lovers. and yemaya.lbey days lbat ifa says. be careful.when a persoo speaks there is an eggun. overcame his araye. KAUN KUAO LUMIDE LUMIDE OLUO ALAMOIYE ABERUN FUE ESASA WODAN WENEDE MAKUO EIYE ABERUN MOFU . ifyou no t take care ofyou hearing problems now you many become dea( This were the flamenco reunited aU oftbe bird .and this sigo obe obara. you must give me ahorne.of orumila. are now reclaiming what is owed to hem This is where the cloth know as lines is boro. Ibis spell is perfonne for stability and Ibe gourds Slay wilb elegua . ) one red painted gourd one black. You promised eshu or shango a rooster and you have not fulfilled.may betray yOll. young rooSler. because you reaIly don t know him her and Ibis person can end . is the one that defends the person .. or shango. . because ofthis. that speaks. don t ignore tfús problems . . and ! wlúte painted gourd .and say this is how you have me so this is how one have you.and you place all oflbis behind your door . this is how the flamenco.Page 54 of 864 # 50 CONTINUAll0N 11m OGBE OBARA When this ifa is seen. and they declared war. where you sleep • your spouses or loves.and will nevero marry. up harming you. was seeo and orumila told him you will overcorne your enemies . This is were hand gesture are bon.and made them march in single file in a parade. blow ron. You have problems with your ear.iku is afier you. EIYE KUAM KUAO. and in the third gourd you put coro. When someone asks you name says my Dame is this like a needle do nol eat colored bean.will see Ibeir OWIl clúldren tum on him her.eshu. are hung from Ibe stick .in Ibis place lbal you enemies throw oggun .then you put him out in the SUD and when it gets bol. by one.tbis person drinks to excess. due to your eloquence and manner of walk . ahijados" This is were the quail and the parrot when envious of the flamenco. . will always destroy Ibe relation slúp she s cultivated . .. Ibey will become bis her enemies.

and Ihe olher goes lo Ihe edge of Ihe sea. lo osun. !hal must be buried alive . and so !hal your child does no die.the water is piked up. while ealling eggun babare or Ihe person. wilh Ihese animals. ewe aberikunlo. cook Ihem wilh on. and prosperity. wilh a mosquiloS. Ihen you riog Ihe agogo. spirituaJ. of obataia. MOYlREO BELEKUN WNA EOOUN!KV SARAYEYE May the word that you give the first time. fine bul Ihe journey. back will be a harsh one Pray for Ihe help Ihe orisha. you give two hens and two pigeon lo obataia. you must c1ean. you have problem with justice. Ihen place them in frool. Ihe hens are eooked with ori placed lo baba for 3 days. differenl fabric. then cover mm with fabric • white. al Ihe fOO! od a palm Iree Ihen you pour amala ila over chango. askiog for heallh tranquility. tree popper ras. EOOUN BELEKUN WNA EOOUN MOWA. nel a 12 noon. so!hal your birth will be smoolh and wilhoul problems. ooe guine hens. ir you continues on the same palh your journey Ihere will be.bur in reality have give Iittle . guide. al Ihe door. Ebbo ooe moster. for him blow run 3 time. two Iigbt. ewe yedra. and two candle.lhen Ihey go lO a hill. everyooe in Ihe house.two moster. planl shewereckuekue . eku eya fal epo. witli omiero of ewe algarrobo. for chango. Ihe moster is for chango And osun. in eni situation. dol wilh Ihe orisha because Ihey may be Ihe cause of you dealh For pregnanl woman do ebbo. and it has not come do Ebbo. or on 10p of obataia. for 16 days . because you have offered lo give Ihem much . head Ihe fish. before giviog Ihen lo Ihese orishas take Ihe pigeon remover all Ihe juju.Page 55 of 864 # 51 CONTINUATION 1lIE OGBE OBARA Spells for prosperity. are then lit Your cover elegua. so Ihal orumila can bless you wilh a child Ihal will accompany yOu unlil your lasl days . eko Soil Ihe hollow. Ihen 1 goes lo Ihe edge of a rive . candle. ebomisi. if Ihe person falher is still alive Ihe young moster. and thrown in erita merlo Sullere Ihe aparaldo. bogbo oecldace. For children woman you have prayed and shed tears Cor a child. differeol plant. Ihe guines hens is for oparaldo. by the final word that you hold until your dying days.

and can onJy work Ifa. When the elephanl found oul. bul OrunIa found out and he did a reading and Ibis sigo carne out and he made ebo wilh a pricking leaf ofcactus ·and the reSl ofthe ingredienls ofthe ebo. he decided to stonn the . fence oftuna a11 around ms house. he wenl lo look for Orunla wilh the inlenlions of killing mm. and said ifyou get mm open his beUy and take my clothes out that he ate.Page 56 of 864 # 52 OBEOKANA ABONIREGUN ESHU LARUF A ORICHABI OBATALA CHANGO EGGUN AND ELERDA TAL HERE In Ibis oddun Ihe opon Ifa was bom. Ihe elephanl said I'm ool. Ate was the wife of the elephanl and Orunla feU in love with her. he eamed less lhan Ihe elephanls. and Oryunla did nol leave ms side unlil he died. tms is a treacherous person. and Orunla lold mm were Ihe elephanl was going. wmch was Ihe only Imng missing from rus implements to make eho. The elephant knew Orunla could oot take bim so he maiotaioed bis hostile attitude. so Ihal when he came out be would have" notbios. that were used. Then Orunla look ms tusks and made Ihe Irofa. The person tbis Ifa comes out to must make Ha as soon as possible. in this sign the person also had serve Ifa for a long time before coming to earth. and they decided lo go far away logether. Orunla and the elephanl were friends. and hemade a .and from ms hair Ihe ide was made. also Orunla received the inquines and he promised head to serve him in everythiog. and with Ihe money he gOl he houghl wmle c10lhes !hal he Iiked. and also the mats that' s used to sit on the floor to divine and its caUed ENI IFA. When the eIephant knew that Orunla was in bis house. from the tusks of the eIephant the irora was made. on the way Orunla met an elephaot huoter. very hostile The elephanl said. and they both work the land in the country sirle. and from bis bones the first inquines. wheo Orunla asked were are my clothes?. and Orunla reali~ he was nol his friend o They staned to argue till they came to a street were there were two paths.ÍIOUse but Ihe tuna had lols of Ihoms and he did nol realize Ims and he Slormed Ihe house wilh aU mighl and he gOl a 101 oflhom in ms body and Ibis caused mm lo go inlo a coma. and she wenl away wilh mm. whal clolhes? And Orunla said Slop playing around. the elephaot took one and OrunIa weot towards the city. . thal he was going inlo the foreSl lo refresh mmself.. since Orunla was not very strong . In this oddun the person likes to masturbate. bul the elephanl was envious of Orunla and decided lo ea! ms clothes. from bis skin the pouch was made were Drunla is kept. when he was coming back he was tired and wanled lo reS! and he lold the elephant lo hold his clolhes. after three years of tbis.

there's a spiritual entity that does not let you sleep. SO he look Ihe short cul lO Ihe lown ofLao. wilhoul knowing thal death was following bim for being a trailor. in this Ifa is were Oggun has more power lhan any of Ihe ochas.Page 57 of 864 #53 OBEOKANA The hunler was surprised with whal Orunla had lold him. NOTE: Iftbe . give Chango a lamb. In this Oddun Aboku speaks in Ihe church as Sanliago Apostle. put a horse for your guardian angel. and lo and behold il was lrue the elephanl was on bis way lo LlIo. Ihal the best friend betrayed Ihe olher.erso" getting the reading does not have the warriors they must be given to them. ir its a woman a paraldo has to be done so the badness does not get worst.. as prove ofwhal happened. or ir you wait while a paraldo must be done to take away an eggun. so that death ·can go away. Ifa says tbat a trip comes up. OBE KIKAMA KOLADE ADIF AFUN OGGUN> Without Oggun there would be nothing done in (bis world and even the demolition of woods and houses is Ogguns doing. And the hunler opened · bis sloniach and bis Surprise was greal lo see lhal he had effectively ealen the clothes. He mel with Ihe hunler who Ihrew bis fusl arrow lbal were poison. The ebo of tbis sigo takes construction instruments and a machete. and ¡t's the cause of your sickness pray to Oggun so that he can help yOll. The person whos aJways with you is a little envious. This is why every animal lhal's sacrificed Ihe ala is taken out. . and he fell dead instanlly. the meal and the skin and Orunla was ahle lo deess bimseU: and Ihis is Ihe way Ihe elephanl paid bis beteayal of Orunla. so he wenl lo look for the man lbal had given him Ihe ioformalion and as a gift he gave bim Ihe tUsks. to ask the santos ir you should go.

) over him. in every Ebbo !hat he does . that are secretly against you. by anyone .you should place shango in the patio for six days place an( flag red .Ibis person likes lo masturbate . ceiba. in tbis sigo the CoDewiog orisha speak elegbera . discredited in public. .obatala and oduduwa this Sign speak ofillness. in you life. ofyemaya. ofpower And she had altemative but retom to the ~ where she once again regained her power she regained her power because Ihe ree~ where sailor lived . . and rompesarawuey. and placed Ibe r~gation. removed her from her position. Do nol" associate with people who want to dominate yOll. This ifa speaks od a bidden iIIness . sick There is a big war . you should dress in white. The ebo.lhen play Ihe maraca for shango.that come out when you least expect it. in his trashcan home. bis hand of ifa This sigo says Ihat the laughter of today will be Ihe tear of tomorrow . Do not argue with anyoDe and never hold any package roe anyoDe in you horne.fruit TIlls is were Ihe gauraje. Ihe bad iar is in the body. blow oti on him . protected her agaiost her enemies . said you have to do ifa.81 Ihe foot to Ceiba tree .so that your are nO!.he bumper into algebra " Who gave mm a big sack of money. . of tbis ifa must always places a small piece of recf . he went wiili orumila to do an Osorde Ihem orumila.ff you listen to what youe sign you will avoid aoy majar problem. and the ( hicaco) made yemaya. they will always discredit you in public. . OGBE KARAN LORFDAFUN OBATALA ODAFUN SHANGO NI MOTI ALAMONl ALAKESI MENI YEUN OGGUN BABARE ORUMILA LORUBO. because you will bring harm ooto yourself In this ifa sorne orisha friend to enrage Obatala. plant almacigo. Do not go out into the cold night air. CHANGO YODO BIRINIWA. On 16 day Obatala went to throw away bis trash into the river . talce glass Ihe water add sugar Then wash your face with tbis mixture this is so that the person can have stability and prosperity. EWEFA. do not allow yourseif to be dominate. it also speak Of occult enémies.zazafra. Avoid eating white kidney bean roe 8 days. wear something purple. ATI CHANGO NI METI . This is where the araye. MOFA ADA ELEBO. OMODE KOBO ERI OUNYEN IYARE BABARE. Orumila did rogation lo Obatala wilh 16 head of fish. in order to resolve your situation . obatala used this mORey to receive. because putmonary congestion And cause you serious heaJth problems. Do nO! bring animal home and avoid bringing home very sick people.eight different. You should balhe wilh plant . the mountain believed he was invincible . Obatala replied wilh what money. No matter how well you treal people. after Ibis you should head rogation. was crucified. because your happiness depends on wearing clothes.and in order to win . OCOLOSHE BIRIRE IRU LOFUN KAYA WAYALE In Ibis sigo oduduwa allowed himselfto be dominate by ejiobe and oduduwa.Page 58 of 864 #54 OGBEOKANA OGBE KARAN LORDAFUN need to give fish fresh to shango.but the sea was eating away at him from underneath.

Note tbis woman need oeha. so that he can help you overcome all ofyour araye. beginning with your mamage. must performe osode in himself eaeh day.bust when you least expect it everything will fall apart in you life. ir it is the right time to go. receive oggun and take good care para1do is performe with hens. to avoid this ebo with coro. Ogbe ocana. you want worsmp and adore olokun and yemaya. You will have to fight with a very powerful enemies. for them and it has wrecked havoc with you maritallife because Ihey feel that no one is good enough for you. You are very in tranquil. T woman in tms sign is unfaithful. al the edge of arrive while ca1ling Iheir name . ifa of scom and disdain Jfa say you molher and you grad mother love you very mueh. People are very envious of yOll.because that is the Osorbo tbis ifa. With Ihe calholie saínt known as Santiago apoltol Be cafereful when you kneed. place a cactu. Ttake one toy horse and place it to your guardian angel. OrunIa does not want to the babalawo work: in any profession that is not ifa .Page 59 of 864 # 55 CONTINUATION TIIE OGBE OKANA This sign marks unfavorable. you Iive clase the see. he is synehroruzes. you wish move froro your present location. because there is something tbat is causing you to ron without direction. dea1ing wilh expiritud !hat want to take him. leaves you . her against his her • will • and befare it is time. fluit behind You dooe. ifyour woman. there is a siek person in you home. you must become a babalawo because this is where the secret of atepon Jfa and Iruke are. a speU must be don t the foot of oggun because in tbis sigo oggun is strongest Oforishas . and this person in the one that the malicious eggun attaek instead of you. to yemaya.they bless you on sueh a constant basis . you believe that you are invincible and very stable in aJI thing . is natural bcm orderto remover tbis negative spiritual influence that you have around you you must peñonne an Opara1do. Give and ram. do Ebbo. Ifyou mother and grand mother are not chase after ber . so lhat you can mghten away eggun !hat come to you at nigbt to do you harro. It is a roan . must do ebo so that in this ways eviLdoes not reach her want destroy her uterus or destroy Ihe life !hat she has in her womb. front that oftheir intelligent maJe counterpart . you wit to move ar travel to a certain place. so that you can win tbe war against you araye. this sign is good for resolving labor related problem. gbogbo ere one hens fabric The different color soil the cemetery. before you go be sure to ask orunla . this is where woman have very difTerent ideas and notion. This ifa to win the war against tbe araye.that it has become and obsession_ . at leas once in your lifetime.(Orisha Abcku) Speak in this sigo. In this sign Ihe babalawo. fbr whom this sign is seen.because you could hurt yourselt. give ram to shango.this is because. The woman. in order to triumph in you life You must also receive orunmiJa. they still sing your praise .ask aruola befare you go. there is very Sick person in your home. ir someone wants you to go somewhere witb them . and Ihey are always singing your Praise . your ·woman is looking foc you • oggun reclaiming somethiog that is owed to him. together wilh that in this way they can leave you aJone to live you life in peace. bom. .

OGU SEGUERE . he sang the follawiog soog when he arrived in The land of dahomey. ABERE KUN ABO crder to ask him ror peace. he exchanged Qne goal Coe another .until he ran out of goal . Adisoto. BOKONO AFIREKUN ABO IKUN SEGUERE The 3 fu awoson oC oluopopo were the follawios.. that brought small pox ( olala ) you place marabu in arder to trap the winds you sing the follawiog XEDENE MADE KAE KONODONO MADE KAE. YAOYAOYAO MASCHE) YAOYAO YAOTAKUARA MAYAKUA (KORO) YAOYAOYAO This where azowanu travelled around the world on top ofhis wild mountain goat since the trip.she" live in a·small pool oC water . OF SEGUERE. EWE YINI.. Olofin did Ebo.. for oggun with herb and did a rogation for lúm on top of a lúll.Page 60 of 864 # S6 OGBEOGUNDA ADDEAYEMOWAYEERONILAYE ADIFAFUNODUDUWA. ADE YEN! MOWAYENI. yje earth is the vengeance of you bad deeds • in tbis ifa the person must orugbo.tlús negativity was caused by the earth when this igfa mark ire. in order lake away all Ibe negative that he dad . because the earth is the enem¡es. LADDE OLUWO POPO. Ibe warrior) 2 ) adeletu ) Ibe Diviner 3) olugsago ) . This is were oluwo popo has tbree name ( liante..inside a cave she is take care of by Ogbigbo the crown .. ARUN SEGUERE. ACllELU SEWERE. arrived in the land known as arara. EVO SEGUERE . IRE ACHEGUNOTA. be cafereful with the teeth in your mountain. Owo you give ron hODey to orunla . the earth receptacle of all humans beings .The tbree clúldren Obeyono are.lbe witch doctor. ) abayemi caferefun with your estomach receive brosias This is were ochun Olueri speaks . SHEWERE NJWA KAE XEDENE MADE KAE Wend asojuani travele on top ofhis goat. ofthis person . ONILU SEGUERE . WAYENIEFAEWAYEODUDUWA IKU SEGUERE.and herbs are what take away all negstivity.. ONA SIlWERE. was a long one . t ) eleri ) 2 oloke ( 3 ompetu ) aina speak in this oduduwa..and of all human beíng . ashetilu . patience and humility • .and Had to rider on top oC a deer until he arrived in hi homeland In tbis ifa azowano. SULLERE EFECHU NAJORA KUN.IRE ARlKU IRE OMO!RE OWO..

ebbo. You are weak in the sexual arena • and in time. and one is used for you rogation tbe head.Page 61 of 864 # S7 CONTINUATION 1HE OGBE OGllNDA This ifa speaks of problem witb tbe pancreas. amve into. has had tragedy in tbey lífe .he must say iku soguere .a tragedy tbal ¡nvolved physica1 violence. In Ibis sign tbere lude. tbal would have occurred . spouses or anotber that orumila can give. to avoid economic ruin.not within. In Ibis ifa. order remover all of tbe obstacles and losse.and avoid lo .home tbe rest is made soveral small ball that are dissolver in tbe batb when tbe persen is balbing. bim palience and prolect bim against anytbing he mighl. hand tbe person must remover the rogation that was placed on the big toes. sorne of Ibis powder is blown inside of tbe persen . tbero are two evil thing tbal your enemies. Ihe feel were cursed by olofin .you have been having financiallosses as soon as the money.he did .tbe awo lells tbe persen 10 hold onlo tbe seal. struggle and quarreling.staled countty .ofo seguere. do Ebbo so tbal you can live Ibis cily . jail Ihe ebo one rooster.remember thst your enemies are outside ofyou bome and. where a knife was used and you either went to jail or are in daoger of going lO jail.because this persoo can easily faU into tragic situation where he sbe force to get what he she wanl . give lo oggun. logether witb efun .he must placed wine . wbile cleaning tbe head oftbe persen for whom tbe ebbo is must have patience and be intelligent in order to get what you want . ore doing wilh oggun . tben wilhoul using bis her.arun soguere . the ebo with tbree order. The person lhal has come for an osorde. for long time now .need 10 grind rabbil bones. Ibis persen need lo use bis her head . Ibis is why . OGBE YONO mYU OWONI LOKUYERULE ADIFAFUN OBUEBUE AFAN TIRE ANARIKISI ODIUDE IYA IGADE When an awuo sees this sign in ¡re . you oggun is going lo do batt1e wilh you . do lo cause embarrassment to himself. D ebo so that you can always he polenl when having relatíons witb your. when he is doing Ebbo . you will be embarrassed Wheo you are with you wife or lover OGBE YONO INU BmI OMALARA SEDU fUFU OMAYERO AJUAPESE NI OMOYE BABAE LANGlli ADIFAFUN ORUMILA . The eggun oflbis ifa is called ekun lompe - .lo marry okukushe . in this sign when the awo pray Ibis ifa. you ar 80ing to be impotent . trap inle onilu and fabric tbe differenl color !fa osorbo. if you do nol do ebbo. in oroer Ibis persen lo avoid Ibis type of sicleness .ron to orunla .when a rogation is peñormed .and if you let your violenl. when tbe awo see Ibis ifa that days he must nol sil al tbe lable OKUKUYO OKUKUYORU OKUKUYUDE ADIF AFUN ORUMILA OKUKUSHE OBINI Ihen orun1a wenl. ohe ada . witb tbree pigeon. one is thrOWll out One. nature are also prone lo sexual disease. your hand you bave to send it out again .

In tbis sign . AYALA ORIMALERO ) MANIECA DE CACAO. This is were !bey did ifa to azonwanu . SOLO A OBATALA This is where the crutches are boro . twn rooster. and Shakuana. You must adore boromu. and bros~ Cor heahh reason. one rooster and rest the ingredient Ebo one rooster. ofthe public treaswy. Ayala is bom in tbis sign and ObataIa that is Ibe builder oC a11 oC Ibe human beads he receive offering in the sacrifices .AYLA EFUN MALERO) CASCARRJLA. In an Ita oC azowano.You. EPOMALERO EPO ( MALERO AY ALA EPOMALERO) MANIECA DE COROIO ) !YO) MALERO ¡YO MALERO.and ingratitude he gave bis crown to shÍlngo.Page 62 of 864 # 58 CONTINUAnON TIIE OGBE OGUNDA This sign speak tbree operation and difficulties in Ibe ( eye ) if you arreSted wben you get out o~ jai~ you will have lost an eye.. then he she can receive the rest oftbe wanior. when you put in the head Ibe animal ( sason ) you say .this is where Ibe butcher s hooks are bom. AYALA ¡YO MALERO ) SAL ) ORl MALERO ORl MALERO. This iCa speak oC separation or oC estrangement. honey. tbis sign is placed. And since them. The osolbo is in youe mouth and it affects your stomach • you have remover an altar. This ifa oCtreason and oCrepercussion. beside Ibe sign that Ibe person receive.the person must first receive elegua.fabric different color -. two hens. SOLO A OBATALA EFUN MALERO EFUN MALERO . soif Ibe Cour comer Cabric. and oshun.ogbe ogunda is Ibe embezzler. You wiIl have trouble getring married or finding your soul mate. dressed in ligor skin and shango had to Corgiver him. on the etepon iCa.wbo lives off oC and enjoys Ibe benetit oC the estate . you are having difficulties. soil tbe foue comer.because yonu oc yono. so that you don't develop an aftliction in one oC your legs. Kaferefun oggun . eku fish Ebbo is performed wilb precious jewels. or wiIl have difficulty seeing from ( eyé ) the ~ chwe is bom in this sign This is the ifa oC Ibe chieC. and this can be resolved by doing Ebbo witb. The persoD must respect the (alligator) and can not be greedy .) mans to open one mouth very wide so as to want to devour everything this Is sometbing lbat Ibe (a1ligator) do Ibis is a sign oC greed and gluttony . oc begin to lose your vision in one eye .must receive bromu. run. one pigeon.In trus ifa • is were they crowned Oshun on someone head Cor this first time in human history. . made bis entrance into Ibe land oC hole guine hens • elru candle soH the foue comer. trap two coconut twn candle. maferefun chango Oluo. In Ibis sigo Ibe heavy (neckIace-mazo ) Is bom you must metapboricaJly sacrifice someone is arderto get you want . Be cafereful that you do not become a slaver today • you are a businessman . one piece the ( ehain) mashed Cat corojo pepper . KlRlPUEKE AKITIPOKE KUKIITEKU LODAFUN ABUAN ABUAN LORUBO EBBO one rooster. Ebo gOal female.popo.Ibis is where Oluo popo.

are cooked . To protect ishe ozain Take one f. on tbe them. for 5 days. take tree shower continues. tbis water is thrown aII over th. !he person wi!h two pigeon wbite. the santisimo. is placed into!he jicara.while calling upon azowan~ Spell again the araye) fabric the seven ditTerent color. piece the fabric . one jicara one eko. you talee one (jicara) wi!h water . then sprinkle iyefa. on. Ebomisi white flower dry wine cacao. oflbis sign each person must dip !he aye Íllto !he sara <ko. Ihe ebo at 12 midnight . he dis50Iving th. the legs and wing ofthe rooster. know as cardon . Take one ceramic container wit to oshun. 'wilh one small rooster. you mark oghe ogunda . and the other ingredient are mashed together on the 1100r.!he ara of!he jio jio. sigo. Tbe person muS! rogation the head. And made into a powder. O bellono intoti osolvo. wilh seso vegetal plan. this powder is blow all over the houses. an awan is done with asowanu with gbogbo ere and a basket . all this is wrapped in fabric the black oolor.Ibis is how azowanu saved orumila life.obe ogunda wbile Ihe awo. of a tree . Ihis done while the persen wears a black shirt To help for impotence Drinking tea Ihe mangle red plant mastuerzo. To remover eggun from to the center of the house . cascarrilla cow milk and llera. the rooster is give tothe jicara. and iflbis money can be exchanger even better.wg tooth a alligalor the interested person must suck tbis tooth for a period of seven days oruy during sunrise Ihen tbis ishe osain prepared with the ingredient tbat orumila. one rooster. prays Ibis sigo. You should use the necklace of azojuano This person must perfonn and ebo wi!h 16 pigeon and 8 awoses. that are present. !hen malee cross on !heir belly bUllon .and put name place tbe name. the Íllterested party is cleaned wilh the young rooster give 10 Ihe sign . each awo must oover the head. with ash is made from paper lhat have the name of the araye.oot a small pieces from tbe stern of a banana place in on top ofthe name. !hen !hey are give 10 obatala. oflbis signjio jio. wilh lhat Ihe halbahaca . yoo prepared !he omiero. on a plate of orunIa on Friday before 12 moon . and iosect lhat live in Ihe plant jobo. plant jobo. and two pigeon For ikn unJo place 16 small branch of!he albahaca . Ihe young rooster is opened it is stuffer with Ihe aforementioned ash. 1100r ofthe housed . pennies are placed in to Thejicara. use ORe ror days • make ebo. fruit Ihe pan. wbile adding fa! oorojo.m. pass 5 day you put inside the river do -. cascarrilla. on the floor . !he bleed of!he jio jio. of!he sigo al 6 P.Page 63 of 864 # 59 CONTINUATION TIIE OGBE OGUNDA When trus sigo is see in an ate~ you take one ( igba ) with sara eko and one pigeon and Ibis passed from person 10 person 10 eliminate!he 0501bo. Ihe interested party Take trus to a tree known as algarrobo. Ibis is made into O ball tba! is later taleen on the foot.the awo is spent a soon As possible. used to c1ean all ofthe people. .

the person must also give obatala. To achieve greatness. Ihe person must give five goat lo oshun in differenl time" The ire aye is obtained by give five female must ask whal color. for oggun. add planl pica pica. Ihe last drops. are. Iheses pan lo forest .you place you place leave oC plant romero.lhen you take. ofblood are allowed To Oow imo Ihe jicara. in the ceramic container . and yefa of this sigo. Place one jicara. in Ihe jicara. Ihen ask whlch and how many stick Qzain is from the land oC arara. wilh 16 igbin lo obatala . in the SUD. marking sure that Ihe bleed . Place a mountain ofname. only you place ori both of these two thing . and differenl time.and only come down when they are called. this stools is used lo placed a rap puppet. one goat black old. afier this you rub down you enlire body wilh ori . give Ihe goat lo elegua . ache Ihe ogbe ogunda .lheo )'Ou balher wilh ewefa. Guines heat . it has a ceramic contain and ane jícara.Page 64 of 864 #60 CONTINUATION TIIE OGBE OGUNDA Or you c1eaner Ihe f100r wilh this. where this o parado was performed since this is Ihe casa Ihe guine hens. you ask many days this left on Ihe atepon ifa this is wrapped in fabric . over you Iongue. to work . for asowano.this is lO combal impoleoce . ( Ouin protect . and Tbere is not witchcraft that can get to yo~ Nole Ihe norma1ly paraldo. .you rub sorne fat corojo in you hand . A stool is covered wilh Ihe skin oflhe animals determine. take a horo from Ihe 'goal.the ceramic container. and the jicara.use sorne as a carpet foc e1egua • ifthe animals is an goal . and once a years. afier 16 dsys ofthis speU . 7 time and call Osain. mustard leaves . you must ask how many" one puppet quail fal corojo you must ask how many.Wben thece is a war with an araye . . because this plant has the virtue of making.CUI a piece ofthis skin in order lo prepare and lo prolect if there. Osain to protect Ihe ogbe oggunda.and 16 mustard grain mustard is called . lo prepare and lo prolect. you give il one bared rock hens. wilh a cruciflX lo you spiritua1 guide. fue ofwitchcrafi . bolh oflhese container live up hlgh . . Before complelely wrapping this up place iye of igi skin left over . soil of an anl hlll. you must five lime !heir tifetime. need lo give lo san lazara. and Ihe jicara. wilchcrafi fail lO this you add fal corojo. it is foe protection against witchcraft. Ihe goat you opened wilhoul removing Ihe skin .because mustard make1he witchcrafi. botija. sweal profusely . Take sorne coin ( you must ask which ane ) they must be consecrate on the atepon ifa.theo add one piece of intestine from dog. on lop ofthis stool . ofthe ogbe ogunda. afier Ihe oparaldo but before Ihe person leave To drop offlhe praldo. is water of Ihe wilh doctor. is only oul side of Ihe cerantic container.Ihe person must take leas or extrae! for sexua1 desire.plant aje ina . azegIo you rub epo on your belly bullon .put out. are performe in Ihe wood bul if il is performed at Ihe awo home or home oflhe inlerest party when!he ctienl goos out lo drop offlhe oparaldo he she canool return lo !he home.

aside from the aboye ingredients . this person muSl have already prayed lo. three inkin ligbl candle this elegua. ground plow . and tbe secrel soil tbe cemetery. tbe oparaldo is senl lo foreS! . stick palo caja. threejet Tbree choral amber gold and silver .when this person retum . paraldo tben guinea hen . tben you place one candle.tbe awo must cal~. wrile!he fsign ogbe oguada. with COIjO and drywine .song is sung SIIE WELE SIIEWELE INLE OLOGBOGBO EGGUN BABA LAKUMATE. plant parami yamao. that you collect when Ihe awo goes lo pick up tbe Slones featber tbe differenl parrol. hesd rooster. bleo red . The secret o(this elegua is mounted inside of dray crocodile this elegua talce care of ogbe ogunda. tbis is into a mound of ingredient this elegua is slave the yemaya. planl pika pika. then placed on top san lazaro. camvia voz. instesd of tbe ron. and ifthis. it is apeo and placed on top of san lazara . Ihe following . olofin for help in tbe fabric you place little bil oftbe planl yoni cundiamor. is done witb dry vine because san lazaro. one rose tbe (jericho )atiponla planl escoba amarga. . camvia voz. pepper I needle san tbe beach. amansa guapo. ni onikan planl talce finely ground com y an bresd while on tbe edge tbe ocean . yamao. one lami lami. curujey. bleo Colorado ewe ina . bleo blanco. 10 tbe inlereS! party with one young rooster. Ibis elegua necklace . three. is tbe·orisha used for this .root tbe Ceiba. heal . helecho rool tbe tree Ceiba. otiguilla. he must give abi mituto this stane om arder to see if this is eshu alawana. the awo then performed tbe paraldo. one small fish that was previously placed. IKUN ·When tbe guinea is give to san lazaro. Ibis pupper is placed on IOp of a dry obi. planl prodigiosa. the arara ofthe guinea . witb sorne meal malo. one mate. jiqui tramon.tbe eyes and moutb of this elegua are mado of cowries. loolh tbe alligalor ero obi cola osun. eshu alawana . oftbe person that is goiog to receive him. leaf amaoza guapo. hesd tbe rooSler. is laterthrown onto the roofofthe house oc into the trash can out side The Slone this elegua is found under tbe wave. red. one eko. guayacan. root tbe jaguey. yerba fina. three time he tbe throw tbe groun coro. and tbe neXl closest if ogbe. seahorse. is Ihe one!hal eals and drinks wilh tbe head. eku fish seven grain tbe coro. and tbe name of tbe person. hesd tbe turtle Shell tbe egg. iolO tbe ocean. shell tbe feather ofthis elegua are of featber tbe guaungun. tbe awo them looks for and stones. cheverekue kue .Page 65 of 864 # 61 PARALOO mE OGBE YONO Talce one piece the of obi covered witb fat epo. and tbe when he find ane. ) mariwo. akara bibo. pata gallina. one jícara with dry wine in fraot of san lazara. in order lo look for this elegua. this elegua live inside tbe casserole. Ihe paraldo. ground tbe prison. rool tbe mangle. yono is you sigua oftbe ifa on tbe coconut. one puppet made of clotbe !hal is covered with fal corojo. of tbe ( beach ) tbe estone you sacrifice 3 small cbicken. eshu alawana. cardo asanlO. yaya jocuma.the following is also added to tbe secret live head bleed jiojio .eye. give lo san lazaro. secret Ihe elegua . 21 pepper one small Slone .leafvencedor plant vence war. and 7 ceol. and il tbe secret is soil ile tbe soil tbe this eshu live ioside of an Ceiba.

the Orishas live.Page 66 of 864 # 62 CONl1NUATION TIIE OGBE OGUNDA Made of pine seeds. Take C8. You have or will bave problem Wilb !be family of you spouse or future spause. !bis persan does nol appear lo be as ilI as he sbe reaUy ¡s. In !bis sigo two men are fighling for woman. Young gir~ you parenl do nol leI you go oul. tbese are your ishe ozaio .This sigo speak of an ilIness Ibal begins in Ibe moutb and lrave~ all !b" way down inlO !be inlestine.prepared. obe ada feather used fabric. aboul you !han aboul !bis sick persan . Because. and when you are asleep. the pigeon you are take to forest. be caferefun oC a situation where someone could Embarrass you in publish. ke komaya .tben you let your pride and anger dominate. komabinu. !be woman bave a gyoecological problem Ibal does nOllel you gel pregnanl and you are meanl lo have two 3 more cbildren. scissors or smalJ knife after the ebo . take care aryour horneo Don't know use black clothes. he cannot eat or kili aoy doves or pigeon foc the cntire year•. you will bave good luck . You are a jealous persan . Amen If you are in jail. and you should. and people will laugh al you if Ibal bappens do nOI become angry and void lragedy Ogbe ogunda inlori osolvo. !bere !be persan tbat has stomach problem O~l gyoecological problem. !bey could send you lo anotber facility or !bey are going or Ibey are going to put you in solitary confinement.the child ofthis ifa. ir this ebl>o is done by an awo. Iba! is causing her a greal deal of grie¡. and wand lo keep you under street supervision.{e oC you home. or a gun and ruining your JiCe Corever. !bis is so tbat !be persan can call eshu agelo finally !bis elegua is surrounded a cbain This persan can nol make violenl physical movemen!. !be ebbo one rooster lrap.the woman is give the scissor or latife so she can use il because she is goíng Ihrough a situatioD. and lake care ofoshun. be more Worried. you head unusual sound sounds of drum beating You have come lo inquire aboul a sick or infirmed perSOD. do not waIk in a brisk maoner. Ebo one rooster ane pigeon. seeds and small alligalor bones. you are having many difticulties You are going lo fall down on !be street. Beware ofan embolism. and do not argue witb your espouse oSO ibat you can receive the good fortunes tbat is on it s way. you should carry a small latife or pair of scissors Ibal bave been. you resulting in you using a knife.Obe ogunda !be operation Ibal has been performe will be repealed once again . so that elegua can opeo the road. you feel heat and pain when you urinale. you can not drink: alcoholic beverages. also has an asbere made of mamey. !bis persan is baving many difficullies. you and your spauSe have offended each Otber. You enemies are enemies are laughing at you because • at this time. !bis woman must do Ebbo . unknown viroses colilis surgical operation high blood pressure and problem wilh your heart . you will bave difficullies due lo a spiritua1 eotity. you do nol sleep well Al nigbt. because!bis persan suffer from hernia. sgould never agaiD eat any dove or pigeon never say Any lies wherever. pay yemaya wbal you awe.and Iba! is you downfall. for yau. so lbal she can gel rid of bo!b because one of !bem could kili her.

. Tbe awo said do nol be afraid nolbing will happen lo you. NOTE: Ibe ecason to take the sbirt offis to feed Ibe mazo. and your luek is in doing lhal. NOTE: the ¡Dehe Qzaio oC tms sigo is rogate with money and at the same time is warped Iike in a eross and Ibis sulleees is prayed: ATIPONLA IFAURO ATIPONLAA IFAURO IFO AWUO IFA OMA IFA!LE ATIPONLA IFAURO. only my father who is very poor and was the Ofie who made the eOO for me as a favor.wenl 10 anolber awos house who was pooe and bis name was AII ado. Tbe king also had to make ebo with Ibe elothes he had on so he would not loose his kingdom and talce a bath wilb ewe and Ibey made Ifa to bim and Ibey had a eeunion of all the awose and Ibey all had to have Ibeir big mazo ofIfa. everything you eat so you can be well. and OrunJa said talce your sbirt off and Ibe only one who did DOt have it lost bis head and not Ibe king. Ibe beggar said 1 have no money lo make ebo. so he considered him bis father. One day a beggai. . - . Tbis Awo was very snobbish and he would only ecad Ibe people lbal could pay bim well foe bis woek . Tbe beggar was afiaid and said. I'm afraid iflbey caleh me Ibrowing Ibis away 1 will be arrested. The awo sat very straight in froot of the kiog who was envious because he could not sit rigbt because he has a pimple on bis behind. when he did Ibis he was arresled and he said and he asked to be talcen lo Ibe king. then tbe Idog send for the awo and put bim iD front ofthe beggar. when he finished OrunJa said !he ebo wenl lo Ibe dooe of Ibe palace.Page 67 of 864 # 63 OBEOGIlNDA Atiponla ifauco atiponla ifauro Ifa awuo Ifa oma Ifa He atiponla lfauro. and Ibe king asked what is lbat thing you left Ibere?. and he ecad bim foe a DÍekel and he marked ebo. NOTE: when Ibe habalao would nol ecad foe a dollar and five cenls. and it hurt a lot. is money lbat 1 have begged and 1 was leaving it Ibere foe Ibe king. Tbe beggar did as he was lold. and asked do you have a family. Ibe king did not believe bim. and it happened. and in gratefulness he was named awo oC the palace. Ibe awo said make ebo with . With tbis Ibe perron will eeceive lots of gifts. PRAYER: CUCUTE CUCU GUORI ADIFAFUUN ORUNMll.A OBARA BANI EBO AKUKO AECU ELLA EPO ECUELLE BOBO TENULLEN ILEKE ÚPOLpPO. and Ibe awo said don'l wony 1 have everything we need foe your ebo.

You are sick or ill but yoo can easily oven:ome Ibis skmess by doing ebbo wilb one rooster.Page 68 of 864 CONTINUATION THE OGBE OGUNDA Be caferefun wilb your pride and what your lífe does not become endangered -. . because Ibis could cause high blood pressure and you could die.because Ibis will cause people to say lbat you are c1umsy or stupid just lO try to defame you in publísh . and Ibe rest Ibe ingredient tbe ebbo" if you are going on a trip .do ebbo before you go . Wben you work or peñornte a particular task you sbould do it in a tranquil manner without trying lO glory Ibe way you do Ibis or can attention to your self .you have Ibe ability to do anything lbat you set your mind to.

. drum. when your stomach is cure take things easy so you can get were you want to gel. and palm oil. doo'.. and he ordered everything lo be painted whitc. bUI everybody IODk Ihe merchandise on credil.000'. afier Ibe ebo is finish you take Ibe stick and smash Ihe énd of il lind pul il in walerand Ibe person washes his or her mouth with this water. palm oil and smoked fish.• N6S OBEOOUNDA EBO: I rooster. I soap. EBO: for Ibe man.. Orunla had a groeery store al Ihe markel and he would sell Ibe food lO Ibe people. EBO: for Ibe woman. olberwise he would seU nolbing lo Ibem.. . and Ihey paid everytbing lhal Ibey owed plus whal Ibe Dew merchandise Ibey IODk. your moulh is bad. throw yOU! wife out afthe house so that Jater you doo'. lo take a stick as lall as be was. I he. I Imife and Ibe res! of Ibe ing. I he. Respect the crocodile. you have brothers but Ibey don'l get a10ng wilh you.edienls. find out ¡fyou can bave it in your house.. and be was lold lo make ebo wilh Ibe implemenls lbal be use lo work. raise your hand to women. and Ibe res! of Ibe ingredient. he went to the store at the market. your body can become full of grows. Aftee he calmed doWn. ajicara wilh saraeco. EBO: for brolbers I rooster. Be careful a child can die and you can 80 thru a shameful situation. some waler eres!. The people did nol dare lO answer. and doo't take your clothes off by yanking them when yau are in one ofyour rases. I he. you have stomach problems. and 101S of cascarilla and afier be finis~ed Ibe ebo lo make abole and bury a11 bis dead Ihere. for a few day. loasted com. il rained and he said DObody can gel wet and in Ibis form Ibe epidemic was finished. and one day he woke up very upsel wilh Ihose people and taking a machete he went to their house to get paid. sinee Ihey don'l wanl 10 hear you. he had was scares in tbe other stores al the market. In Ibe Iand of Arara Ibere was great illness. go to the dentist and ñx ¡l. regret it. when the people who owed him money carne to buy he lold Ibem first Ibey had lo pay whal Ibey owed bim plus pay from whal Ibey IODk. I stick of pi)on de botija. the merchandise. but with violence he could do nolbing. Ibe king called Orunla 10 seo whal was happening. 1 com husk. EBO: for Ibe moutb. I com husk. afier everything was done. I rooster.Page 69 of 864 . change yOUT house atound so luck can come in . and Ihe families were being extinguished. three com busks. and Ibis is Ibe reason wby Ibey dOD'1 go forward only backward. . three bunches of sticks. take god care of her and try nol lO 6gbt. I goat.

cryeu'tI have a sickle leg will start to loose visien in one eye. your wife is offended. lbal Ibe meals are put in differenl places. Ibe person getting Ibe reading is sick but you ~e sicker than rum. Ibe name oflbal Obal. Don'l drink alcoho~ part of your problem are produced by a spiritual entity and your enemies laugh. Obalala was Ihe constructorofall Ibe heads oflbe men. who is a great robber that lives ofthe money cfthe state he uses public money. the ire of tbis sign is giving 5 goats to Orunla at the time he asks foc ¡t. The black necldace of Orunla is born and also Ibe ebo chure. you are jea10us persoo and this is your lost. put Ibe necklace of Orunla lbat was use when you gol Ibe knife lO kili Ibe goa!. Also Ibe crutches of San Lazara were bom. you don'l sleep al nighl weU. Tend lo your house and don'l wear bloek. . he receives offerings frem all Ibe sacrifices. put a linaja full ofhoney lo Oehun and on Ibe fifth day you ask her if you take il lo Ibe river or you use it to wash your race. Ibe awo oflbis"lfa muS! use asojuanos neddace. and Ibe skin is used lo make a sea!. and don'l carfy arms. This oddun speaks of Ibree eye operations. be careful wilb hernias. in Ibis oddun you receive Elegua firS! and Iben the waniors. Also !fa was done lo San Lazaro and 'he gave bis erown lo Chango. you might fall on Ibe stree!. and if you are in jail you can loose an eye. ala is Ajala. when you urinate il burns. Vou have to receive Bromu and Brosia foc your hea1th. The meat kooks are born here. and Ibe song lO season Ibe heads was born.Page 70 of 864 066 OBEOGUNDA In this sign when you start to pray you must say: IKU SEWARE ARUN SEWARE EKUN SEWARE. Be careful with a shameful situation were you will get mad and use a tire arm. don'l get mad ifpeoplelaugh. Vou will move more than five times. pay Yemaya and also Ochun in this oddun Ochun was done foc the first time. don'l walk in a hurry. you hear strange sounds and voices. and Ibe reS! is used as a rug for Elegua and Ibe rest to cover an ¡Dehe Ouin with a goats bom and then put inside Oggun. Also pul a jicara wilb a erueif"" NOTE. in Ibe house of Oeha lies are nol said. that a doD muS! sil on. Give five goals lo Oehun lo obtain greal ness.

lo prnlect from bad take a piece of obi . and Íls huog high. io Ibe same plale Ibis is for impolence.mear wilb palrn oil and wrile Ibe name Obellooo and Ibe oeXl oddun lO your sigo. she would speod alJ her lome visiling and ealÍog io olber peoples houses. and red meal and ils pul in front of Olofio and you pray for whal you wanllo get and a piece of cJOIh. put mariwo. -.Page 71 of 864 #67 OBEOGUNDA Be careful wilh your arrogance il can land you in Ibe hospital wilb a heart attack. ELERA GUEDDE GUOLA TOE ELERAN GUEDDE GUOLA TOE ELERAN. is a1ways giving a 101 even Ibou whal she receives is less. put a lower made of yam lO ObataJa wilb 16 snails. pica. and from that moment on a great war on but every day the queen OJoya went to the market and stalked bad aboul Ibe olher queen. ils ooly pul 00 Ihe floor when you are goiog lO work wilh Ihem. Also an old goat is given and afier the 16 days. this eals high yelJow heos ánd Ibe blood ooly goes oo'lbe oulside and ioside. wail because I'm going lo give you a beating. in the jicara put leaves of ajo Romero de la Costa and a1so palm oi~ lhis is Ihe waler lbal Ibe whishes use. you can have a normal sexuallife. and she started lo hil her.. a small fish. . calling Ozain. and mustard leaves fire ofbrujo because it makes you sweat a lot and pieces ofintestine trom a dog. Ooe day Ibe queen Elera was standing al her donr and she was io abad mood and she heard Ibe queen OIoya coming lowards her singing. Ibis goes lo Ibe forest and wheo Ibe persoo comes back siog Ibis suDere: SHEWELE INLE OLORBO EGUN BABA LAKUMOTO IKUN< and Ibeo you give bens lo ~an Lazaro and Ibeo il goes lo Ihe garbage. they wouJd take a tinajita and a jicara. This is an ¡Dehe Qzain that the arara would use to protect themselves from whicraft. in thejicara put only cocoa butter and this two things live together and its taken out in the SUD once ayear. and blood thru your moutb. and every time Ihey mel would lear Iheir ears out. Ibe queen Oloya Guana did oOllike lo spend mooey ans.ho gives thiilks sh. And she immedialely saog back AGUSCAN MACA. ooe io froOI of Ibe olber. When theres a war you put sorne palm oil on youe hand and then pass it on your tongue 7 times. tben tbe person takes a bath wilb ewe Ifa and a1so sorne ori Iberes wilchcrafl lbal can come in. cuodiarnor. . . one day Ibe queen Elera heard say Ibal Ibe olber queen said that she was over doing il because Ibe person ". a doll aod pul palm oil wilb cocooul and a candle and Ibe persons clean and ils pul in frool of San Lazaro wilh two guiny hens and a paraldo is made and you pul San Lazaro al Ihe persons back and sprinlde dry wioe. and also pass it on your umbilical cord. There were two kiogdoms. and Ibeo Ihey would grow agaio.

And don't do anything unJess you are sure ofwhat you are doing. the aWQ makes ebo with a fish and afiee repeats the ceremony. And immediately put in !he adeles of!he first hand you received. traduction. and not continue with!he war. Afiee tbe person takes the !re oc tbe asomo AWUO NANlO ERI OBESA A WUO OMONIFA FERIBALE ATEMOLETA!RE OLOFO OMO NIFA Afler to !he 8 tbat must dance !he dance of!he ball. -. !hey must embrace like a great family nd sing. TENETE NANlO 1EN1E NANlO ATEMORETA OLUO OBESATENTE LANlO. NOTE: The babalao !hat has this sign. NOTE: It is recommended not ot make more than 7 consecrations. wbich is the ball and the blood must touch your head and tbeo ron to the different sairits. what is !he fa!her is !he son. thanks to!he help ofOrunJa and Obesa. you can askanyawo. SULLERE OF THIS WORK. ir the persao is Eleguas son the pigeon are substituted foc a young heno NOTE: in the s~nd consecration. must know that he does not dance !he dance of!he bal~ because he would be dancing bis own head . NOTE: to a11 tbe ceremonies. In the moment of atefa this sigo Obesa comes out in the tollale the old awases say A WUO OMO NI !FA.Page 72 of 864 #68 OBEOSA The ball tbat is made when you make Ifa is done with all !he ingredients it takes. !he participants must kneel on the floor and you must commence to mallurba what you know and you will know foe who is being made. And tms is the way Obesa was able to make Ochuns enemies go away. ALAWUO OMONIFA EUREPE !RE OYO OLOFIN KAFUN !REKUEADE AWO!RE WNIRE 1EN1E LOMIRE ATEMOLETA 1EN1E !FA AWO WNIRE. Find out real well. to put together tbis ball put !he sigo Obe Osa on !he 1I00r and put !he soil from ile kan. NOTE. . like it explains befare with two hens and they are taken to the river with all the ingredients. and leaving the land.. orIfa that you gaiog to make you must give two pigeons to Ochun Obatala and the secret of!fa.

e ofIku. even thQu a11 the harm they had caused bim . So he could save bis brothers. .t ofthe throne receiving bis consecratio. for tbe good ofhis brothers. of Eggun Or death. .t of OIofin and he gave them bis blessing. . .that were sacrificed in the ceremony ofthe thro. Awuo Obesa was left taking care ofthe Ikus throne. Awuo Oba Sa that was kneeling in fro.t of Olofin. And they went in fro. that let bim out of the kingdom of Iku.Page 73 of 864 #69 OBEOSA NOTE: the oluo that participates in the ceremonies were they buried A11 the heads ofthe animals. in fro.

this sigo speaks of enemies that were once friends.while another person can sacrifice it. and lo Shango .Woman you should have two inking in your ( ikofa ) Prepare Ibe spiritual altar wilb one crucifix made of dark ebony The renal gland is bom in this sign. Ibe cauldron oflbe ozain or casserole. AYE AFEfE this person should change their way of life. you should always strive lo better yourself . you need rogarlon Ibe fish.TIte throne ofiku is boro in this sign. ERU WAN ERU MALE WAMALE ORISHAOKO. belong lo oya. the moan was bom in this sigo. Ihe sign say nol ea! coconul . hoUow.and Ihanks lo ochosi orumiJa was saved . wmch is ms head 15 bom in this sigos.three pennanl Ibe roof of Ibe you home . Itori iku you ceuld die witbin Ihree days. You receive oehosi very soon as possible This sign a1ways marks loss and betrayal . place eross made of cedar into a ceranlle container. awo ogbe osa should not do more than seven days.Woman place a rattle on yOU! idefa . Awo ogbe osa cannat hold onto anyanimals . This is where awo ifa ogba guirere was surprised by bis mother .he look whal did nol belong lo mm . and the dance oftente nanie . AYE AFEfE Is sigo is remover) awo abe 58 can Dol dance the tente nanio. Ibe cmld look a11 ofthe blame.Two aba cannot govem the same town .when Iben persen receive oduduwa.thrown water outside afthe door then look to the sky . SALUDOWRUN ADIFAFUNEWEBANAAWAYENIABO AWAYENYORUMILA AFEfEWNA SHANGO ADIFAFUNEWE. ea! abo.In the moming . he she can never again. filled with water Take the followiog to the woods. You have problem wilh your groin and your nock. beads of Obatala and five beads of oshun. This is were the head of Ozain is this sigo shango did abad Imng .y. used the water of the oshun to help with your sight and your private parts. -. Place two hook made of wood on lop of orunla Obe osa has very pretty daughler and everyone sees her wilh lustful eyes. eco fish coro run. lo elegua Iben you must bury it. Of ogbe sa must a1ways have five. .declared war on orumila . the persan must be cleaner in the name Ibe.and sUITound yourself wilh posilive Imnking people This is where Shango removed the wateh with his hands. in this ifa bom the preparation oftbe atemoleta. before you give this ozain. Ibe ebbo.A1way place your money in chango. And in !hal Ihe earth opened up. Vou should Dot have any jewelry .because he would be dancing rus own head.then look lO Ibe earth and pr. In tbis sign Ibe lamb a1so wanled 10 be Idng . . so lhal he knows how mueh you have .obanioche in Ibe act of sexuaUy abusing oriyeye Ibe cmld of oduduwa. NAGBE CBOGBO AIYE INLE OBA OWFIN ARUYE KAFEREFlJN BARAPE11J WDAFUN OSAIN SUlLERE ERU WAN ERU MALE WAMALE ORISHAOKO. BANA OGBE OSA ADIFAFUN ORUMILA ICIION CHON . because it will cause you difficulties . place pUI.Ihe money .Page 74 of 864 # 70 COGBEOSA OGBEOSA give one rooster and one Pigeon the color to ozaio. hooey. and oriyeye and obanioche feU inlo Ibe hoUow. !he following is bom in Ims sign . Chango or Ihe person g(Guardina angel ) when you bolb retwned home you must give young rooster.

) plant yerva fina. jobo . ground Ihe forest. Note in this ifa the estomach is prepared just in case someone give to oggun to ea! or drink fiche. to an casserole then after the secret ¡nside a silver coio in cemented anta it s ·this elegua mus have a lay monkey. In this ifa you must always give and hens to Oya. !he awuo must ask orumíla wilh what Animal this rogatioo in done. In this ifa Ihe persan must place a sil ver bracelet. obi cola babosa Silly.and bits of brocelet are place. Used powdered eko mixed with iyefa for better memory. akan . but Ihe awo must nO! w it Bits of a box. should sloop for 16 days on a ma~ with four ikordie. the persan head must be facing orumíla. corn. with holy water. ooe sun.and to Ihe ehbo. in other to feed iku.the person must receive ovefa Kakuanaldo in order to remover this odu of ifa. prodigiosa . fabric used clolhing com fish etu. plant maravilla. and place it to elegua. into the ebbo of this ifa . thing Dust tocoloro ) dust. intory osobo !he awo must do ebbo afier performs aod ehbo" for Ih~ client . water from olokun s um . !hat look like a skull. in front Oril IT is secret consists afbane and hair oC a monkey. Rogation Ihe head Ohe Osa. parrot. is give to san lazaro) and a bottle of niDe is take to Ihe woods To preparelhe crown oflbe olordumare you oeed Ihe following. Ihe pigeon is set free. and take one pigeon and make sara yeye to everyone. cowrie sheUs fabric Ihe different color.. In this sign oC ifa p" repared the crown of olordumare.. It must be washed with plant banana.) adifafun orunla aod Obata1a. one rooster for oggun and one duck to olokun -.. !he throne oflhe ilru speak in this sigo where everyone must kneed including Ihe awo. the day that an awo seres Ihis ifa .gua1dian angel in Ihe center. color.the ebbo goes ¡nside orthe hax... and seven flowers oC plant mar pacific The awo this sigos must use a !hat has the color of the persao . egg.lhen afier Ihe ehbo has claset . 10 bis awofaca ot to her ikofa The elgua ofthis ifa is prepared with one stone.Page 75 of 864 # 71 CON11NUATlON 1HE OGBE OSA Tbis awuo must remover Ihe opel .lhe persan must this Oghe osa. mate. . give Ihe (goat fema1e.take Ihe shell of igbing . half moon made of silve. pepper. )UId jutía.he must do ebbo with <Oats moster and pigenn.this stone is cementer. on Ihe 16 days of sleeping on Ihe mat you must give one pigenn black 10 elegua. ·The opeie ofObe o". old stump fruta bomba. aloog wilh opolopo ewe meat (plant pata gallina. 7 different pInat.he must nol walk with anyone . is made in made from Ihe crown ofthe head ofan (deer ) it can also be made from Ihe hom of Ihe lam camero.611 it wilh eku fish fat corajo Ache !he onmla. plant jaboncillo. Ihe Persan caonot leave thing half done he she must follow through complotely in order to avoid lo. malva blanca.. to do this one old goat. brances of plant yaya cimarona.

two inking. trash from around the awo íle. root. place 9 braneh Ibe rasca! baniga . maogle red . silver Differenl mineral.during Ihe lighl of the moon. iyefa. yamboco. wilb 1 ada in bis band .the ewe atori them you must consecrate tis by giving on~ tamb. head Ibe rooster.bead mouse. bead Ihe abigbo. To eggun. Ibis placed lo lem .Page 76 of 864 #72 CONI1NUAll0N 11IE OGBE OSA you noed lo give Ibe duck lo ololam .and aways stretched. pepper. ( one Iamb camero) lo chango.lbe pain Ibe odú ofObe sa on Ibe opon Ifa. . out il head to see what Was going on. and yemaya lo. of iku ) Ibis prepare by placing a palm Iree. Ibem you must .lbe eye must be made of glass he should have obi al Ibis feel. You make apayero. ewe kuye kuye and pepper tbree.( cbino ) one plale of various ftuit 9 wbile liIies and one lamp. you used differenl fealher. and Ibe rest tbe ingredient tbe opon ifil on top oflbis stump . Ibe turtle waoled lo kuow a11 tbe secrels oftbe world Echu shiki . one chain strip of chamois Tbis iche eats pigeon Ibree one rooster. stump iri a convenienl location. iron shaving. il live bebind tbe door. tJiis malanguidi is placed from ofyour door. and when iku arun sbould dedicale an offeríng lo Ibe eggun filani. . head tbe rooster.roost the ikin tcee Burned root from quiebrahacha.iness. scrapings oflbe a1gebra. and tbe rest tbe ingredient.that has 1 rattle and one ibing tied lo eaeh braneb Ihen. Ozain Ihe yuan Ibis is tbe sign for triumph if life Head tbe duck. Ebbo one hens 1 bell and Ibe rest Ibe ebbo Ebbo for ikun unJo One puppet made of clay. ceiba. One tbe day of Ibe dead.banging by ehain Tbis ishe ozain 21 one piece tbe( igi ) root Ibe oyuo oro . aside from tbe fundament ingredient it s secret must have Ground tbe cementer. ero obi cola ozun. eyo arnve they will be frightened away and will no enter the awo home. and prepare Ibe tbrone. ifa each tbe opon ifa each of Ibese head must be filled witb eggun ni eggun soil crab. planl ochos~ plant oggun. Ogbe sa yeyematero ogbe sa sbild of good Tbe turtle lived on Ibe edge oftbe ríver. shaving from the ink. head of fish. of each of the awo . tbe ara of Ibe abo must Iben be buried you must prepared ao ishe osain for prospetily wilh owo 16 noedle cottoned . for differenl problem. you must bang nine bead of awena kekefrom tbe opon.

The shepe that you have come fram youe father oc from an old family member. otherwise .fal cacao .but you are unable to have other relationship. is made of cemenl dough Ground Ibe crab. or any friend roc tha. Be cafereful oflbe law or Ibe police. your are going lO b involved in a situation where people are 80ing to say that you did something. Do ebbo neclclace . don I go because il could COSl you your Life . do ebo so that you can remover the sickness fram yaur body.estranger~. grand Ibe cofree . this will cause frietion wilh people who wanl lo destroys you because ofjea1ousy .was in danger . planl pendejera. where you will deny it but in reaJity you did what the accuses you of dojog never betray anyone .and are di~iled in public Give lbank lo sbango every days yoo bave • child Ihal you do nolknow of -. lmife nail. because everything lbal you owned . you are obsessed with" having a woman. you are gaiog to be appointed organization.your are away thinking about the other woman .so that you do nol bave losses .and you barely escaped .after you bave gone lo bed. There is Ibe perspn lbal is baving economic difficullies.even yaur feet will swell. When you feel disprienled stand up and !ift up Ibe heel of you left leg be caferefun Ihal spmething Ibal you are asharned of does I becomes public knowledge . you will not be able lo bave a good sex life. planl garro.that you must forever wear and never remover. obi cola.Page 77 of 864 # 73 CONTINUATION TIIE OGBE OSA Echu kalero. eku ella epo ron . never opeo yoo doorlo eny . you must spend it on something else. Refrain from visiling any sick people for a period of 7 days sp Ibal you life does nol become endangered -You enemies is a taJl person.expect lo belrayed by you friend . bul" get her.Ihese people will work you with . and have everytrung go wel~ you must place a flag on lop of your roo~ Ihe flag muSl be Ibe king Ibal ship use Vou bave a genital disease or a problem with your neck If you uncover s secret someone secret do no make it public because that secret could endanger you . ewe pica pica. wrile Ibal Ihe perspn sp he she can remember. purple wood. Vou were once in a situation where your tire. and when you have it. do ebo sp lbal obalala can give you Ibe luck and good fortune.t matter.beware of a trap.Be caferefun wilh your spouse .witchcraft in oederto take away everything that you have worked so hard for. a business and you will be very well off. Ibree inlciness. and casserole. Vou want to get sorne money together. sinister. oc a religioo organization You are goiog to have home. You are very poor . because you have lack of sex drive due lo a problem wilh your genilal. 1 spmeone goes lo call upon you lo go wilb Ibem. pepper . in order Cor you move. . Thal he bas for bave 10Sl. You have stolen something and the police is after you You are child oflhe Obalala. you. com.

banana. and to avoid getting into other people affairs Ebbo two master. you need receive the meyis .>on t delay in doing your ebo. and obatala You need to bave tranquility in you Jife. You entire family needs to do ebbo You are baving arguments with people tbat are going to leave you that in this way . everything can come out in your favor You must have a party foe aH oC the kids in the neighborhood. fabric white and red .and do the ebbo completely This ifa speaks ofblindness ofbankruptcy ofintestinal iIIness ofulcer ofhemormoid Give thanks to oshun oya. schango. yemaya .Page 78 of 864 # 74 COm1NUATION TIIE OGBE OSA Never give credence to something tIlat you are not sure oC Take care you vision you head and &gains! anemia. arnala ila. one box with a lid 9bacelets One stick one piece the rope nine rattJes one stake eku ella epo The persan has very quick thoughts When someone propase something foe you to do analy~ it very thoroughly first.

attend Ibem a1L in arder to resolve situation place a knife to algehra.this prepared wilb.has lo do ebbo so lbal iku does nol lake him Iben bum guine pepper .. lbal has been give lo orumila . OGBE KANLA LASIlEBANA ADIFAFUN POSIlEIBA OMA ESHU AMEGUN LACHEBA LACHEBA OMO SOMOYA OWENE WENE ABIOO OWENE WENE ABIOO OFOTANSIIE SIIEMISHE ABmo OWENE WENE ABIOO The awo of this ifa. !Tom Ibe female goal.You need lo place an fish !Tesh lo olofin) You place a !mife 10 elegua. canool leave wilhout fusl doing an Osorde and doing all of Ihe thing Ürunla leUs him lo do.. Iben a11 ofthis place onto a piece oflbe slón. so lbal this power will a1ways be wilh you. this is made into iye then it is blown all round . you cannot go out ODto the street until someone from tbe street come into the hou. everything is mashed together . 1 Ibom !Tom ewe Ceiba two (akeke scorpions . pul one eko lo e1egua:. in trus sigo the curse oflbe son reaehes Ibe falber .the person must prepare and talisman known as Orisono which is for ire umbo good luek . a1amo.Page 79 of 864 #75 OGBEIKA OGBE IKA ADIFAYOKO KANFUN ASIlE BERE BERE OMO OLOFIN ESO AKUKO EURE ElJ El E YARAKO ASHO PUPUA OWO LAMEYO OGBE KA OKALA OKEOEKENURE AWOOKANBE OMO OLOFIN BARA BARA ARAWO NlREGUN AGRI KUALENUBE OUNKOOPA AKUKO OWO EY AEPO EWEYEWE OGBE KA ABABIOO. in this sigo. when he was alive .it is the power to overcome rus problem shango and ochosi are the ones tbathave give mm trus power. Then feeding il lo her lover lo unbind Ibe person . The sign speak Ibree espiritud one that was an son shango. by laking some meal And eleaner her ebo wilb il. planl salbadera. A riog of power SUJTounds the awo . this is why you canoot steal or do anything iIIegal.. Ibe fust peroon. lo come in tTom Ibe street in Ibe moming . the person must eat tbis mixture. In this sign Ibe woman can bind aman. this is SO lbal Ihe awo Jife is nol endaogered. ADIFAFUN!YA OYUPAN ADJE LEDO OGBE KA. Avoid ilIegal activilies because you could go lo jail. in piece the brown paper.into a piJe then ginger is added to the mix. piece Ibe old plale everything is bumed . because Ibe Jines oflbe bands are bom here and it was that was in lave with you and Ibe lasl is Ibe eggun of you prenda. nole when you see the sign.sign of slander. who created then In this sigo is where a man lost bis mind in the Iand where he lived. salt. Planl Ibe ogbe ika leaf Ibe peonia. planl garro.take sorne dirt !Tom an goat food . take lestiele and planl peonia and some hal pepper.guine pepper. OBERE SIWA OPOLOPO ILEKE ELEBO AIKORDJE ADJE MEYI OBI MEYI EKU EYA Ero ERAN MALU LOWO IKARIO IKUE . In this sigo . or is your Spiritual guide.

each awo. had an Omo .chili pepper and igi malambo this mixture in ingested tbree time a day. s Coot collect Ibe the same way that 12 midnight does nol come. made into a power . and Ibe bleed is give to Ibe powder then Ibe last Cew drop are Cor chango. Yuou must prepare an altar In this sigo Ibe altar are bom ( ogbe ka represen! lb. are made .. lbal will praise. then you must scraper off dirt from the goal. wilb 0run1a. For the awo. together witb. or live in a rural area. wilb head. Iba! he could nol control . he lbal is Calse like smoker sour like a lemon . place all oCthis into a hott\e oC sin. you mus! give two hens Ibe sign melly. are needed in order to perfonne . you write Ibe sigo. use a thick necldace or collar Ibe flag bandera . and pray one mej~ Afier lb. and oggun . ebo misi planl paraiso mu~ do ita. This is were oyiy~ bika. You are incredulous person . ceremooy finished each awo placed their candle in from oC each eross oC each mej~ iCa .on oue you must place a penny 00 the otber . prodigiosa. two thick neckJace of orumila. between ogguo . this sign speak oC problem or difficulties al work or about work .ñame. leU you 10 do. take back his son. This is place Ibe wooden board oC olotin. bul elegua. oC each eya . Pul two coconul lo orun1a and two oC chango. COCQnul tree) Ibe lesticle and Ibe penis. 12 noon. you can not longer take him back . collect at 12 midnight 16hom smalllookiog toward Ibe eross Ibe each sigo.because iC your if you do he will destroy you.( obe ika) wenl back 10.and iCa will pul your destiny in order. and to orunla in order lo perform this ceremony . in this history. 1 this sign iCa '. you in public . plant f10gger maravilla plan! giraso~ this is prepared wilbout boiling Ibem.first 10 oggun Iben chango. Iben add ginger .on Ibe third days . with these neck1ace you must wrap up your ifa To battle impotence.and you pay littl~ attention to whal Ibe Orisha.Page 80 of 864 #76 CONTINUATlON TIIE OGBE IKA SpeU liberate you from your araye The from Ibe comer oCyou houses collected 12 noon dir from Ibe olber coníer oClbe he handed him over. oftinware. Ibe rooster is sacrifice. Obe ika eCekanle. awo obe-ka must away do ebbo do this .lben mixed together wilb Ibe. lo raise . lold him. albahaca. and chango. Secret Ibe sign . muS! place 8 nuts oC obi cola into each hand oChis were human beings began to take possession of the land .16 awo. and a rooster. The person come the rural arca. oC araye. this powder is blown onto tbe araye while mentally sayiog . small between each melle. also placed between Ibese two oriseha while sayiog Ibe Collowiog Shango and oggun. and vice versa.give one roaster to elegua =. dirt this is placed .when elegua had this child under his control . and vice versa. You must live with bumble people in order to live well. Wao obe ika. Iben place one fresh fish . wants to take away your rooster.this otTering to olofin. and Ibe shame oClbe family. Never be able to come clese to me For good Cortuned you take 10 shower del dia. Must have one candle. for this must place inlcioi ofo.animal mineral for the first time . may .but will slander you in private.To elegua. on Ihe ground. Olorddumare does not confer power or riches bul you will reign over peopl.

oni tben you wasb tbe IOOestone with this omiero afier this you pray tbe . with cotton balI . must give elegua whatever he asks. afier this you bather Everything with boly water and water. ifa pray this sigo ofmatrimony you tben make . and IOOestone inside oftbe box. and eats in Fridays. and valerian. presepitado red. into tbe box while praying tbe sigo of . tbe awo remover tbe puppet fron tbe box and placed tbem on his opon . one puppet female. and 7 leaf plant prodigiosa place botb of tbe puppet into large tbe container. Oshe ottira. An omiero of plant of each orisha . then give one small rooster. iyefa.tben wind up tbe threads 3 time. for 3 days Each day an candle is lit to degua. place tbe puppet . puppet. One IOOestone igi a1amo.poppet prepare omiero witb 7 plant Holy water. ) Caodle for attraction at !he foot of elegua. Oge ika < this is if. igi yamao. run water molasses fa! cacao. Garro. from ewe azahares. while calling the name of tbe desired Persan . a11 this is wrapped up in blaek fabric. add quieksilver.saIbadera. 1 east young that tbe relatiol1$hip does go saur Note. ofthis is wrapper up in fabrie tbe persan guardiao angel. into box . presepitado red fat epo. root of plant zapote.ogbe ika. and boly water.tben make 3 knot you tben take I male puppet.and throw the incense. witb elegua. featber pigeon two egg. tbe two baUs one white and one blaek. tie offthe end Of severa! threads. then you. SpeU against the araye. Place tbe complete name tbe persan you desire Ioto lO small Clay casserole. . two egg tbe pigeon . quita maldieion. and drinks run. igi tbe igi.and pigeon is given to this omiero at 12 Noon. before bathing the two puppet wilh omiero. . of tbe Shawllhat is used by tbe iyawo ni osha. picture hair elothes . it east on Friday. plant rue. and turtle. and nail it shut witb 3 smaU nail place pieces of elothing ·From tbe interested parties on top of tbe box. tbe tip ofa Ienife ero obi cola 0ZUD. ar laid on top tbe box everything is tied together and placed in front of elegua. prepared incense made ofpowdered plant benju~ Cinnamon. take box and placed both Name in tbe form of eross. each otber.Page 81 of 864 #77 CQNI1NUATION 1HE OOBE !KA Die from one the comer ofyou bouse collected at 12 Docn dirt from the other comer of you houses coUected al 12 midnight also plaot amansa guapo. . praying for tbe union of tbe two people involved on tbe third days everything is take to tbe wood and buried at tbe foot of a ceiba tree afier This persan. of tbe araye.plant prodigiosa. they are washer witb !he omiero then tbey are placed in front of elegua. run.vaginal water from tbe woman. For two people witbout tbem.ant tie tbe thread tbey must be faeing. menstrual water font tbe woman . this persan Must yoko ocba. honey ron. otura oshe. fat corajo. and I female.

oven ifil s an days (OKUNAYE) carne home lo see Ibe wife. il is sea1ed and is left al Ibe fool of elegua. lo fee! bis family. afier all Ibis was done ( OLOFIN) gave okumanaye A blessing and lold bim lo move lo. wbile for olofin. The person is a stranger lo Ibis land ( city ) state country he she was foreed lo leave bis her land in a hurry .(Okunaye) was unaware Ibal !hal basket offishes was offering for ( olofio.was offering for olofin orunJa Told bim !hal Ibe entire farnily needed lo head rogatioo.when Ibe fisherman was no looking . were going lo find Ibeir prosperity Ebbo one roo. cbildren . akara bibo.) and afier Ibe family ale Ibe fish .lbe puppet are once again plaeed inlo Ibe bo". as an offering. different metal. Ibis spell is ever more effective when you give elegua. and res! Ibe ingredienl Okunaye lived a very pool lown . do you whal Ibe basked of fish !hal you have stole and ealen .when be saw this . If you are planning a trip.wbich made life very difficull for bim bis wife and bis tr. SHONSIIEMI ABIBO OGUENE GUENE GUENE ABIBO OKUNAYE EKUTALE NANA. tr. Obe ika loses bis her for disobedience.ooe pigeoo.. lastly They hall.ANAYENANA. iyebo wbile seeds elegua rool oflbe treo salvadera.lbey a1l very il~ (Okunaye ) desperale wenl 16ese orunJa for and read. place the IOOestone . use a occklace that hangs down 10'yoU groin SINGING TIlAT AWO OGBE!KA SUNG WIIEN ORUNLA WAS HAVING DIFFICULTIES GUINJ GlJINILE NJLEKO AWO KINE GUENLE AWO OGUENE GUENE ABIBO OGUENE GUENE ABIBO ORUMILA OFEKAN . EBBO one rooster one hens one lmife. lreo branches of elegua fabric wbile and black. 9 ribbons ofdifferenl color. slander you.(okumaye ) stole Ibe baskel oflbe fish and look il back home..give thanks lo !hunder and lightniog . hecause whal was how he and bis farnily. lo sarayeye wilh pigeoo. ground Ibe four differenl paths. wilh planl salvadera And each person in Ibe farnily needed lo plaeed one fish lo olofio. !hal be ask for. crying bccause she did not have any foot to give their 3 starving children .he saw fisherman unJoading bis boatload of fish inlo basket.he left bis borne in a stated of crazed demenlia when he gol lo Ibe heach . Avoid going lo someone s home lo performe religious ceremony hecause people will always. ada. ebo misi. SuDeres of Ibe lable LASCHORAOMO SOMO WAARlKULAWA EBBO one rooster.Dn 001 visil Ibe sarne place twice in one days or eni one place day afier < Maferefuo chango.ster . anolber town. between Ibe two puppet . you introduce you wine ioto the oDÚero. and Ibis ifa lold'bim. and rest Ibe ebbo. and red tree trap.Page 82 of 864 #78 CONTINUATION TIIE OGBE!KA Sign tbe matrimony once aga. before you leave do Ebbo so that your life does hecome endangered You are person that has a strong inclination to have affair with attached women and tbis is going lo cause you many problem. OKUNAYEEKUTALENANAANAYE .

you will have an argumenl wilh a mend over something !hal you purcbased . KEKE OFA MAYO GBOGBO ARAYETOKUOSODDEIFALODAFUN ELEGUA SUll. your oggun mus! a1ways bave a bottle ofrun by his side Bay the edge ofthe ocean . fill Ihem with sand oc ash.) IKU BORO AWO ALEGUAOMODE KUYE KUYE IKU BINI ATA MAYURA IKU BORO EURE ELEGUA ABALONCHE. KUYE KUYE IKUBINILE KUYE KUYE IKU BORO UNLO ATA MAYUREO IKU BORO UNLO ELEGUA OMODE OSAlN SIflWIRY KlJJ Km. Your parenl were not the one !hat raised. Ibis is then lalcen lo Ihe words and plaeed al Ihe fool of ceiba tree .Page 83 of 864 #79 OGBE OTRUPON . due to an astral issue .No matter how intelligent your are . You are going lo purcbase something.IKU EYE NISHE OBINlIKU KUKU NlSHE OBINI AMU ATAMU . OGBE TIlMAKUN. in order to cause you problems . LEDO ORUN mE N1RA KILODAFUN ESHU. you need to receive the wamor . OSAlN CIflWIRY Km order to win. There is someone that is resentful oC you hecause of someooe !hat is cesenlful of you because of something you did RectifY tbis situation Tbere is a blessing from heave that is coming into your Jire. Tbe sign speak of abandoDDlenl ofthe hoose -. OUN FORE MOLO ENI OUN ONl ORUN OSAlN SIflWIRY KlJJ Km OSAlNCIflWIRYKm Km OSAlN SIflWiRY KlJJ Km EWEEYAEWEEYA OSAlN SIflWIRY KlJJ Km 1ñis is where the innocence saint ( orisha ) were ex:ecuted .so that you can placed the followiog lO oggun and ilame smothered with cacao th.OBINI NlCHE OMO ODUOUWA ADIFAFUN ORUMILA. tbis covered Wilh fabric wbile for seven day. Tbere are family pcoblem due lo an inheritanee of a home oc land There is an older person that is not being up froot with yOll. OR\JMILA AGABANI are going to have .and constantly mistrealed you.OBE TIlMAKO KUKUYE AYA KUKUYE ARUN ATAMA YUBARA KUMISAYA ADOLOWA.IFA OMO. and is working behi~d the 5Cenes. Wheo tbis sign seen.the father dies before rus time. AGBONIREGUN. TOMALALA BALANSHE IWI ESHU NI EKUTA KIlLALALEKE IWI BALELE.oc already have child that is goiog to be oven more InleDigenl !han you. ABO.and tbis argumenl is due lo bis her jealousy . Don t no bave empty cootainer lying arouod the houses. . you need lo perform and the Ebbo on you father quickJy.. SO Ihal Ihe son does not dethrone the falber. Vou have oc will have a big .. you the person that raises you abused you to such an extent !hal he she demanded too much from You for yoo age .ERE) KUYE KUYE IKU BmNI) KUYE KUYEIKU BORO AWO ATAMAYURA.

. ceiba tree .OBOO NIOIE OMO ODunUWA ADIFAFUN ORUMILA.) IKU BORO AWO ALEGUA OMODE - ~i KUYE KUYE IKU BOO ATA MA YURA IKU BORO EURE ELEGUA ABALONCIIE .the father dies befare bis time. fill them with sand or ash. Your parent were not the ane that that you can plaeed tbe following to oggun and /lame smotbered with cacao tben tbis coyered With fabrie wbite for seven days. . ORUMILA AGABANI LEBO.Page 84 of 864 # 80 CONI1NUAnON nm OBE !KA . .you are goiog to have . There are family problem due lo an inheritance of ahorne or land There is an older person thal is not being up front with you. and is working behind the will haye an argument wilb a friend oyer sometbing !hat you purchased .. Vou bave or will have a big . IKU EYE NISIIE OBOO IKU KUKU NISHE OBOO AMU ATAMU ...and constantly mistreated you. There is someone that is resentfid of you because of someone tba! is resentful of you because of sometbing you did Rectify !bis situation There is a bIessing from heave that is coming into your Jife . Vou are goiog to purchase something. you need to perform and tbe Ebbo on you fatber quickly.. due to an astral issue . KUYE KUYE 1KUBINU. AGBONIREGUN.No matter how intelligent your are .. so that the son does nol dethrone the father...E KUYE KUYE IKU BORO UNLO ATA MAYUREO IKU BORO UNLO ELEGUA OMODE OSAIN SIIIWIRY KUI KUI . Don t no have empty container Iying around !he houses.. you need to receive th~ warrior . OUN FORE MOLO EN! OUN ON! ORUN OSAIN SIIIWIRY KUI KUI OSAIN CIflWlRY KUI KUI OSAIN SllIWIRY KUI KUI EWE EYAEWEEYA OSAIN SIIIWIRY KUI KUI This is where the innocence saint ( orisha ) were executed .._-. . The sign speak of abandonment oflbe house ::/. LEBO ORUN !RE NIRA KILODAFUN ESHU.. IFA OMO.or a1ready have child that is goiog to be oven more lntelligent !han you. in order to cause you problems .in order to win. OGBE TUMAKUN." : KUKUYE AYAKUKUYE ARUN ATAMA YUBARAKUMlSAYAADOLOWA.. KEKE OFA MAYO GBOGBO ARAVE TOKU OSCDDE IFA LODAFUN ELEGUA SUlLERE) KUYE KUYE IKU areN!) KUYE KUYE IKU BORO AWO ATA MA YURA. you the person !hat raises you abused you to sueh an extent !hat he she demanded too mueh from You for you age ." ..and this argument is due to bis her jealousy . . TOMALALA BALANSIIE IWI ESHU NI EKUTA KULALALEKE IWI BALELE. OSAIN CIflWlRY KUI KUI.. !bis is tben taken to tbe words and plaeed at the foot of . your oggun must atways have a bottle ofrun by bis side Bay tbe edge of Ibe o<ean .. ABO... When tbis sign seen.

EKU. EWEYEWE OGBE KAABABffiO ADIFAFUN IVA OYUPAN ADIE LERO. ADIE MEYI. ewe I~e. EYA. YARAKO. EYA. You plaoe a bife to Elegbara in this Ira. place a knife to Elegbara A ring of power surrouods the Awo .. ewe saIvadern. EPO. Suyore. EURE. Ateo1 them all. OWO LA MEYO. OWENE WENE ABIBO. Ewe of Ogbe Ka. . bocause the lines oC tite hands are boro is the power lo overcome bis Arayes. EYELE. - 1>81 OGBEKA OGBE KA ADIFAYOKO KANFU ASHEBEREBERE OMO OLOFIN EBO AKUKO. ERAN MALU LOWO IKARIO IKUEN. one that was in lave witb you. This is so tbat tbe Awo. OGBE KA OKALA OKEO EKENURE AWO OKANBE OMO OLOFIN BARA BARA ARAWO NIREGUN AGRI KUALENUBE OUNKO OPA AKUKO. OGBE KA OBERE SIWA OPOWPO 1LEKE ELEBO. This is wby you canDO( steal or do anything ilIegal. ewe yerba del gran parado. OWO. Shango and Oshosi are the ones tbat llave given him this powcr . lbis Odu speaks of 3 Eguns. EPO..Ooe that was an Dmo Sbango wben be was alive. LASHEBA LASHEBA OMO SOMOWA OWENE WENE ABIBO. OGBE KANLA LASHEBANA ADIF AFUN POSHEffiA OMA ESHU AMEGUN. A1KORDIE. and it was Elegbam who ereated them. canoot leave bis bome without first doing an Osode abd doiog a11 of the tbiogs that Onmmila teOs him to do. Tth Awo oC tbis iCa.Page 85 of 864 " CCrmNUATIOWFHlWB&IKA· . You need 10 place aneya tutu to OIofin. bccause you couId go to jail. Avoid illegal activities. and the Iast is the Egunofyour Prenda or is your Spiritual Guide. In orden to resolvc situations. ewe yetba garro. so tbat this power will always be ~tb you. ASHO PUPUA.s life is not eodangered. OWENE WENE ABIBO OFO TANSHE SHEMISHE ABIBO. OBI MEYI.

reaches Ibe falber. Ibe person mus! prepare and Ishe Osain lmown as Orisono. CONTINUATION TIIE OBE IKA. and·the eyebale is give to the iye (powder). iyo (salt). . Iben feeding it to her lover. tbe penon must eat this mixture. you must place a penny.wbile saying the following: "Shango. Everything is burned. is where a man lost bis mind in tbe land where he lived. Put 7 eko to Eshu. and vece versa. to unbind Ibe perron.. and some .collected at 12 midnight. . In Ibis !fa. This is prepared without boiling Ibem. by taking s<¡me eran malu and cleaning her obo with it.. an obini can bind a man. In this Ifa. take some dirt from an oWunko's . ewe iwereyeye. Iben all of this is placed onto a piece of skin form an eure lbat has been given to Orunmila. Never sleep in a house that is not yours. on one.'. Far Awo Ogbe Ka: 2 thick ilekes ofOrunmila are made." For prosperity: Ebomisi with omiero of ewe 10 del day ewe flor de maravilla. has to do Ebbo so lbat Iku does not take him/her. pieces of old plates or pieces form an oxidized cauldron. the first person to come in form the street in the momins. tben Ibe las! few drops are for Shago and Ogun. Spetl to liberate'your Arayes: Dirt form a comer of your house.16 borns ofagema. food tinshomo okuni. may (name of Araye) never be able to come close to me. dirt form the other cornerof the house. you must wrap up your Ifa. . 17 atare.Page 86 of 864 ·. This powder is blown onto Ibe Araye wbile mentally saying: "In Ibe same way lbat 12 midnight does not come together wilb 12 noon." and vuce versa. This is made ioto iye.maD cbile oeppeni everytbing is masbed togetber into a piJe.. Ibe curse oftbe son. which is for Ire Umbo (good luck). tben ginger is added to ma. collected at 12 noon. you muSí place an Ikirú Ofo. With these ilekes. !fa of slander. The akuko is opa. on the other.: . You then bum 7 atares in a piece ofbrown paper forro a supennarket. you cannot go out onto the street until someone from tbe street comes into the house. Tbis is prepared with: I thorn form ewe ceiba. In tbis !fa.) and an akuko is also placed between Ibese two Orishas. 2 akeke (scorpions). (betweenOgun and "Shango.. ewe girasoles. then it is blown aIl around. In this ifa. When you see this Ira. Oguo wants to take away your akuko.

two rope. water from the woman. You are and incredulous person and you pay little 8ttention to that the orisha ten you to do. you can no longer take him back because If you do he will destroy you. with 7 plants. then you must scrape off dirt from the goal. This ifa oftin ware. they are washed with the omiero ".stick yamao .holy water. plant prodigiosa. plant $albadera. OBE IKA Give goat to elegua. turtle. you prepare an omiero. Tbis sing the altars are bom . 'then it give one young rooster. eru obi cola osun obi motiwado. 10 e1egua 10 roo!. -Tbis ifa speaks ofproblems or difficulties at work or about work The person eat from rural area • or lives in rural needed 16 aWQ are needed in arder to performe. please all oC tbis into o bottle oC gin then add ginger cbili he handed him over. and stick malambo. Place coconut to oruola and 2 Cor chango.Obeka represent the sigo the coconut treo. oCthe elegua. but will slander you in private Cor this reason awo abe ika must always do Ebbo do this and this ifa wiU put your destiny in arder. To united two person without marrying them One lodestone stick alamo. root the apasote. . you must give two hens to the sign and to orunla in arder to performe this ceremonies . A woo obe Ka mus! places 8 nuts oC obi kola into each hand oC tbis iCa. Each awo must have one candle and pray one mejis. looking toward the eross each sigo. into a large container. you must do Ita with oruola . vaginal. two pigeon egg Tbat you baving it first eggs. you in public. with elegua it eats on Fridays. and it drink run and holy water. When elegua has tbis child under control . oCtbis is wrapped up in Cabric the person. it eats young rooster. balls . Coot collect the testicles . this offering yo olofin. presipitado red . honey run cascarrilla Fat corojo.also plant amansa guapo. each awo placed their candle in from of each cross . ofyou house collected at 12 noon dirt froro the otber comerofyou house collected at 12 midnight . picture chair clothes the persoo all tbis wrapped up in Cabric black. guardian. To protect Dir from the comer. ebo plant paraiso apasote. went back to take baék his son. In !bis iCa is where human being began to take posecion ofthe land . prodigiosa. garro. . tbis mixture is ingredient 3 time al doy. ifa .anintals Ítúnerals for the fist time in story. the testicles And the peni . plant quita maldicion.but you wil1 reigo over people !hat will praise. stick parami. Ceather the pigeon. you write the sigo mejis oCifa Place one small fish. Olordumare does not confer power or riches . albahaca. elegua told him. holy menstrual water From the woman.after the ceremoDÍes is finished. You must prepare an altar. You place the wooden board oColofin on the ground.Page 87 of 864 CONTINUATION. Spell against the problem Plant apasote. between each meji with head the each small fish.of each meji ifa on third days . place oC the puppe!.. the tip oC a kniCe. male puppet Female puppet.Ogbe ika went back . you must live with humble people in arder to live wel~ Tbis is were ( Oyiyi bika) bad an son that could not control . and 7 leaves the prodigiosa.

a collon baI~ place Ihe 3 stick t1ie fealher and egg Ihe pigeoo. threads . are laid on lop Ihe of box everything is lies logether and placed in fronl of elegua. lable ) LASHORA OMO SOMO WA ARlKU LAWA Ebo one mostee. SUUERE . differenl plants of almagre . for 3 days an candle is Iil lo e1egua. Ibis spell is even more effective When you give elegua. partíes on 10p oflhe box Ihe 2 caliamos balls one while and one knife. placed inlo Ihe box. after this person must give elegua whatever he asks so !hal Ihe relalionship does nol go sours NOle before balhing Ihe puppet. presipitado red. and valerian then you place puppet inlo Ihe box and Ibrow Ihe incense inlo Ihe box. fat cacao. 3 curve branch oC elegua • fabric . many different types the metals 1 sabers ohi cola osun two hens de color. wbile praying Ihe sigo of Ogbe ika .whal is used by Ihe iyawo ni osha The person mus! yoko ocba. she lhis you balhe everything wilh holy waler and waler from Ihe azahares. 11IATAWOOGBEKA SUNGWHENORUMILA WASHAVINGDIFFICULTIES SHONS C/IEMI ABIBO OGUENE GUENE GUENE ABffiO. I female puppet. il is seaJed and il is left al rool . prepare incense marle oC powdered plant benjui cinnamon. and lodestone inside oflhe box. tree. Candle for attraction al Ihe fOO! Ihe elegua. she otura. and pigeon is give to the orniero at 12 noon Obe ika lhis is Ihe ifa of Ihe shawl . red • black white. take a box and placed bolh of Ihe puppet inside wilh bolh of Ihe name in Ihe form of a eross. over 3 akofa trap. ifa and prays this sign oC matrimony. wilh Ihe orniero. Ihe puppet are once again. ashe • hODey tben you wash the lodestone with this onúero after this you pray the sign oC matrimony once again • you introduce a vine into the orniero place Ihe lodestone between Ihe two puppet. ground the four comer 3 ada ewefa. witÍt 3 small nails place piece pieces of cJolhing from Ihe inlerested. of elegua . you them make an omiero of plant oC each OIischas. praying for Ihe union of Ihe two people involved. Place complete name ofthe person you desire inlo an ikoko keke add quicksilver . run water molasses. tbe awo remover tbe puppet. and place them on this opon. fat corojo run off the end oC several. 1 gourd ditrerent fabric Ebo one rooster . whal he ask ror even if il an goal.then wind up the threads 3 time while caJling Ihe name oflhe desired person Ihen make 3 knol you Ihen take I male puppet. You used necklace !hal hangs down lo you groio. on Ihe lbird day everything is take lo Ihe wood and buried al tbe Coot oC Ceiba. and tie Ihem logether wilh Ihe thread Ihey mus! be facing each other . Close Ihe box and nail it sbul.Page 88 of 864 # 84 rom1NUATION THE OGBE!KA Then Ihey are placed from of elegua. fram the box. OKUNA VEEKUTALENANA OKUNA VE EKIITALE NANA NAVE) ANAVE NANA SuJleres of Ih.

bUl you are fighting Witb her because you are in lave with. with it so that you can avoid bloodshed in you home.or have studied about several religion . feed tbe eggun .place a woodeo hook and a machete to eggun. LASIIE AWO. and throw them in 3 different places. tbis is were the nosta1gia of arunJa is bom The person has an eggun lhat speak to him her in the ear. maferefun oehosi place an ofa hehind tbe door. stop abusiog yourself and get on with your life. you are fuU pride and you hold Grudges. clean you selfwith 3 piece ofthe meat. another woman or are living with the other woman. To see ifthls person retums lo yOll. you like 10 Do battle wim anyone that wants to do battle with you. INUO AWUO. The charcoal ofthe auin is bom in trus sign INU AWO LASHE AWUO) INU AWO LASHE AWUO) INU AWO LASIIE AWUO ) INA INA YOLOKUN INSULORUN.and erect a eross lbat has fallen on a grave. and in the future. of the people tbat come to your home for help. one days. have fajth in the oricha. you must charge WeU for the tbings you do for people.lbat finally left the stable This ifa determines that once in a long while an adodi is miliation into the mysteries of ifa . okuni you have woman al home . so lbat you can love life and he happy. he on1y one that willlose is you not only. are you fighting with yoursel~ but with the world around you as well. remember that is your fight with your self. due to ogu do maferefun. . don t do any reading. TErEREGUN MOYO SIIEUN OPAO (CORO) AlCUANA IKU) TErEREGUN MOYO SIIEUN OPAO( CORO) AlCUANA ARUN TErEREGUN MOYO SHEUN OPAO ( CORO) AlCUANA OFO " Then the charcoal is placed into the ozain .you know about .could be the cause ofher deatb and you will oever agaio have any stabilities in your Iife .but the mule was the animal that was the moment ebbo. Look and see what elegua wants so that you can give it to him in this way. or your espouse has left you for another person. You are fighting with yourselfbecause you are upset that you think one thing but do another. it is recommended that you have canaries eshu ni elegua of2 faces is bom in trus sign. if you have broken container in you home . in this sign . pay . is a family member or a clase neighbor . eshu can help You resolve Ibe problem. lbat comes from tbe sky.hango what you owe boro tbe ire. for free so lbat you don t have problem.Page 89 of 864 #85 CONI1NUAnON TIIE OOBE OI'RUPON Talce decoction of donkey hoof Go to tbe cemetery . he grateful ofthe favors lbat people do for you. You spouse is fighting with You or has left you. the mule was abused so much . and having the pollee visit your home . because the suffering that You inflict on your wife .. This ifa tbe oftbe mule The mule live in tbe stable witb tbe other animal .


Orumila tums bis back on !he awo oflbis sigo ifa. . Mimaye is boro in Ibis sigo . Sunday is boro in Ibis sigo Ibis is days of tbe indecisions.Y.m lbe fatber and tbe cbild tbe padrino and tbe ahijado will separated Attend to any swelling of your feet .Oba is tbe shadow of obetu nilara In Ibis ifa olofin blessed tbe monkey. in order to secure their position as responsible membera . ogbe tualara. (Nibi wayu ) tben tbe ebo io presented 10 tbe left side oftbe opon.. each day at 6 p. This is where . aU of!he Olomoba .nd of garagedel'a wbich is tbe land of aU tbe Known seotiments and feeling lbe name tbe obe tualara ( b• . A greats shadow come between Orumila and tbe awo oflbis sigos.oftbe retigious community. were spread throughout tbe world Ogbe tua lara is tbe babalawo of tbe ( ololrun ) In Ibis ifa shongo condemned tbe creation of mooey and gave it aU away Note obetualara represent tbe incarnatioo of ( Shango ) on earth oba yomu oba yo The awo ofthis ifa should pray to Ibis orisba. Oro ina is bom in Ibis sign. tbe cal. Obe tuaIara canoot live witb too many preoccupation in bis her Iife. are boen.Page 91 of 864 #87 CONI'lNUATION TIIE OGBE OIURA LARA ALAYlKIOOO OSA EBO ASIlE ESHU BELEKEOO KINYA AD) OTA EPO RELEWA ESHUWNA YAMAPAOSIKAEKUBOROELEMUBAMUBATA YOKOWNA . omun cursed orumila because he was a1ways abusing her Note tbe awo tbe sigo dies aU a10ne . what are presents must give an rooster wbite to olofin. or ofo tbe sick or unhealthy client is told to perform Ceremonies with eggun before doing any other ceremonies This sigo tbe ifa tived a long time in the I. wiU be repeated in tbe near future. tbe differeoce between tbe mud and tbe sand became known This is where aU tbe illnesses of tbe world. tbe secret Of San lauro. and tbe rat .This ifa where sculping and carving is bom This sigo speak ofan iIlness oftbe blood and tbe brain -adakue This is where !he babalawo used bats for tbe first time in bistory Your childreo are disobedieot . because obe tua mUs! do oparaldo witb Ibis The perseo that has Ibis sigo need tbe help of tbe other people io order to realize bis her desire Ogbe tua in osorbo iIru amo .. In Ibis ifa. You canoot eat colored mamey. tbe voices tbe volcano tbe most powerfu~ of a11 the Ehoraorisha. you present tbe ebolO tbe right side oftbe opon ifa and say.lasbire ifa ) This is wbere tbe sky was recognized . DEDOW DOWWO DE MASA DURO EKUKA IKANO BATI EYO When tbe ebo oflbis sigo does. Ibis ceeemonies tbat is being Performed toda. and tberefore Sunday is lucky days.. wbile saying Nibi olona ) lben say tbe foUowing wbile you touch your chest Nibi ate) Finally take !he (icofa) and touro tbe center oftbe opon ifa wbile saying Elese opon. When Ibis ifa is see in tbe ( iMO ) ceremony ifa saying !ha!.

) cascarrilla . two black heos give to orunla you remover the gallbladder and they are mashed together. have a human eye inscribed on each side of tbe gold plate. 2 pigeon . together. must wears a gold chain around rus neck tbat has a gold plate hanging from it that has his sign ( ogbe tualara ) inscribed in tbe frOID.tben all of this is covered witb fabric red color. head and heart of aJakaso. this ewe is then cut while the. also awo Ogbe tua tara. eru coconu!.( almendra) uva caleta. witb obatala tbe person . with ifa and pigeon . witb tbe up side. eku fish. one shell. with ozun . tbat is for prosperity and good health One rat give to elegua. plant aguinaldo white and morado. while calling oroida. Tbe person is violent impulsive. then you take sorne oftbe climbing plant known as. . for 16 days.due to the sign ofhumanity. the person must cotibori head witb plant dundun • ewe tete nifa when you mixed with coconut hODey fat cacao. tben tries to do juSI tha!. and ashe For 3 days straight the first days afier the firSl day. .fill this hole with tbe gallbladder lÍlixed with blood . and. is give to this.witb honey. When this ifa speak of an amarre. is prepared the 16 palanqueta Are mashed together. up place 8 pieces fat cacao. are give the omiero.witb soap this person must wash bis her face until the soap deteriorate. This is where the pact between omida and dada Banani was made • Take a white plates into tbe wood . and the interested up in ¡t. Ogbe tualara has a secret soap.Page 92 of 864 #88 OONTINUATIONTHEOGBETUALARA In this sigo of pigeon where tbe person has second opportunity to realizo what was Al ready realized once before. 8 boll tbe cascarrilla. plant aguinaldo.find an ant hil~ tben make a hole in the ant hill to accornmodate tbe white plate .the ara ortbe rooster is then buried into the hilL. and dada banani with this OROIÑA IYANlWAAYEMORIENABIOWRUNNlWA DADA ABURE AGBA IKU OFONILE WE OSAIN TIte person tbe cleaner himself with the rooSler white and give tbe blood to tbe plate and the ant hill. this is were tbe earth was corrupted and discomposed.water tbe see. covered with heads ¡nside tbis iche. when the persoo retwn horne He she muSl batbe witb. and muSl also. while prayer. This soap give one black hens. trus chain of the ogbe tualara is used around the waist when the awuo is goiog to work ifa. One stone one cowrie .ewe lirio white. one arrow. plant . and disobedient .place tbe plate ioto tbe hole. tiger s fans.TIte person tells tbe enemies what he she is goiogto do. persoo is spinning. ' This is where the pemicious. obi omi tuto. loase the ewe. anemia is bom. take a bar of castile soap and make a hole . The owner the ifa must used a gotd ehain with the following abject hanging from it one cimitarra. and the born meet one ishe ozain. an omiero ofthis plant. cascarrilla. This is tbe ifa oftbe rematch . 8 piece tbe bread . love binding 16 ( palanquetas) yellow pastries ) are placed to orumila. and four feather . afier tbe fust bath. and ache . holy water. tbe plant the sigo ( ashivata.

but. you ask Ibis speU must contain Modun moduu. bin! tomeguin.lbe casserole. finished • fiIlIing apart . made soil !be crab • tba! has 41 oheU.oruku. furmation. ~ be wilb· your enemy •when Ibis deity is being prepared . encrusted omo in Ibe secret i. dried different plant lb. Spanish flies ewe 10 del dsys . when it is reaped in an inward fashion. !he. Ibe persan knocks on !be door wilb a hamJner . ZIIOmn. in !be ait.bejuco haitiano plant orosun. ocha. !be tortoise pl. foot oflbe door in Triangle.!be person must sayo !be crab huild bis bouse . !be persan takes Ihe boes and begio lo '"" as ifhe were plowing above !be casserole.lbe remainder are tbrown into !be araye • bome Ogbe tua \ara was once crazy. or a stable relalionship. of someone tbat is crazy • To heIp wilb mental disorders. asb from container salt run water. !be persan mus! plant gbogbo ere Ibis is given I young roost. Ibe rool. must be caUed. rogation lb. and Ibe res! Ibe ingredient. arun ofo for Ibe enemy 8fter tbis. take new casserole and smotber witb fal corojo. is se! ablaze when !be smoker start to riso.and in Ibis way JIlJ. Ibese are tben cleansed and buried al lb. place lo live . worms and insect s .89 CONTINUAll0NTIlEOOBB01URA Mus! bathe witb Ibis omiero To secure a properly ) you filI3 ogu. foUowing soil crab. ' BABA GUlDE OGBE OYE • OGUN F1SHED LUDIO lLE This puppel is give bl~ togetber wilh elegua.tbat il cant start lo dry up and fall apart . lo dry. orunla oricbaoko.. of mea! witb heart ni gunugun Btiel< misterio . fatale is also toucbed with.. soil from !be hill. arriero... so many it be for ( name of araye ) may be never have stable .ver. lo enjoy when Ibe J!l!PllCt \las. while singing This Banshekemi . b100d lb. !be person prays Ihe sigo !be ohetua Iara. pisco !be following inside pepper Ooe piece Ibe twtJe.shag¡¡dl!.bul never has tim.Page 93 of 864 .) lbat has been prayed over wilb !be 16 sigo of Ibe ifa. and young roost. beans . . is dsgged ioto Ibe kitchen . it is ire aye. Then ebbo witb dried rotting river mud and many river. to finish. 9 pepper. fa! cacso fa! corojo.ofplant ajenjo p10wed eartb one small slone. from Ibe outside..tuIlle The secret also contain ( afoche dust ogo.on..until Ibis ikoko. time to reap !be barvest. . webs jet.ant.!be boe and !be hamJner.. verdolaga.. !be hoes is dragged towards Ibe door. This is !be hoes. are placed imo . ori eggun Ibese oque are tben sealed and covered with necklsco !be cbsngo. with Ibis secret prayer... and pigeon" How to destroy!be persan In order lo destroy !be persan • a spiril known as Sbagudu • is utilized Ibis is represem as a puppel. bejuco jimagua. Ibe puppel is Ibe placed • somewhere in ord.has. or has come becau . one mate quicksilver eku fish coro.stable food lo ea!. bead wilb plant yenyoko..on 10p oftbese.. roo! . !be hamJner . .bul in reverse asking for inlory iIru. Ibe dried differem plant. so. modun. Ibis is done every silver bronze cboral.

on the third . with Shango.and then you clean yourselt: with the bejuco batalla.Iooking back tbis musl be done 3 lime Ogbe tua Jara.Page 94 of 864 #90 CONI1NUAnON TIIE OGBE anJA In Ibis ifa. a1amo. When Ibe ebild of Ibis ifa find bimself with bad heallb . at the 4 comer ofthe block in Ibis ifa you prepare an casserole wilh omiero ofplanl me yedra. and give il one jio give an young roaster. eats . and placed an obe 10 Ozain. braneh . and money • you must remover the plants witrh Ihe lender res!. . and mn. Take an obi smother it with cascarrilla c1eaned everyone in the house.very serious colon problem. with it . elegua tbis is done when Ibis sigo speak of. the house finally you lake Ihe coconut. all Ibis must be made od sUver or a metal thal is silver colored . and place it in front of elegua. and this iche ozain is buried in door the house • To find 3 ire Take some bejucos. I large ladder 1 smallladder. elean yoo home with planl aguinaldo white.two sorne eku eya epa com into the hole.all afthe other ingredient • that orumila. is bathed with Ibis omiero Iben the rat. lo Shango. then elean the everyone in the house. te. one adan.yoo apen a hole in the earth . detennine tbis iche. then place from to elegua. Ihe person mUS! balher with planl aguinaldo. place The rest of the plant lbat yoo have in your poekets . Ogbe tua needs lo have osun lbal is lopped offwith piece ofthe palm.> eIegua • you need eleaned you self with meat in onika. one sbield 1 spear I cane. is give 10 elegua after this omiero. an small rat.these sre the ones lbal are used for the omiero. and then you bathe wilh lbat omiero 7 day. a piece the silver .into tbe hole retum 10 your home withoul . tree. Take a dried obi cover il with cascarrilla. arun . and your throw it into the hole . give two rooster. at 12 micfojgbt . Ibe followins. he must go see an awuo so thal he can do ebo with bis baek lo the awo.. bathe wilh planl aebivata. is give two pigeon • and guine hens •• with the heat of the ralo you do to ebbo. then give them youog rooster. ( al the beaeh ) take sorne sand home make a ball the sand.then roll it a11 arouod . must be hanging from Ibe osun. balalla and place il on 10p of ozain for the days lbat he detennines Jater you take the bejuco batalla to the word . elean your inlestines with planl apasole. you must give an rooster. lO Shango before 7 days has passed. 1 lance 2 eyes of sainl luey. wbile in order lo r~ver Ibis ewe the person must take eku fish pepper. ror any person an this ¡che ozain is prepared with piece ofplant yute. and planl alacrancillo. never amouot to anytrung until he gives an Rat. and planl a1godon.Ibis obi is shattered al the comer ofthe stree! Yoo should eat almond and give yourself very wann enemas in arder to avoid. 1 ofa. you caJl ozain and elegua. Reinforce oggun with 2 plows and a piece of rail -.

Angel Ihe person must a1ways have this lo prolect. while calliog Shango. may name of woman have Ihe ability lo give birth lo a healthy child Ihe eni hens is Iheo wrapped up io fabric. obe tualara. and two pigeon. cleaning Ihe woman pregnanl pregnant woman must líe on her back wilh her stomach and female. Do ebo wilh lermile stick jobo.- # 91 CONTINUAnON TIIE OGBE TUA You must the ruune volador in order prepare and ishe ozain you can nol eat color mamey Make a lea . Ihen Ihe person must give himself 7 balh wilh planl chewerekuekue and planl salgazo. part exposed . and ifyou give it 4 legged animals. To help wilh for memory . guardian.and 00 Ihe f100r of Ihe headboard . the person must place sorne this mixture 00 10p of his head 00 a periodical basis To prolect planl srick oflhe siguaraya. that is covered with honey. plant salsa parilla. with eku fish coro. eku fish coro. baria. Ihese are a1so good for ebomísi Ihese stick and planl musl be bouod wilh strip. jocuma. and give lo omiero at precisely 12 noon . in his pocket or in her pulse lhis prolect. . afler Ihe ebo Ihe stick are placed oolop of oggun. is give lo Ihe woods directly calling Ihe person. ofthe interested party.lhe awo then take an eni hens . is Ihe jeweler of olofin and is natural bom diviner. And you use necldace of oshun.lo dray planl yedra.Page 95 of 864 . you must ando receive olofio. a1l this placed ioto small clolh bag with Ihe color of Ihe gualdian. and cleans her lower abdomen this is done while saying the following oshun in the same way that eat hens and the hens lays eggs . prolect Ihe ozain lo remover Sheper Ihese ingredienl are lake inlo Ihe wood . caramel color. everythiog is mashed logether Iheo The Blood afthe two pigeon. run honey. Blood Ihe animal oflhe persoo guardian 80gel . you can nol eat rat. even must give an young rooster. lo this omíero you must and Ihe blood Ihe color pigeon. must have 16" feather . of Friday dry wioe and honey are give lo this. in Ihe same ways .And Ihe egg . this bag is then adomed wilh colored bead oflhe person . when Ihe person retum bome . are give to tbis mixture. must wear. while calling Olofio . then person Ihe person is c1eaned wilh a. wilh planl iyebo black block Oflhe elegua was Ihe only ooe lhal look eko lo orumila for his ebbo To sleep tranquility place 9 erosses made io fuI cocoa. inside Ihe obatala. Ihe blood oflhe animal.and drink of Ihe foUowing herb lhal have beeo placed out in Ihe SUD. of planl majagua. Iheo covered wilh planl frula del pan. and ooe rooster. ron honey and one rooster . the persoo must cleaner with the rooster. mash the head orthe pigeon ioto Tbe mixture everything is mixed together. then must bury the ara . jaguey. jocuma. angel.lhen place a clear of waler uoder bed. frambollao. Take iyefa Ibe sign fresh cottoo ball. bring for life. Obetualara is an sign of greal riches and prosperity . io this sigo lhal will overcomc alt diffiadties. and Ihe fool of Ihe bed . The lermile is Ihe secret ofthis sign il is!he ooe thiog. and -. Yoo are prohibited froro lending out your hats ar beret • Tbe especial ceremonies hat that ogbe tualara. 9 erosses made io cascarrilla. pigeon.. to elegua. guardian angel . and Ihe mooo .

purple . pants made wi!h red and black clo!h. Head the quai~ 7 guin. oC the puppe! .bese heads willlive with each hand ofthe awo. you used plan! aguinaldo. the blood orthe animal is used to elean Ihe circle made cascarrilla. planl lebanlale. pata de gallina bleo add !he normal ingredien! of elegua .on the olber side . lake !he big hand oC !he place i! inlo the heart oC a bull.oyelru melli painled on one side .Page 96 of 864 #92 CONTINUATION TIIE OGBE TUA To shun however days that she detenninc and then it is sent to wbatever. pica pica.In the fabric. prodigiosa . For the persoo have problem cardiac You make the hole in lhe palio. 7 needl. and Ihe. popper . as Ibal. and red.. one pigeon. levan!ate. the head and heart. 'eats one pigeon. . ofthe a!iponla. plant higo. of!he spell in !he sign oC( Osau otura) bul instead of using plan! cuaba. small s1úrt made ofwlúte c10th. iye eru. when t1ús is being prepared Tbis puppe!. 3 shel~ 3 jet. otura niko. il ea!s ral. that must have the sigo painted on both side one eoconut Thal baba ejiorbe ogbe tualara. the cocooul broken bebind the persoo . ESHU a1arni bara) Ooe puppet . blanca. !he res! oflbis is performed in !he sarne way. quicksilver .roo! !he Ceibo. cardon . head the moster. then tied lo the left CooI oC the rOaster. secre! ofllús elegua. the heart is left in !he hole. ifa for tife . and waler Ihe paraldo is bound . head gunugun. roo! !he helecho. mol jobo. averikunJo. one small straw ha! . 3 fabric lhe ritual 2 candle and tbe rest the ingredients. ivory . hea! !he rat. and !he 108. head !he turtle. theo it is sent to it determined determination Otber paraldo Ooe hens back . head sparrowhawk roo! Stick moruro. black . head ofa sparrowhawk .one puppet small pair of the red . gold silver. strips oCthese Cabric the person used . albahaca . Granada. lbese ingredien! are placed inlo the head . you sacrifice the usual manner. give 2 hens black!o Ibis ifa. blood . Ihen you add mush run. ESCHU . Ceiba . yeroa fina. sign iChe is dead . one piece the bead Ihe eggun . planl panatela. aberikunlo. plan. mo! the malpacifico. copper.cabric wlúle and black. destination she was Ibis ritual should be performe by the apeteroi oCthe awo Paraldo the sign One young rooster. head the fish. planl algarrobo.sign the you gad Cather. Amansa guapo .ogbe tua. with the strips offabric Ihe paraldo is performed wlúle praying Ibis prayer EYE MANKIO EYE MANKIO NIAREPO OROARA Theo young rooster. I mamey. are placed in!o the head ofthe puppel. ofuo melle. obi cola osun coro. Ihe head of tbe hens are wrapped in fabric white and then with neclclace white. place Ibis hart in!othe hole.the mamey is lied lo the left CooI of the moster. everytbing is placed on the opon !he ifa and prayed aftes t1ús.

iye iIame. mus! have been prayed 3 shel\. Memory lbal occurs before. stick jiqu~ stick acana. This is wherc osagriña. 10asted heno holy water. msd.Page 97 of 864 *93 CONTINUATlON TIIE OGBE anJRA Planl vencedor cambia voz.porous slDne lo Ibe norms\ ingredient. bead thc eggun modun modun. plaot amansa guapo. . paramy. iye fealber. that have been prepared on. guakalole mates. Ibis elegua. Perfume lb.thc awo mUS! ask whal it will eal and with wha! Orisha chango. osun sheII. agogo of awuo Ogbe otura . plaot mar pacifico. water. bead thc fish. iye of ivory Iyefa . Ibis is lo overcome aod bUmp. caimito. of stick cedro stick majagua. and 7 sbellsa. elegua is. 1001 Ibe Ceiba ROO! thc pa\m. head (ran ) modu modu head thc guine and head pigeon. hair from Ihe of a horse . must bave around bis waist you must bang 11 shel~ Ibis puppel. iye of yagua. 9 pepper. stick ssbicu. yoo add 13 pepper 3 naiI of rooster. bleo Colorado. obi cola osun orogbo iyefa. of sigo ogbe tua\ara. cardo sanlO. has 3 0& in !he c:asserole. it is houod in fabric.Bom in Ibis sigo Ibe \ack of control ofthc human. is added lo mixture. IamaU smoolb stone ( e\egua ) cóm popper . gold silver coral eru obi cola. head healleg quail. that prepared wilb modun. Secret blood. dying Iyefa of thc ogbe .on fur Ibe moutb. il i.and turt\e. thc festber lhe naiI.soil from a plaza hair ofhead eggun. Agogo thc obata\a osha griña. obata\a aod Ibis sigo osagriila musl Ha"" flUle aod an Iruke To protecI ozain) head gunungun. 10 Ibis mixture is added your Iilvorite cologoe. tuo for thc eyes. eku fish. has an agogo lha! is wrapped wilb Mariwo Ibis agogo is caIIed rhaka . tiu corojo Rw!. two spurs ofthc IOOsterm. thc rear.where 11 shell are p\aced Ibis elegua. yamao. it eats goal . azahar waler thc oshun container thc dray wine. that is elegua. batalla. lO use 00 a regU\ar basi f -. ore used for thc mounl and thc eye. on thc apron oí mariwo. of thc stone . barre contodo. tben everything is places 00 The opon ifa aod prayed over. p\ant lIagruma. ogbe tua for attraction de woman . with and!he ( otber with fish) Aside from thc norms\ ingredienl .of an elegua. Extracto Ibe a1babaca. 9 shen smaII. Note thc stone!h. wears • necklace made with 11 red beods 11 black besds while besds . mus! ha"" following 3 jet 3 pennies 3 small olil eru. is covered wil cemenl .

EMA EBBO EBBO FOROYEYE EN! EBBO FOROYEYE OUNYEN OLOYU WERE IKOKO EGGUNEKUNFOYUTANA ELUKEREKUN BENKESUN EGGUN LELE BEKELE EKUN LELE SUYERE ARARA. The 8che the oghe irete . car and an fish in it. are cooked. this is were the plagues was bom .tbis is where Osbun and oggun Met. EJU MIKUO O MANKO ESESA MIKUO O MANKO AFA YEGBO MEOI LETE This is where they threw orumila away into the river. for being the great traitor of if~ !fa osorbo arun two hens give to orunla Together wilh osun Ihe ara oflhe hens.APElEBI WADA MAIBOCHICHE MORl YEYEO. IFA AYE MOWA EYE OYIDE AYERI m. IFA OMO LAYE IKU AYENI !FEI ODEDE ORUN EGUN LAYE OGBERE KUNTELE OSODE ODANDE ODANDE LAYE ODANDE ORlSIIA ODANDE. ELA ORUMILA OMO IFA OLOFIN AGUEMO AGUETO. Wear a belt made the animal skin around yaur waist.Obeate receives Ihe name .is sign speaks afmenta! disorders In order to control yaur children or your ahijados you must place a horse s bit to oggun The ebbo the si~must atways have a toy.The ebo the sigo must contain all Iypes of stick. put a piece oC stick quiebracha to youe ifa. of Ogberekuntele. BERELADE EBONIRE OBEKEYE SULLERE ro EGGUN AWERE WERE NITO WERE. one is placed to orumila and Ihe olher -.ALAMATAOMOAWOSHEMAFITARUN ADIFAFUNOMAOBANISIIE AIKORDJE ADJE EKUEYA ILAEFUNOUN OBATALA OWOMWSA.EMAFARAMAMBOFADn. must be made with 8 base of plant the name ( orozun ) and see of eleguede. SHANGO OBAKOSO OBAYE ORUMILA AGBEREKUNTELE LE1E OSAIN LAYE OBI KUARA LAYE . .Th.oFIN BABA ORUN. OGBEMATAALUMEMATAALAMATA. AFARAMAYE KETEFADn. of the omiero • osain. OBI AYE OBE IKU ABURE IFABAYE IDERE OBE KEYE MERE OGGUN LAYE) BABA OGGUN LAYEO ) OBE IKU BABA YEYERO OMO OBEKEYE IKU SEWERE ARUN SEWERE OFO SEWERE EYO SEWERE .EMA OMO IKU MANDO MAMBOFADn.A OGBE AlEOSADE ODANDE OMORl YEYEO. Awo obeate is the one that pieks up the leave and stick . APEIERB~ WADA MAIBORU APETÉRBI WADA MAIBOYA . ASIlE OLOFIN ASIlE OGGUN OGBAYE IFA ABO.Page 98 of 864 N94 OBEIRE1E OGBEREKUNTELE ODANDE IFA CAFEREFUN OGGUN AGBEREKUNlELE ADDE IFA OBARA NlREGUN ORlSIIA WAYENI IFA MORl YEYEO. so that he can later use dent to make bath Cor himself. Ara unJa Ihe mother of( Abita) is bom Ihe sigo . ORUN LEYEBENI. ADIFAFUN ORUMIJ.

Give Ram tn chango. sbould have 10 stone.bul withoul the Cabric red color Shango must be called during this ceremony and thc apcterb~ iyaf. ofyam soup ID igaba of(okra) Soup and I eleguede 3 pi!!""n are give lo each of thc igba . take piece of stolk Ibe banana treo . And offisb fresh tn osbun .and Sleep make on tnp the of a mal. so that Oshun can ea! this littJe by little. lo orunla and osbun. and let these spirit pass in peace Wben this ifa is seen . Wben obe ate. onc shel~ and boncy..he died . with Shango theo fisb. known OsbetellDga n . run ontn your ifa . summoned logetber aU the pcrson of this land . ioto igba . awo is worláng ifa . 2 moster and two moster lo eggun. so that ms persoo could known whethcr il is was Going tn be a faborable or unfavorable year for theo ' Tbis ifa thal you no throw orumila away. thi. on the road tn yoo home or when you see and (deer ) on the road to the river.In this sigo gool old tn eggun. bom in this sigo aU the powcrs ofthe mind. 'this dOne so that the opele.~ with this. theo yoo have Ihe apeterbi iyafa. and ( omo laye. or have the police detain ynu because of drugs.while singing tn him For ARAVE problem . and the craniol encephalic systcm. and goal female lo orunla give hens culeca hen lbal is in love. lbat is co_ with plant . lbat has blosaomcd . blows run onto your ira Tbis is wcre oduduwa .Page 99 of 864 #95 CONTIN\JATION 11IE OBE IRIITE Ogbe ate must use a metal opele.sorceren. and make Iarnp or candle out of it then call lO eggun . who lived with one orher cmldren. 011 of her secret are reinforce with abject from this path ogbe ate must do ebbo.and Wben . blow. thcre live the spirit known as belekun laye Tothis spirit is prepared an igba. and de person rogarion the hcad . in yoo bag . lo hear wilness To ccremony ofthc sign. Name ( eyimoco ) oshun learned witchcraft with oya in the land oftakua .ofthe year. so lbat osbun can hear the rattling ofthe cbain ID be Conten! that th. lcave your ilrrDw. She worked with magical bird ofthe night. congas. . Osbun must oIways hav. iwereillelle. made of stick quiebracha. with oggun. you must wo1k wmle kneeliog then give an hens tn oggun while standing. i.that is in the ceoler ofthc river. she was called akuenimo. an igba. with plant pcregun. then lbese pigeon are cooked Tben placed. ( poleros ) Tbis i. plant pasipami. Wben ynu see thc deer. lake your ifa wrap il pul in Cabric the red color. covered with asbo aperi. oIways TeU thc trust. Note the opele the obe ate. p1ant. wbcre the stars wbcre created. thc next day the awo must ebomisi with plant dun duo . AlI this is taken lo belekun laye . Tbo land thc osbun. and is must eat roostcr. in this incamation . ) tn overcome your enemies . In alefa the same ritual as above is pcrformed. is going tn do in ifa. and igba lbat has one e1egcde smaII. he must spread epo or pig Iard aU over ms body . sbe turned into ri_.the awo must ebomi. ofocmncmn. de color red. Iyosa mode ekili efon was wbere abe founded a secret cult of . The osbun of obeate. Tbe sigo give power of the ( krillumba ) to the the edge ofthe river .

Place • trap lo e1egua and oggun. and iI stayed in bis possession. aroma A chain 7 Mil rail3 borse sboes. Wben obe ate desire 10 havo many person.lbe horos oflbe goa!. Ibe person need 10 take and chango and place him. for what you wanI . Oggun lhe reinforced wilb Sliek yagruma. at 3 in !he afiernnoo the rooster is give lo Sbsngo. are used lo prepared and (lo protect) ozain. sbe wenl 10 use il. she Iike lo trave~ Give a deformed rooster lo oggun . at !he foO! Ibe and algarrobo tree. Obeate. busk ofpomegransle this basked is placed in from the yslorde. Be walcbful bair . Tbis is where yalorde was possession ofthe fim cassemle the OZlÚ1\ known as kebelebo However. everytbiug is co~ alI this placed op IOp of oggun smolber og¡¡un with mueb fat caeso. yaya. even thougbt he migbl have been your biller enemy in Iife. To ask for someIbing from (yalorde ) you prepared ono (jicara ) with eleguede then take il directly. yalorde was left Wilh aweru .very ha!. Tbis ifa speaks of impotence. To ask for something from 10 yalorde Place foUowing into smalI basket. has become your muS! ardenl protector in . Make lea of cbsmomile with ocean water. coIIected kelebo . blacksmilh beUows you Ibeo replaced 7 fundamental piece Ibe oggun wilb thi. everyooe presCIlI muS! kneeI 7pigeon are give lo oggun. so that Ibey can lay egg. powdered cinnamon . fo perlod of 8 doys and esch time you ask yalorde. beesuse in this sign. wil one bens and plan! (cardo sanlo. olegueyi tinleyeru . jiqu~ akaM. Give and rooster lo oggun in Ibe fores! mucb fut comjo .so ossin aroni. You must have and bens and quai~ in you borne. or gourd of the ozain .) You must be csCerefun with women. seeds of planl caniSlell. plant vergonzoso. and you can clean your selfwilb Ibeo. and aboku • To belp wilb problem stomach. you muS! pour some florido waler) alI around the baske! You mus! atways for pamdo ofthis sign. lbe goal nceds 10 very smeUy. guayacan. aild boney. You nced 10 give the rooster lo eggun. person need lo give Ibe rooster 10 (aboku ) iflbe person does nOl havo this Sanlo.every time.Page 100 of 864 #96 CONTINUATIONnmOBEIRETB Afier eggun and Oggun have cateo. piece lbal are Ibe sorne bul musb largo Regsrding Ibe spiril oflbe futber ofthe awo. afier Ibis . at Ibe foO! ofbanana tree. The person sbould a1ways have an roosIer and heos in bis ber bome In the sigo lb. these eggs. now lbal he is dead. bul you must nO! cal. then le! illay egg. (lbe guiro ) Ibis is Ibe reason wby womeo can only receive the guiro. The person nceds 10 have and hens in bis ber bome. and stinking. qiebracba. Wbeo you give goal lo eggun al the foO! banana treo. lbal live in a metal casserole. wbile calling and singing 10 olofio. Place a toy car lo yalorde . cycle bogan . sbe became afraid and ber menstrual . 10 the river . be muSl place 16 (palanqueta) lo orunla then ebo misi wilb plan! boton the oro.

you mus! give and goal 10 the spiril • and with the righl bom ofthe goal. then il is hung just lilee the guiro. mus! place (21 smaJl slones ) from Ibe river. alacrancillo. so that yalorde. lo tbe eggun and praying the. pata gallina.ORUN EYERE EGUN OKPELE OGUN ODARA Tbe opele is then placed on IOp of oggnn. Iben he . and much honey Plant tbe sigo plan! cabo de hacha . rompesaraguey. after il is wasbed once again .the opele is placed imo oshun Container witb Ibe sigo obe ale... iDlo Ibe ifa. yeroa fina. coverthem wilh plenty. be should havo another awo perfonne and ride for bim.and the last one is for rogation bead • Tbe obeate have ane opele the metal so that it can make noise when it is thrown. if tltey Are stiU there the next day. and decided lo gel Ibe local. obe ale. one is taken to talce a11 the gust out. bis leg. the awo prepares á seael lbal eats one guie hens. meloncillo. Ibe sarne wound that Ibe roan Had. culeca. prayed. for oruoIa Talce 5 orange cul them in balflhen cul thein inlO tbe form ofa rose. tben tbey are placed under tite waJkway of you hou . ofplanl quiebracha. higo. on bis legs who liked 10 wash bis legs in the river • He grew tired ofthis. can hear that awo obe ate is working ifa. the opele is washed • while praying a moUuroa. OPELE EBEYEK1JN WA SUMlNOYO IV ALODE OWA NILORUN SUNI NIYE OGGUN ALARO OMO OKPELE BINIYEKUN ORUMILA AKUALOSINA. and pigenn givelo the omiero. OMO YEKUN OMO ONl ODARA AWENEWENE YEYEKUN OKPELE N1SHAWO IVALODE EBEYERY LORUN OPELE MEYI EWENI ESO NIWA ALA ALABElLERI ORUMILA OKPELE NIKE YlRlYA EKU AYE OKPELE YUN OYU OLORUN OKPELE oro ORUN MALE OKPELE oro ALAWERE BABEKURE OSIlA OBABEKARE ONl O. you take 3 fresh fish . . NOle tite awo .quiebra hacha plan! Oor tbe waler. romerillo.mus! give and beDS.foUowing. Ihen il is placed inside of oshun . this opele is washed wilh omiero made Of plant calla brava . orozun. one is taken to o~ in forest . after a few Days of cJeaning. it is give blood of fisb and one pigeon • the opele is wasbed once again just lilee before. in Ibe river. are filled with bicarbonate and cigar ash. and an stones from the (10mb) the fatber. Odimu. When obeate is sick.container and il give blood ofhens. In abe ate .·the fish small.Page 101 of 864 #97 CONTINUA1l0N 11IE OBE lRETE In Order lo centtalize this eggwI. on lop Ibe oshun • Tbere was a man that had wound. women • lo wash bis legs. lo this ifa. in !he river. imo ochun. Ihe woroan develop.yerba fina and atipoJa.

the awo then ask orumila about what is to be done wilb the ota.everything that was taken. the strip ofbull skin.. the persoo must take fabric ara . asbe has becn prayed with sign ogbe ate.lbeo Ibis braid .everytbing that was taken. cootinue regulations the work -. person to bring new clolb. and put honey And put ooe oecklace bandera. Ibe awo must pray to yalorde. at the end ofthe oparaldo efun ori ron cocorwt water.oggun and placed inside for 3 days. atiponJa. plant yerba fina. tbe coconut husk is used to make ao o/feriag that oontains fat cacao. that have beco cut into strip and tied to the left foot ofthe beos . leafthe peonia and rest the ingredient the ozain blood Ibe fresh fish. lbat is removed from it sheU . secret tbe abe ate take one chain I strip ofbull skio fine canarnos. you prepare one gallon the ami ero you used after the paraldo as i. this paraldo is performed in Ibe early momiog and Ibe blessing of Ibe motber.botan thr oro. lbat has becn washed with plant orozun . Lo made into belt and wom around the waist . 3 di/fereot elass the plant. ooe hens . romerrillo . Ibe S egg yoke ooe plate. then the berbs of sign obeate are placed over the stones. head the ra~ piece the bone the head. . is take 10 forest wilb ecu eUa epo. honey 3 lose pennies.befare Ibe ebbo. take soil Ibe 4 comer . you painted mark the sign abe ate With chalk. plaot cabo de hacha. one twtJe. this o paraldo is done home. e1eguede and different fabric. is placed at tbe foot of every osha Osain the obe ate. this stone is tied to !he braid . with lbeseJ lbing you make a braid . goat milk. Paraldo for take out Ibe eggun Ooe fish freah. You take 3 pigcon.Page 102 of 864 CONI'INUATION nm OBE lRE1E #98 Note this ebo Lo for power Ibe awuo obeate. is placed where the stone is tied to the braid . in powder small stones eleguede. two hens . 21 stick head the turtle. ooe hens. originally was located .lbis paraldo has the following Sioging BELEKUN LELEO OLORDUMARE BELEKUN LElEO BABA OLOKUN AYAJUo. is placed where the stones . you must find and stones . Zarza fra.from you house. the stones is dragged to the root of the persan . that is sligbtly large than an eni bens . two coconu~ fabric wbite and black plant atiponJa. oparaldo Ibe sign ) youna rooster black. and place one ardimu. must be secured befare beginning Ibis ritual. NlLEDUN ADIE IKEWAO OLORDUMARE BELEKUN LELEO OLORDUMARE The person is take ro the river. the interested party is eleaning with the tabric wbite tbat is later used to wrap up the paraldo. crown in the oparaldo 2 candle are lit in the name Olo~ the person must theo cbomisi with green cocenut water. ¡.!he awo must mention bis name and bis name in ifa. or cascarrilla.

1his pan is oC lbe Iand oC ( yeso ) Ebo 000 bo:ns 5 eleguede 5 plant of ochuo. cottoo. everything goes into the ebbo. And plant aberikunlo. it is I~ loos. tl1~ killed - . . You should have in your home one. Rogation red snapper fish. Ooe DÚrror one picture guine pepper. in this sign . to this. of gofio Roaster wheat)to orunúla and to oshun . honey fabrie And the rest the . cannot Uve with an woman son aya. and the other is placed on top of oshun.Page 103 of 864 #99 CONTINUATION OF TIIE OBE !RETE OPARALDO SOMO OPARALDO ALADO OSI ONl !KU YEBO OUN REBO KEYEBI IFA IKU LAVE Sung wheo it is place<! there ABOKU BABA YEYE ERE OMO OBEKEYE IKU SEWERE ARUN SEWERE OFO SEWERE EVO SEWERE OTO BERELADE OKO NIRE OBE KOYE OFEKONl RIKIN Intori arun this person fram a con a cow live. what you desire for me.tbey must be cleansed wit the orniero • and consecrated on the opon ifa shadow is callee! Obe Ikun . mixed withjuice from cow hcan. s bell while you sing to her . Mamu tea of plant gandu~ To help wilb your estomaeh. Make one erréle and painting .but can never reaeh it. honey . is boro tbe fathc:r ofthe fish. obekoye is the must clean yourself with the eggs lays .The shadow obeiku is the father. Orunla and to ochun they are cooker and one placed on top on top of orunla.In the paraldo the ogbe ate. theo you placed ml6 palanquetas. may it reflect back to you with this mirror This ikofa must have 16 stone small.ingredient. . to where it needs so go he she must ebooúsi .when The person return home from taking the ebbo. Paraldo with heos after sarayeye. rotting animals a100g the path tbat led to oruoúla house When people went to see orunla. orunla Always does something foe women. Ogbe ate. Ogbe ate. you must add plant algarrobo. Awo obeate. the interested party must ehew and spit it out and say.'to eacb hand ofifa . the stench made them turn away and avoid OrunJa house. with plant boton de oro.this give blood of small ehiekeo.lbe awuo must place 16 stones small. Ebooúsi plant uba caleta. becaus~ she will be rus destruction This is where an deer. 5 head the This is were obekoye. Mamu plant yedra.the person rnust place 5 metal farrning tool5 to oshun • that are made fram a ye110w metal these tools are bung from a crown but before tbeyare mounted .is give to onmIa • and it brain are used for rogation head. a1ways sees the brass ring. 5 akara bibo. you must ring oshun. the protective shadow of awo. NOlF. one hens when she lays eggs. and oil fram the live of a cad fish . is added one heos egg" a11 this mixed well and is talcen once a day Far the peison have ulcers Water oúxed with piece ofcuajani from 4 comer pieces ofmango and root ofplant dagame. This is where oshun place<! dead.

opelelhe oghe ate is give blood oftwo lisb.pig. and young guiDe be. and orumila.penel.then they Are f1ipped over beginning with major lo mirror with two stick oC plant yaroao. You must give the( Iamb carnero) in order lo Iiberale yourself from you enemies earerefun oC gossip from womeo Ibsl couId destroys your bome your business Caferegun tbat you are oot take by the police.Ihen !he guine. don I hold 00 !be money so orucb aod . first the gunugun . wbile calling (ARUN LAYE) with alamp oCvarious oils differcnl stick. lhal want lo destroy you. and a little bil oCbrigh~ Iigbt ozain. ( palero. take one gallon bit ofplaceo il inlO . container. aod every once and a wbile Ihey muS! he Fed. then!be youog animal are give lo !he sto.tbat will end up heing berrayed is you Ifyour are thinking oC going a trip firsl do ebo so Ibsl you can avoid difficullies Pay . quimbisero ) Feed you bead. so Ibsl you can eliminate your encmies and e1ean you patb.. and placed ioto oshun.young guougun. Doo'l let you wife have dea\ing with mayombero. just like baba Ejiorghe bongs bis opele from bis nock from time lo time 1 small stone 1 bens. the hens io opened . puerko ) is give lo elegua ) a dilcb is dug . is opencd al footofaraba. saog the following soog ( AGOGO!NA ORUN LAYE AGOGO!NA ORUN LAYE You orust bave necklace. !he opele is removed from !he bens. witb a 101 ofwaler in the container. or near a drainage. the stones is placed inlo!he bollow.. and Collow !he advice ofthe people Ibsl love you so Ibsl you doO'1 have Difficuhies . is nol opened Tbio ifa says tbat you have maoy enemies.don'l he so bard headed. a bollow. you loucb The side oC Shaogo container. tuhe the container of chango. because yOllr bead.wben beno is take 10 OD the river. or have legal problems You supposed recive hand !he orunla..buo whal you owe bor.then !he opele is placed ioto the ara o~ the hens .then the elede is give lo elegua. with oggun thinung BYA 111IU LORIDEO. is placed neXl lo esbu. Avoid betraying otber people. because The person. in this dilch. !he elede.. the ara of animals are den cooked wilh ocbincbin ) and are placed al the fool oC araba. oC osbun.. An ( elede . Ogbe ale.. so Ibsl you canl turn your bad tuclc 10 good tuck .Page 104 of 864 CONTINUATION nm OOBE!RETE # 100 When the. it 00 the nccesoilies ofthe home. OGGUN AWANIYI OGGUN ALAWEDE OGGUN LAVEDE NlLI!O OGGUN OKPELE When give!he an hens wilh bOl or unbalanced. Ibis is done wbile singing lo elegua.

and the rest the ebbo. one rooster. from you spouse Woman you are caugbt a love triangle with 2 OleD. one .Page 105 of 864 # 101 COm1NUATION TIlE OGBE num. 1 horse. 2 fish fresh one hooks Nine puppet fabric. skin . be careful that one ofthem doesn't KiIL you Avoid arguing so much with your husband or lover because he ceuld kili you Do ebbo so tha! your spouse doesn't 6gbt with you he has distance Iúmself from you because ofyou incenformity and jeaiousy You have or will have 2 male clúldren Amen ebbo. one stones. run Ebbo one rooster.main woman does not argue with you You have two woman. . Beware ofbetrayal. belt made of the gOal. so that your. one pigeo. . want to leave yollo and the other one is not happy with you Ebbo goal.

crushed tbem. tbe queen of laugbter and fillsehood . give him 3 small chicken Ibis is tbe ifa ofthe spy.Ibis is tbe origin of(alaguema lizard) and tbe reason why lizard change tbe color. Tbis sigo speak ( of curse spepe ) Tbis is an ifa of mockery Oshun Ibu acuaro ) speak in Ibis sigo. In Ibis sigo tbe loro was tbe only one tbal undentood ogbe sbe. Boiled Dame is placed to orun1a and to oggon Tbe of Shango batbes witb leaves of plant cola. tbe owner oflbis ifa is lame or crippled or will be. l'his sigo speak oC aggressive behavior with guns or knife. and buzzard Tbis is where orisha besides is boro .IYALODEI!KEREYIMOROENIDESUNEflDERENEOTOLAREFA EYIBEYE NILA ODDUN AYIBAGADARA NAWASI IKOWOSIIE IYA NI WASIIE SHIYAMI MORO YEYEO SHIYEMI MORO YEYEO. caneerous Something muS! be done fortbe spirit oftbe peISOn father. In Ibis sigo is bom tbe secret that tbe ritual that are performe witb Shango to resolve situation. Ihe peISOn muS! first dig a hole. Ogbe oshe is tbe infant child of oshun raised and look care of Ibis sigo. In Ibis ifa Obba cut ofher ear. AVE ALIAKA ENlWO YOKO ORUBO ARAVE OMALElDAAWOUNBOELESEORUNMILAELESEORISHAIGBINPAOADIFAFUN OBATALAATIESHU. . are placed to orunIa in arder to resolve situations lbis is were no one wanted to consider the loro. BABA OGBE OSIIE AVE BABA DAGUESHE AMU ORUN KARAKA TANSI DAGUESHE LEBI ODDUN KI!KERE DIENEGUN TIOKO ADIFAFUN OLUWO ORUBO ABEBOADIE MELLE El J E1. tben put tbem out dry. he took tbe powder and performed ebbo on his opon ifa Ifa tbe painl treo. muS! tben eat a buzzard tbe ara is left opeo on 10p oftbe casserole Tbe pine tree is planted on top oftbe casserole. placed tben into a container. Ifa oC the turret or tower made oC ñame.put fresh fish of oggon Note·the ebo oflbis sigo must have ( enwa chain ) in it Place five Dame turret.she is deaf When she does not want lo hear. with beads o( differenl color. INA DIE GBOBO TENAKIKAN EKU EYA OGBE OSIIE ADIFAFUN ORUMILA. so tbat tbe shepe of Shango never reaches him. ( parro ) but it s meats are.Page 106 of 864 # 102 OGBEOCHE OGBE SIIE KANI'ON OBAVE DEWA KODIDE SARAUNDERE ELELUKERE ELEDEDIYE. YEYE UNSORO KATE OSONOBE OTA BABE MADARA ALA YEYE UNSORO KATE OSONOBE lSONG IGBADEYE MI FEUNDE WAYEDEWA fEUNDE AVE MA WOWA YEDEWA fEUNDE Ogbe oshe Ibis is wbere obatala loS! his vision. and orun1a cured him. Ibis is also tbe reason why (aweru tinlillero) is covered . he cut tbe heads off oftbe people. Ibis oshun live out side oftbe( basket) out tbe closet. You sbould pay you debt and honor your promise. afier Ibis. There fiend the sigo. in order lo plant il. Ibis was beeause he was juSI lilce him. he took. must be perfarmed at 4 un. lo oshun Ibis done to resolve any situation. ". Ihen he muS! prepared an casserole.tbat are smotbered with honey.E MELLE FIlN FIlN ENI ADIE. Vou have stomach trouble witb you intestines. When Shango placed in change oftbe earth.

This is where the sun s rays give Jife lO Ibe earth. place them into a glass of water and tbrow it out onto tbe street. and pounded ishu is placed lo elegua.and ariwo Ihe 4 ged of music. malu. Shango give an rooster. the prophesy is also bom in tbis sigo. and Ihe ingredienl. il begin lo dry up. obba elegua. he filled Ihem wilh such lo Ihe . Ogbe oshe she will have a greal deal of wealtb. Do not wear solid color clotrung. and you eye. san Ibe sea. Ibe awo places elede fufu. Ibe pine trees Ihe children of olokun. and decide lo seduce Ihem and decide lo seduce Ihem. When you give coconut to osha . and when il sees Ihe sea. one gunungun . saying. arthrilis. however. Elegua was dancer. wilb Ihe gbogbo ere and differenl food lbal have. 4 slones porous. Tbis is why il is said lhal Ogbe she is oniwasu. Kaferefun oshun. one ( stones odua ara ) one shell. from ana poolo erinde . of ebbo Ihal orunIa marked in osorde rider ) you open Ihe hollow. 1 casserole elay. in tbis ifa a necldace Ibe bandera) is used. A family member is in lave with you. all black or aJI white. 4 nai~ eal rooster and pigeon Work for problem police One rooster 1 pigeon. a drum. gbogbo ere different food. Ihe blood. Ifyou have emply cage in you home. Shango. because he has a very curious wife. been cooked. and you placed Ihe casserole. you will dry up. piek up the bits of coconut.Page 107 of 864 # 103 CONTlN\JATION 1lIE OGBE OCHE This is were oIorun give it power to those who ask foc it. Vou money does not last very long in you pocket. I piece Ibe meal.soil of21 palbs. tbere are people in certain places that. and Ibe horizon. Tbe person in Ibis ifa. ·an argumenl wilb oggun and Ochos~ Place 5 musical instrument to elegua. Avoid throwing powder or doing witcbcraft to anyane. olokun cursed Ihem. and he gained Ibe confidenl of olofin. Tbe awuo should guard his secret of ifa. oggun. ifa of infidelily avoid action lhal will cause you problem In !he home. Ibe prophel . when Ibis ifa is seen.fill Ibe easserole. and he mus! make a pact wilb Iku Eggun and ( oruo ) Ibis were elegua made pact and received instruction. bul in his her. during. and eko lo oshun. to Iban eshu. one Iizards. olokun. . Well will be bigger Iban you ifwe leave. that will not aJlow you to enter. 1 ehain that is the size oflbe person. is prepared with. yes you will be bis. beneath the roots tbis casserole. Don't eat Any mixed salads. childhood . bul only big enough lo see me When you see me.lbe orisha lhal eonunand Ibé life oflhe awuo are oshun. don t want you there are people in placed. you have problem wilh rheumalism. Place two deer homs to oshun • This is where the premonitions is bom in buman being.and a guitar . Ibe bladder. inlo Ibe hollow . And Ihey Iived happily beside him. will go to jail or has been in jail . You must live people!hat are raciaUy defined. fill Ibem wilh anything you have available. saying lo him. You should Refrain from dyeing your hair. was in love wilb Ibem. tbis is why the pine tree grows and grows. Do Dot drink sugar water. a bel~ a gong a flute . Tbis sign prohibils Ihe person from working al right. lbal day rebelled agains! Ibeir falher olokun. yemaya . In tbis sign tl)e person must plant a pine tree with an casserole oggun.he ~II have no money and very tittle Cood. so whal You can avoid going lo ja il.

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# 104


casserole you must placed, an anafe, full ina. then you must bang the pieces of eran, maJu from the end of the ehaio ,you light two candle and give coconul , befor.. elosing Ihe ebo it is placed into boUow, and given 1 rooster. 1 pigeo~ is give to tbe casserole,'one to the chain, and the last one is give to the ebbo tbe animals are bumed with acohol, then are thrown into tbe hollow, you then placed the, ina of the anafe, iOlo the hollow, while you are doing Ibis, you musl lo ochosi so lbal the persao lbal Ibis spell is done for, will gel out of jail soon ,the hollow , is Ihen covered the eJosiog of the ebbo, is limed so lhal when Ihe tWo candle, are aboUI lo finish .the 4th Ulblero is being, prayed the ebo, is Ihen take with the ehaio, an meal maJu, dragging on the floor to it destination far fiom where the ebo was done, the woman must give birth lo an abiku, so wÍlaI Ihen she give birtb, both the mother and ehild don I die , ebbo clotb with yaur menstrual blood, broken jicara and mush money,
ifa speak osorbo • iku oc orun. take 4 American, quarter and place tben into 4 bags one

bag for eaeh band, and eaeh rool., sew Ihe bag up wilh colton ,after Ihey are sewn together. the awo must untie them with his irofa, rooster and pigeon. the quarters are placed inlo the ebbo then unbelolo of prosperity ifa speak fore asorbo.. ifa sayo you spending evel)'thing that you have and it will be very difficult foc you recaver economically. ebo one fOOster coro, maloja one ( como small,) and placed at the fOOl of elegua together wilh Ihe stalk of planl maloja.
this sign of ifa says' that 010 oshun cannot put their hand on the head, of any Shango aside from this sign, this sign the ifa there will very few oluo that are son yemaya, Ihe awo Ibe sigo ,should have 4 pillars of Sbango, An omiero prepared wilh river waler leaves, and obi for bathing. Give 3 small rooster, to a guama plant on the edge the river, and one hens lo ( oya ) al tite fool of a caimilo planl ,

make regular paraldo and you put ,one banana tree, of small rooster,


wheD you finish with the oparaldo, the persan bathes wit ¡miero, of plant the obatala and oya, plant ceiba , must also be ¡Delude in this ¡miero, the person must then rogation the head, while sÍandiog and with a colored pigeon, then Ihe pigeon is cooked and plaeed lo oya , Prenda the sigo, take OlIO man puppet thal a ehain banging from il s neck down lo il feet, when il eals blood or fresh fish , il a1ways eals wilh lo oggun and Ihe folJowing sung


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# lOS

Tbe puppell2 ioeh taII,

Ishe Ibe obe ocbe, 14 different slick, differenl beads, ikordie obi kola osun fealber Ibe gunugun, noedle , pigeon, and head Ibe lizard, Obe oehe muS! lo elegua from tbe door of tbe house, Tbis ifa is especial rogalioo is done witb ishu soup and dried fish al fool of oya for tbe For power tbe awo, aside from doiog tbe ebo tbe awo mUS! tbe rogation wilh fish, and ehain tbal is Ihe length oftbe awo, Ibis ehaio muS! be wrapped around tbe person body wlúle tbe rogation is being done, tbe muS! tbe sitting on tbe ogddun ogbe oshe , Ibe eya bo is placed on tbe person differenl body posilion, whlle praying lo of differenl orisha 00 eaeh po.ilion, tbe fish. Eyabo. l. give lo tbe person s head, and lO oggun tbe ehain and tbe

eya ha are placed into the toilet then they are take to wherever. they are meat to go 8
days laler, awo muS! rogation , wilh fruil ,Ihen witb bread and milk, afler 3 montbs tbe awo mu~ find Iarge eya bo and two hens, order lo foed orumila and Oshun logether wilh The awo, s head , 3 days Ibe awo does an ita, Ibis done so lhal awo ogbe oshe can acquire

Fish lo elegua, Ihen place 3 flag small and differenl color ,
!re awuo umbo, Places smaIl plale of from of oshun, wilh plenty of planl vergonzosa, and perfume llús is set ablaze and as the smoker rise, it is fane into oshun container.while the awo asks foe

Ice owo, When tbe awo tbe sign has maJe .children that must do ifa the aWQ must do a paraldo one
guine hens, 16 candle, al tbe fool Ihe ceiba, treo, Ibis wile walking around tbe treo , one Opara/do is done for eaeh candle,

Ebo econoInic loss 4 coio 1 strip offabric ,iotori osolbo, intori ice, with pigeon . the coio placed in the
middle of tbe strip of fabrio, tbe 4 comer tbe fabrie lied logether Ihe awo take lús irofo, in one band Ihe fabrie and coin in Ihe olher, band, and begins lo rub tbe fabric in such a way tbal tbe coin faIl iolo tbe ebo

awuo ogbe oshe must prepared 3 ishe ouin and bury them 3 different places in the city and every 6 month, the awo must feed them in order to have economic prosperity ebo misi with rose • orange, 6 ditrerent perfumes for ire move. because there are too many problem where you life

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In !bis sign of ira, !he per500 money is passed belúed !he awuo, back in order to proper Tbe perseo must ebomisi meta witb plant varia, and ewe duo duo, give ~o bens to osbuo uses shirt tbe hcn9 are taken to!he rivO!", Sccret tbc ogbc oshc, has an casscrole ogu that must have tbe foUowing sign painted witb ca.scarrilla, she otura, ogbc osbe, ocana osa, otura osbe, tbe casserole is secret, is 6 coin and 4 beas egg, piece !he pine tree, soil the river, soil !he .... soil tbc cni city, shaving lodestones, head And elese merin (smal~ dng) lizard head the roostO!", head !he guinc hcns, head the smaU goal, eku ella com ron 'boney, (2 garabatos scrawl ) hook stick for olegua, ground!he 7 tombs 2 mate, 2 ojos tbe buoy, guacalote, (tomate tomato tbe sea 7 inking consccrate, one scorpion dcvil fish, 1 ayo, 2 cowry large, I sbel~ planl fcom tbc ccmetcry, 7 root filt corojo, popper guinc , seed !he maravilla, cascanilIa, guagua , ciye maalO, sbcll 3 piece tbc obi witb !he outo!" sbeU, ivory mother, of pcarl , 3 bead ofblood loti, 3 head !he rat, 1 adan, 1 nccklacc white, black, and red, yoo opeo tbe hollow, tben place il into tbe hole, wbile playing ,osbc otura , otura osbe, and ngbc oshe then , Ibis give a gungun pigcon and covered wilh • bit dirt en top Ibis ,yoo plant a pine treo, lhen . you musl placed, an elegua as a sentry , every year Ibis elegua is give tbe rooster,
Ebo 1 rooster, cow s tonque cow, stomach eku olla epo, different stick, trap, soil from of

house, differenl fabric mush money, Place a golden colored comb lo olokun, container 3 color wbite il is natural clay color and blue, planl for Ibe sign for ebo misi, plant cabo de hacha, pIant platanillo cuba, plant artemisa, and mastuerzo, Wrth for impotence, 1 newbom goat, and an rooster, is give to oggun, al 12 noon tbc interested party s penis, is looché witb 7 drop Ibe blood tbc goal, take!he crest oflbe rooster, Ihe head oftbc goal and tum it ioto make dust mixed Ibis witb tea ofplant bejuco garañon, cinnamon , of coi! an, aU !bis is boiled logether ,lbem sifted and taken In Ibis sign chango bclped retum happincss lo olofin, tbc tattoo is bom tbc sign Tbis ia where !he war bctween oduduwa and olokun took placed, In Ibis sign tbe white per50n lives with a black person and black live witb a wbile person, Tbis is were tbc rich man tried lO protect bis daughter from manying someone he did Nrrt approve ofby locking her up in a lower, tbc man s daughter e10ped wilb a peor man When awuo 'ogbc osbc , sbc was a son lhal has to do ifa he has 2 ccrcmonies He take !he child, lci chain around bis waist, wbose rrtber en is ties to awo ngbc !bis Done at !he fOO!, of nggun, awo ogbc osbe must perform a rogation lo bis son wilb fresh fish, while singing and praying Ibe foUowing

AfiO!" tbc fish, and chain are placed on 10p tbc nggun, Ibon, tbey are thrown into a boUow While calling • singing to yemaya, and letting her known whal Ibis ccremony is being doncform

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Tbe awo lDU5t rogation the bead, witb 2 hcns, and res! the ingredienl

RogaIion the filb red snapper. an the rest the ingredient Tbe awo goes 10 Ibe food of aragba and be Ihen bather wilb omiero. of planl paraiso. p1ant boton Ibe oro. romerillo. yerba Buena, mejorana. imo Ibe oslum, lb. awo musl b.lbes witb, the omiero and blood • tbat give lO osbun wben be was doing the rogation at the foo of oslum, Ibis is suyere, ( wbile Ibe awo is batbing

Tbe awo drys bimself sit in fron! ofthe tree. then meel. before Ibe tree and bead rogation Witb fresh fisb, after Ibis awo. can go home. and begin Ibe preparation for rus son s ifa Ceremooy ifthe awuo does no perform Ibi, ceremony be will die 16 days after rus son does ifa Tbe part Ibe music, Take little san Ibe sea, and placed il 00 Ibe Ooor. place elegua, on IOp of Ibis and give him ao rooster. the pour mush boney. aod run 00 him, talce!he Oute made in ewe calla brava, and play and it for e1egua, Ibis flute i, Iben placed ioto Ibe following ebbo. 1 ola san sea, bead the rooster. and !he res! !he ingredient. Ogbe oshe can bave a predisposilion, and inc1inatioo IOward many vices In Ibis sigo Ibe ifa, after the cUenl has resolved problem he sbe wil1 retum lO !he awo home ever again. lía sayo tbat loday you.are poor aod sad. but lomorrow you wil1 bave mooey. happiness BUI many eoemies, do ebbo so lbat you can overcome your eoemies If you are planning 10 go on a trip. do nolleave the house wilhout fiSl doiog a rogation Be caferefun you enemies tbat want 10 Ihrow ( dud, ogo ) on you back Woman you are poor. and bave someooe lbal is very ill in you bome Give thank lo obala1a and lo e1egua, You are a spitefuL persoo who you Iike 10 bold grudges, and are 001 satisfied unlil you bave avenged • someone wbo has done you wrong, lb.... is someone in you tife lhal is manipolaling you, do no! anger oslum, and pay her whal you owe h.... In !bese day., you were crying because of o for a woroan, Awo obe oshe, sbe will have more c!aim and prosperity Iban rus own padrinio. Tbe orun\a carne down lo earth, he was Ibe younger oflbe otisba, bol he, eventua1ly weol above and befond all !he other orisha, when lrus occurred he notice lbal Ibe otber orisba began lo treat, him with reservations and bypocri'y. so he decide lo return, lo bave and le\l olofin tbat wanted 10 stay lbere wilb rum olofin lold rum. tbat is nol, possible because Tbe only otisha lbal has acquired faIne. and is spokeo ofwitb greal, Admiration and respecl is yoo, so orunla bad lo retum 10 earth


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# 108


Ogbe fuo is an son Ihe obalala, 111e children of oya destroy ogbe ofun. You wife will blow dud ogu, 00 you, and eventua1ly abandon you, 111e empty bottle in you horne must be turned upside down or thrown away. in Ihe same way that you talce <are of you talce care of yoursel~ that is Ibe way that you willlive, JI is probibiled lo raí.. or breed hens or pigeoo, in you bome. Ibis sigo speaks of a crowning of orisba yewa,. 111e person must put idefa, immediately • if there is none available the person must use the necklace the oya, as an ide, unlil an idefa can be foune!, you bave weak legs, and they lend lo buckle a lot ,you have moment of zea10usness eagemess keenness, in you affair you are person lhal 00 certain • occasions become very depressed aboul Ihe way lbing are going , Your secret are known lo others because you are Ihe one lhal leIl. others of your affair as Well as gossip aboul other s live, Tbis ifa speak o~ Iheft ioconformity, and spiritual clairvoyance, You must yoko osha, Avoid any relationsbips wilh dark skinned people Kaferefuo yewa and oduduwa, yemaya ais waiting for an offeriog from you, Tu. care Ofyou spouse, because your spouse. good fortune is you good fortuned, Avoid going lo sleep after you bave just finisbed ealins, do! lcave a sinfu~ of dirty disbed lo stand overnigh~ you must dr... in wbile. uSe oecklace of obatal'; do nol 'drink alcohol Bathe with plant azucena, Ihe female cbild of Ihe awo, must get married, receive bOÍ' ikof. And yoko osba in order lo realize bappiness, one day ogbe ofun Ihe staff of olofin in Ihe woods, and wilh Ibis be was abl. lo, overcome iku. sigo ogbe ofuo, place a white flag 00 you door, Placed a ero.. made ofigi cedro bebind Ihe door, the rogation Ihe head, ofthis Oddun i. wilh okete, except ifthe persoo i. omo the oshun, Ihen il is with efun or yefa, Ebbo of iku banbaya 1 bottle of ron 1 bottle the rive waler, 2 pigcoo stick moruro, that i. Ihe beigbt oflhe inlerested party 4 sma11 bells mariwo, palm fronds, 1 strip offabric wbile and red, one stones , snail sbells prepared wilh eku ella awado, Ihe awo does ebbo and after finish the 3 rd tablero Ihe awo talce Ihe iku baobaya that has a1ready, becn prepared , and give it lo Ihe inlerested party so be she, can hole!, il in Iheir, righl band the awo, position bimselfon!he left side oflhe person Ihe awo must ~ bold OD ,10 !he iku


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To Ibe iJru banbaya, and while Ibey walk towaro Ibe door recing Ibe secret, Ibey bolb sing Ibe foUowing.

..... ..

When you bolb amve at door, the perron remover, his her shoes and Ibe awuo, ties !be laces togetber, and hang Ibe shoes around Ibe person neck Iben Ibey bolb return to where , Ibe ebbo is being done, Ibe person Iben lays down on Ibe lloor in front oflbe opon, ifa ihe iku banbaya is Iben placed in a perpendicular positions, next 10 Ibe person, Ibe person Iben begins 10 prop himself up with Ibe iJru banbaya ,while person is standing ,lbe awo give to pigeon 10 ( Ogu. ) ant to Ibe ebbo, one oflbe pigeon is used to feed Ibe head, of lb. interested party and the top oflbe ariJru bambaya, ,lbe otber pigeon blood is used to Toeoflbe person left foot, and Ibe lower part oflbe iJru, banbawa, Ibe head oflbe pigeon Are placed into, the ebo, the awo then finish Ibe ebbo, Ibe awo Iben take a piece of stick Espuela de caballero, and one of stick, cuaba, stick, guachinango, camvia voz, with th... stick Ibe awo ties Ibe stick, together in eross formation, with white thread. red thread red thread and blue thread. and blue thread on bolb side, then he take a snail, shell and prepares it with stick agramonte , abre camino, yaya cotton , lbat bas been blesses, and dipped in holy water, this piece the collon is placed on IOp of!be eross aod ties with Ibe Aforementioned threads,afler tying this to Ibe top, a smallloop is made in order to haog lb. eross behind the donr of the interested party , Ibe iku, banyaya isw take home by person and placed on Ibe headboard of the person s bed this person mus! the eross in the moming when he she gets up, and Ibe night when he she goes, to sleep, this is don. in order 10 keep iJru far away from Ibe person Note this is Ibe mann.r in whish ( atanasio torre) iroso oguada, ) prepared and gave Ibe eross to his client however, there are then babalawo tbat prepared this eroS! in a different manner, Ibey hung 8 white strips with I bell each to Ibe top, pqart oflbe eross, ,then !bey hung a snail, shell from lb. top part as well, !ben Ibey prepared an iche ozain, and tied it To the top oflbe eross, in all case,however, al Ibe erosses wrapper wilb fabric white Ibe bottl. of divided into 2 parts one is mixed perfume and omiero of plant orosul Plan! vien vestido, salvadera, tis is for bathing Ibe olber part oflbe bottle is mixed with This omiero but Ibe perfume is not added ( this is to clean Ibe home ) This has 4 ( bells ) 1 small shell 3 ston. one red , white, and black, plant mariwo, all hanging from Ibe to1' part Anolber form preparing iJru bambaya, This stick of iJru bambaya, is covered wilb fabrio, whit. lbat is Ibe some, height as Ibe person that is, going receive it ,16 strips of the white fabric 8 bells , 8 snai~ shell, ew. dundun, ewe amukan ( plant jucaro, ) abericunlo, ori efun oun ewe mariwo, I large cowrie shel~ 2 strip of white fabric Ibe awo does an ebbo, wilb ingredient lbat 0run1a indicate, afler!be ebbo, Ibe 8 snail shell are prepared wilb powder of!be herb aboye, ori efun iyefa oflbe ebo, this have 3 prayers, for lb. herb which are, "

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# 110

Ewe prodigiosa revive may body an my soul

Plaot juearo. make my body sour lo Ihe taste of iku

Ewe aberikunlo instanlly send iku back lo beaven After you prepariog the snail shells Ihey are placed in an a1lernating fashion wilh Ihe 16 strips of fabric while. wilh Ihe ( bello, cascabeles) hangiog Ibe sung
BABA TIlWA MALE KONTIW A. MALERI LODAFUN OKE LODAFUN BABA MUIOGBE LODAFUN OYEKUN ME1I ( until you finish meotioniog alI of other meji. here is aoolher song ( solIeres) KlMBAN KIN BANSAYA IWIRI SHIRIYlNA

The awo leho performs a ragation 00 me head, of Ibe inlerested, party wilb 1W0 pigeon while, letting Ibe blood faJl from Ibe persan .head 0010 Ibe cowrie. shell lbal make up Ibe mount ofthe shawuoro, After the penon pick himselfuo from the floor ,he she is give the iku babaya, while sioging. the suyer..

This omiero is for balhing ( ewe dundun ) juearo aberikunlo. Placed gungun of agbani ¡nside of orunJa s container This is were iku said that he did not recognize orunJa s power and elegua, placed iku ioto sack, oggun tied Ibe sack wilh his cbain, Shango tied wilb ewe ( yarako lIagua ) afler lbal iku bad reorganize Ibe pact between him an orunJa, which stales Ibal iku will nOllake anyone that is wearing Ibe idefa hand unJess orunJa hand lbal person over 10 iku, In Ibis ifa is boro lbal Ibe persan mus! receive yewa, you must lbe ebo nex! 10 arriver. and balbe wilb one rat, and oshe in ile ibu, and Ihen pUl 00 while c1olbes, ewe ogbe ofun .planl cedar. plant pomarosa, palot banana, moruro. platanillo de cuba, Baba amunimi, speak in Ibis sigo, Ibe obatala lbal cootrols birtb and death, Ibis sign speak oflbe begianing and ofthe end, Ibe person wilb struggle lo achieve Ibe impossible. Ibis ifa speaks of proximity of marriage. The is were ejo was made ao oba, a boro is placed beside orunJa in Ibis sigo, because be was Ibe one who pl.yed me bugle for olofio This ifa speak of 3 ire or 3 osolbo. dependiog on how the sigo comes, Do tr.. ebbo ooe afler anolber each one wilh one hens. /lame. and fisb, Ibe first is talce 10 a dumpster. Ibe second is placed al Ibe door. and Ibe third is talce lO Ibe edge oflbe river .lbis is done every 9 days. embomisi witb omiero of ewe albahaca, ewe verdolaga, ewe signeme poDo SandaJwood perfume coconut waler. spearmiot various perfume, cascarrilla, amaJa and yefa, Omiero lo elean the house ( planl berro. ) dry wine S eggs yoJks, sandalwood perfume gold powder coconut water. iyebe funfun, ati dundun boney com Oour. and yefa

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# 111

To place bebind (sbilekun deor) A coco.ul cut io balf and each pi""" is place<! on eilber side Ibe deor Ibe Ibe following are placed ioto each coconut ero obi cola osun com, fal enrojo and honey, candle, Help move from Ibe house Talce wonden cup and place<! il on Ihe ground neXl lo Shango, place 3 types ofwine ,!hal . are nol sweet, nex Shango 2 pigeon are give from Ibe perseo, h..d anlo Shango and inlo Ibe Cup, talce Ihe head and heart leg and wing are pul out lo dry Iben Ibey are tumed inlo sall and mixed wilb shaving of!he cup ero obi cola osun ron honey sall from Ibe home of A woodworm..In1e from the 4 comer, inle from an llo;nhabited, house, inle trom ruined House 21 stick!ha have been asked, yoo make an ishe ozain, and apalleru, you Iben ask Where this is goiog lo be buried, In this ifa there was a man tbat wanted to go on a trip. and before leaving he went to see aruola, roc and rider, ogbe ofilo was seen, and ifa told the,man, when you are in route to you destioalioos, do nol allow yourself lo be sidetracked, because if you do you willlose Your life, Ibe man left on bis trip, and followed Ibe palb as planned, bul Iben he began lo hear Ihe song of Ibe sireos, and he let bis sbips crash iolo Ibe reef and diel, Ihe song was sung by omolokun ,wbich bad Ibe virtue ofbewilcbing everyone Ibal head bis song ,once Ibey were, charmed by Ibe music, Ibe sbips ran aground and he swallowed Ibem up whole In other to avoid difficulties. avoid listening to the song of sirens gossip Obalala had Ibe reigo of Ibe earth, bul nol Ihe power, so he wenl lo see orunla,who saw Ibis sigos, when ifa lold bim, look at this, and orunla showed bim meta~ hook obata\a asked bim, what is this orumila lold bim, il is Ibe world !hal is hard and, distorted, and you should lel il be or you will have many difficullies In Ibis patb, you must placed a nickel plaled or silver heok lo obatala, 0106n decide lo offer bis daughler up for marriage, and proclaimed Ihe person lhal bringing Ibe l'icest staft; will marry my daughler, all of suilors broughl staff!hal were real work of art ,but olofin s daughler was nol iotpressed wilb any of Ibem orunla had see This sigo and wenl lo Ibe reunion wilh bis baculo, ritual staff from wbich hung a yam, and a coro cob ,when Ibe daughler , gazed upon orunla, she lold her falber olofin he that Brings whal is truiy importan!, food,is Ibe one !hal 1 wanl for a husband , 0106n became perplexed, because he didn '1 how lo satisfíes Ibe other and powerful suilor since elegua and ozain, had the power lo tum the staff iolo beautiful women, Ibey did this Ihe day of Ibe weddiog, allhough the other suilor stayed with the women, Ibey were still nol satis6ed Because none ofthem were able lo wed 0106n daughler This ifa speak ofa lack ofcomplement, Ibere is something ¡nissing in your life, Is you faull !hal people speak ilI of your, you must use and idefa made of m~ Sprinkle omi al Ibe fool of the deor !hal is faciog Ibe street, Do ebbo with eran malu Qn occasion, Ibe blood rushed lo your head, you have heart pro~lem .. place a bugle made Ivory neXl lo orunIa, The awo this ifa aIIs Ibe sigo, ofifa lo woQ; for him, as the rooster wben ogbe 01U. calls this sigo of ifa lo work, at 5 am, be does, ~ by first blowing orunla Bugle,

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# 112

Wilb heart problem, 10e penan needs lo batber in Ibe river wilb ( e!rute rat ) Iben it is tbrown inlo Íhe river and walch, him until Ibe currenl lake bim away, Eruba (fHgI1l) is bom in tbis signs, Okunmolorun, he wbat cteates stupor or amazemenl Is bom in Ibis sign, Ibis ifa opeak oflbe posilion oflbe sun,You could become upsel due lo argument and discord, You are in love orhave a woman that has dominaling penanally, and she is going lo harm you are obsessed wilb Ibis woman, and eventuaUy you are going lo physically abuse ber thing aboul what you are going lo do before you act, because Ibis woman has and older man that Iik.. lo figl1l wilb Ibose that get closes lo Ibis woman Iilee lo drink a 101 and io a little crazy, if you continue, lo be stubbom about yoo. relationship wilb her you two wil~ constantly be arguing. and sbe will malee yoo. Jife ntiserable, Ebbo wilb mashed okra, one moster, and placed in from Ibe home, soil Ibe 4 comer And res! lb. ingredient, if you havo orisba, you have abandoned lbem, respect obatala And avoid a11 types of a1eaholic hoverag. so that you don nol become iII and die, If yoo nol yoko osha obatala Ibe days lbal you become gravely i1~ lbere will be no escape For yol!, Obatala says that he docs nol want you lo use bl""k clolbes Do nol wears black clotbing lbal you have stolen or have beco give, because obatala could cause your death because of Ibis, you wanl lo go seo someone that has talcen somethlng or someone from you, Woman someone is going to take away your spouse and Tbis penan will. do so much wilcbcraft, lO yoo so as lo never let you have any stabilities Do ebbo, so lbal you do nOllose Ibis battle, You have clolbing lbal used to belong lo someone Ibal died and you bougbl Ibis penan Ibese clOlhes If il is an man, you bougl1l a coast, Pants and shirt , if it is ID woman, you bougb~ a dress a skirt, and a blouse bring a11 Ibese c10tbes lo do ebbo wilb lbem so what Eggun does nO! destroyed that olofin has destined for your You are in loved wilb a woman that you were that you were couiting, and because of something yoo did, Ibe relation ship ended Ibis man feels deceived, and will do everything be can to sabotage any , future relation ship, he will try lo do ogu, lo kili wboever gets closes, Ibis penan will end up sed a10ne and aftIicted Ifu says that you are a child of obatala, bu! lbal yoo do nOl beJieve in Ibe orisha you only BeJieve in whal you seo, in yourselt; and in a1ways having yoo way wilb everyone, specially women, Song sulleres


10e ruling planet ( Saturn ) you oriki a1agba baba mariwo, E1egua in Ibis sigo has (two cuchiila, metal poinl ) lhal are orienl in opposile directiODS It said wbat elegua is bom in Ibis sigo, il is speak of long Jife wilb condition tbat Ibe penan never stop doing ebbo, Ibis person should never enler inlo Ibe woods alones

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# 113

Oyeku melle is Ibe padrinio!he iroso so, Ibe owner oflbe cowry shells ,tbis is were

human leamed bow 10 eats 6sh,
nis sign was !he one lbal brougbl Ihe secret of sign down 10 earth, This sigó live wilh eggun ozaio oduduwa, Shango ololruo san lazaro, and juera, tbis child oftbis ifa eScape Of sickness of 8ccident. and will never be overcome by bis enemies, You should Dot eat pork mea!, hecause Ibe virtue of oyeku mejis, is lo offer mend (meal pig ) lo your spirituaI guide and spirituaI prolection, Do ehbo wilb prickly tree especially wilb French rose tree you canool dress in red You cannot have cats. dog vicious birds or savage animals in you horne • in tbis sign the persoo mUS! give Iam 10 eggun one every 6 moolb in order acquire !he power, EgguEmbara Oye Iru melle is synchtoÍlized with Ibe ( tarantuIa ) siog , il is said Ihal death is receive and tbis is when oyelru mej~ manifested The major spiril of eggun, aIagba baba eggun il lived in tbis sign, and al Ibe bottom oflbe sea, logether wilh ololcun ,

,,'-, .


;"' "'.'

A bad sicleness lo Ibe city

This where the tree did ebbo, so that no one could cut them down . The ebbo was two rooster. one hens, and the Test !he ebo.





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It indicated Ibe direction of societaJ royalty and plenitude In Ibis sicleness speak oflbe dealb of2 important people 1 in Ibe city and Ibe other in Ibe country, Oyeku meji indicate a distance between Ibe padrino and bis ahijados plant marpacifico, and algarrobo

One that is an a hurry, the lizard is on it s stomach don't speak so you can overcome

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N llS



Soog ofthe rigbt

Soog !he left side

This is where the atemoleta is bom
Tbe firS! orisha arrive on earth were oduduwa, Osbagrinan and Sbango oraniyan consecrated tbem togetber witb tbe eartb ands called Shango Ayaloru. caJled osha grina obatala and caJled oduduwa, osa mey~ !hey in !uro consecrated oraniyan , and called Him, Oba a1aiyeluwa (ownerof!he earth) Eveo !hougbt it may not say outright, !bis ifa is ooire lese eggun Kaferefun Shango orishaoko and orumila • The ebo of tbis sicleness is taJee to a ruined and abandooed house , so Ibal !he spirit Ibal lives !here, can company the persao Ibat taJee !he ,ebbo , !he ehbo can a1so be buried in a hollow, at!he foo of an igi or a dried Iree , You should nol imilale Ihe dress of anolher perso. This ifa speak of a distanci.g of!he ahijado The persao múS! away do ebbo ,so Ibal he does DOt lose bis luck Do nol speak of you perso. problem with anyo.e

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N 116


Tbe sense of decency is bom in thls sickness and tbis is wby human being began to over their, privale Par! with herb, the leaves animals skins, unlil people finally began lo wear Clothes, The medicine the ogbe oyeku, is the honey of the earth !hal is sun dried for 7 days prayed With this sickness then a spoonful is take in the momiog !fa osobo, the padrinio and aleyo, or ahijado, must elean themselves wilh eku eya Buffalo mea!, and place<! elegua, Ihen al nighl these are throwout the stree! while saying Batieosorde . Whe the people saw how orunla overeame iku and had luek, they asked him how he did il orunJa lold them 1 did ebbo with (1 mandarria big hamme ) are place<! lo Shango, so !hal the person can live many years wilh good heaJth ,

Al the dawn oftime orunJa found himselfwilh adoyogri, and he lold him lo do ebbo so what secret that he did nOl want revealed would be uncovered adoyogri. Did no listen lo The advice lo orunJa, began 10 walk, and ran inlo algebra, who asked orumila, for food Orumila told mm.! have nOlmng to give yoo, because the only persao that 1 have seen is Adoyogri ,and he did nol do ebbo, elegua, in vengeance look out his hom of virtue, oda , Ashi bi ) and asked olordumare for water, and il began lo rain heavily, Ihen Ihe wind blewwith much force, and all afthe tTees fen to their death except foc amare ,atore and eran Be caferefun that because of your disobedience, you don t fall just as adoyogri did
Vou enemies are laughing and maleing fun afyou,

You are very sick. or will be. and death is on youe heels. the ebo so that you can overcome sickness and death Vou home has many problem, there is a sick person that has a fiiend that wears the same cJothes as the sick person. and thls person, must come to the ebbo, or bis her life may be io danger, this persoo likes lo wear a 101 ofblue colored clothes, Iike Ihe blue of the guine hen, Everyone in you home is upset and out ofbalance, You are looking for heaJlh and good luck, bul il conlinue lo elude you do ebbo wilh rooster and awo la meta. . Obini you have a husband and you don I have a husband because he i, distancing himself From you luck is also distancing itselffrom you For ice umbo you need to feed orunla because he is hungry Wheo the ifa speak of ire umbo for this person, they must do ebbo with 2 hen, smoker fish fa! corojo' Ebbo honey eya oro, ( mud fi,h ) !hal has heen inserted onlo a stick like a shishkabob so !ha!, there will always be aleyo in you home for you lo seo and help, Take care in you home, and avoid being out on the streets, spending you money ,so what your spouse does throw you out house, peopl. will someday have lo go lo your home in Ihe same way lhal they go lo the supermarket. because of necessity, Orumila acho red ,and while, black, lo do ebo, so!hal they could avoid problem bere on earth, only asho pupua did ebo since aJI there were awo orumila, !he king senl for them on. day, so!hal they could seo his son

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# 117

Who was gravely il~ Ibey did an osorde, and saw Ibis ifa Iboy make eb1!o, wilb a four le88ed animals lbal ifa require ,after Ibe ebo was performed, asho pupua, said lbal Ibose animals could nol be sacrifieed, because, Ibe king • son would die, asho fun fun, insisted lhal Ibe animals had lo be sacrifice and asho, dun dun just kept silent, Ibe king seeing Ibis Ordered Ibe sacrifice oflbe animals, and shortIy, Ibereafter be son died, Angry Ibe king, rounder up Ibe three brolbers and lold Ibem, 1 have seot fOr you lO cure my son, and instead, you have caused bis death, asho pupwi declared, majesty 1 lold you lbal if you sacrifieed, Ibose animals, your son would die before Ibis truth, Ibe king freed asho pupua Then declared, hury asho fun fun , logether with my son, and throw asho dun dun, Into prison, In Ibi. ifa is bom that Ibe dead are ensbrouded wilb asho fun fun and lbal during an itutu Ihe family does nol wear red ,bul rather black, Ibis ebo is done wilb goal female lamb, o male, whiehever) ifa determine and lbal animals is left alive ,so lbal Ibe animal. walks and jump arouDd so will Ibe gravely ilI person do t,he same, Ibis ebbo is ifa inlory !\ron oriku, Ibe hens oflbe ebbo is give lo Ibe family member lo care for, so lhal Ibe siek

Person can recoveco
There is a cbild ofyemaya, lhal must yoko osha

To coll the rain • the 8WO must give tbe roaster to 8 coconut tree, where this sickness must
Be painled and prayed, when il is given blood Placed a wooden cutIass lo orumila, When Ihe person have problem of eggun,

Take one hens ane (casserole ceramic container) with!he sickness ofeggun 9 piece of
coconul with falcorojo, and guine pepper, aod Ibe reS! lb ingredienl, Ibe person going and wriles Ibe sickness with fal corojo Iben casserole is placed on lop Ibis, Ibe awo does bis mojuba aod pray Ihe odu ,giving a coconul oflbe spel~ Iben Ibe hens is give lo !he container and lo Ibe river after Ibis, an candle is passed from lo Ibe back oflbe person wbile that person continue lo look inlo Ihe water, Al Ibe 4 in Ibe momiog ,take f)ower Ibe

maerpasifico. serape up sorne afthe morning dew then clean you vision with your
vision, wilb Ibis f)ower, late placed Ibis eggun and light two candle, Smoker is Ibe glory of /ire lightning is g10ry of Ibe rain, a Iarge c101b is Ibe g10ry of eggun, YDO cannol confide your secret 10 women, because Ibey will a1ways break Ibeir oalb ofsecrecy, Ifa Says that Ibe woman desire lo havo cbildren, .he muS! do ebbo in Ibis ways, she willlive Long enough lo see her children take up posilions of power The sun warm Ibe faces oflbose that coUect Ibe honey, Ibe SUD warm Ibe backside oflbe day labor, however Ibe SUD canool warm eilher Ibe face Ibe back .ide of Ibo diviner lbal Work in bis home, taking caro oflbis clienl, This goes lo show that Ibe tife oflbe diviner, however bad is away betterlhan Ibe Iife of Ibe coUector Ibe boney, or Ibe days labor, Ebbo one rooster, ooe hens , (lizard lagartija) jicara adoshure gbogbo irno differenl fabric, oflbe rest!he ebbo Ebbo fish fresh, ono rooster, river mud, piece Ibe fisbing hook boes ada I oval guiro gourd ishu different food aod Ibe reS! Ibe ingredienl Ibis ebbo

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# 118

Ebbo 1 rooster one basket different plant and rest the ebo Ebbo one hens 1 jicara ochos Ibe different color you write tbe sickness in tbe jicara and give blood Ibe animals Ibe ebo, ask a orun1a a1ways goes 10 Ibe foot tree palm real Ebbo for safety Ufe 1 guine, 6 orange are place to Sbango after the ebo .
Te conserve the power Take an jicara and place an fresh fisb, has been, smolbered epo, Iben Ibis is place from ozain, dorayeye With an young rooster; it is opened up while still alive Iben it is placed into the jicara,give ahí mituto to ouin and take·the jicara lO the wood .tben you must give cooked pork to a pon or mountain pass finaJly you must batber with rose water

SpeU oggun and ochosi Take two pigeon ;one from Ibe country and one from Ibe city, do ebbo Wilb them and with the other ingredient tbat orunla detennine ,one eye eyele is give to oggun and the olber isgive to ocbosi ,Ihey are cooked , Ihen smolbered , Wilb epo and efun , Ibe pigeon that was give to oggun is take to a railroad line, the pigeon that given to ochosi is take to Ibe cemetery Oparado Ibe oyeku meji This is always done With hens one puppet made of dirty clolbes oftbe interested party one fresh fisb, buffalo meal, planl pala de gallina, marpasifico, algarrobo, aberikunlo, egg hens, run cotton, and cotton but, two candle is paraldo sometimes, after you finish blower blown onto the body oC the hens is set ablaze then blow water onto the hens while you Esbu bode ) Ibis esbu is guardian the eggun, and is the one lbat accompanies all of Ihe eggun in arder, to fabricant the eshu, you must a minoron topofwhich is placed the secret ofthis eshu. it is secret is soil oC cemetery. quicksilver 9 plant of ozain oC eggun Malpasifico,algarrobo, albaháca, aretmisa, maravilla, salvadera, rompe camisa, quita maldicion, espanta muerto, 3strong stick, planl mruro pino, leave peonia, pepper seeds maravilla, soil Ibe 4 comer, dust leg head Ibe eggun, mokekere, 1 inking lbat is ofo, head Ibe fOOster, bead Ibe pigeon ;and (pul 3 cuchillas, metal points ) are made of ( cowries ) and Ihe rest lbe ingredient

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# 119

TIte sky and Ihe earth did not peñorm obbo or pay !he require tribute to osain, and Ibis Is why misery and poverty came into !he world . Agboni and oriJha alashe, Ihe child of oduduwa god oflhe earth, speak io tbis sickness This is wbere oduduwa, and Oricha oko, is adore<!, TIte head rogatioo oflbis sickness is with a partridge,TIte person willlive until a very advanced age, This is wbere !he pagugu ( cane of eggun ) io bom You must !he obbo, wilb different colorad rose, two pigeoo then Ibey are humad pulverized, and medo into iyofa dust, TIte name Ibis ( ifa is Alari ) Ibe servant of orumila, OrunIa protect you give two bens , so Ibat can give you good luck In !bis sickness Ibe awose change Ibe sickness, ofthe year agaiost olofin ,bU! esbu uncovered, !he plot and warnad olofin of Ibe trap by wbistling, This io wbere !he awose sbow Ibe incorrect path In !bis ifa ,is bom tbat Ibe ( tamboreros drum musicians ) canoot play fudn,e_ There are cleaning tbat are done in Ibis oickness ooe take 10 a slaughterhouse , and Ibe otherlO a bighway, You cannot ea! liver PIaced 3 whistles 10 elegua , Omiero of lcaves plan ciruela, amarilla, dry wine and water of oshun PIaced an adimu Iooshuo mede 16 pieces ofmad buffalo mea!, 16 !tick ofmariwo palm TIte followiog for obataIa two pigeoo and cabric wbite, make sarayeye with !he pigeon and the fiIbrlc, !he pigeoo the baba, after Ibe eat , you cover baba, witb Ibe fabric, you then ask where obata1a wants al! of Ibis to ga, In Ibis ifa awo going 10 do something with olofio 3 days, before, be must bathe wilb Omiero of orumila or wilb omiero of ewe oflbe person guardian, ange~ gbogbo omi and dry wine, In order Ihe obbo in !bis ifa lo have results it need lo be al il dcstination, S lo 15, minute before 12 ooon, When Ibis ifa is seo, il speak ofsomeone Ibal has drowned or wiU drown in Ihe ocean, Thi. ifa speak ofthe blood tbat change color and strengtb, note, Ibis aielmeso speak ofplant (calla brava ofbarnboo)


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# 120

You take .maIl roostee, IDUS! 2 pigeon, and bogbo ashe Ibe oslla, cottonfilbri~ white and black, 3 candle, Ibe ( eJenu tongue) is remover and placed on a pieces of cotton fa! cacao Tranquil balm 3 small stick amansa guapo, the name ofthe person doing Ibe accusing You nmst sew lhis ishe with ( ou dun dun black ) and fun fun white) it io stepped on 3 time and pl1lced 00 top of Odde, if Ibe accused io out Ibe stree! he she must for omiero ooe days of court wilb omiero of plant , prodigiosa, quita maldicion, Ibe he she must have tis ishe in he her , pocket Ibe days of court ,if the accused is in prison ,and dust is prepared wilb stick abre camino ,vence guerra verdo. salvadera, o wbatever stick orumila has indicatioo lhis ,dus! is prayed 00 the opon ifa and fiunily mernber take the dus! ioto court , and blown it around Ibe cowtroom !fa osolvo lhisifa marks!he loss ofan intestinal argano alung a kidney, aD.arm and in a Woman it could mean Ibe loss ofthe utero, The person has bole in Ibeir heart he she has never loved anyone in Ibeir life and is lnsensitive 10 !he other people pain, Awo oyeku ji is spiritual seer or Ibe eggun speak 10 him in lhis ear, Tbe petition Ibe osain is bom in lhio oign, lhis is why a letter of petitions io placed into Ibe fundamental secret of osain, and lhis done wlúle praying Ibe sign, oyeku nilohe, Pay Shango wbatever you owe lúm, so that you can avoid any losses Ebbo rooster icacos colorados . Ebbo young rooster small guioe, different fabric, 16 pieces of fried ground beef, 16 smaII Sticks of mariwo, soil Ibe from you house io yoo houses, plan!, bleo blanco eku eya fat korojo, Eho one rooster, ono hens, chain, castiog nel, different fabriCo and rst Ibe ingredient Tbe chain is placed over donr oflbe house, !he casting nel placed somewhere in Ibe house io an opeo position, lhio mus!, he done hefore Ibe eod ofl days oflbe rider and before 12 nonn, You have a faithful friend, don t defraud lúm, because he will never defraud yoo Avoid telliog Jies, and feed your guardian angel

To win a court cased

ign come beCore 7 days yoo must give goat small to e1egua In Ibis ligo. oshun is covered wilb plenty lo planl lo yedra. You speak lhat you bear or speak whal you seo Pay te elegua what you owe him. Iben you must give him 2 pigeon you must Iben wrap up Ibe pigeon in Cabric .A LEBO ASIlO PUPUA LEBO ASHO FUNFUN An DUNDUN ERlNDlLOGUN AWO LEBO ABIEDUN OMO ARIKU .. does nol no have any money. Take a piece oftiger sltin . Ibe monte stick vencedor. Notr Ibe iyeCa Ibis sigo. Ibe persan must give I roosterte!he prenda in Ibe interior oCa cave Ibe animals is buried Ibere. this is where people throw themselves into thc weU in order lo acquire Weallb. within 21 days tum Íllto ire. . Inlori araye. lbe good Cortuned oC oyeki pil~ is ou on Ibe stree!. Iben Ibe various Coods. when Ibe . must have secret ceremonies performe on him. beCore doing !he ebbo. while . Oyekun iworr river seaweed ewefin ewe oriye ewe ayo ewe mil flores . Iben placad 1S akara afler S days omiero wilb Ibe plant yedra. he will find il oul on Ibe stree! lbe sign oC musb money ligbl 16 aImond oillamps lo osun. canary seed powdered com meal rice ".Page 125 of 864 # 121 OYEICU IWORl OYEKUN IWORl OSUN OKANSIIONSHON ADIFAFUN LABURU UNSODE ONlFA I!YEYE WORl AWO ERlNDlLOGUN FITn. and take Ibem lO a bilL Placad 3 flag s around you horse .and rooster lo oggun.cover it wilb gbogbo different Coods and distributed at Cores! . and Iben be must do ifa directly Tbis is !he ifa !he roosters . tiger akin I boro gOal one be. are placad on run . jobo and jaguey . give two quaiJ lo Sbango give one rooster Sbango in order lo better your luck . Iben every tbing is takc lO thc river. !he legitimale son osun. be<:ause sbe will abort Ibis sign is destructive Cor children. . so!hal you can liberaled yourself from adversilies cause by. rooster lebo Ihe persao !hal is having Ibis osode being done. If!he prenda oCmayombe.sltin is bumed. Oyeku piti ) is a spiritualisl. yoo cannot bear witness to a figbt ortragedy. you are scared oCsomething. lbe awo canool ebbo oC!bis sign lo pregnant woman. Woman yoo sbouJd receive your ikoCa as saon as possible Man do ifa as saon as possible Protect one stone small. ebomisi mefa in !he name oC oshun and Shango river seawced ewe ayo ewefin ewe orille ewe mil flores Cologne boney. Eveo ifthis ifa comes in osomo. secret stick cinttamon. oC7 oChis logether wilh nana Buruku. Ibe persan must rogation Ibe bead and ebomisi wilb plant okikan. vence vatalla.Give hens lO eggun one rooster lo e1egua. whatever He nceds lo be happy. elegua. ERINDOLOGUN I!YEU! LEBO OMODE lBE/l nGUN 1LU OSU LODAFUN OR\JMlLA KAFI!REFUN ASHE OSUN NJLE EPANDIKEEFAN DIKEESHANDIKEOKO SIIAMBAKIRAN ADIFAFUNORUNLA SONGSUUERE AJA OSUN LOFIN KITUNlBA KAMARlKU KAMARI ARUN KAMARI oro KAMARI EYO In !bis sign is bom Ibe fact !hal Ibe awos are !he only ones that can consecrale an omo osun a\so. Ibe ebbo oClbe is ifa is take lo !he work Tbis elegua carne down lo eartb. Yoo mUS! refresb elegua wilb omiero.

he is an abiku Woman don t argue so mush witb your hoy friend. lover or husband.. 50 that in trus ways do you no lose her. or lo go out lo a patty for a period of 7 day. death acciden. you don • lose this ire.ever since you sold oc grave away. besd aIakaso. because when Ihese grow up. Palb of Ibe oak and Ibe owl You live in a large and spacious horne • speak nothing of whal you see or of what yoo hear. has c1eansed and purified it of any negative influences. Iben fiuilis placed lo oshun and Ibe (twinjimagua) afier this persan should play Ibe lottery ifa fore Ebbo I moster I pigeon I lramp planl of oshun 80d rest Ibe ingredienl This ifa speaks ofmarriage on Ihe same days of2 brolber. blue. 3 peonia. or loves avoid fighting with your legitimate wife ... one roost.. 3 pepper. iflbey are desdo and occupy yourselfwi.. Wilh eleguede and striped c1olhes. you are prohibiled from going lo see tragedies. bul lvilh oshun on Ihe Ooor during Ibe rogation • so lhal she can a1so receive oflbe blood. inle 4 com. Do ebbo so that you can overcome your enemies and bring good fortune lo yourself.e her. while. pay Shango. You are person thal can see moce al night than in the days . Ibey could be unaware of Ibeir palemily and fall in love and marry each olber. sal gold powd.. The parenl should be careful of having children out side Ibe marriage •while slill in Ibe mamage. a chain oc pieces of jewelry that you had . You no have good lucl. iron shavings Ebbo for Ibe bead one caramel color pigeon.. 3 have quick:ly lost you fortune. and the good luck tbat she brings to yOl!. so he does t leave Appreciale. do ebbo so that you can captiva. do ebbo so that you can avoid losing mm Meo you have two woman. so Iba. of Ibe nigbl of the days. Yoo are chasing a woman Iba. do for ebbo.and allow her to vent her frustration. you make days of Ibe nigb' of Ibe days.. sister or marriage of2 cousins. or twin.. if you buy a chaio • you canoot wear it until your padrinio. I small house. and red. planl pata de gallina. money enlers througb one hand . inIe of soil ofbibijaguero. When you prospero don' Abused Ibose Iba.. 2 hens Ihe pigeonare for Ibe head. snake skin Planl of ozain shell oftwtle blood Ibe antier of deer.bul quickly exil Ihrougb Ibe olber. because if you do you wiIl have many diftiaalties . in order lo have good luck servanls and money Obini your husband has another woman or love. Avoid ealing eleguede instead . lbal otb. You have a child. Do ebbo wilb I (Iams abo ) for yemaya. duS! of spur moster. pica pica. the woman vaginal washing with ewe mejorana. ir you receive bad new.. Have masses performed in'lbe narne ofyou paren!.h attending Your spiritual guide as well as your guardian 8Ogel. have serenity so that you don t have any losses. quicksilv. whalever you owe him. have him do ebbo so lbal he does no' die.Page 126 of 864 #122 CONTINUATION TIIE OYEKU lWORl Sugar. have helped you rise lo power.. tabaco leave. iyefa. silver powder yeUow presipitado. OYEKUN BIWORl SODE ADIFAFUN YEMA YA. does nol wanl lo be captured..

. 2 precious piece. in Ibis ifa of conspiracy. a1ways leU Ibe trust. Orun kantari Ibe setting oflbe sun. where!he people united 10 figb! a¡¡ainst oIofin and Ibey obligate orunla lo join Ibem. does nO! leave you !he good fortune of!he persan is secured when he sbe receive orumila awofilca or ikom a IOn possible. !he negativo eggun out. Do ebho so that your spouse. Ibis is where !he awo is acomed and Belittled. stick venoedor and res! !he in8redient whatever 1eave does no reIurD. and olofin seol orumila down lo fix il OYAYlN OI'UO LORlN AYIKUN OYEKUNDI EYEYE EKUN AWORIRE BOORI ALAVI OKUN AUYAYE ALAYUOKUN AWORIRE OYEKUN DI OLORUNLAnKU OLORUN LAnKU OYEKU DI Olonm latiIcu The immortaI booor of oIonm OYEKU DI EVO TlN BAKU OLORUN LAnKU OLOYU EKUN AWO RIRE OLOYUEKUN AWO RIRE BI ORI OLOYU EKU AO YAYE OLOYU OKUN AWO RIRE . Ibis persan wiU DO! appreciate anything Ibe awo does for bim . Tbis is where !he world was in a bad Slated. next lo orumila.her .IWA GBOGBO IKAN ARAYE EBEBIKAN LONLE 1LA0L0FIN OYEKUNDlADIFAFUNAlYEYONLOKOODEADmBYELELEBO OYEKUN DI ELERI NI GBOGBO OIUSHA FINO NI OLOFIN!CURU LAn NI GBOGBO ORSHA LERI GBOGBO ICE KOWA LERI ELERI NI OMO ORUMILA OSI ELERI NI OMO NlMU ~IJMAREMODUNKUBSUNIJ!ElJ!DDE!RE .I! OYEKUDlORUMlLAADIFAILOCOOLOYOUOKOORUBOAKUKOAKEEURE YARAKO EKU EVA OBI!YO OWO. so that olofin can a1ways mvor you and help yoo Tbis is where !he orange saved orumila from acquiring impolence give and rooster lo oggun. and clase your door Ibe early evening lo keep. Ebelaro . ambor. The aign spcaks of!he persan that does lbal nO! know bis her father Tbis persan has or will insult or ridioule !he lWO. in Ibe morning. then exhale you muS! prepare an ishe Osain made ofleopard skin ( Ekun ) then filled wilb gold . ivory. and sing so that in Ibis way. Ibe awo mua! tauro bis buttock wilb bolb band.i1ver coral. The ifa speak of impolence . someane will entangle you in a messy affair . Y00 havo problem wilb your lega. bowever beca"'" orumila was so obedient lo ifil he slowed bis procession IOwanI. olofin borne until all !he commotion was over witb. Jet.!he entrance of!he SUD 0yeIru di signifies !he penis dies in !he buttock Pray for!he SUR fur 16 days.Page 127 of 864 #123 BABA OROI MEU. you can havo money for trying lo do mvor. lit down.

so that he can send you money. your creation and will go down lO complete your mission. and goal.. from the lands of orunla . Toprosper Do ehbo with an (small goal female. people did nol wanl lo respect olofin and did nol wanl.'. the pigeon the oshun. In Ihe beginning of Ihe world. the people are going to come you lO enlist your help. nol do il . however. so that she can send you money the goal. against olofin. in the best way they know how You were being very stubbom aboul a particular. orumila if il is female lhal child must receive her ikofa. olofin responded To baneshu. afier the ehbo. those that are inside. tied card . on him oruola did and rider. bul you will be Ihe one that will have the proble01y that victim is someone that could help you in a future situation.) and a long piece of corel. and you must. s head untill have completed your mission. OYEKUN DI ADIFAFUN OLOFIN LODAFUN ORUMlLA OUN BATIN UNLO DAGUIN LOGUN!LE OLORUN Ebbo female goal. with an goal. There is a tall and dark skinned woman lhal is pregnanl. the person take the eure and the record home.1 When olofin seDl orunla down lo earth lo fix il. orumila replied 1 promise lo fix whal s Wrong with. and large cord . For good luck ehbo wilh pigeon roosler gOal female. the person must take the goat Cor a walk wilh the cord around !he female goal take neck TIte is ifa ofungratefulness and ingratitude. these people are going lo cause a problem lhal has nolhing lO do with you. people of Ihe world. him lo govern Ihe earth any longer. a long piece of cord eku eya epo . if il is male child lhal child . and . and in this way you can avoid tbe problem that await you ir you foUow the should do everythlng in your power to conserve that relationship Leave each person to resolve their own problem. and lhal child will have lo unile with. you must go with them •with the remate goal. him and declared war. and roostee foe elegua. and 10day you have changed your núnd about trus. Tbis is the reason why orun1a does nol mount the head of any awo or Omofa Awo oye\run di cannol visil any prisoner. because for whatever circumstances.or you will have many legal problem. and saw Ibis ifa. with an female goal. he will join. neither one ofthese ar going to work. orunla to obtain Ice Owuo. so that the cord can enlangle ilself wilh the differenl bushes and you can fatI back among the crowd. bul I will nol Mounl any of my children. and so what you do not. I rooster. which lold him.Page 128 of 864 #124 CONI1NUATION THE OYEKU ORDI :. from time to time. for elegua. out foe you unless you do ebbo.and when they come Cor yoo. the femaIe goat. Vour friend are goiog to invite you to do something illegal or morally wrong agaiost another person. endanger your tife. issue. So they conspired against. you must do ehbo.

and she will give birth lo male ebild !hal must become an awo orumila. because that child is a babalawo frem lhe olher world if'il is female she must receive her ikofa and yoko osha . a siek woman orubo. frem far away Ifyou leave Ibis eity. I rooster. problem in Ibis family Tbis persao likes thing !hal are imported o. Ebbo fo.!he persao siele. and Ibis is lhe reason why humanity was separated Tbis ifa speak of a division o. with two hens. The oyeku d~ speak of sterililies in the woman Ibis ifa speak ofthe birth ofthe ocean. goal. Ihe measu'emenl ofthe person heigbl eku eya mush money . lhon become and awo of orunla Fo. l trap eku fish smoker. Fo. another. alive possum fresh fish. you spouse is p'egnant. stale o. so!hal he daos nol leave you fo. country.Page 129 of 864 #125 CON11NUATION TIIE OYEKU ORDI Must receive bis awofilca. buffalo meal. Take caro of your husband.' . you will never again retum lo il Ebbo two rooster.

mus! bave 88llyu. on Ihe same day. Fat fee! fallen arches are boro in Ibis sigo. Ibis person·feels as iflbey were on drugs or in Hypootic state~ Oyeku viroso has enemies that want to ruin him in business oc ai" work This sigo is marked by anemia general debilitalion. problem ofthe renal. ofbis emire body. you mus! do ebbo. willlose bis mOlher. ifa oflbe smallpox. Ibis is where (iku abita) made pact Tbis sign spesks of difficullies. path of cemetery This sick persan does nol get boro \he ca\ling of esch human being . sicknesses and property. Tbis sign marks a dispUte between two brother beesuse many people desire Ibis resull 111e older brolber should try lo make Ibe pesce. is boro \he reason why saint lazaros ( azowanu ) in noyer cleaned witb omi and Ibe reason why \he cbildren of azowano. and the twin. orishaoko. and ifa condemned Ibe inkin lO be placed Into Osain ioto elegua. 111e person receive ( san lazaro ) 88llyu. then take and thrown oul onlo Ibe street . In Ibis sign . Ibe awo says ariku mabaya Tbis ifa is make by. a drum and party rsttIe noise make lo orunta. woman losses weak uteros take ca. Intori iku Ibe sick person will nol recaver. and several infection in general. This is where Oduduwa sat 00 the thmnes oC olofio 111e awo ofthis ifa. 111e person bave problem wilh bis semen You have a condition known as spermatogenesis. \fa of obatala beware of smallpox. The person is wonied aboul tús her deplorable stale ofhes\lh . and ita the orisba eggun ifa . Wilh lbal hens it i.Page 130 of 864 # 126 OYEKU BIROSO IROSO OYEKU BIROSO AWO KOMO AWO BIA ABANIRE AWO KOMO AKJ!NIRB lKU AWO KOMO AYE ADm DUN DUNBANIRE KOMO AWO PARAIDO PBARlSHAWO KOMO AW O AKU ABERlKUNLO ONA BENIREGUN AWO KOMO AWO OMO AYE lKU AWO KOMO AWO OYEKUN BIROSO AGBONI ORUMILA OMO KOMO ABUYA \FA AWO NIORUN SUlLERE ERIJPE S1lAKUATA ODI VELE NI IWOSHERE AGAYU F011G11O 011 IBA OH IBA OH IBU AAA AGAYUODIBAYEKoruKOAGAYUODIBAYEKoruKOYODETAUWAFUN ODIBAYE ARAYE ARA IYE BALORA IR! IBUWO AGAYU SIIOLOGO IR! BUWO AGAYU SHOLOBO. everyone in \he oC you breast. is a wanderer or tnlveler. you are unabIe to have children 111e secret oflbe curse of( Lucifer) lowards clay. Tbis is where \he inkine disobeyed 0run1a. if!he sick person he she. so Ibey can bolb recon ciliale. Ihey are Iben are Iben take lo cernenler. SO that Ibey can live well in Ibis lifetime . and false accusation. and bis sign ofifa will be as a sbadow lo Ibe sign of bis padrinio This ifa is ona Orun . after S days and wbile deposiling lb_m.. place a gong. 111e Ozain Ibis ifa is wrapped in a giraffe skio. Oyeku biroso. This sign marked by gossip.. fracture oflbe skull. in Ibis ifa is where iku comes lo take \he person The awo pul S palanquetas lo oshun Ihen S akara. wilb hens black lb. is condemned To desth wilbin a shor! periad oftime. and be boro witb oricbaoko and \he twin. sarayeye. deslb is cortain. . In this ifa. you musl feed Sbango. gland cardiac problem.

is done inside !he interested party a bome. thia covered over tben a matra<:a ( ooi.he is wrapped with ileke of osbon elegua. after Ihis.]ROSO In Ibis ifa is were ( abita ) is give rooSler. iyebe fuo fun. no song of warriors ocha. Ihen the ( hollow ) is covered over wben Ihe person retum bome he she must ebomisi with plant (shewerclruclrue ) rompesaraguey ) paraiso you take 3 shower. and for children maferefun ohongo oshun twin. In Ibis ira are bom !he scars 00 !he mee Paraldo This panddo is performed wbile Ihe persoo is seated 00 a cbair. for this person. is person is performed. !he earth is struck 3 time. io bom the act of passing the Iruke over Ihe coffin of a recently deceased awo or iworo so that !he obsessive eggun can lcave the hou .\ rooster. then kofibori with what orunmila. and undressed completely sarayeye. Side. !he person batbes. Ihe person bathes in !he river and remover half ofbis or bis her clothes he ahe must collect somo ingredient from !he river. malee ) is used to keep Ibis deity away from you.. in this ifa the person has oyeku biroso in her okom or bis awofaca. and candle lit behind Ihe Persoo as weII as obi filbric wbite and black. yemaya and orunla. ebbo for Ihe crazy person. artemisa ewe alagidi white .wbite flower ) egg wbite .. stands in this very place waiting lo take this person wilh it I YOW1g rooster. cIru eya epo aod rest ( seasoning) clothes !he person is take into Ihe woods. al crossroad wilh cIru smoker fisb. In this ifa . black in a (boUow )out in Ihe COUDUy '. after Ihe oIuo has performed !he ebbo . it is opa behind Ihe person.. so that bis bar. giving it 3 strong and usual (seasoning)are blows on!he earth the rooster is!hen thrown into the ( hollow ) " tossed into Ihe (boUow ) Ihe persoo is cleaned wilh Ihe filbric tben Iossed into the (boUow ) a10ng witb Ihe c10thes he she. com run boney.mejorana. in thio ifa it is recommeoded that the person throw a party for !he twin.:. and is an Omo of a warriors Orisha. In order lo keep abita tranquiJ. and the person must sayas tbis incense rises may 1 rise and prosper io this ifa the person work al night. determined Ibis OparaIdo. OD the for days.he Ozain. of enlrance of yoko ocho and the above ceremony .5 palaqueta cIru eya eppo awado different color filbric . can prepared an i. aod !he awo. corn . to a river. then the person must bum incense made with myrrh cinnarnon. some ewe. ron honey candle. you must give a1ms to the poor. 21 plant Ihe e1egua mode into.Page 131 of 864 *127 CONI'INUATION nm OYI!KU VlROSO. so as lo scare away alosin . and booey. oluwo. 7 feather of aikordie. HaDg a doU made ofblack clolh behiod Ihe door.a broom. wilh the yoW1g rooster and the usual ingrediem. quiquiriki. this i. in this ifa. of!he woods. !he awo must malee a (boUow ) in Ihe earth and constantly Feed it with cIru eya epo. must perform several ceremonies if he wishes to do so he must ask ifa he needs lo do an Oparado. and lhe other ingredient ifthe person going to (yoko ocho . I bono plant a1godon. was wesring and the ewe. ocha head ) and he ohe i. cinnarnon.and wbere Ibis person normally sits This is done because Iku. Granada .algarrobo. the person must ebomisi with . Wrth thi. this person goes with bis owo.. wilh bis oluwo. this person must go lo the bom the bonors guard that is present wben a persoo di.

and reS! !he ingredient San lazaro is going to visitor your home. togdher with Shango.Page 132 of 864 #128 CONTINUATlON TlIE OYEKU !ROSO Fish tabric of different color. You havo children and grandchildren !hat have a great deal of luck however'!heir luck is Running out because you are a children of protected ObaIaIa and you have no! appease Him Do ehbo wi!h two hens 2 pigeon for bah. Ebbo hens then sarayeye . everyone in !he house!hen tbis hens is throw out qntO!he . rooSler two pigeon. and two more fur you rogation !he head . run. measurement ofthe head Ebbo fur &id: Iam.Street .

and rooster for Ibe very first time You must have a drum Musical Ceremooy for eggun 0runIa perfonne and ebbo for Ibe entire town oflife. kuown as awo We. about whal happened Ibere An<! never look care of elegua. must rogation Ibe awo. Ibe anintals is buried and Ibe following is thrOWD inlo Ibe (hollow ) and pUl eku fish fat coljo honey and reS! Ihe ingredieol. and ootbing like !he fillber. are unfouoded This is where Ibe person abandons Ibe orisba. Ibe person mus! give an goat lo e1egua. must be divided up and taken lo different locarion nis sign marks !he suffering of obataIa because in Ibe Iand known as ayere lokun Ibere Lived a awo.lbe awo needs To see in whal condilion Ibis elegua. and Ibere is • battle for opposition of power. every year. Tbe awo. ABO LANSIIE 010 KARO ANGBE OKA EBO LASHE EBO LASIIE ONIGBO OMO EXUN EBBO LASIIE ANGBE OKAN nis is where elegua ate goal. is maintained because il is a certainty!hal Ibis person does nOl take care. in a hurry. . You muS! give an hens lo eggun. T he malignan! spirits of San lazaro.Page 133 of 864 # 129 OYEKU01UANI O LONY BADAWA!FA OBAMAYIRE ALGEBRA BADAWA!FA OYORE LOKUN ODA YORE ODA LOKUN AIJl(JIIARA!FA LAYE BElFA !RE ASI!GUN OTA LI!SI! AIJl(JIIARA OUN BAn AWO OBOGBOOUNBAYEOLUWO YARE OYEKUN Q1UANlIGI INTORI EYO LAYE OPA KOPII!DENU AYA ORUGBO ORUN' ONAHI ADA OBOGBO 1ENUNYEN OYUORO ABI!1ELORl LORUBO EXU EYA EPa AWUNKOMED1LOGUN0WO. wbere Ibe palernity. and person loses everything. you must ask which eggun. and Ibe rooster. is ifa of Ibe old goat and youog goal. Ibese doubt. ni. or Ibis will be cause ofyou destructioo. in a hurry. ( OKUNI ) you muS! do if. You must have a piece of goat skin. and ebomisis . or care about any family problem. of elegua. has passed. woman you must rcceive your (IKOFA ) in a hurry. ni. wilb p1ant jaguey. in !he way !hal he she should Tbere some type of situalion wilh Shango or wilb ( prenda casserole 7 rayo) or wilh an eggun you muS! resolve Ibis situalion as sooo possible. when Ibe youog goal conftoots Ibe old goal. ni. at Ibe plaza. be caferefun because you could run ioto someone !hal will hit your bead will!. hanging in you home In lhis ifa!he person muS! receive elegua. Tbere is an older person !hal is suffering because none of Ibe older children take care of Ibe Orisha essuo. In Ibis sign Ibe ifi¡ is used lo kill wilb San lazaro Before 7 day. who was uoconcerned. speak in Ibis sign. he muS! a always give an goal and an rooster lo elegua. of al childreo is pul questioo.( Prenda is a zanhanda ) after Ibis is give an goal. If awo oyeku ojuani wisbes lo be a great awo. if!he person has him . then stone is p1aced in Ibe skin and tumed ioto an ishe ozain Tbat is for!he tranquility oflbe person fur whom Ibis is done Ibe part oflbe goal. Before doing !he ebbo. Give oggun an goat and rooster in Ibe woods IfIbe person have ( prenda casserole Ibe wizard ) Ibis give an rooster inside a cave or in Ibe person s home if Ibis . Iben take a piece oflbe Skin Ibis skin cooked solid. because Ibis child look a 101 \ike !he molber.

the bens busband TIte rooster.. ofthe rider is come osorbo you give femal.legua with omiero of7 plan1. trap rat. The man oflhis sign. ground the house differont fabric. that you bsv.. the osha. work of orunla. and tbere could be argumenl 6gb! blood. Reftesh you . and never retumed 10 lhis bome. sbe jumper alter it a1thougb . orun1a.. the bens began lo wony 80 musb about foeding lhis bsby chieken. ono melon. Ebbo I sma11 goal. s bome 10 confrom the legitimate spouse. Ebbo I lamb. lif. do no occupy bimseJfwilb helping lo resolve the problema oftbe house. NI OWA ADIFAFIlN OGUN ORUGBO EYA 1UI1J OTI AGABADO EPO Receive oggun so tbat yoo can govem tbe world that you were mea! to govem everyone Has noed of oggun because witboul bim. wben the bens went for ID rider. I rooster. because lhis goal will always b. tbere after.lam lo eggun. tbero can the noIhing in Ibis world Your are figb!ing with • woman. be will want 10 roconcile witb Ibis abandoued IlOO. the children that be thinks are bis . I drum I he. but sbe oaIy bsve birtb 10 saw • flying coc1aoach glides by. mean or woman ofthe rider. because be doubts wbether one of bis cbildren is bia or not. and otarted 10 lay her egg. T bis ifll says that tb. the bens did 1101. then rogatiOD the obi miluto This ifa the fidher abandoued bis woman and family. much fal comjo eku 6sb run com IDd the rest the ehbo .Page 134 of 864 # 130 COImNUATION 11m OYEKU OJUANI '. altbougb Ibis person may acbieve bis Goal be will never mjoy Ibis pleasure loo long. Ibis father can tak. I flag. beware ofpeople on the _ and C\'CIl in your own bome. 80 that you don t lose the good luck lbal you bsve. Wooden caugbt it sbe fell onlop of a sbarp Pointed atick that . because he i. eku ella <po Mushmoney. dífferont color of fabric. 10 do ebbo sbortIy. new . witb oruula be saw Ibis ifi¡ and lold ber stop being so incredulous and boastfu~ onIy desir. be oflbis sign that is prepared with tree stono and the res! of ingredient that ifi¡ determine. stop arguing witb her. sed ber death. Receiv.-:. is lo bsve children. onIy ono tha! can uve YOU. that wben . and pollee. so wbat Ibis does nol become the cause your muS! the ebbo. Ebbo 10 avoíd tragedy with the ntber woman fur men.. I pigeon. I jícara. y 011 must hav. tb. I rooster. head. trap. of elegua. wben lhis parent grows old and sick. This per80D will always do everythlng in bis power 10 acquire that thing lbat be lhinks will giv..and in lhis way break up family. but lhis child will never want anyt/ÜlIg 10 do with lhia parent ever again. cause oflhis person destb OYEKU OJUAN!. fabric lhe differem color I jícara Eku ella <po and the res! the material the ebbo. ID i. believe tb. bim bappiness and fulfíll personal desire. nol. bss IDotber lover lha! couId go 10 Ibis person.~ . different achese. Ebbo for the wOman and the children I rooster.'. chick.

and help yoo achieve you desites. !he penon live a líes he desire lo appear wbal he is nol . drilled a bollow inlo. and heart oflbe. 'Ibis sign brings tbe dead awo. ÍD order your archive your desites.lfter tbe painted dries . container. . lhe quai~ are tumed ÍDlo blood. waler clolb the sponge is used lo c\ean !he body while the rain water is poured over Ibe body .and mixed wilh osun oaburu. Iche for tranquility 'Ibis is where you prepared an ( pJain) whish is a wooden cup wilh a baSe and a cover the base i. This is were ( san \azaro ) gave a large banquet in honor of ( ocbosi ) so that ochosi could Think that the Iand Iba!. dry wÍDe. oflbe head. mordíe olokun shshe 1 jicara that has heen and the res! Ibe ingredienl .. in order you painl the sign oyeku bara.from yoo bome. this bit is búmed and il .. .."se tbe ego oftbe son tbe oshun.. two quaiJ. made from com stem Ifter!he ebbo. can help gnide tbe encaged spirit ofthis penon during trip made ÍD tbe dream state In tbis ifa !he person is ÍD danger of always heing tied down lo a ehild re of oshun forever B.. lived in was a land of prosperity and traDquility The desire for immeasurable power Cause the destnlctions. !hon covered with a lump o~ !he sarne wood the cup is cleansed wi!h oOliero then il is fed two quail. Prepared an omiero wilb plan! giuso de caballo 5 Ila.. sweet wÍDe. are very strong and they are afso very manipulative In tbis ifa. logether wilb Shango the heart and head. down from OIONO .ha can give yoo Happine. obi motiwao tbis is !hen covered with i. eru obi cola. San \azaro. 1 guine. Ashe are. then bather with thi. and then filled with cotton oC !he funeral ori. ifiI. the sign of oyeku bara is prayed Ibe awo. lOd wishes lo enjoy wbal he does DO! own . Crown your guardian ange~ on your head ( yoko osha ) 10 that this Ori. l silver coÍD tbis is placed lo Shango while praying 10 havo problem oC money work.ha. OSUD orogbo. and Ihe tiger skin ashe!bese are Ibe basic secret ofthe iyefa oftbis sign ofifa. you cannol use brute foroe but rather omoiDg ~ intelligence. mixed logether with the iye. soi\ Ibe 4 comer . brown cane sugar. S shell.Page 135 of 864 #131 OYEKUOBARA OYEKU OBARA ALORDAFUN OSHUN LODAFUN 0zAIN ONJ OfANOO SIIEBIl SHINTILU OSUSHO MUI1 ESIIIN must add ron. so that tbe ligbt. Ibon does lO ebbo wilb eshinkolo horse .. (tiger ) skin GoId a piece of stones shaft. cinnamon slick while sugar. Ibe person collee! water in a c\ean. Ebbo for problem genital s Iben !bey are planed al Ibe entrance ofthe person door. inside the cup. oftbis penon.the person then placea fruit and Oute lo oshun Omiero for thi. The owoer tbe sign must light a candle at !he !loor ofhis bed when he sleep. Do ebbo with horse • tail .ODO smsllE !FA SHEMI 0SIIIlN LONSIIB MAMU OLUFINA OI'OLOI'O on OOU GUERE WERI! NISIII! OMO OLOPIN LODAFUN 0SAlN CAFI!REfIlN ABANA ONI SHANOO ESIIIN KlKO ESIIIN KlKO ERE ASEREUl ONI SHANOO WERI! WERI! NI 11SUN In This ira.

when you Ceel sad. fur t1ús happen. In woman t1ús sigo. and you have Ibougbl aboul Committing suicide. and Ibe rest Ihe ingredienl Ibe ebbo You have enemies you mentíon the name oC person . The person that are you interest io. aIlbougb il may take several _ monlbs or a yesr. so lbal you're angel guardian. act happy. You are baving many difficulties. will return 10 your side. ground from you house Of4 comer. bil horse. Ebbo for a love binding I cooster. Do ebbo SO that you can have stability. and he became Ibe slave ofman The person for whom t1ús sign ifa is see. is where !he secret of love binding is known . Take CMe of Ibe children lbal you have with you previous spouse. in wax . Tbis is an sign attraction and binding The horse and !he ex speak in t1ús sigo. and you have give tbem to ather people and this is why . can help you over come t1ús situalioos Do you Dot refuse food 10 anyone that visits your home. have patience so lbal you do nO! have losse .Page 136 of 864 # 132 CONTINUATION TIIE OGBE OBARA The ebbo ofthis sigo. has many difficullies hecause this persen helieves . ebbo he would he mounted by humans used lo cany heavy object..he knows a 101 and does nol helieve in anytlúng or anyone Woman. it wiU happen When orunla did rider. Obatala has give you 2 o 3 blessing. ground Ibe fool Ibe horse. Place railroad spiJee lo e1egua You are a1ways in a hurry. You don I sleep well al nighl You have insomnia. you do nol have any stability. see whal Ihis spiril wanl and give il lo him her. Ibe ebbo should a1so have Sheri. for Ibe horse =. Amen you do Dot have any stability in any relationship. you are so had 011. and only Ibeir respective owner unde¡stand Ihem In t1ús sigo. mush _ money.after ebbo The (knOl ) is placed al !he food oflbe door. Ebbo I coostee I pigeon bil ofhorse spurt run regular _ Ebbo foe the annoying dominated woman. and if he did nol do. one horseshoes. and have many difficulties. and Ibe man should nol confer any secret. Avoid using striped or dark colored clolhes because obalala says Ihal he cannot see you youe face.. Do Dot cry over your had state oC affair. There are debts wilb yemaya and with Shango. is very curious and gossipy. 1 rooster bit tbe horse. you vie had a dream oC someone Thal is dead. or intimale details lo tIús persoo. one piece of ( YAGUA) scrape off sorne of Ihe horse . lake you good care of you dog. You can not llave any canes or umbrella up in you borse. dipped. Ibe horse did nol listen To Ibe word oforumila. lbat he . mus! have a slippery ( knol) that beeo. he lold him lo do ebbo so lbal he would nol hecome a slave buman heings. rail road spiJees.

Ihe young heos. wounds or problems wilb your fee! . lbe hens is Ihen brougbt doWl1 lo Ihe gir~ genital. Ihe ara is taken. iflhis ebho is done for male cbildren after Ihe balb and Ihe ebbo The cbild . prepared omiero wilh prodigiosa planl ilamoreal and Ihe rcst Ihe p1ant for eggun. clegua Ibis Ihe hens is oponed up and left on Ihe cbild s head .laler Ihe head and leg. you make para1fo small rooster. logether wilh Ihe ebho To il s final dcstination. Ihe lrailor.Page 137 of 864 # 133 OYEKUOKANA OYEKU FOLOKO KANA IDI FORISIIE AWO OMOLOGU BABA LINWO NI OIFE KUADUADO KORI MIO LORI META OTONI GIl()(lB() ERE LOKADANO MBSHI YUOEDE SAWA lJ)WA KOKURIRA OLE DAO OBINI OWKUN LOGUN ORUBO A1KODIE. area and Iben Ibis areas is cleaned. and pul of rcst !he ingredient . is Iben allowed lo fatI lo Ihe lloor. and go off with Anolher man. wilh waler seo. ( puppet stick aroma. s bullock and fina1ly Falling onlO. Ihe young bens. Ibe awo s son mus! stay home for a perlod Ihe 7 dsys. Iben sewn up with ou ofcolor oflhe persan. You have sore. Ibe persan s cbild could become a homosexual . of Ihe girl making sure Ibsl Ihe blood Oows Ihe head. does give il a second Ihougbl Tbe woman for whom tbis sigo is see. and young hens is give fur head oflhe gir~ in such a way . wants to leave her preset spouse. must stand make in from of elegua. The nipples and Ibe girl genital. olofin oshun baba eggun of woman Please a smoking pipe lo egguo. Places it ioto the ebo ¡fthe children is a girl afier the ebo and small rooster.E1U MEYO EKU ElLA EPO EWE EBI!TA OWO These orisha speak in Ibis sigo. and placed into Ihe ebo Ihe fabric oflbe hens is filled witb Ibe ingredient ofthe ebho. You need 10 respecl your elder The persan oflbis sigo ifa will betray or be betrayed very easily. s guardian angel oriflhe persan s guardian. performs Ibe following ebho lo Ihe child path oflbe curse Oftheaye. oflhe hens are cul off . angel no determine wilh collon. Give twopigcon 10 egguo. This persan is a legilimaSle son Ihe obatala. for a wbile Ibon !he hoy is cleaned all over wilb Ibis hens lhe head and Ihe Ieg. make sure lbal it is lit Ibe pipe sbould be lier doWl1 This ifa speaks of somcone who sexual with Ibe wife of orunla or with a woman Ibal Belong lo a famüy member. In Ibis ifa due lo astra1 problem lhal escape our cooscious mind . Ebho 1 moster. The awo should prepare an ashese made from a ( guiro gourd ) lbal is covered wilb coral This ashere is used 10 ss1uted and sing lo oshun eyery morning good fortuned is assured in Ibis ways When !he awo seo Ibis sigo. is left Ihere for whi1e. and lbe awo prays for Ihe cbildren prospcrity. or have many matrimonial difficubies when Ibis cbild. are cut 011. Before beginning Ibe ebo Ihe awo. gets married lO avoid Ibe awo. differenl fabric color. The man for Ibis sigo is scen wants lo leave bis present spouse . ) Mush differenl food.and go off wilh another wornan. heos one crucifix inside Ihe jicara. withoul going ou~ because somcone could kili bim. is oponed up and plaeed on !he head. and should receive bim in order lo prosper. Ibsl lhe blood flown lbe back and ioto Ihe child.

one lizards ooe small puppet. onto both deities.lbe ingrMienl oflbe ebbo. . Avoid dressing like oue ofyour fiiend because you cauld die.Page 138 of 864 # 134 CONI'INUA1l0N mE OYEKU OKANA And placed into Ibe animal. oOleoshun 001 ea! pigeoo eni time. There is a woman with a child that does not belong to her husband or lover. ASHE ORISHA ASHE ORISHA The puppet male o female. thnt god has destined for your. is plaeed a g1ass Ofwaler and a cluster Ibe a1bahoca al 6pm. and shell inside. Ihe persan says Spirit lbol follows .thnl is covered with His neckIace. Beware of intpotence and of ilI treated sexually Transmitted disease.and Ibe young hens is for parado. You girI . and placed neXl 10 Ibe (jar clay ) thnl has Ibe stooe. this orisbo is give for marilal stshility the (jar clay) ofyou like you painled Ibe color Ibe you angel guardian. filbric different color. of (jar clay. aye orisbo oshun ) Ibe persao kneels before oshun and aye . oshun refresh wilb Ibe omiero.. A wlústle is used lo keep Iku away . are lold wbot is going to be done 2 bens yellow. Someone has buried witchcraft al the fool of you door.rutw'e you are nol killed by the man thnl marries you . Ebbo one rooster . S shelllong. wbose legs are mede of buffalo mea~ the meal is tied logether with cotton Ibe puppet." S stones oflbe rive color little yellow. difl'erenl food. Ibe siek is wrapped with Ibe fabrie while and small bell. with the animals il lo Ceiba tree tie il s left POOl lo Ibis tree.dús ebbo. is taken lo the woods Ebbo 1 rooster . oflhe persao bed al Ihe fool ofthe be<! . oflbe ebbo is give 10 0101run . ooe (small jar clay tinnja ) . are placed 00 Ibe stick This staffis placed al the bese!. are placed lo e1egua" Ibe res! is done just as describe<! aboye Ibe rooster. mush mooey Care mean bove a venereal disease. 8 boll conon. is give lo the orisba. feather the guioo. orisbo oshuo and obi mituto.. trap. and leave it there Ebbo two rooster ground the you bouse and you shoes. me leave me and go lo Ibe placed. Ibe omiero is used to bathe Ibe persao an soo of oshun. of res! the ebo. EWE ORISHA EWE ORISHA .and eals with her. dependiog the 00 lhe Case ooe ( yuk. 2 hens 21 plan! oflbe oshun. you blower run . ) following song is sung during Ibe hnthlng of Ibe persao .) singing oflbe orisha. . Secret Ibe oshun ". ) leave calabaza. dús sainl live with OShUD . righl away. . log time oobody pantiog. and you oeed oue (ral ) Take lhe rooster and cleaned the person. wlúch is (sheU. ODe stick guira. are a1so placed inlo Ibe ara oflbe heos Ibe feather oflbe animal. Do 001 drink any a1coholie beverage. If you woman ahondon you doo I attempl 10 kili her. in sueh a way thal theblood falls from the head ofthe persan. is dressed you make Ihe fabrie wlúle and black . are sacrificed over Ibe head of Ibe persao . Gel you self into motion and move. you need lo bove a guirilo of ozain . so thnt in the . you make ozain omiero. 3 piece lhe strip fabric Wbile . thnt is the height of Ibe interested party 9 small bell.

Page 139 of 864 # 135 CONTINUATION 1HE OYEKUN OKANA Avoid ugument in your home. Ibe Party is going lo continue in Ibe family until each pcrson is going lo die one by one does Ebbo . you and your spouse are nO! longer getting a10ng Take care ofyou stomach and your beart Look and see what san lazaro wants. Lamb for Sbango. . Ibese people love lo say tbat Ibe thing tbat you do are nO! Done correctly Sbango tbrOWD dOWD Ibe figbting and kili Ibe people. Do ebbo so tbat you can fiberate yourself from gossip . tbat you deservc and avoid people s gossip do ebbo You are no! sick.. but you have family membcr lbal is going lo die Howevcr. from you 0yeIru Foloko lama adifafun obba Sbango yemaya san !azaro . because people love 10 taIk aboUI your good fortune and bad Iuck with cqual zcaI. These people love 10 zeaI. bUI Ibe people never inquire anything about Ibis In ordcr 10 achieve evcrything.

you will overcome Ibis enemies Place a golden ex lo osbuo. and lo bring bim back . tbern be is in a place lbat suspects could poisoD. Ebbo one rooster two stick En Ibis sigo has CoUowing inside 1 golden ex 3 adanes a mask is placed This oshun od \he sigo has Collowing inside 1 golden ax 3 adane a mask is placed . Place offering lo your protector egguo. Ibis sigo marks in ifa arrival al \he river.Ibis sigo of oyekun lekunda is Ibe spiritual personificalioD. it is Spiril of orunJa personified if \he mucb brotber. Plan! oflbe sigo ewe (oguma marabilla) Ibe ebbo Ibis sigo musl have a piece ofintestine Inside. This sigo speak 3 friend lbal wanl lo separate you from your palb by slander and trickery. in order stimulant \he body Please a piece Ihe bamboo lo you ikoCa. Ibis is also done. ogu. before Ibe awo begin TIle ebbo place !Tuil caniste~ lo oshun .because you will en up wilb notbing Wilh Ibe name wilcbcraft. Thal someone may give lo you in Ibis same way Ibe person may chew obi wilh pepper Ibem blow il inlo Ibe ebbo. with mirror • Place a mirror and piece oC slem planl ( bamboo) canña braba. Drink soup made oCbone marrow mixed wilb an leave peonia. This person sbould wear a necldace wilb small golden ex. in trus pocket. orumila leU Ibe awo.Page 140 of 864 # 136 OYEKUOQUNDAO (TEKUNDA) OYEKUN TEGUNDA LOBINA NASA OYOOPA KUKU WORA ADIFAFUN ABEREGUE ONl ORUMILA KOBA OGUN 'ITI1WO BOIIBRE 0L0'ruRA AGOGO LABINIKU TENIYEOGUMA IFA NI OTAOJOJO EBO ADJE EKU EYA OWO TETEBORU . do nol eat ha! pepper or drink win. ifyou no whal Ibey wanl. bim. oflbe enemy. you are gaiog to lose you good fortunes. these pepper have Ihe affect OC destroying or neulralizing any. in Ibis sigo that Ibe sbould not abandon bis horne for attending other people home. on Ibe puinted edge oC one oC edan . ( ogunda oyeku ) is Ibe material personification . and place it inside a (boUow ) in a treo in Ibe woods custard run coffee water puppet (f1ower) agar candle Don't abandon a sure lbing For something lbat is doubtful. In Ibis sign Ihe awo places a washed shell ( dilogun )inlo small container in from the ifa oC the awo. because yoo will have losses This ifa teUs Ibe awo that orumiJa has left bis bome.lbe awo must do Ebbo wilb two heos eku ella. to elegna give jio jio Ibe back side oftbe mirror and the etegua. hanging from Ibe chair Ibis is for economic prosperily Place a small mirror. nani speak in Ibis sign. lbal has been washed wilh omiero. Preparer 10 protect. lhal a1ways eals wilh orunJa and oshuD. whatever oshun has Ibe apeterbi lbal Ibis sigo in her Oshun wants a comb wilb 5 ino corals hanging. in Ibe momiog drink small cup oC ron. This is where \he spirituality of ifa bom. Don'l be avaricious . lo orumila. The 8WO ofthis ifa has to always have pepper. This ifa speak oflbe inlestine and aJJ Ibe interior organs oflbe body This is where Ibe ( mensu ) prepared bom oClbe prenda is boro Give to osbun two hens then take them to the river either cooker or raw. and oto Ibe 4 cardinal poinls oC Ibe casserole. is bom lbal \he awo chews a smal~ piece oC obi wilb 4 pepper on 10p and Ihen blows il over Ibe casserole oC Ibe ozain. In tbis sign wben the awo give obi mituto Coe ozain. so he can chew 00 them and esl.

ofrest the ingredient . and it will be to your advantage. ofyou need. and if you listen lO Ibem you willlose that ire You don foUow olber people s advice and Ibis is why you have losses You have iku after you. The awo DDlst ask ifall oftbe orisha want ekru Your good fonuoe is going lo come by way of a pregnant woman .Page 141 of 864 # 137 CONTINUATION TIIE OYEKU OGUNDA (TEKUNDA) Give an goal and two hens lo oshun. however there are going lo be 3 envious people lhal will nol wanl you 10 go. Is someone from tbe countryside calls upon yOIl. Cabric different color soil from you house. what one thinks is rea11y a Calse ¡mage Don I leave a sure thing for something that is doubtful Someone is going to send Coe you. orun1a escaped. lake Care oC her because she could abort ( lose) Ihe cbild You are fighting with someone else a lover or Cor the possession oC something Ebbo rooster inlestine ( hair dog inso--> pigeon resl Ibe ebbo. Ebbo 1 rooster. and rest tbe ebbo. Ibis trap. 1 rooster. bul told Ihem.. you must go because you are going lo receive an ire Be conlen! witb what you have or you could lose everything This is an ifa oC the mirroe image. wheo orunla arrived bis Enemies inviled bim lo ea!. sinee he did ebbo wilb hens and cooked Ibem And placed Ibem inlo bis saclc. are incredulous and do t believe in the orisha Take care oC you children. O pando You enemies are inside your home or inside your working environment Make rice witb milk and place il 10 Ohatala. I am nol hungry I ale on Ibe way here If you molber pregnant. 1 trap. and Ibis enemies wanled lo entangJe him by Using Ibe coconut pepper however. Be more discreet in you private affairs Orun1a had lo go somewhere lo do ita. Ebbo eemale goal.

for 16 daya contioue . is where Ibe war between Shango and Ibe cbildren of!he elegua look place Tbis partb.iftbis ewe is going lo be ( used for an ituto ) or an ovil work. is Theo taken to a large tree that give a good amount oC shade. tum your head or cover you face with your bands. determine tbst Ibis leaves of ( plant a1amo. lbal have fanen righl side up Wornan when yoo are on the strea. that have fallen upside down on Ibe ground epo. and pul il iolO ShangO s container Ihen Shango io covered wilb 16 leaves of Ibe planl aIamo. As well as Ibe leaves. I stones lbal eats wilb Shango . ewe odan ) when used for yoko osha or a good work. lbal has becn placed Ihe.door . lbal fallen lo Ibe ground in a right side up position Ebomisi . tben after doing ebbo wilb Ibis il is placed inside of Shango. Ibe narne of Ibe araye written on a piece of paper and covered wilb yefa of Ibe sign and prayed for osorbo. omiero ) 16 leaves Ibe planl a1amo. and ask for only good . Crulcbes You should c1ean yourselffor 2 Fridays in row wilh gbogbo ere or 7 type ofere epo garlic rest 7 ceol performe as an awan behind Ibe door. t1ie leaves lbat aré picked.Ihese ere are tbrown inlo an casserole. everything is wrapped up and take lo Ibe food ofan (stick odan alamo) Tbis sign opeak of a family Eggun lbal io life bad a problem wilb il s leg and bad lo use. Everytbing is sewn logether witb Ibis . bust fust Ibe person must clean Themselves wilb one type of ere. give 2 guine to san lazaro If person ever complaio lbal something lbal Ibe awo did for him her. Iben anolber. ADIFAFUN OGGUN ATI OSHOSI DARIKO OYEKUN SA KAFEREFIlN OVAORUMILAADIFAVOKOALADAPA OWOALADAPAO'IOKElOVOINAMEII INYA LOWO OSA NITO IllSUSHU KOMADI KOLILU!!DAN AlOKE lOVO ORUBO AIKORDm AiCUKO PUPUAELEBO OYEKU BIRIKUSA AGOI OMODE AZONWANU OMO LITASA TASA NIWÁ GUD¡J GUDU UNLOOBINI ODARA OBEYAWO OKUNI OPOLOPOOWO ALAGBA AGBA OKUNI ODARA NANU ¡YA GBOGBO AZONWANU EMINO 01ERI BSHO KUKU lONILIl ZANGBElO DAJONI NILIl BABA EGUNOUN ORUN AWO SINGING AGOI WIYAGBO AGOI KOIYEWO BABA EGUNOUN ONIFA ARIKU . To prolect resgualdo This spell is to liberate oneself oC an enemies. did nol work Ibe awo. Meo when you see someone being buried saluted the recently deceased.Page 142 of 864 # 138 OYEKU !KA ( BlRlKUSA) KUKIITE KUKU. down 00 Ibe ground. and you see someone being buried. and in Ibis fasbion unlil finished Wilh Ihe ere . up are The ooe tbat are upside. s container Shango and Ibe ishe give Ihe rooster Iben Ibe awo says lo Shango. are picked up from Ibe ground only iflbey are rigbt side up . take 9 (eaves oC ewe alamo. The otber akuko lbal 1 was goiog lo give you was slolen by Ñame ofaraye.. T o ask olofin take 2 coconul lhal have beco painled While and blue presonl Ibem olofin. wrile Ihe full narne oflhe person on a piece Ibe paper. j '" Tbis is where Ago is boro. wbicb is a female Azonwanu In Tbis ifa.

Capriciousness is Ibe way lo nún for oyeku birykusa. !fa osobo. For order Cor obatala lo forgive you and clean your path. Avoid crossing Ibe ocean or Ibe river. Do no! eal om Thio person wil1 nol fulfill bis ber obligation with any oC orisba. by doing masses and placing f10wer coffee cigar.:. Becomes disrespectful or arrogan!. bas curse you and Ibis curse has reached you. achieve something lbal is impossible. while saying oyelrun oSa. go lo Ibe medica1 doctor for check up . in you par!. because Ibis person will nol have The wil1 power lo leave Ibis vice. femole. der the person. and iflbis person. And saying prayer. Give lbank 10 il pregnilnl a woman lbal bas done a favor for you You have argumenl wilb someene. them place the woman in from you guardian angel Cor 7 days. Ibe awo ask iC on Opara1do muS! be performed for Ihis Person. Ibis person wil1 be curse by Obatala. ~ Ibe coconut arrive the street entrance. an son Shango. Ibe dirt from differenl place. and pay Shango lhal you owe bim and fulfill whal you have promise Obatala. 2 people are tighling for posecion ofmoney or a borne . and Cor 9 days. On one oC Ibe comer of lhe block of you borne someone is going lo gel killed. Do no! inconvenience yourseU. You are person tbat has done many had lbing in Ibis lifetime and in many.Page 143 of 864 # 139 CONTINATION nm OYEKU OSA (BIRIKUSA) -. You no! I betieve in any orisba. and in order lo Acquire Ibis you muS! seck someone else s assistance. Talce two dried cocoout paioted Ibem balC ( blue white ) preseot them lo olofin and ask for wbal you desire only good . make playo Ibe asbere and pray lo Shango. In yoo bome or family. you have lO go countryside or ar you lbinking abol goiog do ebho so tbat you don I find. and Ibe reS! oC lhe ingredienl the Cemale goal OClbe eho for ObataIa. !fa osoroo or difficull sign ifa. has now come back lo aft'ect ebbo so tbat you do nol lose you part Ibis money or property Are you going Ihrough many difficuIlie. because Ibere are big problem lbal are caused by eggun oC ara onu You need attend your spiritual guide. differenl placed. run differenl foed. Ibe person pick Ibem up and take lbem 10 Ibe 10p • bill This speak oC a 1ack o respect with orunla or with the awo. you spirirua1 protect and you spiritual elder of blood or retigion . difficuIlies. Be cafereful of a Sudden death. be cafereful lbal io does I twn inlo tragedy lbal involves blood sbe. be he awo omofa or apeterb~ The vice of dinking is Ihe destruction of Ibe oyeku osa. and will forever Live in poverty and in fillh You are Ibe a person lbal wisbes lO. Place a buncb ofbanana 10 Shango. yoo muS! do ebbo wilb one male goal. and have never done anything lbal lhey have Recommended lbal you do. because you like lO curse people and a curse lbal you place son Ibe Shango. Ibe cover him wilb leave ofplanl alamo. lo Ibe from oCIbe bouse. talce Ibe cocoout and being lo ron themall around Ibe bouse from the rear oCIbe bouse.

be cannot kiJI. then the awo asks what mUS! be done with Ihem Ebbo one Iam.Page 144 of 864 # 140 OONIlNAlJIlONN 1lIE OYEKU OSA (BIRIKUSA) paiot your bouse white and keep it clean . ooe rooster. and yoko osba .SO tbis persoo can have it in tbis bome. ooe stake.tbis animals or give it away . mooey and cant a1ways have what be want . Ebbo I roost«. so tbat in tbis way . be can a1ways have beaJtb. sand lime borse a hairs ooe ( guiro gourd ) Feces of eshin borse ) eku eya . or post. ooe rooster.engender and raise many cbildren. or bome that is being disputed .mals must remain alive until the desire resolt are see. eku eya epa • tbe ao. ( 0& arrow flecha) trap ground from Ihe house. one pigeon. A1eyo you need to receiviog Ihe oecklace of orunla . the rooster give to Ihe interested party . Ebo for yoo receive mooey . SO that obatala can visityou and give you a blessing.

#~ )head mad~ in stiek ( ehano carbonero negro) figure senl (buzzard liñosa) secret ¡fu. Iflbis ifa comes. eku ella epo. Ihe person should saluted Ihe sun for 12 days straight in Ihe early momins. are ttying or have tried lo s1eep wilb your woman In Ibis sigo. apart from this 9 head are cave of9 different stick. so!hal Ibe ahijado do nol dethrones bim. is prepared wilh many rosemary petals wbieh are give .yenipupua.i~ This where oggun broke the 16 meji out oCjail.if .due to envy one brolber Idlls anolber brother • This ifa marked by. ewe DÚsi . Ibe awo must place a piece of cedar wood. tis sigo says that whenever someone. oriye. macaco. wilb stiek. ero obi cola ~ ¡pe SC8S\lll. . bile !han very few large Mes Tbe awo should have a restrained eharacter because many ofbis ahijados will be trouble makers. # I ) head one. you merid have. Do not eat com or maiz. qi ikinif~ isa1f of ( tree cejba. Ibis ifa indicales Pride and arrogance. in arderto rnake a shower Tbe person should do SO with and (jicara . Ihen \bis DÚxed wilh ( dusI polvo) of ( ñame yam ) give I roosterof(Olokun) wbile standing on a large roek lhal is out in Ibe ocean. ewe ela .Page 145 of 864 # 141 OYEKU lICA (BlICA) OYEKU BlICA OYEWO DELAKA ADlFAFUN OYEKUN ADlFAFUN lICA OYEKU BlICA ALOKO EDON ADlFA OYE OUN OKA NIBATI TIN lSOPOKUN EKU EVA TIOLA SHAWO. must place a small canoe in Ibe large hand of bis ifa. made stiek rompe hueso. . because Ibis is an sigo of and (Oba) oflbis religions It is better lo have maity small. ". figure hl"'d Ihe dos. Tbe awo of this ifa. ewe atorj ewe fini . planl peonia. is bom Ibe duel that is foughl lO save one maintain one s honor .and flnally guns keeping in line wilb Ibe advancemenls of humanity in Ibe deadly art. trailors. ewe Ie!enifa karodo 1 fepper. This sigo oflol ofhard work. ewefin. ewe iriko ceiba. sccrel Ihe hea'" ewe planl kuye kuye.small oop) on 10p ofbis her head. com reslo Ihe ingredienl . cane oyeki ika this cane is cave out oftree coconut. Ibe person could die before 12 DÚdnighl.Ibis was first done. with 9 different Cace that are den transplanted onto the cane that is made of stiek. in eaeh hand of this ifa .2 pigeon and Iben. placed oul in Ihe sun lo dry . This is ifa of envy . Tbe awo must do ebbo wilb a cenlipede. ewe eran. Ibem swords . ewe ofama planl papisami.---. . coconul. tunoels. ~ku eya epo com . in osolbo. You cannot have long fingema. laek of respiralion drowning or a cardiac problems. leaves something unfinished you must finish it the awo oC the sigo ifa. You should avoid wetting your head with any type ofwater. should not do ifa to anyane Ibe iyefa oflbis sigo.ewe yenyoko. ) pepper. quarrelers. Oggun tbis sign live in the slaughter house and in the subterranean. Ibe awo need lo work a 101 ifa.

gold silver. # 7) made of stick pine. and rest lo seasoned . painl !he sign of oyekun bika .this cane (ive next to the attribute of orun.Ihen speak inlo!he guiro. and 7 differenl stick. # 5) made in stick ( iroko is a mean tree ceiba ) figure (head bird name frailesillo ) odola yaguas&. and the rest the ingredient the elegua .Page 146 of 864 #142 CONTINUAnON TIIE OYEKU IKA (BIKA ) # 3) head made in stick ( majagua mabogany) figure Ihe bead. the different orisha. rol jaguey jiqu~ eco en and rest the ingredient. bird judio head and blood.blood of ( stone . painl il wilh !he 4 ritual colors. in a monstrous form secret head Ihe eggun a piece. 6 ) made in of stick jiq~~ figure the ( rooster ) secret bead. bal) secret head and heart soil Ihe cemetery and differenl stick . this cane so as to never come loose when awo oyekun bika . mercury.afier 7 days tbis guiro is taken and placed inlo Ihe river. does ceremonies of orun . the person must leave the followiog as on offering eku eya com • ecu and rest lhe ingredient. Ibis can ritually bather wilh omiero Ihen given eal ofpigeon. take them home. and rest Ihe eku ella etc ingredient. and remover the flowers from a grave. snack) head Ihe snake. lo logether wilh Orun ileke) of necklace. and heart Ihe moster. wile calling oruo Take I guiro gourd . afier Ibis you must add 7 fealher. Ihe body of Ihe cane has Ihe following secrel in il cenler . and rest of seasoned . (figured bird ) secret Ihe head . copper. . 5 popper soil cemetéry. coral ambar jet. necklace Ihe any osha" epo ori ohi cola rest (seasoned ) # 4) made in stick ceiba. figured head ( adan mursielago. ) blood of eggun" ( head of fish ella oro ) rest Ihe ingredienl. ( maja snake ) secret Ihe head. of the person who is buried at tbis grave site. head Ihe hens . with them when these flower-are removed. soil Ihe cemetery and rest Ibe seasoned.( erita merin= 4 comer) One silver coin. . #8 ) made in of stick (caoba mabogany) figure of head go~ secrel soil cemetery from Ihe house. 4 comer. Ihe buzzard . Eshu lona) porous stones ero obi kola different plant... # 9 ) made of granadillo figure Ihe person man . ozain dray. if possible Ihe awo should give Ihe cane I pigcon in the name. oduara. Ibe awo oftbis sign from lime lo lime should take Ibis caned lo lIe yewa. 5 peonia. tben bathe. are wrapped around. popper eku eya and res! Ihe seasoned . head pigeon. dirt from an ant bil~ 7 anls 5 popper.

Uver. and orun • toke son rain water. and allow it to dry up. . and the res! !he seasons note the awo this sigo receive ozain. is toke and tumed into blood. and !he cicele.Page 147 of 864 #143 COrrnNUATION 1lIE OYEKU IKA (BIKA) . then with asbe. !he eros! ofthe jicara. placed it into a largejicara. !he prayed on the opon the ifa. and the rcason wby sorne people die in peace and nther people die an agonizing death in tbis ifa. san !he sea. everytbing i. ofthe month ofmay. on !he rigbt oyeku ika in !he middle and okana . oshe otura . on !he !loor. i. lit. then this is token and placed at the entrance of!he jaU wbere the prisoner is being beld. to!he Bign. picked up and wrapped up !hen !he following. give 2 pigeon are give to oggun. !hen a wbite circle. secret plant garro. esbu a1abona !he stone is collected from a rive. is bom why the alawo is taJee to the river. oggun is placed on top !he sign of oyeku ika. and with !he featber. Help • prison get out Write these Bign with cascarrilla. I circle is drwn wíth efu. eat two pigeon. yerva fina. . pepper. is draw. I candle i. mudequita. . soU 4 comer.. obi mi tutu. and the rcason why orumila should not eat in the ceremony of atefa until the alawo retum from the river. res! the ingredient.. eku eya epo. then a red circle in aU ." then witb efun. then place it in front orunJa. is added. OSUD another circle. san !he river. for the person defense in this sign eat is givc J o olofio !bis is were tbe agony of death speak. !bis i. on!he left around these sign. erase.

and Ocbincbin. The apelerb~ oClbe awo is tire. a war within Ibe home Beware oC a fiomily member Ibal could steals an orisha from your home Avoid drinking a1coholic beverage. due lo a miracle Ibal was conceded by en Orisha. but ifyou spealc iII egguo is going 10 Destroyed. you muS! raise a pig as a member ofthe filmily. and necldace. Anyo"" lo kilI il.. 1bis is the steel. there is a bistory oC mental ilIneso in your 1iomily.ved hnmanity from the death when iku came lo take every living thing. 1bis is were Ibe pis .. lbere is a secret wilb en eggun liIani ( Cbinese ) .You have a problem in your genital are&. lance Ibal oshun tbrow. a1ive lo Ibis day. oftbis warning lo hnmanity.. becau. ffi¡ goes on a trip You cannol ea! pode mea!. Kaferefun oshun oNllla oggun and oshun. you can have tranquilily and overcome Your araye.Page 148 of 864 # 144 OYI!KU arRUPON IFA NI UNLOSn. bim as ID Awo oC orunla. . so that in Ibis way. Ibis i. oC orunla. and she sey. ifa the effeminale man. The awo does no occupy bimself with learniog or wodcing iCa.. and Ibis is why no one respectS. give a pig lo Ibe person s shadow. you virginity lo someone wbo is going lo abandon you You shouId take good care oC your head. There is an inheritanee that io coming your way . in front oCbim aflerwards Give oshun 1W0 pigeon. end Ibe awo mus! find someone lo help her In Ibis siga. and does an ebbo wilb it. and someone may have even died in • state oC insanity lbe person was boro because someone prayed a 101 fur Ibe life oCtbis person. . Pul oeckIace oC oshuo oNllla and the cbain 21 piece oC oggun. ololin aused Ibe pig lo never speak again. aIso done. Do ebbo wilb Cood that was left over from the days beCore. lbis ifa speaks ofthe 1089 ofa. In Ibis sign e1egna is asking for eku and fish. becan. she he is mil.. lbis is were food was c:ooked on a grill fur the first time 1bis sign speak oflbe turtle oflire. The mamage couId Call apar!. You need lo have the IdeCa. Ibe awo take the hcad Ofthe pig. instead. wanllo ea! ilhead oC time (se><) he cafereful you Don 110. Woman. Iben place a y801. pla<:ed on you as sooo as possible Give orunIa 1W0 pigeon. lo ara onu. elfort speak wbich is the of saint san lazaro.. when it dies due lo natural causes. due lo gnssip and jealousy. everything and someone is going lo die over Ibis situalion. the boyfiiend oCtbis woman.E ILARE LOKUN ILARE RE OBINI PAMI KAFBRmJN ORUMlLA OBARABARANIREGUN OLOFIN lbi. coopcr is good for making oeckIaoe ' lbis is where san Iazaro.person voice. Awo make your oWli e1egua. nol aDowins. a girI. so lhal elegua does I provoke.

Ibey contiouad Talking. off lO war in a. and after Ibe ebbo. pigeon. seem absurd. ecu eye epa. orumila and Ibe woman fiad for Ibeir Iive. Orumila reptiad foUow me into Tbc oex! wbere we cant ea!. end flew abead and lold !he people o~ lbe 1Own. IOgcthcr WIIh cbarcoals rocles. orunIa encounlcred ogguo . osain 00 IOp oflbis eggun Cbincse. as Ibey 10ft Ibe IOwn . tbcn a11 Ibis is gi"" en roostcr thco aH Ibis covcrcd ovcr wilb Ibe dirt . cmotional. a liar is coming lo 10wn. concedes whatevor Ibis pcrsoo ask ofhim. and CIDDOI gel lOo. 10 thcse two dcities. be me! a pregnanl woman 00 bis joumey Tbat IOld bim. . when Ibe king found oul About what oggun was doing. give an mostO!". since that is where 1 bsve food storad away. Ibis osOOo Ibis sigo. Ibe people threatenad Icm wilb death ifthey did. muS! be made Ibe servanl of oruola.lbey ran inlO an. Iben procecdad lo lell Ibem evcrythiog he head and. he and pregnant woman. as IOOn as he returns into town. sir 1 am pregnanl . Ibe king did as oggun commaoded and orunla MarIce ebbo wilb rooster. smother Ibe sea! that you sit on with Epo. Orumila and Ibe woman arrived into 1Own. neighboring lown .. but !he bird aksmpala head wbsl Ibey had said. oggun sent Ihe following message lo Ibe king. when oggun found out what had happened To orumila and Ibe pregnant. because wben he is finish wilh yoo. He change bis course. and entcred inlo!he lown Of yoro oko. sbould be cooker DO a grill Tbis ifa spcaks of!he destructioo oflbeland of carabaJi and Iukumi Tbis sigo wam of intestinal paralysis. sir 1 Imow lbal you are a good person But the bird called.-~ Work for arayoOpen Ibe hoUows al foo! ofyou door. differenl food. Tbis sigo 010fiD.evel)' time that you bsve a problcm with en araye place. Imown as yeUow rever is voro. Shortly Ihcreafter. added a few Iies. Tbis is wero the peoplo embarrass Ibe awo. Siek and vcry hongry .Page 149 of 864 CONI1NUATION1HEOYEKUOTRUPON . end suIfur. Ibis pcrson cannol S!~ beca!!se nol onIy muS! be Face !he judgcments of man s laws but he wiU a1so lose !he good Iuck lbal be was 110m wilb Tbc chair is convenient. or Ibis onuld triggcr an epilOde Tbc buttock for!he stoo~ and !he stoollooks for Ibe buttock Tbc mcat that Ibis pcrsoo eats. Wben orunla was 00 bim way lo yoko oko . you are . In Ibis sigo. wbo was goÍDg. Tbis is wcre Ibe illne. he IOld Ibem lbal ovil lhiog would happeoed if Ibe IOwn IOok Tbem is . Akampala is Ibe one responsible for you misfortune because be liad lo Ihe lownspeople ahoUI yoo. and bwy!he head of!he eggun Chinese. ho quiekly ordcred an investigalion. woman. sal dOWD and ate. nol108ve. old woman who lold !hem. Tbc opaterb~ suffcr froÍII suffocatioo Respimioo problcm. Ibey acruse bim ofbeing aliar Do not become disrespectful witb orumila. and starlad lo decapitaled eVel)'one in !he 1Own.lbe people oflbe IOWD gol scared and began lO barritade Ibe entrance lo Ibe lown wben. thco molbcrlbe broom wilb ocbe and el""" Ibe cntrance ofyou home. but Ibis pcrsoo is goiog lO arcbive groat lhiog in Ibis Iifetime. but bcware oflbe broom . 1 will punish evcryone lbal does not respect orunIa and in order 10 end lhis war. Tbe pcrsoo bss • vcry subtle mid and marke Petitioo or maleo. decísioo that 10 other. and evcryone in Ibe 10WD muS! do the IOwn muS! do Ibe ebo lbal orunIa Prescribe. aksmpaJa and bis farnily.

and when you recover.. stick vencedor.and you have disrespeeted hi The woman oflbis sign.. there will niost li~ely be 8 separation. ....umil you family. you will nol be ahle lo do anytbing.. sulphur ) the secret of Ibis elegua are loaded from undemealh diagram . and mixed wilh Ihe following ingredient.. 21 sheU. plant of elegua. because Ibere is someone lbat is doing wilchcraft. because Ihere will be figbting wilb knifo or guns . al Ibe base. Ibe rat is Iben turned inlo blood . Diablo. ache head. give Ibe rat. and 21 stick. lbal has broken out berween them bolb . OYEKU OlRUPON Going lo be in bed for a whole year. and reS! Ibe ingredienl. g ~ ~ ~ . around il 8 neck..-_ -_sheUs -ears ~--5beIl around neck 1 E7~----eye J. adomed lO shell. tortle bead.::. Ibe eyes mounl and cars are a1so made of shelL 3 shells are placed on il forehead . and is juSI wailing for the opponunity lo Continue Ibe war.. eggun piece bom head..<:::... of orumila are used before mounling Ibis elegua. is lired ofher husband. . Ibis puppet is.. al Ihe base of Ihe erown .----f-~ -"----b<ISC sbcU . afier Ibe sbell have been glued on.. bird bead. in Ibe woods... Orumila has helped you 8 greal deal .. puppet.. between Ibe husband and wife 2 woman are figbting Qver one man or 2 men are figbting over woman Ibis was belong lo oggun.Page 150 of 864 # 146 CONTINUATION nm. lo destroy your home cause in tranquillty and drive you ioto economic ruin. orunIa or trom the araye. Ibis elegua is mounled wilh a quany stone lbal is carved inlo a mal. breaks apart . and Ibis is duo lo peoplo lbal want bolb ofyou lO separaled the awo must investigate whether this eyo is eoming ftom osha. Ibe corresponding feather and necklaee.

in order 10 ruse Ihem and Toke. Shango does everything that ifa has marked for him to do. upon aniving 10 earth. children. done. Ihey will not he able to hurt you. whieh did nO! do ebbo. becanse there are people !hal harm you. 1 turtle. 10 Olokun s son bul. AKUKO "-:-. and cbild!hal has !he mentality of and adult This is where !he leeth bogan lo rol. bul Ihe damage had a1ready heen . of3 piece in order lO overcome. This ifa oftraDSformation. The palh orwnil. !he stomach and inlestioe. they had. Patb oftbe turtle that wanled lO dominate the world Ebbo 1 rooster. OVllK\J 0'ruRA . bu! with Shango s belp. and pray to Shango. vagina. and that is why he is a1ways Conquering and overcoming.( TESIA) OVllK\JTESIA AKIKIOLORUNLODUN MATI amI KOUOUN AWO APlCUMI WATA ORUMILA AKlNE rolLA SARA AKUKO AB1!LOWO ElJ!IIO N1BANI ADIFAFUN ORONlMEYElEl1NLA11! OMOOLOKUNNlFA EBO ADm TO flRGBAA A. were Ieft in • damage stale The body remained unbappy duo 10 il • overan staled. because lbey were realizing !he se""a1 act wilh. lifelime.Page 151 of 864 ". for Ozain and Shan¡¡o. in order 10 remover whatever Sicknesses. This is where Aroni wss a drunkard. never 5ing the song of victo!)'. avoid eating ewe ma1anga " o . you muS! make good use ofit. must a1ways have 2 guine . This is where ohatala. and Ihe res! Ihe iagredient The turtIe and rooster. so !hal 0rumiI. could no do ifa. The penon man receive Ozain. and what is the reason why bis her road are closee!. in the home. bu! dealh is an absolule certainly. and buried . good caro ofthem. lcing Ifil !he trans6guration. yourself lo know better !han everyone else This awo considers himself better Iban al\ of Ibe other awo. Ifa ofthe lonely souI and ofOduduwa. everytbing is take to Ihe foot of an plan! Pam real . and lo reach everything that you want in Ibis. Sometbin¡¡ can be done in order lo better the sick penon Heallh. and it • inability 10 do ebbo logetber with the mounl You have a bad habit of nol doin¡¡ whal people recommend !hal you do because you consider. Intory osomo Ibis penon has done something wicked. The ifaspeaks ofand aduh!hal Ihe mentality of. the person will go lO jail . Osomo iku arun. and gOl in between orunla and Olokun. 1 puppet. Orumila did ebbo for them. ifa mask The owne oC Ibis 1Ígn. found bis children siel<. after receiving Ibis. of orwnila 10 Ibis sign.. and !he incredulou. in Ibis palh. I guiro gourd soil poi real. and be lold them To stop drinlcing a1cobolic beverase and balhe witb otniero. Women !hal wanled oral sex. Ihe woman has !he vice of 10 suel<. Ibis mean. So he can deliver you from the jaws of defeat. e/egua discovered bis eviI machination and Stopped bim.

lbal Has becn sewn wilb eotlon planl different. is given.. obi eola ohi motiwado. are made from lhe trunk or branches. !he cslbotic saínl knOWIl as ( Anlonio gervacio ) a male puppet. stick Ibe elegua... soil from !he house. lhe body of Ibis puppet. Ibis elegua is good for 6 monlbs and evil fur 6 monlbs Secret!he ( clay eontainer) give goal lo elegua. s penis and onto Sbango. beca" . of each one of!bese. Tbis i. ceiba. I piece Ibe bom eggun. soil that has beco dug. where Ibe awo. casserole. It is ealled kpoti Ibis elegua is synchroniz. I flag. Ibis penon will nol follow anyone s advice. grajn eoro. and Ibe. efun epa and res! !he iogredienl .. Charge dust!he heat Ibe pigenn. plan! 10 days.Page 152 of 864 #148 CONTINUAnON mE OYEKU 011JRA (O lERC/A) Tbis penon tive with a spirituals .. in bctween Sbango..oid within .. up by dog. !he awo must ask how. obi mítulO. Ibis elegua is Ibe Child of!he Olokun and. lbal The blood fans 00 !he penon. Ibis bag is wrapped with 18 shel~ first you mUS! place Ibe bottom par!. WbaI is writtcn canoot be erased. cemenl . dUS! chareoal ofosaín dust. where an pigeon has biecn give lo elegua obi eola ozun ero amor seco levantate. in a ceramic. A hole driUed. 3 differenl pepper. of gungun. I lit charcoa1 and 1 unlit cbarcoa11 sma11 ceramíc. iolo Ibe puppet. ilo ofbom lhe eggun. guira. Plan! 10 days. efun san !he . and otura oshe.ed with. very disobedienl and alwayo does wbat.. from !he 10p of!he head. !he tittle charcoa1 and !he utility charcoa1 iD !he cesserole. he abe wants.. lamí lami. oya and he dresses halfred and halfblaclc. big bibijagua) ewe sacu sacu. Iben !hey are placcd ioto o sma1l bag. ewe garra. of an tuttle. oflbe sticlc. devil fish. ofpigenn. Eshu añaqui elufe Tbis eshu is arara. place !he cesserole sma1l.. although Ibis persan has weallb and socia1 SWUJ. many grains. otwa. and finally. becau. he person will 001 aocept Ibero. he she considera !hem lo be o form of dcmora1ization. Ibe dcstiny oflbis persan cannol be changed becau. • pole Sbango will es! logether with cggun on The f0110wing atena ifa oshe. has been give lo E1egua.ofmaja.. arm and legs are mode oul oflbe roast of!he ceiba. 011 oflbi. !he casserole and egguo !he awo Sing 10 Shango and cggun when finish everytbing is take 10 a fla¡¡ pole and left Ibero Note !he casserole mUS! a1so have 2 egg hens. and in !he cod Ibis penon is going lo have many lo. !hen Ibe bag is placed on IOp. I hean ofrst.. Ibis penon has o son or daughter that i. 101 pepper. Help for impotence} 1 moster. soil from dumpster.. is carved out of stick ceiba. (7 ants. snske. mix Ibis wilh. and Ibis Iifestyle is going 10 !he death oflbis cbild . where an pigenn. fuU of pride and full of Vanity ovent when &ced wilb Ibe truth.. and cggun with. different dust !he bird . from Ibe land of ( d. !he moster sacrifice is such a way. ofifa. lo jusI above Ibe fee! Charge oflbe chesl. with it. oyelw lersia. is cemenled. and il Jives. of ehano. then Ibe lestícle oflbis Animals is placcd oul dry. 3 type dust. Ceiba. feces. dust of roo! of sticlc. eontainer. dust oftrunk ofstick ceiba. Ibe head. is placed standing in Ibe casserole. of3 tail of Shel~ 7 peonias. Ibe flag.. red. strussIe with people that are incredulous. Note !he dirt are from o dumpster and from Ibe woods.

Note !he puppet live inside the (tinsja ) where 7 garabato. Iben 1 candle is placed on 10p of each stump as well as a. this song is sung BABA KUELE EGGUN BABA MOYARE NI ALGEBRAEGGUN AL<lEBRA BABA KUELE MOYARE!) NI ELEGBAR. MOBATI 1IJGUN ELEGBAR. are place into the tinaja. and a Opamdo. Iben Ibe awo. of fores!. lree wbere 9 stumps ofbanana treo are placed all aroune!. hill. WheD the puppet is covered. is done wilb Ibis jio jio Ibe opamdo.A. nail and ' feather ofbire!. is left fuere. BABA OMO KJSHE OMO MIO. the same color lhat were USI!d lo sew together tbe heart jutia. KOBODO /YA !NA OJO PA. it east goa!. AFEFE MOYARE NI ELEGBAR A LAYINI 1IJWAO. porous stone is placed iDtO the puppet. or 3 small rooster. soil !Tom tree Ceiba Ron.A EGGUN Consecration the of the añaqui afier the puppet is finish it is taken to the edge of Ibe sea Obi omi tuto is give then tbis song is sung AÑAQUI ELEGUA 1IJNA 01lJKUN EGGUN AWONA ANAQUI ESHU 1IJNA The puppet is tied wilb a large piece of strins. is take lo Ibe fool ofbanana. The awo Iben take 3 jio jio. Iben thrown 3 time into Ihe sea each time yollo pul! Ihe puppet. cwved stic!<. filbric of7 color. this is done in the event an stoDe ins t already placed ioto the puppet When !he eggun is placed into the puppet. out you must sing Ibis suyere OMO ALAWO ESHU ANAQUI OMO ALAWA 01lJKUN When il is lake out for Ihe third time. white flower Ibe 9 candle. and ashe the sigo. Ibe puppet is placed on Ihe edge oflbe beach. MOYARE ELEGBAR. !he awo wi!l Iben proceed lo clean this eshu wilh a jio jio. lhat are wrapped with. hens pigeon. soil of rive. com different bin!. and give them lo Ibe puppet.A EEE.Page 153 of 864 # 149 CONTJNUATION TI!B OYEKU 01URA (1ERCIA) '.A BABA KUELE.A 1EWE NI LADE EOUN OBA . and the puppet is take lo home wilboul. EGGUN ELEGBAR. looking back afier 7 days." Ground &om the cernen!. but with a cuchilla. loro. 4 comer. wilb Ibis song ESHU AÑAQUI OBA BABA ESHU ) AÑAQUI OFlTELE OMO DIDE AIION AIION. this puppet. wbile singlng ESHU AÑAQUI ELUFE OVA OPA EGGUN. are lil. proceeds lO cal! Eshllo añaqui. the foUowing song is sung ALEGBAR. EBORA no no . EKUN AWONA 1EWE NI LADE" Aside &om this. of sea. ESHU MASHE MIO. wilh il s back lo Ibe sea.

and malieious Coc Ibe last 6 mootb. oC obatala. is prepared in from oC aJlaqu~ this ( afoche ) is take 10 the froo~ dooc some oC it is blown 0010 the street while sioging this soog. ESHU AÑAQUI.' Tbese jio jio are filled... is spun around unliI Ibe eross is filcing the wa1l. them buried al the COO! oC a banana. obi mítulO is give lo ICe if it is ready 10 go wilb the awo if it says y. a filther daos 001 huI'! bis child This elegua i. 3 candle are Ii~ Ihe awo clean himselfwilh 1 pigeoo and the give it lo alIaqu~ Ibe awo Iben asks where Ibe pigeon is 10 be taken. daos T bríng misCol1uneS ioto Ibe persoo s bome this blood of Cood is mixed with efuo a weU as iyeea. they are ground and Tumed ioto dust. orisha This is the 4 wind oCthe Cace oC añaq~ wben the puppe~ is placed iOlo Ibe (jar ) Ibe CemiDÍDe. Ibe eshu is give food ooce again this eJegua. BABA OMO KISIIE OMO MIO You take alIaqui oC lb< problem. is prayed while singiog this song AGOGO LEKUN EOOUN AGBA y ARE SHANGO EGGUN AGABA FILE ESIIU AGOGOLOKUAGBAYARE note this puppet. eats goal moster. mus! aIso ea! hens. BABA OMO NICIIE OMO MIO. lhal is mixed wilb dust. oC a cemeoled . is very powerful.and one feminine.. '. ane head behimd another . o(plant elegua Then give unyeng.) the puppet sleeps al Ibe COOI oC banana treo. Ibe person lake alIaqui and Ibeo CaIIs him wilb this song . oc wilh justice. and when Ibe offis placed lo this elegua. beád and bens. bu! r:very time il eats those aoimals . lb. treo. il is feminjne. ~O. are pul out dry. Tbeo !be person has pcoblem wilh arayo. oC eya oro. good Ca< fist lo 6 mooth oCthe year. because it eats the male aoimals with it • masculioo. and wheo il is taken lo il destinalion. the aoimal. the head oCthe jio jio. are pul out 10 dray. this prayec is said mA AÑAQUI. efun and dus~ oC stick moruro. the puppet is take 10 the bouse bathcd with omiero. one masculine . this elegua. Dight the CoUowing day.Page 154 of 864 OOmnmATIONnmO~onmA(nmC~) . AÑAQUI OFITELE OMO DIDE AHON AHON ESHU AÑAQUI MASIIE MIO. ALGEBRA. and ceS! the year. that. is trying 10 stop you .eh has il s own ( cuchillas. and this dust . Ibon this is covered wilb a shen.. wheo the malignan! month arrivo. Iben you pUl him back inlo Ibe (jar ) Ihe jar.but someooe el. OBA BABA ESHU. bead must be Cacing lb< secret oC Ihe lighl. all types oC offer lbal are give lo any elegua. and this dust. naiI ) Cealber and oecldace oC orunla you are doiog something . &gogo. ESHU AÑAQUI MASIIE MIO. is made witb 2 head or faced. is give blood.". Eshu aJlaqui do 001 do me harm. head as we11 as en pigeon • Whenever this elegua. i. ESHU ONA Across is mode in (jar ) wilh osun naburu. then they are pbu:ed inlo the (jar. MOYUGBAO. stored Coc 6 mooth that this elegua is malignan! so lbal This elegua.

. you make 1 rooster banana plant alamo... striped elosing Cabrie red. one rooster. of 4 comed Ehbo for separation. tbat you cold give yourself beart attack and die... broken heart. lbe have give you whal you have asked give tbank lo 0bata1a y 00 made a woman suff. Ehbo femaJe goal. what you did 10 lbe woman you killed Use a red handkerchief lo c1ean your faced... red and rest ingredient Ebbo 1 roost . Avoid excessive drinking or excessive promiscuity.bUI somcone else is tryiDg 10 stop you lb. You have grant spirituals void in yoo fife because oftbe actioD ofyou son. and she was a ehild of oshun. and when someoDe asks lo used it give lo lbem as a gift Woman you do not have tranquility because your husband has mother woman .ful of operation that could result in you death Feed osbun and eggun. yoo from realizing this. lbeD placed banana lo Shango. because this is the faster way to your ruin. ask ber forgiveness and do a mass forber you Now have anolber woman. lo tbe poinl of death and her spirit is hanDling you yoo she died of a. Cabrie white. so he himselfherself can rea1ize the same ceremony Be caf. epo .e is a petSOD that is going 10 leave your side beeallse of you bad lempet 0bata1a says that you cannot.. eku e11. rope trap soil from bouse..Page 155 of 864 # 151 CON11NUATION 1lIE OYEKU 01URA (lERCIA) You are doing something . Every time yoo have pleaded lo lbe orisha for belp. bul she DOW does lo yOD. banana Ebo in osorbo you make eho ( lam ) Ehbo 1 hens fabrie white and red. deny food 10 anyone that comes lo your borne Awo or santero you need lo perform a large refigious ceremony bust sómcoqe is trying 10 stop. and you are suffering so musb because of tbis.

and rest Ibe ehbo.. your horne You must use a neck. WARA BA BARA ABAYEKUNOLUWOPOPO OYEKUN BIREIE WA WA IFA EBA EBARI BORUTENTA ORUN ABI!YEKU NI SHANGO SINA -. pigeon. a sma11 pi . rooster 3 iro. and performed WJ!h. When this ifa is seen an ebbo is performed in order to tie down the person s luck so it doesn't . are placed inlo Ihe ebbo. Ebbo ewiri blacksmilh s bellows. Orunla who get rooster. esbin Horse boro. of steel (lbal is nol crumpled ) fealber buzzard . pigcon is give lo oggun Ihe 3. are al Ibe fool of awo san Iazaro. lbem Everything is take lo forest. piece of crumpled steel chicken . arrow. the bone with mea! is sol afIame . and orisha asking Ibem for good. while cop egg hens placed inside. Wben Ibe person has lo crown oshun. Ibis ebbo realized a few day 8fter the aboye ebbo is finishe<i. Ebbo I moster. eko elru eya and rest Ibe ingredienl. one twt1e. Ihe ebo an. Tbis ebbo before beginning. elegua oshosi Shango Second ebbo. 2 pigcon. Iree \while calling Shango. lO Shango and Ibis piece Ibe SleeL is Iben tie logether wilh Ihe fealher. Iben Ibis is mixed wilh efun iyefa oflbe sigo. aJong wilh lbe shaving of Ihe piece of oggun finishing . Iben the awo give guine lO Ibi SpoI. and Ibe ( bogbo ere a11) do nO! go in the ehbo 8fter. 2 coconu!.1ace of san lazaro that has an ishe osain hanging from it Lighl candle lo eggun and Shango. much money.lben Tbis a10ng with the crumpled steel and the necldace are placed inlo Ibe ehbo Ibe interested. Ihe person take I egg. linishing Ibe ehbo. Ibis young moster. buzzard . cord or rope ) and 2 piece offirewood. the 8WO mus! ask. and before closing il Ibe awo c1eans bimselfwilh an pigcon and blood . leave the person awo or whoever. use a red and while hal. artbrilis. and 3 pigcon. impolence due lO sexual excess and problem wilh you legs Beware of an effeminate rnan or lesbian wornan that visits.Page 156 of 864 inS2 OYEKU IREIE (BIREIE) OYEKU BIREIE YANA YANA ABERELE YEBO IFA ODUPUE ADEBI OSHOSI AYEBI ATAWA YEBO NI ARA OYEKUN LORUN OBANI CHANGO AWO OBAYIRE AWO OYEKU BIREIEBAYABA. a necldace witIÍ a11 type of bead sesame seed. oflbe ebbo. rooster elru eya epo. if you are unable lO obtain a Blacksmilhs bellows you can substitute il wilh ( yarako yagua. party c1eaned with Ibe young rooster. Ibe ebo is burled al Ibe fool of Ceiba. Iben you give and rooster. . egg differenl place outside oflhe ile Ibis Ebbo should be taken lO eilher Ibe river or 10 forest. goes directly irno Ibe ebo. On 10p the Shango. Necldace plant (oguma maravilla) scraping of the piece of oggun I pigcon 3 egg. tbis sigo the person canoot receive azowano Tbis ifa speak of sodomy bone cbills.. 2 pigcon is placed lo oshun before Ihe person crown oshun. rooster. lbe 8WO place Ibe 3 ofa. and Ihe ofa meta. arrow oflbe steel. ewe oguma. alter Ibe ebo Ibe twt1e is give Shango. logether wilb (ocbosi ) and Ibe piece of steel .

on so that you can get siek. bul that now is your Worst enemies be cafereful hecause there is witehersft 00 Ibe ground that you walk. and every thing in your JiCe is a mess !fa osolbo yoo are fighting with a person lbal wss once your friend. and she is goins. Ehbo I rooster I pigeon. blister or soreness Be careful where you stop. and egg yoll< Por arun Ibe people siek Ehbo necklace Ibe san lazara. does. for 3 day. youn rooster. IFA NI CAFERE4FUN CHANGO ADIFAFUN ORUMlLA OBATALA ATI OLUWO POPO You bave romancing a woman. Ihen at mid moming Ibe persoo drinkiog a mixture of sour orange juico carro! juico. and you will havo a greal of good luck with her. a 101 weallb You are having economic difficullies but ifyou stsy wilb Ibe woman lbat you are going To have a lot ofmoney Your borne is in riotous $tale. O. and resl Ibe ingredient. for 7 days aod he must elean bimself wilb eku Eya com csscarriIla . and you are with her she is sOOrt is stature. !he ingredienl that were used 10 cleanOd birqselfwilh are Tbrown oDIO eacb comer oflbe block of!he awo home. and donj t do whal other people do hecause you could. cocoout. Place and offer. I red. lo help you acquin. trap. mangle rojo and plant pendejera. pigeoo. I rooster. wilb eku fish lo Sbango. y 00 can 001 abuse your power. don't be sueh middles or a busybody . I banana. see . he mus! also ligb! a candle 10 osbun and san lazar.. pay for what someone else.Page 157 of 864 # 153 CONTINUATION 1lIE OYEKIIIRE'lE. and !he reS! Ibe ingredient Ibe ebbo. resllhe ebo. aod candle io lit lo osbun aod (san lazaro ) y 00 mus! sleep wilb a Iigbt 00. or die tbis ogu is going lo begin by atTecting your feet snd head Up from lbere oshun yemaya. and reS! Ibe ebbo. BIRE'IE Whenever tbis ifa i. ewe zarzaparrilla anamu. 3 lomatoes !he seo. are going lo help you. plant ( watereress run com . Ehbo ooe goat. drinking leas made from plant yerba la sangre. by going to jail or getting sick Ehbo rooster. give run lo oggun placed fruit lo !he twin. and orumila. Do ebbo hecause you havo a sickness your fee!. of okra mixed .This sign speaks ofmarital separalion Tbio sign ifa arrests !he awo in bis home. and attend your eggun Combat leukemia.

the marriage between cousins or brother and Sister. (PAKlOSHE OYEKUN PAKlOSIIE NI MERI AVE PAKlOSHE APAWO OTUN MEYO OPOI'AIU MOBO OSHE ASHUPA ONDEMI UMBAJKA ABAN OMO YUMU ERU IKU LONDnv OUN NAIKU DOMO YEMU OYEKUNPAKlOSIlEOMI BEBI! KORO WAWOOLA LAKAN AYMO AKUKO LEBO OYEKUN PAKIOSIIE LODAFUN 081 OSIlEMA EYELI! OKAMA SIIERBWO . Ibeo ask Him wbere lhis is lo be taken afterward . wilh. lo Ibis sign. The semeo Ibe effeminale mao can eogeoder a child. (fealher bird. lo order 10 resalve problem. black. Camily spiril as weU as all oflbe oIher spirit. make regular material for lhis ceremonies In lhis sigo 01060 commanded oruols lo come down lO eacb wherelbere were no living doWD. ) isbe osaio. was Ibe placed that . lhis is reason why This sigo is place in Ibe ebbo oflbe ituto. soil 4 comer. in Ibe bome oflbe awo nolhing is marked. loro) !amb. you cannot use flower or pertiJme. in you poker.Page 158 of 864 # 1$4 OYEKUOSHE. ooe day. stop desiring your own dealb because. just as Ibe semeo oflbe ordinary man. I stone ogguo. y 00 are devolee of yemaya. seed. dreams lhis penon muS! do ebbo very. all of Ibe eggun muS! be ancI prayed muS! be offered lo Ihem This is were the incestuous marriage is boro. This is where Ibe souI oC a dead penon. For lo protect you used. This is ifa.IN lhis ifa. Fealher agbeyami. quickly. blood Ibe buzzard. Ibe lurtle. dry wine. ILEKIlNDE OMAFlRO OSHUN Bml MElI TANILO . feces of monkey carapace. pray ololio 10 help Ibose falleo souls that are having a difficult liCe. A sister ofyour is in love with your busband or your brother is in lover wilh your wife lover. Place an offer oC sugar cane with ori efuo wster. In lhis palb. tabric wbile and red. vencedor yamao. and reS! Ibe ingredient ask lo 0runJa. peaoi. featbar Ibe bens. I lodostono. cano and sbredded eo<:Onut lo Sbaogo. is wbare Ibe pact wilb Ibe low friencl was realized ancI wbere yemaya Ibrew Ibe opele. guayacan. puppet rsg. Do 00! place flower in you borne. There was s time wheo you were gravely il~ and all of your family spirits carne lo your side as.' This is where Ibe grea! oba! and ODIO kolaba. rompe saraguey. using sugar cane. This sigo Ibe ifa speak oC seeing dealb in Ibe penon s . gunpowder. aU of people Iberein bul Ibe placed lo where ololio asked mm Iheking oflbe lancl ofife rested. bocauselbis ifa represen! all oflbe dead spiritual. Pray lo Sbaogo. well as your immediate family because Ibey lboughl that you were going lo die but your. You hove wished and prayed for yoo own dealb. you will indeed die . place sugar. soil big ant. bere 00 earth. in<:amate inlO motber body. soil crab. &tick guira. guardian ange~ gave yoo anolber opportunity. The penon need o paraldo inside Ibe ground.

care forbim. so he doesn'l disgraÍ:e bimself If you woman is pregnant. Ebbo ooe lamb. she noed lo do rogation. ropo and res! the ingredienl Ibe ebbo . I puppet. hecau. and you are now reaping Ihe fortune oC Ibis choice. 10 ClOwn ocba ) If you bave a fancy fiinged blaoked. and 4 comer .lben pigoon. along witb water from Ibe momiog dew lbal musl he . I rooster. Pigoon (oshe soap. is give lo Ibis mass 01. Ibe soap is you masbed ioto • pulp . SlOp saying god 1 M 90 bored ofliving and stop Iamenting the past. pay you all ofthe money for your wod< . and rest the ebbo Ebbo moster 1 Cabric differenl color 2 coconut 2 candle soil from you house . he cafereful lbal you are nO!. your money could be Ibe reason for yoo death. hefore she give birth... Give thank lo SbaDSo There money tbat is coming lo yoo. collected with a oponge. Don I he so egotistica\ in you lover relation cbip or you wiII bave losses Caferefun oC a woman. involved in Ibis revoll. pulp then iyeCa. as we1\ as heing a pasbaokara. Ibein she noeds 10 yoko ocba .. is added Ibis pulp is mede inlo a ball. so lbal Ibe plrson can wasb bis her. Cabric different color and rest Ibe ebbo. Ifyou bave a child yoo should take good. Ebbo moster Cancy frínges blanked goal. by way oflbe countryside Beware ofbetrayal Open up your oyes lo the world around yoo.Page 159 of 864 # 155 CONTINUATION nm OYl!KU OSIIE (PAQUlOCIIE) :< Y00 are baving many difficulties yoo are aIso very bored and bave entenainer Iboogbts Ofsuicide. I broken ceramic. Be caferefun of a job tbat you are doill8 for someone el. or a woman wbo loves other women Everything io goill8 lo he discovered. lbal you bave bad You bad an opportunity lo make a choice lbal would bave henefiled yoo greally hui yoo cbose. and lbal someone is going lo nol want lO. badly.p. body wilh Ibis so.. and Ibere is going lo he a great revolution. you noed lo do a rogation wilb it Y00 cannot SO 10 see grave1y iII people.) of castilla. You are crying because of Ibe loo. tbat is trying lo wheedle you ioto a relarion Ibis woman bas a bushand and 2 lover.

In tlús sign the awo mUs! always mark 5 akara of tbese. lhen placed lo oshun thi. !hal days he must place 5 acata bibo. blood tlús is so. with the help ofOya. Ifa of Ihe lagoon Ihe old man . and tlús could be Ihe cause Ofyou death Avoid going near bushy areas so you don I collect any negalivily Place ral iOlo a (guiro . and planl (sabila. wilh fabrio differenl color. he was the child ofinle and iku This is wbere Ihe transfiguration ofthe eanh and elegua are boro. Ihon give and goal smaU This is where Oshun boughl herself sorne slave. ceremonies must done for eshu . became a great leader here on earth This is wbere Shango gave Ihe power oflhe throne over onmla The twin bring forth a 101 money and hea1th in tlús sigo Give ( ebJte rat ) 10 elegua also half of Ihe money ofthe ebbo ia placed lo elegua and Ihe Otber balf is for the awo. This is wbere elegua laruta. aod Ihe ho"" Avoid ridiog a horse because you cold kili and elderly man . wilh epo. Drink a mixture planl crystal tbe tuna. she does aban because Ihe eltild is in an abon able. must give to hens to orunla Place two. with purple string then tie it to A treo and let from tbere. blood I new hooeycomb eku eya epo. You havo certain dealing wilh many women. Ihe awo lake a small Piece from eaeh one and places Ihem inlo tbe ebbo. do ebbo with a ho"" This sign speak of a sudden dealh For Ihe pregnarn woman ebbo. aloe vera ) TIte awo or per50D must give 2 hens to lús padrinio. banana lo you illl calabaza pumpkin . Do nol eal lamb In tlús sign Ihelagooo must be fed The sign speak of a binding ritual !hal has becn dooe lo a person stomach This is wbere Ihe spirit leave Ihe body. with eku ella.ALA LERI YALORDE MORIYEYEO AGBELLEMI LELE OSHUNBI!BERE OKANA ~ YEI-E1Jl OYEKUN FUN YEYEBI OVA OMA YiREAWOBADAWAAWO OBAERlKAFEREFUNERlIFAKAFEREFUN ELGBAR. gourd ) Ihon placed tlús lo elegua so Ibal in litis way elegua can Help you find mueh 2woman . tbe akaras are tbon smotbered. 10 olfer.Page 160 of 864 # 156 OYEKU OFUN OYEKU BERDURA OYEKUN BERDURA MAFUN ABA BARASA MAFUN ABA OFUN MAYEKUN FUN TANZA LELE BERELE FOGUERE MALELE OYEKUN FUN MAFUN YEKU B1!RERE 0Ri OS/IUN MORIYEYEO MOLALA!. it dawn. 5 akara . When tbe awo seos tlús sigo. Pul 2 are placed lo ODCOnul lo e1egua.A SUlLERE OFUN MINI ADAYANO) OFUN MINI ADAYANO ADIFAFUN OSUN ORUN LERI ADIFAFUNOSUNORUNLERI . eku eya . posilion Ebb I rooster. This is wbere eshu larufa was boro. canool rentain wilh oshun for more !han . that nighl this is taken lo ile iku The awo must to cleaned you self piece meat tie . Ihal was stained wilh her menstrual. or the animals lhal orunla determine fabrie Ihal been stained wilh Ihe Woman menstrual.

is give lb. 1 hens honey run. Ibis elegua is son of( inle and iku) IT represented in Ibe form oflbe puppel. placee! around Ibe neck of Ibis puppet. with completed bodies. honey ron. I smaII rooster. with it is private parts well defined. neclda. eku ella) ebbo I rooster I pigeoa. name !he araye. is left at Ibe foot ofrull Ibe puppet and casserole. and aches tbe siga.. for eoi situation. bolb of the heae!. aod Ibe ara. Ibis placed 10 elegua. ooto !he casserole. the puppet is . . Canutillo aghure. and stone. copper . I ski! fabric has heeo stained. a10n¡ with roaster j>eanut. oflbe (araye) you must ask ifwill eat pigeoa. 24 houn!he offi:r is take and placee! 00 !he out side oflbe ~ waII o. I basket.aIl Ibis is ' turned into ( afome dust ) then diluted in sweet wine Spell at foo! of elegua ( I guiro gourd ) II1I8I1 filled with eku eya epa. soil from Ibe lop of Ibe rull.. 00 top of each ota of Shango theo epo is placee! 00 !he ashes then Ibe awo placed a spoonful of very hot amaIa ila 00 top of each stone. !heo Ibis is take lO. for elegua. they are cleansed.". wlúle singin¡ Ibis sons. of amaIa iIa is give I rooster. are Ibem take horne. is done with aIl !he clothes !hat the persoo is wearing. when Ibis spell is done for good. Ibis eshu Iarufa. are drilled. plan eran. place I popper 00 IOp each spoonful. Ibe tradilional nail crown and feather are cement ooto eaeh head . are placed into Ibe casserole. rooster bens. edge ofthe dsea.. cernenl. al Ibe awo borne tbe puppet i. with woman meostrual. where trus elegua secret is contained. out filled with ohi motiwado. com. Mamu at nigbt Tea prepared wilb dried pumpkin. from !he foo! oflbe hil~ and popper . inside so that!he Iife !he penan does not run into danger.. give omi -mituto I jicara somewater. 4 piece Ihe cocoout. !he awo placee! !he oches of a brunt paper!hat bad !he. eku ena epa. the casserole is placed at Ibe tOol of Ibe rul~ Ibem Ibe 4 piece of small dry coconul wilb popper. ( plant pata de gallina. thal are back one oflbese is masculine and the olber side is feminine. gold silver. ) ewe carodo. coconut candle Ibe persoo must sit and taIk wilb elegua.fter Ibese filled . awo proceeds 10 give Ibe hens lo trus elegua. red and caramel colored beads i.. in Ibis sign an ebbo. are placed onto eaeh of 4 piece lbe cocoout. is cut into 4 piece !he I stooes 4 in 10tal.. place the stone Ibe Sbangn 00 !he ground . coro. an neckla.1 small roaster. then covered with plant malvale. ESHU LARIlFA OMO LI!RI AWA IKU 081 LI!RI AWA IKU ESHU LARIlFA OMO LI!RI OBA IKU Ibe head oftbe hens. and buried . ero obi osuo kols osun . !he different osha. seed plant hojas Ibe cucaracha. ohi mitulo. soil the river. of wrute black . is placee! into tbe casserole.menled inlo a casserole clay. !he rooster must be red in color. boiled wilb I cup ofwater... blood oew fabric measuremeot woman vaginal area . Ibe destinatioo oC a11 Ibis muS! be asked of Shango.. amber (jet azabache ) soil from a tomb. for aralJe. lb..Page 161 of 864 flS7 CONI1NUAnON 11IE OYEKU OFUN ". you drink in !he morning leafofplaot coralillo. wilb omiero of plan! elegua Ibe casserole !he elegua are take 10 Ibe foo! a lúIl a small dry cocoout.. Spell for a men I green banana that must be placed out io !he suo . plant lebantate.

Tlús sign ifa is masculine It is parent are (tehitan holougodo ) The days it goveros (Ojo.E ODAFUN BULE TINSHOMO IKI ARUMBON A1KORDIE MEJ[ ELEBOOWO LA MEYO ELEBO ASIIISIIE OMO ALARA OTOSHINE YEKUN ARONIPIN. Tlús sigo evokes a destroyed obstacle In this ifa is boro. tbe temperament ofthe air . using her menstrual. !he byena. ACHISHE KOLONA NIYEKUN OKO N! FlNIOON! BANDU ADIE ON! BABALAWO ADIFAFUN AREREON! OLORUN DMO AYA ARALELO ORONIPIN N! OWRUN EBO. ORONIPIN OTOSHU KON! YEGUN ARONIPIN. AWO SIIEKE OSEKAN [([ERE GRI GRI OLONA TOWFEYE WAUl AYAKA ODAFUN ORUMILA ORUBO AIKORDIE AKUKO. Ibis color brown whirlwinds jealousy in animals psychoanalysis antigenic. iroko . and the soutbern cardinal point Tbe societies known as ajemos and adamu • orisha were bom in this sigo Tlús sign signifies !he protection of!he heod. IWALU METAERU EVA EBEFA OWO SONG ORONIPIN ORI KAMI AYA ARALELO. oggun. witchcraft a woman. blood this done by lilling and eleguede with eku eya oro 1aguisa ( mud lisbed ) then S aikordie are placed around Ibis. the lion. leucoeytes.Page 162 of 864 # IS8 BABA IWORl MELUl ASIIICIIE KOWNA AWSIIE KON! YEGAN ARONlPIN INAGARDI IBANU ADIE OUN BABALAWO ADIFAFUN ARERE ONlLORUN UNBEYA RBBO ARONlPIN NEYAWNU GBOGBOKOLALOROKARUNADIFAFUNOKATOAYAREN!GBATINOLORUN ENCUERE LEBO IWORl MELUl YlOUI YlOUI MAYO ADIFAFUN KOKOW YEBB IFA TIRO KEYE LAMPE SHANOO ARON! YEOEU!RIPINN ORUNLA WRUGBO . bacteria in the blood. ochos~ obatala. color to dress Canary yellow. Tlús sign !he ifa represent the 4 legged just hefore !hey evolved into human heing ThÍs sign represent all male animals. it is anger that has been exterminated The followiog speak in tbis sign. AIKORDIE. EVA WNU SHOLA EREBIN EINLA BORO BORO SOKO AYA arAN ADIFAFUN OKOTO AYARE ARIKU BATIOWKUA GUERE GUERE NaDE IFA ANALA BORO BORO KOTO BOISIIE BORO KARIN KUNKU BORUN SHOLA ADIFAFUNOWKUNKOKTOAYARE . this person suffer from a delusional psychosis and may be schizophrenic you cannot eat rooster or amaJa. oftheft of a woman that tries to obtain someone by whatever oecessary .EKUEVAEI'OEBEFA OWO 011 GO'I1l SHOMO N1DE MAGUEU. ferocious and camivorous animals decapitation and doing. sere Wednesday ) !he planet it rule ( Ole aba mercury ) Metal mercury. Tbis is sigo announce the death a child this sign speak ofblackmail.

In this sign is bom the humming and buzzing that is used to manifest oc call. and it affect on !he human body. the one that looks inlo Ibe eyes nis sign msrk the destruction of!he cbildren of orumila. with this sign of ifa. and cam I help Ibem he sits down and weeps for Ibem whal olofin can recognize you In this ifa Shango was crowned bis son as prince . wsy . person bave many difficulties. planl pitahaya. TIte cbild of this ifa bas many occull thing within bim ber. because this ifa represent the untamed beast oc occult enemies. Give lo e1egua 1 rooster . by way oftiny dotails The awo should not receive visit from aleyo. then this is 10m lpar! in waler and used for ebomisi Awo iwori mej~ in this ebbo. . became upset wilb orumila and Ibe lold Ihem.'. and avoid a calamity You could lose you posilion because of.. orunIa is unable lo save Ibem. Ejemoluworan . Iwori meji is a head tbat speaks ftom Ibe interior ofthe earth ni. and in thi. !he person mUS! use a differenl bandken:hiet. !he person muS! plays Ibe bell al midnigbt while calJing!he moji sign ifa.. this person will prosper and see everythlng tbat he she wants in life Apolo !he 000 !hal deliver. aIso this ozain muS! have sand ftom shere Ibe river and Ibe sea mee!. oc stabilize job tbe phenomenon as Astral cycle in women. !he poiSOD. leaf peonia. Ibe person muS! A1way. lO bom Ihe awo should nol perform divinalion afier. Apoloin . . Planl for ozain. leaf yedra. mus! a1ways have 3 head. because Ihey wanl 10 know more !han he. will nol be ahle lo sce Ibe evil of iwori mej~ nis is where greal thing are known or accomplished. ofbis son. Place cbain in ftom of!he door lhal facing Ihe s!reel. he mus! ask oruola wbat he . sinee he sce Ihe self Destruction.Page 163 of 864 # \S9 CONl1NUATION 1lIE IWORY MEYE . Place 2 eko lo oshun and I small house 10 0run1a. bave small bell undemeath bis piUow. nis spirit Ibe oeduwa ofifa calJed ala ola TIte Ozain of!he sign mUS! bave trash !hal was in a tornado. is bom in tbis sigo. until sunset and wheo you do. !he ooe !hal sends help Ateginidekun . ni ••ign Ibe seccet ofthe mother nature were discovered. after 6 P. Place 2 biena claws lo orunla. the deities During the daytime.. Ihe eyes. is bom in this sign You mus! do ebbo in order '0 maintainer your litle or position. PI. ifa speak of marital instability. and res! Ihe ebbo.. and when this happened. you shoold nOI tbrow water onlo Ibe stree!.m.maIl. false accusalioD. each day. m • oc sunset the reason is because this is were Ibe granting of !he resting perlod for divination after 6 p. Ibis mus! say sesesesi The awo must not give too many powers to tbe haijado. After !he ebbo. and memory 1088 and 10 avoid this. in each band of ifa. of Ibe awo. lb. Plan! ewe!<te ( bloo wbite ) copal ni. In Ibis sign you mus! place 4 books lo e1egua . ". this is were Ihe awo. T he lan!e man c:anIIot ron.. the one !hal deliver envy . Tying knol is Ibe ooly wsy lo make a roper This is where orunúta is consulted in arder to acquire.

oCwic1cedoess bellayals and evil deeds Ibis sign • dúldren . yoo niust orubo. Avoid ealing oocoout. is where olofin c:uned !he earth. You sbould avoid going lo cementer because !he egguo will attaok themselves 10 yoo MUS! you avoid investigatioo or inquiring abouI thing tbal have nothing lo do with yoo 1OO. yoo gO! oC an orisha or prenda ( or iche cnain ) and yoo . why it began lo rol and decOmposed Everythin¡¡ that is rotten is bom in Ibis sigo.ign.. tbal they can never impo. and never Iet. and Ibis i. sO tbal yoo don I end up. woman. yoo have family member or a children tbal has many meotal problem. are very distrustful and intransigent they doo I love anyone the Male should be very careful witb !he woman . oC other people or have lo take io whal IOmeooe e!se has thrown ways .. 100 dúldren oCIbi. oCbad cbaracter. and that perlOO was either or in bis owo a world cafinfun tbal yoo doo I go C7UY.. Do a rogation. is!he bom oC!he bull that is prepared BI !he fool of ogguo fill it with 6 strips of that have becn wrapped in Cabrio black. Thi... an.. business the ..hould I have dooe it you are falJing hac1c instcad of moving Corward you are going lo receive lOme money. ahe asked ofyou . al 12 ooon oshun i. You have debs with oshun . be wereun that your 1andlord does I throw you out oC you home or that your bo. yoo are 00 in a secure position io eilber ofthose places. you from you job. anyooe ... and guansbans. and these people are speaking very badly ofyoo. does I fue. Osobo by nature it is • bad and wic1ced sigo. Ihen these are lied logether with stcel wire placed ioto !he center oC oggun This persen is surrounded by eoemies. and ire Cor money i. goín¡¡ 10 give you and ire so tbal you can oaba and yoo st'" .children oClbis ligo. 100 secret oC Ibis sigo.he i. be caJerefun a uap involviog paper or legal document. eating lable scrap. theo ebbo with il 10 that you can prosper. temperamental UDtruthfuJ and untruthfuI they also son I believe in anyooe or anythiog !bey are very physieals Iike lO pester people and gel into othcr people.. upset with yoo because yoo have debil with bor. y 00 mUS! be very careful with iIInes. .. bul your mus!. be wereful oCbetrayal and blac1cmai~ you have are slave ofyour own home. ifa use very harsh and proflmed word !bey are very cruel. You mUS! bring a toy home. lign os extravsgant adventure and dest1Uction oC every type Yoo sbould avoid group oC3.. !he men leave Ibis woman because !bey . Oshuo say thal if you give her what ahe asks oC yoo.. batba oCp1aot oC aiguaraya... there are people that are throwing ogu at your froml deor. CON1'lNUATION nm IWORY MI!JI # 160 Must wash hcad with This sigo describes !he decay and dest1UcDoO oCthe earth the decompositioo oCmetals and the diJlocatioo !he bom.Page 164 of 864 ·. Give youraelf. do ebbo. that can rol your f1esh You have problem with your blood and your stomach Thi. coming your ways. their will 00 Ibi. """"'" at peaoe with anyone . !hem cry 100 woman oC Ibis ifa will usually have 3 husband he lendency is dominate and rule over !hose around bor. This sign i. it i.

oryour job or hoth. have and orisha tbat is no longer being tlken ""'" of and tbis abandonment bas cause you many problem . If your are going to visil a sick persao . bu! you bogan to have difficulties because someane threw witchcraft. opened up fur no good . There place tbat you frequent. Be """. and someone tries to barm you from the back oggun is were 10 protect you. You need to have a dos. you want to move in order 10 seo ifyour mi8ht change. SO that tbis persao can rernove !he influence of the sick persoo . wbere are many young people tbat you try 10 counsel Your were doing well. Don t be afraid of anYthins. bu! tbere is going 10 be a time Wben Ibe oricba are going To bless you with many good thing and these same people lbat humiliated and despised yoo will praise and worship you bave faith and patience iD ololin and orun1a because tbey are going lo give you many blessings Your are in the protective embraced of oruola and oggun. AIl of!he wickodness tbat is your tife. . must do ebbo.fui of a fire in you bome because o~ tbis situation . You are going through a very difficult period in youUfe right oow. reason . Because your physician can t find anytbing wrong wilb you Ibem later finding out tbal you were. Ibe orisha will belp you overcome tbis problem Ibe same way tbat Ibe gourd is Filled witb seods you will be full of money. witb rooster. because Ibere will be people who will place oggun at !he foot ofyour door. and all oflbe people !hat you know will despise and flee from you side. Uve in your very bome. y 011 are very close family member. or tbis persan will he in danger of exchanging head with tbat sick person he she.Page 165 of 864 # 161 CON'I'INUAnON11IE IWORYMELLB Daugbter can gel married Be c:afen:fun with your front <loor. eku ella. in your borne Do ebbo and feed elegua so tba! you can acquire all of your desire. she muS! do ebbo. because bad ii going 10 you if you aré having a Problem . do ebbo lirS! . oruola is lbere 10 defend yO".so tbat you doo t exchange heads wiili the sick persoo will gel better . be """. you being tbrnwn out ofyour home. if someone tries to barm you from Ibe front. whicb could culminate in.fui tbat you don I have lO go inlo Ibe Operating room for CJ<)lloratory surgery . while yoU start 10 gel sick Ir someone has cone 10 inquire about very sick person and this sign of ifa is see the awo MuS! te11 tbis persan !hat she he .

Play musie in you home. You are anxioos over having ebildren and if you will have Ihose ebildren as well A$ money and heallh Everything tbat you are crying over right now orunla.. when he got there orunla left thein seat in the stars in The atmosphere. Ihen told Ihem to do ebbo wiili rooster. or you have a fibraus condition. arguing wilh yoo spouse and top listening to Ihe people around you who are giving Yoo bad advice. so !hat your path can be el~ and you . do ebbo wilh 6 EIru.'. 111e money tbat yoo eam. is lost forever.Page 166 of 864 # 162 CONTINUATION TIIE /WORl MEJI '. are sad tbat yoo don t spend enough time with Ihem . Man you have lost 3 ire. 111e man stop working so mush. do Ebbo.aye Iyo and ode (yanza ) Oruola did ebbo. I fresh tish . once again come into your home. did Ihe ebbo. and di!!'erent plant. I pigeon. and if tbis continue your wife could gOl. yoo wiII tind many diffirulties !hat could rulminate in you being falsely Accused of a crime and take lo jail do ebbom. is going to help you resolve as well Give you many wonderful blessing so stop crying and do what orunla wants you lo do There is someone clase to you that is provoking you into an argument wit you spouse stop. that you will be able to recover ifyou do ebbo When orunla was poor3 thing wive left bis side. or 3 tbing. soil Ihe 4 comer. leaving Ihe countJy side empty no matter how hard the country work to produce it is stock it is always harvested and taken. so that they can wash their head. is take to Ihe eity. if you Don t. can go. !hat and is produced in the countJy. into town a1ways leaving the countryside barren orumila live happy and content with his 3 wives good luck happiness. because their head were very hot you must the same. in order to lmow if you are pregnant . but Ihe hole ofthe country did not. and music however these women began to listen to the hadoadvice of the envious people aod left orumila s home orumila ( iwory meji. do ebbo. Do ebbo. but when you receive your ( kofa ) you wilI receive many other blessing . and divorce you. When oruola was going to travel to Ihe other world Shango asked bim if he could Deliver something to rus children. and spend more time wilh wife and ebildren because Ihey. but before you go you need lo do ebbo. enter in one hand and leave through Ihe other. that you once tost can. Woman ifyoo pregnant. and rest Ihe ebbo. and res! Ihe ingredient. orunla introducelhe hole ofthe countJy and the hole ofthe eity to do ebbo the hole oflhe eity. in Ihe lighting. on a regular basis so that in tbis way Ihe happening and good fortune. I fish fresh I rooster. and return wilh tranquiJity Pay !he debt !hat you have wilh yemaya Woman you are having menstrual problem as we1l as stomach problem and youfeel as though. tire oftbis situation.> went to see olofi~ to see hQw he could have bis 3 . y 00 are thinking about going on a trip. wilh rooster cascarrilla . and rest the ingredient the ebbo Woman the blessing that you lost . and from Ihat time on everytbing . because your head is also hot. . Something is moving in yoo abdominal region .

Ibe home of ( Iwori moji) began 10 liII up with people. that sbe used lo adivine for people Man you have a woman. Tbe animals of Ihe ebbo are oever killed.quail fish. tbal was Osain. 1 lizard . . The meji. this ebo go fool tree aragha EbOO 1 rooster. trap chain . placed bis ashe. \6 woonde tablets river waler chain rope Trap eku fish palb oflbe bear. \ rooster.Page 167 of 864 I ! ! . A11 prayed Ihe on opon Ihe ifa wilh sign of Ihe awo.. fabric differenl color. hair Ibe head Ihe awo. 4 fiuil differeol bair from a bear. because any omission of a step could Nullily Ihe eolire ebOO. is carved in such a way. 3 arrow wilb black points. grind them into a powder them mixes tbem Wilh Ihe ashe Ihe ebOO. 2 puppet. \ casserole. ofifa and Otura she. Ibis puppet . and Ihem must blow tbis ofoche in Ihe cell of Ihe prisooer . CONllNUATIONOFTIlEIWORIMEJI N 163 Vive retum home olofin. along with many yams so that Ibey can playa 101 wheo Ibe musicians began lo play. wilboul baviog lo work for it. railroad. soil . And Ihe rest Ihe iogredienl Ihe ebOO Fingernail and toenails ofthe awo. guine . EbOO iolori osolOO. 4 nail. head Ihe heos 1 bal. 3 cocoout. goal. yam. differeol fabric. and every tbiog tbat you bring home tbis persoo devour and enjoy. eku eya Ibe pupper are left standing on !he edge of Ibe river EbOO 1 sack. tbat are buried down lo Ibeir waists behind Ibe doo . 1 ceramic head Ihe elephanl~ head anC! heart Ihe male goal. must sing many suyere lo osaio . which are take lo Ibe rive wilb it is poinl faciog Ibe 2 puppet. Tbere Ihe a persoo in your home. and Ihe res! Ibe ingredient. In tbis sigo an pupper is prepared for awo (Iwori meji ) tbal live and east wilh bis ifa tbis Tbis pupper is known as Oshe ori omonifa. olofin said 10 0run1a take Ibese musician homo. 3 inquioe. head Ihe turtle head heart buzzard . padrinio oyugOOna . duriog the ritual washing. stone 32 fealher. oshe otora. coro. for !he sole purpose material oecessities. iolo Ibe musician olofin. hair from every part ofthe persoo beard hair fabric soil . NOle Ibis ebbo must be peñormed wilh greal care. lold bim. and everyooe began 10 dance afler A wile lo orunla 3 wives good luck happened and music retumed lo orwl1a s borne In tbis ifa aroniping bad adog. 3 arrow . ·\ rooster strip of steel3 silly. \ rooster 7 stooe.. bring me 4 musician he Ibem brougbt Ibem before OIofin and Olofin. 2 coconut. palh of Ihe river lbal come logether 10 accuse Olokun before olofi EbOO 1 rooster. Spell lo help a prison. Secrel Ihe head Ihe dead. soil from door . and wheo she give you Whal you ooed. EbOO. bair deer. and shoes. you tum around and despise her Tbis sigo Ibe ifa speak cancer. lbal is living off you. and decompositiooof Ibe blood EbOO for eni problem. 1 female goal. is consecraled by giving il rooster and (quail ) lO Shango eggun osain tbe puppet. fresh fish And Ihe res! Ihe ebOO. After the ebo the awo take sorne sesame seed. pepper. that it look as tbough it has an oshe in it righl hand and holding an rooster by il s feet in il s left hand . the awo.

when the awo. in a higb placed in the woman must be allowed to touch ir when the are on their Menstrual cycle. lbat are sent by Ibe araye. afier it is sealed a skirt tbat is made of mariwo. ( palm fronds ) is placed. and 1 gloria black. Secret plant (amor seco) wbich destroy Ibe ndors oribe nose oflbe . is an adventure bird tbat a1ways returns to it nest tinaja is give an pigeon Before it is sealed up. 4 coconut and 4 cola. pepper Chinese. before the awo leave on the trip. is in the horne. whiJe asking Ibe eggue ofthe 10mb ifhe is our aIIy Before plaeing. but will also·take care oftbis Family wben he is Dol there. from the neck of Ibe (jar ) Ibese adoroments symbolize ( elegua ) This osain not only protect the awo when be is out 00 a trip. I placed you on can captured a11 of Ibe evil ~UUWIO . this osain live. iflbe Floor is made oC dirt or it placed into an jicara. 16 pepper. then Osain is placed ioto a hole. wbite and black. is ( lundote wbich signifies tinaja lbat a1ways remain standing it is a Very strong defenderofifa. the filbric talce Ibe cement and dragged over a grave.Page 168 of 864 # 164 CONTINUATION TIIE IWORI ME1I This osain protect against Ibe efrect of sorne type ofwitchcraft peñormed by this persan Araye it is secret is prepared in (jar) small ceramic container. it is sprinlded wilb effun Iben fealber from wbite heron is inserted into the fabric Ibe heron. this osain is called wilb the following plllyed LlJNIlO'IC LIMONONOTE BOMU ADABOWI (jar ) tbat lives up bigh. he must prays to 1bis osain And smolber wilb epo. Ibe filbric ODIO this osain. Eggun buruku.hells. in Ibe middle oflbe home. wilb a long neek this Osain secret naDIe. Every thing coved wilb and filbric. around Ibe (jar tinaja) Iben a cowrie .

Wilh this sign Ibe perron will take a long time in order lo prosper nis perron is flexible and <aiSlanI 10 adversity . this person s farnily will fall Apart The mal. sign mark a lacIe of control of Ibe great sympathetic oerve tbat control Ibe entire nervous. . TIte awo cannot work with or vialk: in river mud. ABENILORUN IWORI BOGBE OR\JMILA ASIIEBO. Ibe awo should kneel mark his sign on Ihe floor touch Ihe sign wilh bis head then Frays bis. nis sign lells Ibe awo lo study ifa You are probibiled from eating palm oil or dove The cbild ofthis sign will always have bis her. goal give lo an anl hill This is an sign of an avaricious and mischievous person ni.A SHANGO ATI OBINI MOYARA IFA ASIIEOUN arA MOLALA . The offeoce and Ibe injury are bom in Ibis sign nis perron will always have sorne sor! of daily amiction The awo the sign should not work ifa. wheo this happened Ibe perron appears to act and soy thióg that are considered iosane This sign speak ofa grave problem with Ibis person s gall bladder nis perroo has an iUness tbat is produce by a lack of control of Ibe nervous system like Asthma scbizophrenia or trmsitory psychosis. nis sign leIIs Ibe person thal Ibey have a problem with Ibeir head. and they. sign of ifa. do ebo this iUness will tbis perron and as a result. system. perroo does nO! like 10 pay Iheir debts nis is were Ibe woman pay the debt of the maR. ASHETO BABAWA IFA BI LEI!1IFA IWOR! BOGBE IFA MAYOWO IFA AFEFE m IKI m EWE ANANAKUN ORUN BEBENI IFA ADIFAFYOKO OBANIBARANIREGUN .Page 169 of 864 # 165 IWORlOBE IWORI BOGBE IFA SIIB OMO LERY IFA BEYAWO AFEPELOIUlN !RE ABEYEBI LARlFA IWORI BOGBE ASIIB BI ASIIB ALEYO BI ASIIB IWOR! BOGBE LERlIFA ABEYERI LADE IFA AWA MAYEREWA IFA KAFEREFUN ELEGBAR. ARA BUSIIB AWO MAYEWE AWO ADIYOKO OR! IFA ONI SHANGO ONIWO OLOKUN ENINI IFA ENI EWE IFA ORUMILA ORAN MALE ISOTAENAMA OKUN IFA IFA OOARA ASIIB I!KE NI LAYE IFA KAFEREFUN ORUMILA KAFEREFUN OLOKUN KAFEREFUN ESHU ALAWANA KAFEREFUN OOUOUWA SONG KUORUNUMJNBARAKUALEKUALAYE KU ORUN UMJN BARAKUALE KUALAYE 0I0RUS ONI KUARE LOKUSIN EYELE ni. The awo this sign muS! never doubl Ibe word and truth of ifa . life in constanl turmoil. You should dress in striped clolhes The ants are bom in this ifa. prohlem wilb people. when there is a strong atmospheric tempest Instead. nis is an sign of food and drink. feeling embarrassed leave Ibe Home. and if tbis perron does DO!. and will constantly have.

so that be could have a. Ibe room where elegna is Iben Ibis goal is Give lo bim. Shango or yemaya. and in order to fix Ibis Ibe awo Mus! lbe ebbo. and iJlnesses and Since 00 one gave any a1ms a11 oftbose penple are my enemies. OrunJa 2 hens. The great transformation of olokun are boro in Ibis sigo ira This is wbere ifa instructed. lhal are Also ceming. You mus! be cafereful lbal you cbildreo don l drown in Ibe ocean In this sigo is bom the need for the aWQ to learn ifa. tbis is Ihe reason wby Sbango is upset with Ibis person and going lo cause Ibis persan many problem Mean you mus! yoko osba. This is wbere !he advonturous dove left bis nes! You need receive your ( idem ) as soon as possible. This penon like lo be mysterious and Uve in a secrecy In Ibis sigo Ibe penon has many mood swings in bis cbarter . This ebo is buried outside in !he patio. he mus! have apelerbi pulan Ibis red necklace Then carry a small goal onher hack. lhal days will wear on Ibeir left hand. on Ibe beacb. Iben receive your ( icofa ) When Ibis sigo of ifa is see. In Ibis beginning wben Ibis sigo first carne out. ( ekele bracelet ) wbo slept on Ibe streets. Sbango lold all oflbe stick wbicb were human being back Iben.Page 170 of 864 # 166 OONTINUATIONTIlEIWORlBORVE -:. !he fitber abandon bis cbilel.. and soon afterwarel. whicb I will know by Ibe Idefa. be was killed by bis enemies on Ibe street In tbis sigo in order 10·Prospor tbis penon need to do ebbo with rooster guine Cbinese Eleguede osun naburu on dun duo and fun fun 3 piece of smoked possum eya com lb. bomo and die. Ibe ooJy ones that be Saved will be your son. has had a lack of respect wilb Shango because Ibis penon has nol give lo Sbango what be has offered. and two bens orunJa Awar coming and everyone mus! pul 5 donar in order lo rombal !he iJlnes. Ibe person mus! do ebbo Ibe same day . inlo.lben play lbe 10llery . so lbal oruola can talce care ofaft oflbis Give lamb lo Shango. to do ebbo..' The p1ant known as &tori is boro in Ibis sigo This is an sing ofbelp and assistance.oflbe person s bome !fa says earth is going to disintegrsle wilb wars. When Ihe awo desire lo resalvo problem . black !fa Ibis persan must Ibe ebbo wilb Ibe c10lbes that!bey have on Ibeir back Iben Everything's is buried. peacefully in it ekele did nol do !he ebbo. ira of pmmiscuity behavior The woman oftbis sigo has had many busband many lovor In tbis sigo. it is Ibe gnardian oflbe ebbo.. This is wbere orun\a and bis wife went lO Uve al Ibe top oflbe Ceiba tJ"ee The twin are bom in Ibis sigo. The sea tomado is boro in Ibis sigo This ira speak of a lack of respect wilb Sbango. and wanled to rontribule excepl for oruoJa Sbango 1011 orunJa a war and bad time are conúng as weU as lempest. Shango Iben do ifa Woman you mus! yoko osha. to give 5 donar eacb. bccau5e in the beginning they were Lacking Ibis knowledge and Ibey did whalever Ibey wanled When Ibe sigo see Ibe person.

This peniOn will 000 up aII a10ne by the end of bis her life • The 8WO Ibis sigo must move and 8way talce care of eggun. !hen the head ofthe rooster. Ihe fea!her soil inside Ihe house.. eku ella and coro. but with the followiog prayer ODUDUWA ERI IKU ONINE AFEFE ORE !KU AGBA ORUN JEKUA ODUDUWA AKUALOSINA ONAGUEDE ODUDUWA ONlBARA NlREGUN When these hens are give to orunla tbis song AGABA ORUMILA ERI BAWA ORI IFA ORl ODUDUW A. and rest Ihe ingredienl Ihe ebbo. ho must aIso receive OOuduwa Olokun osain. Ihen epo. are placed lo oduduwa.Page 171 of 864 # 167 CONl1NUATlON TIIE IWORl OBE You cannot lond anyone money or cloth. must taste them before placing then to the major hand of OrunIa) inlestine oflhe hens. soon as possible or il could COS! you your life And 8WO of orunla or olosha is going lo die within 7 days . is begun. Ihe fealher. is placed over Ihese Internal organs and the awo. and the leave lo filIl from the trees First ebbo 1 hens filIlen leave from differeDl trees stick Ceiba. then the awo. Uy all over Ihe room. bas receive Ibis orisha If no the 8WO must placed Ibis lo Ihe minor band. lhal was marked previously . ua say' that you guardian . and a11 of Ihe olher ingredieDl are TIle lbing !hal are used lo do Ibe second ebbo. and that you nwst bring Ibis orisha back as. are placed the leaves trash and dirt from lomado. wbile Ihe awo is removing Ihe hens Ihe following son !he song" . ofifa . ) eku ella com meal the buffalo and rest the ebbo. must taste tbis offering before placing 11 lo oduduwa or ifa wilh inlernal organs. Ihe fealher. one stone !he see of olokun that bas beeD give an rooster with Shango befor' the obbo. are cooked in separate pols Ihe organos of Ihe hens Are placed on lop oflhe major band. 4 piece the bread. IFA AWALORUN OSA WAYANE LORUN Theo the awo must remove all of the feather fron the hens in front of tbis ifa he must Ihem le!. Dole Ibis ebbo no have ( eko ) and it is laken lo Ceiba. second ebbo. of ifa. iflhe awo.. JIUN JIUN MONANA ) JIUN JIUN MONANA AGBELE IFA JIUN JIUN MONANA TIle inlemal organs ofbolh hens. a10ng wilh yaro salcoehado ori efUn and four piece the bread or eko.from the head oflhe awo this hens is first preseot to oruola them this prayer is recited ORUMJLA ELERI PIN ORUMJLA ¡SOTA OYEYE EGGUN OYEYE EGGUN ONIBARANIREGUN When Ibis hens is finished being gibe lo Ibis hand of Ibe awo. is placed on Iop ofthe stone. give lo Ihe májor band. because if you do your good Iuck willleave you. 811801 bas left you. oya and finally olofin SpeU of!he path ofthe Iand ofEwaye ni ifa where 8 punishmenl caused the wind lo disappear. ceremonies1 hens black. or cko the intesrine ofthe bens oflhe ebbo. soil elese foo!. s ifa 1 hens is presenled To the awo s minor hand ofifa in the same rnanner.

To protect for you po1cer ) This ishe is wrapped up io fabrie n:d. because the river senl a11 of JI s trash. and you don I caro wbat means you use 10 acquire Ihese luxuries. until these days havo passed and very watchful on the way to yoo destination . Ihey do nol favor. cotton.Page 172 of 864 ' # 168 ex»mNUA110NnIE IWORIOOBE Iflbe lWO has olol:un.sbould not lcave unlil a few days baYO passed. Be caferefun of acquiring an ilIoess lbal can take you lífe You havo a tragic situatioo wilb anolber person. !fa says Ibsl you sbould nol join any groups or start up any group. you h<?me lo bao esbu . You and your spouse are each baviog affairs and one oflbe lovers ofyou husbaod i. com and run is blown ooto !bese plants. Ibis paper is sewn ooto the room oflbe plant with . do ebbo so Ibst yoo can clean your path. doing witchcrall in other 10 take him away from yoo. you only orunla can give you Ibe good fortune tbat you so desperately need take gnod care ofyoo aIWn. stay in you home. and wbether orDO! it mus! be buried. river water. 121l0wer of plant Campana wbite Ibis is done at 12 in Ibe aIlemoon. bul 1 forgot lo leIl you wbal yoo bave Ibe power lo throw out anything tbat you I like from. is fi1Ied . fabric b1ack and wbite yoo use amall rooster. and prepared with head twtIe roo! Ibe jaguey. Someooe has a1ready told yoo 10 do ebbo bu! you bave ye! lo do it perform the ebbo so tbat you can have prosperity and stability. you don't have asevere economic crisis tbat could make you lose everything . You are tbiokiog about taking a trip or going on vacation however yoo . Head Ibe rooster. your liCe. water from river s COIIIIIiner.. and yemaya received !he dominioo oflbe sea. into ber waters . male. You make o parado. and roo! Ibe yam. time and dift'erent animal you ask to onmla oflbe animals This ¡s were oIofin dispensed Ibe dominioo oflbe differcnt e1emen!. so she wenl before olofio lo complain. Wilb Ibe general ingredient oflbe person. then Ibe plant are smolbered wilb epo Eku eys epo. and olofin lold ber yoo bave a point. and so lbal Sbango can Accompany yoo and help you win Ibe battle Woman you are or will be pregnant with twin You enjoy the finer thing in life. yoo make S pamJdo in different. gua or Machete in Ibis stru¡¡g1e. you can avoid a situation that could coS! you. . however sbe was nol pies. and ooe of yoo could use a k:nife.. en¡ obi osun cola. Ibis orisba Olts with onmJa 3 daya after Ibis ceremooy Ebo misi oflwori bogbe. 8 popper It drinks rum every Wednesday When you want someoue 10 resolve a problem tbat you bave Take 9 dift'erent plant. oflbe persoo tbat need 10 resolve Ibe problem is Write 7 time on a piece paper. Ibis is placee! in from Ibe el~ Tbe awo must ask Ibe days needed Forlbis spoll. beca" . so tbat io the futuro. so that in this way.

eggun that come between you and m ~ ' Iwori bogbe. in Ibe patio Ibe person bome. The person must talce 1 pigeon ftom the oountry and raise them !bese pigeon must mate and hsve baby pigeon.Page 173 of 864 " # 169 CONT1NUAll0NlHE lWORI 0<lBE Mean you must do an opara1do in order lo remover a female eggun that comes between you and your spouse many problem in you marita1 relation sbip. the awo must do an obbo with Ibe clo!bes he is wearing . and Ibis ifa is seco . soil from ci(y. and the res! Ibe obbo. cannot allow mmselfto gel wet witb rain water. so Iba! Ibis persoos busband can retum home ". then everytmng is talce and burled 11 Ibe beach. and other time. you wife is the one that repels you Woman your busband repel you because ofa female. Ebbo 1 roostee possum soil the ftom bouse. four comer. 1 puppet 1. of res! the ingredient the obbo. does t stay in your borne. soil ftom cemetery.trap . wben Ibis happens Ibis person will be assure<! good fortune and a Stable mamase. Ebbo 1 roostO!'. because Ibis wi11 destroy m~ . so lbat Ibe evil . all Ibe clotbes lbat the person is wesring inle ftom a tomado two heos . The oflbe person lbat is painted red Wben the awo hss plante or an cofa. 1 piece Ibe firewood. 1 arrow . 11 certain time Ibis Eggun cause you lo repeI your wife. Ebbo 1 roostO!'. differem filbric Ibe ebo Ibis is burle<!. Wind o~ Ibis sigo. wind vane Feather Ibe pigcoo and hens.' Ebbo 1 roostO!' 4 piece of firewood 1 pigcon.

until after 7 days have passed after having seen tbis sigo. and sewn together. flies ) ¡nside it secret at the moment tbat it is sealed.'.Page 174 of 864 # 170 IWIRIOYEKU IWORI OYEKU IKAN OKUO OMBELARE OUN YELIlNI INTORlINKAN lE WALERE ALA BURU OUN BATONSHE QUE INKA TO GIRE LORI KOMAWA YQ1E LOWO LOMO NI MlOBORI DAGUE ENU IBOYU BORI MU ADA GUEDE ADIFAFUN IWORI OUN BAn LOFE OKU WO 1l'lU ADJE EIJlBO YEKAWO MOMEMO KUMAROLO AWO KUKU AWO KOMAYA ADIFAFUNEN\I. in .com fabric white . give Shango ron about you that yoo don t want anyoDe to know about do ebbo. is cut up into 2 piece then Each one is wrapped. Ihe earth is picked up and lo do good and lo do eviL rra ofblackmail In tIús ifa !he foUowing orisha speak orunla oshun and yemaya. In tIús sign !he footprinls lhal are made in Ibe earth are born in Ibis sign . The wornan is unfaithful. Someone is going to uncover someth. so lhallhis does I happened . inlo a c10sed moutb. You can not leave ror the country or on a trip. is bom that a woman that DO looger has her mistral cycle can have a gourd of Ibe osain. Talce care ofyourself. The elegua of tbis sigo must have (ive ( lhal do you don I end up on Ibe operating lable for a problem with your urinary tract or ¡ntestine. will never recover • and then she will die. they are placed in From orunla wtúle saying Orumila ¡re Owo Umbo. to the man tbis sisn. vine honey smoker from tobaceos.' Flies Do no! enler. and ebbo so lhal you don I stay nalve and stupid. Be caferefun of contractins.lELLE AFORUN YELEPE ABO EWE KOKO EKU EYA EPO EIJlBO . Whatever you see don I speak of il. Iben play Ibe ashere for him.( com husk . Be reserved in Ibe lbing Ihal you say. and adore all tbis orisba There is ao egguo that has sexual relation with the wornan for whom tbis sigo is see. a venereal or vaginal disease This sign marks an internal hemorrhage or interior bleeding There is a prenda in the home tbat is causing many problems This ifa prolúbits doing the ( rayaminto) ceremony especially ir tbis person is a woman Much money. up in a large. 11te woman you have blackmailed aman that your were with and now he is out to kili . the com cob. you n~ to rec:eive orunla. com husk the com cobs are placed together When they are wrapped in the white fabric. This sign says that you have problem with your stomach and your legs Talce care ofyourself . Ifyou wish to resolve something. The money is very hot. This sign says that the persao s woman is goiog to get sick. you. and pray for him lo resolve your problem In this sign.

Upon you. oDIo osain. clolb. lo Osain. Ebo I moster. Ebbo I moster.Page 175 of 864 # 171 CONllNUAnON 11IE IWORI OYEKU Work for impolence Tak. menstrual blood inIe oflbe bouse. Tbc obbo for ttagedy lbat is coming lamb rooter. with lbat prenda in order to have lbal eggun leave you.. Ibe (gandinga Iiver intemal organo ) of and animals. lhal you must payas . and you have done thing with it without asking th. trap. you usee!. you must I ebbo. you musl ask which. making sure that Ibe blood flown from Ibe perron s pcnis. measure the afthe persan Hea . and in in the cause of Ibe problem lbat you are going through including Ibe health problem. she can avoid any compJicalion during cbildbirth could endanger Ibe Jife ofthe child Bccause Ibe child is an sbiku y 00 have ( prenda) of eggun . Be caferefun lbal days don t tbrow yoo out borne or tire you from work. and the rest Ebbo to avoid being turned into an ¡diot oc imbecile 1 master. then !he goal is giv. KUYE ADIF AFUN ALADO ORUBO EURE LEBO. ths gandinga Tbc bcad Ibe g08l. your are person that has many envious eye. and placed Thcn!he penon s pcnis.. and mush money. aIlowing Ibe blood of!he organs lo drop onlolbe Osain oflbe awo. and fabric. I stick. This ira is of In abiku lwori oyekun. receive elegua aruola alokun Take good caro oshun becausc . that are painted while and red different fabric. a batchct is placed lo oloIrun !hen ebbo is performcd wilb . kaferefun orumila oshun and yemaya. prenda lhat eggun is after you.and you are bored because you are very iIIand are having. and res! !he ingredienl. for cni animal. You enemies do not want you to succeed You enemies want to see yoo completely destroyed y 00 have dobt with yemay.he take good care ofyou.oon as possible You nced to stop being so trusting bccause you lhink tbat everyone is good and honest bul Ibis is simply nOl so . A child is coming because the woman ofthis ifa is pregnant and she neOO to do ebbo so that. much ache . alone Your are having many nighlmare. dilferent color. and rest Ibe ebbo. it take lo a hill thal is very far away IWORI OYEKU.. fabric. many economic difficulties.

for Ibeir own sake Woman you muS! do an oparldo because there i. and of theft Give lhank the twin. an eggun that ifthi. The secret the osain mUS! never be taughl lo woman. male Iike lo Have sexual relations with you and if it is a remale eggun will incIíned you toward Homosexualily . eggun l.Page 176 of 864 #72 CONTINUATION TIIE IWORI OYEKU Be caferefun of losse.

roo! Ihe oyuore ( planl flor Ibe waler ) pepper nikel . Takeleas msde ofcom silk. and Shango logether . reS! Ihe ingrediEbbo.and she is divorced or separ8ted her cbildren will. cmavia voz. 2 rooster. com honey run. or moming dew and on lha! day of Ihe week Th. trap. in order lo win the war Kaferefu Uasun thank lo dreams) You must feed your warrior and osbun You must do ebbo so tbat awo ashegun ola. Ihe person has led a very libertine. soil from house. bUI Ibis person still has many losses Do not belittle anyone or you could have losses. pupper rag. Iba! Ibey !ry lo control Ihe parents In Ibis sign . fabric. Dictale il is covered wilh Ihe thread Ibat orunla determined or wilb Ibe 4 tradilional color You must ask whal i! drinks run dray wine. because you could lose your eyesigh! Be caferefun with things associa!ed with osha beware of necldace tba! are ofo You canoot Iive wilh your eye c1osed. Piece Ibe stick. speak who is a diviner You mUS! haog a white flag in yoo borne. Ihe rooster for reS! Ihe ingredienl nole I~e rooster give !o yemaya . be distrustful of everyone. aahe fabric differen! color. wilh many hollow. becanse they are you sa!vation You must receive osain in order lo win the wars tbal you have because of your children In tIús iía the person has a big war with a palero Do nol es! ( olaa ) 'Ibis is where odi haya. fabric.Page 177 of 864 #173 lWORlORDI IWORI BODE lWORl!FA lWORI OMO. Your enemies used mask ( is a bypocrile ) wth you and does thing behind your Back in order lo destroyed you . lía oflose The body the person is s! must be done Ebbo I rooster fealber pigeon. Be caferefun ofbroken or fracture bones 'Ibis ifa the person will never be !o!a1ly happy because !here will a1ways be problem wi!h The farnily and espousa! infidelity. kelenedio unJo. on both pan If lbe woman have cbildren lha! are of age . lizard money. Protect !he person. Iifestyle in Iheir youlb indulging in extreme fonn of sexual pleasure. always be opposed lo her having anolher man 'Ibis is wbere Ibe ebbo ofthe cbildren is so strong. You need take caro of your vision. YEBE CONGOLE YEBE OSIIANLA ABERE NI !FA OLOKUN BORE BORE . OMO!NA DORE BORU !FA WELODE FI ALAGllEMA BEYERE !FA OSHANLA LORUBO 'Ibis ifa ofthe running ofthe bulls 'Ibis sign speak of (thematador kiIling) Do no! killlizard tbal you see. l puppet rag.

bcwent into ajeaioos rase. puppet rag. !hat ask for it. bindiog ritual on your busband In !bis ifa tbe persoo is baving diffieulty or has problem duriog urination Take carc of your kidneys • . so!hat he can find tbe cause of your illness In tenns of your materials world. of your spirituals guide eggun and orisba. yoo bave msny problern bcaouse. used clothe. abe and Sbango ICX. lifestyle lo stay horne Many time you are in a statcd of absent miodcdness !hat cause you to no! ootice !he Wickcdncss.ica1ly abuse you Woman yoo are vcry elever and you bave many Iovero. you men sagcs .Page 178 of 864 # 174 CONTINUATION 1HI! IWORI ORDY Ebbo I moste< I pigeon. and if!bis bappens you could see yoorself out on !be mee! while otber people . so !ha! tbese entities can bclp you iostcad. your work. What yoo ebbo so tbat spause does no argue or pbys. ) or moster or ossun ) so tbat yoo Do no! die. Opon yoo oye and bcgin to distrust !he people around yoo. arouod yoU You bave a natural bom gift of c1airvoyance. do ebbo before you go to !be OpbthalmologiS!. bcaouse altbough you may 'see like tbe bawks Your vision will become eloudy and begio to deteriorate. bcaouse ifyou pbysically attaek someooe. Be carcful tbat you doo t drown in tbe ocean y 00 borne is in disarray because you prefer tbelibertine. Woman yoo bave done alove. you do not take carc ofyour Own spiritual guide in tbe way !hat you shoold Give I pigeon to your Spirituals guide. Yemaya was !be wife of oriehaoko and sbe contnctcd Sbango lo bclp bcr witb tbe chore Tbat &be bad around !be bowc. you can tell !be differeot betwcen !be people !hat rea1ly love you and tbe people tbat just want lo used you. spend wbat is rightfuUy your . Your busband has a Iot of money. you relationship cte. Whatever is back does oo! tum white. _ whilc otber people take wbat was rigbtfully your I1il osooo. but ratber are ooly tbcre 10 get oometbing from yoo . bcaouse wbcn you leaS! Expect it thcse people are going to bctray. or 10 tbe eggun. You muS! take ¡¡ood carc of your vision. alongs.. I sma11 moller. be cafercfun wben be dies bccause you CouId wiad up On !he. from !he great beyoad howcver. lOil inside !be bome ecu <ya epa Honey ron. but tbe people tba! you are witb are no! witb you. and when orisbaoko Found out. and could vcry likely die. Avoid tragcdy at aU coS!. !be moster is for elegua. IWORI ODI UNRIDIDE ADIFAFUN YEMAy A IBA TINRE FESO OBINI SllANGO • '. ofhinder yoo y 00 are better off and you enjoy tbe better thing io life when you take care. yoo necd to oome down tbe elouds tbat your are in so !ha!. and tbe spirit send . !be sma11 moste< you uscd for aparaldo Whcn finiah you makc rogation!be bcad.ide your spouse in an accident or bcaouse of an infcctious disease You spouse is siel<. ooe for you is going lo die. yoo in your bussines. bu! one daya. tbcre is ovil and deatb. give an ( aya = dos.

when yoo have never say lhal you have Give two bens in the ceme!ery lO yewa. which is an aboormal accumulation of liquid !he body maferefun orunla. is accompanies by eggu. due lo circumstancc i. try lo belp and comfort him unlil his dyi. lbere is dsnger oftheft occurriDg in your business yoo noed lo do ebbo with pigeon whicb are give lo obatala. then a crown witb 16 feather are plaoed o. elegua Sbango.oed lo receive oduduwa. laye. is bom the reason why the person must pray to san lazaro. then lcave au Ibis inside of a grave Iwori koso is romantic person. in Ibis sigo is where people ha e. so that olofin can bless you for Ibis Ibis is!be ifa of!be marcb or bong and wbere the dove feU and soiled himselfwith mud take good care of agayu ifa the parrol lbere is gossip backstabbing and intrigue Someone did nol wisb for you lo be bom In Ibis ifa elegua have 3 faces and is called ( Esbu alitan ) This is wcre people live lo a ripe old age When yoo know never say !hal you know. bul was so perseculed by the other animals. Ibis person is separated lbe from father.parra or plan!. or while you are standing You suffer from a hormonal imbalance!hal causes your penis to shrink In Ibis sigo. lo elegua !be. obatala. Ibis i>erson mUS! batbe with these lcave .01 wanl anythi. Ibis paren! does . and thece is a division oc segregation Among people. an illness mown as dropsy i.g. Ibis is were !be female doves ruin !he male dove yoo have fiiend that is very involved in your life Ibis person has something that rcpcl people plaoed lcave of plant ( grape . bul lomorrow Ibis parents wiIl noed in Ibis sigo.g dsys. and . . bul ratber a bump from When someone hil her and cursed her This person must adore agayu. as 100. mori. This is ifa explains why tbe guinea hen does nol have a crown. !hat he had to le! il go This perso. oloknn and orischao((o. whe.higo.' Ibis perso. as possible. never eal at!be mau plaza. when il is finished il is taken to the fool of a hil~ Tbe tiger stole somethi. life. lig).g lo do with you bu!.vy Iowards !be prosperous business perso. Ibese are Ibe 4 eggun comers ofthe World an rooster is give lo the foot the eeiba treo. wbo defend Ibis person vigorously a candle is lit lo him.INTORI ARUN ABONA OLUWO ABOMEN !FA OMO OWO OYERUN U!YE LENGUE YENGUE ORUN AGBONI!FA INLE LEBO LOKUN OMONIKA -'. . yewa &ti Agallu. he is transported from one p1aoed to anolber This is where people acquire a superiority complex. has • gRal . and lo dsys.Page 179 of 864 1175 IWORIIROSO IWORIIKOSO ONI EWA AGBONI EOGUN IK\J EYEGUES IWONEYE ARUN I!FUN I!FUN LOlJl LEKlJN IYA ARUN U!YE U!YE .

the puppet the 3 head rooster. alamo. in Ihe eirele you pul ( otura obe ) iwori ¡roso) then the oparaldo tinished with the young rooster. Ceather huine. head the fresh ti_h" planl caisimon. oC Ihe house. the head the fresh fish. rag puppet. otber Cabrie red and Ihe lasl one is wrapped in Cabrie black The oparaldo with fabric white is placed in the fiom the bouse. then they are give lo oggun and around oggun then the rain waler is spread over oggun and the awo. coconul and amala. Uanten two hens give lo orunla Then an ebbo. covered Cabrie yellow.Page 180 of 864 # 176 CONTINUATION TIIE IWOR/ !ROSO Ebbo rooster 16 feather 1 pigeon. And the reS! the ingredienl Ebbo 1 rooster . orlhe bome. of the oshun and osun naburu Secret oCthe sign The awo s iCa. tabano. then spread honey Ceather. atiponla. and inea!. differenl stick. the inlestines are removed. . one bay one young rooster is wrapped wilh fubrie while. with all oC Ibis in a large jicara. marpasitico mueh money. two caodle casearrilla. fabrie differenl color. while. Ceather oC hens. and Ihe lhing Ihal are on 10p oC oggun all go lO where Ihe ebbo is supposed lo be. and placed in Ihe jicara . bejuco cochinilla Cactus fruil. the person can avoid losses Oparaldo plaol avericunlo algarobo albahaca. water rain. 9 differenl color fubrie. 3 shel~ romenillo caimilo. is placed inlo 21arge jicara wilh mariwo ( palm frond ) an omiero is prepared with ewe tete. taken An oparaldo is done with 3 roaster takco to 3 ditTerent forest. wilh 2 young rooster. the awo does an ebbo. eveJything Ebbo young rooster. Ihen everything is lake lo tbe river Ibis is done so that. run oggun the third rooster is used. lo elean the person stomseh and whole body while singing SARAYEYE LOKUN LORUN OGUN ALAWEDE SARAYEYEEGUN LOKUN LORUN OGUN ALAWEDE SARAYEYE EGUN LOKUN LORUN The rooster is give lo oggun and lo the ebbo. Ihe one Ibal is wrapped in Cabrie black is placed al the other comer. oC the borne. afler giving the bens lo ifa. head the nutle. eaeh tree comed. are plaeed on lop oC oggun Tbe interested psrty is c1eaned. Note beCore beginning the ebo Ihe head Ihe tish. tbe oparaldo with white in placed al tbe comer. and Ihe resl Ihe ingredienl. is performed the nexl day. Trap. soil from the house.. bolon de oro. crab soi~ rag puppet. spoIIed closing Ibal the person must have on eku ella epo mush money Ebo 1 rooster 1 jio jio. Do ebbo with guíne bracelets. Uanten iguereta. Ihe nexl day . Ihe ritual Ibe Cabrie three baby ehieken. and finally. prays Cor the health OC the person. the jiojio at the door. buffalo meat.

because oven js you have weaIth and tranquility. plant tbe ira. .. Ibe will a1ways have tbe possjbility of having everytbing disiDIegrate This ifa speaks oftbe djsjnlegraljon ofthe organs..177 CONl1NUATION nm IWORlIROSO Two bens. and general weakness due lo problem with your nervous sysIem Woman yoko osba.Page 181 of 864 . determine Ibe ritual.:.. In order you have good look • do ebbo 10 have luck abundance money cbildren ahijados Servant . · : . paraJdo SpeU lO neuIrIlize eggun babare This spirit cause problem because it js dominate by 3 obssesor spirit Ibis js !be paraJdo Wilb Ibe YOlUl8 rooster. Iba! are wrapped up in Ibe dift'ereot filbrie.. You have sbould oever forget about Ibe spiril or Ibe orisba.

ElJlRE LAROYE KASOIEITAKASHI!MINE WARA WARA MI MOROORUMILALORUBOKASllElTAKASHI!MINE 1W0Rl OJUAN! BALE ARAKULAYE KOYIWO n.I! BAU!NDIIFAKOYIWO!FA BALEMBERE ABO MI!II OSAIN EGUNGUN DI!NIY\1 AYE!NA AKOKAN FlWO l1KU I!GGUN TABITANLAWAYI ODO FUN GERI ODOODUSHO ISHU WAYUWO KODIDE. of ( I wori ojuani ) and given adi. and black. lO walk from lb. that has becn give 1 pigcon awo iwori juani must prepared an opon ifa what is made in the shape ofhuman liver lbal only awo uses 10 do bis awn personal ebho . popper. from !he head. Ibey are Ibon p1aced. IWORI OJUAN! OLE BAWASIlEODUN OLE BAWASIIE Wben a hoUow. just as if it were and Indian head dress. the fealher Ibe right wing. Ibe guardian of !behollow. in order. méj~ black. Iben takes a fealber ofbuzzard and placed il in Ihe center of The olber. angry left bis home wilb bis children. To Ibis ifa. The person is advised 10 sing as lIDJah as possible Tbis ifa determines lbal Ibero is a war hetween awo iwori ojuani . soil Ibe forest Inso. mus! use a hal lbal is half wbile and half red with a grecn head incrusted in Ibe meddle. fealber. bedroom lo Ibe from of the door Each. are prepored wilb Cabric head tis&. Ibe puppet yoo made in the wOod bahr. then !bey are cleansed.lber Are wrapped in Cabric white. Tbis sign is in chargeoftaking care oflbe grave in the cemetenes. in ewefa.. is opeOed up iwori ojuani. comino. that has heen prayed with Ibis sign is blown onto these f. in ewefa. eaeh oflbose puppet has il s name ( oyedogun and oyedomo ) Tbis sign speak ofthe com husIc. Tbis is where obatala angry left bis horne wilb bis children and elegua was Ihe one who Tbis is where obatala. head rooster. person closing 111. Two puppet. In order!he ebho of Ibis sign lo work. day. of the awo. sick person is giv.ign i. allowed lo haos from Ibe cuchilla nail Of elegua.Ihe awo. and elegua. left and Ibe tail. was lhe one who . Iben it i. and rest Ihe ingredient. hair) oflbe awo. nexl lo the ifa. a can. iyefa. and 8n (omologu palero) awo iwori ojuani. eku eya com .WARA WARA MI MORO) KASIIE1TA KASHE1TA KASHESIIEMINE WARA WARA MI MORO. the awo must cleon lb. 111e person shoul carry an ivory ball. Brougbt him b""k logether with Iku And moster is give lo elegua.Page 182 of 864 # 178 1W0Rl0JUAN! IWORI OJUAN!!FA WARA WARA MI MORO KASllElTAKASHI!MINE WARA WARA MI MORO PARADI!NA. bacIc and body of!be aleyo Fmm under lb. is prayed beca¡¡se Ibis .KAWORO ro JORO JORO OYUTE IWORI JUAN! LORDAFUNORUNLA MASPEREFlJN SHANGO SONa SU\lllRE WARA WARA MI MORO . are Gathered 10gether.

then another coconut is prepared lwori ojuani must give and rooster. al the beginning of each new year Please 1 eko. so lbal he can open up Ibe road for you . then al nigbt feed this jicara al the entrance ofthe home. oflbis. ifa is hungry and want to eat. or try lo acquire Ihem in order lo give. is list than placed. is a aoss formation al the head ofthe bed. ron. person home. ) 9 popper . so lbal your good fortune does nol leaves you You need lo lower you head and he humble so lbal you don I bave losses You bave debls with yemaya. and plaeed a small drum lo oke To caferefun oran embarrassing situation lbal could cost you your !ife 2 young pigeon for Obatala. Ihen when he does Ibis Give him 1 rooster. Don I be so argumentative and cfifficult. If you raiso give two pigeon.: party lo Ibe twin. if you become sad and depressed. months after the:i mon. is opened on the Iop oflbis cocolDlI then fillec!. is controUed with and Indian coconut lbal must bave the sigo ifa of eggun. Ihen Ibey are cooked wilh fufu amala. Ebbo 1 rooster I pigeon. lo elegua. SO lbal you don I lose your lucle. must bave a ero. is caJled Ibis coconut. with ( seed of maravilla. and rest the ingredienl the roosteryou give lo oriebaoko. cigar. Ebbo rooter. once a month the door and Wmdows. . 1be person must do a drum ceremonies. and rest the ingredient. Avoid any blown lo head Don I argue wilh your spouse.maIl gOal. writhen on then with ori Ebho 1 goal.tb the coconut is take lo the foot orthe Ceiba. 4 COrDel. economicaJly bul you must continues 10 appear happy 010& and you guardian angel. OrunIa is protesting your action. then (eggun alabo oba. you will bave eveD more problems Give rooster 10 elegua. fiII corojo. as weU as thewindows ofthe homo. . Give . Ihem lo bim With Ihe ulmost urgency Your are baving many losses and are struggling. Cabrie different color soil from you hose.. Dress in wbile as much as possible. Ibis coconut is cbanged every 3. painted on the out side a smaJI hole. ) ashe eggun. and eko everyone in the house must ea! some orlbese pigeon. the animal given lo Shango with oke. and alitlle bil of dray wine into the jicara. small rooster. y OUT wife dreamed of orun\a. pay her what you owe Even ifyou become weallhy never despise Ibe poor people oflhe world. can help you overcome your cfifficulties as SOOD as possible.Page 183 of 864 • # 179 CONTlNUATIONnlEIWOR/OlUANI lbe eggun alabo aba she eggun. obalala.larger lo clean the person.

of sboe and the rest the ingredient the ebbo . y OUT pride could caused yoo lo go througb a very embamissing moment Your pride does not a1low you accept the advice of people tbat you consider And tbat advised. lbat you noed in order lo prosper. Ebbo goal. 1 yam. c10thing the person coro. feathe of pigeon. fabric different color And real the ingredient Ebbo 1 mostee.Page 184 of 864 # 180 CONTINUATIONnIE IWORl ORJAN! Due to the action of another person you are in debt with yemaya. feather the guine. different fabric. clotbing soil from ofhouse. soil inside the hoose and from you hause. 1 moster. and overcome your problem . busk eku eya and rest the ingredient Ebbo 1 moster.

the awo must kofibori Ibis persan a head tben. !hen this ston. then Ihe awo. eleans !he persao under the armpits. tbe persan fake as if he she. spits onto !he meat 3 time is !hen taken lo a railroad lrack along with the appropriale. SONGSIJLU!RB. you are not tbe one that we send for Sbango embarTassed and witb a desire for vengeance said. whiIe praying for whalever one desire lo resalve. body In order for the persan lo resalve tbeir problem. ewe ina. is used lo mount and elegua. The virtue ofthe plan! pica pica. wi!h much pica pica. This persan' need receive ( inle agbata. in the forro of an atone. OFUN YBRB YBRB ORUMILA KOIDB ~AWOMAMAAWAO~AWAOAYE. wbere tbe spiril floals above !h.u BERERA OUN BBREYB OUN 11ROLA IYE lOMOOB AVE OUN BERE LOKO uro ADIFAFUNYALORDB BYBBBMBKUN YBWA YOKO VEWA EURB LBBO. derecho. and oever bad lo worlc tbe land ever agaio This is were the oath of oluwo osain. persao must wear a Sbango necklacé -. tbe dance ofveageance Secret lbe sign ) In order lO overcome . tben Ibis meat is smothered witb fiIt corojo.TIMODBSHORO AWO ONIBANALAWO LORDAFUN ONlBARA N1REGUN SIII!YERI! IVA MORI YEYEO 1W0RI OBERE n. secret the elegua Tbis is wbcre elegua. that hang down lo his her. to e1egua. In Ibis sign the persan loses because they have a good beart other people abuse your good " Nature You mus! cbange you way ofbeing and put everyooe in their corresponding position if you. When tbey sen! for yemaya. s ilIoesses from osaín. tbe messeager gOl mixed up and gave tbe message to Shango When Shango arrived Ihey Iold hilO. is bom in Ibis sigo. navel this necklace must have been consecrale 00 the opon ifa. is bom Fiod and bens with very Cew Ceatber lO paraldo tbeo give 2 jio jio lo osain. wbere masks and stilts are used This sign ifa speak of ceremonies of ( adanm omha ) This is wbere tbe spirituals radiations is boro. yoo must take a piece of neck of meal it is sliced Iike a book. which is wby it cannot be left out of !he. want lo stop haviog losses. behind door ofbouse. 1 was also bom lo dance bul 1 will dance. You must give very young rooster and goal. ) This is were dance of ayoko is boro. This sign speak oC lO stooe that is an obstacle in you mUS! give and gOal 10 e1egua in a hurry .Page 185 of 864 Nl81 1WORl OBARA (OBI!RE ) IWORI OBERE UNBEREYAADOKO ADm ADIFAFUN 11MQDE. and !he res! oftbe ingredient. so Ibal his enemies could nol find home This is were orumila thank lo the hospital Iba! be had sbown to osain learned Ihe Secret oflreating people. s home witb ewe pica pica. covered orunla. This sign ofthe still.

Ebbo goal feather pigco. lbal you don I end. lo shun =. meal for oggnn. You bsve friend tbal you like a 101 and are always logcther bul be caferefun . 10 do something lO Ibe head of Ibe persan for whieh this sign is secn should always add some iyefa. logether with Ihe trinket. so Ibsl Ibe eggnn Ibsl is perturbing you can SIOp bolbering this is where orunla gave mueh fealber. \o this ifa iwory carried ms frieod obara. in order lo avoid going insano yoo must elean yourselfwilh fresh fish. Iben placed ( S calabazas pumpkin ) lo her placed lo cocoou! yemaya. orumila oshun . The rooster giv. aod Ibey accused Him oC stealing. two hens Coe orunla • two pigeon roe ochosi. on ms baek wmle Ihey walked by maoy raneh Orchard as Obsra passed Ihe orehards he stole Ibe fruil lbal were in Ihe tree. then live there. Caferefun Ibsl you don'l pay Ibe debl of aoolber perso. Ims is where jealous is bom .pregnancy extra Uterine pregtianey ) do ebbo. with the stone. as a gift give 2 hens yeUow. in from Ibe house . \fu duro ebbo goal. lO your head go to the physiciao because iC il is a Calse. malehed Ihose oC iwori. honey waler of river.. that has becn prayed over in this opon ifa. ot there is a false . yellow. the plant pica pica. then sent to tbe river with mush hooey S egg !he heos. Intori aruo there persoD in you home. And mush money mush hODey. along with anyone else that wishes lo partake oflbe 10 offer of Shango. ecu eUa epo and rest Ibe ebbo. yewa speak in this sigo. ooe stone. Kaferefun. so Ihat your iIIness can lcave you before il gel. because !he Coolprinls tbat Ihey Cound. 1 ball . the hens you cooker. scribble ) I piece Ibe stiek. Cor oshun. is used lO cover elegna. Ebbo rooster S egg. I trap. place S elegned. she has swallowed ogu. or extra ulerine pregnaoey your life can become eodaogered . and placed nen into bis bag.. ama\a i1a. give eal lo you guardiao aoge~ Ebbo 1 rooster. tioware Ibe hens. eko candle. Iben it is lakeo lo fores!. lo elegua Give two hens 10 Obatala. when the owner found out a great scandal ensued andoiwori was arresled.Page 186 of 864 # 182 CONTINUATION mE IWORl OGBARA give Ibe amaIa ila. rooster for elegua. 1 puppe!. fabrie differeol color Ibe animal foe elegua together. soil Ibe house. as soon as possible. and 2 eyom ( rabbits ) are give lo her logether with (Obslala ) woman Ibe persao must put 00 Ibe bracelets of this ifa. aod fabrie for sarayeye. neXl 10 Shango and taste Ibe scalding . that is having stomach problem ir it is a man he has inflammation ir it is a woman. oIaa that is carding 10 Shango in ms container bul before Ibe persan must sil doWD. plant pica pica. lo oshun. and sec. 1 rooster. this persan Ibst become angered is Ibe ooe lruit loses.Shango maferefun elegua . 10 oshun.lbe ingredienl ebbo. and rest . and rest Ibe ingredienl Ihe ebbo. 1 longue from buffalo. tbat was found at tbe frant afthe house this stone is turned into the elegua. al Ibe food of eaeh osha. (1 garabato. when Ibe awo need.

okute. to ayaguna. and carne acro. saved bis life in Ibi. nis i. and solicit tbe help ofShango 10 active 1bis end.. !he pact was sealed before aysguna. witb rooster white and tuttle. Yoo must a1waya take very goOO carc of oggun. !he rooster while was proportioned by yemaya. Ibis is wberc yemaya okute. still Doubting oggun knelt before her and. ask for her forgiveness. dressed in Cabrie black.. problem. Okute arrived she removed necklace and gave il. and !he twtIe. he carne aero. and told bim tbat bad JUSI Happened. oggun. yoo and ne_ blOck you path. asked wbo ale yoo sbe replied son 1 am yemaya Okute your motber oggun said mother from Ibis momen! on 1 wil~ become tbe slave Oftbe entire world. then Ibis is placed inlo!he ( inedoro loilet ) . sigo nis is wberc shnago dressed bimselfwilh leave ofewe (achibata) and puI!hem on hackwards . persoD couId diving or fish. because sbe is your mOlher. and staned lo go after orunla OrunIa quiekly ran out tbe door. so tbat your enemies can t recognize you nis is wbere Shango and osain ate ayapa keke. is a war and you musl do ebbo if you wanllo win y 011 suffer from intoxicalion duo lO eating a foOO lbal is tahoo for you guardia. . tooggun so tbat he could save bimselffrom!he fury ofShango wben they werc sealing !he pacI. her kneel before her and. The masks of olokun speak in Ibis sigo. iyefa !he ligo. bloOO of!he r"""er. 183 IWORlOKANA lWORl NlKANA ADIFAFUN EVA QKUARlN ASIIIRl OKUN OLOKUN OBA OKUN AGANALOPAUlRIKAFEREFUNORUMlLALODAFUNOLOKUN The owner oftbis aign. defend tbe penon. wenllo her hame and bogan lo perform a . a woman lhat told Him her slory. so lbat he can a1ways beJp. ayaguna responded you musl respect lbat tbe woman Ki. let me handle il 1 II take carc of everything. ofhow bad off she was orunla. In Ibis sigo oggun does nOI ea! twtIe. wberc yemaya okute. by osain tbey werc given. and zarzaparrilla ) Secret water eku ella. never go subn. must receive olokun and cannot go swimming in the otean bec<ouse Ibis. and placed tbe oda on bis back and Backside. 10. !hen sat on tbe edge of!he river so tbat Osain couId not recognize her You must cbarge your manner of dress. then gave him. Ibis penon must aIso.. Rogarlon !he head woman. and wben 1 work witb osain o. and gi"" bim two guine. ohatala ayaguna. wbite. wherc oggun had lo accept tbe power ofShango and told bim. froni Ibis day.. wben yemaya. and lold bim. angel nis il wberc tbe planl ( tua tul ) is bom. bu! in tbe woman husband ·arrived be became very angry Because Ihe had spent !heir Iast dollar on Ibis ritual. forward. oggun arrived inlo tbe town and killed everyone Don I try lO Se! tbe world right. because Ibis animal. tbis is your seat. 1 wiU respect you.Page 187 of 864 . nis i. oggun said lo orunla you a1ways want 10 sel tbe world rigbl. you should takeleas made from plant Tua lIJa. Sbango 1 will do so dressed in black 1bis penon does no! know or has bad very little contact with bis her mother When orumila arrived inlO lbe land he was traveling lo. lo pul on oggun Oggun asked who is Ibis woman.. Yoo need receive osain and oIokun. knel oggun. You belp witb your insomnio and ski.

ama11 10 elegua Ebbo 1 rooster I turtI. y 00 have a child in Ibe world that you do no! know Y00 Icnow you have a hidden enemies that is trying lo harm yoo. 8fter 9 dayo it grown. can always remember lo belp you. com cobs. you owe lO Ibem. oribe money !hal. close lo you lhal wanl lo harm you . or in avery rude or wlgar mlnuer.lither along Ibe ground because ofyour economic situation. !ha sometime cause the persan lo act impulsively. Ebbo 1 !amb. This persan must do an paraldo if this oign. aod Ibe res! Ibe ebbo. knif. so that you can move ahesd in life There are 3 older people that lave you very mush.Page 188 of 864 # 184 CONllNUAllON'I1IE lWORI OKANA Ifilsays that the ere carita is planed. aod res! Ibe ingredienl Ebbo I male goal. is in osorbo or Ibe sign speaking harsh because !he person has a very stmng obsessive eggun. 1 fisbing pole. because ofthe money Ibal tbose people owelo you. lO gel logether lo talce your money Away ftom yoo. because your Iife cou1d tü:e a very suelden and terrible turn ' The ire ofthis ira. filbric black water ftom Ibe river. Don t the presenl state of aft'air fool you. Ebbo 1 rooste<. You archive everythiog that you put your mind lO. roceivcd by giving 1 goal 1 rooster. You have"many enemies. Be caferefun !hal someooe daos I try burt you wilb a knife. !he res! !he ebbo. 1 rooster. Ibese people are going. so Ihal she can lesm Ihe lesson oflife and loler come back ood reconclle witb you Listen lO Ibe advice of yoo spause. 1 bens. respect!hem and consider Ibem Do nol mistresl your woman so !hal you don liase you luck wheo she lesve yoo Pray 10 oshun with 5 differenl thing and every onco in o while. rest Ibe ingredien!. 2 inquin. placed something lo her so she. lesve her a1on. fishing book.. You take cace vision. 1 rooster. because you couId haven an accident in one eye. com 2 cooonut. stone. Respectall oflbe religion. bul you do nol Icnow who it is. 1 puppet ng.. Ihere are even people very. ands !he faith of eacb practitioner This persoo will nol appreeiate anything that is done for him her. Do nol oppose yourself openIy lo Ibe relalionship of your children if ooe of Ibem lesve with a boyfriend do no SO afier her and do nol curse her.. 1I slither &long Ibe ground BeCore if o Oowers bloom Be caferefun that you don'l have 10 . ditrerent plan!.

Page 189 of 864 # 185 lWORl OGGUNDA lWORl AWA !. Jaguey. every dealing lbal you have musl be pul down in writing is begun. he will become a babalawo and have bis own town. palnl (jaguey ) This ifa speaks of a man lhal had a tragic argumenl wilb someone lbal resulted in a bloody wound. of oggun because he did not Ask for Shango. you sufrer from suddeo sharp paio io your hesd You mus! placed a piece of (yagua ) bebind you door. 71el\ves Ihe planl amansa !!llapo. to town. is bom Ibe fright lbat oggun brought dOWD lo earth. and it has on ofa on top of it s head in arder to overoome tbe person s enemies Elegua is prepared especial omiero made from sprout . black together Wrtb oggun. ribt to yemaya. 2 candle Mel\1 bu~lii. This is an ifa of coofiscalion . while. \fa speak oflbe missionary lbat goes from town. he can never do so Tbis is where a woman is running after a man.\ nAI eal any mesl lbal comes from a pig. tms missionary is tired and want to rest But siDee everyone is always afier mm to help them. .. . You mu!. Ml!I<q op~dp l young rOOller fabric .'.\ FI. froro. this person will not do ifa in Ibe awo s home but l1Ilher wilb anolber babalawo Obara kekuito oluwo is bom in this sigo Ibe elegua ofthis sigo eat dog. l\1u!T1lya. Pakomi omo agallu ) pakola omo Shango. lbat gave this persan bis awofaca is an son Shango. This is were Ihe first horoal. and Ihe res! 1!i9'ingnedient . ' . only chang~ \h~ IIflÍmal for guine.' In This sign. :: Mek• . . 4 differenl planl coconul .ce ~ pla\o ofpork... lea for medicinal purposes is lIom This sign marks iOloxicaliQI\. \ . lo Ilshun. and with this man. oC contract and tbere are not signed document that will give you the right to Demand Ibe payment lhal is owed lo you.ELE !FA OGUNDA AWABE BORUN AWANIRI LORIN EN! !FA AWO BEHENI AWO KANlBI !FA AWA KENI !FA ORl BAYE AWO ABlWA ABAN! AWO AWO OSHANLA KOKEREYE YEN! ON! BABALAWO OBA N! ALAKENTA ALGEBRA SHE LEBILEGUN OBAYE N! AWO ELEGBAR A. 7 pil'l'" ofyagua. and balher with an ami ero made . an res! se1' \ . when this man saw whal Ibe olber man did lo bim . ON! EGGUN TEN! IGI OGUE SllANGO !NA BI!FA KAFEREFIlN OGGUN YEMAYA SHANGO ATI ELEGBAR A. 71eaves quiebrahacha. SO that you don't have losses later on This is where Shango look away Ihe Oalh of Orun lo Ihe son. + Pafltlt -~. . permission. Ihen lake Iheo Ip Ihe river and Dedicale ll~ litis plfor. ~. The person is a spiritualisl and possibly and son of ochos~ Kaferefun olokun and oggun. If awo. he lunged al Ibe olber man and killed him. yo~ mu!. . Ihem you muSI give hens l hens YOuf ( ojiji shadoW ) because someone Is trying lo Sleal yOuf ~h¡\dow. 7 yaya. professing bis belies but for all OC bis professing he never has stable to settle. and another man is running afier her This persan ükes to have 2 lovers Be caferefun that a man does t kili you for having another man You had another man befare tbis one. your are Dol married This is ifa. . . black.

with !UD then blow it over the head of the interested Party while Ibis persan spinning around then the persan clothes are tom off Wben part ofthe c10thes have becn tom 011.-that he has the pigeon. and cacao.Page 190 of 864 # 186 CONTINUATION 1lIE IWORI OGUNDA E1U AWAYORE BABA ON! BABA OTARABl lKU . the persan mus! bathes with the Omiero. OMABA BA GORI ESHU BAKU OBA YEKU BABAWA ORI ESHU N! BAKU llAKO. is placed into oggun cauldron with the tail feather stinking up. home the individual must throw "way the ebbo far from where paraldo was perfonned hecause this perseo can never agaio visit the same area In crder combat a sick!1ess of the brain rogatioo the head.notr the animal. out of the cauldron. was done in the woods it is left al the rOOl of a palm tree or at tbe edge of a river TItat is c10ses by the opaldo. 3 puppet ras. paraIdo. retum lo the awo. YELE lKU KUAKUALODE ARUN KUAKUALODE OF KUAKUALODE EYO KUAKUALORDE This persan is told lo spin around then Ibis is sung YENYE YENYE NIRE E1U lKU GBOGBO ARAYE E1U KUAKUALORDE YENYE YENYE NIRE E1UGBOGEOOEOKUKUAKUALODELONA The awo mus! liII bis DIOuth. was done in the awo s home. If the paraldo was performed in the woods and the ebbo in the awo. .-> The guine is passed over the persan S head and left at the base ofthe nock wbile Saying Ibis prayed. ifthis oparaldo ¡s performed in the woods the omiero is poured ayer the person Head so that the omiero. with white hens Take care ofwitchcraft or eggun buruku that could benelit you economically but lbat will "Iso. give to elegua Him with the problem. or to the edge of a river. can run down the persan s body the individual must then put on sorne. are placed on oggun. home and kneed before oggun • then eku eya. c1ean clotbes. the aWQ must smother oggun with hODey ron the . the oparaJdo and the ebbo are Taken the foot of a palm tree. necldace stick . ttansmit the iIInesses that will cause your downfál~ Take care of your heart oc wound in youe legs that are caused by witchcraft that you have stepped on. com Corojo. the awo proceeds to do ebbo for individual with Rooster. 7 piece yagua.

heigbt of Ibe persan. because there is someone who is watching you . and activity is causing you lo become impotent Woman you have a very unusua1 menstrual. you have very strong fondoess young Women and are captivated by Ibem Your are very cerebral persan. (babosa silly. ifyou don'l You will have many losse. . ( iodi ) anus. be caferefun when you are out on the street . cycle Ebbo 1 rooster. feather guioe. 1 hens you used for sarayeye for Ibe res! Ibe person of!he bouse.- You must perfonne a rogation on youc head as soon as possible You must take care lo avoid anytbing !hal is associaled wilb Ibe re1igion of palo Mayombe) and do Ibe ebbo!hal ifa has marked dOWD for you 10 do because. and res! Ibe ebbo. mea! buffal. lo place so !hal io Ibis way. Avoid guiog from place. wbo Iikes lO sex iolori. 3 arrow. ebbo male goat. you don t lose your good fortune Ibis sigo. and res! Ibe ebbo Ebbo 1 rooster. 3 arrow.) om arrow ) llap.Page 191 of 864 # 187 CONTINUATION TIIE IWORI OGGUNDA Mean you enjoy romancing and stealing women. differenl fabrie 1 pumpkin. stick.peak of an operation" Ibis persan has bigh probability ofbeing opened up . different filbrie color. small bel~ stick height Ibe persan. 1 rooster.

AWUNKO WEWENE ELEGBAR. This person have a lendency lo lose themselves. made a secret pacI with iku. This sign speak of aD eggun lhat is lave with the person. You must receive ( orichaoko ) Obatala ayaguna the crealor ofthe quarrels. befare giving it to mm it must be cleansed. Ihal lIow. worm parasile letanus. while. This is were (Odua aremu. with an of omiero. with long tail feather to eggun while calling the name of Ihe dead awo Ihat Ihe person dreamed ahoul Kaferegun oggun ochosi obatala elegua. plant maravilla. speak in this sigo Ifa of marital infidelity and separation. lhat orunla instructed Ihem lo known as ( gruye bird ) Speak in this sigo.) ate male goat white This is where the forlc. you are one of the weak one. and comes into the person s bedroom. and live the way orumila instructed them to live Elegua is the owner of the traps and crossroads by mandate or olofio Give aD ekute to elegua. This is where olofin ahandoned Ihe earth . and ¡fyou don t want her to die she must do ebbo This is where the river were liberate and were able to arrive to tbe &ea:. and you must do ebbo. reign over all of tb" ocean t~cb the shores and he. so lhal death would Dol talce his ChildreD. There will be a war and various people will be in a 8fl'3t hurry. ONl IKU WAWA EYENI WOWONl EWE. the plale and the knife are bom Never 101 anyone sil down al your lable with their bands dirty [fa of change in ire tbose cbange are favorable in osolbo those change are unfavorable The rals refuse lo do the ebbo. caru:er. Yemaya mayelewo speak in this sigo.. and due lo their Disobedience. th~ weak willlose Ihe battles. You have debl with (san lazaro) This ifa speaks ofinternal mness. Ihrough the ver)! _ h oflhe ocean lIoor he. The person dies of asphyxia al nighl or because ofthe heart. two gOal. treasure.A OBI ANANAJUN OWUNKO TIBONI BOKUN AKOBA " This is where the goal. The ch. the ( ologbo cal ) chase Ihe them down and kills them . when the people were asleep so lhal he CouId come in and talce them.Page 192 of 864 # 188 IWORIOSA IWORI BOSA ADIFAFUN BABA AYAGUNA ELESE OLOFIN AMEGO OGBONI OLORUN BOGBO AIYE OLOFIN ALAMORERE KAFEREFUNOBATALA LORAFUN OSHUN. In this sign this person must give 1 rooster.human place traps and poison. so tbat she C9uld become the merchant ofall of bis. don t have los ses Vou onIy have one daugbter. agreed lo a1ways infonn iku. in your home. ofthe bones. in thls arder lO kili them aU this because the rats refused to do ebbo. stayed as Ihe owner. at night to have sexual relation with him her Mean this eggun is going to cause you to have a sexual dysfunction. You must give goal lo elegua. Ihen wrapped up in fabric. orlhe water. so you. This is where olokun gave yemaya. IWORI BOSA ADIFAFUN OJUGBONA BOSA BEREMI AWO ELEGBAR A. chose to stay with yemaya a mayelewo. you must do oparaldo. In tltis sigo a rat is given en to osain. You cannol have any goal.

Page 193 of 864 # 189 OONTINUATION TIIE IWORl OSA This person will die of a heart condilion or of a cerebral hemolThage Ebbo female goal. you drink a tea made from plant tapa camino. you will have a tragedy with her family and have many losses. plant piñon botija. planl boraja. You want to no know why you are having so much trouble sleeping Be caferefun oflheft and betrayal Vou have a weapon (knife gun) that you are thinking ofusiog &gainst someone that is causing you problem. and rest Ihe Orunla is the only one that can save you. When you ate going to have sexual relation with someone.( etubo gunpowder l soil from you house. you could suffer from a suffocalion Ebbo 1 rooster. with the police Vou body hurt and your personal affair are mess Vou want to ron away with a woman. 1 lrap differenl fabric cotor. An Oparaldo is done with the hens white and differenl color fabric. Tbe palh ofthe deceitful olori. 1 gourd fabric wbile. where Ihe following sigo have heeo painled. pay Ihe people that you owe. tbis infucion is also used 10 \real Ihe infected area oflhe skin. after the ebbo the rooster the gourd is given to elegua. in Ihe wood . or io Ibis absence lo obatala after Ihe ebbo two hens are give lo orunla. for obatala and shango. do no use il. oggun ochosi and osun. avoid doing so on an empty Estomacl!. 1 eko. Oue to matters of money could curse you and you could lose your luck your health and Even your life. after Ihe ebbo Ihe female goal.. 1 jicara. or you will have many problem. otura obe. irete iguori "J . and red ( ada bal l one knife two inlcing 1 trap. And res! Ihe ingredieol. Ihe hens. Place meat to oggun. and Ihe weaker oflhe two is goiog tO. 1 eka. 1 rooster. because you couId fall dead on lop of 8 woman dulo to Ibis very tbing . so whal Ibis does not happened lo you Halfofthe populalion is tighting against Ihe olher hall. Ebbo 1 goal. and ( akara bread l Tbe awo talce in jicara. must nol no killed until 16 days Wheo give it is give lo ( oduduW8 l. whén Ihe ebbo Is talcen lo it s proper place. Ihe obe Ihe planl and olher iogredieol oflhe paraldo. The skin problem. battle tbat are coming because you are on the losing side Iflhe head oflhe farnily is an elderly persoo. ceremonies. eku ella epa mush money. ( akara. and iwori o~ the paraldo is performe then with tbe obe the hens is cut into Piece one is placed into Ihe jicara. huI her family is opposed lo your union. The ebbo with wlúte rats . Ibis person should be caeeful wilh a legal or police. \he other hens is used for an Opara1do. and mush money. Ihe person will talce Ihe ebbo. bread ) different food. You must ingest as little salt as possible. by washing this arcas wilh this infusion. and olher is left nexl lo where Ihe ebbo was dropped of Due 10 a fiigbl or strong impressioo. lose arm yourself with the attribute or power oftrus religion so thatyou don t lose the. Ihe rooster. plant salvia. rooster. matter that is goiog to preseot itself. honey. Someone is goiog to·invite you to a pany where your enemies will be waiting to harm and betray you .

because there CCMJld be a separation . yourself3 days straigbt with graiDS of a11 types epo garlic onion money then Everything is placed undemeath a tree of planl frondosa • Give two guiDe hens lo ( san lazaro ) with the res! of the ingredients This ifa speak of debts with ( awuo san lazaro ) lhal sbould be paid as saon as possible Don not become disobedient..Page 194 of 864 # 190 CONTINUATION 1HE IWORl OSA You wish something or make a decision concerning 8 woman or a children Be caferefun with excessive pimples or blackhead on you body Give thanks lo obalala.. so that you don t have tosses Vou must treat your spouse well. orunla and lo oggun el.

..1seared or sense danger.. need to do ebbo Tbe ir< tIús ira is acquired by dong an ebbo... clean him!elfwilb Iben while Invoking lb. or accidenl because you are froquenl dangerous Plaoes and could have an accideot or go lo jail You suffer slwp pain your head When you f. legal problern. a stiletto a machete an IX Beware oflbe polioe. i. 1ms persan has sixth sense that is very bigbly developed and wams Ibis persan of impeding danger. yellow. ) in order to reach one s dreams and desires which io. a knife. havo many problem mueh gossip and a 101 of ruso a<:c:Usalion around you Don l listen lo gossip aboUI your opouse. don l forget Ibe rooster for elegua . that are Iater give to . a bouquet offlower. becauso every tinte you do sbe becomes iII the reasoo is lbal sbe is the woman of olofin and in order to be with her you. whete lb. yam.. do no! continue lo where you Wete going bul rather find a plaoed lo bide uoti! Ibe danger subside. 1ms persan po. and Ibe plant maI""8a gOl into an argumeot The persao mus! tak.. that must do ebbo in ordor to avoid death Mean yoo are going lo baYO a grea! deals of food fortuned wilb Ibe woman lbal you are living with and a blessing of money and childreo wil1 sooo be your . then place lbem 00 top ofan ebandooed grave y 011 havo woman and are unable lo have sexual relatioo with her. a runner or a jumper. bul Ibis· gift i. lost far being loo curious. 1ms persan tikes lo huot In tIús ira Ibis persan must receive ( Odd. IWORI BIKA ADIFAFtJN ORUMILA IWORI BOKA BOKO ADIFAFtJN ORUMILA ADmELEBO BABA BOKA GUNUGUN ASHABA GAGA GUNGUN AKA ASHABA GUOKO ADIFAFtJN AU!YO mABA GUOKO BABA GUOKO EMiU!U! DOMIYE DOMIYE ASHABAU!DB AFATA PINA BWE BPDELEBO 1m. This is an ifa oftheft and decomposition. Tbere is very sick persao io your home with ches! or stomach problem. wilb S heos.. ca1m your self and anaIyze Ibe reasoo behind !he gossip that pcople are leDing you. name oflús ancestor. of ane s moral character This ifa is marked by iofidelity aod stomach problem Tbe male visilor try lO sleep wilh Ibe wife and Ibe female visilor try lo sleep wilh Ibe Husband y 011 death could come due lo jealous or becau.oshun. and a good . should receive osain.Page 195 of 864 1191 IWORI IKA (BOKA) IWORIIIOCABUKOGUNUGUN ASIlAGBABOKOBOKOADIFAFtJNENlLAYOEBA BABABAKO BABA GUSIIOMI AFEDU MUYE ASIlA NI BARA YEDI!YB AFATA pm ANASI ODABATANI AFEDU MUYE ASIlE NI BABA YEDEDE AFAllpm . lo havo a borne. A wnman lbal you scomed io Ibe pasl is today your enemies and sbe io goiog to causo you to... to Ibe cemetery.pouse Iftlús persao iJ addicted lo gambliog he she. in orderlo bave a great deal of !uck in game of changer or business . you want revenge 00 an unfaithfullover 1ms tragedy will come by way of a while weapon. an abilily or taleol with lhe fee! he sbe is a daneer. so that you can avoid lo.

and res! tbe ebbo Ebbo 1 rooster 1 silly. You woman treats you witb utter disdain Ifyou catch your woman in tbe act ofinfidelity. Once tboro was a woman tbat was rejected by orunla and this woman. or you will die in Prison and be full ofregr~ In ire is coming by way ofwoman or an ahijada. she went so far to say tbat oruola bad camal knowledge of olokun wife. treal her we1l so that oshun can aloo give you blessin&. tbat is scared. bogan to spread many lies about him. feather ofheos. different fabric.Page 196 of 864 # 192 CONTINUATION TIIE IWORI IKA IWORI AYOKA ASIIESIIOLA OMEYlGUO OLEDDO You bave 210vers your are in danger ofbaving many legal problem because oftbis Give l rooster to e1egua so tbat he can open up tbe roads for you IWORI BOKA OKUMBI SHAMIJRAKA ADIFAFUN LAIMA DUO "' Your are good business person and you are. mede was so loud and deafening. was attacked by a sparrow bawk . He tbat live by tbe sword dies by tbe sword Be careful with you woman because you leave yoor horne another man eoter youe borne. I bat. in tbis way. 1 bat. bU! tbe pigeoo. Ebbo 1 goal. You cou1d be tbe victirn of a slander by woman that is holding a grudger against you have patience and do ebbo so that you can avoid any losses . ololin sent messeoger te bring back orunla. soil from you house. one piece tbe (yuca root tbe tree ) 1 stone. or lover of your friend. eat the foed tbaryou bought and enjoy tbe fruits Of you labor. lstick from you house. coDSWItly on tbe move but tbis causes a lot of envy and jealous around you. don t kili her. any problem. olokun and he retreated into bis ahode al tbe bottom oftbe sea. you betieve that person is your enemies but lbe opposite is true. 1 roester l trap. l trap l cbaio. so that in this way you can avoid. 1 ra~ different soi~ different fabric. 1 piece yagua. Ebbo 2 roester. different acheses. do ebbo so lha! everytbing can remain Hiddeo. tbat !he perseo " has never bad a tbought about barming you Ebbo 1 roester. Note the woman tbe sign sympathizes and fall in love with tbe best mend of her husband Woman be careful you don t become impregnated by your husband s best mend If you husband !inds ou~ he is going to kili you. Vou have declared war on a persan oc you are angry with someone and you have isolated Yourself from the person foc no good reason. when olokun found out he went straighl te olofin s bome te complain. To bave sexual relatioD with your wife. much money Ebbo 1 roester pigeon 1 bal. orunla was exonerated from the false 8Calsations. There is someone that is trying to sow the seeds of enmity between you and another person in arder achieve a nefarious end Always remember to respect the wife. Patb oftbe messeoger pigeoo. soil four comer.

oo·lbe olber side oClbe opon ira. bul afler 7 days have Passed. Cabric wbile an planl . cyslS. from Ibe persao s home TIte roan Ihe sarne ebbo. ) Iben this is placed lo yemaya. orunla whal muS! be done wilb be done wilb Ibe aras. lbal would be oeXl lo impossible lO gel out. are placed around Ibe home oClhe interesled parry TIte awo. !fa Core sil in your home and wail Cor you good Cortune lo enler. !he awo spreads SOrne iyeCa Ibeo Wriler Ibe sigo oC ( iwori OhUpoo.Page 197 of 864 # 193 WORIOl1UJPON IWORI BAlRUPON EYEUl EKO ON! GUBRE VELE ADAKOY EYEUl LEBO OWUNICO ELEBO MAFEREFUN OLOKUN ALA ORIIMlLA ATI A/. Tbis persan should nol gel loo much SUD. The Ebbo must to have wing the rooster inside the package. and placed in Ibe ebbo . Secret Ibe sigo Cor resolve problem. lbal lives inside oC Shango s container TIte awo. Tbis sigo speaks oC clemency afler many Year. bUI wilh 2 pigeoo. this causing you lo have insomnia and problem with your nerves. lamb ) Ibis bewilchmeol drove bim lo Kili Ibe oba. Iben pul in Ibe necklace oCShango An ishe ozain lo protect ) oC Shango is prepared. Tbis is where orunla was bewilched by Ibe ( abo. Ibe head wings. you drearn oCmany lbing lbal come from Ibe olber would. and tumor. aIlil stone .) then !he opoo ifa is covered wilb a tri colored clolb lbal is halCwbile halCgreeo around Ibe edges (yemaya) is Iben placed 00 10poClbis!he 8WO performe Ibe ebbo and SlIcrificed animals lo yemaya. and Shango logether. wilh rooster varnish . Tbis is where yemaya f1ew. You must do ebbo in order you must as possible. send Olokun and ebo chure. ( eleguede pumpkin ) 2 hens Honoy candle. Ihen wrapped in Cabric yellow. as well as showings. bean are cooked wilb blood. oC Ibe Iand. Ibe ebbo is wrapped in blue and red Cabric. Cabric differenl color. with a metal pipe. take 2 rooster Ibe color. should a1ways bave bis head covered.strip oC Cabric adhesive tape obe ada Resolve problem in Ibis house. these wing must. logetber wilb a ripe banana meal buffalo. TItere is on tranquility al night. give lo elegua. First Ibe awo painIs !he rigbt haIf oC an Opon ifa with Ibese colors wbile blue yellow red While green and blue. due lo Ibe strength oCber wing Powdered com. move from where you tife because there are many negative spiritual Corce in your home. This sign come of osolvo. oC moster. is performed. making a small bu! proCound wound io !he king skul~ TIte persan DUlst c1ean bimself quickly.. muS! ask . Woman unknown illness fibrosis. and Cealber. You have a weak sexual drive Tbis sigo speak oC fralernal or identieal twin . Take care your breasts Osorbo eyo orubbo. give lO moster lo yemaya. and il would Be easier lo move during Ihe day. and ( pato duck. be smolbered wilh candle wax.EYO KAFEREFUN OLOKUN In this is where !he illness known as malaria is boro. piece Ibe ( porle Iard ) and black oye.

talce 21 stick lo scralch . your strong cluuncter has been the cause of many. For diffiallties. . 2 coconut. two cocoout. Ebbo 1 rooster. You have problem with you live or ex. !he awomust ask oggun Ifan ( ishe lo protect ) is prepared wilb !he stick !he eku eya fui Corojo coro. and all futh 7 nodes. !he ( lhe protect ) is sprinlded with much money. Ebbo elÚ problem. araye. or Ihrown of a place that you frequent. eku ella epo. 1 piece cascarrilla.. in placed on top oflbese stick afier 21 dayo. Talce sugar cane. eku ella com scratch cascarriUa. honey talce Are talcen lo !he railroad Irack.Page 198 of 864 # 194 CONTINUA110N THE IWORJ O1RUPON This sigo speak of!he division ofthe orumila MOR! EBBO MORI EBBO AKASAIIA MOR! EBBO MOSIIB KAFASJLI! EWO ARA KOFIOOGUNIBOMEKOEl'AOGUNDAKOFlSHETOOKUNJEYl!U!MBERE KOFIS/IE'IE OBINI OKAN KOFIDAN KOFURJBALE KUIE KUIE Kar<lNlSl1E ORUNMILA OrunIa is !he only one who Imows whal he is doing ORUMILA ELERIPIN Al1 KEKERE SHOOMO AYBYOOGU llNLO His thing occurred quicker Ibat an !he res!. 1 roster. is all ioto 4 piece Ibal are FiUed with eku eUa and honey!hen the interested party is cleaned wi!h !hese !he 7 nodes Are given 10 !he interested PartY so that !he penan can throw them belúnd lúm and io t1ús Way leave!he araye helúnd. (haIf red and halfwlúle ) A wlúte cart 10 obatala. and when he desire it !hero is no witehcraft SpeU agaio !h. You hav'. Ebbo 1 rooster silly. Ibat has suffered the most. disastTous relationslúps of a11 !he bro!her and sister in you family. two candle.. only fanen in love once in your life. and wrspped in purple fabric. you are by far the on. plant Ihe ifa to dray. !he res! of!h. small cart. You desire to achieve thing that are almost impossible to achieve . and rest Ibe ingredieot. you cover!he casserole!he oggun. feather guine . can. and only one lbal has wanted to look afier Ihe needs ofyour mother. You should nol abandon yourselfbecause you are in danger ofbeing evicted from your borne tire from your job. blood tbe goat Ibe elegua.cessive &cid in you stomach • which could produce n gastric or peptic uleer .

and each day he must Study one sigo. The awo thst does nol occupy bim self wilh studying ifa. logether.::: You childreo need receive orisha ofthis religions remember lO a1ways love your cbildren Equally lo avoid any sibling rivalries Yemaya a has your road closes give two rooster. the awo take the seed ayo and give them two hens. is very close. Iben lake a11 Ofthis lo her home in Ihe ocean. coconut. of ifa in from lo oruola wilb 2 candle lil this is Ibe novena of oruola so That he can see thst is studying each day. afterward. Ibe seed are perforaled and a strong pieces of sting is run througb all of Ihem. awo iwori ouupon use trus necklace wben he feels iII or wishes to resolve a particular issue . studies I sign of ifa He must placed I seed of Ihe planl guacalolo. has many losses and is losing bis ashe The awo Ibe sign must placed a book of ifa in front of 0run1a.lo dealhs. in from this ifa. remember lo place green and yellow beads in between each seed of plant ayo. unlil he complete a11 oC Ibe 256 sigo oC ifa. añil two candle. each day lhal Ihe awo. when this is achieved.Page 199 of 864 # 195 CONTINUATION TIlE IWORl OTRUPON . wilb together wilh his ifa.

ehomisi witb plant abure and it flower. and elegua plaot zapote eku ella epo soap mush mooey In !bis sigo is boro tbe ceremooy of sprinkling water inside!he wing oflbe hens!hat yoo sacrificed to orunla thi. with S bread. Plam the sigo mejorana. S different offer. ADIFAYOKO KANFUN ORUMILA AYE OMO OLOKUN QMALOBORUN INTORI OWO PIPO LODAFUN OLOKUNIKE GUNLE OFO LERI LAITOSIIE TIte pencn mus! have bis her. This sigo marked by 10 exchanged ofhead between two family members For ire and good lock You must have a duck inside the home and allow it to dirty everytbing in it the perseo Must then clean everytbing up without protesting. guacalote.Page 200 of 864 1196 IWORlO1URA 1W000TURAELEBAR.¡ OMO 00IC{j LAlSO OlUSilA Yewa speaIc in tbis sigo. to oya. múst be give quicldy Ibe plant. so that you caot prosper The oyster only opeos up it • montb to cat. y 00 must take good caro of your woman Ceremonies must be done the rainbow The awo ofthis ifa must have a sun a moon and a star made ofpure silver. ) 10 iche ouin lo protect. You must performe eeremonies to oshun in the rive with 5 son oshun To assure tbe home. zapote.ALOMIFUNORUMILAKEOl1NBI!YAWOAYEOMA OLORUN E QEINI ISHE APE'I1lRIII ATAWO ORUMILA INTORI OWO PIPO LORUBO IWORI TURA IWÓRllUI1J lUI1J. is prepared with a doll or puppet Place wbite Iilies to orumila and keep your boosed clean You should use a vcry straight cano. and placed it ioto. ceremooy y precedes Ibe ocremOnies ofthe fealber this SuDeres song ) OLU NENE lUI1J NENE OLUNENE TRUI'U NENE BIINAKlYO AWO RORl OLU NENE lUI1J NENE INANKIYO NIPA ROM! ORO NIKI Al((jj(O Al>ií! OOU. Ebbo two rooster. possum Oflbe bankJ of a river!he moster one for ( olokun) and other for elegua. Be careful of accident in tbe home or on tbe stree! Have a party for tbe neighborhood leids and foed oshun. and tbis pencn must have her in bis bere bome TIte person must have !he catbotic image of our lady of Ibe forsaken ( yewa ) in bis ber home and place an offering of flowers and caodle to her Offer to oshun. Your head couId trip over your fee! You have a problem with your left Ieg. head washed with ( oshe. Don t taIk too much so you cao avoid a scanda! . You cannat batbe with anóther perSon s soap. TIte sick person must undress and he·covered witb an ashola wbite Place plant we ayo. bis major hand of ifa. sen! 10 ccmetcry and placed on top of a grave. soap ) and an (" eku jutia . for %kun .

then the column. 4 ofa Ihe following herbs must he collected planl ( Canulillo ) planl lIerba guinea. ponasi. color. billing bim in Ibe enemy feU lo. and a piece of Ihe rope. that he frequenled when agahani deer . differenl an rest1he ingredient Ihe ebbo. 4 candle must be lit on top. Shango accepted a challenge from berry strong and powerful enemies lbal lived in !he plains oflbe town. you could lose your head and destroy your happiness Don I fooled by Ibe apparently downfallen person. may enemies upside down so that the can never do any harm to . a column is situated over the mat. down Ibe bill and cut. Shango climbed up a bill and was ahle lo see all oflhe movemenl of bis enemy he placed an slones inlO a sling and Ibere it al bis enemies. Ibe person must surround himself with beauliful and Precious lbing Place a CI'Own made of 16 feather lo orun1a Agbani deer ) was very curious and busy body one days . siempre viva. si on the column the awo. and wraps. strolled aloóg Ihe path he Heard Ibe sound of a cricket and bogan lo search for ea!. them the interested party must. before Ibe aboye ceeemomes is rea1ized on 10p of Ihe bil~ lake A chain and hang an stone and Ihe following talisman from il. hair deer. and the talismans tbe persoo must feign as ir he she. of a whíte plale until 16 candle. Ibis was how bis enemies Destroyed bim Avoid being curious and a busybody in a alfair lbal do nol conceen you. stone. verdolaga. then with fabric white. I trap. Shango look advanced and elimber . Ihe wax is collected and. curujey. the awo must the hand this person the chain with the stone. unbebolo. ·prepared a trap for bim on one of Ibe road. Ebbo I rooster (one onda wave) I pece Ibe yagua. yagua. coralillo. alipoola . ) I stone. down Ibe bill shaving of Ihe. !he trap and fell and broke bis fool. two take 2 com cob. Ebbo 1 rooster 1 trap. In a momenl of rage. and rest Ihe ingredient. bis enemies s head off Iwori otura. The person must climb a bill and Ihrown Ihe ( onda wave ) logether wilh Ihe stone. this is done while saying in the same way tbat I tum this cotumo upside down I also tum. are lit. horseshoes. Ibe ground and 1051 consciousness. then the COIUDUl is tumed upside down onto the mat and the ewe that was collected and placed on the mat previously.Ihen a mal plaCe<! over tbis circle. and mashed logether. While looking for Ibe cricket aghani placed bis fool into. Ihe awo make Ihe cirele wilh cascarrilla. Ihem wilh threads of differenl. the interested party rise from column. are placed inlo Ihe ebbo. bis enemies. wben Ihe candle tum oH.Page 201 of 864 #197 CONTINATlON TIll! IWOtu 0TIiI<A Orunla says lbal sU of!he beauliful and precious tbing an: coming your way In this sign in order receive !he ice. IS an unhappy person. is going to throw the $lones loward each posilion ( north 50uth ) easl west) and very lime he feigns Ihal he is going lo throw the stone. and wrile Ihe sign ( iwori otura) inside . algarrobo. ewe tete.

different stick. ) and saw his own ifa ( iwori otura ) io whieh ifa lold him your. by cnvy. of you bounty 10 ( oya ) Shango did as be was IOId. penelnlled you body. ) SHIT.EKUN ENI LEfU. ORUN ARA AILOKUN ETIRE lTERIRE SHON SHON LONA IT. give lo pigeoo lo Ihe font. no so fur the other orisba whosc crops did no! thrive domioated.EKUN SHIT. and he reaped a very bountiful harvest. is Ihe reason for you losses and you must do ebbo wilh pigcons. Ohata1a Ihen said Ihe only Orisha lbal can save you from your illness is osain you musl Malee a pact wilh him in order for your strength 10 return • if you do nol anly will You nol resalve your problem.m person and what is the reason you are having many losses.. wcnl 10 look for osain while singing this. offer a basket. one ofthe com cobo is taken lo the foot of a Ceiba tree.. EocoUDIered ( obatala ) he did as he was lold • Ihen obatal. you are very capricious. going 10 diminish completely until you wil~ be utterly usel.Page 202 of 864 # 198 CONl1NUATION nm 1W0RI aruRA To me. Mosawere gave Ihem while singiog this sang SHIT. Mosawere awo iwori otura live in Ihe land knOWD as land loo and a1J of his road. he will Iheo lell you that you need lo do in order lo prosper . went before olofin lo complain about the clisparity ofthe harvest end accused olofin of giving Sbango the best parcc1 ofland. casserole.EKUN ENI LEfU. . IOld him. caprieiousn. in bed.afier perfOtme Ihe ehbo mosawere. 1 lizMd. W8S scc whieh IOld Shango. mosawere awo bogan angry ove Ibst obatala told him and he did. your affair so that you don I havc loss. And the reason Thst illness has.. other orisbo. nol doo want obatal.. en give Ihem I To obatala.. talce two pigeon... different Cabrie color one piece the banana treo.E OSAIN KAFEREFUN OSAJN OVA ATI OBATALA . s container • 01060 gave pared of1and lo eacb oriha lo cu1tivate govem and Uve 00 cach orisha cxccpt Shango bowcver wem 10 see orunIa and this sigo ifa. He did and lo (rcad. bul your sex drivc i. s situation bogan lo wOI>CD ono days. stump fabrie. when Ihe awo.. and for bciug so obcdicnt he is now reaping Ihe reward ofhis good Fortunc Placer ere red 10 ( aya ) You should coosull with ifa regardiog. said lo do ShortJy afier mosawere.( mesan nine ) julia fish fal carojo. IWORlroRAMOSAWERE AWO AWO INLE LANA TORI OLUWO OSAJN ADIMOWO KOBELEFO IÍASUN KABELEFO lMALE INLE LANA TOR1 TI OSAIN TI ELESE NILE OBATALA SHON SHON LOMA OVA NIIWORI roRA MOSAWERE AWO UNSERO ISILETE. turtle. Closed oya prcsent herself before him and said lo him. Olofin loId them eaeh ofyour planed wbstever carne 10 mind. use your pareel ofland lo plant ( ere ground ) pupua Red ) and whcn you reap your harvest. end and Ihe otber 00" logetber wilh Ihe ( onda wave ) is plaoed inside Shango. bu! Shango was the onIy ono that • Consulled with ifa.

and afler Ibis mosawere s economic physical and spiritual situation changed for rorever MAFEREFUN OYA OBATALA ATI OSAIN ELEOBAR. went lo visil olokun. oftbe roreS! wanted 10 get. olokun asked elegua where his daughler aye was And elegua repUed .inlo Ihe lroe and eal all of smaller insects. twisted roost of planl ( a1amo ) bUI Ih. &om DOW OD 1 will rospect and Listen 10 many e1der osan conseaaled him in bis secret. bul Ibe was never able lo have stroDg chiJdren one Day eleguo. and 1 will a1ways talce caro of you aII. linds her within Ibe bollow ofhouse Ibe iIru. to live was !he one who gave osain permissions. where ifa lold thero. a11 of Ihe animals ) of!he earth ) Uve in rotten trees and holes and froro. ) Ebo misi with omiero mejorana. and il s f10wer . There was once a hollow. who a1llived on lbe beach Thi. lbal momenl on ( elegua osain and y. lo eleguo. when lbe Insect gave Ibe rooster. &om lbal momenl on (bogbo eschichi. one days the Iarge animal. olokun senl Ibis daughler. okuad. Uve in Ibe on Orumila besan lO prosper and became very weallby and had many strong children NOI. is why the ocean s wave announce riches as weII as death and destruction Orunla besan lo live in olokun s horne. abandon the ( treo tabaikan ) and come and lived. fearing for Iheir Uves Ibe insects weS! lO see Orunla who saw Ibis sign. levantate. (tree lobakikan ) lhal was home lo many differ. as long as you wanl bu! if lbe larger animal . up 10 Ibe earth in orderlO deliver many riches 10 olofin s crealÍon. ti)' lo devour you. LAITOSHU Wben olofin order the aanon of man. ohe is living on earth wi1h orunla from that mom. aya who was very homely. and forgot oboul olokun and he daughter aye olokun fecling despised by man prom ply.wa ) are the most ardenl defender of Ihe awo Iwori otura ) Yewa is the INe owner of!he ( tree tobakikan ) because . do ebho and call Eshu Okuad.Page 203 of 864 R199 CONTINUATION nm IWORI OTURA OBA NILI! LELE OO'OIU ARUN MOSA WERI! AWO OBANILI! OSAIN Wbeu be found osain be gave him moforibale and said. he said lO the insect. the man prom ply. she was a1so Ibe one who raised elegua okuade in !he hollow of house iIru and yewa ) lives wilhin Ih.. hauled the treasure on Ibeir back.A LONIFUN ORUMILA ICE O'l1NBEYAWO AYE OMA OLORUN OBINI INSIIE APETERBI ATAWO ORUMILA INTORI AWO PIPO LORUBO IWORI OTURA IW0RI1lJTOlUTU ADIFAYOKO KANFUN ORUMILA AYEOMO OLORUN OMA LOIIORUN INTORI AWO PIPO LODAFUN OLOKUN IKU GUNLE oro LERI. the persen must receive olokun. oflbem had differenl ideas and convictions Thal treo was aIso Ibe home of osain. bul each on. went after the men. wilh me in lbe insect such as cockroaches worm fireflies. rood This persen must have osain oya and ( eleguo.

Ebbo to overcome. also dirt from cemetery frem hill. and tbe awo must also save a bottle ofthis omiero. in order to perfonne a rogatiOD on elegua. the center ofthe wax. to oshun in tbe river witb 5 son oshun . to live with her. represent death) 1 small chicken. 1 egg. sand from a beach. treo. soil from the house and 3 comer and rest the ingredient . make the small hole. coconU!. is tbe dtessed in fabric yellow. together witb valious ofa and spears . !hat is going to be performed ( witb coconut and water) if it say yes the jio jio is give to the stone. finally the stone is. I ( ayambeco ) dog ) is give to both casserole. lead. talce one internode's of ewe bamboo. water mercury. illness maje goat. ror later use take two casserole vnite the sign ofosain with purple chaIk inside oC each casserole. candle wax . 4 comer. 1 trap. 1 rooster.the awo then asks if finish. 2 eandle and the rest the ingredient. into the words he then finds 1 stones small. was so appreciative !hat he helped tbe mare turn into a beautiful and robust ho. the awo prepared an omiero with many different p1ant. soil from you house . elegua bad no placed to live so the slept wherever he colud (ofliJn) s mareiiked elagua and when she was give a stable to live in. in one end then fill with ocean.Page 204 of 864 #200 OONTINUATIONTIIE IWORJ OTIJRA 5 different ( ochinchin. done to Oshun . the awo take one jio jio. rain. eJotbes you used. food ) akara bread are prepared and talce to tbe river. ( elenu. river. or fountain .silver.eiye featber buzzard ow~) until you arrive at 21 different featber. frem jaguey treo from jai~ from a court oflaw from an ant hill 21 stick gold . is placed in . Ebbo for araye. copper.. around the intemode's 7 mates (. Theo the awo sprinkles sorne cigar ash over the sign.. she brougbt elegua . lagool1. hens. buckeyes 7 type ofwater. well spring. in the river with S son Oshun is tben dressed in fabric yellow. he must be pla~ ioto a case. iron. small mirro. all of tbe ingredient are cleansed with omiero. before placing it around the talisman. and ask ir that &tone is going !ro be. dam. Ebbo I rooster 2 coconut. ot~ termite. and Iyefa trus intemode's is sealed with virgin wax and a. good for spell. 00' oruola authorizes to performed a rogation on tbe head of elegua. remember to another each ingredient in virgin. from tbe crossroad from the foot of a palm. from ceiba . tbem ceremonies are. is placed on tbe osain and everything is covered witb tlie breastplate of an tuitle. osain the iwori otura. then the following ingredient are placed. I rooster . tongue ) of all tbe animals !hat were give . tool the person soil tbe you work You are going to have an unpleasant experience caused by pregnant woman tbis woman is in love witb you. elegua. and there are 2 other women that complaint that you don t attend to their needs as you sbould .. fabric different oolor I trap. is battered then smeared over each sigo oC osain represent tiCe. the work fron 4 oomers.

Pul Ibe necldace Ibe Shaogo. eku eysa to bathe in the river.Page 205 of 864 # 201 CONTINUATlON TIIE IWORl OTURA You are going 10 have unpleasanl su'l'rised Aboul 2 or 3 <lays ago you fen and il could of cosl you your tife You have shepe a11 over your body You are looking lo change your bad luck inlo good lucle.c a happy life together . member tbal prays for your If you are weaJlby you look poor due lO Ihe sadoess lhal you carry wilh you conslantly Be careful because Ihis depression. is give to the dead farnily. could gel you killed Vaur good fortune. not leave you befare is s time Take care ofyour chesl and don I leave a cough unattended. for!bis you mUSI dO ebbo wilb Rooster. You have fanúly member Ihal ere dead. Mean Ibe woman lhal has letl you anolher will retum if you do ebbo Ibe curse Ihal Vou ve sent each other has reached both aryeu buI doiog ebbo with 1 rooster plant zapate. the rooster. depend on each other so you both need to Respect each other to li . those curse. that are later buried. then the rooster is give to elegua.. problem your pigeon has come several time .t of your spouses .. will remover. to remover the shepe. wi!bin one monlh and il could leave you all logether. if left unattended do ebbo so tbat it doe.and wh. (molber falber) and Ibese are praying for you lo have blessing of good fortuned Woman you are having stomach and menstrual.

are give lo Ibe shadow oflbe persono wilb elegua. mm. and ooly iwori irole was able lo calm Ibus he hecarne Ihe new caretaker oflbe opon ifa .ogbe wene s and posilion he began lO destroy !he house. I casserole I (guartaca. in trus sign.hy orea (forest) Ibe 3 head unhebolo and. After tbe. afler Ibe ebbo. 2 coconu!. and your rnust do ebbo with 1 guine 1 pigenn . Ihe rainy season ) Akoko etutu!he cold season. eku eya epo This sign speak of ( arun sick ) You must do a spirituals mass.that. when ololin look away . rernember lo also place a Piece 01: yam. Maferefun ( san lazaro ) The head speak in this ifa Olon merin speak in tbis sign. and inloxice. In This patb hefore marring Ihe mean. then placed the follawing ioto each pieee. in order to acquire and keep bis woman " . being placed al Ihe head ofthe persono . he must do severa! cleaning rituals heforehand. and 1 pigenn give lo each casserole.¡¡ea¡on. must Have. The sign speak of inlestinal parasile. someone is conúng to do ifa. we see how hard a man must struggle. Ibe 3 ara are left in Ihe places where tbese ceromoni. 2 candle. Ihe season oflosses This is sign of tbe sailor or mariners Iwori irete is Ibe one in change oftaking care oflhe opon ira( tablero word l ogbe ".Page 206 of 864 #202 IWORI!RETE (ROlE) IWRIIROlE ADAE EBI OSU OIIDU EKUN FIBI KURUMU 'I1!LO UO SHEKE LERI SHEKE ADIFAFUN AKUKO MOKEKEIE OKO TOLOFE ANAKE OMO OLOKUN GBOGBO AWO ERANKE ElYE IGBO SHANGO ALUKU ONIKAN NI BYA OKO ABEILE IKOKO EYI ADIFAFUN ELEWA. SO lhal she is nol killed.. hoe) water sea.. 1 casserole must have the sigo ( oche otufa ) written in it 2 casserole.hadow. Ebo. inlo Ihe casserole. ( irete iguori ) and lhe 3 casserole. hecause his guardian 80gelis stronger Than Ibe awo s Iwori irete is very intelligent but is fond of gossip Whe the awo see tbis sign.) akoko oye. TIte sigo capriciousocss Ebbo I pigeon. In This sign.1his is so Ibe Future awo guardian angel does I kili this awo. Ege. heforehand. this spell is done in 3 different bu. you must Ibe ebbo. by the other men tbat to have her. mUS! have ( iwori role) place dirt from a furrow ioto each casserole. are bom 4 season which are you Akoko arun Ibe dray season )akoko eyo . differenl fealher and rest Ihe ingredienl. all of Ihe casserole must be token lo forest palh of ara. Ibe inlerests party is c1eaned wilh Ihe pigenn. Iwori irete speak odf tire in Ibe home The awo must give 1 (mud lish) lo orun!a and before he does ifa lo Ibe.led him wilh !he odor of her ( vagina ) and stole !he opon Ibe ifa. Is going lo come 10 bis door. oC stick vira mundo these stick mUS! placed standing in each of!he casserole. are done afler .ene was Ihe one who was in charge before bul oshun gOl him drunk. tbe daughler of olokun Iwori irete I roosler.

ofifil and retumed bim to Oduduwa wben oduduwa saw bis son in the incredibly heaJthy state became very grateful To 0run1a and was bappy once again. Avoid places Ibat are up high. !fa lell the woman of tbis sigo.and in order lo Accomplish tbis she must the ebho. one ofthose men is spending the mORey that you receive from another. ODESAMI DEDEO DEDE AWODI ODESEMI DEDEO DEDE AWODI YOllr are goiog to have a los of money and all of youe enemies are goiog to die You are going to receive 8 blessing of a chitd oc ahijado that is gong to bring you a great deaJ. and 00 !he day ofthe ¡yoye .Page 207 of 864 #203 CONTINUATION nm 1W0RI1RIml The 3 speUs are done. 0run1a thougbt!bis is moment lo get even witb tbis hoy that has made my life so miserable orunla grabbed a long . is give to bim all ofthe iogredient are bumed and tumed ioto ( iy. of luck and good fortune. orunla bad to do ira. was the one Ibat left you You muSl change the manoer in wbich you tife because your hame is on Ihe brink of collapse. lo bún. I ooconut. akaIa fe11 gravely ill and in order lo save bim. yoo can all go to ea! drink snd dance but before you ar go. due lo lack of understanding and lacIe of respect witbin the family . the house lhal she has on a piece of cloth and. Orunla Iold the eye ( bird ) that they needed to do ebbo. then ob! 'lDituto is give lo . a war all of the eiye went to the party and wben it carne time foc them to leave they saw Iba!. with a half dollar and feather from their body (the buzzard ) did the ebho because ofthe party Ibat everyone Was invited to awo dadawodi said to all ofthe birds. because there is goiog to be. Woman have 3 mean. ebomisi. then yoong rooSler.l as Ihe buzzard f1ew he saos. the mansion was on fue and the ooly one Ihat was able lo get out was buzzard. wile in !he woods. and tbe man tlJat you have now is a business man. much money. and Ihe one that you Iiked !he moS!. lo avoid dying al Ihe party. a1l tbis is consecrated. plan yagruma run 3 different plant 3 seed of plant maravilla) the interested party is cleaned with the above ingredieut. you must do ebho. akaIa ron orumiJa went after bim after Futishing the ¡yoye orunla instructed akala in the mysteries. Ibe herl>s and clothes a1l go to the river talisman. I young roost«. on the opon ifil when 0run1a lived in oduduwa s bome oduduwa son akaIs bogan lo malee 0run1a life impossible ooe day. with omiero oflbe plant. 21 different plant the osain I pigeon afte ebo misi the ara and head ofthe pigeon. oc you have had tbem. An ire ofmoney is coming your way ofthe counlryside. orunla did ifa to akala.Iegua. blood ) with leave the peonia. tbick and waited for Ibe rigbt moment and sang OKALAAWONIFAAKALAOMOORISHAIFAMABINU nen he began to bit akaIa 00 bis back. tbis . with rooster. y 00 have two woman. Ibal she must retum with husband .

mistreating Ibe wife and lorturing Ihe olber family members There is a woman tbat is very ilI. bul instead is a spirit that is causing many problems do an oparaldo. tbe street from you The bair aod Ibe 8esb bogan lo orgue a 101 because Ibey did 001 gel a10ng . lo Uve side wilhout harming each olher Tbe rooster bile Ibe young rooster because he seos a future rival Tbe older man killed Ibe younger woman because . doo I faces you head 00.< holy guano ) This sign speak of a despotic man who has Jeft the home. Ebbo to avoid .y wi¡h anolber man. around the person s horne after the ebbo Theo it is give to oggun the awo must be done with the other rooster. in order lO be ahl. but that decide to retum just to Continue. Avoid staying oul on Ibe streets aOer 12 midoigbl because you could run eOlilies from Ihe otber side. and ir she does Dot does not do ebbo and go see a pbysician she is gaiog to die Ebbo 3 rooster. the en enem¡es stop eni problem . one rooster is dragged. Tbere is an eggun around you tbat makes out lo be a helper spiril. had lo do ebbo. bul Ibey eventually.Page 208 of 864 #204 CONTINUATION TIIE lWORlIRETE Be cafereful !hal you don I fall and eilber fracture or break abone Tbere is 8D enemy that üves across.he wants 10 run aw. bul núher tty lo hurt you when your back is turned Kaferefuo olokun and Oshun You must do ebbo wilb guano bendilo. . There is someone that is trying to collect your footstep in arder to do witchcraft to you Your araye.

ro mAN ESHU Help Cor problem . on Ihe edge oCthe river 2 pigeoo Cor rogation the head. differenl Cabric 5 akara nilo bread) ( 5 olele. This is where oshun is fed al tbe head of the riverlo order to break apart the intluence that has this person imprisoned. bean karita). 9 cowrie shel~ iye dust 9 male. MaJee place ( 5 ekm . lo Obalala Ihen ask bim where Ibis must be taken. head aside from performing the aboye ceremonios. and ero obi cola. 1 lrap. (inso hair) oCa liger (dust .. igbio silly) esmall bells 2 pigeoo. with (iye. alterward. Ebbo 1 roost. and filled. tbis ifa speaks of 8 contagious disease or 8 psychological disease that affects this person moral . wilh oshun . she still prays Cor your and will gran!. (2 alcoCa arrow) hen egg. you will have many losses In order 10 salve ( iwori boshe ) pigeoo must be giveo lo sigo as well as pigeon meson oine) 10 the persoo s eggun mother. tbis sigo make imperfection the person. you make oC bean ) Cal cocoa . : Avoid spoiliog your children and giviog then everytbing. soil inside the house and from. For problem in the horne. 1 fresh fish. Ebbo Cor overcome. 2 pigeon 1 head the puppet. take 1 roaster Cor paraldo the persoo. ORUNLA BEYENI. in orderlO avoid losing them Ifyou mother is dead. the pigeoo are give alter the cane is filled with the aboye ingredient the awo must them give the rooster and 1 hens 10 bogbo eggun. while calling thero when the hens ís give this song • in order to call orunla ORUMILA BEYENI AWA BORE... Ebbo dove I lamb. 1 roaster 1 small house. Dust oCbuzzards oC guine mixed with coosecraled iyeCa. in wedding clolhes 4 small sack. BORE ORUMILA AWAIFA BORE IWORlBOSIlEORUMlLABEYENIIFA AWABORE. 1 pigeoo. so be can Corgive you 10 avoid awo ( iwori boshe ) or apeterbi . carved OOIOp depending 00 the sex oCthe persoo. and dust Ihe 7 differenl stick. you many greal powers Ifyour allow you ambitioo 10 dominated you.Page 209 of 864 #205 IWORl OSIIE (BOSHE ) IWORl BOSIIE OBA LERI OBA LERI INLE BOLEOI WANWAN LODO NIFE ABEYERE AWO LERI BALERI INLE IWORl ODA NI WORl BABA LONI OSHE IWORl BOSHENSIIE ABI OSHE OKOLOWO BORI BOSIIE EBENlISHE INLE MAYERI LAVE .dust) oCfish 1 stooes. and rest Ihe ebbo. Talisman Cor woman earthworms. give 10 the cane them buried the pigeoo .eiye) the differenl bird. head oC a11 the aoimals eku eya epo .AWO OBARA NI BOSHENSHE IFA KAF1!REFUN ESHU AT YALORDE One head cannol two separated Iand. path of when the ¡nsect fell into the banana. differenl Cabric. 3 pigeoo. iwori boshe fiom losing bis ber. they must prepared a cane lbal has a man s or woman head. Ibis dust is give 10 Ihe person 10 blow in the place where the problem needs to resolve. 2 puppet dressed.

Page 210 of 864 #206 CONTINUATIONTIIE IWORl OSHE (BOSHE) Thi. !be crusaders may have conquered Ibese people military bol many were conquered by Ibe ideology oflbe subjugated people. Be careful of a woman that visit you bome who is going to create revolution inside you house. tbat Ibe person can make Ibe trip. witb Ibis sign muS! be careful because Ibe ahijado is Ihe invading . Give guioe to Shango. Be careful ofhaving 2 bousebold women. !beir own habits Ibeir own morals Their own manner of dress. and desired lo live like Ibe strangers tbat he she. Beware for woman or parasite in the body or in the blood. when !bey weDllo invade Ibe so called pagan lands. The Orisha say to be content with what you have because there are other that have less than you and wait for you to give to tbem . and blown where something need lo be resolve. You are takiog cace of something the is abiku . ioto iye. be she must be carefullo nol acquire Ibe bad habits or vice oflbis new that is goiog to conquer and acquired alI ofthe 8WO s possessions The spiritual prolection oflbe mOlher are Ibe ones lbal give good luck lo iwori boshe . The crusaders bad their own failb Ibeir own mooey. in order lo avoid losses. . In Ibis sign.that you have now. This sign speak oflbe woman lbal is very difliculllO deal wilb and she is always throwing tantrums. because she is jealous ofthe woman . You must avoid Ibe vice of acobol and drug TIte awo witb and ahijado. tbeir own belief system on Ibe conquered People. She have two me~ and neither one of them will be her lwsband. Mean. many look witb Ibem Ibe custom mannerisms and faitb of Ibe conquered people. Take caro ofyour legs because you have a lendency 10 acquire a limp Avoid peoplc wilh limps because Ibis person has bad inlenlions loward you Give thank to Oshun and Yemaya. bowever wheo Ibese iovader left Ibese Iand. wbich bad. stop admiring yourself in the mirror so much and don t allow anyeDe to used the soap or 10weL lbal belong lo you because il could cost you your posilion there is a very ugly man whose money is very beauriful and he has a woman that is aware of Ibe different. This is were !be persoo traffic in foreign money ilIega! activaled. not love. and you wil1 go Ihrough an embarrassing situation. lo do Ibe same lhing and by !be lime you find o~ many people will have known by Iben. because wben your fust wife finds ou~ she is going. sign speak ofwan. there is an alder woman that you like. Wheo a dog comes up to you pet !t. !beir own oustoms and faith Ibey instilled. give an lamb to yemaya. but who suit you because she is going lo help you achieve whal you desire. but pay her no mind because she is an son Oshun and has a great deal Ofluck The woman in this sign is in love with herself. and if ifa says. Feed cgguo wilb orunla on Ibis side. them the bone are tumed. !be persoo desire 10 lcave for anotber Iand be she should ask orunla about Ibis Situation.

bul you are unIucky. soil inside ofhouse offrom. and 4 comer. kids.Page 211 of 864 #207 CONTINUATION TIIE IWORl OSIlE ( BOCIlE ) There is 8 mistake or something wrong with one ofyoue orisba You are afraid because ofthe new lbal someone hasjust given you Be very as to who takes care of your children. be careful lbal • step does I break apart causing you harm or death : You love lo gambl. and trus sign iwori wow o was seen orunla told her to do Ebbo so lbal she could always be like Ihe yani of oshun Ebbo I roosler. . and rest the ingredient.. to Throw tbe Opele. so it would be better for you lo give up Ibis Vice or you could end up losing everything Occupy yourselfwilh the job lbal you have because your are baving problem do ebbo lo Avoid losses • Orunla lold Oshun lo do ebbo. because Ibis person could mistreal your.) adorne comb so lbal a long as Ihe world in existence. with a (coral choral. dressed used. differenlfood. for oshun. she could be Ihe owner of a11 the ( sand her wealth ) Ihis is why Oshun always has money and is the richest Orisha in the world Oshun amve early in order ror orunla to do an osode and he instructed bis ahijados. if you live up high. I trap.

can her death she would rather die. 1bis siga when a pregnant woman sccs the terrible conditions in which sbe is goiog to bring Forth children. drink a soup Made of ( tolo tolo turkey ) that was firth given to yemaya io the ocean. and sbe became his 8peterbi . pigeon. The person tum into a monster and does not forgive the hand thing that people Have done to. brigbt star. a10ng with he. In this sigo. which is why cannot give birth. arrow ) pigcon and yam. ioto thc boat. (ogunda irete ) abou' Ihe betrnyed Ofthe people. look His daughter to fish each days. that are gaing gouge out your eyes This is were the dinosaurs are boro. moster. who is a companion of ifa. (akofu. ofthe awo This sigo speak of the rosary wruch is mother of awo. but when he tried in larger wave carne and took mm away aftuwards he dau~er Of. is bom the powerofthe tree aroma yellow.) the oggun sacrifice 1 rooster to olofin and I fabric while lo his head and this is how he won Ibe war Against the crow. to foster discord and dissension This plan' is alos Icnown as ( stick hun' figh' ) The record is bom in this sigo as well as the ear afthe children toward the past errors of the parent. wha "vas an son of yemaya. the turkey is cleaned thoroughly and boiled in river water. the father manager to lift rus daughter. the boat capsized and both of. to achieve bis Ends Ihe falher. known as alalinyamo. y Ghogbo. different) ere. he bead to orubo Witb tbe roostee. and the other traitor. child. tbcn he bccame ill oggun did ebbo. human being 'o enjoy Woman have problem with you uterus. one days while out on the ocean. Tbis is were oggun root the crow Yopu are raising crows child . In this sign. Aquejan speak in trus sign. Awo trus person is here to test the knowledge. nm • then oggun challeoged the crow. them were thrown into the sea. Do ebbo with ewe aroma yellow. he was me one who created the earth and all of Ihe good Ihing in il fo. with rooster. she tries 10 abort. and lhis orisha is ado. tbe fetus even Ihough ir could ". heans ) oggun complain 10 bis brotbe. ooini. . is bom a path of obatala. who lives at the foot of the eeiba 'ree. and in order it. fue elegua.ed by people who desired 'o have children. theo tbis soup is take for a period of7 days This sign speak of 'he fa'her tthal condemned and tried 'o end 'he blossorning relatiooship of her daughter to a young awo. Iban seo hirn her live a life of constaot siúfering 1b. rum ser Ifa of proof and substantiation someone comes to prove if you know what you are taIking About. whose name was ( erawo.he tishenoan married 'he 8WO son is where oggun was invoIved in a difficult \Va.Page 212 of 864 #208 IWORI OFUN ( BOFUN ) IWORI BOFUN IWORI TOWOFUN lESEFUN OBA IWORIFARA INLE RERE GBOGBOFUN SIIERU SIIERU ADIFAFUN OBINI OWNA TlRlKO KODUN ADENlPE1E OMO WKUN WDAFUN ONI OBINI SOKUN INLE ONIKAN OWKUN WAGBE NI OMOBlRING OM01TI1JN AKERE OBA IVA OMOWQUN AKERE SOPUTO IKOW OWKUN WDAFUN OWKUN :.

try lo eliminale sueh f. belp bim. motber orunla puzzled Asl:ed if.ling because Ihey could bring grave consequeDces Ncvcr tire of doing good decd because olofin will always bless you for!bem Woman you are in love with a man that is not. DifI'crent bird. do ebbo so that it can tum into ire Give thank lo yemaya.he was still alive if. he look off bis mask and recognized orunla Al. rcplied . be killed many pcople On a daily basis. Ibe king rcplies. and wben you.Page 213 of 864 #209 COm1NUA1l0N 1lIE IWOR! OSHE (BOSHE ) Orunla was being penuade by eoemies and be quicldy bid in a cburcb whcre be wanled To do rcading. 4 coin pieced Ibe crOWD ofoshuD (adanes) I smaU round mirror21 shark teetb 21 tigerfang I headlbe puppet. o5Olbo !be persan is being penuade. sbc pray for you every day Everything in you home is in O5Olvo.. head fish. on the same social planes as you.. river.. and you because you have spoken trom Ihe head. is godfalher and pleaded lo lbe king.. your mOlher is Ibe one that is going lo help you resalve this probleros You suffer when you seo olher people suffer. ask to orunla. ifa senl bim tbis sign. 1 Will forgive your Godfathcr. whieh instruáed bim lo pray lo bi. sea horse. bu! be realized !hal he had no opele. be told Ibe king lhal orumila only did good. take I large wbite cup and Paint tbis . stiek 21 diffcreDt stick. you motbcr • This if.ign. !re is coming bu! you nccd lo be careful that you don I cnd up in jail or rurming trom you Enemi . I fisbing hooks 1 piece of and old stick or old can starfish piece of rope or oC a sbip ehain I fish made word . wben Ibese ire come lo you If you motber is dcad. !be virgin of ne rosary is. of ( lwori OfuD ) placcd the foUowing into the cup. molber if .. orumila. I sheU of silly. feather Ibe turkey ) and resl tbe ingrcdicnt In Ibis ifa a special casserole is prepared !hat live wilb orunla. And had bis soul dreDehcd iD blood. lhal you have lo do beca" . and when aman speak trom Ibe heart he ways speaks Ihe trust Be careful whal you don t pay for other pcople mistake or erimes Ebbo I rooster waler sea .. bow be could pray lo bi. head the turtle. you wiU see bim ungratefulness reccive your ikofa This is whcre Ibe cudgel is bom Orumila was about lo be kiUed with a cudgel due lo a fulse accusations when the Exccuoons was aboUI lo fulfiU bis duly. red snapper ) sand rive and the . where on Ibe contrary. someone is following You in order lo kili you no forgel You are in a huny about something and you think that tbere is no away out. lo let him go. ands reccive her necldacc and do ebbo You muS! wash your head wilb omiero Don I forgel necklacc aboul lbe tbings. decd and never harmed anyone. uscd dresscd.. he borrowed Ibe rosary ofa statue and. by Ihe police or by bis enemies that wanl lo dcstroy him. .

!he sea. !he maize. living and doing whatever comes to mind. Ibe color yellow and Ibe red. If ono of parenl is dead.Page 214 of 864 # 210 BABA OROI ME1I ODERE ORURE OMO ONl AKOKO MASIIE SHtm PONLA PERE ORUMILA ASHAMA ASHAMA ARUMA ODIMO DIMO IKU DIMO KODIMO ARUN KODIMO SIlllKURU GIlEUl ONl ICE ERAN KODIMO KOYIMO KOMAMA YORIMO SIDRA KODIMO MAMA YORIMOOMENA A Bm Karo KABALIl BOTI ADIFAFUN AYE ONlYEGUN KELEYI OSHUN NIFERI KOSI UMBO IFA OJUKUOMA ONSIIE ABIKU OMO KAN IRE KOSIFUNBALIlKOKOFAIREKUOMOSUREKOSIFADmAGADABOWOAWON ADIFAFUN UUMU KONl UUMU ORUBO OSIN ORUBO TANI ARABA BERE SIRO OWAYIN AWON AMORE ONl PA BABASIIE KUE\LANI MI AMADE AMEMO AFlDEREMO ODORO FUN OSHUN EWUYI NI WE WON BOMBO BOBA BONI LODAFUN ORUMILA SONG o ODIMO DIMO DIRE MAMA YEKI MAMA YEKI ODl MODlIRE ODl MODlIRE MAMA YEKlO MAMA YEKlO SONG POR OSORBO) MONOABALIl MONOABALIl ASIIIRI BABA nns SIGN OF IFA FEMENINE rr IS OIILD OF ORUNLA ANO OF OLOBORO rr S METAL IS LEAD. of ( marnu obo. each person is 8 world unto themselves and has a unique personality in Ibis sign Ihe person receive unexpected benefil Ibal have beeo extender lo Ibe family Woman your family watcbes over you. you should give bim her and rooster or hens depending on Ihe situation. tbe wbale tben ben !he goal. !he color is black the speclded color for w0!lUlll. The elderly that come to visito yau must be fed and attended lo very wel~ the feminine organs were raised in tbis sign. 10 suck vagina) and mamu oko in !he woman ) maiice tbe law ofkarma tbe ere. Vegetable grain heans . tbe rats tbe oceanfronl fish. Ibe caiman !he shel~ Ibe almiqui. in Ibe otber words everytbing !hal live musl someday die. tbe pumpkin !he biological cell !he vice. Obatala visit bis children right after sunset. olher people destroy what you build up or construct. but ratber. rr S DAY OF TIIE WEEK OYO OBA METO ( SATUDAY ) rr S CARDINAL POINT NORTII ORlSHA THAT SPEAK ODUDUWA NANU YEMAYA OBATALA ELEGUA JUERO Dealb leave everything lo Ihe earth. Other people spend whal you work so hard make. Eggun is the one that resolve everything in this sign. tbis sigo is marked by living a tire without having an anchor anta which to elios.

1ms sigo speak oflhelifo ofsacrifices that Ihe orisha had lo go Ihrough. Ihe oWDerof!bis drum mus! swear ID oath witb q rooster and one Ada a machete) before oggun in order 10 PO"'" 1m. Osolbo they pnwtioe aodomy The woman trus sign ere domioant. you will s10wly drown in yoo own vices Ara is bom in Ibis sign. beca" . lo place bis splendid coin within Ibe coffin of olofin.. by infidelity by woman IOward Iheir hushand Ihe children of!bis sigo Have very hOI lemperarnent and are MI ofwielcedness and morbidity they are usuaUy Unfailhfid and in. you mus! feed olorun in order 10 prosper A ruye!he fright is bom in !bis sign.. lbe man Ibe sigo can also have this propensity. if you don l do ebbo. which is why Iboy al~ have problem with their nervous system. is where olorun made a pact witb olofin. due lo.tranquility in this sigo ifa . and placed offering lo hem lbo herbs ofthis sigo are (plant mar pacific) and plant atiponla) . slanderous charBcter this is where woman leamed lo wash their buttocks. Ihe giant (tambor drum ) ofifa Ibis drums is made from Ibe troo Trunk ofstickjaguey. If yoo do ebbo wherever you go oduduwa wiIl give you an she so lbat every thing that yoo looch will tum lo gold and you will have many hODors and much g10fY . The person has lo. oflbe person brain lieadaches ) that are 1O<ated in Ibe left part of!he penon head. wilb waler !he child of this sigo likes lo ( oficale trupon intori idi ) !he man Iike take backside Ibe woman.Page 215 of 864 " #211 CONTINUATION11IE OROI MEII ASI!AMA ARUMA ODIMA KODIMA IKU KODIMA SllUKURU KURU ABm coroBAUl NI ABm ADIFAFUN AYBOMOONIYBGGAAlRKOIRDm ELI!BO ASI!AMA ARUMA ODIMO DIMO BABA YERIMO OSHANLA AYAG\lNA ABERINI AWO ADIFAFUNEYA 1VIUKODIMOLORUBO odi moji significa Ibe buttocks it represen! Ibe woman • vagina Ibis is wbcre Ibe monarchy began !he formation oflbe general human form wu establish in Ibis sigo Ibis is where spiritualism is pnwtice this penon suffers from ( otitis eanlche ) cefalagia plegicahemi.. he is Ibe one that gives. !bis goes for . Do no! ea! rabbit mea!.. sigo marlc. and have a strong character. the meo if (bey are not Effeminato they mus! he carefid ofbeing accused ofbeing gay or aetually becoming Homosexual beea"se of!heir sexual pnwtices 1m. Sign ofternptatioD and sexuality 1m. sing requires tranquility and a stmng devotion ofShango. this sigo speak ofpervenion. and become effeminale.11 oflbe odi omolu.. so lhal no one or nothlng could stop !he a1awo from acbieving suecess in Whalever venture he chose lo embark upon. lbe sigo proluDited from pulling herb from !he earth witbout leaving money in it place Good luelc anive in the guise of an older man or woman al sunsel You mus! take care of your eggtJD.

and Ibe river. should a\so avoid place that bave many earthquakes because \bey could Lose Ibeir lifo:. duo lo jea!ous. Ibe 6rst robbery was committed 00 earth. You mus! you give drum musiea! ceeemooy lo e1egua oc Ibe Orisha !hal sking for one.Page 216 of 864 . which i. lO taIk and \ove lo bide money iD comer. evo giving their Iífe for tbem. excreted 8 101 of Mooey and valuable. enemy.he drearos. known as ( ile yomba ) in order lo avoid . and a\so avoid Standing neXl lo tbe door. for Ihe thing that he ohe does this. in order lo achieve lheir aim.' ') #212 CONTINUATION TIlE ORDI MEJI The children ofthis sign. in otber people s affair these cbildren should be carefuI oftbe . Tbis sigo speaks ofleukemia and diabetes and ofa crazy member Place 8 machete lo oggun. They can be very malicious and will nol rest uoti1 \bey seo tbeir enemies completely destmyer The woman this sigo are usually bigamists who love lO bave more tban one husband Ibey Can have ut lo 3 men at one time. You uses lhe necldace of sao lazaro. because this is were tbe mayombero palo. help tbem grow in tbe Cace of and uiumph iD any situation \bey sometime. Oko couotry. and Ibe chiefwas Obatala ayaguna. Odi Mej~ bad 4 children and !bey were. Ibeen Ibey can be very generous with tbeir friend. bul never len aoyooe aboul Ibeir drearos Tbis ifa marked by • war between tbe ( prenda palo Religion) and orisba religioo Tbis persao shou1d nol have aoytbing lo do wilb Ibe palo religion. De tbe bouse. bot'\bey posses Sometbing speciaI tbat. are norma\ly fond ofgossip. bul as ao. this is why !be ire i.ide Ona Ibe roed.. found in !be home . was banished from Ibe Iand. Loye plaza.I~ oflbe evil lbing lbal Ibe prenda ( wilchcraft ) cauldron brought. You sulfer from headache on Ihe 10ft side of you head. don I lik. uoder beds oc in safety deposit hoxes Ibey can betray anyooe very easily. and from eating sweet potato Because \bese thing are tbe ire ofthis persan This persan mus! lean lo give him self herself more credil. inlO Ibe Iaod Odi meji speak of problem wilb lhe car. io • very inleUigent and mush oeeded persan who has many people around that doo I WanI lo give Ibem merit or consideralion. Food you no eal bone.. !bey are wiI1ing lo do anything. and colfee . Odi meji went lo visit bis ehildreo and he bad ao overwhelming desire lo defeeate and tbe OnIy cbild tbat aIIowed bim lo do so in tbeir borne was Ibe ordi rnejim. When taking a bus avoid sitting on seal that are directly aboye tbe wheels. in order lo resalve your situotioo Tbis sigo make by ~ve sugar in Ibe bloodstream Tbis is were. jewe1ry. Avoid throwing fruil peels 00 Ibe grouod and don I lcave dirty poIs in Ibe sink. and linicky.. bul!bey ruo lhe dangerofbeing killed by 000 ofthese men. wby people should DOI coofide too many secret in. The people this sigo are arrogan!. this person. !bey are deceitful and love gossjp. this persoo should guide Ibemselves by whal he . saIty food spicy. In this sigo tbe person is probibited from going lo Ibe plaza. miscbievous and like lo be entangled. The comer oflbe igboduo is bom in Ibis sigo.

Tbis persao is prOlect by olokun. aye went to Uve in orumila s house Do ebbo wilb hens. Tbis is where asheyeye aiye speak wlúch is Ibe son of orunla. wlúch is Ibe principal celestial spiril lbal brougbt a11 of!he Good lbings down lo eartb (fa say tbat your were bom everytbing lhal you need in Ibis Iife lo Ibis sigo is bom lbal human being use sboes. Ibe sea and Ibe stars .)O Ibe second . mus! stand io from of obatala witb a c:rown of mariwo and fealber then say.. lbal carne to earth on 16 different occa. Tbe cbild lbe sigo.sion and gave many headaches to orunla Make (dust) slickjukaro. Respect !he awo. is bom in Ibis sigo. Ibis spirit is represen! wilb 3 puppet That are lilled witb eggun. party wears il around Ibe neck. eyokomi. are made in !he inlerested party joinls Then Ibe (dust) is spread over Ibe incision. lúguereta red planl lara pupua. oflhe Ocean turned over il s secret lo olokun and yemaya The. don t throw Anyone oul of your bome. EYIMOYOOMOOBATALAODARA) Place sweet potalO. he id and abiku. Obatala so lbal be can give ibis persan a blessing of good fortuned When Ibis ira seo. fed Ibe earth. !he awo lells Ibe persan lo no! be afraid of deatb. Tbis is where Ibe awo were accused of economic g1uttony and mistreated. I rooster is give in Ibe momiog 10 eggun Give tbanks lo orere omo oba.Page 217 of 864 CONl1NUATION THE 00/ MI!lI #213 Give to rooster lo elegua immediately. boniato) Ibe eggun ofbaba lobi Iben are tbrown into Ibe trash The spirit!he eggun oflbis ifa is called. lo Ibis sigo an eggun speak lhal died by decapitation. fed oggun and a11 Ibe evil was queUed War between brotber and sister. because Ibey will one days be your salvation . Ibon Ibe awo take sorne oflbis dust and mixes il with. so that ire can come ¡nto your home. and inlerested. olher ingredienl lo make an onde. Tbis sigo speak of Ibe war between Orisha an mayombero. ERU DCHA AYABO OYA MONI • Tbe persao mus! Iben place Ibe crown on IOp ol. Tbis ifa speak oflbe reios oflbe mules. !he hens are placed a1ive in from oruroa in Ibe momioglben They are give lo lúm in Ibe aftemoon. or any ovil doing by His her enemies. !he persan must stand at Ibeir fronl door wilb 7 featber abellami ( real turkey ) Iben say i . Tbis is where Ihe spirit. because Ibe Orisha are goiog lo protect bim is where a war between the santero and 8 awo.:. mariwo. small incision. is ( adere ) and Ibe tbird is isani ) This is were. Tlús sigo is masked by a detachmenl of Ibe nialerial world for Ibis spiril world malerial Suffering is quelled by spiritual. The ikofa. Ihen Ibis is give blood of Ibe pigeon for 16 days . began over the domination oC a town Thal was colllrOUed by !he awo and orunla who Iirst established rule over !he IOwn Tbis persa' have problem wilb Ibe blood. one is ( asokere. Th. wlúch is an talisman and prepared.

bul !he otber power have differenl ramifications Ibis is Why sometime ( arun sick. bul Shango Ibougbl and said. with me. 1 egg. ODI MBJJ Offer.e when fiUed 1 rooster 1 pigeon. come.mall. This is where iku and life were Ibe elder brother of ( arun sick ) . that are oflbe smooth Chinese type water river. of Jerlcho Ihe bottom ofbask~ ifa must have f10wer of planl acbivata . Ibe only one that wenl before. iku is more powerful lhan !ife Iku has only one virtue. so il was that until Iku look possession oflife ( arun sick ) was a1ways apar! of life. for tbose 3 days Ibe trasb cannol be thrown out Take 1 elwele . ( duck ) and Everything is take lo !he sea. bul olofin chose lo give bim. in tire. 1 fresh fish. ·people place lo must be served wilh Ihe left hand. this person has eviI impulse. person is clean with planl wateraes.Page 218 of 864 # 214 CONTINUATION nm. !he blessing Ibal was destioed for bim. In Ibis sigo ifa. oflbe pa1m treo. !fa osorbo. olofin was tike and he only asked for lhe lesser of Ibe blessing. offabric and clean !he Interested party. life weol lo find bis brother ( arun sick ) and lold bim. 1 sUver mOOD or a steel imitation that wiU not oxidiz. And as long as you are wilb me. !fa ire !he person is cJean with plant watercress and fish and egg bens This is where ( sbun yumi ) is bom she tives in lhe woods and Ibe rive more specifica1ly Undernealb Ibe plant known as Imo oshun. 4 stone. out about thast had bad happened and said . . be careful Iba! yoo don I cougb Up blood. sea. oflbese place. lO end !ir. mashed sweet potato for a perlod of 3 days by !he side of a trash can. Planl mariwo. Iben il is released a1ive at!he beach Make and use dust. Since Ihe righl hand clean Ibe (arun sick) wba!ever offer. for Ibis reasoo lhe hands made a pacI wilb Ibe anus lo help bim. 3 feather buzzard 3 seed (oguma maravilla. of fallen plan! ysgruma. eggun.. leaves cascarrilla. iku arrive inlo Ibe lown and found. so Ibal I can truly savor Ibe food that is offered lo me Odi is Ibe father oflbe masses and Ibe type of masses depeod on Ibe sigo omolu ordi Secret tbe sign. is·where human being defecaled and did nol wash Iheir buttocks. for Ibe person. I will destroy bolb of you for betraying me This is rcason why iku destroys one chose a different path. 1 piece bark. onike 2 rose. '... Iba! is adomed wilb 9 difl'erent coloree! strip. nolbiog will ever happened lo you.) can save a tife or destroy i~ so long as iku is 001 destined lake posecion of Ihe person life. with 1 candle in fronl . Don'l ea! plant (berro watercress. The ilIness Ibal you suffer from is locate in your throat. . bul olofin sent for Ibem lo give blessing 10 each one. lb.

8 bolllhe COlloo. obi ero cola osun.. To avoid revolution in the home Take 1 eka. one eggs of ( duck ) and one of guine. lo cover un mashed leaves ofplant marabilla 1 fisbric red with dust ofhead Ibe egguo talismao 8 . thon you pour ooi and efuo over il. dirt from.21S SpeU to help Ebbo.door ) ( Ue etubo gnnpowder ) is placed on the arrow point oflbe sigo aod down lo !he. !he interest party place masbed yam. Ibe awo muSl perfonn the ao ebbo With the hens.. Oshun while calling the spirit known as ( kaIadun nari ) .. then filled with reS! the ingredient plant pillon botija ( ortiguU\a. caoba. ooe eggs of hens. 2 conch shel~ reS! the ingredient Note !he rat. ewe lete aod reS! Ibe plant ask 10 orunla this osain ea! young hens.maIl hag is made colton of Cabric black. ofyoung rooSler . r CONTINUAnON TIIE ODl MElI . Ebbo 1 rooSler I rats I fresh fish. il is covere<!. thon ea!. thon they are picked up with ori . . with ere and vegerable soup lo . ~ . Ibon il is give blood of pigeoo. !he awo then ask elegua where Ibe eggs are supposed lo be take. " ". are fur ( elegua ) one fish for ( oggun ) and the res! 2 jio jio for rogatioo Ibe head.Page 219 of 864 . Ceoler Ibe (gnnpowder) is IiSl from the ceII1er out the awo. run and smoker cipo Talismao fur luck 21 seed guma marabilla ) tabaco tip nulshed leave of yellow plant marshilla. Ihe interested party Places this lo the Orisha lhat ifa has determined thon is thrOWD in the place !hal Ibe orisha Has decide Talisman. a court case. in IOp the sigo.This sigo you rite in from Ibe entraoce !he ho_ a10ng with Ibe sigo below!he awo the place elegua. theo fill il wilh eku ella epa coro honey roo Sugar soi~ house. with 3 eggs around bim . ) aII Ibe eggs muSl havo the ( Odi meUe ) Writton on them with cascarrilla.. co. everything masbed IOgether il is rive I pigeoo.. To avoid or win. ori ofuo. the penan cleaos Ibeir body wilb the talisman. breaSlplate ofthe turtle. L . (Shilekuo . You destroy wilchcraft . 10 the orisha. aod the awo muSl pray ( Odi meDi ) otura obe ) and bis sigo ifa the egg are broken behind. an open the whole in Ibe center. give 10 oshun IOgether with orunla.lbe·4 posilioos plant sacu saCu. 2 jio jio. 10 belp with !he Trouble marriage. I heno. the penan prays to aII ofthe orisha.

in !he chun:h as well as spiritual in !he churcb Erdible Odi oyelru Spiritual mass Odi wori in !he chun:h Ordi iroso spiritual mass in !he chun:h severol Ordi ojuani Ordi abara io Ibe chun:h and spiritual Odi okana in !he chun:h Odi oguoda . I rooster soil house . albahaca. and algarrobo. used dressed ..espanta muerto. is written on !he fabric black witch mUS! be placed over Ibe circle of the paraldo and over Ibe fabric black and whit.Page 220 of 864 #216 CONTINUAll0N nm 001 MEJi Odi is father of Ihe masses and !he type of masses depend 00 Ibe sigo omo oluo. Ordi are Odi m e j i .and rest Ibe iogredieol 2 with egg hens ori . obi mitulo Iben proceed 10 perform the paraldo. using Ibe ewe Ibe ifa marke but plant . l jicara and paint an osun insid. the awo does bis moyurba and gives. as i.fuo and rest !he ingredieol 3 wilb 1 pigeoo.. customary. ero elru eya coro. tak. fealber buzzard and rest Ihe ingredienl give l rooster for eggun and rest !he ingredienl. into !he jicara. !hen Ibis placed behind !he interested party Ibe sigo Ih. Ihe awo then place odi cola osun popper. ground 4 comer l trap. from Ibe persoo s head lo oggun Ibis for awo when he is io a ( planle coosecrates . cofa and hand orunla ) and Ibis sigo come in lhe ( ita ) ebbo I rooster 4 fealber climbing plant I bal.. ~ 4 ritual color. Ihe person must louch Ibeir buttock with Ibe ebbo. must be io the mix afterward the interest party mus! take !he paraldo 10 il s intended destiny Iben he she muS! bathe wilb omiero ofthe plant .. io Ibe chun:b ·in Ibe cburch Ordi osa in !he chun:b and spiritual Odi ika Odi otrupoo in !he church bu! a stoleo mass Odi otura in Ibe churchu and spiritual Ordi irete Spiritual mass Ordi oshe lhe awo muS! ask ifa Ordi ofun spirituals mass Rogatioo 3 time head 1 wilb I rose ofjeriko .. dust of!he planl.. and rest Ibe ingredienl ebbo l rooster hair ral. and red. oparaldo..

gnn powder) is p1aced on Ibe point oflbe sigo and lit. Ibe house mus! Iben be washed witb omi egg. !he pigeon is sacrifice 00 Ibe sigo. Ibe house is cleaned wilb I pigeoo from Ibe back of Ibe. which are taleen to where the package is taleeo. Talc. one chalk and draw Ibe sigo below. after this the people. whicb Zarabanda. biriyumba ) fula. the jio jio is filled with eku eya epa Com then it is buried and a plant is set in tbe ground aboye it. killed on Ibe ceoter of Ibe sigo. wilbout looking back To get rid ofand egguo fron the house . house Ioward Ibe front . everyone is cleaned and bathed with plant (abericun1o) and red flower.Page 221 of 864 . and blaele. are cleaned witb white flower preferably white lilies. is wrapped up and taleeo lo Ibe cemetery or it is buried on a hill Ibe Inhabitant of!he home are cleaned wilb plant aberikunlo. ( gnn power) is placed on Ibe poiot of the ( arrow ) Iben they Are lit sigo is covered with fabric white. Iben covered with fabric white and black. afier Ibe iohabitant and Ibe house are c1eaned. Ibe interest party mus! leave Ibe area. Ibe awo place eku eya epo com on Ibe reS! the fabric. CONTINUATION mE ORO) MEJI OMO ALAWO OY ARE FlEDENO AWOFO AWOFO # 2)7 Make regular parado when finish ioto Ibe whole and obi mituto is give to see if all is finish whole. ) Use Ibe sign that is below I jio jio. Ibe pigeon is placed in Ibe fabric. is the c1osed. place little bit of rum in Ibe first balb + O . white and arnmonia To gel rid a eggun !Tom the home utilized ( casserole ( 7 rayos. and 3 red flower.

This person thsl maintain relation wilh people thsl are betrolhed or married. This sign speak of sacrifice made for family or friend thsl u1limalely paid betrayal This sign speaks of a skin disesse possible leprosy. This ifa speak of Ihe strugglo fur Ihe necessities of life This sign speak oflhe battle oflhe dellnquen~ wbere Ihey don I stop accusing one anolher. Avoid getting wet wheo il rains. wbere ooe person Sacrifice !hemselves lo build sometbing. ERDWLE ERDWRE ORONA OGU ERDlBERE ORONA ORlSHA EKUl1l LI!LE OUN OKU lYA ADlFAFUN OKA BABA EYELE MARUN ELEBO ERDWRE ORONA OGU ERDmRE ORONA ORlSIIA LO OMO OGUN lYPA ADlFAFUN ORIJMlLA LORUBO This is where Ihe box Ihe ( drum ) is boro Shango and !he 7 power speak in Ibis sigo P1ant jaguey corozo rue. .. and spiritual phenomenon.Page 222 of 864 # 218 ODI OBE . This is where a person enjoys Ihe fruil of anolher persoo s bsrd work. Tbe person is egoisticaJ and very argumentative. This is wbere are committed. Ihero is betrayal between co-worker . In Ibis sign is bom Ihe annexslion oflhe llquor The dance and excessive luxwy speak in Ibis sigo. until one oflhero is completely destroyed. thsl is left in Ibis person care. I be Doing. This is person tbat is envied by bis . more tranquillífe. ifa of vigilance and investigation This sign speak of. known as smaUpox is boro The ad vomiting by humaos is boro. and cooperation from everyone in order lo Iíve a mush. Be careful because Ihere is someone Ibsl is walcbing you and will nol stop unlil Ibis person colches yoo in Ihe oct of doiog something Ibst you should. The secret lhe (3 drunk) musicsl ceremonies and 3 bottle ofruo. instrument thsl Ihe played. This persoo who likes lo enjoy Ihe pleasure of Iífe sand abaodon bis her responsibilities. tbat will no rest until you are lotally destroyed wbich is why yoo must move quickly This person could bsve problem wilb !he pollee or cour! due lo someone identifying.This sign speak oflhe musician thsl extracted a special and beautifu~ sound from Ihe. bim her as. bsnana or opples. a perpetralor in an iIIega~ lbere is an abandoning ofthe orisba or an relic o talisman or prenda This person lens lo hold grudge. This person is unjust This ifa determine tbat Ihe cbildren ofShango canool receive yewa (Oslta kai kai ) witb The only exception being Shango tbat is awo and whose sign ifa. Thi. very sly and elusive enemies. Ihen seos someone else enjoying Ihe fruil of your labor. is ( Erdible ) This sign is marked by infection.. persoo bss lendency of drowning in !he ocean. Take care ofyour eyesigh~ !fa of Iheft of embezzleme~ of infidelíly in Ihe cace and custody prosperily. This person look looking for family. Jfu ofblindness This is where ( erdible ) cured bimself ofbis blindness wilh Ihe plan! resedad . In order for Ihe man lo impregnaled bis wife or for Ihe woman lo get pregnsnl !hey must no~ ea! guinea. This is where Ihe lIRIlI ( dahomey ) people adore Ihe igbodun of ( san lazaro ) Ihe orisbs of!he smsll pox ) This is where !he illn. This is where !he msIevolenl entities are boro This sign speak ofvioleneo and 2 woman.

a drum must he give 10 an osha. bul could nol . yoguo speak. hetrayed orischaoko. your death. in order to discover tbe rumored adullerous acts of yemaya aII 01. aod yemaya osain lold orishaoko. he saw tbis ifa anda told tbe seaWeed f bless Two and one. (edibre) head tbal peace reigued once again in bis land. when he arrived inlo lown. to place ao rooster at tbe fool of bis door. is tbe child ofgood fortune bis is child ofmooey. and yemaya who eventually was able lo reslize tbe separalion of tbese two. must write down the Pataki of ifa in order to study Ihem in tbe appropriate momen\. he saw olofin and hefell lo bis kaees hegging bim for forgiveness. wbich is tbe spiril guide oftbe twin this is where olofin was goiog lo give 3 blessing lo ( edibre ) and lold bim. ser offfor home. 80S 1 don I have prosperity.) this is wbere osain.he would say . Orisha or eggun. in a war. hecause of osaio s jeslous lowards orischaoko. very well 1 will forgive yOllo but from now. for not listening lo bis advice olofin said lo him. so that don I forge\. In tbis sigo indicates tIuU tbis woman will sooo have a child. wrile il dOWD so you doo I forger il he replied 00 1 don need lo wrile il dOWD I forge! after a time erdibre s laod was engulfed. tbis person must wear ao idefa tbal is made wilh tbe number of strings tIuU correspood lO !he persoo number of children. tbis hegan. tben olofin said lo him. aod promply. lO Iban eshu. this is where is bom that the awo. he rernernbered tIuU olofio lold bim to ( wrile dOWD ) what he was supposed lo say. he she sees spiritua1 eotilies Talce care of and attend to your orisha because tbis abandoned Orisha couJd be tbe cause 01. tbis person gets liigbtened easily because. 1 have tranquilily 1 have security aod 1 have proSperily.Page 223 of 864 # 219 CONTINUATION TIIE ORDIOBE (EDffiRE) His her own family members. on yoo must write down everything that you head. Ihe person must wear tbis so lhal he she docs nol lose aoy ofbis her cbildren io tbis sigo an Osha kaown as &ina. wheoever you arrived al a particular place a1ways say . this persoo must have (aroDi. This persoo struggles 10 accomplish something in bis her life. until ooe days he was punished by opening a hole in bim order 10 ernpty him oul respect Ihe orisha aod don I speak iII of anyone . Wheo !he seaweed wenl to see orunJa. lo say. The cbild of( edibre) must he giveo an (awofaca) eveo iftbe cbild is stiJl gestating in tbe motber s womb io orderto avoid tbe death ofbotb motber and soo Edibre. wheo Ihe arrived in bis new homelaod. no w80led lo help ( edibre ) and he went Ihoughl m80y difficulties one days . because il could cost you your life . tbe poisoo tbal eoter tbrough tbe wouod. tbis smoked pipe was very arroganl and rehellious and did nol helieve in Ibe orisha he spoke iII fo tbem and of aII tbe world. when tbis seaweed reached tbe bottom oflbe ocean it is was tbe origio of Creation. This is where Shango was known as (ogiri olu) io one path tbe ooe tbal observed!he king This is where Ebiri is boro . 1 don I have traoquility 1 doo'l have securily. bul hecause of bis pride he wenl tbrough maoy difficulties after many monlhs. 80d he had lo leave. he tried lo remember what olofin lold bim.

and that be should nol figb!. lilbric different color mush moDey for the bbo And Ibe reS! Ibe ingrediem the ebbo. ground the fores!. orunla feU lo the grouod and Ibis sigo was seen orunla. bul be sbould tatber March bebind the army and play Ibe drums. that had thrown bim out. seven year later. drum musical) ceremonies for Sbango.) Orunla arnve into lown and bis enemies tried 10 kilI bim with arrows and he had 10 fiee io a burry. so that it could speak lo bim. was the generals in charge. which prompled. Note iyefa ofedibre. be went lo the home of orunls and Ibis ifa was seen. " #220 CONTINUAnON mE ORDI ORBE (EDmLE) Erdire was involved in • war with !he (congos ) and he received bis ( awofilca ) and won The war. say lo bim. (iye dust) ofwood from a palm tree and (sulphur) Erdibre dressed in uoderwear made of skin from a ( sbe goat. bu! sinoe il was incomplete... and discovered the transmiSSiOD oflbe sound and from that Momem 00. One day orunta called on the service ofloca! ( finca couotry eSlale ) bul wben it carne time lo pay bim ( sitiero place) was nol bappy lbe arnoum of money lbal orunta paid bim Orunl. she needs 10 do Ebbo rooster I pigeo. when he reached for Ihe mooey in bis poker. he did and lo read and saw Ibis ifa . you wife is pregoant and to avoid death.>insisted And orunta decided lo give him a tittle more money in order lo gOl rid of bim . and erdibre los! the war The lulwmi went lo war against the ( congo ) and erdibre. after Ibis however. once !he people heard Ibe Music the goat logether and bogan lo dance. when the congo beard Ibe music.wbich lold him 10 do .. WheD orunta fell secure. of Wming the battle. 0run1a prepared for Ibe party and wbile he played The drum.. it could Not speslc. Ibis is how Ibe congo were defeated In Ibis path. said to Ihe sitiero. him lo seek orunla s help once again. you are weU paid because you do noI mow. orunla asked erdibre for bis awofaca. he ahandoned Ibe care oflbis awomca and Ibe 1'811001< some ofthe (inkiness) ofbis hand ofifa. And did DOt do anything. To do ebbo wilb drum and mush ron. the IWO mus! have Ibe 3 drumoflbe rogarlon and!he 3 bottles ofrun and each time you have a difficulty Ibe drum are played lo oggun and ochosi and Ibe run is blown. leaving it incomplete.Page 224 of 864 . ( ifa ) . be is the first drummer ofSbango Erdibre lilbricated the body ofthe drum wilb wood from a palm troe. where ifa Iold him . !bey bogan lo dance and edibre. invited them lo drink with him until !hey became intoxicate. wben the sitiero s wife started lo give bitth she became gravely DI fiightened by Ibis Ibe sitiero went out in the search of orunla for help bu! wben Tbey returned it was too late sbe was dead . Ibis is how 0run1a could conquer and govern Thal land a ( drum musical ceremonies ) must performed for Sbango so lbal he can help you win the war.!he sitien. Erdibre invenled the drum. osainista. Ibe sitiero say is 10 much mooey for the ebbo. amo them from each ofthe bottle of ron. he emered into the town. another war Carne bis way.

then !bey caIIed for orumila.. the hag of eni i. as !bey were told. 1 rooster.) and otura oshe ) I sigo ara is placad OD 10p ofthese sigo. because this is ashe. 1 young rooster.E IFA ORUMILA AKEFO YELU ISH05lDSlIE KOBAKOMl . Osasin lo visit orunla to see what ifa advised bim lo do ifa lold osain to do ebbo with 1 goal. plowed diet. are give lo Osain if the awo has Ibis deity or lO aoy other orisha lbal orunla detennine. filled with dirt ofthe wood. aud he oever had trsoquiIity or pesce. Uve tbaI Ibeir ancestor. I guino. before doiog the ebbo. after linisbing Ibe ebbo. with hom. diny had maoy problem aod was not seeing the result ofbi. the awo picks it up aud placed it ioto Ibe ebbo. the next geoeratioo of congo. i. wbich were a11 ofthe evil variety osain. help Ibe rogatioo ofthe awo. the awo must ask iflhe goal is let go or giveo lo one oflbe warrior . doing weU dressed weU aud a1way. congo were going tbrough many difficulties. i. 00 the 2Uoe okaoa gio. gi"" lo the igbo wbile . dirt ofthe cemetery dirt of 4 comer dirt from e. the young rooster is remover any evil energy. the sneez. he prooounced • few word.) acana meIIi ) ogunda oyeku ) okaoa osa) !he 16 meji ifa. 7 smaII puppet. then ordered the Inocbet to covered over. aud res! !he ingredieot. Shango spoke so eloquently tbaI he convinced. Tbe goal. Osain decide lO seek the advice ofShango who toId bim 1 was a1waya a( palero ) bu! then 1 carne lo know 1 am hetter!hao ever 1 am powerful aud 1 am a1waya dressed iD white dressed aod red. the awo take the vomited coro aud place. Ibe osadie is hung form Ibe bom of Ibe goal. then place the brancbes in a pile in the word aud caII me 1bey di.iba tree. had less difficulties. osa melle. soon afterward. ni. hegao lo see tbaI the Iukumi were a1way. hung from Ibe hom. aud the res! Ibe ingrediem. gun powder. Ihe goat is give com lo ea! lhen is gi"" ron. 7 popper. bead gOal of eggun. worl<. sigo Ibe oyubona. dirt a palm troe. dried and the following (sigo) are painled on Ibe bottom 00 the 1 is line ) oebe otura. wbicb is why they decide lo see 0tuuIa.. lhe awo must a1so ask iflbe guine aod young rooster. cul aII oflbe branches off aII the ~ Except for the strawberry P1aot. a largo.Page 225 of 864 O ") 11221 CONTINUATION nm OROI OBE (EDmLE) . secret ofIgvaba ) Ibis is the prenda Ibe edibre. dirt ofthe river. had. tbaI mus! be washed with omiero this sigo. are placad on top. Ibe awo theo takes !he goat aud foeds it ooro aud makes it driok run mixed wit ( gunpowder ) aud when il vomil • aud soeezcs. 7 popper are placad ioto the jicara theo the small puppet. and il Uve in a jicara. he W8S a1way. mooeyaud trsoquiIly. ) erdbre ) sigo the aud vomiting ofthe goal. Osain was having many difficulties hecsuse ofwotlcin bis cult ofpalo moDle with.aud !bey lived much happier. he arrived with aud jicara of Sarseko ) with Ibe ashe. some inlo Ibe jicara aod Ibe res! ioto the ebbo. saw this ifa. dirt onika dirt of a bill dirt from a well dirt from ana 8DI bil~ dirt from Ibe crossroad. place I miniature sandaI on each side oflbe jicara theo place. Ihe awo hegin Ibe ebbo a! this poiot aud when the goal hegin lo expel the com.inging OYURE ERDmRE BABOKO BODUN D. wbich told Ihem. mixed wilb ( gun power ) lo drink. had driok. were a1way.

white mercury flax seed oil cooking oil dry wine and boly day when !he eandle is lit. river. 7 fresh fish. and guine give 10 osain. and guine. the awo hang 4 guine !hen it is take lo osain !he goat is give coen. Iben !he person batbes wi!h omiero Ihe person must sing this song. tree roo! ofpalm treo. (while f1ower)7 jicara wi!h sea water small coneh shells small seashells and some ocean sand.. treo. ) never have tranquility unti~ he she I desire. the boro be filled wi!h the goal tongue goal !he COro !hat was vomited .. aIIerward the goal th!o moster. in . oil !he and !he olher ingredient oflhe ehbo. tbis especial candle is list to the 7 mean power and the interested party prays for !he desired result. ( omiero ) the person must and rogation !he head .. blood ofpigeon give lO the 7 plates!he awo!hen makes a thmng out ofall !hese ingredient and cassemle with severa! wieks is prepared !hen 7 Iizard. !hen 7 eandle are lit one eandle for . this is wrapped wqith skin ofthe goal then it is adomed with. differenl plan!. in !he same way that mercury is never stil~ in !he same way may ( name of!he enemies. this secret live in a high place this ifa a spiritua1 mass is performed for the festival ofthe eggun you need 7 mediums that ean be moun)ed by !he ( congo ) eaeh mediums muS! have I jicara with run and I eigar!he spiritual altar muS! have 7 gIasses ofwater wi!h a black rose. and iyefa.. and reS! !he ingredienl everything is take lo !he fool of a twin palm. 10 ea! run. 10 drink wben !he goal begin to vomit and sneeze the awo take!he vomited com and save it. wi!h gun power. ground ofplaza. OBALUBE ALADOSO MONl GERE NEYE SHANGO KAWA YE MONl GERE NIYE .Page 226 of 864 #222 CONTINUATION TIIE OGBE OROI (EDWLE) Ano!her variation of!he secret) !he secret !he jicara ean a1so be prepared in this manner Take I goat wi!h bom and hang a bag a bag wi!h I egg inside.l roosterwhite.. while. to feed 7 mean powers orun 7 jicara wi!h puppet. is smothered with honey. ebo I rooster I jicara com mea~ soil from house dressed use.. everything must be swept up from !he back of!he house toward !he from . Cabrie different color and reS! the ehbo . ebbo I rooster I fresh fish. then thrown out Candle for 7 mean power take ceramic container and place !he following into the egg. then use the plant for. ehbo I moster. and from !he o!her hoen. !he bead and !he hart ofthe goal. the awo take the oyes. and res! the ingredienl. !he person wick take some plan!. I small drum. !he petitioner must pray to!he Afriean powers and sayo. on one horo !he awo hangs I young moster. waler sea.. !he awo muS! plenty of coro around the house. are plaeed into the casserole. and when !he mass is finished. bom!he goal. and put inlo !he burlap oacI<.eh gl. the tip of!he IOngue and the rigbt. burlap sack dressed. diff'erent color beads. roo! of!he Ceiba. wi!h regular rogation of coronu!. is give to jicara orun plate tbat were previously JtUUic:ed wi!h the sign of erdible . from ofyou house 3 arrow.

Ebbo I moster. I puppet rag gunungun. and place I stones into it stones mus! have a line of cascarrilla. This sign an ifa of ( abiku ) for this use ( plant come cara 2) pepper ( iye dUS! ) of breastplate ofturt1e. sma1Iladder. th<n other line with osun. which is a an necldace. in Ibe middle ofthe necldace is consecraled 00 Ibe ( lablero board ifa ) this is an oecldace of orunla !hal awo erdibre. the awo talce lhe head of Ihe male goal. The awo must ask if he must place a container full of ice lo Obatala. and tum theen into ashe are Talcen and Ibis sign is written prayed.. I jicara. this osain. arun unlo ofo unlo ejo unlo. while saying iku unlo.. malee 3 line 00 the Face the child wilh the dust. Lighl a charcoal of osain • talce the dried plant ofthe osain. The owner Ibes sign.. núxed with dust of( fish eya oro. for elegua. plan! ewe tete. or el. must wears. for a perlod of7 days. overcome all of bis difficullies. dog) is give to oggun and I most. eggun ero obi Irola com 7 differenl stick And ground different hill Fmm the Iand of Arara ( dahomey ) Talce a fraying pan. and female. that give lo orunla duriog the awo s obefa Kakuanardo ) cereenonies. and I for osain ' The two awo edirbre should have a prepared ( ftyiog pan ) beside bis elegua With 7 stooe smalL S hooked.stake. lbal sound Iike saeam .. then il is blown on Ibe 4 comer. aIl ofe Ibis is made into dust ) then give blood of pigeon. Roo! of pa1m trec. To salve the hou . young moster.) the stone is wrapped io a striog of ila and leaves of okra soil crab. stick made 7 different stick that are wrapped with fabrie 7 color I arrow. everything covered with an jicara theo this prayer must be said DIBAROOKUYAKlKEROBOGDOKADUNILEKANGBOGBOarALARIKAMI ONOffi KAMALA MI'IERE. ( coaI charcoal ) planl male. the awo must ask. tutu opooyo mUS! prepared io this sign. Head the heno. naburu.Page 227 of 864 #223 CONI'INUATION nm ODI 000 (EDIBLE) EBBO I moster . !he horne wilb omiero ofthe plan! ofObata1a Amen you figbl with your woman. mixed mI comjo. oflbe borne The ownce ofthis sign.. then this placed into A comer ofthe home ( I aja. erdibre. Woman you figbl with your man. and IiUs il from bebind . of orunIa. suffers from teet and Iegs. will help awo. And a hom is placed io il mounl. 4 halves of 2 inkine... then planl 6 plants with rOO! and aIl and the rest the ebbo. that you have fried llame. can never be the third persoo lo use something. An osain is prepared wilb lhe male goal. fur example he cannol be Ibe third husband the third owner of a caro the third owner ofjewelry Secret ofthe sign. You have ooises in you home. that write with stick moruro. osain.

because Ihey are hungry and because Ibey help you Overcome a heallh problem have tranquility and conquer your enemies. talce caro oflbem and malee sure Ibey don I die y 011 are crying because you are barren and desperalely want ebildren. and banana leaves. There are young twin in your family. Ibe person Take Ibese asheses lo wherever Ibe orisha bas determined. Don I ea! banana. Ibe inlerested party tben places Ibese in fronl of!he orisha lo whom Ibey were sacrificed and Ibe person Pray for blessing of children. bul you are now wondering wonder ring whetber or not lO talce her back . you do so that you can live well and govem as you were m~ to. So!hal you can' have more children Ifyou owe someone money and you are unabJe to payo have patience so that you can avoid . do whal ifa instructs. ofnew guinea. yoo two are going to reconcile. she decided lo seo orunIa for an rider. wilb green banana lcave Iben afler Ibey are cooked. From banana treo. ebbo. but sometime in the future. Responsible for Ibe spoll The ashesesoflbe pigeon. and this sigo was seon OrunIa did an Ebbo. y 011 are mean for great things. Once there was a big banana tree from New Guinea. Take two pigeon for rogation. Iba! you want. bu! wherever you 80.. after Ihe ebbo Ibe awo.. eals beef jerky aJso. To reconcile in Ibe near future. en you two have separaled because of this and because of ber jealousy . In you home Ibere is a person lhal has stomach problem because he she. ' People are very envious ofyou. bolb Ofyou are going. and sbe cried because of il one days. but sbe has a strong character. so !hal you can have everything. are cooked. Iben afler Ibe predetermined amollOl of day. and become friend again.Page 228 of 864 #224 CONTlNUAll0N mE OOl OBE (ERDmLE ) Make a food otrering lo Ibe twin. but your bead is making bad decision. so that you can have losses. tragedy. or apple. ( male and female ) and Ibey are give lo orisha that is. of Ibe ebbo on Ibe asbese. so!hal Ibis woman can bear ebildren. Try lo keep calm so !hal your blood does nO! rush lo you head and kili you You have a pregnanl woman !hal is going lO give birtb 10 twin. Ibe awo sprinIde sorne iyefa. this persoo kills the rats that are in tbe home. do ebbo wilb 4 pigeon. for two pigeon. !hal was barren. money and stability do. You have a fonner friend that is nQW your enemy and each of you want to destroy each ather. and this is the reason is unlucky Woman you are pregnanl wilb twin or you have aIready had Ihem. you are 80ing lo have good luek good healtb and a 101 of money. and they do everything they can place obstacles in your patb.

survive. aod olofin agreed 00 Ibe Condition Ibat after he fioished. thst was a businessmao. ODIKULUOYEKULUADIFAFUNOYAABA GUGUMALEBM AKUKOLEBO PLANT~A CAS11LLA This is where !he festival masks were COnstrucled for Ibis ceremonies of eggun and !he Ceremonies of oIo1am This sign of ifa mus! be wrill. he opeoed !he daros oflbe world aod Ibe oceaos. This sign of mask or ( hypocrisy ) tbere are insincero people around you. aod with" and prosperity entered !he world. This is were orunJo curse iD o very respectful aod eloquent maooer Go far oway evil Spiril you did oot. on lbe alena of eggun in order lo feed it. made o b. wilb much money fur a perlod of 16 days and prsys for ecooomic prosperity This is a sign thst has two very IrsoscendeotaJ and daogerous meaning because it speaks of dealb and lbe grave. aod eggun is askiog for a mass. bul with Ibe conditioo lbal Ibe mus! return lo heaveo wheo rus miSSiOD was complete !fa fore. heed Ibe advice so owoy wilh you evil shadow This is where Ihe first ( Ornofo Soo ) was coosecnue. Give two beos lo oya IntOl}' iku take a Can and Can yourself . orisha granl something. Give two heos lo Oya. Ibis is where olofin autborized orunJa lo come doWD lo earth lo organizo Jife. ioto rus erroneous ways aod orunIo turn rum over lo iku. Tbe sick persoo will gel better !fa fore weaJth is coming commerce is bom in Ibis sign. This is where !he disobedient person relapses.. weaJlb " colllll1Cl'lie Began lo Oourish. it comes with a conditioo thst Ibe person must fulfil~ wheo he is give !he blessing. where he received an Awofaca hand of orunJa ) wilb 16 inking. In Ibis sign wben lb. For you resalve ao ecooomic problem Place !he followiog lo Obstala 2 while plate. river planl aod ¡mimals tbal.. Everything is excellent aod o blessing of a male cJúld is comiog !fa osorbo. thst at thst time represent 0runJa This sign speak oflbe son ObataJa. humao being also began lo procreate. who had committed many Error lhal had been kept secret and in order lo save him. because !he awo couId die and !he iII persoo. ObataJa ordered thst he be give ifa.baJoo Oruolo asked olofio if Ibe could come dowo lo earth lo fix. ootbiog is done for Ibe sick persoo. In Ibis sign. orunJa would come hack lo heaven when orunJa Arrived on earth.Page 229 of 864 122S ORDIOYEKU 001 YEKU DI YEKU OORDAFUN BARASA NlREGUN OUN RUKU OLOYA UNBO UNPIlLI!SE ARARELO.

but you did nol receive her. Do nol curse enyODe. Iftbere is a siel< penon in your borne he sbe wilL get better. Pray lO 0bata1a. be did and writber. and when Ibe woman that left found out. Consecrate tbe ceremonies of osha onyou hese!. wbeo 0run1a found oul about tite pretensioo 01. aftertlte ebbo. I fresh fisb. You have cbest problero.Page 230 of 864 #226 CONTINUATION nm ODI OYEKU Tbis is where tite young meo gol tngether io order lo conspire agaiost and Ily lo Ovorthrow tite reigas oflb. . tben you acquired one and finaUy. various types of foods. governing Ibe world. orun1acut tbe skin oftlte lamb into long strip and bung lbenat. Ibe entranceof bis bomo. escorted you out of tbe party was a festival for tbe dead. differenl trap . bid. oidor goneranon. differem food. Dr. instantIy. and place offering of 2 coconul iri ofun. ( bark yagua palm ttee ) differem fabric. and res! tbe ebbo. wil1 find strangers who wil1 Take advantage ofhim hor. and Ibis persen wil1 die fsr away from ones lbal uuIy love Him hor.. You are en son of Shango. and res! tbe ingredient Ebbo I roast. tbat is nol good for yoo is romancing you. . sU oflbe young meo touebed tbeir bead witb. end yoo have nol completed tbero. because you could say Ihing lo him tbat you couJd later regre!.he wanted lo come bael< lO you. that sbe Ieft. I goal. that yoo were well again. don'l despise bim when he arrivos. yoo Iben did ebbo and found anolber woroan. in wbilo. because anolher mean is coming tbat will be better for you. Ibe young mean. invite tbe young men. Respect ( OYA ) You house is very disorganized < Don l make fun of anyone especially drunk because you also like lo drink hesvily Always do whal yoo oller lo do and don l farget about or argoe witb tbe awo. All of your affair are in a lerrible stale because you havo offero lbings lo Ibe orisha. pay what you owe. ground frem house. orun1a say lO tbe young mean. goat ono. gave tbe lamb lo Sbango. for a11 oftlte wicked tbing that you have done Becaful lbal semenne does l curse yoil. and invited. sumptuous dinner on tbet1úrd day. Ibis persen is capable of Iying in order lo save bis ber. in order lo ask forgiveness. laay you that were lo happened Iben tbere be no ooe lo govern Ibis 1and because. Mean you dreamed that you did ROl have a woroan. and imo thing lbal are none 01. On dayoftlte feast. sU of you say that tite wbite baired generanon mus! die but. you dreamed lhal you were al a paIt)' where dead. for:. and agreed lo let everyone die when tbeir time carne. is bow orunla was able lO continuos. Vou are going receive rnoney tbat you have asked for. live al Ibe entrance Ibe bouse fur 3 daY' Ebbo I roster fealher Ibe pigeon. s borne had white bair fearing dealh tite young men revoked tbeir mandalo. f8bric differeot. I roaster.cveryone tben looked al each othor s bead and saw that every persan in orunla.. everyone must dio. Ebbo. bis hor.. andthi. tbe strips oftbe lamb whilo. and two new plates white. Woman a man. various type of drioking elru res! ofingredieo Orunl. where be saw Ibis ifa and did an ebbo witb lamb white.. turning sU of young meo s bair white aftor tbe feaat. business. festher tbe guineo spider web frem tbe persen borne ground. you should nol accept bis advances. 4 comer. The persan that abandons bis fiuuily and timed lested friends. people were having Fun and colored roan.

pray for Ibe ( major eggun ) and Ibe needy spiril so lbal Ibey can protect you from yoo losing. lake some of Ibem and place Ibem lo Ibe orisha This is where the trees were bom and were decimated by plagues iltness. you are going lO have a male clúld Do an orun for eggun. had argnmenl over Ibem wben Ihe fruil Ripen or Ihe Ilowers bloom. Iike lbal oflbe river. because if you do you will lose your lucle. and yoor could be Ibe one 10 have the problem. you shoold send someone else lo retrieve it. woman. afrer 6 P<M. instead ofa life ofreality. This sigo is marked by war.Page 231 of 864 1/227 ORDI IWORI (ORDIORO) ODI ORO ODI OFOYU MOWA YEN! OBA OJU LEI. because you are living alife of fantasy. and now only Ibe rool are left Ibe Memorie. You are prolúbiled from pulling any plan!. This person is blind bis her spouse has another lover y 00 are a person lhal il living wilb Ibeir eyes closed. This is where the boa! did nol have a place lo anchor itself lo !fa of iIIega( drug tra1Iic. of an plan and it s afrer 6 pm. Be careful wilb Ibe persoo and visits by people. oflbe departed There are people wbo are living offyou or are enjoying the beneñts ofyour hard work !fa fore yoo have lived off otber people. wben you have a pressing need lo aoquire a planl rool. your good luck This person is going lo find lbal he sbe desires This person has a very stormy personality. Ibere is betrayed and unfaithful behavior lbal is going on in lhe borne. y 00 have mental problem.B INLE ALABANIYE OMO LOGU YEKUN OMO INLE SOKUN YERE OFOYU N! AINA INLE LODAFUN ASIlE ASHIRI LELE OJU ORO OBA AINA OBA ODO LODAFUN INLE KAFEREFUN OSAIN OD[ WORI AWO N! PAYA MOSU MOALO LA ANA ON! OMO SHANOOODI BOMU IWORI BOMU ODI BOMU ADIFAFUN ODI ORO . s yard or Ihe Neighbor has trees Ibal faII inlo yard and your. AWO NIPA YA MOSO MOALO LA AMA AMO SHANOO ADIFAFUN ODIORO This is where the twtIe desired lo be Ibe ( tree oyuhona. IFA of sexuality and promiscuous behavior The person s clwacter change as Ibe day progresses. ) This sigo is marked by phenomenoo and transf9rmatiODS y 00 must you give thank lo yemaya and ShaJigo y 00 sbould always lén the truth and be fair io yoor dealiogs with other people in order lo be a greal man. lbal could leave package of iIIegal malerial io you home. and only The roots were Jet\. Ibis is due envy This ifa speaks of problem wilb Ibe estomach and Ibe bones. You family has been decimated by plagues iIIneS$. There are fruil trees or Ilower trees in your yard lbal ru inlo lhe neighbor. You sufrer fro hemorrboid .

the man decide lo seo orunla and do tbe recommended ebbo witb an animal skin. Ordi oro has varisble chamcter and will negate any request S! one lime during tbe days but will canfor any roquest during othertime ofthe same days Or<li oro sold tbe pJant ( t10wer flor tbe water ) money lo cure pmblem with the oyes and Sbe placed tbese plant in a tub. and wben the chief returned lo steal Ibe money odi oro. plant malba blanca. due lo tbis the man was unable lo acbieve.he has passed on place tbem nexl lo her. wbich opeos up al a certain hour oftbe days and closes at a specific hour ofthe days. is hom in tbis sigo. odi oro. wmpped vaso. ikofa. seo tbis tbey grave tbe man a decayed basket 10 use. sir 1 carne lo bring my beloved tbese f10wer as a symbol of my. and tbis enemies. bis hands and ssid lo ObataJa. all but one suilor carne witb f10wer in. and Iba! curse pursue him lo tbis day. has strong resemblance lo Ihe one found in tbe sigo ( Obara osa ) There once was a mm who needed who needed lo pon sometbing out from a weD. tbe suitor carne lo seo the daugbler. !be person muS! no! have any a1coholic beverag. ifa awo odi oro cansed tbe deatb of a womao. bis ends. ORDI oro is tbe sign oftbe ( asb ceniza) wben the awo seo Ibis sign be DUlS! smoker a asar. tbis was how the man was able lo achieve bis goal. or awofaca everyone in tbe home DUlst smoker a cigar . !bese are made into a lea and take fOr 3 month. in order lo know wbich suilOrs would be best for bis Daugbler ObstaJa decide lo lell tbe suilor tbat bis daughter had died in order lo seo wbich One of them would come to give tbeir most sincere condolence as the moumers carne to pay tbeir respecl. ObataJa tbon explained lo tbe otber suilors tbat because oflbis Suilor s sincerily and heartfelt feeling. stoJe it. tbis. There is an eggun tllal is stealing your luck and healtb. 10 han eshu .Page 232 of 864 #228 CONTINUATION nm OOIIWORl (001 ORO) Tbis ifa speaks ofa piece ofproperty ofland tllal 2 brother killed theirfatber over. bul now tbal . undying love for her. died so Ihey aII went home witb tbeir present in hand. he had tbe bahil of placing the money nexI 10 the tub and Someone. Tbis sigo. hear1 in tbe coffin. bul were astonisbed lo find oul tllal she had. Help witb impotente) mot the sauco blanco. wbere ifa lold bim lo do EBBO witb moster (1 lazo knol ) and eko. hearing. husk and quicldy lassoed The chief. she leave and you shall be her Husband. tbem blow smoke on Shango In an owofaca. be will a1low tbis mm lo msny bis daugbter . Tbi. The daugbter of ObataJa had many suilors wbo wanted lo msny her and a11 of tbem Offered mmy riches for Ihe hand. is wbore orunIa wamed lo impose kindness on tbe world Awo odi oro can nevor bathe in the ocean The plant Oor the water. OhataJa saw tbat tbis man was indeed tbe best suilor for tbis daughter is no dead. <lid and Osorde and bis Odun was seeJl. heard Ibe sound orthe eko. be <lid tbe ebho. . In Tbi. during tbis periad.

and res! Ibe ingredienl Don t get involved in affair that don t concern you Don I run after anyone hecause il couId means your death . must prepared Ibis secret oflbis sigo ifa. needs lo used Ibe water from Ibe casserol. planl bolon Ibe oro.due lo Ibe lean. take a new deep. on IOp ofthe place 16 stones. placed 00 the bottom ofthe cassero1e. Iben he prays Ibe sigo that were. IOgether with Osun and Sbango Ibe person mUS! balbe with Ibis orniero in order lO purify Ihemselves : Awo odi oro. dry. daughler 01. Been ritually cleansed beforehand. h.. In Ibis palb is where Ibe ( plant f10wer waler flor de agoa ) was bom . you bell Ihat you used Ebbo 1 rooster feather pigeon ground from ofhouse. Ebbo 1 rooster fealber pigeon 1 ta\isman. must placed a coin inlo Ibe casserole Ibis is Ibe virtue of odi oro TIte casserole the sigo. lo Wash bis oyes with. I pigeon. lo Ibis Ibe awo must give 1 rooster and one pigeon TIten water.Page 233 of 864 #229 COmlN\JATION TIfE 001 IWOR! (ORO! ORO) Make an orniero wilb zarza fta. imo Oshuo planl romerillo. constanlly. one shel~ 16 stones sma1~ from ofriver. ) that is iridescent. Ibough she never asked for anything bad 10 happened lo him Ebbo I roosler. 1 small turt\e Ebbo one lamb 1 rooster 1 trap. 1 casserole elay 8 differenl plant. oshun and inle she cried nexl 10 Ibe river hecause of Ibe curses lbat awo odi oro. and res! Ibe iogredient. ceramic casserole an d painled Ihe foUowing sigo 00 Ibe bollon Oche otura)odi oro) okana oyeku) ocana osa) otura oshe) ofifil. is added a10ng with 16 coins. of lb. shouled at her through her suffering. and orlsha lbal have . the awo pray 10 fue hause. sea shell ( stick okra. lbal are of 16 o$ha. Plant oro zu~ the blood of 1 caramel pigeon. Ibe awo must ca11 Aina fue ) lhen place 16( planl f10wer Ibe water) oyo oro) into Ibe casserole eaeh time that !he awo odi oro. the awo Iben places a piece that is Mounled in an aye-style.

Relation with • homosexual and Ibis person did • opell so that tbe man. Agayu speak in Ibis sigo and he is taken care 01. s member could not. enougb lO bave dominioQ or power over tbe child oflbis ¡Ca Odi iroso. Shango raised Ibis person. '. Ibis persen has the mentally that Evcry lbing \hat g1itter is nol. because the scisso. TIús persen bas problem witb bis testicl. Luck Ibe persan and have cannot bave lbese object toucb bis her head . Evcry part the body . is a self taugbt persen in vcry regard You are probibiled from eating black eyed beans In tbis ¡Ca is bom the actofplacing and offer ofblaclc beans Ioone guardian angel no matter which orisba it is TIús is where the confusion oftbe opposite sex is boro.lfa ofthe stain or spot.Page 234 of 864 ." and tbe razon are bad.. baving seen bis bor.. ¡Ca of gosaip and slander. problem witb sexual impotency. Ibe person does ebbo witb anything that can be found. il couId he heeause he had prior sexual. create many problem for tbem in Iheir home . Ibis persen is rnentally unbalance due lo. tbis is why Ibis man does nO! get excited when he is witb women. Do not jump over water hose. A1ways take good care of Sbango TIús person no bave stability of security of anytbing The cbild oflbis sigo mus! do a binding ritual lo bis she spouse so tbat tbe spouse so \hal tbe spouse does nol leave Ifthe man is baving. The children of the paren!. Odi iroos never knew bis her motber. and Ibis will save Ibis persen. you must step on them so that your sexual potency is not diminisbed. The ire oflbis sigo is to live with an son (Oshun) and sdore (san lazara) Osain of the pillar. if \he persen wants 10 have inteUigence and stabilities nere . This ifa probibil Ibe persen from cutting their hair. while you sleep. you enemy is bury with bis her machinations plant alafia and espartiIlo. EYELE LEBO EWEFA LEBO 001 mOSOESO ROSO AWO ONl BABALAWO AOm FAFUN INU ONSI OLUOBO o'. """"PI for tbe no. work witb anyone but bim. you mus! receive a complete ( osain ) tbe dry bean berb bend Before the person dies bis her. Note the person is very spiritual.Ieep. parent in tbe aC! of se>< when Ibis persen was vcry young is an eggun that sleeps witb persen when be &be is sleep. After tbe persen receive or does Osba he sbe abandons them. Ibis is wbere the cerebral hemispberes were boro. 1230 ODImoso 001 meso AWOSE WOWE AOIFAFUN OLOGBO AOIFAFUN ONA 001FO l!KUIl! AYAYU KORO AOAFE AYA. Ifa of going througb many difficulties. Shango prolect the person. Ifa ofimmorality The persen has wiclced feelings You bave an negative eggun very close lo you. hand will develop osleoporosis. In tbis ifa. The awo oftbis ifa cannot treat insane people or people suffering from nerves No one is ahl. Vou have many enemies.

that Ibe parent oflbis persen. where odi iroso KiUed someone in a violenl rage. Ibis persen has a powerful Spiril that does not allow anolber persen lo dOler Ibe cmld of Odi !roso. and he id envidie a grea1 deal. Ibe first one lo receive Ibe secret of ( San Lazaro ) and he ealo rotten food Note this history is very worded in the originals manuscript and since 1 did Rot have the Original story form 1 translaled Ibis story WOrd for word. eshu would mde in Ibe trash can and when Oshun wasn'I. Ibis woman is bonus. come your way. Ifa say. Your are going lO give birth lo a child lha! wiU bring you a greal dea!s of luck. she mus! receive her iko& Ebo misi. revea! your secret and cause you a 101 of embarrassmenl You may know slol oflbing. because you have and eggun that. enler Ibe home. ) and Ibey gave birth lo a heauliful daughler This is where ( Eshu Alaguna) dirtied op Ibe home. reveals everything 10 you wIúle you are asleep. that color lbal is Ibe color of your soul. IfiI of transformation The persen must on occasion sweep Ibe home from Ibe back 10ward Ibe from Iben pick up !he trash in door house. omiero wilb blood. wilb a piece of paper and add eku and rest Ibe ingredienl. wilb your spouse and listen lO Ibe advico. this perseD struggler in life and gets 10 Ibe 10p of ms her profession. She had lo go live in lhe cemetery. pray for mm her. even the people that live in your home. clean your bead. when !he SUD just falls over !he borizon and Ibe sky Hue is between red and yeUow. !he awo must ask if it s wilb a jio jio or an pigeon. Ibe &U from grace in order lo ' Rise again. and receive orun1a This sigo speak mysticism and spirituality. Around Ihe world. Fulfill your obligation wilh Obata. You mus! feed Ibe pa1m tree. then I pigeon. bu! Ibere are other people who know more Iban you Do lover money or other problem that you may have.) ODIIROSO ) clúld of ololam In Ibis sigo Ibe persen suffec with a problem wilh !he ear. Odi iroso . in search of( San Lazaro) eshu alawana) i. You must saluted !he sunset.Ehu Alawana ) was Ibe one who look lo yewa. and when Ibey wem lo look for lúm They used ms slench lo find mm. Ibis persen must yoko osha. Ibe persen muS! !heD ask if. rogatiOD Ibe head regular Rogation.inco . because Ibis i.. even Ibough !bey are dead This is and ifa where osun faUs over. . gives yOllo so Ihal all of Ihe good 11úng can. because al lbal particular time. try 10 control your mental power. of Ibe pigeon. begins lO communicate wilb Ibe eggun Odi iroos is lhe cmld of 0run1a.Page 235 of 864 " # 231 CONI1NUATION TIIE 00/ IROSO You should continues doing lbing according lO your custom. There is a of disobedience and you have walked in Ibe world of spiritualism Obba in Ims ifa was Ibe wife of ( inle abata. and don I trust anyone. is give lO lbio mound oftrash and Ibe ara Is thrOWD iDlo Ibe trash can . !FA oflove binding You receive OsaiD . in Ibe same ways. bu! as SOOD as !bey do. and your home. bul avoid fighting. Ibal he she. Be carefu~ lhal you don I have sexual relalion wilh any homose~ beeause Ibis persen couId.

smaI~ and it kiUed 00 the perseo. tbe left sboulder blede erosses must theo be mode 00 the perseo s Corehead .) this din is to protee! my home. to resalve this situatioo. Friday It eats overything that "sain eats and it is good. first down the back then down the !Tont the awo. tbero are time when this perseo is as sweet as an almond. the awo th. and efun the awo then take sorne efuo and niakes.. Them smear honey over tbose spots the feath. ' The rooster is thrown into the hoUow. tbis persen must sleep With this puppet. is porformed with and young rooster. that is caused by an obscssive spirit that has sex with ( odi roso ) when he is sleep. marlc down to the coccyx bone. Pregun. this person is take to the food ofa Ceiba. !he awo in order to liberate bimselC!Tom this problems must do ebbo with ( l adan bat ) Give 808t to oggon. then from the rigbt shoulder. the Collowing. talisman. remover all bis clothes. to run down every. the left over herb ofthe ontiero are ntixed with efun and made into a b~ the interested party. the part jusi above the buttock) then the awo niakes a mart from the rigbt shoulder blade to... only ifthe persen wishes to extend the life of th. will good indefinitely. place l piece oC ivory. and the persen is iostructed to leave this spol.. the neck and the. finally a lioe oC efuo is drawn from the perseo. Cor 9 ovening in wbich time the obscssive spirit will materialize. and l Ceather to obata1a. the biggest problem that Odi iroso ) has is that when he is going to realize the sexual act he quickly develop erectile dysfunctions. talisman osain. the rogation tbat is besd !Tom the shoulder down the awo then remover . the awo wil~ then finish. and the other. ingredient ofthe previous spell. and the awo must cJean the persen with this ball OC the plant. al the end ofthe 9 evening.without removing. placed into the sack. leave peonia. with an rooster. ~. and oparado. . with bis back to the (holJow ) the persen is cJeaned with the with'the puppet.ide rib arca. opoll and the previous one. awo prepared an ontiero. to overcome all oC my difficu1ties.. ritual are performed. and cover the hollow. will then batbe with the ontiero that was made . tree Where a ( cutu hollow ) is mede the persen stand. #232 CONTINUATION nm ODlIROSO . but wben the person goes to callee! tbe din.Page 236 of 864 . th. An puppet prepared with the dirty cJothes oCthe interested party. and the other time wbeo this person is as bitter as a teman. mark tbat was made on the perseo s body. them eross Cormation take 4 leaves of ( plant maravilla. with plant avericunlo. with the oparaldo. thi.. he must say the foUowing words osain ( pJant. the different between thi. doing this. the awo will theo perform. s throat arca down to the public area. a rogatioo 00 the imerested party with l fresh fish the awo will them remover aII of feather !Tom the body the persoo the perseo. white ) and arrange them in a eross then edd 4 needle. alittle bit of din from the persen s door house. back al the home ofthe interested party the. s nock allowiog the blood. and 4 orange. itself In the puppet. is that this spell has the 4 needles the previous one daos oot.) Take 61eaves ofplant caimito violet. paranti. Are placad over them..ewe yeye.. Talisman Cor policeman. daos a saraIIelle cJean the perseo. is placad into!he hollow. then the puppet. and to keep policeman Far away !Tom here ashe. Cor 3 O 7 days.

the awo. io order lo keep any Obsessive spiril away from him. and Shango as well as perform ceremonies. 2 fish hook. wbieb he must theo separated ioto 2 groups of 6 marice a eross each.4 differeol water. 1 scorpion I fresb tish. dust the head Ihe bird. dús is bow lizard.) 1 puppel. female. osain. rat. obi motiwado soil frem crab. and make omiero is made ebomisi. animals Ihal ifa decide lrap ground house. will eal whalever. and res! the ebbo You suffer fram an itlness known as problem in the stomach or u1cerous. ri obi kola osun. 3 sroall rooster. a1ways witb bim. ooe ( oel jamo. takes sorne consecrated ( iyefa. Every part of Ihe body sleeps excepl for the oose. together with a11 ofthe ingredieol thal were removed from Ibe pe!1iOo Body the awo. mueh mooey. soil from river 3 small machetes tree arrow. saebeguo Ola. Ebbo whalever. Form bebind door house awo. are Iheo sacrifice ioto the hole. by ¡nterest party Ebo small rooster. after dús the inlerested paJty must give an twtIe lo osain. ecu ella coro. filbric soil 4 comer. dressed Ibe person. fonn colitis Ebbo 2 mosler. planl bigo. will them perform and ebbo for thé peI1iOn.Page 237 of 864 #233 CONTINUAnON THE 001 moso A WO ABA A WO OBERE ADIFAFUN INU ADIF AFUN OSAIN Rooster small. 21 stroog stiek. group By tying the feather. dust ofhead egmm possible men. and head are pIaced inside the awo. wilb Ibe iogredieol thal ifa had Marked previously but withoul rernoviog the rogalioo tbat the pel1iOO will still have 00 their head. cemetery. dirt roo! tree a1amo. Ibis pel1iOO mus! have dús talisman. and cover The bole wilb a lile tbat has a bole in il for fceding the bole in the future the ( ayamboco dog. Oba is consecraled and Ibis Orisha. dressed the persoo Ebbo I moster.) oflbe sigo and sprinldes sorne 00 the crosses are wrapped in filbrie thal is the color the persóo s guardian Angel. is lo be taken. togetber. chair.) iOlo the bole. with tbis turtle on his penis. cedro almendra. dús part speak of homosexual Ebbo I male goat I moster and res! the ebbo. tbe warrior eaI.) is alIowed lo (opa killed) io the bole. the awo will ask wbere the ara of Ihe moster. 3 inking. plaol. I slooes and resl Ihe ebbo . will remover a piece oflbe lile from Ihe !loor and make a hollow Ibe awo will theo place the following ioto the hole. will Iheo placed a live (dog small.

you used necldace made in coral Odi omoni is a person tbat has a variable and unpredictable cbaracter he she lbinks thal no one understand. yemaya And ObatsIa as a point of defense. Because Ibis penoon does not speak Ibe truth. 'I'his is where elegua and Ibe orisba are hungry because you bave.Page 238 of 864 #234 ODIOmANl ( 001 OMONl ) ODIOMONl AWO FASIIE IKU. is placed on the 10p oflbe person bome Sign ofthe agriculturist.A ATl SHANGO 0Rl OSHAWO. should beware ofbetrayal from Ibe penooo. Ibis penoon nwst receive Osain. because Ibe Tho penoon lO whom you gossiped. Tbsl is Ihe least Iikely lo betray. Tbsl Ibis person does nol reaIize tbat days are being manipulate. where men used lo sit down at Ihe end oflbeir live they Became tired and Sal on a rock rcst Odi omoni a vain penoon. her obligation Ibis penoon wil1 be taken lo cowt " For speaking ilI of anolber penoon you bave many material and moi-al Iosses. abandoned them and Don I take care oflbem Ibis is ungratefuIoess. be sbe.IKU OMO SAREBAKU FASIlE lKU AWO OMO lKU ABERERE NlLAVE lNLE AWO FASIIE IKU OMO YEKU OBA NI SHANGO AWO OBARE YEYE lKU AWO KOYIYEKU lNLE OBARA LELIlKO IKU IPAKAFl!REFIJN RUNLA ELEGBAR. A penoon. on you psrt because Ibe orisba bave a1ways " Becn Ibere for you.. OBADEORUN OSHAWO OBA EYlBA 001 OSHAWOOBA AYAMANARA NARA AlKORDIE EYELE 1SIIU. or fuIfiII bis her obJigation. or lived isoIated wilb Ibe truth He sher bave. Tbis sign is make by problem oflbe chest and circuIatOI)' system Tbis person is friendly wilh everyone bul lo everyone finds Ibis person aceeptsble Wben Odi Omoni. Ibis is an ifa of Ibe disciplinarian. !fa aruo. must a1ways count on e1egua. Tbis person canool be coerced into doing something tbat he she does nol want lo do. wants lo take away Tbis is wbere the punishéd were bom.he Iike it when Ibey go . Ibis person is sutrering from a very ambiguous ilIoess tbat no one has becn ablr lo pin point or define. betrayed you and repealed everything you said lo the victim 01. Sign business oflbe Iand. bim her and Ibis rC8S0n 01. Ibis is the rC8S0n for aI1 of your problem The Ebbo in Ibis sigo. aIso Ibis sign is marked losses due lo your sbowing contempt for Anolber penoon. your gossip. lNO ELEBO " omlROSO ESO ROSOAWO ONl BABALAWO ADIE FAFUN lNU OSI OLUGBO Tbis sign thal the penoon has something tbat a powerful enemi. 'flUs person desire lO acquire or resolve a problem !hat is causing a lot of wony the problem. can over a spouse. ofover a child a friend Whichever gnardian angel Ibis penoon has. he she must sweet taIk Ibis person in such a wsys. be . tbat dnes nOl honor Ibe pacI. Shango defend bis penon. many loses and couId polentially a1so everything a1so because Ibis person does ROl fulfilI bis. Tbis person likes thing lO be organized and he she. " In arder lo ge something"from Ibis persoo. Tbis sign ofthe naIve msrried and does not bave any children. ( Odimoni ) s mamen! of gr08I sadness To safeguard Ibis penoon s Jife and lo secure a promising futuro.

and fabric wbite black.. do mas. or lo wbich osba or. This person sacrifices themselves for his ber enemies. is killed lo Ibis mix all oCtbo people presem must taste eacb oC 4( Ñame. Do" I make promises that you ClMol keep.. evo tbougb there is no reason for it. yams) wbicb eacb has been Smolbered wilb (iyo sall ) fal corojo. give lo eggun two rooster.. tbo cbildren oC Obatala ClMol taste tbo yams) 4 otber yams. these are placed into a poi lo bon just Iike a tamsle foad com )!hey are placed on a plate and smothered witb epa and placed lo orunla They are 10ft there for days that orunla determines In Ibis sigo tbo awo talces I( Ñame yams ) cuta il into 4 pieces then add sall . SARAYENYE BGGUN IKU LORO ADIE SARAYEYE EOUN IKU OLORUN . Iflbis persaD • psrent are dead. must be prepared in Ibe some manner as obove. 1 pigeon. And paraldo is performe al 6 am.. bul instead oC sall ) and corajo Ibe awo adds Cat cacao. 1 piece tbo mes! pig. 1 duck. This ifa probibita financing someone el. This person eitber bao . knowiog lbal Ibis ceremoDies exists it casier lo Investigate the rcasan wby this ceremonies exists Place a bunch ofbanana lo Sbango. so that they can belp Ibis persan oven more. t10wen candles. desls unless there are concrete assurances oC tbo des]. and give lbem 1 rooster. epa ODiOD snail lometo black eyed been. added lo !he mix then it is molded into 4 separate mounds or baII persan then wraps eacb ofthese ball witb com husks. prayed. and bole. people ask about Ibeir cbildreD This sigo spesk of children lbal look very much Iike Ibeir paren! There is • distancing. SARAYEYENYE IKU LORUN.. Somewbere and lb. or at 12 noon. orisba Ibese yaros sre placed however. placed tboo al door house. one piece of mes! buffalo. it raw ssIt is. Pul placed lo Sbango.overything or nothing. for them and attend then by giviDg them Coads. tbon 1 rooste<.Page 239 of 864 11235 CONl1N\JATION 1lIE 001 ORlAN! (ODIMONI) . ) and boney. is give lo him wbile Ibe awo ( sing song ) if ans pigeon. NOle lbe origioals manuseripl does DO give Ibe reason wby Ibis is done. The Ebbo ofthis ifa must bave a srnaIl can lbal goes inside Take elegua and Sbango.. because Ibe couId cause problems with tbo people around you. rice 4 Dickel. Everythiog is masbed into separal. PIaced (amuleye mering lo orunIa) tbo pefsoD peeIs a Cuban. or sepanllion between brother oven if il just s1igbl Be cafereful ofboredom. in tbo woods wilb 1 bens block. pieces Ibeo rooster. lo Sbango Ibis lOng AWO KOFIYEKU AWO FASIIE IKU IOlN MAYEKUN OLORUN IWA LADEO OVA KALORUN ORlAN! ISO ORO PRAYED )lOlN MAYEKUN OLORUN IWA LODEOOYA KALORUN ORlAN! ISO ORO SARAYEYENYI! IKU LORUN. Ibey accompany Ibis persan. yam and mesh. and cascarrilJa.

tbe woman coolinued having diflicullies wilh her re!alionsbip and ooe day. you can nol longer be my wife becanse your are now my ohijado. You are Caraway from me. placed 10 elegua. !bis shijado was used lo talcing. he had jusI commiled. io wbich . and this sign was seen where ifa lold her you.Page 240 of 864 #236 CONTINUATION 11iE ODl OJUANI (ODl MONING) PARAYEYE IKU LORUN. she retum lo orun1a s borne and ended up becoming bi. must be belp by the interested pluty 1 rooster. and tbe shijado never fetum to arunla s home ever. the awo needs to have woman in tlús borne due to necessity and to avoid difficulties witb women that go to the awo. tbe otber moster. he consulted ifa. the more in love she became witb orun1a wheo nrunla continued lo. began lo gel upset.he too. tbeir daughler shortly after tbe mayor oftbe 10wn. again. sma1~ 2 rooster.he lived fen io love with her an. tbeo . seeking lO remedy Ibis. after tbe aC! orun1a regaíned bis head and realized tbe lerrible error. the remaining rooster are give lo eacb of the cardinal point of tbe borne ooe lo eacb point. 1 goal.he left. .) 1 cooonut. TItere was an ahijado. tbis girl ca1led orun1a inlO bis bedroom and when he saw her naked. after!bis orunla lold her. boney. where he was instructed lo do ebbo. is give lo e1egua. for you so tbst you can have gond look even tbough. tbe from door. He lost bis head and slepl wilh her. one days !bis ahijado look • shower and decided lo !ay naked in orun1a s bed when the ahijado ands ( aleyo people ) allleft tbe home. shower in 0runJa. ( adde crown ) witb 16 featber bird parrot is placed the elegua tben after 7 days. after!bis orun1a look tbe cooooul of the ebbo and p!aced it behind. orunla live alone and did nol have an apetebi he was going tbrough many hardsbips because he had lo cook. and she her motber forgot ahoul orunla and oever saw bim agaín . are lucky witb men and in order for you lo have marital stability you need receive your ( ikofa )tbe woman did no listen and . home for bis serviced and those aronla in ane occasion a woman carne to see orunla foc read. brokeo il behind tbe door. TIte woman. 1 wiU do an ebbo. treat her • daugbter tbe ahijado. are hung from each hom ofthe goal. tbe nexl days when tbe ahijado left for tbe days orun!a look tbe coconul and. c1ean túe tare ofbis ahijados and !he otber persoo all by bimself. she spend there. woman. !he woman tbeo moved away from orunla • home and . while ca1ling elegua !aberinde and 1 moster tbe aWO muS! ask wbere tbis is lo be túcn. PARA YEYE IKU LORUN ADIE PARA YEYE EGUN IKU LORUN 001 OMINI OLOFIN OMO ASHAWO 1 moster ( grifo tap. tben hook tbe ebbo and Ihrew il far away from bis horne tbi. after this.he married tbe prince of lhe lown. 1 candle. married her. is how.he would be 00 her way. ron. !bey had a daughler logetber and many year passed ooe day. Orun1a resolve tbe problem. bome after cleaning. bowever tbst began lo help orunla witb tbe chores tbe more time. and offer of fruil i. when orun1a s daughler grew older. fen gravely iII and in order lo save her orun1a had lo give her and tbeir daughler an ikofa each.

ORUNLA ISHU CUCURA ASHO FUN You saaifice your self fur you enemies This is were Ibe daugbter forget about Ibe filther The woman in Ibis sign does no have lucIc in relationship and if she has cbildren neither wiII. io order separated you from your lover. as Ibey did Ibey started lO feel superior lO. and saw Ibis sign Son muula sen! elegua lO go collee! feces of as many animals as possible orunIa. because Ibese same people will one days have to come lo you lo help Ibem resolve Ibe problems that they have Ifa says that tbere is a woman tbat you is your lover. and res! Ibe ebbo Ebo 1 mostee ñame mbrie differenl color soil frm you bouse and comer Ebbo moster 1 ñame 1 flag red . for I know lbal you are a knowledgeable and hard .Page 241 of 864 #237 CONTINUAnON nm 001 OJUANI (001 OMONl) CUCUTE CUCU ADIFAFUN AUN METETA OMO lCOFA. Ibere was grcat hungee in Ibe Iand. who did I eveo changed bis elolbes before seeiog Ibe supreme beios. for coming lo your party dressed in !bese rags. soil Ibe holo. when Ibe years eoded. whenever !bey carne lo visil bim as. and sbortly thereafter he did ifa lo aH !bree of. Ibe only one that was no! dressed in bis finest was orunla who carne in bis work. Ibis woman has had severallover or Ibis man has. who were very éloses destituye. Olofin said lo bim. 1 couId no! come lo see yotl. father picase excuse Me. orunIa did an lo read. Tben dries them tumed lbem into dust and prayed. orunIa saluted olofin aod lold bim. Ibey hegan lo acquire weaIth. Ibis is how orunla Acquired greal wealth and was vindicaled Forget about those people who today critieize and trY 10 stray you &om Ibe part oflhe orisba. Ihese penple envy you for being with tbis lover. they. and you have made new enemies because. and spray it over Ibe bome. so that he couId Have enough food fur Ibey year. they learned ifa. OrunIa help them as much as he could. with falsehood hypocrisy and a general lacIe 01. T woman must receive her ikom . Ibese enemies will do wilchcraft lo both of you. . and rest Ibe ebbo. Taking care ofbis erop. orderto avoid dying ofhuoger. in Osoho. One daya munla receive ( 3 omom 3 son awo ) in bis bome. and tbose. Orunla and bogan lo treal orumila. That had laughed al orunIa previously. oow had 10 bog bim lo sell Ibem part ofbis crop in. clolbes hecause he had just finished. oflbe 3 son the ifa. Ibem al first respectfully honored their padrinio. for altbough 1 have a great deal of work. planting my crop so Iba! 1 will have eoough food for Ibe year. respect Seeing Ibis change in bis ahijado. Sbortly thereafter Ibe 3 son Ibe orunIa returned lo what!bey were destiMe losers !fa says that Ibe somo way lbat yoo rise yoo can fal~ Olofio celebrated Ibe festival Ibe oew years and aH of Ibe orisha went lo Ibe PartY dressed and Ibeir hesl attire. Orisha spend Ibis yean parting and io various diversion. while orunIa speot Ibe years. on bis Tablero board ) ifa he then instructed elegua. 10 take Ibe dust. plaoting yams and com. 1 for give you maoy son. Workiog man. Olofio Ihese. 0runIa. had severallovers Do ebho so lbat you can overcome Ibese enernies that wish to destroyed Ibis celation Be careful wilh whal you ea! and drinking out side Ibe your house Ebbo male goa~ 1 moster ñame hairy. Tbe orisha commeoled amoog Ibemselves look al wbom we depend. the sigo. of ifa.

he muS! enter into a deep section !he woods. tbis perseo will apeo up !he mads for mmself Tms person will a1ways have an enemies !hat willlIy lo destroy mm because of envy or revenge. by hens as !he food for !he orisha This is where !he jequirity. the shadow orthe assassin Sconscience will always. the duele. peonia Idona bombosíl. The leaves of!he ( plant peonia ) plant is !he only planr!ha! can supplant eny o!her plant That may be missing in !he marking of!he omiero. an herb or a persan !hat will help This persan that will belp tms person gel. haunt him. AIKORDIE EWE SASI EKUEYA AWO LA MEYO LOAWOTINCHOMOONIOLOGUNADIFAFUNEBUENIOMODEFOWONIFAOBEFOWO PABERA ABAYO LODABA QUJ BABALAWO LODIFAFUN ORUBO 11 MAlE GBOGBO NIKI NIFE ODI OBARA OBARARA KA11 KONSHO ORI OLOGUN ADIFAFUN ABURE EYE EIEBO ONI ADIEMEWA ETAEBO ETA ORI OWO LA MENI ELEBO To be bom married. TINSHOMOOUN OLOGUN ADIFAFUN ACUREUMBA11 OTA ORONIFA ONI LOFE ONIKAN LOFOMBQ ELIlRI SAFUO llPO. This persoo maintains a war agaiost himselfthat could in bis own destruction This is where the tragedy between Obatala and iku bom As long as the world coDrinues to exit. This ifa of supplanting one person evil deed to supplant ano!her persan. however tms persan will a1ways have a stiele. then and placed them into guiro.Page 242 of 864 " #238 ORDIOBARA LO AWO TINCHANCHE ORIELOGUN ADIFAFUN EBUENO OMADEFOGUONOFAOBEFESEPUABURUOBAYOGULLABAONIBABALAWOLODIFAFUN ORUMBB TIAlE NIQUJ IFA IDO BARA QUETIN<X>NCHE ORlE LOGUN ADIFAFUN BURB l!YElE OÑADIE MEGUA ATA BPUO ORI Y OQUE LA MENI ODIBARAODI BARA. !bis plant has !he virtue of c1eaning and eliminating any negative. BARALAWO. then begin to c1ears away a path Cor himself in trus ways. and he melld were supplanted. which is why this plant is so important to have intbe marking of any omiero. ORI OSIIE EYELE ASIlO. In this sigo is where the marriage between 8 man and woman is boro by decree oC 01060 Whenever!he cmld oftlús sign has a problem. !he persan mus! wear a necklaces (seed.) is a eggun that accompanies !bis sígo ifa . problem jus! Iike obatala saved ms son from!he clutcbes ofiku by mding mm. overcome !h. seed declared war against itselí where !he black par! of!he seed fougllt against !he red par! and !he noise was so great!hat Shango got a hold ofbo!h oc. in !he trunk of!he peonia plant In !bis sigo iku is out to kili !he living. this is how!he ashere was created.

This spesks oflbe gardcn oftlowers. smolher tbe plaut. Ibis persoo must then reocive a ( teja tile. tbe interested party will take tbe leaves and wasb bis Head with tbem Ibis is done becII"se Ibe person s head is very hOI and bis memory is failing bim. s bomc thc Awo sbould &Iso makc a occlc1acc oC thc sccds and plaA:e of Ibis itio.( Saiol rita oC acacia) so tbat &he could raise bim. he Iben transformed back ioto an stooe. so lbal Ibe persoo can! allease have Ibis represenlatioo of orisehaoko. clay ) lbat paioter while and red.. In Ibis sigo is were Sbango appeared on eartb. Osorbo arun ebbo with tbe animals tbat ifa determine as well pigeon tbat give lo osain This sigo speak of a person tbat has trouble wilb bis ber. vision Ibe person must use eyeglssses or contacts. The penan bas. Maferefuá Orichaoko Thi. tbe was over aod he was only. will known as tbe king. Yon nrust hum incense in your bome Sarayeye clean ) young rooster. Oriscbanko poked up tbe stone. Tbere once was ao awo tbat bad 3 people close 10 bim tbat feigned fricndsbip with him Bu! who resUy wanted 10 murder bis wife Take carcofyou woman because &he is tbe onIy onetbat can belp you win Ibe war Take some leaves of ( pIant jaboncillo) and leave tbem outside foe a day. and when he did. stropajo Ori efun almold oil egg. knows tbe secret oftbe olofio on Ibis eartb. • rays can be abso!hed by plan! . wet bread 0Dd egg. time passed and Sbango atill did 001. began lo plow deeper inlO Ihe earth where He found ao stones. bc:tter or worsc . Sbango grew up and leamed tbe secret Ibe olofin. return. tbat intmediately transformed ioto a man. YONIBO NISERE YONIBO NISERERE Orischaoko Ibon heard lbal a voice carne from Ibe earth and it Ibis said . bowever due 10 ecooomic dlfficu1ties It is not possible. lbal was ahle lo find Sbango far away orishaoko was plowing Ibe earth and siogiog Ibis saog . was discovered. olofin then declared from Ibis time 00 Orishaciko. he was bom from tbe breasts ofObatala by Wilchcrat1 and mandale Ibe oIofin. plant al cntnmcc ofthc awo. and olordumare. tbat was Ibe voices o~ Sbango upon heariog Ibis orichaoko. so tbat tbe SUD and Ibe moon. Iben il is buried alive with ( pIant ewefa leave peanul ) coconul. olofin tumed Sbango over lo dada banani orisha . Take carc oflbe soft and vulnerable part ofyon body. Ibe nexI day. tbat is Ibe man lbal 1 am looking for Ibe onIy man that. of Ibe earth forever 10 iban eshu This persoo has great need 10 receive orischaoko.ahle To acqUÍle besutiful woman. after alIowing Ibe early moming SUD lo.!hose part tbat arehumid and unexposed 10 tbe SUD . is where tbe secret of Shango. This is ao ifil spcaks oC a pcnoo s oonscicocc 0Dd thc cva1uatioo oClbe penan s dccds for. tbe ceremonies is what is going 10 help tbe person gel beuer. lbat man was Sbango. Give yo\JJ1Clf8 shower with pIant verdolaga ( ewe agbwe ) pIant lebaotate. Happened olofio Ibeo told bim. Ebbo pcodin¡¡ Odi bara ""'" off 10 war. he left Ibe home. hens. so olofio decide lo offer a prize 10 Ibe ooe. IOOk il lo olofin and IOld bim what had. bu! when he gOl there.Page 243 of 864 # 239 CONTINUATION TIIE 001 OBARA The awo wilb Ibis ifil mus! have an pconia.

8j!IIÍD !he womeo found out about !he meo. plant platani1lo. and ifa said. give thank to orumila for tbe help that he gave you while Traveling Ebbo 1 roos!er. about what 10 do.Page 244 of 864 #240 CONTINUAnON 11lE OOl OBARA Woman take good care ofyour breasts and see a doctor regularly 1bc war the man a woman Eacl> time lbat mean needed !he woman for sex . filt corojo booey . wil1 from this momen! 011. 1 jicara. Observiug a1l ofthis. 1 machete fabríc . and quicldy carne out to help tbeir respective Iover and. because they believed that they cou\d easily wio !he war.. with 6 differeat animals 1 jicara. 1 hens lbat is trying to hatch her eggs hen. The meo _ and extremely cold. took them borne. !he meo decide 10 no! do !he obbo. TIte woman she used com in yoo poker. Olofin declared Eacl> man that opeat tbe night in tbe horne ofhis lover. do ebo before you go seo !he doctor. told !hem. Ebbo 1 roos!er 1 pigeon 1 pigeo. Had no alternative but 10 ask!he woman for. in order to win !he war that you wish to undertake. D obbo with fema1e goal. !hey would look for them do their business then come borne.. wbere if. fea!her two hens and awo ( medilogun ( 16 sample money o sbeU aoy ) the woman quickly did tbe obbo As !he meo approacbed !he outskirts of!he woman lived a very cold raiD Began to 00. so that be can find what ails you Woman you have menstrual irregularities.. bu! before doing so. this is how marriage was bom. s plans and quicldy went 10 consult ifa. ooe days !he men decide to declared war on !he women iD order 10 further take advantage of them. and res! tbe iagredient. soil 4 comer from you house. belp lbe woman board their crie. they went to seo orunla for to read. this sign was seoll. musb money. become tbe husband oflbat woman to Bao eshu. you mus !he obbo. Wben you retum from you trip. do ebbo so lbat you can have hea1th and economic prosperities. any time a real around you house . Meo you have problem with your s!omach and your testícles. elro and rest the ingredient. husk of almacigo.

ODI ONA OMO ABm MAYlRE OFEO OMO AWO ABEYI LOIKU ADI KANA AWO TAlCHO 11!NI'A ORUN Ordi okana work directly with oggun. Wheo the awo. Ochosi is the one that resolve situations in this sign ifa The person ha"" a bome. Orichaoko. is eaIIed aruware. The awo must receive ( Abita ) This sign is marked by the destruction of the humaos organismodue to an incurable illness a""idenl tbat were caused by Ibe orisha due 10 punishment. rooster. cause you grief Awo odi cana will die an old man and he will do ifa lo people. ( obatata ayaguna.) and osagriña ) eat fal corojo Obata\a ayaguna. he she is 100king for honors and praise io life You Iike lo live alone and just when you acquire a zest for life. The awo of!be sigo canool live uo bigh and be must have a borne wilb a dirt patio Place a guilar with string lo orun\a You muS! foed your ohem (kakanuado knife ) and il should be an abijado tbat kills lb. for being ungralefu~ and from Ibis Time forward. Ibe heart and Ibe inlestines TIñs ifa is marked by destruction of Ibe organic systern of Ibe padrinio in order 10 avoid TIñs Ibe awo must receive olofin abita and lenta omn . problems wilh Ibe cireulatory systern . because of an obsessive eggun lhal was senl or because Ibis person has attempled against bis her own life In Ibis sign bom lhal oduduwa. to the other awo in order to secure bis prosperity. even up lo old age TIñs is where Ihe force of nature can be don-jnaled by man. osha. TIñs awo. an adversity always sbows up 10. The ifa speak oflbe arteries and !be vein TIñng have a way of escapiog from Ibe hand oflbe person Beware ofbroncbitis. he should give money and two coconut. The brother ofthis awo wil1 always try \o destroyed him. This is where.. as well as Ibe Orisha ifa and Olofin.Page 245 of 864 #241 ORDIOKANA IDlCANCHOCIIO LADIELE ADIFAFUN ORUNLA UMBO ADELE ESHU INBICAMBE ORIlBE AKUKO ABOOOUDffi UNKO LEBO ODI KANA AWO META MAYO KAFEREFUN OFE SOLOHUN ORISHA OLE UNWAO KI OROMI OMARO EWE TlNSHERI MOFILEOUN LOSOKO KOTOLO SOKO ORUGOO ONI TIABAMACHE INKANFIlN ODI KANA OSHE LADmLO ADIFAFUN ORUMILA UNBA ODELE ESHU BI KAMBO ORUGOO ADffi AKUKO ELEBO ODI KANAKAMAYEBI AWO MONERA AWO YABI MADAWA AWO ABm LAYE OMO MAYABA OMO INLE mAl BABA IFA OMO AWO MOSABA ABEYE NIPA ODARA . wheo lb. bu!. Ibey must inler Ibe igodun wilb Oriscaoko .. make money in bis home. tbat must be coosecraled 00 Ibe opoo ifa. lo yemaya and oshun. arara are going lo be inilialed in Ibe secret of Ih. cursed Ihe people of arara. should have and coconut kola in bis ifa You sbould use a belt made of soake skio. Place lo mango.

Give hens wbite lo orunla Ibis persoo has lived io tree different homes and loday has notbing Ihis person deoire tranquility. that love to cause tbis persoo many problem Tbis person must perfonne 3 paraldo 00 Ibe sarne day with. left you do ebbo in order to find another woman Wheo Ibe woman that 1eft you wiohes lo retum.. dirt oflbe person s shocs. Iben tbis ( talisman inehe osaio) is adomed wilb different feather. and security. wilb the stick Iben he must introduce it into the washbasin when the smoke begin to exit the awo will eleanse bimselfwith !he smoker . The awo must pcrfonn an oparado. in order for tbis person to carry with bim ber. take large piece of a. <ko dirt from the bighest point oflbe bill dirt from the person home. !bis washbasin and Ibe conten! must Iben be buried. on a will with. seed maravilla. 3 young rooster. Ibat is far tbis person home. ebbo 1 rooster 1 hens ero eOa and rest Ibe ebbo Ibe rooster for elegua. and rest the ingredient and rooster for elegua together with the ebbo at 4 in Ibe morning place a small beO to orunla. one stooes silly shell.) hair goat) of elegua. Life is nol Iike you imagine il wou1d be for you Smolber Shango with epo. ebbo ifa fore. tbis is prepared wilb (loso hair) !he lamb. half burner stick that io lit again. do no! go outside because it could be an enemy tba! is to hurt or kili yOll. When somebody calls your name. an talisman iehe osain) must prepared. some tbing lhal tbis person does no! have you must talie caro of and altend to Ibe needs of Shango obatala and elegua tbis persoo has many people Ibal slander him her. eru obi cola and reS! Ibe ingredient dust fish eya oro) a11 oftbis is wrapped wilb Ibe (hair ofthe lamb. 1 pigeon 1 stones.Page 246 of 864 .. stick vencedor. plant pata the gallina. The awo will Iben give ( obi mítulo lo olorun ) and Iben givo an. 1 rooster 1 rat. rooster whitc lo Ibe contents of the washbasin. vence word. Ibe awo will then do the sigo ofthe ero.1 #242 CONTINUATION nm OOI OKANA To feed olofin Take a Iarge washbasio and fill it with 1 drop of ( blue color) and a little bit red powder DIagoo blood powder. 3 casserole then place eaeh paraldo in a differcnt place of a Iown. from the bil~ dirt from 4 comer. different necklace. : . 1 rooster wbite in order lo eliminate a11 oflbe negativity Ibat is produced by an cgguo buruku ~. rooster. 3 arrow fealher buzzard. and rest the inbgredient aWQ this ebbo is take to a borne has a ladder ebbo por 05000. Tbere are 3 woman Ibat are figbting for you Be grateful for what people do for you and never forget about tbe awo or 0run1a Ibat Have he1ped you so mueh. abre camino. do no! allow her lo come back Don t do anything evi~ so that the luek that is destined for you can arrive Do anotber ebbo so Iba! yoo can overcome a diflicul~ situation . planl atiponla. you are crying that you do no! havo • woman beeause the one that you had.

Woman do not leave your spouse when you want to retwn he she will have moved on And found ano!her lover or spouse. Lalely you have a run ofbad lucle. take cate ofthis penon and bury !hem so that you can receive an ire. You mus! talre an offmng lo osbun and another lo Shango bec:ause thcy havé belped You a gres! deals It is nol advisable lo know or speak everytbing.. You a10ne are lo blame for this becanse You don l follow Ihe good advice . Do no! have abortion bec:ause you illlose your luck and you heallb Pay more attention lo !he caro and well being ofyour children . You are going lo receive a large amount ofmoney. . Someone is in your bome that has a contasious di.. do ebo so lhal !hese people don l destroy yOIl. do ebbo so that this can lo you Quicldy. bad heallh. if any filith Ibis is Wby a11 of your eudeavors have nol onme lo ftuitlO1l. Do ebbo lO that you can reonvered and don'l suffer an accideot.Page 247 of 864 #243 CONTINUAnON 1lIE 001 OKANA Place banana and differenl fea!her lo oshun !hen place llame lo Shango Yourwoman has aborted a pregnancy and that is!he cause oflbe misery that you are bo!h experieocing bec:ause Iba! child would have beeD good lucle fur you both You are penon that does nO! worry aboul anytbing and has 1ittIe.. lhal people an !he orisha have give yOIl. ifyou have l suffered one already Ifsomeone leIIs you lo do something had lo someone else don'l do it Do DO! run up staircases when you are in a burry Be careful of a war lhal coming due lo envy vengeance or bec:ause sorneone is opposed lo Yoor relationship.. and an offer lo yemaya. and will die. !heo do ebbo so that you don nO! waster that money on foolish purchases As soon possible give I rooster lo elegua.

parent abandon their children lO Iheir luek You should give pigeon ecu ella· epa to door house. due lo Ihe senlence of Shango TIte parent do not place limits on the children when they are young theo when !he parent Can I dominaled them. bul ifthere is arguing. Ir this person was bom with the gift oC spiritual sight. There are farnily problem because the parents have lost the respect of their ehildren. the inlerested party in Ihen give 2 pigeon from Ihe person head lo obataIa. ' ODIOGUNDAOGGUNPINAMUBUOMI ADlFAFUN AKUE ADlFAFUN ALAKU 001 OGUNDA PINAMU IBU OMI ADlFAFUN AKUO OSIIO AKUKO LEBO y AMAGARA ADlFAFUN ALAKU OTI OWO MESAN ELEBO Orumila says lbal we are a11 dirty before him This person has done ifa without the permission ofhis guardian angel This is were the iIru drum. So lhal an obsessive eggun does nol lake posecion ofthe person s body and slam him her. ebomisi. lo Ihe ground. There is moral and materials abandonment between the spouse. OGUNDA PINAMU IBUONI ADlFAFUN ACUE AOIE. and clean the borne with ewe Receive oggun the warrior. high blood pressure. Place sorne surgical instrument ¡nside of youe oggun This ifa ofstabilily Ifa ofthe moon.AKlJKO LEBO LLAGARA ADluFUN ALUCU AKUKO 0'I1EU!B0 OGUE MESAN . because Ihere will a1ways be violence and bloodshed. Ibis awo This is where the medieal operating room is bom This is where Ihe woman inside are empties out extirpation of Ihe ( ulerus ) This sigo speak oC egoísmo envy and revenge Awo Odi Ogunda will be legal with his padrinio in certain lhing . You cannol a1low Ihe moon rays lo loueh yOU. tbis persao must uy to focus that ability. for whom oggun manufactured the metal plough The ache tbe persoo is in bis her mount this persoo is an orator radio personality teacher denlist. il willleave This sigo marked by argumenl between brothers and sister. Causing Ibis person s death This ifa marked by problem 2with the liver. No awo should be around a babalawo wilh Ibis sigo. or messenger drum ofthe king is bom Good luck will arrive. ICa oflhe farmer. which could resull in lhis person expelling blood through bis her mouth or nose There is problem with surgical operation. bUI ilIegal or untruthful in most otber atraie Awo Odi Ogunda is a molher of fraud and lies. There ue tragic event tbat have transpired or will transpired. but fiest do a procession ¡nside the home wilh Ihe pigeon. NABOKQ ABAOIKU. Take care of you mouth and always speak Ihe lruth.Page 248 of 864 OOlOGUNDA BIDAMU IBON ADlFAFUN AWECLE YAGABA ADlFAFUN ALUJO ORl MURAN. This person must do severa! spirituals masses. and ashaba ofthe oggun then receive orunla is . [fa the division this where oC ifa was divided.

goose egg 00 this Broom. 1 hens. rooster !UD.hould no do more!hal 2 ifa. Everything oulside. this person has very Iittle life left íku is after Ibis person and Ibe Hole is open. Ibe awo will Iben bum a11 Ibe 011' Ibe debris sweep il up Theo Ihrown it out onlo Ihe street. planl sacu sacu. When Ibis sign is seen. she was throWD down 10 Ibe ground and she died as a resull oflbe faII. lb.. a10ng wilb Ibe narne and personal affects of Ibe araye. the awo wiU Ibeo break. wrÍle Ibe name ofthe ( araye persoo) 00 the stooes wrap The stones wilb planl com husk. must Ibe ebbo ofthis sign witb. Awo Odi Ogunda. the person must louch bis her."k on Ibe awo. You wish to avenge a wrong that was committed on yOllo but don t it because it is not in your best inlerest lo do so. This is where a woman. were doing thing Wllh failb and head. .. then blow out a breath This is where (Oshanla. one bens. stomach. This sign·ifa serve Ibe awo when wants 10 punisb the (aleyo any persoo) aWD araye that has cause problems the awo. and Ibe blond mus! lIow from Ihe persoo. from Ibe from door 10 Ibe back door a processioo is Iben made inside Ibe house wilb everyone bolding I fabric While. witb Ibe hens Iben hens is give lo the oiyi shadow Ibe persoo ) oflbe interest party Be careful !hal you doo I hecome insane. lhe awo will sweep bis bome. lb. and you will hecome employed again. SpeU the araIle Take one stone lIal is lIal. Ibe rooster are placed al the from the door ofthe araye. excepl for Ibe ( idan) whicb must have Ibe personal effect of Ibe ( araye ) entwioed in il Ibeo it is placed inside oflbe awo ogguo. he will place plant ( zarzafra. mUst give 1 pigeon wilh ral cacao. Iben it is hung from • tree Branch so Iba! Ibe wind will a1ways keep Ibe stooes moving take Ibe plant the osain.. of orunla Thi. fabric red purple fabric.Page 249 of 864 #245 CONTINUATION 11IE 001 OGUNDA !fa osorbo iku ofo 8IUI1. is where oggun c10uded Ibe vision oflbe ( mayombern. Door Ihe house mus! give 1 pigeo. ) on the debris. blanket Obatala. that a1ways had parties in the world for all Ibe childra> ofthe City was possessed by the obsessive egguo. is brought down Ibe inlerest party head must head must rogatioo. s home.) wenl out into the world lo seo iflbe awo. 1 trap. from Ibe back IOwards Ibe front when Ibe awo seeps. and • petilions is made for prosperity In lrus sign you make 2 line are made on Ibe lloor wilb . You are incredulous You have iku after you. make sarayeye.( OshanIa )regrerted ever going out into Ibe worId io ch. head . and cascarrilla. Wilh two pigeoo. Was made ofhead. . Ebbo 1 roosler 3 arrow. and stick incense.) witb incense that . with Ibis and a palm tree leal.dOWD lo obatala. personal Affect ofthe araye ecu eUa and rest Ibe iogredient. before The rogation door home.cascarrilla. and make a broom. Sing so tbat good fortune can come your way Your are employed once.

!he clienl will tben give him selfherself. witb ooly one of tbe herbs Iisted abovethen he will give omiero. for tbe interested party 10 bathe with . have a1ready pawned or sold. thal has any monetary value. each dsys tbe awo will prepared an omiero. Olofin asked baba ejiobe. bUI Ibere is a third person thal is nol a1lowing lhis lO happened. !he Iast batb witb tbe laS! herb tbe rernaining herbs thal were heing placed into tbe casserole. escoba amarga. for 12 dsys tbe inlerest party will tben collect aU oftbe herbs that are left over after bis bath. Olofin sent for elegua and Baba eyiorve. will"1ive in !he living Room behim lhe door lo iban eshu. a santera. Y00 wanl lo get married or get engaged. shewerekuekue. Be careful that you don I eod up having lo share your home witb someone else Vou owe a lot money. lobo. then pul that 10wel away in a safe. in tbe casserole. Obi mituto. Woman you have give birth lo children that have died !fa says yoo are going lO become il~ aod in order lo nO! get sick you must do ebbo You are goiog to bave • lot of stomach problem and wben you get sick you are even going 10 lose you voicea. Your parent are dead do masses for them. Well tben from now on"elegua.Page 250 of 864 #246 CONTINUATION TIIE OO! OGUNDA :. Canutillo prodigiosa. and the laws is after you or you kept the money oC someone that died and thal person ooly gave it lo you 10 hold. malvales ) a1godon. a10ng with tbe ara Of!he pigcon. you in order lo betray or harm you You enemies says thal as a10ng as there is wilChcraft in tbe world he she. Note !he c1ient is male. is performed bul tbe awo him self can performe ritual Remover ego onvy aod vengeance &om your mind Somcone is going lo wrong yoo but thal wrong doing will be beneficial for you Your enemies with to acquire your step in order to do witchcraft Do nol stand on tbe comer of streets There are 3 people Iba! are watcbing. and each one wanls lo have you a11 lo herselfbe caroful that one of!hese I try lo kili you. in order lo end tbe argumenl between tbem Over!he home. that are fighling lo keep you.. will use it so lhal you. is spell is heing done for a female clienl. if!he latter is !he case you must do a large roa. he will dry himselfwitb!he 10wel. Olofin tbe said. Your world have offeoded tbe omha aod tbey have punished you for tbem . something el. then he 1IDIst. you. for tbis eggun. whal do you own in !he horne ejiorbe replied The living room. !hen ask him her wanls and if tbero i. 2 ceramic casserole. You have a greal deal of economies difficulty and everything. then !he same ceremony wilh tbe pigcon. The orisha listen !he tbing you say. IIDIst he placed into!he dirty lowel aod taken lo where tbe client a1eyo. ooozur. Planl 12 leaves a1amo. so hurry up aod give !hem 10 her in Ibe river. !he client will give himself!he firth batb. place tben into !he secood casserole. You owe two hens lo Osbun. rompe saraguey. tbe client wiU do !he same for!he remaining II dsys on !he 12 dsys. place whero no one will use il hecause he mUS! tbe same lowel cominuously. give it lo lhis spirit as soon possible. Take caro oggun and your guardian angel. don I prosper in !bis Iifetime. determines tbis is done witb. will performe a ( &ara yeye ) witb I pigcon tbon blood is spread over tbe body oftbe female clien!. Two pigeon while lowel. paraiso. Mean you have two woman. and tbose heos are you borne..

tbis persan is a victim of witchcraft.E LEBO IGBIN MAFEREFUN YEMAYA ODI SA AKOTO ISAYE ADIFAYOKO KANFUN OGUlRl OUN BATI GBOGBO APEYA IDA! TAOTA ISAYE ADAFUN IMAl. the lamb rnust be hung in such a ways that the head hangs directly ayer the casserole. then you muS! ask where Ihe ara muS! be lake the eggun must give and lamb in ao casserole. Man there is a problem with impotence. and he has done wilchcrafi so Ibal she can.EI.. and in order lo cover il up he did witchcraft so tbat she could find another man. 1 coconut water blue color ( molasses ) 7 palanqueta . Give a ( castrated lamb lO yemaya ) in order 10 resolve problems Odi 58 the sign of Ihe hanged or su/focaled man. Ihcn when everything is inside !he belly mus!.. Woman your husband baS nol louched you 15 days Lighl candle 10 yemaya Ibat is prep. despises him. for monetary cornfort and she in reality.ared wilh. end this sign. a make sarayeye clcan the person 1 young roaster. make to wheat and molasse' ) pray to oggun with I rooster 1 egg. even if she does nol love mm a woman that live with a man without loving rum.Page 251 of 864 #247 ODIOSA IDISA DISA ADIFAFUN OLOFI El I. Aman lbal is obsessively in love wilh a woman. feed Ihese family eggun This sigo speak of a curse by perron s molher duo lo some error Ibat was committed .E YEMA YA !RE ASHEGUNOT A !. all ofthe offer and ingredienl muS! be placed. live wilh him againS! her will A techerous rnan had sex with a young woman neighbor oousin. 1 hen. after the sacrifice the lamb. into!he belly of Ihe lamb by opening it up. be sewn up the lamb and Ihe casserole ate then wrapped in fabric.ESE YEMAYA DISA DISO INDIN LOMO AWO ANLO ODI SA DISO ADIFAFUN OLOFIN EYEl. FUMI SIIERI! OSHUNGUERE UNLONI ARA Il. Tho house muS! be cleaned wilh plant ( aberikunlo ) and verdolaga) A balh of efun recornmend. Osain speak. and then give to oggun. 2 coconut epa rest the ingredient. black and taken lo Ihe woods and left Ihere This sign speak of dcad family member.E LEBO mIN MAFEREFUN YEMA YA ODI SA DISO LOMO AWO ANLO ADIFAFUN OLOFlN MAFEREFUN YEMA YA ODI SA ODI MAYERE ANANA LE YERE IYALE DE MAMA WA AMOIYA WA YERE OMO OSHUNGUERE IY A IEDE BABINU OMO OSHUNGUERE.E Odi 58 is an sign of falsehoods and lrickery This perron has been Ihe victim of wilchcraft or of over zealous ambilion by olher people Which has give rise to the following situations.

and ifnot Ihe awo. hand. wbo saw lhis sigo oflbe Odi osa ) and if. Take great care in living a dying penon s life because il could ooS! your Ufe Ebbo 1 rooSler. bead Ihe guine. wben Odi Osa. . Iku was waiting for him and look bio life. drawn around Ihe penon with efun on lbe penon left sidelhe Odu ofodi sa is written inside anolber circle that is drawn on!he rigbl. lbese circle are filled with sbogbo ashe within Ibe circle of odi osa. tbis talisman will ruin bim. circle."¡ #248 CONTINUATION nm ODI SA Tbi. sigo speak 3 eggun that mus! be cootrolled.ler Ihe man was robbing a bome. Tbi. Ihe awo muSl ask Ihe spiritual guide oflhe penon Wbere everything lo be meo !he. that has beco give lo orun1a tbis head is filled with Slick Tbe awo mUS! &SI<. will p1aced Tbe sigo that. and rogation head. and Ihe plated bebind !he door.-.lide ofthe penon Ihe sigo Ihe (Awofilca. Ibe penon s spirituaJ protector. Ihen Ibe head io left Witbin Ihe circle oflbe sigo (odi osa) Tben in !he cicele on Ibe rigbt. and !he river. !he iDlerosled pany mUS! be Sea! in a chair. Because if lbe does nOl. sacu sacu of !he foreS! . boniato rest . lf abe discovers tbis secret. bank I grass from !he patio. wilb pigeon s few 1. Alone!he awo muSl cbsrge • very bigb price for Ibis. Ibis is prayed wi!h dry wine . after aII !bis is done. when he left lha! lbe pofice was after hiro. Tbe cranium oflhe male goal. s spur wilb fealber dusl 21 stick obi cola com il eats dry wine and cigar smoker. the penon s spiritual guide is caIIed Tbe sigo is prayed. came out in Ihe 10 read again witbin a smaller circle directiy behind Ihe penon Ihe sigo 01: ( Debe otura ) written within anotber smaller circle. oflhe pigooD. are ground up and mixed logether. penon mus! receive (Olokun ) Tbi. I pigooD. _ . band ofifio) ikofa) ifohe . rive and oca. feather ( etubo gun powder) 1 fea!her!he rooster plan!. on a wbile plate Ihe 3 previous sigo are painted on lbe plated. in the circle directJy bebind !he. person s ( cggun kusitula lying ) is caIIed and !he same ritual is performed as Ihe other. boney cascarrilla a pasted is made from tbis !hen tbis plaeed into an jicara. Iku receive ber and iJru said lo Him. he wenllo seo 0run1a. He promplly exiled Ibe Premises on bi.. are caIIed Ihen lbe second pigooD. There once was • man Ibal was a professional tbief wbo one day dreaml that Ihe police Had finally caugbt hiro. has! il. To resolve situalioo. Ibe nexI days. one while 1 bl.. is prepared in lotaI secrecy ami. you will pay wilb your life. with seeds oflbe eleguedo.. Is give lO Ihe circle and lbe head. plant pata gallina. that has been painted while and red tbis jicara is hung outside Oflhe persoo. is left in lbe circle. Discovered Ibe secret and promply receive a dead penoD. at tbis spoI!he penon will csIl !he eggun Ibal is beSl StJÍled 10 resalve !he paniQJlar problem . a circle i. plant 1I0wer water. lbeo 1 pigeon is give 2 penon s spirituaJ guido.Page 252 of 864 .ck One day lbe woman of ( Odi osa) died and be was unable lo receive her. mumed home. pumpkin small ) soi\ of crab. of!he person s hume. Ibe hesd of a very skinny female goa!. o borne tbis talismao. is mounted in an rooster. lf you argue you willlose ) Odi osa had lbe virtue of reviving the desd because of Ibe pact Ibal be had made with (IKU) Ihe secret consisted of2 borse tails. lold bim lo do ebbo. he begged iJru 10 belp him. snd knees fike a dog . one days !he woman of Odi osa.

. You and spouse are always fighting. Your friend will abandon you when tmog get • rough for yOll. ground 4 comer from you house. careful olokun yemaya man Ihe woman lhal you are witb are going lo be !he cause of your death. I trap and rest the ingredient sigo lO your guardian angel. false accusation because you might have to mover Because of it. Vou are going to be in danger because someone is gaiog to betray yOll. Man ir your wife dies. accomplished. he lel himself go lo suro a degree !hal all !hal be would Ea! was. not a doer tbis is feasoD why your affair are up in the air and very rarely get. Vou like to steaJ and argoe You are wil~ bUI you Ihink lhal you are fine. bul with littlc will to act on those desire you are a follower. I small drum. Don'l ea! okra. differenl plan!. ebbo I rooster 1 pigeon.Page 253 of 864 #249 CONTINUATlON TIIE 001 OSA There was woman to lost rus wife. with finely ground com maize • caferefun Obatala Shango And oshun. before leaving Ibe wife poinled' 10 a place wbere Ihere was a 101 o~ money buried. different featber. whom he loved with a passion. waler rive and sea. balher in Ihe ocean. Ebbo I rooster. Give the rooster to yemaya. never love you. 1 only lived witb you lo enjoy your money and live wel~ so For your own good. always crying and begging iku lo talce him jusI so he could be wilh /tis wife. bul you do I want anyone lO find oul You have wanted to know more than orunla. Because of yout children. Be careful with love binding thefts. you are victim ofyou own family . get aver her and go on witb your tife because yoo will never know if she rea1ly loved you or secretly despised you. planl malanga or color beans Don t lIy cure a graveling iII person because it could cause your deatb Your good fortune is Dol where you are currently working. !fa !he spiritualism. differenl fabric waler Iake. Her to come the sea. You receive elegua and oruola you need . Be careful wilh a separation witbin tbe family. bis love was so great Thal he was in a constanl state of depression. tbe ( yucca rool ) Then one nigbt /tis wife carne to him and said. Don I any favor. Vou are a person of great desire and passion. and the ooly reason you have not separated is . honey necldace different. Respect the children of yemaya You are l/tinking about taking a lrip. forgive me. forget about me and ea!. and rest tbe ebo. for son the yemaya. my husband buI.

You must give a drum musical ceremonies to yemaya . should nol wrile Ibis sigo on Ibe bead of Ibe new alawo ) and should instead write Ibe sigo of ( Baba Elliobe ) or ohe tu. This sigo is destructive in a ( atefa ) awo odi ka. in an atefa.Page 254 of 864 #250 ORlIKA OAWERE SAWERE WALE OPON RESPON) 1'0 ANSWERE BARA SAWEREC WESE ARAPOSIlEWE OOIKA IDIKA ADIFAFUN ORl Ai.u. This is an ifa ofimmoralities. odi ka . In this sigo is bom that the sleep upside down it s head pointing toward the ground. give bens blaclc lo orunla and eal lo molber and bead. and the rcason why Ibe (iyawo ) must dress in wbite c10thing for one whole year after Ihe person has yoko osha !fa oflbe mask. because. and the other ingredient the tongue is used to make talisman.I! TINCHE ILLA OOE AKUKO EKU EYA CURE LEBO IDA IDIOTA JARA EBENI ENU OMORO OYEN ORERE OLE ADIFAFUN ORlOYE MAFEREFUN SHANGOOOUDUWA 001 KA OKOLOYU OPUA ADIFAFUN ORISAYE TINSHOMO. AMOREBE UN MOSEI SIOMOPARE ESHULONA ESHU LOFIDE JAMI ADIFAFUN OILI EU. Tema orun is boro this sigo. ohe tua. AYALORUN OEA N1FA TINSHOMOLO OLOFIN OBA ORlSAYE ADIFAFUN EGOUN OYOGBA ORUN MAFEREFUN SHANGO ORlSAYE OBAYE ADIFAFUN ODUDUWA SONG) DABA KARELE OBA KARELE ODA KARELE ODA KARELE OYU KARELE OBA KARELE EGUN KARELE OBA KARELE OOUDUWA KARELE ODA KARELE . This is where the transformalion oflhe lbiefis bom You will enter and get out of Ibe lB¡> lbal has been sel for you Ifa asldog for you lo feed bim. lS truly the sign of wickedness and puts everyone in that ceremonies in osorbo The awo must he extremely careful with performing a rogation witb eya bo ( red snapper On tbe head Ihe owner ofthis sigo because tbe awo lbal does this will nOI last tbe end of Ihe years. because Odi ika does nOI have a bead. his must take the rituals cane to onika (the beach ) and al 6 pm. baba elliorbe . are Ibe one . witb an ( red snapper) bon la lbat has a large longue. TINOfOMA ElLALORN EYELE LEBO. Be careful witb accideot out on Ibe street. in cave borne oc in the trees. it must be removed. The owner of Ibis ifa will always have 10 do ( Oparaldo ) and he will always live with many araye around mm. tbaJ give it to him When this sign comes out. ocean water . Odika was Ihe first one on eartb to· performed rogalion on people first 10 ejiorbe Them 10 ogbe tua ) Ihen ogunda fun .':t The is where the preseotation Ibe drum of fundament is boro.. Note when the awo see this sign. he must call to olokun and prays for help in resolving bis problems SARAUNDERE UNTO ERAN MALU EBOBOLO KUABE NlJMANYELE . and finally 10 ( Osalofolbello ) Odi ka must rogation ofhead.

sacu sacu. !hal very few people lcnow.. And another head carne out il was odun odi ka. 1 wine of plant pica pica. there no pregnanl woman lhal cannol give birtb lo orun\a bimself if a parenl has forgollen bis cbildren. Oduduwa was !he aba !he of ifa and aspire<! lo dominated bis rivals king one was killed Who.Page 255 of 864 # 251 CONTINUATlON nm ODllKA Orisaye is an obataJa. saw a head on the bottom. was an Oba. are also collected add lo Ibis 3 I.ves of planl alamo. himselfwith !he red cape ofSbango. and promptly made a treaty with bim. King were seeing tbis other kinga became frigbtened of Oduduwa. ( a female obalala ) !hal live es in Ibe ocean)a1so 1 turtle is give lo Sbango al !he food of al palm Ireo. Up 0run1a did ready and saw !he sigo of ( odi ka ) wbich aaid lo him. 1 rooSler you give lo orisaye.mall dismembered body is placed inside Which symbolize !he pact or treaty that was made with Oduduwa. covere<!. if woman give birtb lO A mal. be was ahle To arrivelo wbere!he other. listen 1 am with Oduduwa. Oflbe Iand ofife. Eggun oyogba. be must performed an Opara1do on bimself and do severa! ceremoIÚes in order lo remover !he curse that Orisbaoko placed on bilD. ifa inSlructed. no matter bow much Time has passed !he cbild can always. she can still be impregnaled by lha! &ame cbild laler in life. and Ibis was bow. every time that odi ika give orisbaoko . is accompanied by 2 Spirituals guardian and a . the second (amaunyegun) who was the Oba of eggun of oyo duduwa a oonsulted ohatala (orisaye ) wbich conserved the seaet of ( ayalorun ) and was!he iyaba. and the head!he turtle (ifpossible quail two give lO Sbango al the palm tree and the beard and beert. Ibis sigo ofifa was seo forOOuduwa. al agogo mejila in !he daytimes obi mituto is given in both instance 1 pigeon is give to oke a piece ortbe crest and beard oftbe rooster is remover as weU as !he hesrt ofthe pigeon. for tbis reason. which instructed bim lO do Ebbo and lo give thank Sbango because he was going lO protect bim Oduduwa. Olofin instructed odi ka lo take care of lbe affair of ( Oricbaoko ) s land however!he People bogan lo do whatever !hey wanted lo and everytbing started lo &11 apar! . wilb ( male lamb ) MO hens for orunIa. from that momen! on Oduduwa. il was Oduduwa He lben heard a voices say. 6 strong stick 12 pepper 1 piece of a IOOeSlooo 1 SlOnes. ero ohi cola osun feather!he ( ha! ) and buzzard sculpture and !he res! ofthe ingredient nmSl be asked . and grabbed it. orunla lo do ebbo. illives in the ocean and it is female Odi ka dove ioto the sea. there is no Pregnant woman !hal canool give birtb lO a awo. oduduwa. implore bis parenl for help. finished Ihe ebbo Odi !ka became Ibe king of all the mysteries. Ibis way Odi ka s hea1lh is nol jeopardize One day orun\a had dream in wbich he saw all ofbis dead relalive opon waking. so that in. upon seeing Ibis ( Orischaoko ) promptly curse OOi ika lo always be sick in the land wbere he lived . child. and Odun Wben !he ifa is see in an consagrasion !he awo must come out ofthe ( igbodÚn ifa) baving rcceive<!. was the only one that was ahlelo seo !he heads of OOuduwa. Orun\a !hen Said 1 will bring the sky down lo the earth and 1 will take Ibe earth up lo Ihe sky.

Ceiba. one awo will give ohi miMo theo use tiobric black. theo in onikan. saIgazo. to eleans tbe bathroom floor all of!he other ingredient are quicldy removed &om !he client s home !bis is where Oduduwa. a little bigt of!he blood i. !he young pigeon is give and everything i. ori efun trash of!he house a young pigeon. 1 driOO 1 coconut. mal pasifico granada. coUectOO in an jicara as weU as !he head. and even iku will have to respect. is give lo eggun ara. 1 ba~ 1 ceramic pot witb water. or king of al! tbe misdeed. will place eIru eUa epa. 10 performe an oparaido wilb !he comspooding plant and any other plan!. him tbis i.!he awo will theo take sorne ashe and place them on !he ground then !ha awo. everything is!he pickOO up. written !hen foUowing is plaood inside.Page 256 of 864 #252 CONTINUAnON mE IDI IKA I frying pot the out side oflbe po! is painoo wbite and red. !bese are tben taken to the awo I h . 1 pioce of cacao. 10 Oduduwa. fa! comjo. YOUt own consciente does not teave you alone !bis is where tbe premeditations oftbe acts!hat are committed. Obatala and Ouduwa. !he awo perfonning tbis ceremony must also preparOO a great banquet for al! of!he awo 10 eat Awo odi ika should have!he foUowing in bis if. pansiso. 2 head that have heen cavOO out ofstick then the foUowing ceremonies are performOO Moruro. then !he head of moruro. and one awo with an. eku eUa epo com in !bis sigo is bom the secret of feeding !he 16 meUe of ifa the one tbat oponed up !he cave was awo nanire ifa Odi ika . give to obatala !he ara is never buriOO Ishe osain talisman 1 moster. Ibe awo will cal! !he major eggun and pray !he sigo Odi lb . that ifa determine and guine that is used for !he pualdo. coverOO for a while with 8 lcaves of!he plan! salvia. on Ibe out side center of!he pot!he sigo Odi lb . then. lbese mus! he IiUOO with it s _ 1 rooster. and plan! salvia are then used. !he stomach !he gizzard !he 108 and !he h~ !he tips of!he wing. aIamo. from now on bole wiU Be recognized as Ibe oba of!he bole. 1 piece Ibe of stump banana. and !bey wiU hoth begin to elean !he client. is then plaood into !he liying po!. . after a while. head of!he pigcon. and white. aIaganoho. plan! espanta muerto. each head is sacrifice 1 pigcon white. caUOO Ibe defense attomey of ifa hecause with !he help of orunla and ololin Odi ka was ahle to ahsolve the 16 melli. !bis persan has no shame in committing whatever type of crinte !bis sigo is markOO by a IOS5 of!he reason. there is no divine justice &ere 00 earth. is taken along with !he aves of plant prodigiosa. and ofall Ibe world. while!he pJ:&ying is going on. why when an bole i. along with tbe palnt and !he other ingredient. i. corn. why Odi Ka . tbat tbey commitoo on earth tbis ceremonies has many prayOO and is a great secret of!he ifa. by mandato of ololin !bis i. !he interested will leneel down one !he awo with a jio jio. honey cascanilla. are bom !bis is also where OOucatOO instructions and treacl!ery is born. caUing all !he of person eggun then praying. are takelC¡ onikan and tboy are introduce inlO okun. told bole in &om of!he other animals. pigeoo. !bey are taken out and taken back to !he house. !he awo and !he client mus! bathe with omiera oE. !he awo will coUect !he foUowing &om tbe pigcon . i. was bom al !he food oflbe stick Ceiba.

The awo will then kneel and give the eya tutu to aragba while praying to Shango and eggun Ihe awo will also pray lo ifa wilh llú prayer. washed with the omiero of 16 planl ofOduduwa. for oruola In this sigo the ifa the i>erson 101 lúmselt.EI. in from Ihe eeiba. lbal has been prayed with Ihe sigo 01:. then they are ritually cleansed with ami". of buzzard bal. lo Ibis mixture is added dust. cranium made ofsilver lbal canl be filled with these ingredíenl dust of rool of palm . with all Of this both of the head are filled. Must have ashe inside . ofhead . ero obi cola bone egguo must have a tiara made 26 planl. before closing them up permanent1y.\. With the sigo baba ejiorbe prayed over il. which will. head the rooster lhal was give lo egguo ara. caJling eggun and chango who are Ihe natural defenders ofthis sigos when the ceremonies is heing performed. lives in a white ceramic um she does Dot have an ota and her secret sre the followiog A cranium of the eggun woman. ALARE OREO NlIF A ODI KA ABAYENlIF A IKA DI KORIBO WAYE ONl WRUN AWA NI SHANGO ODIIKA ABELENI LAYE ORl MI OBA NI WRUN ODUOUWA ABEYENI WRUN ORUNMILA AWA IFAMOYARE ODI KA ODARA IFA AWA YORE NlIFA SHANGO AGBA OWRUN EGUN ODARA AWAYENI ODARA IKA DI KAYENlIFA ABURU MORANI WKUN AWA YE NlIFA SHANGO AWANI WRUN When the eya tutu is being give to aragba this prayer EYE EYENI YERE LERI ARABA A WE BOREO . when Ihese are dry. tbis prayer is recited ABELEKUN ORUN ABELELLE EY A 1UTIJ ABELELEKUN ORUN EGUN ABELE ODUOUW A WAYE NILE ABELEKUN ORUN IF A EGGUN ABELELE IFA ABELELEKUN ORUN AWA WA IFA ABEI. . lhal has been covered with necldace wlúle a bracelet made ofivory. they are reduced inlo a power logether with Ihe pigeon and. the natural reinforcement ofObatala can. tive wilh the major hand ofifa. 1 seashell 1 hand ofcowries shell 1.. ( fish morena = eya oro ) Ero obi kola com. they must Ihen eal logether with OduduW8 and Olofin 16 pigeon 2 he. berselt. that has been give 10 Shango. ogbe otura the other head wlúch wiU live with the minor hand of ifa must have iyefa.Page 257 of 864 #253 CONTINUAnON TIIE ODIIKA Home a placed. out 10 dry. the first head. be placed into the-um orthe orisha· This obataJa eals 4 legged animals and il has the naturaL strength of ObataJa NOle although this obataJa is female il does no have 3D ikofa inside il must have 3D Awofaca in order to speak Tha awo Ihal has Odi Ka or ika di lús sigo must perform a sarayeye with fresh fish. ofthe head Ihe quail of guine. go they will fall inlo indigence Orisha ye wlúch is a femaJe ObataJa governed in the land of ife and consu1led with ifa she. il will also have 1 hand of ifsa and Ibis Obalala will speak Ihrough tbis hand. 1 inkin smalL dust head of Iamb.E. both orthe head arethen seaJed over.

Ebbo for Ibe pregnant.on can give birth \O an abnormal ehildren Make ebbo I rooster c10lbes Ibe per..mb . I rooster. womaD take care ofyour female parts This person atways needs someone as a guide because this person has a propensity losiog . having found oul about Ibe Accusation ( odi ika ) bogan lo peñonne many benevolent act. that you bad before either died or left you because of your immoral acts Pay Oshun what you oV/e her. sinee you bavo made . when Ibis drink barm all other. Ibeir own right. because she is lo busy getting inlo other people business and gossiping on Ibe street The woman lha! you bad before look bener care of you lhan Ihe one lbal you bave now that. that is Ibe nalure of ( Odi !ka ) one days he does bad and anolber day Ibe does good and lbal is hoe it should be until he is ( lsalaye ) understand the truth of Sbango s words olofin senlenced \O iban eshu. bark palm tree and Ihe rest Ihe ingredienl . Odi ka s home is govemed by a woman that does not consider or respect anyone she treats people in • very despotie manner and does not occupy herself wilh Ibe afIili.ble\O drink and nolbing Wtll bappened \O you. of Ihe Home. I piece of and trunk banana. (baba odi ika ) is • malevolent by nature. I smaJl jar. declated By Ibe grace ofthe power lbal 1 bave give you namely lo give strength and Ufe lo Tbe esrth with \he ron. I rooster.. Tbeir way in life . accused ( odi ika) before olofin of only peñormirlg evil Deeds oIofin. you wi1I . When all oflbe otber sigo. soil And reS! In Ibis sign Ibe per..on ground for comer. woman.' The ron is alcoholie beverage that does not barm odi ika mandate of olofin who. when shango wenl \O infonn oIofin. bu! also does good deeds and has Cured many ofthe infinned and suffering on sigo different in. Ebbo I I.. fabrie differenl color I trap . I casserole soil Ihe 4 comer. commissioned Sbango lo find out Ibe truth.Page 258 of 864 #254 CONTINUATION11IEODlIKA ' . from of house.

are quicldy. !he negativity!hat you have around you. and 3 pigeon. A drüm is give to Shango with a great dcal of abundance in all things .Page 259 of 864 # 255 001 OIRUPON. oflhe pigeon. holh ofholh oflhese are buried at lhe foot ofstick. at 6 am. lhen bathe in the oceans in order te get rid of all. which are the tears of the great spirit orun tala Ehontisi with omiero of 14 different plant. Evil lhoughts dominated lhe mind of this penan. and 4 coroer.>jiji ¡palco ado otun } ojiji ipalco ado osin . different fabric. Orun lhe malevolent shadow (spirits of 12 noon is called) ojji ipalco agba at 6 pm lhe individuals is cleaned with 3 puppet. are sacrifice for!he individual one an eaeh foot!he penan. take 2 pigeon. there are dark eggun !hat are negatively infIuencing and tormenting this penan pray to yemaya. 2 flag white color Ebho 1 roaster. ) ojiji ipalco aro osi) after al! ofthese ceremonies. ABODE AKUKO ADADA ADIFAFUN APAES ADEMA CIIELI! ADJE En! U!BO IFANI ONEBE PIPO OOlOIRUPONN!OIEAWONlDAOLOFlNSllAMUNlSllANGOTONOIEALODAFA 001 OIRUPON Y ABOLO APU OTO ASHIKALE SIII!YE ASIIIKALI!S KILE FELON! OWO KOLEFl!LENIOTO. ' ORUNBEU:KUN ORUN ADIFAFUN OKOLONSHO AK ALAPINI AWO ORUN EGUNGUN ORUN GBONBA ORON! OPAlSIIAN METAEMm ON! ORUNOKE ORUN OTUN AKPANIKE ALOSI ASHEGUN OTA BURUKU OJOKO BIRIKITI KALIl JAGUN APANI BASHO AWOLU KOLU KODIDE ORUNBELEDUN ORUN S1PA ALOSIN lE ORUN ClfiGBE ORON! OROGUN N! APARA TOSHO l. Orunla the persan must also elean his her borne witb this omiero. 1 hcns. jicara. lhen!hey are aH buried at the foot ifigi orun. 6 banana. the malevolent shadow. which is lhen give te lhe puppet. 1 knife. ground lhe from you house. 3 cigars and reS! lhe ingredient Eho 1 goa!. . and pay her what you owe her. Orun malevolent shadow spirits of 6 am are two. ) ojiji ipalco aro eketa. this ifa malce by problem with lhe lego and abdomen. Awo Odi Otrupon sbould use s diamond ring !hat has been prepared Ebho 1 roaster. At 12 noon lhe individuals is cleaned with 1 puppet. this awo must pass through the initiation of oruo this ifsa calls for lhe union of lhe farnily and the penan !hat dies should not be lamented this is where!he ulcers ofketas ohonu perfonned. while calling orun lhen !he ara. spirit of6 pm are ojiji ipalco aro Olun. you must feed Shango so lhat he can fix problems !hat you have this is where orun Belekun. one pigcon for each puppet. then wilh 1 pigeon. orun is boro. 4 egg.and reS! lhe ingredient lhe ebho.' OF BORN OF 1lII! DR\lM YEWA. c. Tbe goat give te elegua cook yam . buried at lhe foot of stick. Odi otrupo for iku.

Ibe bundle a1so ea. it will be a miraele if!he i1I person recovers lía ire a11 wiII be joy and !he awo will flDd !heir furtunes Inlori eyo a person that taIks too mucb and wantS a11 oflbe woman for bimself Careful with witebcraft and physical abuse. In Ibis sigo !he awo canoot do anything for a gravely a11 elient because Ibe awo could die and Ibe i1I elienl live. Ibe awo muSl ask if in !he can spend Ibe money of!he ebbo and ifsigo sayo no. Ibis spell is fur!he domination of!he woman Tbose of!he other world judge!he action oflhose in Ibis world Tbis sigo ( intori arun ). ebildren lbal are nOl bis her. Orumila says lhal your life is in grave daoger lía osotbo ) !he awo mus! not affirm or guarantee anytbing Ibe elienl could die. in your 10ft bond in you rigbt bond. lhe reason is lbat Ibis person could be an orpban who raísed by an son yemaya .. Iben separale !he plan! and add iyefa and place I feather in eaeh bundle so that you can pray for desired end on . iflbis person does no!. 6 shell. but lbal idea is detrimental. I pigeon. ve bad to do an obbo. and above all your molber or Guardian. !he woman did do !he obbo. I trap. everytbing can go well however. contribute in Ibe partnership . tools of !he person. it wiII be.Page 260 of 864 #256 CONTINUATION TIIE ODJ OTRUPON Ebbo I roosI<r hair Ibe male goal. or balflo lb. This is where orunIa insttucted !he man lo do ebbo with plan!. In Ibis sigo orunla ( eleri pin ) advice Ibe person lo collaborated wilh anolber person so that. You have known for a wile lbat yo. In Ibis sigo !he person should nol raíse.eb day Spray some water over eacb bundle and when two bens is give lo orunla. ifyou realizo. and res! !he ingredienl. bread bulfalo mea!. biological kids hecause when Ibey grow up Ibese cbildren will nOl remember yoursacrifice or appreciate your siruggles fur him ber. lover binding ) • Talce plan! guinea. lo yo. In Ibis sigo after Ibe obbo. AlI of lhe negativo influeneos don I affect you as mueb any more because you bave already gone tbrougb many bad situation You muSl respect and love you padrino your madrina. bul you have it yet . !UD honey. for bis her detriment Don I lell Ibe iII person lbat he will get better and he will get better (fa says lO be careful lbat you don t t become iII due lo a punishment from Ihe orisha or Because you did nol talee care of yourself You have very persistent idea lbal you want lo realize. Ibe 8WO must place Ibe money lO Oshun orfOrunla. differeD! fabrie. but decided nol lo do !he obbo however . olber. Ibis is why !he man is a1ways ehuing Ibe woman amarre lo moor.

enemies have give thero lo eal or drink. and you will seo how much you will proaper Something is going lo bappened lo you that you ve known was going lo bappened. after you reaIiz. bul you refuse Gel away &om aII ovil doings and eviI doers Take caro ofyourselfbccause iku is after you. oftbo orisba. Tms is so lha! they don I separaled .e your dreams. due lo the oggun lha! rus her. She need lO talce some planl guinea. . you mus! give a drum ceremonies ADd foot Sbaogo for aII !he thing that he bas done for you Beo carefuI oftheft and oflegal problems Someonelold you steaI something. trom occurring. tbo eggun. is wilchcraft involve lo separa1ed both ofthese people One of these two people bas stonw:h or chest problem. you are incredulous SeparaIe your self&om tbo negarive influences around you talce caro ofyour mother talce care. When lrus bappened your espause is going lO leII you thal you are lo blame There are time when you don I helieve in anything. there. but you bave done nothing lo avoid !he situation.-¡ Hypocrisy and lying involved in !he clieDl is female. and lrus i. Do ebbo so Iba! your life does no! hecome endsngered . in her right and her left hand. that both she and her husband must drink. bring lrus plant lo the awo so Ihal he can make An omiero.Page 261 of 864 #257 CONl1NUAllONTIIl!ODIarRUPON Cale ofyou and olofin who sends you many blessing Your are going lo achiove aII of your goaIs and desire if you attend and respects !he orisba ami. does nol end up with her busband. and other time when you do believe In you marriage there could he infidelities by eilher or both parties where there is a lot of . the awo mus! leII her that she need lo. heware thal annther woman.

ORUMILAORUBOEYELELEBO " This is an sign of vice and sexual aberratiOo. Ihe inlerest party will lake Ih. inlcin. i~ in lb. you should keep Ibe secrel Iba~ otber oonfide in you. lhat tbing Call ap~ Ibis person plans could fall apart. tree will prolect Ibe home from iku. Give two rooster to the person home. whicb is a profane violalion oflbe paren! cbiJd. In Ibis sign is bom lbal Ibe awo canoot do ifa to Ibe Homosexual.trunk your roolS. Wheo the awo sees Ibis sign for a persoo. Odi Otura < look sorne ashe From bis gourd then sprinkle. you will have universal use you wil~ have power 10 heal and Ibe inlelligeoce lo keep secrets. wilb two quail in order 10 maintain social interactioo. he lells Ibe persoo. IDI ATAKILE KUMA GUN BAROLE OYE TOlDE ODOFA YOKO ODAFUN ORUNLA . Thi. Ibe inlcing with fealber hens . wanl you lo take bim back lo this old bome. all oflbe negative influence will disappear lfi¡ Ibe sign speak of infant death or death in Ibe fiunily. In Ibis sign Ibe Buzzard. h. This is where oruola was bliod and bis woman guide bim. ODAFUN ODI ATA KOLEENI PARO OUNlUYE FE LOYUN NI ADIFAFUN OBA LANSHE LEBO ADIFAFUNORUNLALORDAFUNOBATALA. Give two hens to orunla behind tbe horne in oder to obtain mush money. Th. Ibis is where the daughter has had sex wilb the father or the soo has bad sex wilb Ibe molber. patio Iben planl th. Ibe roo! giab hold oflbe earth. This is where Ibe fair skinned male carne inlo Ibe world This is where Odi Tauro< blessed bis soo" Ibe sacred palm oul treo. because Ibis person has a lendency lo end up all alone al Ibe end ofbis her Hfe. was given Ibe asbe of always findiog food . and said lo bim Everything that is you . Ihen Ibe awo muS! do ebbo witb. in Ibe lagooo mud Ibe awo will Iben take bis opon ifa Sprinkle iyefa over Ibe board aod mark Ibe ( sign Odi tauro ) 3 time Ibe sign is prayed and spread oyer Ibe inlcing wbile calüog Ibe spirits of Ibe palm tree 3 time. sign speaks of two men lbal are I woman s busband are Ibere will be bloodshed if Ibis situalion does not gel resolved. Ibe awo will Iben cover. lagoon mus and plac. re1ationsbip In Ibis sign il is always oecessary lo bead rogatioo.LEFE LOILUNSI ADIFAFUN ABALANCIIE EYELE LEBO LEia OPA AUN YEYERE LOYUNSI ADIFAFUN OBALANCIIE LEBO ADIFAFUN ORUNLA LODAFUN OBATALA . hut first make sure that eack rooster 15 wrapped in strips offabric various color. In Ibis sign io boro. your leaves your flowers. woman who has Ibis in her ikofa cannot be unfaithful to her husband because il wil~ cost her Hfe. Ibe awo will Iben take the ara of Ibe hens wilb wheo. you sap and your Heart wiU be useful all manlcind and will help Ibero prosper . the African palm nut. If you have orunla &om ooe home 10 anolber. it over Ibe Ikines and said . This is where tbing or plans collapse. I hens mud from a lagoon and a bunch of inlcin afler Ihe ebbo.Page 262 of 864 # 258 ODlOTURA (ODITAURO) IDI ATAOO LEia APA AUN 11Jl.

who ooe days gol The idea lo sleep with their filtber. Now worry Ibe lives !hal your daughler sre carrying the daughter sre carrying the daugbter of obatala. the core of a palm treo. Ibis spiril is candle bis offecing is presenl. was seen wbere orunla lold bim your daughler sre sexual devianl because Ibey go you. did an ebho and look it lo Ibe crossroads. find everything that he needed Eshu Ni oven belped. U !hal instan!. or. Obatala Iben weollo seo oruola and Ibis ifa.Page 263 of 864 #259 CONI'INUATION 11IB ODI 0I1JRA (ODI TAURO) Ability lo transfurm into a woman for 6 month and a man for the 0Iher 6 monlb and Ibis is wbere onsnIa did ifa Iogbun. seso vegetal ) Iben it is Wasbed with Plant prodigiosa. ( Obamala. in ordee lo buy Ibe food that obatsIa wanled lo ea!. !he nex! moming orunla saw that Ihe woman was in fact 8 man and bis ahijado. cudiamor. father and the fuber oflbeir children. 9 candle sre lil when be is give the food. obatsIa gave some money lo otrogo. 9 days Iater obi mituto Is give and I roostee is given. lbe poinl is !hal Ibe persao should avoid Ibe embsrrassmenl of doing ifa lo a Homosexual. bi sexual and cause Ibe padrinio a great deal of embarrassment The elruele. Investigate these peopIe very closet beca"se ono could be homosexual. and por!<. the cook. The awo the sigo sbould be very c:areful in doing ifa lo unknown people he shouId. Ibe ceremonies is performed in order lo resolve problem of the home or. drunk one night !hal you waif was gone and bsd Ibeir way with you so you see you sre Ibeir. it eats roostee and guine wilh Shango and two bcns with orunla. allhough would a1ways live alone mighl bsve blessing offood · Ánd Ibe love oftheir cbildren. look out bis ( ada bal )and was ahout lo kili bis 2 daughler wben oruola said The evil bes already becn done you should. bUI oshun performed a hear rogation. work. and 2 inonlbs laler loguo ede left lo turn inlo woman for 6 montb. inkin ofo and probibiled ( loguo ede pork from practicing ifa. Woman Ibis woman loves lo conlemplale her broaslS and is in love wilb her body. This acbc Ibis sigo is made from dust of seeds of sticlc ( ayore seso vegetal ) Head anguila lish"') Yam. wilh two quail. and Obashele) receive curse from Ibe falber. In one storY orunla killed Ibe ahijado and in Ihe mnther be lold Ibe ahijado 10 do ehho Wilh guine Iben oruola pullh. however. bejuco lechero. shaving of dried obi kola com and ground different plant lo dray In Ibis sigo thece is a spiril caIIed adapatiya that eats mea!. concede find eni quai~ wbich was wbsl Obatala really wsnled lo cato. oflbis sigo is made from (sticlc ayore. obatsls visibly embarrassed. as Ibe time passed. Iben gol obatala drunk on paIm wine and slept wilb him. Oshun and Obstsls bad two daughlecs that were nymphomaniacs. Eshu Ni appesred lo him and helped Concede. cascarrilla. orunla fouod bimself in anolber Iand and sex wilb a woman that he bad found . wilb (f1our com ) and 6 holl Ibe yam. 0batsIs lo achive Ibis !bey waited for oshun lo leaves Ibe home foe severa! dayo. Ibey refused lo leI! bim. !he daugbter gOl pregnant from Ibis encounter and when Obatala insisted !hal Ihey lell bim who !he culprit were. maravilla. on holh ofthen so Ibis they. In any case. OrunIa did ifa a lo Ibe child of iole and osbun. Ibis offering is plsced next lo the howI of the loile!. Ibis woman have 3 men . Concede.

clothes tbe person mea! buffalo. pregnant!be awo mus! see wbat has 10 be done. bul rather with someone or something you W8DI 10 be !be boss or leader of something pay Obatala whatever you owe him.' ) 11260 CONTINUATIONnlBOOIC7I'URA (OOITAKUA) Thi. Give !he mea! !he pe!S!ln and have Ihen clean Ihemselves while msrked. tbe lamb. different ground. Ebbo 1 roster 1 pigeoo. • To mainta in a batmooious union obbo witb fRsh tisb. and aIlows !bem lo ea! your left over Be careful tbat you areo'l arrested Do no! christens any child becnuse yoo will get into an argoment wilh !be. do no! sa<:rifice yourseIf for!bem any longer Woman j. . differenl fabric. Do 001 bring anyooe into your home. io danser of dying . Then lhe meal is give 10 Ihe buzzards. goal.Page 264 of 864 . place in Ibis life. 1 coconul 2 candle run hooey and res! Ihe ingredienl EbOO 1 rooster feather !he pigeon !be guine. You malee ebOO for your self first Because!he persoo have mush ( curse) .. c10lhes you usee!. 1 .IOO ouffer liom pains in !be booes and ches! Evayooe in!be bome W8JIt$ 10 govem . or it couId destroyed your bome or fanúly Do no! kilI ants.cbild • parenlS Due lO envY.maIl basked. Fabric dilferenl color. leaved aIamo. tbe mnther i. ooIy careo aboul ber daugbter. and res! !be ingredien!. your good fbrtune never comes a10De. starting witb your wife wbo <loes no! listen lo you 8Dd. OOnes Pis. Note alter yoo made Ihe eOO Ihe person. because this child has come take!be mother. and reS! !be ingredienl. so tbat good luck can come your way be careful wlth somethiog Ibsl js hidden and tbat couId be aired out jn public you are always in discord witb someane place are red flag in !be patio ofyour home. EbOO fur!be awo 1 moster hair. per. y 00 like spiritualjsm more thso tbe osba. tbat has Whlte eyes. fabric differenl color.

and was furever enslaved Ibis ifa marked by huoger and • chaoger ofhead Ibis ira is a1so marked by love (binding amarre) Tbis awo must be careful what be divine for bis femate clients becsuse he couId have problem. Ibe awo will prepared f10ur com . Note orun1a ea! on lop of a labIo. okra lbem mix witb it witb Ibe booes oflbe hens. ODI lRE1B AWARI ODI OLOWO ASHUPA ODOLORO ODIGUJN ODAPUN ORUMJt. Tbis ifa lells Ibe man tbat he csnnol sex an woman tbat has sbaved ber prívate parts Because Ibis will cause impolence in Ibe man In Ibis sign orun\a ea! up high. Ibis is done in order lo Overcome Ibe (araye sbadow) Secret Ibe sign two quail you give of Ibe hear. orun\a on lop ofa lable and opa hens al Ibe time oflbe feeding. and Ibe Olle tbat give Ibe ea! cannol have his feet Tooch Ibe ground. he is must first do an ebbo for Himselfso lbal be is nolled witb aJ1 oflbe negative and (shepe curse) oribe ctieDl. Ibis is where Ibe boIl did a favor for Ibe dog.. in Ibis sign. he must sit lmeeI or stand on a chair or lable A \ove binding can be performe wilh Ibe hairs from above and below Orun1a tive in a marke shid wattle bed in Ibis sign. w2hile al Ibe same lime feeding Sbaogo witb Ibe blood PRAYED APARO LOKUATIOBURELEAKUARILOKUATIOBURELE In an consagracion Ibe padrinio must quickly give Ihe rooster lO elegua. ONE STAJRS. ANO REST11IE INOREDJENT. ODILEQUEAGUARLASUKULODAPUNORUMlLAODlJUARAPAODI WEPBADIFAPUN AOI'LA IFA NI CAPI!REFUN OSHUN OZAJN . Tbe person must 10 a1ways sil down at a lable lo ea! Osbun is after Ibis person in order 10 give him her a blessing y 00 must Ibe ebbo witb Ibe instruments of yoo occupation so lbal you are nol fuaUy injured by them in your work y 00 must petilion and pray 10 Ibe twin for help Plea. Before Ibe awo perfonn an ebbo witb Ibis sign for a ctieot. ORUBO OSAIN KONKO KONKOYAWES MEYE SOKUI'A JT IS REPEAlED EBBO lROOS11!R I PlGEON.lICARA DRAY.A. Ibe awos must aIso Have hisfeel offlbe ground (on a chairorlbe lable) afterlbis. and rogation two guioo haviog his feet Ibe ground Give followiog 10 4 comer eku ella epo awuado hooey run bul it must first be placed lo elegua .Page 265 of 864 #261 ODI lRE1B (ODILI!KE) ADI JU ARAPA ODI GlJEPE ADIFAPUN AOPLA TIENDOFEEYI!LI!LEBO. DIfl'ERENT BEANS. HANDKERCIIIEF I NECKLACE. I C1GAR.

ha. is finish or if more fine must he mede up lo 7 fines l rooster give to the line heing careful to not aIlow one drop the blood. Note the manuscript does not says anytbing about the other rooster or anything about yemaya To the disintegrating love ( binding amarre ) Fabrie that hu heen braided and is the length oCthe persan s peni. togcther with a gourd oCwater sea. is mede and it is used lo el. prepared is a small wbite bag that is wrapped. unwrap the fabric wbile saying may the Binding that was done on me he unhound now and forever the ewe cal\amo. it eat. an jicara with (fi11 sebo carreta wagon Cat grease fat comjo ( elede porle lard ) lbat hu becn boiling togcther is placed to olegua Take a ropo lbat was used to tio up a dog. #262 CONTlNUAll0N 11IE OOIIRETE (ODI LEKB) Ceremooies lo ololam Take 2 rooster. as weU as cating with Ibis orisha. the persan S. 1 Ceather. amund with wbite besds . of honey and almagre the Ceathcr are takc lo where the interested party is at then everything is takcn lo the sea. and rest the ingredient. peonia.. theo tako and rooster and giveit lo oggun 00 Iop oC a bil~ ( it is lcilled ) thmugh the month so lbat tho awo can take out the.. the awo then ask yemaya. may l in !he same way leaves tbis lives binding. Ihe rooster the buried. Ibis talisman i. l oail thet is the length oC the persan I peoi ewe canamos. a Imot ropo.Page 266 of 864 ". then it is placed on Iop oCthe saint that wishes lo he p1aeed in eharge oCthe situation. oCthe 4 comer. afler Ibis it is takeo to where the Orisba designated In Ibis sigo in order lo remove love bindings. a ropo that was used to tio up an ox then they aro. tongue. then an ebho is done with the. and res! the ingredieot . The a. oCthe enemies. two hil14 needlo. that correspood to. body from head lo toe. then the talisman is wrapped with tho bead.. the awo will take the IOnguo <!in from.. in the Corm a cmss. alter the ebbo. then everything is cleaned with the featber that were used lo cover the fines.o wil~ then malee a fine with honey. braider togcther with the geoen1 ingrediont. 7 graios oCthe salt sesame seeds ground from bouse. cottonl small crucifix 3 pepper. wasp nest. oC bine and red beads. the( Imot ropes ) is then thmwn on the floor. alarge metal container is dressed with a necldace. Friday with obatala Note if it is prepared with the path oC obatala it is prepared with the path oCwbatever Male orisba lbat ifa detennine. :. to SO inside oCyemaya. For destmy) 3 popper 2 stone biU. The elient mUS! jump up and lcave saying. then aline with aJmagre. the persan take ( naiI ) stakc and wraps the braided fabrie around the oails. 2 guine 2 pigeou. tba! ori. the interested party will the. these are placee! beside yemaya.. is cut into 7 piece. braid aloog with any other ingrediont that orunla determine..

do ebbo so lbal you can occupy your positions and receives Ibe blessing of olofio and Ibe orisha. You must pray. and hens. dried gourd bIack eyed beans . roper fiIt oorojo that was used 10 tie up a dog. cigar oda smaIlladder 2 knifeánd res! Ibe in¡¡redient The awo must be careful.. And res! !he in¡¡redient Ebbo 1 moster. rope that you was use<!. Prepared are people lbal says that you are lhief There is persan Ibal lhink lhal you are tryiog lo romance her him and you havo had no Intention of doing so Woman you mus! lo ebbo ifyou wish lo have clúldren The person around you have become your enemy because you have Dot wanted to occupy The position lbal. and Ibe wife is going lo find out Everyone maJee fun of you house you have no money. 1 rooster.correspond lo you. you greal deal and is your secret enemy do Ebbo so lbal Ibis persan can never be ahle lo compete wilb your .ce lbal haog down lo your private parts. Ebbo 1 moster feather guine. lo !he twio for help Careful lhal your spouse does I find out aboul Ibe child lbal your have wilh someone else . You have someone nex! or closed 10 your lbal en'. much honey hair trap. or 2 men The man could have child out ofhis marriage. . . what he divine for Ibis persan because Ibis persan will leU Ibeir Spouse everything that was said and il could bring a great"problem iolO Ibe home oflbe awo This persan have 2 woman. dift"erenl filbric much money. nec1dace that hangs down lo Ibe waist knife .Page 267 of 864 #263 CONTINUA1l0N1HBODlIRl!1E (ODllEKE) Ebbo 1 goal. receive orun1a so lbal he can help You have a respected position io society You must ascend a fligbt ofstairs wilb greal caution and very slowly becaúse ifyou fiIll il Could caSI you your life Your love has performe a love binding 00 you wilb Ihe hair lbal you have 00 your head and on your private parts You must use a necld.

UBO. The persoo must Ihe ebbo iD order lo the boro. DEVIL TEMPTlNG Tbis sigo is marked by inlidelity oC Ihe woman. and a persoo mus! also do ebbo in order lo avoid dying beCore his her lime You must Ceed Ihe earth In this sigo is bom !hal Ihe person does nol like his her. becausethis is where Ihe rooster eried due lo a11 oClhe evil !hal was done lo him. Tbis sigo oC inconformity. down and cries. 80 iIIness oCthe stomach problem wilh Ihe renal G1ands" and problem wilh Ihe endocrine systero lhal does nol a1low you lo have children !fa oC Ihe cochinea\ ) Ihe person live and thrive by Ihe grace oC war and wilchcraft In this sigo is where Ihe moral code oClhe man is doubled You sufrer frem a gastro inlestinal iIIoess and you couId have a thrombosis A11 oClhe evil inside your home In this sigo is where a man break.) IDINSHE OUN BABALAWO BONBO SIIEKETE SIIEKETE BONBO SPEAK REPRESENT.Page 268 of 864 ') #264 ODIoam ARARA DE 001 oamDIOIE OBENU DEMONO SO<lBI!WE AGBO APAKA MEYI TESI OOIOSHE AKOfO ADARJN lMAlE ORIJMILA OCHOSI OLODARJN OSHUN IFANI KAFEREPIJN EGGUN IGUI ABACHE GUIII ONl ADIFARJN ONLE ACOCA EYELB IDEABA IDIOIE IREC\IE ADIFARJN OLOCIIE O!. 001 SHE IRERESHE IDISHE ADIFARJN OLOSHE OLOFIN RURU'I1JRU rYA INTORI OBINIISHE!RE LASIIE mI BASIIE KIN NAMI ADIfARJN AMATOTO ALUFARO NIN KAFEREPIJN OKUN EYEEYELE. BeCore leaving your home. guardi80 80gel 80dwisbes lo be Ihe son the another orisha. EURE EYEUl BAGASQ DE MAIZ EUBO SONG. persoo muS! do ebbo beCore Ihe end oC treo days Inlori osolbo an eggun wants you lo do a mass Cor him her . KAFEREFUN OSHUN OCHOSl Tbis sigo make by general negalivity. Orunla saw his pain and helped him In tbis sígn is where the hens married the pheasant instead of the rooster Tbis sigo oC ifas will destroy this person iC he she does nol obey and respect Ihe orisha and eggun. Ask your guardian angel Corgiveoess . GUIII OMI ADIFARJN ONLE AKUKOEYELB IDEFA.OFIN 'I1JRULU ILLA INI'ORI OBINIICHE !RE U!OIE mAOlE QUIN ÑAMI ADIFARJN AMATOTE ALUFARO NIN KAFEREPlJNOCUN EYELE BAGAZO DE PAIZ Y EURE U!BO 001 SHE AKOfO ooARJN AMALE ORIJMILA ATI OOIOSI OLOFA FUN OSHUN IDI ABASHE. Tbis is Ihe rool oC a11 your problems. You muS! Ceed Ihe orisha and Ihe eggun. Intori oCo thi. throw waler out side Ihe frenl Ihe door because there is an egguo !hal is. causing you problem .

in bis ccn:mooy into onmla coatainor I quaiI. foro evcl}1hiDg ia in positivo and excelleat _ of affiIirs. as well as plant bejuco beraco He must cul a piece of il off and boil il wilh Ihe olher aforementioned. that rooster bas oot yet mounted In !bis sigo !he ira Ihe persao moves forward. re. a1ways y"" want lo clase lo you. shouId placed thc. goal. everyone must act in a ca1m manner because Ibis child mighl be Ihe product of Ihe product of an adullerous alfair or a receive gene that ooe Ihe pareol carrier. planl Take I lizard. You must !he ebbo 2 young most. In Ibis sign Ihe bens gave birth to 6 jio jio. and Ihe horse were secretly Eating!he conten! oflhe eggs from underoeath This sign marked by a iIIoess or other biologica1 process that does oot aIlow !bis woman 10 bave any children. in order lo _ 1 tbe aegative egguns dial'. And Ihe hens. despised and hated Ihe black jio jio In !bis path Ihere is a child that is darker or Iighler!han !he olher children and there are Doubls as lo tbe ¡'alemity. wilh il Ihen place il is sroall cage and feed il • so Iba! when il Shango color you can be cleaosed. ooe days !he persan is up. You mus! live with someone that professes Ihe same reUgioos Ihe same ideas as you and nevero someone that is an alheist or that is completely opposed 10 your belief You have pains in you joint because you Iive in a very humid. must fCcd thc 6rst 4 mclli of ifa. Ihon move. in Ibis sign !he guine ba!ched Ihe eggs oflhe hens. Orumila is lelliog Ibis persan lo do and ebbo wilh.. c1ean your selí. !he persao is dOWD spirituaIs materially By careful with your ex girlfiieod ex wife doo t scom her hecause in !bis sign you could get back together with hor.. !he . Ebbo I rooster differenl fabrico and soil. ooe for elegua and !he other for oggun.. And when !bis gets discovered il will be revealed that a great deal o~ Merchandise was stolen.e persan . 2 eggs I trap. two quai~ I mal. She did oot Icnown that Ihe pig. I hens. oflbe child. two rooster.. and reS! Ihe ingredienl .xl day. and gol passed onlo Ihe child n. back.. one oflhen beiog black.Page 269 of 864 #265 CONTINUATION TIII! ODI OSIlE y"" . she and Ihe other jio jio. thcsc apa must be dry and must be tbe from Icgs' oflbe mal. with each hand oftbis ifa. and Ihe hens raise!hem The persao was giveo birtb to bay one woman and raised by another you mus! move three time in you Ufetime and you mus! oever Uve on high ground The bottom ofyour feet cause you great pain. Ibis ebbo. as well as !he other ingredienl of Ihe ebbo Ihe one tbal 0run1a • Determinal.( TaiI ofbonc) so dial you can kccp iIw away Awo odi oshe. home The bens died in a stated of bysteria hecause she was never ahle open lo figure out why Her eggs wouId oever batch. The sign of Iheft wilhoul!he person s Icnowledge Iheft of merchandise that baso becn where housed.¡¡ould live a10ne with bis wife and cbildren because his family will end up Destroying him.. 1Dtori iIw do ebbo and liIn yourselfwith an eruker. is done because of your never complex ( adishe odasile kosile ) You mus! driok a lea lhal is made from 21 strong plan!.

Cabrio differenl color soil 4 comer dressed. . can oan Ibe aye because in Ibis ifa was where ( yemaya ) a performed Ibe aforementioned Ebbo and became rieh and successful. you !hal for 1 whole year. Ebbo head Ibe rat. You are probibited from eating rabbil. Beware oC!heft that couId happened lo you or a family member Yoo have had two re1ationsbip. Give thank 10 osbun and ocbosi One of your family member must yoko osha as soon as possible or he her. You must yoko 9sha so !hal !he orisha can give you whal you need the most HeaJlb and tranquility. wiU he a afIIicted with a g¡ave illness. Y00 must wears wbile as mueh as possible.. insee! . You must give and rooster and (akara break) 10 elegua. bul you have an explosive oharacter and you lend lo yell and cream When someane or IOmething bothers yoo y 00 do nO! have peace anyone. because of your heaJlb and your luele y 00 are good perIOn. you must wears while elolbing ( on a daily basis ) Tben after the year. Cabrio diff. and rest Ibe ingredien~ You are fighting with an enemy in order lo seo who will win or you are fighting against !be orisha because you are very stubbom and don I wants lo accepl them however.Page 270 of 864 #266 CONTINUATION THE ODI OSIIE Ebo 1 moste< Ceather!be pigeon and bens. y 00 muS! yoko osha... from you house. and you are friend lo no one Someone is stealing where your work. very likely !hal your guardian angel is obatala. so you can live alife!hal is free oCbittemess You have no friend.. and rest Ibe ebbo y 00 have had many Ioose and !be reason is because yoo have ignored your guardian ange\ ask bis ber Corgiven. !be perIOn wiU return 10 Ibe past returned lo a prior relationsbip. 2 egg. thon enler. and respect Ibis orisha Consider and respect your oidor family member Os1mn want yoo 10 pay her what yoo owe ber. thought one end and exils through anolher hole II i.. ifa is 1e\ling. he careful !hal you don I gel mentioned or involved !be scandal that will follow Be careful !hal you don'l acquire a disease!hal will slowly eal awayal you bones or blood. don'l undervalue or scom your first lover becsuse in Ibis sign. nol oven your mother and falber Don'I be resentful loward anyone. Tbis muS! he done in order for you lo eojoy good. I rooster 1 lrap. possum and any olber animals that malees hole in Ibe color ground 4 comer. so you must respect Ibis orisha as mueh as possible . heaJlb and happiness here on earth. so!hal he .

MOYERAMI OSHANLA ODOG\JN AGBAOOU ARA. As well as gbogbo necklace TIte secret the elegua. Y 00 mUS! be humble. feces In Ibi$ ifa despcratiQn i$ boro.s with the person was an aWQ odf Qrunla when he was a1ive and drive Ibis person IQwards iI8. bol foocls.A ODOOUNAOUEMA OSA OOU ARA. KAFEREFUN ELEMEREWASA!FA NI KAFEREFUN ASOlUANO OBATALA ODI FUMBO FUMBO ARARA OSCHANLA ARA !LE AYA. TIte elegua Qflbi. obedience is the way yQU will overcome all obstacle Avoid eating sal1 popper. TIte aWQ muSl be careful because in Ibis sigo. trom the awo homo duo lo the actioo Qf elegua In Ibis sigo 01060 gave the powder lo gel rid of 011 the uegativity that surrounds Ihe persoo. LORDAFUN ELI!N RINI BARAnn OSAUOUN OSATI ABAILAlLUN NI EBEIUN.s heeause the Eggun that . false and traitorous peopl.Iosed lo Ibis euemies and he will have.ily Slaled country or from parenl s or padrinio s home TIte person should avoid doing Ibis because he will then be . must have a hcad the rat. The ahijado kili the padrinio heeause Qf a quarrel. That have iII will towards bim and want to destroyed bim . Ibis person is bom 10 be greal in the world Qf osha and nol ifa Tbis person willleave for anolber . In alefa the awQ mus! feed 011 Qf bis Qrisha In Ibis sigo is bom that Ihe bultock smells lik. OCUPA NITABA!i{ ACUPA NILAIIAN la¡ 11!CHU DEDE AUN AFa QUI IDE COFO ORUN COFO EUO • ODI QFUNFUN ARA OSHANLAARA INLE AVE MAYEREMI OSHANI. bul mus! nOl be. Ifa of separatioo. Ibis person desirelo remover or travel 10 another location In Ibis sigo the children do not reoognize the sacrifico ofthe parenl for them and the Parents leave heeause they fccl unappreciated. Don 1 ea! egg planl or gusva. Many losses Ibe la. sigo muSl have 3 feather in it cuchilla .k of paternal guidanco will cause Ibis person 10 seek advice from people. y 00 muSl nol be disobedienl. Astbma .Page 271 of 864 1/267 ORDIOFUN YOMU MUKI'Il! MANOSIIEWI!AKOVIDIFUN DIFUN KUJU KUBO AWlU AWBO DIFUN MANOSIIEWE OCA COMI CORO !LE LEOIASA UN EQUILO ONI BABALAWO. so!hal yoo can avoid getting hemQrrhoid or any other anal intestinal problem.A EYOFOTUNDEEYO NAFa GUEGUENO YOREO ARA ESHU ARAIFE 0RlJMILA !NA F01UNDE!NA NAFO 1010 YENYE ARA mu INU LESE IKU OPARALDO OSADiE Tbis sigo I'f ifa retnl'ver 011 I'fth.$ bom in Ibis sigo. IKU FO'ruNDE IKU NAFa BBRE OYONINI AOUEMA ARUN FO'ruNDEDE ARUN NAFO MOGUEREYE IKU oro FOI'UDEDE oro NAFa GlJENGUE AOUEMA OOUN OSHANI. Ibis . Qbedience and nol caprice is whal save you. You suffer trom fistula and intestinal problem In Ibis sigo the person wants 10 be an awo Qf Qrunla.

I pigeon. s ifa Ihen awo ilit io cleansed. The awo Ibe sigu must tind an ola of Obatala" take it lo Ibe river and give il I heno wbile Singing and calling.e the 8WO. woman and iflbis person is a woman.. he willlears some oCtbe planl from bis poker. Ibe Ibis bundle is placed nexl 10 Ibe awo obatala. afier Ibis stone is wrapped in plant is wrapped in planl On. she desire lo become a man Difficulties ) tbe imerested party will use bolb ofbis bands lo tear away tbe plant oC Ibe sigo tben he wil~ present lo. 3 rOO! of planl escoba amarhga rool planl eeiba . settleo dOWD 10 a Tranquillife or a tranquil and giving person who a1lows bimselClo be influenced by bis friends loses bis moral. Where one desire lo overcome. wbile singing Ibis song. Obatala Iben Ibe awo will do an ebbo wilb Ibe stone. Take a gJass oC \he water add three finger oC coconut.Page 272 of 864 #268 OONTINUATION 1HB 001 OFUN . and tbe other Ingredienl lbal ifa has marked. OMOOTA OSHABA BAWA OLORUN OSOTlLASIIE BORONIWA OSHA LAU LAU The awo must ebomisi wilh planl ou. omiero Is used lo consecraled stones \he obatala.. logether wilh Ibe awo . ( inle Oguere ) is give I he. or inlo tbe an guira Wilb ruo and for treo days Ibe person will scrape Ibe side Ibe guira scoop up some of Ibe plant and ruo and. water three finger oCfreshly squeezed cow milk oC magnesia stir il wel~ Iben drink a lablespoon everymorning al breakfaster Cor a periad oC 15 days. drink. Odi ofun is tbe dance that dances 10 wbalever tune is played This person is sly devious a liar a charlatan. is rising himself with the omiero he oust sing SIIEWEREKUEKUE EWE MOFl YANLAO OBATALA MOFl y ANLAOLORE MOFl YANLAO In Ibis sigo eggun is fed logelber wilb elegua Sbango and Ibe earth ( inle oguere ) 3 moster. and let it drop To tbe tloor in tbe pJaced. impressionist traitorous has iUusloos oC Grandeur and considerers bimaelf omnipolem Iflhis person io a man he secretly desire lo be a. before taking Ihe stones lo Ibe river lo perfonne the aboye mentioned ceremonies whil. Memory problem Take a tablespoon oC plant ( guira ) and placed it inlo a bottIe of ruo . Obatala afies Ibis he will place Ibe plant in bis poker. efun and Iyefa. In Ibis sign Obatala give 2 pigeon al Ibe fool of an planl ou treo. Thio io self centered party penon that because oC bis cbild and fiunily. with omiero of plant ( chewere kuekue ) Pain Ibe stomach An infusion the followiog herbs is made eucalyptus prodigiosa chamomile cundiamor Leave seed and rool planl cardo sanlo . and planl ( chewere kuekue ) Ihe rest ofth. Iben on three differenl occasion. iftbe person can with Ibis planl beCorehand so much tbe beller. along wilh ero nbi cola ozun.

albahaca a1godon shewerekuekue. IOgetber wilb mea! pig cook il wilb rice. Oshun Iived wilh her falber. !he awo will talce !he ewa and place it inlo one of Ibe igon Iben. Obatala said lo her . I advised you nol leave my side. !he ewa Ibe igon is removed after!he bone o~ !he Cood is seo! lo olokun. I puppet. Ibis person wiII second wiII send someone el. it 10 eggun. and now it is much to later for me to help yotl. everything is Iater picked up and talce 10 !he i1e oC olokun . EGGUN IKU BELEKUN LONA SARAYEYE. talce I turtle kili over Ibe door. Iben talce I plated oCIbis and place.. al leasl whal lo expect . get away a11 oflhe work lbal Ibey are doing al home leaeh your danghler Ihe ways oC The world so lbal Ibey know. leDing one day. . Take Ibe moster is talce lo for~ Ibe puppet is talce lo Ibe Cood oC and stick ( coltOn planl Note inle tobakikan putrid mud. and Ibe awo must ask Cor heallb while doing Ibis and leU oggun Iba~ yoo wanl him lo reveaI your enemies lo you because yoo don I known who Ibey are on Ibe third day Ibe ara oC!he aya talcen lo a raiIroad track wrapped up in Cabrie oC7 different color Parado) I moster. !he ewa and igon is eleanee!. espanta muerto algarrobo Tbis song SARA YEYEEGGUNLONA. you must do Ibis because Ihey will surely sulfer marital problem and be unhappy iC Ibey leave prematurely Tbis is where Ibe woman complains aboul a being • woman sign oC confusion . Ebbo igons gIass cop !he water. sinee she was so young and beautiful she couId a prinee or king lo marry and never have lo do housework again. one day she Decide lofollow!he advice oCher friend' and left 0b8taI. EGGUN MOWAMOYURE BELEKUN OLONA EGGUN IKU MARAWESE SARAYEYE. and plint salvia.. then take some plan! Cold it on Ibe f100r and place another plated oCIbis Cood. Oshun had many friend who would visit her And tell her 10 stop working so hard in her home. on IOp oC!he plan~ finaIly talce a 3 plate and dedical. oC inIe (tobakikan jobo) I inwquin oCo. s home. so that Ibe son Obatala does DO! come in contact with !he ebbo herb For hemorrhnids. She was abused and used so mueh lbal she developed tuberculosis when she retumed lo her home wilh OhataIa she was vwey ill and upon seeing Oshu . meal bulfalo meal pis. 1 will compensale you. il 10 eni problem.Page 273 of 864 #269 OONTINUAnON nm ODI OF\JN ( ODI FUMBO Masb togetber Ibe Collowing plan! prodigiosa. y 00 should nol have your daughler do a11 oC Ibe housework because Ibey are going lo get tired of Ibis and when Ibe first man come a10ng !hey are going lo leave wilh Ihem so Ibey can. Ibis mUS! be give I dog smaI~ together wilb oggun Ibe nexl day. Obatala and was having a hard time because she a10ne did A11 oC Ibe ironing cooking and eleaoins. Note wben Ibis sigo seen in Osolbo lese araye. ) enema made with leaves ofplant pendejera. bou.. she a1ways complained lo her father who just kept. blood cover door Al same time Iben talce Ibe mea! Ibe turtle. coUect and mash !he herb yerba mora. ewe mora ori seeds trom green Iomatoes When Ibe persan is an son !he obaIaIa.

and rctum borne wilh you and he will forgets. Place a large fruit offering lo the twin Married woman you Iilee lo quarrel wilb your husbond. secret shame due 10. that WBS di1J'ereutliom ber mother s so ahe could be. Fced Obatala . everything everyone for baving this aftIiction b)essing Aguema WBS an son o(obataIa.Page 274 of 864 1270 CONl1NUATlON TI!E ODI OFVN (ODIFUMBO ) Tbe daugbler ofilw desire 10 know if ahe bad move power Iban ber motber ond each days Sbe wot1d elean henelfwitb sometbing di1J'erent morefa WBS iIw claugbter and each day Sbe wot1d pray lo ololUD. he will never do anylhing in ifa and il could even cost bim bis problem bu! be never did You sacrifice you self for you children bUl \hey do nothing for you fhis is where elegua saved Odde from iku. because if be goes on lo do ifa. Adifafun ochosi oshun yernaya twio. He became very angry and threw the bond of if. because be is goiog lo get tired. has for you both. due 10 Ibe stain and \he embarrassment Tbe person Uves with. IOr a wander in Ibe strects Wilh Ibe utber womeo. you wiU smeU blood. lived with bim in bis palace and he gave them Iiverything they wanted including fine foocls. for I will help you and Obatala Coodemned lo be the eUminaled ofthe ebbo. wbile in the wood Ibis asbupa aftIicted her bogan 10 curse.. more powedid. and said lo him. The person only nceds lo Yoko osha. bul you musl stop Ibis so that the Blessing that Obatal.h. clo!Íog and jewetry however they were nol Satisfied with and wanted lo bave that \he children ofOrunla bad so Obatal. can arrivo. that you sbould nol be io. bave faith . Olorun took pity on ber and save ber \he power oC a ( Asbupa mensuuation ) and sen! ber Uve the woocls. And bi is son of obatala. that was ofo 81 bis padrinio elegua Picked up the baod of if. In this sign is where each orisba was given il s patb Do ebbo so\hal you can baYO \hestrength ofoggun in 011 ofyour affairs You bad a dream \hal you were sicle and that has you scared Do ebbo so that you can mover from the placed !hal you are CUlTenUy living because il is Place. In this sign is where Ibe fisherman stored lbe fish that Ihey caugbt inlo Ibe bole oflbe Reces and \he S8Íty gave il s odar 10 these fi. You secret or bayo secrets blood from your onus. obataIaloved a1agu__ so mueh that one days he Taugbt bim aII oCbis secret ShortIy theresfter Aguema betrayed Obalala This is where re6gious blaspbemy is bom Tbe awo that is \he owner ofthis sigo mus! gel a10ng witb padrinio godfather This is where obataIa Iived witb bis don wbo WBS a dnmkard disoiganize and lazy óbataIa suuggled 10 bave bis son """"". let your bu. You are impolence Then you die. aJI aboul utber woman . he drove them inlo poverty and misery for being so UngrtUeful When \he sign see in an awofaca. aJlowed Them lo do ita and shortly theresfter. Tbis is where the children of obataIa was fooled and give • band of ifa \hal was oro no gond. loved one or a member ofthe family This ís where children of Obatala.

arumaIo in order lo lOe wbich oslla must be worked Whit in order lo achieve !he blessinS of obataIa for !he eouplet Single woman be carelid tbat you Iover does you pregnant then abandODS you are datiJJ8 A man tbat is not going ti:> completed bis promises because be wiU want lo go out witb Other woman .Page 275 of 864 # 271 CONT1NUATION 1HB ODI OFUN (ODIFUMBO) ACANICARO 1LELA0IARAYU EQn. Take care ofyour cyesigbt When you are nol sure of something don I do jI Don I struggles against !he inevitable. Ebbo 1 rooster.oNA BABALAWO LORDAFUN I!LBMINI BARATI OSALlUO UMBATIAGUA lAYEN NIOBINI. DOD I disobedjent dOD t eat too much sall. DoD t use a bandkerchieftbat was giveD as a gift or found on Ibe street Take care of your property so tbat yoo don I lose jI An oIder person is soins lO ask you for a favor help bim ber. witboul your fiunily knowing and this abanion couId cost you your Ufe or your . epo ebbo 1 roostee head soat. Y00 are a/ways in a desperale sIaIe for money Don I anger or spy on your woman. GUAOOI'A NlTABAN AcuaJA NIATAIRE 101 OFE ONE LOCHUDEDI! ORUN EFE QUIaJIBO ANO CODO ElLO CODO CANI>Ef1JN CARAQUBFVN ARACO ADIFAFUNlEBA UN UMBATONLOm EBINI OQJTAN E8fIlIJ OOUE MELLI The awo must ask orunt. ifyou become pregnant by this man you wiU wanta lo abort !he children. leftovers food 1 necklace 1 bandkercbief eku el1. this SituatiOD will give riso to musb gossip. Be careful ofbetrayals because a man is soins lo invite you somewbere lo betray your Coofidence Feed Obata1a and your head pisco' so tbat yoo don ISO tbrougb an embarrassing SituatioDS tbat couId caused yoo lo lose your bealtb . aod rest Ibe ingredient . 1 bens take 4 coconut painted Ibe white. if ocba.


eiye pedorrea and !he iye. You will hove wilchcrsft done 10 you. nol even your ftiend. yoo should head rogarlon. Wnh turtIe yoo should always do ebbo in order lo escape !he traps that Ibe people se! fur you . Ibis person will govero !heir own kiogdom ifthey are obedienl and Usten lo their father padrinio. In Ibis time you will Icnow suffering. In This sigo.. Ihe awo. or red plum Thc fruil Ibsl is best 10 <Ute yoo stomach problern is limon. You can no! do Shango or san lazaro. Ibe planl cardosanto. fealber) This is where ashe known as osun nabutu ls boro Thc Oame cannot be extinguisbed with water. yoo will receive compensalion for you effort and you will also overcome your enemies. This sigo can mark disaster just as easily as it can 800d fortunes With time. Shango juero a11 ofthe ocean deiti. thls is wbere the tree oflbe ashe osun nsburu is bom This color wine red is boro. but yoo will nol die because of it If you do everylhiog 10 Ibe letter of Ibe Iaw. Thc bird oflbis sigo is!he blood (judio bird ) This where Ibe trees are cut down and demolished. bish. Thc eyes that ay orunla cannol see bimJeIf. wben thls hoppens.e inside oflbis ifa You can not uaed (eikordie. Don I use shirt with oval pattems on tbem This sigo prohibited sitting on cbair wilhout a bottom. will take sorne efun and spread in over his eyes3 times . efun is used lo ease the person suffering This sigo is dangerous becsuse il malees !he person suffer in a wry cruel and lerrible way Orisho that spesk ( Naos Bwuku ) oshun oggun san Iazaro. sigo represenl Ibe opon Ibe ifa. will neve< be lnIIIqUiI in their eyes sockets Wben Ibe eagle Oy's . traps and suffering . Tbe child oflbi. ( holy lemon ) Wben Ibis sigo appear in a osorde. Ibe iyefa of iroso moji must hove 24 k gold dust It is SUD. Thc 8WO with Ibis sigo mus! acquired Icnowledge of ifa very quicldy so that be do.. This sigo governs all ofthe metal. sigo is very much envied. This sigo marked by accidents. This is where Shango showed where Ibe 16 posilion where situated This sigo is ( masculine ) the child of noni and of akesan Thi. Ibe CIIIII}' will oot """'" Ibe beigbts ofyesterdays Thc llame may be exUngnished. don I ea! Indian banana apple maraJ!on. Tbe person shoold be modes. It represen! !he sitting SUD in Ibe west. you mus! rogarlon with fuosh fish This sigo is wry important one of ifa . but Ibe SOl}' color oflbe Afiican Parro! festber will neve< be exlinguished This sigo is wry strc>n¡¡ and wry dangerous Awo iroso melle mus! hove coin of gold silver copper and brooz. nut die. Thc salads are formed in Ibis sigo.Page 277 of 864 #273 CONl1NUAnON nm IROSO MIl[. misery. yoo should nol underestimate anyone.. cardinal are bom in Ibis sigo. in Ibis sigo ls boro rsising elegua IOgether with osun when an ifa ceremonies is peñormed. Iroso melle represen! ( twilight ) Favorable day (010 SERE Wednesdsy) ruling planet (OlE ABA mercury) Metal Quicksilver (mercury ) Dressing color Canary yeIIow ) It is sigo oflire .U.

!hey could become violen! and have Ibe potentiaI ofkiUing someone. bu! woman is going lo help.Page 278 of 864 #274 CONTINUATION nm IROSO MELLE o": Due lo Ibe virtue of signa1ing many tean in this person. Tbis is where Shango look away Ibe 4 power lbal helonged lo osain. hor. him oul a difficull situalion You have osain.tife this sigo speak of Ibe redness in !he eye of!he person for whom this sigo is secn Tbis sigo gi"" meo ideas and bumilities. they Iike things lo he Done their way and when they comed. You can not carry any Icnives'orwhite süver colored handgun. The child !he sigo are strong willed and difficuIl lo understand. it s best lo lcaves them a10ne becau . and lhal is why you wil1 a1ways he in a stale of in tranquility. Ibey would rather die !han reveaI secret. bul careful offailure and tragedy lhal could cause t you lo r<lum borne wilh your. and Ibey are a1so very guarded and don I reveaI any secret. and incooformily give thank lo e1egua because he is a1ways wilb you . it is !he eye !he ( divine providence ) this person in !he course Ofhi her life wil1 a1ways find betrayaI and even Ibe closes friend or acquaintance will wanl lo kilI him. . you overcome Ihem eveo Iboughl this Woman does nol interest you or her parenl or children are opposed lo Ihe relalionship because Ibey feel lbal you are nol an adequale enough paren! for her You are going lo·meet a dark skinned person that has anolher lover You are having many problem in your tife righl now. an talismaos. problem because Ibey wanl lo control evel1'one around Ibem and influence other lo think Ibe same ways lbal Ibey do. violence is what uIlimalely dooms children of iroso melle. when you start to bave probtems. Ihey aIways have. when he she is take lo Ibe igbodun of osha. !hey are very organized when il concem !hem. tail between your legs . but everyone is keeping and eye on Ibe person wiIb this sigo.n. You dreaml ofa necldace made (guacalole) seeds or ofred necldace. !hey can he tyrannieaI and annoying in Ibe borne. Tbis sigo prescribe knowledge for Ibe entire world. in this sigo is bom covering!he eye. CarefuFofa tire Whén yoo are alone al home your mind start lo think of many thing al once You have a stubbom and annoying habil lbal no one has been able lo get rid of You person you are never satisfied wilh anything Ibal you have because il has nol cosl you anything 10 have it. is when you are going lo see !he differenl and yoo going to appreciate whal once had You want lo lcave your home so badly for eny olber placed hecause you feel lbal any placed is betterlbat!he place you are living in now.a. of!he iyawo. there is a strong possibility that a woman is going to save him or help. and ir you don t have one you should receive one as sooo As possible If you have one . This person is a m. il has been abandoned You are difficullies. You are Ibe son !he of elegua. The sigo pIant is pilion botija. corazon Ibe paloma Jobo. In this sign is wbere!he grave was created Iroso melle govem al! oflbe hole oflbe earth. The person uses or has used a uniform.. however. T be sigo prolnbits going lo !he cemetery In ifa is bom!he ritual of!he itutu. guacaIote.

because in Ibis sigo !he cigar is used lo do evil Wrtchcraft agsinst people lbe tirefly is bom in lhis sign by virtue of olofin wbo gave him Ibe power to light up Ibe Night. Y00 mus! fcod !he earth SO that you CID live • little longer. Tbis is eere Sbango and Ogue made a pacI in order lo created Ibe powe(of!he sign Ara. so lbat it CID live Ibere permanently and it CID be fed on a periodic basin . and if you owe something pay him You cannol aecepl cigar 6:om anyone. Wbat is many child doing up Ibere. lbe name oflbe eggun of Ibis sign is called ( Bldi jowo liya lule ) Ebbo 1 rooster hair the goal. (Ologbun eyila chevora ) he that is Ibe owner oflbe profuund. of Ibe home. Tbis an stiele moruro. Tbis must be done quicldy because !he grave. One Joves him 1 would ratber have him logetber wilh ne in Ibe depths. Then Ibe persan is cleaned with an pigeón. !hem it is buried in Ibe patio. don I read or worlc in low ligbt. tbrow it into Ibe hole Iben jump OYer !he hole.Page 279 of 864 #275 CONI'lNUA110N 11IE !ROSO MI!LLIl Rcspect oslnm and elegua lIw Is witching. and it is give to Osun. distance lo you. closes lo you on several Occasious yoo mus! attend Ibis eggun . has beco dug fur you md lIw i~ very close lbere are limes eco you fee! a wannth that malee you uneasy. of!he earth and it marks a shor! life. and lbal is lO eggun lbal getJ. run 3 casserole smalL ground 4 comer And !he rest Ibe ingredient much money . bUI in order lo achieve Ibis you mus! fin! do ira. lOd lhe one lbal wraps himself up wilb Ibem like a tire and does nol lose his way. Tbis is where !he ( boveda vault ) osain is boro. eere Sbango is called. Oro !na asks in Ibis sigo. y 00 bave!he gift of apiritual aight and spiritual heariDg. be carefuI because il could be a trap Avoid being tied down in a reiatiouship that is going lo malee you unbappy for!he res! of your life. is rutlo Ibe exact height oflbe persan. Afler lhis an Osun is prepared for Ibe perlOn which is left nexl 10 !he stiele moruro. gers angrier lbal he 10 be caroful. Do not confide in lOyone. Yoo are prohibited 6:om ingestions excessive amount ofalcoholic beverages Talee caro ofyour vision. Don I be 10 curious because il couId cost you. are buried togetber Iben !he Osun la placed on top oflbe grave and ceroented down. lOd !he stick moruro. secret. Mean you mus! do ifa Woman you mus! receive your !cofa. Y00 want lo bave position of power and respousibility. lo avoid. The owner the sigo cannot wa1k or jump over hole or ditches if for some reason. Tbis sigo is !he profounder. Talee caro of your hesd. and !he ara oflbe pigcon. because yoo bave A lendency lo lose your memory lfyou are caIIed lo assume m importan! posmon . if no one acknowledge him. he must do so he muS! first clean himself wilb an stones. no one understand him and no. your life Don'I be so arrogan! and overbearing because Shango says lbal no o.. festher of pigcon. nol even in !he people in your own home y 00 mUS! adore ans attend 10 obatala.

are placed ioto Ibe pot oflea before. as well as u. and of newhom egg hens. tengue. ·0 The awo oftbis sigo sbouId stricdy abbey !he advice of Oslmn. jaguey. COllan.. !he teslicle of an rooster lbal give to degua. he must omiero for 7 days with quizazo de caballo. !he awo then asks iffinish. 10 ateCa lhe 2 roper Ihat were used for Ihe female goal. tcsIicle !he goal. Ifa signal Ibe destruction oflhe home and in order lo avoid 11. EverytbiDg is placed into a bolling pot ' of6litcrs ofwater for severa! minute. eku ella epo com peonia. which is !he power fur sexuaI potoncy. Ibe IWO wiU scrape whal the pillar has on !he bollo. and ifa says yes Ibe ache!he placed into!he strained container.. mastueno S leave !he prodigiosa. palo caja molambo. then this is used lo caress. palo caja. 7JIlZ8 parilla. 1 oon in each column. to hcr!he awo will Ibon placed some ( ou cotton) and a smallladders inside ofbis ifa 1mpotcncc with oggun A lea mode of root bejuco garaiIon. an osuo wilh 3 columns is Prepared and wrapped wilb pieee of an plant paIm tree. !he awo will take somo oche. and pray the 161ting then pray ogunda melle. which has beco give blood ofrooster and pigcon. gi_ to Sbango. from tioe musl sleep with Obatala uruler bis bed and plaeed 2 wbile candle on either side of bis bed wheo this done Ibe cho performe on Sbango s wooden pillar has beco tumed upside down Ibe awo give 1 rooster to !he pillar. in this sigo Ibe per500 muS! place ( 16 oguede banana ) lo in olher lo resolve bis her problem Ibe awo ofthis sigo. of!he water and the patien! will take 1 ClIp evcry moming and 1 ClIp befure bedtime. from lbal OSUIL The following pieee are hungo2 Iadders 1 sword and arrow without a bow 2 pigeoo I sun this Osuo s secret is filled with ewe de Iavatory. !he faces oflbe woman withoul her being aware what is inside ofthe fabric wbile . after tbis. dotlldilla gui". the teslicle.. Ibon the Cemale goal. Osun Cal 2 pigcoo white I color carameL colored pigeon 00 !he roof of!he persa" home . Ihat give to oahun. of orunla muS! be passed bebind Ibe bock by a11 oC Ibe awo lbat are present in Ibe ceremonies. tcsIicle the lantb. stick moruro. !he persan begin lo take lea. tie Ibe ends oflbe fabric logetber. plant jala jala to mixture is give blood of rooster." caballo. honey ron. and place Sr yellow fabric. together oggun. shells oC newbom and fabrie.Page 280 of 864 #276 CONl1NUAllON 1lIE!ROSO MIllLI! For SIimuIation sexuaI gIand Plant bierva la sangre. palo caballero palo ramon root!he jiba. and then strained Afterward. and 1 rooster lo Sbango together . head lbe pigcon. pigcon. are sacrifieed For destructioo oflbe home for enemies. place il ioto Ibe fabrie. and he mus! to have any sexual contact with any woman must find out Ibe mao is doing for this perlod oftime. Sceret !he sigo.

tbese sigo are prayed ( osbe otura ) iroso melle. guiro that many bol. an EBBo perform. '!be iroso melle is the leader oflbe lbieve. Ibe awo will sprinlde some water while singing . Ibe ebbo i.Page 281 of 864 #277 CON11NlJATION11II! IROOS MI!LUl In Ibis sigo inlori iku. Forprosperity 4 greeo banana. camvia voz. 1 pigeon. fiyer and palm. ayua in dust. days Iben add candle lamp oi~ Ibe awo will give Ibe blood of an guinea lo Ibe talisman. ground up IOgether witb the general ingredienl of Ibe araye. Ebbo 1 roost. epo is used 10 cover Ibe fisb. Iben revolver is covered up. araye.. metal.. and res! !he ingredient note !he goal is fur e1egua.crist~ iws added lo t1ús mixture. Talisman. cotton 1 ladder cacao. In an jicara the awo paint iroso melle. goes with the revolve everytlúng is prepared with the material that was mentioned Above. KASHADAWE ONIRE AWO ONIRE. The ebbo is done with goal. KASHADAWE ONIRE . 3 macao.00. bair !he lamb... talce 3 rooster fur e1egua. 3 silly. sewn up wilb COIIon Iben it is buried While performing Ibe ebbo oflhis sigo. Iben rooster is stuffad. the awo Iben adds stiek piede el busk. IYEnnv. 1 jio jio.. 1 moster ground dift'erent position. everytbing is tbrown ioto the ceramie or. Ebbo for good Iuck. 3 stone. ask fur e1egua. 1 . dift'erent food. 1 rooster is give tojicara and Ibis lives inside ofthe awo. talce Ibe ebbo and placed il in nont OC Obata1a be will lben kaeel and pray lo obalala. and cook and pul·in 3 dift'erent corner. OMI MOMI nnv IKU nnv OMI MOMI nnv ARUN nnv OMI MOMI nnv OFO nnv OMl MOMInnv EVO nnv Following t1ús Ibe awo will order Ibe etienl 10 stand. with 1 goal. while t1ús is occurring Ihe awo will 5ing OWFIN WYI REO MODUPUES OWRUN When the person retum wilb the ebbo and sits down wil1 5ing KASHADAWE ONlRl!. lben a candle is til lo oggun for 7 . Ibese . with ( ocbe irete ) nesh fisb. 21 pepper. 1 Ienife revolver 1 jio jio. Ihe head ofthe nesh fish . buriad. then !he ara i. then following in placed inside 21 arrow smalI. and the goal of lo elegua. mueb cacao. Blessing that oIofia. Note the ebo is also very good for very diflicu1t situatlon oi probl~m Problem fur document or money. ( 1 me141 olonm SUD ) and 1 moon) 1 obarabiosu ( star) Ibe awo then add ground 4 comer piece mariwo. The fish is curt ba1f wilb the ob Ibe bead is !he interesled party Ibe tail is lb. 1 pigeon and rest the . smaO. seed of cotton of pidon sa1t in granule beat Ibe guinea of oggun. amansa guapo. and many dift'erent ground inside the plac:ed. and otura osbe.mall goal and rooster. OMIMOMInnv. 17 dift'erenl inaet. ask 10 osbun sbe want goal.

when the fisherman left on bis daily fishing expedition. ud wbo began lo bave many problem. [1 W8S the body ofthe dead king. found the king dead or a1ive in those days. one days bis wife said lo him . of the Iand disappeared and bis family offered a huge reward fur however. and your affair witb the women . bUI he refuse bis wife insisted so much that one day. he then took the ebbo lo the sea Shortly thereafter the king. be went ID. be promply returned the king body lo bis family and fisherman W8S rewarded bandsomely for Ibis kaferefun orumila woman eggun oshun and yemaya. hearing ofthe rewarcl. be came across something strange that bad golten caughl in bis net. in order lO perform your ebbo so that you can be the mast praise person an aU manner ofbusiness. 10 read done from orunla and Ibis sign ( iroso melle) W8S seen in wbich ifa ordered him lo do ebbo with moster hens fishing book pita eku eya.Page 282 of 864 #278 CONTINUATION 11IE IROSO MEILIl Onimo went 10 the bome of orunla so that be could do an ebbo. so that a1I the world Could praise bis name. '.. orunla lold bim bring me everythiDg that the mouth eats I moster 1 hens 1 pigeon much money. '.' there W8S once a fisherman whose sbip W8S 10m apart by a strong stonn. ansd mush money. . Go and see orunIa .

!he awo IIWSI ask orunIa if he wants 10 es! two hens Tbis sign the persoo rec:eive( InIo Abata) Tbis sign !he of ( Abilru ) The ebbo is perfonned with 1 oew ceramic cassero10 differenl food.. and milk from a fomalo ram. will be no war¡ and that he will be bis fuithful Servant. accusalion. 1 black • with the metal instrumenl of oggun as well as an &da. The person Oshuo must always have 5 jicara filled with run beside her In this sign probibit eadng greasy foods.. 10 e1egua . sign is marked by a public hearing due 10 fal .. Drink an infusioo oC!he plant (malba blanca) Canutillo. Tbis sign iodicale!hal !he person is prome lo problem with ( Diabetes) and blood circulalioo so the person mus! he very careful of losing a limb due 10 one these problem no awo preparo talisman with Ihe fang of a ( caiman ) In this sign !he awo mus! talce the ashe ofthe male goat. you musl placed dame. pida raton.Il ADIFAFUN ARIRE AKUKO OMO AJERE TINCJIE OMO YAYA OLORUN . Qsuo naburu ) osbe water rive mud much mooey. he must retum the money !hal !he clieol has give Cor the Read. Tbi. and then !he awo will eallhem. inside. cook il with plenly oC popper. OIEREN SIIERE KOMAIIE KATOSIIE ARANSHELE ADIFAFUN ORUMILA DAFEREFuN ESHU IYALORDE OGGUN MAFI!RIlPUN OLOKUN E IYARE OIEREN OiI!RU KOMASIIE ARENCHELE ADIFAFUN ORUMILA 110 FAMARE IKOPA A1KORDII! llIJlIlO ALAMU ClIEMI AKOKOLE KUAMI ADIFAFUN ARIRE AKUKO OMO AJERE TINSIIE OMOYAYAOLORUN Tbis is where !he meo abandon their women Wben this sign is seco.. Ebbo 1 roost. Tbis sign marked by debls Ihst aro owed 10 elegua. The 2 arrow must have 5 ikin iCa inside. In this sign oggun says Ihst for iroso umbo. days !hal orunla determines Note tbere is no mention ofwhat is done with the hens oc what ifanything is give to Elegua. osha in elegua or an ( atefa ) in hand awoCaca ) the awo must do ifa lo this person free.. and res! and the rooster give lo ( eggun ) and everything is placed io front oC elegua Cor!he. red Cabric 1 IOp Cor the ceramic casserole.Page 283 of 864 1279 IROSO OBE IROSQ UMBO OIEREN CHURU KOMACJIE K01VCIIE AREOIEI1! ADIFAFUN ORUMILA 110 FA MARE QKOPA A1KORDII! LABO ALAMU ClIEMI AKOKOl. If this sign appears in an read. Wheo lhe awo. an stones oC elegua ioside red wilh piece of gold silver. oC orunl. nol place obstaclo an ground Ihe 4 comer from !he house. sees this sigo. ne owner Ihe sign should have a cockroach haoging bebind Ihe fronl door ne person sbould have 3 lOy house I while.

Page 284 of 864 h #280 CONTINUAnON TIiE IROSO OBE. is given to elegua as tbe perron prays for tbe retum ofthe penon desire.. be destroyed tbey did not do the ebbo and frem tbat Time on . . on it. but he had dooe bis ebo tbe days prior.1.~: ~ . Tbis sigo speak of poverty To avoid Ibis tbe perroo must do an ebbo witb 1 moster 1 cane or crooked stick 1 burlap sack I mooey box 1 young rooster. when the buzzard arrived at tbe place.:. r".~1 . Not arrive (Olofin ) gave the dog s post to the buzzard when Ihe dog finally arrived olofin. everyone on eartb is disgusted by tbe cockroach and they are a1ways trying to kili tbem. paper that had tbe nome of this person written. brought before him in order lo give bim a Post. he asked for Ibis post and Since the dog had. there ingredient are pulverized. ( OparaIdo ) and tbe moster for eggun. tbe moster is give to eggun and tbe blood is allowed to faD from tbe client Penis to tbe ( teja tile ) tbe eggun. Tbis is where olofin ordered to have tbe dog. ---TIte person must the ebbo.¡. . '. they did lhe ebbo and they populated the earth.. then the general ingredient of the person whom is desire to returned. went lo see olofin about a position . tbis jicara is placed in front of elegua. tbe dog did not do ebbo and he woke up too early on tbe day tbat he was going lo Olofin palace on tbe way tbere. • .. which is the one That protects you both Afler the ebbo. Ibe person must do second ebbo so that people Won t kili bim or try destroyed' bim So tbat tbe person retum Place 7 pepper into the jicara.~. tben l moster.. tbe ache of.·í . tbe clieot will tben take an infucion oftbese herb every moming . tbe buzzard had woken up late tbat day. . . you have arrived too late and 1 have give your blessing to someone else Orunla instructed tbe Anai ( cockroaches ) to do to tbem now. r . OrunIa said to the mean.). honey ron.':. ( IROSO UMBE ) ~. to prosper. To attract for mean.: . ~ .·. so tbal tbey could populated the Earth. Said to bim. that problem of impotence hat you encounter wherever • you are Trying lo have intercourse is caused by an egguo called ebo mi oshe. . Ihen Orunla . !roso umbo mark impotence The perron will take a piece ofplant majagua. Take 2 egg of as lizard blood of stick caballero.: •.. and cut it to tbelengtb oflbis penis. you as must do ebbo so tbat you won t. .. ~ .. Ebbo I moster ( l isheri. and he a1so. he found a booe and began to eat il. " .nail real train) leogtb oftbe clieot s penis meal different fabric Eku ena epa.. tbem mean will touch the Cace of the desired woman . de carey. tbep tbe awo will take tbe plant and cook it witb cinnamons plant ( bejuco Garaño ) plant pica pica. f.\:. for eggun.:.-::: ¡.

be was nol prospering because elegua was eating aH ofthe ebbo. tranquiJ oil cacao. Tbe one lhal willlose. give rum hor. S ball !he llame. in each one aod other ingredienl. . !he rest the ingredienl. Ihe intestine oflhe (male goat) oflhe orunla are cooker wilh bol pepperlhen ñame Js placed 10 orumila. Ebbo and rogstion aod is no!.Page 285 of 864 # 281 CONTINUATION 1HI! IROSO 000 (IROSO UMBE ) To remove or send away Secds of pJant IIW1lvilla. then they are aH sewn up together this talisman placed into and Ñame then this is placed in úom ofObatala. Cbinese pepper 3 wbite onions Ihese ingrediem are plaoed lo oggun then 1 candle islit aod the person prays for remova1 ofthe desired person To domínate . rooster. filbrie yellow. He plaoed everything in from oflbe elegua Ihen bogan lo vomil aH of!he ebbo and rogation that orumila has made y 00 are baving difficulties because elegua is eating aH of your. wiU lose everything Tbere are 3 or 4 brother that are fighting for an inheritance y 00 do ebbo so that you can overcome your relative or your enemi. In lrus sigo is wbere !he wornan is a drunIcani and enjoys !he excesses of Iife. Slop drinking so that you can bolb enjoy Ibe blessing that life has for you botb... ( beads ) of osun puppet. Older person senior Cilizen you are bave a iIIness in your genital. .) in !bese types of Case. Ihe stomaeh or in you Head ifyour filthor or mother is dead. ifil says lo stop drinking lo avoid problem wilh your beaJtb. Man • wornan you are too jeaIous and you like lo figbl a 101 bave patience or else a tragedy couId befall yoo in your own home Tbe problem lhal bolh you aod your husband are having is that elegua is between bolh of You causing turbulence so that war can end. !he ebbo is plaoed in an jicara. a knife for Ibe eggun and wben be finish Ihe ebbo. Ebbo 1 mostee feather heo. y 00 sbouId aJways do lhing wilh Ihe orisba and void loo DlUsh interaction wilh stick or Thing that are of a dark eggun nature. coconul. bair !he person lO be dominated cdtton Cabrie red wbite llame 4 paper. as well as Ihe hens Everything is take lo n. A S" papee is prepared without any bair. and rogation so while orunla was staIVing. orumila did ebbo with beas. iIru Tbe person with this sigo mUS! plaoed an apele lo osbun Even Iboogb orunIa did ebbo and rogation .. elegua bad rus belly Full one day. with Ihe geoem ingredienl of!he person. elegua is aJways causing argumenl between yoo and your espoused. ( or people you know ) you a1ways in a figb! or struggles with someooe. 4 roo! !he piaD! atipola. aod this papee is plaoed in the cenler od !he other 4 the first 4 papee are sewn up with !he ( bair) 1 roo! ofthe pJant atiponla. so that he sbe can give yoo blessing Ibis eggun is prayed for you. aHowing Ihem lo reach olorun This sigo in a child . spesk ( abiku ) whieh musl be give ( hOI pepper. Used dressed. sor the person 10 be dominate<!. Tue gond care of elegua so Iha! a11 of your struggles can come lo and end. pepper.

. this persao does an ebbo be ohe. sign speak ofa swollen stomach or other swoUeo part oClbe body Womao tbere is a Calse pregnaocy or an extra uterioe pregnaocy You are probibited from haviog emply bottle in your borne cover them up Unle. !ROSO KALEKUNKOMIAWOEFIN ABE LALA LIl\J! MAKADA KUARI!RE IFA ONIBARANIREOUN AWO BAYEBI !FA KARI!RE AWO ABAVE BEIYE JKU IROSO KALEKUN AWO MAYABA JKU MAYABA JKU OBA KOLOYE AWO IBA KOLOYE KOYERE N1FA INLE AKAUARO ABEYEKU IROSO KALEKUN EFIA OBA KOLOYE IFA MAFEREFUN ORIlMILA SHANGO ATI ELEGUA EBO I ROOS'IEt 1WO HANDERCIIIEF RED WHI1E SKU llYA ANO REST 1lIE INOREDIENT EBO 1 ROOS'IEt 3 BLADDER 3 KNIFE. then do ao ebbo wilbl Cabrio white. Ibeo awo will. then say.. boro. and red I roaster. sbould 001 open the door lo his bome when somethiog knocks 00 i~ You ohould Do! use any clothiog thal is red . you from goiog out al nigh~ Caferefun elegua and Osaio TIte awo must be eareful tbat be does oot seo himself involved in 8 seandal involving himselt. 1 BOX USE DRESSED. ni. You eouId lose your bouse ni. for Ihe filSt time instead oCjust human being You must be carcful wilb stroog impressions or frighl. thal eouI eause you lo have a heart Altack. In Ibis sign a puppet oC olay is mod.Page 286 of 864 #282 IROSOOYEKU (IROSO MA'l1lLI!CUN) IROSO OYEKU IBA IKU OREO BAYEBI IKU UNLO BAYEBI JKU MOWANI OLORUN DAYEBI JKU JKU OLORUN SONO AWADA OBAVE IBEIYE AWADA OBAYEBEIYE JKU AWADO NOBAYEBEIYE IKU U!LEO AWADAOBAYEBEIYE ACAPAN GANGA ORUN NICI1I'E !FE UI!SI! AD!FAFUN QUEIU! TINCIIORE!RE ActrrA LEBO LORDAFUNORUNLA ESHUY OSAIN . nis sign prohibit. Whisper Ibe ilI Persan s oame in his cae . and siog . where iku began lO ea! animal. ANO REST1lIE EBBO nis sign signa! the death of an awo. i. MEAT.. Ibe awo will deao the persoo wilb I hens. this is where !he Shango ofliCe or change of head is . His apeterbi and his ahijado due to maJioious gnssip. You must feed you guardiao auge!.. then il is dressed wilb Ibe Cabrio ofthe persan lbeo this placed behiod the iII persan s door fur iku unlo For the persao. 1 fea!her. IROSO YEKU IROSO KALEKU KOMI AWO OFI ABE LALA BI!LB LIl\J! MAKU DAKUARERERE !FA ONIBARABARINEREOUN AWO BAYEBI !FA KERERE AWO OBAYA BEIYE IKU AKAKA GANOA ORUNNIKUIP KUI'O!FE YESA ADIFAFUN KERE TINSIIERE!RE OICUTA LODAFUN ORIlMILA ESHU OZAIN. Komawofia Ibe awo will Iben oleao Ibe olieot wilb !he be.

the awo will throw cascarrilla. ) 2 candle are lit lUId p1aced in eilher side oflhe awo before beginning !he Ebbo with Ihe awo s back lo !he hole. will stand up Ihe awo will caU Ihe (sombra oiiiji shadow) oflhe persao with this (prayed. which are disposed oflater. between Ihe opon and !he awo. after finish Ihe ebo. Ihe clieol .. res! !he ingredieot.) Ihe hole will have prior lo this I clay casserole with the ( atena differenl sign you mark inside !he cirele ) eggun and 9 small piece of coconul that have fal comjo. (apoli chair) puppet 1 young moster differeol fabric mush ache. bis guardiao augel mother lUId father lUId eggun must be fed an lamb or male lamb. and !he ara . After Ibis time. BALODE N1LEFUN. filbrie differenl color ron. be will elean bimselfwilh 9. Orunla Made with iku. then the ebbo is taken To it destination Nole tbis spoll is potenl for a period of 16 year. up with Fabrie white and take to the foot of a eeiba tree. 1 popper 00 eaeh one. the awo life may be exteoded by performing the followiog ritual Tbe hole will make by placing a pitchfork made from an stick guasima. then the ara is wrapped. inlo the hole wbile singiog. Tbe opon !he ifa Madera board ) separate from !he back of!he awo. Ebbo I youog rooster. finish. Deatb was pmbibiled from taking !hem in !he future. Ea! a Iku. Ibe awo. ofthe awo for whom this ritua1 is performed mus! be give two hens Ebbo 1 hens. Ihe awo will elean bimself wilh Ihe pigcon. pieces Ihe coconut. 2 e8Ddle.) mA IKU OREO YEBEIYE IKU UNLO Tbe awo will then recile the habitual prayers . N1LEFUN NAIRE BALODE N1LEFUN NAIRE BALODE NILEFUN Tbe hole is covered up and !he other hen black is give lo orunla.Page 287 of 864 #283 CONTlNlJATION TIIE !ROSO YEKU (OYEKU MAlELECIlN KULE KULE ASIlE ODUDUWA AFI! ASIlE DBYOWOFL Tbe awo must feed bis sign of ifa. then Ihe mej~ and (iroso oyeku ) after this has been performed the awo will sacrifice one oflhe hens. wben Ihe awo is finished. 2 coconut. Tbeo give Ihe blood lo Ihe ebbo. on Ihe (sombra shadow )ofthe ill person and il is thrown inlo Ihe (hole. Will give !he pigcoo t<i elegua. Tbeo pitehfork Must consecrated with. after Ihe ritual. Piece of plywood board. I pigcon. for the awo for wbom it is porformed. Tbis is wbere ilru ate Ihe children of Dlunla and due lo !he virtue of!he pact !hal. Before beginning !he ceremonies. In Ibis sign Ihe persao must rec:eive ( oduduwa ) Ihe ebbo yegada ( cbange ofhead ) is boro in this sigo. Tben the sigo. . .wbo has been covered wilh a. BALODE NILEFUN. 1 goat !hal has beeo dressed with the awo s own elothos that Goal is lake to lbe pitchfork and suffocated with a rope. until orun1a bimself Turned Ihem over lo ber. Ihere must be a (kutu bole.

used dressed. were beld responsible by olofio oC sending !he blessing that he liad 10 awo iroso matelekun. Meo havo gotteo me tired. AWADE ABAYE Ifa said orunla !he people say that yoo can overcome death. In Ibis path when the shadow is caIled. the sma1lest one .-e üved the awo. This bappened aH day.t Tben he killed !he hens bebind !he ( apoti easy chair. nol me. because what you have seen loday. and dealh will nol lOuch bim her bul death will touch someone in this person s borne or one ofthis person s enemies The lbing thal you have come lo inquire ahoul is nol a good lbing. ( Oba Koloyc ) who possessed !he greal power oCthe (ahadow ) 10 save th. )and the pmoo s shadow disappeared . Ibis is how awo iroso matelekun. who was caIled awo oba yebeiye iIru and Ibis secret involved the bens. gol Iook Cor olofin. Wh. AKUADA OBA YEBEIYE IKU) AKUADA OBA YEBElYE IKU) AKUADA ODA YEBEIYE IKU IKU 1ROO. profanity and screamiog. yeDing and screaming that could be heard on a daily basis ir¡. oC anyooe in that land . did an Ebbo with 1 rooster fabric. and when be saw ber he. !he awo will receive bis Moyuba Tbensing mA IKU OREO BAYElKU UNLO BAYEBEIKU IKU BALAYE BEIKU IKU OLOKUN BAYEBE IKU OLOKUNBAYEBEIKU. said. and Ibis was how OrunIa W8S able 10 overcome death The pmon with Ibis sigo could b. 10Sl blessiog oC olofin. an Abiku. each pmon that consecrated in the sec:rtt had 10 sil in a special chair ( apoti ) While the awo sang . aH Awo oba koloye liad 10 do W8S peñorm a secret ritual oC protectioo so that iku wouId nol be ahle lo seo them. Profanity. the. go look for oronla Iku retumed lo orunla s home and when he saw ber again. Not me go look Cor orunla.n orunla saw her he said. Iku weol lo look Cor olofin. And iIru gol tired and said these two. trap hair!he goa~ ground 4 comer from you house. so they decide 10 depo. al the poinl ofbeing complotely destroyed Ibis is Ihe reason why you are scared ..IKUOLORUN 0bataIa and elegua. Due lo !he coostaot ugumeols. believe then and wenl lO paya visil lo Orunla. Wheo 0bata1a and elegua anived at awo irosó matelelrun Home they beard aH manner oC ugument. orunIa th. were saying aboul orunla s power over her she. he said. by bis falher.. You are secret and are running from one place 10 another. Is no good lbing and your house i. Obatala and elegua Never retumed 10 that bome again. Iku returned lO the bome of 0106n and he said. do ebbo so thal yoo can repaid thal whicb has been destroyed. where W8S peace and tranquility. AKUADA ODA YEBElYE IKU ". that secret had been giveo 10 him. When iIru foond out wbal bis araye. nol me 1 am. the heme oC awo iroso matelekun • Prayer iroso matelekun IDA IKU OREO BAYEBEIKU UNLO BAYEBElKU IKU BALAYE BEIKU IKU OLORUN BAYEBElKU IKU OLORUN .Page 288 of 864 #284 CONTINUATION TIIE!ROSO OYEKUN ( IROSO MA'I1!LEKUN) In the Iand ofkoyereuiCa Olofio s blessing next door. Not me go look Cor olofio. lif.

and lomaloes in a New mend PO!' Mean 3 people are after you because of I woman. IFA LA PASA NI PAOTALE LOYU KOOOSU AnO NlYE OLODAFUN INTALE OGGUN MAFEREFUN SHANGO !ROSO NI DAVE NI BAUN NI TENSHE NI ALODAFUN AYO OMO ODDE MAFEREFUN SHANGO This penon oftbis sign is probibited from letting mosquÍloes bile him her because tbis penon is prone 10 getting malaria. you bave 2 woman. lake cace problem of Ibe blood.very people who help bim her This penon has a bead full of vain and idle ideas thst he she will never realizo. tbis sigo you need medica1 treatmenl in order lo be ahle lo bsve cbildren This penon has lo repress bim her feeling where he she live tbis is wby it is advisable lo Move. this persoo cant seem lo.ED NI DAUN NI TENOIE NI ALORDAFUN ALI. because tbis penon speak ill ofthe. you bsve 3 cbildren and I of Ibero is mulatto You muSl feed Ibe door and orunla. In tbis sign ofinstability.Page 289 of 864 #285 !ROSO IWORI !ROSO NI BALI. This penon has a beavy burden tbal tbis penon can no longer support This sigo death by accident on !he opeo sea. ifthe person is rieh. you are probibiled eating black heans lbis person sleeps in one situation. Because her death will prove fatal for you You have an inheritance that is overseas . Young woman you need medica1 treatrnenl in order lo be ahle lo bsve cbildren Mea you need to bring your wife foe a to read Ni cronla and to perfonned and ebbo so tbal ilru does nol take hec. Tltis sign signals that there is an extremely nervous or a crazy person in tbe family This penon has debts wilch muS! be resolved quickly Place Ibe following lo elegua I mend fish mixed logether wilb gofio. Woman Your health is an a very delicate stal. even thoughl you look fine The person is never satisfied and is uncornfortable in bis won home. live peacefully in bis own horne. Ibsl are very jealous of you. he wiIl wake up poor. This penon daes nol tbink before acting and places birnself in physica1s danger on a constanl basins and Ibis could coSl him bis life.E NI DAUN NI TENOIE NI ALODAFUN OYO OMO ODE OOIE ODlNIlLERE ADIFAFUN LOCOSO LALLU AKUKO LEDO ONSOQUERE !ROSO NI DALI. This sigo ofingral". and 8wakens in another. Ifthe poor he will wake up rich. ifthe penon is heallhy. he will waked up sick. Tbis persan is fond oftaking what daes nol helong lo bim Your anger could cause a cerebral hemorrhage.E OlMO ARDE . Iftbis penon acquires a rever. and tbis pushes bim lO leave Ihe horne Tbis ifa is marked by momenl of craziness. tbis penon needs lo do ebbo . he mUS! see a medical doctor immediately.. and in order 10 acbieve tbis. You bsve Slomacb problems.

Tben obi miMo i. ofpalmiche ) lo agaIlu ands Shango. coronnt water is agsin give lo Ihe door house. with the 2 and hens be will say oparaldo lodo then obi omi tutu. much coro. on Ihe bottom. ojuaoo abe. housc. give to door house. penan is adrift in lífe t>co:ausc ofthc advcrsitics that be sbe has gone through You Mus! use hoth your rigbt hand and your left hand in order 10 govcrn your home lbi. IOgether with Ibe nail they will all be unbebolo. Don T belp anynne. Ibe trunb ofthe 1n:eS used werc Bumed with bole into thcm. lbis is whcrc Ibe camero and the Dockers. But Ibis timo. as Ibe pcrson return bome he she wil~ blow ron and spread. In Ibis sigo ( Agallu ) eats wilb ( Orichanko ) and blood is givcn lo thc ( baculo of Agallu Thcn the person wiU carry it wilb thcm and Ibis will serve as a protcction charm Ebbo 1 rooster 1 puppct 1 bow 1 arrow . fuather guine and pigeon. Oparaldo 1 hens Ibe ritual fabric and the other ingredient. You could be oponed up wilb a knife and hens. Beware wben you . One <lays a child wanted 10 aoss Ibe occan and ( Agallu ) obliged wilhoul evcr asking thc childrcn o name On the wayo across Agallu Thst thc hoat started 10 gel heavier and heavier. crossing the ocean. everytbing is wrapped logether and take 10 housc iku and left on a Grave Ihe person will Iben lighl an candle on Ibe grave. black with the 1 hems Ibe awo will say. Placed banana of guinea to Shango Agallu eats with oduduwa. Placc buncb.. sacrificed so that somcone elsc can live.. wben men oonstrucled c:anoes. and will then bathe wilb omiero lbal was prepared beforehand after Ibe bsth. is wbcrc the fiumcr planet a differenl speeies of palm tree and wben it grcw it devcloped tborns and not evcn he could rcsp Ibe fiuit ofthat trec. and wbile doing Ibis he she must prcIcnd 10 Ibe drunk.Page 290 of 864 #286 CONTINUATION 11IE IROSO IWORI In Ibe beginning. Ibe bcst thing lo do is leave you alone.. t>co:a"se a situation could 0CQIt wherc you could be. oparado. due lo illnessorbecausc you will be occidental opened during an ahortion. Thc penan enter. Note Ibe bow arrow and crown sbould be small cnough so lbat. T coro is given to the interested party 10 spread from Ihe plaza to bis bome. Oparaldo wben finish. are boro. Oparaldo performe wilb the 2 hens. on thc Cabric black the foUowing sigo are placcd. and rest Ibe ingredient . odi fumbo Okana oyeku. Woman. and all oflbe son ( Agallu ) should rcccive oduuduwa so lbat thcy wont t become bald. lbi.( 3 naillineas trsin track. rooster fur elegua ask ( AgaUu ) for eat . il is given from witbin thc home . Ebbo 1 rooster. . okana oyeku. is given 10 Ibe . coro on the way back. candle is lit Iben thc.. the stronger mcn threw Ibe weaker men Ovcrboord in order 10 save thcmsclvcs. And wbcn Ibese c:anoes werc used out in Ibe opon oceans thcy wouId start 10 fil1 wilh water Ibis ocaured. and is heated until red Fabric white. becausc thcy wiU DO! apprecialed anything you do for tbeiÍl In Ibis sigo (AgaUu) was the local boatman. until be finaUy reacbed Ibe other side You have a heavy load on you shoulders that will be vcry difticult 10 remover Woman you argue too much with ynur hushand and wben you gel angry. ( irete wori ) ogunda ofun otura nico. wbich wiU be taken lo Ibe river.

with woman with money. becan . One or fiiend js going 10 s1eep with your husband lo try and take him away from you. a shoes or a pait of Underwear . alréady separated After both of you have separated. Iike a pjece oC jewelry a bel!. because oC envy.. lo you.. fiiend me js a whore. Be careful that your spouse does I wanl 10 kili yoo with a kniCe or a gun becan . The constanl fighting with your spouse. have given rise 10 yoo s1eepjng with other people Woman you are going 10 gel involved with a white roan. bul be careful that he does I have sex with you then leave you. Be careful you don I drown In !bis sjgn the person usually a child oC Shango or Oshun . which someaue has stolen from you in order lo do wilchcraft.Page 291 of 864 #287 CONTINUATION TIIE IROSO IWOR! In !bis sjgn !he person is closes 10 becoming crazy You are constantly al war with your spouse and neither one ofyou js respectjng each Otber You bome is upside down You are going lo separaled js yoo and your spouse don I Ebbo or yoo in. and sbe wants you lo a1so become. oue of you is going 10 look for the other Woman separated yourselffrom your. Yoo don'l s1eep weU nighl. you have a chiJd with someone else If you have lo aoss !he ses. your mind is constantly thinking od a11 the problem thatyoo have Ifa osorbo you have 1081 a personal item.

3 Arayes that are causing you a 101 of problem. take care oflbis child because he she is Ibe key lo your happiness. take the (Guabina dried) is cut in half and Ibe tail section Is pulverized and mixed with the ( Ache ) is give lo the persan lo bloWD. Ihe person will Ihen take sorne ofthe. The sign ofthe awo di muSl üve in Ibe waler. banana are for Shango. Jt is possible lhal the penon for whom Ibis sign is see. Midgets with eolarge head and wilh bony arm and leg This ifa islllllrl<ed by people treating other people with falseoess You muS! be carefuI where you Slep or waIk.ERE ASUPUKA OSUKUERE ORUMILA ASUKUERE AWO . lbe penoD have 3 secret. Ache with his middle tinger and make a mark from his dust. onlo door for 8 Consecutive moming and pray for the unity ofthe family. Acondmplasia is bom iD Ibis sigo. lo the back ofhis head Ibe. wben Ibis penon Is sweet Iike aImood and other times WbeD Ibis penoD is bitter Iike the eedar tree The penoD mus! pray lo orunla and place aImond eandie. Never apeo or unwrap any charm that you own or have in your possession You are gaing lo have children lhat will be called Fortune. you musl do ebbo iD order lo overcome them.El'" umo 1LAMI EGUE FAE. ( tish dried guabina) planl pata gallina. i. pigeon banana and res! the ingredient. is an orphan or lost his her mother and was raised by mother woman. and you will have Ibis child with a morally liberal woman. lo you bead. This sign speak oflbe cedar tree and Ibe aImood tree.Page 292 of 864 #288 IROSOORDY IRDSO DI AlLALLU CORO ADIFAFUN ELLA ElI. he Iben placed him in a box Threw him cut lo sea and drowned him. the sign of Ibe good and Ibe bad This is where one brother wrapped and Slone with plan!. In Ibis sign oflhe coUector ofthe herb 1m! is where the woman the actions afilie man. Ebbo I rooster. Ibere are time. levantale..> lbe awo mus! feed orumila two heos black This ifa prohibil going out into the street wilb anolber penoD This penoD will escape the traps ofthe &raye. the rooster for e1egua. lo bim The one that leave for Ibe city does not come back. The ebbo is take lo Ibe foot of a palm tree. Thi. JuSI lílce a pair ofbands cannol can I each A fisb in the river or in Ibe ocean. love is bom this sign . A Iittle bil oflbis (Ashe) is place at the entrance ofthe horne so lhal everyone Can step OD il . agbure. and wben his hrolher was I Looking be threw it al him and knocked him unconscious. AYALU KORO ADIFAFUN EJAFAE IROSODI AYALUKORDADIFAFUN AYAEYELEumoYAMlIGI FAEL SlJU. specially member ofyou famil)" An ishe osain is prepared with plant of oruola. You mus! fulfill Ihe wishes of obatala You muSl clean Ibe house and change the Iinen of your bed You cannol guaranlee anyone s loan. neitber will your enemies trap you You mus! give 2 ftesh fisb.

was angered by tbis and began lo mistreat Eintosbe. opposed lo having his daugbter receive her religioos attribuled and he Unknowing caused ber unhappiness in Iife Don 't t walk: or jump over hole or hose so that you don t acquire sexual impotence E1egua unyolo tbis elegua is Ibe mass of cemenl secret. orunla did an rider. so you should nol climb stair or higb places where a fainling spell can cause your death The falher i. it aIso became iD and died mandulasin became the laugbing stock ofthe lown and be promply disowned and senl ber lo live far away Sbe bogan lo develop heallb problem and remarried anolber man lhal mistrealed her and ohe left him as well. or clse her marital. take her rigblful place as Queen In tbis sigo because oflhe falher s incredulily. You have many enemies lhal wanl lo kili you bul they will nol be able lo harm you You suffer from fainting spells. and Ibe mOlher of out future child. when Ibeir child was bom . their child was bom nine month later. responded if you.he will Many a man that is wortby ofher a prince. Caonol prove what you have said . where ifa said your daugbler. Thereafter. Ihe child was bom heahhy and since. bul the child ilI and died. who is may wife. Eintoshe. a prince bogan lo oowt Eintoshe and they soon married. Don I use clothes with square designs Rogation Ibe head. king mandulain . wilb fresh fish snapper. the king i. several month passed and . they separaled soon afterwsrd . 11 will mean our Iife. anolber mean. She is your daugbler Einloshe. mandulain was olel. married Ibe king • daugbler bul lo everyone S surprise. tbis woman wilb you lhal io so tbin and deteriorated. Tho Child lhat io going lo be Ibe cause of your happiness mandulain.Page 293 of 864 #289 CONTINUATION nm lRaso 001 Woman you are more decisive Iban your busband and you Iike lo be in coDUoL you have had more Iban one bushand and you left them because they mistreated you King and bis daugJrter Eintosbe OnmIa Iold king mandulain that hi daugbler einlosbe had lo marry an" awo ~ lhal she couId have marital stability the king responded. became pregnanl. tbis is where 0runIa found her and he asked aboul her father. mandulain saiel. OnmIa said. Iife will be a disaster. orunla saiel. They were soon married and sbortly. My child will nol receive her (lkofa) and sbe will marry a prince Shortly thereafter.She answered il • been Several years since 1 ve heard anything about him.¡ througb many difficull problem Do whal says so that you can have prosperily. Wúl have heallh and long life. . the prince . and decide lo leave civilizalion in favor oflbe wood . Ibey both returned lo king mandulain s castle and when he saw Ibem both. he turned over his kingdom lo orunla unlil Ibe child was old enougb lo. Sbe soon <lave up aII bope ofhaving a stable relatiooship and began lo prostitute herselfOn day she grew tired of tbis lifestyles. My daugbter is a princess and . you daugJrter must obeyawo marry ifa and then with an awo. She began lo recounl her sto!)' and as she did orunla began lO feel bolb pity and love for her. Ihe daugbler" does nol receive her religion Artribuled of tbis religions and she ends up goin. Angered by his Word.

1 small drum. This ifa blessing of money ( ire owo ) Kaferefun obata\. new casserole off. persan and bebind Ibe persan an following Ibe sigo. horo of an goal. Afterward everything is talce lo ile iku and buried Tue Fried fish ( gofio) and lomato.OSO ORDI This persan cries because he she. Do ebbo wilb Ibe bracelets oflbe Ohata\a. Wilh Sbango 2 roosler. and it is give immediately lo osun In Ibis sigo !he woman has a eggun lbal has sexual relation witb her Bl!d does nol 101 her Have. whieh is lo give I pigeon 10 Ibe knife. yomao. 1 pigeoo. blood must not be forgotten 1 blood!he bird. Ibe awo must talce care oflbis osain. Iben Ibis is placed in franl ofobatala for 16 days When!he awo oflbis sigo goes 10 have bis osain prepared. On Ibe 2 end Frid. elesn and give lo oggun And rogation lhe head two pigcon wbile. and rnske Oparaldo 1 young rooster. y. honey ron and Ihe resl Ibe ebbo. when you sacrifico Ihe pigcon loueh Ihe ·head !he persan and oggun. f. Even Ibough she may have money and a good posilion lO lo stop Ibis !he blood of pigeoo. marital stahility. during Ibe consecration oflbe osain Oflbis sigo.. Ibe knife is then wrapped wilb 161esves ofplant ceiba. !he . different food differenl beads ground 4 comer. Ibis osain muS! have. Note ceremony for rogation Is sesled .yo. you ask lo ochun whal she wanl The elegua the sign is especial ingredient • . bul without doing.wo must sing . must give in Ibe middle oflbe doorways lo Ibe persan s bedroom Ebbo I rooster.101 lo osain Shango is give whatever he asks for. Ibe . are aIIowed lo drip fram !he woman s breast down lo her vaginal Ares !he woman willlesve her panties 00. Ihe drum ask Shango wanl. Note !he awo must kotobo knife.what he wanl lo esl. stiek parsmi. 10 ( yew. place il in .anythin¡u!¡is Per&On will havo .brie red. and Ibis esl.U that !hey desire. ) Iben talce Ibis offer 10 iku. has money or work. for 3 Fridays. straighl. Ibese.y. and eggun This ebbo is done witb rooster.wo will ask osain. Feed you house door.Page 294 of 864 #290 CONTINUATION mE m.

wilb bis new bracelets and he Was eured sbortly tbereafter This sigo says that Ibere wiU alwoys be someone Ibal will know yoor true inlenlion and reason for you doing what yoo do Be careful you have one foot in jail and Ibe olber in Ihe bospital Avoid being arrogan! and getting involved in even! thaI can turn tragie Use !he bracelet ofObotala. !he blessing that be has fur yon. for an ( lo read ) and Ibis sign was seco. This person is spokcn 01. This penan with Ibis sigo is give Ibe bud o ( Cuba yarn ) so thaI he sbe can carry it unlil il Dries. in your life. in many places Mean.Page 295 of 864 # 291 IROSO OJUANI ANABOROONUOCHOADIFAFUNORULOILOElU!I.EONIEOODUNDUNEBEFUOGUO ONABORO ONAODOADIFAFUNORUWYEIFANlKAFEREFUNl!SHUWRDAFUNSHANGO MAPEREfUN IYAWDB IROSO OJUANI ANABOROONA ODO ADIFAFUN ORU WYO BYBLE ONl OKO DUN AKUKO J!LBJBO BWBFA J!LBJBO KAFEREFUN ALBGUA LARDAFUN SHANGO Bcware of arrogance and blood rusbing lo your hcar or _ ofyour moulb y 00 must give lo degua together with elegua y 00 must be very c:arefuI in place wbere wbere there are fue lbis penaD must do 2 Ebbo. be found a yam within Ibe ashe and said. The padrinio oflbis sigo muS! show bis ahijado how lo work Ibe religion carrectly so lhal They can be canten! with bim. Obalala was sick and wen! lo orunlo lo do ebbo. retum lo you bome and cbange inlo!he c1othes. be<:ause !hey will create a tragedy. one for!he bouse and !he other fur Ibe stteet Tbere are buried valuable thaI you are going lo find Pul on some clothinS Ibal is at1ention setting and So lo wbere there are o 101 of people. Don so !he place thaI yoo frequent. weU al Ieast 1 have sometbing lo Ea! wben he art Ibe yam. Ibis is bow Ibe blacksmilh was ahle lo do ebbo. wben !he black smilb wenl lo Gel bis furget. In Ibis sigo Ibe person muS! adore eggnn elegua aod Sbango There once was • blacksmith that oomplained of bis misfortune aod property. in halfhe found o 101 ofmoney. you should be carefuJ with !he women around you. so thaI Obalalo can see yoo and give yOll. pay bis debta and prosper. The person muS! adore Sbango. The next day. where orunla said lo bim in Order lo prosper. One day He went lo orunJa. !hem Ibis bud is give lo !he awo so Ibal he can prepare in talisman wilb it for Ibis Persoo. tbeu. yoo must do ebbo. Careful wilb givins someone a hand helping someone . . This is ao ifa of musiciao This is where OrunIo bad lo lcave asio be<:ause no one would stop doing opium and dedi<:ated Ibemselves lO ifa. because ha bad no Móney for ingredient necessary for !he ebbo. Ibe blocksmith ·became depresSed.

Woman anolber woman wantS lo take your busband away &om you with. thls mUS! he done for Iife Tbis person is a ( twin) and!he brolher is dead. Ibe country a 101. wbich for mean. so that he couId win lhe war against bis eoemies. or orihas must a1so play and sing for orunIa Tbis siga speaIc of a situalion witb an egguo. pay her because she is upset with you. so what you don'llose your good fununes Be careful of someone lbal is hetraying yoo hehind your back In t1ús siga Shango and orunla made pact. OrunIa bad a 101 of enemies and he did and ebbo wilb I moster. Tben t1ús person mus! attend lo thls eggun in !he way lbal t1ús eggun or ifa determine. Do ebbo so that your busband does 00 llay in Ibe country With that other woman. don 1 you seo lbatall of your business is in obamble and your life in umaveling Pul on!he necldace oflbe yema. Woman you owe a promise lo yernaya. Tbat is tbe eggun lbal is causing bim her . agreeing lo sbate tbe (J!nm¡) of orisba and ifa Tbis is reason wby all oftbe drum.Page 296 of 864 #292 CONTINUAlRION 11IE !ROSO OlUAN! Careful with giving someone a hand helpinB somoone lfiI osorbo there a woman that is in love wilb ber busband and . wbo envied bim because ofbi. remover woman from bis side foro a woman this eggun remover men from her side. In order lo make bim llay borne and stop attend !he other woman that be has out 00. The 8WO must perform an Oparaldo for t1ús persoo. lfiI says yes then il is perfonne exactly !he was oruola Indicaled if ifa says nOl. of oeba . problem and in t1ús case lbal eggun must he attended lo . he immediately gave Ibe moster lo Osun. in t1ús case ohe Is!he one that travel a lot inlo!he countty.he wanllo tie down WIIb oggun. because your busband travel.a • of ogSU!l !he ideCa of orunla so that your enemies wont 1 overcorne you. !he street.. good fortuned Do ebbo and give an moster lo Osun sot that yoo can a1ways overcome yoilr enemies Don no figbt your espouse.

wbo trealed ber with respect and offered ber a suinptuous mes).. wiIJ present bimselftbat is going lo force HimseIt.. couId steal everything tbat yoo bave be careful tbat lOme man does I want. . the tablero.• Woman be careful with your money. A man. Ibe birds anived and began lo eat the fiuit ofthe tree. be saw everything tbat bad happened lo her and he quicldy fed mountain.Sbe $OOD come To Ibe bome oflbe pigenn. anived at her borne.Page 297 of 864 #293 CONI'INUATION 11IE moas OlUANI (OlUANlIlERMOSO ) . !hey did nol do Ibe ebbo And shortly thereafter. !hen started To dishurse Ibe inkin tbat!hey oouId nol eat. She left Ibe borne oflbe (shamjco l and retumed lo OIunla s home she passed Ibe home. wben orunla did and read. when an pigeon landed on . Ibe BAL !hen carne and tablero !he remaining ikin Tbc child bave becn disburse throughout the world and many of !hem will die 18r away From your tbis sigo speak of a woman tbat had ber child stolen or taken away from her ORounla has performing an ebho wilh ashe and osun naburu . in OIder lo bave you 0runIa gave pennission lo bis woman lo travel and visit various place. and from tbat day. Tbis where awo OIere!rois olorun korun saw this ifa for!he ikin tree and said lo Tbem you a11 must do Ebbo so tbat your child are no stolen. An old man is going lo curse you for not respecting bis wife. lo do a Iove ( bindiug """!Te l. !he pigeoD s fee! tumed !he color of!he ashe. this sigo into !he board this is how orunla saw the trap tbat His enemies were setting for him. on yoo this man. and orunla blessed the pigeon. Tbc next days orunla woman left the pigenn s borne and traveled lo the borne of!he Sbamjlro } who upon seeing bcautifuI secretly tbrew ( dust l ogu OD her 10 tbal he oouId bave her Ibe next. day. forward orunIa stopped eating pigeon. oflbe pigeon.. and scratched. curse Ibe sbamiko .

by death due 10 poisoniog In Ibis sigo speaks oftragedies due 10 "".serole muS! be buried in Ibe wood for (6 day. muS! place an (baod oflbe ifa) and opele inside Ibe batea of Sbaogo.Page 298 of 864 #294 IROSO 0IlARA (moso OAN ) AGUITI POGUE 0<lU0 EBANA ADIFAFUN OLOIFIN PI 1 mE ADJE LEBO AKI11 FOGUE AWO mANA ADIFAFUN OLOFIN moso IFA ADIFUN ABATI LOFO (ORE mOSOOBARA mosoGAN OI'E KURIFIWUO ILU AnO LODIFAKOLARA OSMA WONl AYU RAM( OMA FE NI ODDUN NI AMA BASIIE KUPA EURB LEBO I!IELOGUN OWo LEBO ALRA KORUBO AKUSIN MAYIYA KOWO LOBO N1NON SINS( BEYI ALARA BERE SlDSIIE TODI BERESINI LOWO LORIFA OMINA In Ibis sigo boro 4 colWllll& of osun< The oggnn is in !be kitchen .man" or wandering Your are probibi!ed from using black clolbes The perse. Ibis perse. . has!bem. Never le! anyone lmow where you are goiog Ibis sigo make. Ibis person has a lifeloog obligation lo spiritually. water flower. muS! give Ibem oft'ering and bave partíes io Ibis bonor Ifperson is an úWin ) and !be twin is dead. ground 4 comer from you house. Ibis is done so Iba! !be persen does I bave too many problem in life. muS! be concentrated al !be fOO! of i1iI. that abuse !be woman is an enemy of orunIa In Ibis sigo. COIton. And so lbat Ibis eggun can help Ibis perseo Tbe awo son !be Sbaogo. filbric dift'erent color and reS! the ebho . Iben is placed inside witb Sbaogo and it will eat everytbiog Iba! Shango will eat In Ibis sigo !be casserole oflbe osain muS! bave a bead oflbe eku. attend that dead twin. whicb symbolize ofa spirit ofOsain lbat ca. ( trap. Ebo I rooster. !be perseo muS! receive !be ( OOn ) and if bnbe. that band orunIa. used clotbes.

nol accept Ibe woman ohe want lo take r~ Ibe woman Ibe orunla lock 10 orunla sbe wanl 10 go visilor dift'erent house friendly. abe say want 10 go in out <JOUDIry... because can run !he blood. orunla says yoo go it you go. and less wilb you wife. .. abe was lo ready. ifa say nol ea! pigeon go guine cared for with wbat eats.. . and abandonmenl 10 !he espouse. ifa say you nol drink alcohoL !he woman itself was. says that itself move away of Ibe discussions.Page 299 of 864 #295 CONTINUATION TIIE IROSO OBARA (IROSO GAN) when Ibe dies!he bu! young fall lo its arededor says that itselftake cace ofwalk wilb woman agene that it can bring problems says that yoo pipe a sound eviL mo'(C from wbere üves. because want it to poison .

the awo must the animals it will eat before closios. CarefuI with being aliaid and timid. because when they fall in. t love. Tms perroo has two lover and ooe of them place thins. dry theo pulverize them. will throw Her husband out oftbe house. just to see someone else blind Givobi mituto to Shango and ask him. 3 feather 3 root plant atiponla prodigiosa. Love advice and wiU do anything to be with thst suitor this sign marked by accideot out 00 the street. this could cause You lose your self Tms is where cancer ofthe breast is bom . The house is full ofbandit or people engaged. Then the awo will feed the talismao those tbe animals take out the ¡ntestines . .A ORIlMILA AKlPA NITON TONYO NI LELE FA ODOFA ONIBARABARAN1REGUN . The perroo hss oot been able lo marry the per>OD thst he sbe tru1y lover Tbis is where the dallgbters ofthe paren! scoff at their vigilance.s door so that this persoo s home will faU aport There is something buried at the entrance oC tbis person s horne or in the garden so that this. then place this inside the talisman and sew up . persan wont t prosper. tools or weapoo of people that have died io order To avoid haviog these egguo foUow you and cause you problem. fabric different color. thst is a force lo marry a man thst she does. lo be revealed. get into iku afete the perroD. io immoral or mega! activities. There is someooe thst is wiUing to pluck out his eye. The woman. shell egg the hens. pepper. she hss multiples relationship and this secret is going . thst you member ofthe family will constantly. You sbould beware oflove problem thst come by way ofyour lover family these farnily Member could gang up 00 you and cause you problem 1ñis sigo prohibíts building a house foc someone else oc living in someone else s horne You are prohibited from storing clotbes. Be careful with fue io the home tha! could destroy your house TmS youog woman is not a virgiD. ohí cola osun com metal bronze copper. and pigeon. IROSO KALU KUKU\'E KUKU ADIFAFUN MALADE T1NAYAKA ORIlMILA OBANIREGUN Tms is wherethe removal ofthe san from the head ofthealawo is bom Tbis sign is the temeranous perseo. There are time wbeo you enter a stBte of semi uoconseious' s where your are neither fully awake or asleep and you try lo speak but are unable to do so for that period of time. what he would like in order to resolve tbe person problem. thiog st the foot ofthis persoo .Page 300 of 864 #296 IROOS OKANA (IROSO KALU) BOKALA OYAKA ROWIMAN ADIFAFUN 000 AKUKO ADJE Aro META OOOOWO LA MUO CUCUIE CUCU ADIFAFUN MALADE TICHAILA ORUNLA AKUKO OUNKO ADJE EBO KUK\JI'E KUKU ADIFAFUN MALADE T1NSHAU.

Ibe awo will wash bis face wbile Ibe ceremony is. You wife has left you or you have abandoned her. heing performed with Ibe zamhumbia of the casserole nole the is araye is an eggun. because Ihey can endanger your life you had a had dream beware lhal il does to come true. into different colored filbric.Page 301 of 864 #297 CONllNUATION 1HE IROOS OBARA ( IROSO KALU ) Take one casserole elay and placed several differenl kind. Ibon placed Tbia inside oflbe casserole. . instead ofthe name. that your hear is greal and that you are. DI Ibe lWO can simply as ifa if be can perform an opara1do Olololam 1 rooster so what he could become Ibe head ofthe riven Ifa say what you are a ehild of ololam or of Shango. Because lhal gassip could endanger your lífe Vou want to get together with a woman arder to rea1ize a vengeanc~ • beware that yau are no!. the one lhal Ihrust inlo turmoil. You are going lo hear about a death lhal was caused by poisOJúng Shango is angry oshun is puslúng you lo do sometbing bad . because someone can set a trap foe yau. if you have Shango. Move from tbe place that you live in arder to avoid the gossip that is constantly acound you. Be careful wilh le11ing people when you are traveling lo Ibe country side. don'l do il and take care of Shango oshun. time. then feed bim so he can help you. penonal ítem oflbe araye. you have many enemíes Do ebbo so lhal you can have Ibe same strength of Shango . will suddenly. elean your Oshun and give lúm pigeon. ) are Ibe one that don I want you lo ea! the blood oftbis apeU for I periad of 4 monn cyele. reappear Give lo orun1a 1 fresh fish snapper. Place seeds of p1ant maravilla place oggun next lo the casserole give I pigeon lo Ibe casserole taking care nol spill any drops oDIO oggun . A penon lhal has becn oul ofyour tife for a long time. avoid gossip lhal somehow always manager lo reaeh you. Ibe awo mus! burn incense in Ibe home made of dried root of p1ant maravilla. IROSO !FA AD!FAFUN ABADI LOFO IGRE Be careful wilh olher wnman lhal you have sex with. mean! lo gavem and lead in tbis sigo. feet ofthe pigeon before doing an ebbo Ibe pigeon is tied by il s wing AKI11 FOGUE AWO EVANA AD!FAFUN OLOFIN EYELE LEBO 1ELE lPA OLA ADIEEYELE. the awo will simply place Ibe differenl colored filbrie into Ibe casserole. !he awp will then say lo oggun (name the araye. This sign is boro the reason why the aWQ never ties. al same name.of drinking inside write Ibe name and place any.if you don I have Shango crowned do il as saon as possible.

thsl people bring for Iheir ebbo because he willlose bis ashe. you have fallen inlo drunkenness and debauehery . before you drank run ands you were awake. but Shango always overcame those Enemies and Ii!tle by Iittle he acquired Ihe same prestige of osun . because this will only cause Ihe destruction ofyour home Be careful wilh Shepe Have failh in orunla he will save you ffil says thsl Ihe awo does nol drink Ihe run. after Ibis Ihey carne Together 10 6ghl Ihe battle in unison . whieh is why you have los! your prestige and ashe Respect !he female elienl thsl go lo your home for spiril help To make demand upon you because he known thsl he was Ihe only one lhal W8S able lo help you defeat. bul sinee you slarted lo drink Ihe run. thst for rituals use. me You mus! quiekly give I pigeon lo osun. ask Shango for food Be caeeful with whom you do business you could end up Ihe slave of your parenl This is where Shango was poor and he joined the arrny of osun became envious Ofhim and sent him 00 the most dangerous mission.Page 302 of 864 #298 CONTINUATION TIIE IROSO OBARA (IROSO KALU) Avoid having an affair with someone too clase to you home.

tIús gets resolved al Ihe fool of oggun This sigo speak of entangJement in !he person s business lbe awo!he sigo ifa should have 5 silver doUars in cash hand oftIús sigo lbe awo tIús sigo. then 1 bottle oC run ¡s placed in from of him trus is so. he lef olokun. CAMAFOREaIl!miAADIFAFUNOOGUNI AKUKOEFUNEWETIm! ANIOTO GlJELlIDE OMJFE ADIFAFUN OONGO CUNAPOLO UMBATI LOUDLE EYELE LEDO KOFOREFO ERAN KONAFORESIIE ONA ADIPAFUN OOGUN MAFEREFUN SIIANGO MAFEREFUNOLOKUN . eran . Canool ritually hand over oggun lO bim her!he. and receive a prenda Nganga ofzarabanda ) This sigo !he person must rogation wbile walking around Ihe room. alamo tree .Page 303 of 864 #299 IROSO OOUNDA (IROSO TORDA) CAFERE ARAOO. Place a coconul and a candle lo eggun . iche time he gives an rooster lO elegua will talce 3 fealher from Ihe laiJ Leave Ihem on 10p of elegua for 3 days. person must pick oggun up with bis her own hands 2 beos are give orunla. withoul definilion tIús js why sorne say lbal olokun js a man and other say lbal olokun is a woman. lbal are trying lo hurry you on lo the nexl world the person must Ihen do ebbo with Ihese hens and the leaves lha! faIl from th. This sigo instructs. He will replace Ihe sigo. lbe awo lhe padrinio. and in realily.ia where the person stays in mental stasis or a stated where the person s memory fails ( Alzheimcr )diseases. You must avoid the excessive consumptions oC alcoholic beverage. Ihe sudden dealh This js where dealh by cardiac arreS! is bom This person nwst ge! opera1ed 00. !he enernies. because when you are under. Affitibo dead unexpected ) js bom in !bis sigo. To overcome difficuJlies !he person sleeps with a ( fila cap red ) You must reinforce oggun because be is missing severaI pieces. Tbal rogalion is with blood. no one Knows for sure ir olokun is male or fema1e. IROSO TORDA OBATALA MOYAWENI AIYEGBOOBOORISHA BWUYlARAOKUN OKUN OLOKUN OLOGUE ORE OSIIA YANYA AGUEMA OKUA NI INA ODENU EN! OLOKUN ABAKUA OBATALA LODAFUN OSHA ODONU KAFI!REFUN SllANGO EBBO NI YlSHETA OGUNDA FOROSILE ORUNMILA AUN FEKUN SllEWO SHOWO UNBATI KAWOFA KI EBBO PI K1EBOADA When !he awo <loes not know Ihe prayer ofllie sigo (Ioyale ) otr Ihe witnesses of an read and he must do an ebbo. and whcre Ihe watches cease lo function This person wil1 die hccause of a heart related ilIness. of a person wilh tIús sigo. you speak very hurtful or cutting word lo people When olordumare crealed the earth. This is where the grape harv~st is " bom This. tIús person lo do the ( Byamiento ) of paJo.. out Ihem when Ihe awo has Difficullies. Ihen malee dust. s prayer with !bis prayer This js where !he bulle! inside lhe gun begin lo ge! rusted and !he gun faiJs lo fue This js where time stop. 11lat you can overeame. he wil1 blow sorne frnm bis hand In tIús sign an eggun has give a message and it musl no! he forgotteo. lbe infIuence of Ihe Ihese.

olokuD !he awo. lo oggun . Beware ofbeiog pushed Overhoard. or orisha !hat come to your horneo on1y come to take your Persan away from you.tire world and he liad. OhataIa instructed. Ibey had performed ebbo.. o feaIher!he taiI of en rooster. beca" . IWERELENI LEBO SIWAYII. Identity and you will be blamed for it. occurred when !hey were living in The home Ihe Obatalo asked!he rshbit whal reason was for all ·oflh. fur poliee les 80. 10 oggun and also Sbango • then !he ... and place them 10 (0l'lI ) in Ibis siga olokuD performed a rogation on!he bead. They did as. when olokuD saw Ihem . a situation iovolving a Mistaken. 3 diff«eDl mea!. You C8DDOI do mvor for peopl. Ibis i. EU!BO IWERE LENlEU!BO ILI!WETA EU!BO IWERE LENI EU!BO . Place swce! wine lo orunIa end oshu. lo fish in Ihe ocean beca" . Because he knew that this childreo needed !he earth in order 10 live. Tak.Iegua for 3 days Ihon tum it ioto dust. You are apeaking 10 a dead person Ibal was walking here on earth Th. what dnes Oggun ea!.( And plan! ewe lete) place them on . Ibis sign. he wenl 10 inform oruolo bul he said lhere is nolbing 1 cant do because Ihey already did Ibeir ebbo. Ibis is wbere en oyanbeko ( dos. Obatala asked. Ibis was bow 01060 s mness was cured OrunIa says that he will figbl!he iojuslice in your life. as weIJ. involving o !heft. one was from Ihe sky and Ihe other from Ihe earth afier Conversing for a great while each one wenl Ibeir separale wayo. ObataIa also onlered !he children of orunla.. and dog. tak. can be killed in !he bome of!he awo for o . because Ibis is here olokuD Wanted lo dominated !he . of oggun wilb 7 ditrerenl type of drink you should no! eat mea!. This is where Ihe war hetween !he dos. !he rshbit responded it • oggun we must placed hilD.. An event will occur around you. disorder in his Rouse. !bey wiU nol appreciated il.INU WOSORA OBA INU WOSARA OTO INU WOSARA EBBO Temper your responses lo Ihe people. must be recovered wilh a fishing nel. Do Ebbo wilh 3 types ofbeans . somo powdered coro and place it in !he comerofyou bome Take 3 feather!he rooster. The 8WO. type of ere 1 Imifio owo. but Obatala dissented. Rooster young rooster.Page 304 of 864 #300 CONI1NUATIONmE IROSOOOUNDA (IROOS TORDA) .. Two awo found eaeh other. and tiser ) giv. because you couId ótfend tbose around you Take are that you are no! cursed by en older persa•. and accident. OloIrun wanted 10 becometbe owner lhe owner of all Ibe Iand 00 eartb. 0106n was sick and orunla performe an ebbo wilh ( 1 doS small )and he gave it lo Ogguu. No anima1. Be carefuI wilh !he ocean because you could drown in !he sea. . how Obatala gave Dog. lo be plaeiog a fishing net over him Awo or olorisha. and !he rshbit. be careful lhal you don I have lo go lo jail over Ibis. !he rshbil responded.pace of 15 days.

rd l so !hal you can die Be careful with your womsn your lover and a leniCe!ha1 ODe oClhe.¡cI< l ofo IQSS l !he young Blood give lo Ibe hole. Ibis is also so you won t bave any traged.shl\ed Ibe ests 3 time and esch time. ssk elegua liberated !he iDlerested party from ( j!cu dead ) srun .Page 305 of 864 #301 CONI'INUATION TIIE IROSO OGUNDA (IROSO lORDA) RogatiOD Ibe head and pray lo osbun ever¡ days. rooster. Iben !he perBOD will bath with so oDlÍero Made ofplant croto The penoD for whom Ibis sigo is seen. TheD!he swo will cleso Ibe penoD with so young rooster. sbe has give bird or is pregnant You have frieud womao.. and !he osbss are tranqui( Ibe ~wo Ol" olorisha will . You wsnl I be discovered or take inlo custody. theD it is blown DO !he outside oflbe eutrance lo !he persoo s holDe. wilb a lil chsrcosl is placed inlo !he hole. elegua orumila To remover Jku so small goal. so wbat Ibe perBO" can come lo yDU Iwuse Dust is made from 3 ears of com lbey are consecrale OD Ibe tablero of ifa. a femsle friend. . then so Opsraldo is performed for him bis. women could use lo ~~ . is placed inlo Ibe hole cascarrilla and run spread over Ibe hole lo Ibis sigo Ihe womsn is ~ricious snd lemerarlous... a male friend and Ibis frieud is betraying You have careful what you do wilb Ibis persan because you will see more had thsn good iD Ibis. meo. Ssy mayora. penoD will wsol lo enjoy Ibe fruil of your labor sod will s!wsys be feigning poverty Due lo enjoy tragedy a good house has fiollen apar! due lo Ibis penon trying lo attend lo !he affair of snother s home Do ebbo wilb so !amb. and sacrifice the lamb immedialely. fur Sbsngo. WheD persoo dOD I come !he perBOD S bome. elegua is s p1sced bebind Ibe hole. BRON51 LAYE LAYE EGGUN BRON51 LAYE LAVE. Your eneDlÍe5 are doing (wi . Ibe perBOD will Iben salute.ies OCQlr or bave anyone want to deceive you. While singing. is give lo elegua. and !he jicara. her A Hole is made in !he esrth so jicara. Mus! be give blood of!he moster lo Ibis persaD S bead. with!he lit charcos! ( idu dina l Ibe awo will lb. Iogether wilb elegua. so!hal when yDU go out lo ole stesl.

No one wanls lo respect you. KAN IMBERE KUKAN ADIFAFUN OKO ALAKE AKIlKO LEBO OSUN AWO ESA ADIFAFUN ESA BATlNTILORU. OSUANABE OYA OLORO LEBO EYELE ADIFAFUN ARA OMA AKONY ORUN QUEBO LEBO O\JNKO IDA OWO LAMEFA ICU CAN IMBE RE CUCAN ADIFAFUN ECO ALAQUE AKIlKO LEBO ESU A. lo Slop oomplaining because Ibis cause you lo lose your good fortune This sigo is marlced by debls with Shango and with oshun. okra ) In this ifa is wbere oshun is plaeed bigher!han any other oftbe orisha When iroso osa. because ir you deJay it Will ooly. and tben elean tbe floor witb omiero of plant alamo Oshun wanls you 10 place her 00 a pedestal.OMU ESUN GUABE ELLA. Ohatala became ilI and was bed ridden so he sent for Orunla . cos! you more Iale. You must do your ceremonies when the onsha advice yoo to. come lo you. In order lo win tbe war. You muS! respect your elder. Mean you are impolence. ELERELEBO EYELE ADIFAFUN ORA OMA OCONl ORUN O\JNKO IDA y OGUE MEFA UlBO. has something disagreeable bappen lo bim. And ceremonies muS! be performed al tbe fool of a tree that yoo have in fram oC your home. he asleed Obatala for tbe followins. mush money. Sbango reaffinno it up in heaven !fa says !hal you oeed 10 find a spouse because you should 001 live alone Clean you home witb planl alamo. You muS! give a rabbil 10 eggun. Arm yourself so !hal you bave sometbing witb wbich lo defend yourself Receive osain. The asbes of thio sigo is made from a base of (Mate) Place 2 coconut lo osbun. IKU.. an lamb. is give lo Shango. and you ( lmife ) quiekly. IFA PEPE PELE UlLE SILE 0GUIlLE WE WERE MANILE ILE KAKUA OLOFIN TOUNSIIE OFOYUDE 0L0f1N MAFEREFUN SIINGO Thio io where tbe cereals are boro. That muS! be paid as soon as Possible. you muS! do wbat Shango asks in order lo overcome your problem and prospet place Shekete 10 Shango and oshuo ) in order lo overcome tbe araye. 1 pigcon and mueh money . you muS! cover bim wilh boiling hol ( antala ila com flour. and bave good fortuned. You bave egguo that was a fiiend of your. tbey are take lo tbe river Wbalever you says 00 earth. This is where Shango curse<! aU oftbe women. orun1a marlcel ebbo with rooster. 3 featber are placed 00 obatala. home You enemies want to remover you from where you are so that tbey can take over. so !hal you can establish your religiou. Orumila told 8 Obatala that be needed to do a rogatioo because an iIIness was coming Thal could immobilize bim. !hal wants you 10 do a mass for bim so be can belp you. and after S days.. he she blarne tbe orisba You lilee 10 bide moneyand you ery or complain when you bave lo spend!hal money you Need. Rooster pigcon. There are time wben your bead gOl crazy or unbalanced. In order lo resolve important problem.WO OSA ADIFAFUN ESA The disobedience of obatala. Bul if you are unable lo give bim lbe lamb.Page 306 of 864 #302 IROSOOSA IFA PALIlUlLE SILE OWALIl WERE MANILE BABA OLOFIN TOUNCHEOFEYUDE KAFEREFUN SHANGO. Obatala nol wanting lo spend bis money. did nol bUI tbe ingredienl for tbe ebbo Shortly thereafler. So she can be bigher!han all oftbe other orisha.

bole. but orunla was already outsidc. stick cambia voz. Obatala is the only ODO that can caIm down Ibe otber ombas wben Ibey are angry . tben wrap it up in Cabric black tie it all togetber. of lb. eku . waiting to lcill wboever. Oftbe borne. be freed to pick up bis We&pOOS again and be aaid to orunla. Iba! talce respoosibilities for Ibe spell. fabric different color. lyi:fa irOso osa. Shango obeyed. lDd !bey did not pay the dobt. in order Ibe determine lb. . aud !bey have t give it to me. lb. awo will ask what ewe or flower will be used in Ibe mix Tak. When orunIa did 8D read to opon the days. 1ngredient the araye. lb. Bumíng house. believing lbat it WIS realIy Obatala. Ibe person borne. he aaw Ibis wbicb told bim to be """"fui wilb tire in tbe bomo. Ibe food is giv. lbat I m just visiting someooe lbat live in tbe bouse aud my lífe is in daII8er too. patio 01. Shango tben atood in fionI oftbe bome. 1 head the jutía. Osbun was tbe only orisha lbat remembered tbat orunla was still inoid. Iamb aud rooster. blazing building to aave bim. Sbe went inlO lb. reason why 06Ium eata togetber wilb orunla . sacu aacu. Sbango feeling scomcd gtabbed a bow. Obatala told Sbango to drop the bow aud anow. But I ve gol nolbill8 to do with. add powder popper dust. because until Ibis is done tbe person will have many problem. bu! wben he aaw that it WIS realIy orunla. Secret oftbe ogguo is placed nexl to Shango wben be eat the lamb aud two rooster. berbo from tbe patio. I did Ibis becanse tbe people that live in Ibis bouse. corve out tbe boIe in Ibe banana. an Iamb aud rooster to Shango. Exited the bome. of lb. lit "" arrow and flung it 81 tbe bome. Tbio i.tben give it Ibe persao. wben oruoJa stepped out. dust mates erU obi cola osun nam. And place to where it must be talce 1 railroad speak 1 hut or shaek. In Ibis oveDt that tbe ebbo require the blood. number of dayo lbat Ibe spoll must remain wilb Tb. Ibe awo will remover Ibe bone From Ibe left leg offrog.Page 307 of 864 11303 CONI'INUATION 11IE IROSOOSA LoII8 ago there WIS a house that owed Shango lDd Iamb. is give to orisbo.lIa . Orunl. after tbe 2nd tablero. Boil it fro lOto 15 minutes. responded. setting it on tire. into lb. To calm tbe temper oflbose that havo a mental illness Frog are venomous. Remover tbe mea!. orisba. owe me an Iamb. Obi mituto. all Ibis is buried in lb. cxcept for the rear pan oftbe animal. Tbe persan must give witb urgency. 1 banana.. place it in a pot wilb water and boil it for 10 to 15 minute tbis is tben placed on top tbe ombo. it So happen that oruoJa WIS visiting ODO orthe members Ibis house and bad decide to stay few days. to drink 3 time a day. amansa guapo. Place a paper witb tbe. he aaw Shango aud quicldy put 00 tbe crown 01.

Rogation Obatala Al that time. whal is Ibe Reason why thing don'l get any hetter. Ololin instructed Obatala lo come down lo earth in order lO give ' I .Page 308 of 864 # 304 CONJ'INIJATION TIIE IROSO OSA . bul he saw lbal lbing were nol Progressing as Iboy should. Obatala did as Orunla had instructed. Ibis was b. . sen! lb. rogation wilb a servanl named enini. 11 seems impossible lbal Ihe very people lbat 1 bave placed a11 of my trust in are the very ones that are stea1ing from me and miniog my work how is possibJe This is how Ohalala discovered tbat bis secret enemies was enini . was ahle lo seo that Enini was the lbal was eating the ebbo and rogation. ifI am a1ways doing rogations nrunla replied hecause there is • penon in you path that is doing something bad. Obatala sprung out from Ibe bushes And said lO enini. People blessing ofheallh and good fortuned through Ibe use ofObatala. You llave secret enemies in you house or close to it. bide in the busbes and you will see who is eoling Ibe Rogation. yau have confidence in this person bu!.. lo . lbal s when he decid. orunIa and asks bim.. when you send Ibe Rogation with your servanl enini. Ibis penon does wilchcrBft so that you don'l prosper. do ebbo so lbal you can discover wbo he or she is In Ibe beginning.

Oshun said. If you will permil me. bu! everything. remain Ibe same. one day do ira talce careofbim because he will bring you Good fortuned.. but will always hsve problems witb bis ber family member. afler tinishing wilb tbem. Oshun visited tbe home of olofio. she walked between tbe two opposing armies. Witb !be 6rst group of soldier. orishs and medical physician taIc. This is where !be eogagernenl ring is worked. even in trus Cace of the most stressful situatiaD You muS! ovoid tbe ocean because you could drown Give thanks lo Oggun. 1 will end lbe warfare when Oshuo. Olofin replied 1 hsve senl several orishs down 10 earth. where Ibe man promise marriage Uves with her. care ofyou simultaneously olberwise. You run!be risk of dying if your iDnesses go unattended This sigo speak ofbrolber. Ibe person bis Ufe lo this ira onmla demonstrated bis power in from Ibe iku This is where Oshun broughl Ibe riehes and !be money down lo earth You are probibited from Inlveling to!be countryside wilbout 6rst doing ebbo because your enemies hsve a Inlp se! for you lbs! could coS! you your life OnIy onmla can save !be person You hsve male cbild tbat muS!. Oshun Ochosi and Obatala . and with o wbite tIag. Olofin was very worried because lbere was constanl warfare on earth Ibsl he could nol.Page 309 of 864 #305 IROSOIKA BOC\JLA OC\JLA BOKICA ECUTAN ADIFAFUN OBE ADIFAFUN AKIJKO U!BO BOKALA OKALA BOKIKA OKIITAN ADIFAFUN OBE KAFEREFUN OSUN ELEGUA OBATALA This sigo is marked by treason and betrayal This sigo mark violente between !be relationsbips. must prolect bis bead becm'se tJaps hsve been se! Ibsl could cost. lha! even tbough they have grown up logether don'l gel along And when they grown up. You must remain caho. Contro~ One day. this person will hsve money and bis own home. Intori ire. You muS! let lb. lbe person s honds are as bot as if someone hsd set Ibem on fire You hsve frequent fever or hnt flash. using wilehcraft. You muS! receive ifa. and asked fatber what is il tbat has you so worried and preoccupies. Wben tbe warriors saw Oshun nsked. and never place your hand on 10p ofyour bead. The awo psdrinio and aleyo. arrived on earth. ofhllman beings Woman is quite possible tbat someone has harmed you using witchcraft lo this sigo ira is boro. deception of!be woman.. she took off 011 ofher clothes. You muS! remain calm in stressful situalioo. Ibey peñormed an act in !be. she slept wilb !be second group of soldier. lbey will nol evenl be ahle lo be close lo eaeh olher This person wishes lo rcalize sometbing lbs! is constantly eluding bim her. She saw bim preoccupied and worried. in arder 10 try an queU tbe fighting. middles ofthis battletield. abandon her sex. and this is bow botb group of soldier reconeiled and bogan lo . Oshun took advantage aftbe women And vegan 10 sex.

iroso ika and Ibe moji Ibe ifa. heno. Orunla bavin¡¡ observed her great sacritiee for \be advaneement of pea<:e among meo. moruro rotted meal bulfalo. . Used 3 ero in s bag place tbem lo Ibe orisha. yellow. ifshe doeso'l baYO it. ( coral bean. Wbeo tbere are marital problem. Tbe person will bathe wilb plant. ojuani ehobe. #306 CONTINUAll0NnIH!ROSO IKA To üve s more pea<:efullife. Mean you omst live with an soo ofoshun. \he sigo of marriage okana osa.. and yoko osha. naJwn exhausted from her otgiastic Ibeo. he took her covered her wilb bis cape and look ber lo bis home . shell of eni heos and egg. candy. Orunla tben rewanled her IOr great "'" by. Oshun ea! IOgether with orunla Oshun will ea! heos And 0run1a will ea! heno. and grecn Ibe pulrefied river mud snd mea! is firsl dried out in \he Suo. wben \he woman is being courted for marriage and \be man has nol receive a proper acoepWlee s special marriage ring i. bread . Ihey holb will feed eacb other s. 3 popper filbrie red. Where \he struggles and aaaifiee was IOre their personal progress and not war. putrefied river mud river sand orozu iwereyeye I stooe sma1l I centipede I scorpioo. woman \he courtship lbal you had ended wilb an argument later.nd \he head are used lo perform an ebho. obi cola sbaving of gold and silver. It ea!s wilb Osun place oshuo into basked filled wilb filled with. 1 banana. talisman.Page 310 of 864 :z:o ¿. cbild ofOsbuo ololodi mua! give 8D male goal. epa popper . It is cooker witb orozunz iwereyeye moruro. Ibis ifa has an Osain that is mOUDled with 3 feather 3 needle. il is dressed wilb necld. white yellow . 1 moster is give to Osun with oggun. prepared. She is give I hens all Ibis . 10 OsbUD together wilb Oruo1a.. do Ebbo so tbat you can have more of s grounding . tben carry Ibis bag eaeh time you stop out anto Ibe street.. 1 is washed wilb an omiero of osain Iben it is fed heus with 0run1a. you must have a cauldron of osain • woman you bad lo live wilh many meo or your prosperity is in Ibe hando of many meo. AlI you thing are in Ibe air. '. ) Ibe awo will ask Ifa wbat Ibis Osain will ea!. Ihe persan is going lO court you again and you will accep~ but in order lo have everytbiog. each will he covered with their respective feather. Osbe otura.already Tbe heos \he ebho id for \be house. Manying ber The woman tbat has Ibis ifa in ber (icofilfuo ) and i. ID order 10 he happy in her coojugsl relatioosbips. Womao you must live with an awo. work out we11 for you must do ebho. threw beraelf into \he vegetatioo in \he river. 3 rOO! of atipola. Laler \be ring is consecrated DO Ibe opon Ifa. wilb \be following Odu .

you mus! bave. so wbal you can bave a firm foundation with your partner and tbe world Someone has robbed somethiog from your bome ( c10tbes money ) jewelry !hal you were Holding for someone e1se and now you are afraid that you will get inlo an argumenl witb tbe person that you live with . do Ebho so that you can bave more of a groundiog Have patience you are aJways in a hurry you Ibis and do that. tben be mus! be give an lamb. but yoo never get anywhere Today you are witb Ibis person.Page 311 of 864 #307 CONTINUATION TIIE IROSO IKA AH of yoo tbing are in Ibe air. Do ebho because you bave many people that are doing many bad tbings lo you in order lO Conquer yoo or your posilion . tbe awo was • necklaoe of Sbaogo. tben lomorrow you are witb someone else and in !he end you are witb no one.

In !bis sign orunla disrespected (inle orichaoko. Ihe ahijado in Ihe secret of Oruo and Osain Shango announce povcrty and disasters . in Ihe home and lbe womao wanls lo lcave.Ihal the persoo does I eocounler an eggun lbal . Ibe spouse because he treats in a very despotic manner or vice versa. is lo speak and nol lo perfonne manual labor. theft In !bis sign is bom the sixth sense ofthe ea< tbat was give by olorun . Thcre are argumem.crow hernia. You probibiled from eal meal ( elede pork) .) and bis punishmenl was a case. (gardener ) who gave bis sweal 10 Ibis t1owers. Place banana with meal and nam. Go gonorrhea. You muS! be careful with lbe police. The woman desire lo ovcrshadow and domioated her husband Tbis is Ibe ifa oflbe flower. lo elegua eacb one muS! have I fealber of Cealbcr In order forlbis person lo be out on Ibe streetm after 6 pm he ohe muS! wear a grille made of canamos around the waist. if. io order lo Bestow upoo Ibero Ibeir secol The creadOR oftowns in inaccessible place are bom in this sigo IIil ofthe wanderer lo travel io search of securily and tranquility This is an sign of injustice of struggle ofungratefulness receive from generous Woman are Rot meat to performe the workofmen. lo Shango il is a1lowed lo rol Ihen an ebo is performe Thcre someonc tbat is walebing this person. by way of orun lo Ibe child of ogue and the child of Ossin You are probibiled from Iifling.Page 312 of 864 :' #308 IROSOOTRUPON (IROSOBA11lUPON e l Ob·· CUMlQUE AWO OlLARURUN ADIFAFUN LORUMA OMACANGA NIFE EYELE LEBO ELLA ORO ~:U:O~~Jk ADIFAFUN IROKO ORUGBO KUINI!NA KOMAWA YOGUN qNl IROSOOTRUPONIROSO'lUlU ABEREMlKOYO WANWADOROIFA YOKAFUN YEMAYA OBADORO AWO mE BAYEMI SHANGO AWO MARO ELEDE. Tbis sign speaks oCvencrca! disease. AFEFELOKUN YODE WAWAYERE ABEBE LAYE IFA ELEGBAR A TOfUN YANYA LODE 81 AGBADO SHANGO KOPUN!NA YEMAYA MAYORE OMIIFA MARa BEFA AWOTOfUN OUNYENLAYEKUNIROSO'lUlUELEDEOUNYENYEYEAWONlSHANGOAGBADO In !bis sign io bom. of vigilance. so . Place 3 arrow. Ibis i. because il could cause heallh problem You have or will have problem wilh your genilals The awo should consecrale. Be careful of abdominalo and . the lose ofblood in the intestine Tbis oign marked by oontinues. hcavy abject or fotcing younelf physically The job ofthe awo. could frighleo Ibis persoo lo Ibe poinl of dealb Tbis ifa instructs Ibe person lo balbe wilh f10wer ifa ofthe gardener Aleyo yoo have 8 great need to receive your 8wofaca or ikofa immediately or yoo will acquire an iIIness is going lo away al your body Iittle by linle Woman beware of geniog an abortion.

l head snick. Would be able lo steal bis money. mus! think very careful whal he she is going lo do and Never act on impulse. and Ibe olber dangerous animal around Ibe trec. He wife happy Shango did nol do The ebbo is did nol mue Obba . pierde rumbo. Or she he will be in danger. In a cauldron is placed a piece of paper with the general ingredient of the araye. and certainly do no! steal from Ibis person because it will only be lo. After that obatala placed Iions • leopards. conlent. happy Iben cook Ibe ebbo and dropped in il fronl of Ibe animals. KAFEREFUN mEJI OMO EDUN AlI oflbe orisha were ster\ing Obatala s money no matter where he did il. Also adde head ofcemetery. don I forget . lo visil Your home. Make sure yoo lock up your bome each nigbt. 1 piece tbe animal skin. irosos batrupon. Ibis ahijado will destroy Ibe padrinio iflbe awo wilb Ibis siga. a chalk is used to write the. outside of the cauldron. he saw tlús ifa and he was told to do ebbo with 1 rooster 1 young rooster. replace. on the part oC someone close to you. When Ibe awo bas a ahijados wilb Ibis sign in alefa. And Ibis was how Shango was able lo c1imb Ihe Irce mamoncillo And steal obatala money Work fur araye ) l stones black. So that you don I have lo visil bim any. of economy( iroso otropon ) orgue !roso ADIFAFUN SHANGO GBOGBO ORlSHA OLE OBATALA ODE AKASHO LESE ¡GL OMO LODAFUN OBA. (macao.. 1 ladder run different Cood 1 jicara waler Iben give fruil lo Ibe twin and make Obatala. and ne only wenl lo give )he fruil lo Ihe twin. root oftree from there as well. When he wenl lo lue obalala s money. Obalala Ihen placed bis money in. bis enemies Would lind il and Ibe lbieve would never get caughl . You are or will be in economic trouble. on the side ass wel1 as no the stone. more. oq # 309 CONTINUATION1HE!ROSO OTRUPON ( !ROSO BATRUPON) .oout Ibis person after you are fines. Do ebbo sO tbat ybu can overcome that person.' Your liend are a1ways trying lo steal you. becsuse in Ibe end. because bis enemies were coming lo lown in order lo kilI bim. be careful lbal one of Ibem does I decide lo Kili you in order lo rob yOIl. by lo let friendsbip slowly end. because there is a revoJution brewing There is provocation. . and 7 more) sall granulaled With tbe stone everything is pounded in the earth while mentioning the first and last name ofthe araye. so lbal no one. did Ibe ebbo·nwIi> olía. Bul someone wiU belp you up." -. In this sign onmla invented the arrow.. Trred oflbis obalala ordered Ochosi lo make bim a bag from animals skin and lo construct a ladder. Ibe bag and hung il from the lop of Ibe 19i omu tree stick mamoncillo. AlI oflbe animals carne oul And Shango had lo Flee after facing Ibis difficult Shango retumed lo orunla home . The twin were secretly walcbing obatala Shortly Ibereafter. ( l akan crab no used) 2 stick. venomOllS snues. is a friend of yours. Don I allow Ibis ahijados. yaya. The awo will stand is from the oggun wi .Page 313 of 864 . Shango was in need oC mORey and went to see oruola.. Everything is placed inside the cauldron. l tarantula. for lish) l silly. Ihe lerminals began lo eal Ibe conlent Ibe ebbo. Your detrimenl . Name the araye.

givíng blood ofthe pigeoo lo Ibe omiero. BABA IKU ORUN BABA IKU BABA OLONA IKU LONA IKU LONA NAME mE PERSON. one will from while people and one from black people you are fighting with your spouse because you have another woman. and you god 6uber and you second gad father.peak with a child lhal is in jail or is leavíng for anolber country or is going 00 a trip. atiponla laurel. BABA ONI ARE IKU ARERE OGUN . 3 pepper. after the cauldron is buried in the woods Ibe awo mus! Iben. And pray Ihe iroso batrupon. Ibe awo Iben sets il 00 the fire and will ask oggun for destruction oflbe Araye. the awo will clean himselfwith il and sing Ibe following. Ihe ide mus! be wom by Ibe person you are displeased wilh your family and your have left your home when Ibe while arrives with Ibeir good luck in Ihe lown ofEleko lbeir gond fortuned inlermingled wilh tbal of Ihe Black Ibal were already living Ihere you will have 2 blessing. batbe wilh plant ou. Ihe awo will rogstioo Ibe bead wilh obi mituto and res! the ingredieol Talisman far Ibe police 3 rool plant aroma. when Ibis ifa is seeo. this child must do ebbo with rooster. oggun the rooster is thrown into cauldron Alcohol is added. and res! Ihe ingredienl." Blood is give lo oggun. so tbal you can liberaled yourself from the ofo dust tbal the other woman is throwing ioto your horne . Ibis is so Ihe journey can be a safe and prosperous one. as weU as lo Ibe job. il . Shewerekuekue aberikunlo. finally. do ebbo with guine and Iben receive and talisman. Two guine aud an ¡de made of corsl.Page 314 of 864 #310 CONTINUATION mE !ROSO OTRUPON ( !ROSO BAlRUPON ) Black roostertbal has il. S fealber up in Ibe air. iroko Ceiba tree.

. OROSOTIJRARA NIBE AKANIIKANIlU OLODAFUN OOGUN N1BATI OOGUN OLOSnE ORUMILA KA11! N1FA ASHESHEYO <XX> MONl OUN YO!CO ORUN ORUNMILA NI ASHAYURE SllEBERI 2 paths oC oggun speak in this sign ( oagun alaguede ) iron alawede( soude copper You mus! take cate oí your liver and your liver end you biliary vesicle y 00 mus! altend your eggun. persen has been cursed by anolber person and in order 10 remover lhis witchcraft this perseo. you must do ebbo wilb plaot pajarrilla.. This persen has not manager to marry his ber true love and iC this persen persist. and OSgun Oshun imd elegUa. out treo tbal Wbere it plaeed. wilb bis hcr stubboroness this persen willlose it a11 y ou mus! give thank lo orunIa. tbrow a rock. tr&Ima oChaving seen his parent pcrform a sexual act in front oChim ber. al you ( tire a gnn tbrow a kniCe ) end kili you Thi. y 00 should DO I gel married beCore doing en ebbo This sign marIc war tbat is a by product oC envy.. Mus! batbes in Ibe river wilb an ( rol ) This wilcbcraft is placed in your front yard and iC Ibere is an old bollowed . There is an eggun that must be give rooster or 8 whatever it desire Place an iron ( apele lo oggun ) This sign is maked by an infIammations oC Ibe stomach or abdomen . na. end drinIáng ron.. Don t mistreat children. these heverlse and tbat !Un mus! be placed lo oggun Drink infusions made from plaot gira sol Child this child is living witb lb. Or on !be comer hecause someone couId. is also a problem with this person S mucho Possibly pyorrl>ea or some olber infection.sal problem.Page 315 of 864 # 311 !ROSO OIURA (!ROSO 01URARA ) NIBE AKANIIKANIlU OLODAFUN OGGUN N1BATI OGVN OLOSIU! ORUMlLAKAmNlFA AOIEOIE ()(l() MONl OUN YO!CO ORUN ORUMILA NI AOOAYURE CHEBORI A LA OORON OORO ADIFAFUN oÑI GUANCAOUANCA UMBA 1lNLI! OUJl OLA LUJE OPAMOTAN AKIlKO U!BO N1BE AKANI A11! KANYU OLODAFUN OOGUN N1BATI OOGUN OLOSI IU! ORUNLA KA11! NI IFA • '¡ ... Place white curtain on Ibe windows oC you home in order lo avoid tragedy . As weU . Tbe owner oC this sign has a bad altitude. Place 5 panetela sweet oshun You mus! be very careful with accident involving mental tolls or iron machines Your are prohibited from ealing rooster.. well . If you are businessperson this envy has Greatly impaclecl your business affairs.. You must receÍve Ibese orisha and Ceed in otber lo prosper This sign prohibit yoo from . Fix !be door and windows tbat need repair in you bome. lb. Cor Ibe estomach abdomen problem This sign make by respiratory problern and frigidity.. otber alcobolic heversge.ilting on Ibe porch.

person should nol do Ibis because he she simply waster time and money on Ibis fulile. bronze chora!. Tbis person wisbes lo realize somelhing lbal her she should nol realize because Ibis is nol Ibis. Tbis person can become conceiled. Ibis person must lean 10 be grateful for !he help lbal Ibese elder. Do you bave somenoe in your family that grew as lall as Ibe sley. A piece of stick parami. Coaxed by oggún entered into an argurnent wilb olofin and he began lo Grow 10 !he same beigbt as Olofin no paIm tree would nol listen lo anyone so Olofin tire ol. 7 pepper . Water Oower. Tbis person has lendency of listening lo !he bad advice of olber and disrespecting bis her religious or family elder. ofroostee stooe oflodestone. inside eru obi cola osun coro. dust if hesd hens of orunla. in order to avoid loss In order for obatala lo subdue Ibe owner oftbis sigo.Page 316 of 864 # 312 CONTIN\JATION TIIE IROOS O'IRUPON ( IROSO nJARARA ) You shouId 00 be stubbom about realiziog project that are 001 relaler lo your vocation Because yoo will bave many diflicull The parents sbould 001 oblige Ibeir cbildren lo entee into a career for wbich Ibey are nOl. . ground 4 comer from you house. Absorbed and bave delusion of grandeur no palm tree. Ebbo I moster fruil dressed used. Be carefuI wilb Ibeft in Ibe home no new\y grown leaves of!he paIm Iree said. because Ibis will only lesd 10 disaster • This is where !he door and !he window were infested wilb lermiles and oggún used bis strength 10 remover them. il wiU bave banging. run an resl Ibe ingredienl Ebbo 1 mostee bair mede goa~ <litrerenl color fabric. Ibis opele. persan s destiny. Sbango prompd~ used one of bis ligbtning bolls 10 cbop down Ibe palm treo. Don t get involved in what you know nothing about. lhal has becn wrapped wilh beads of oggun ( black green The spur of Ibe moster is wrapped wilh necldace of Ihe oruola Hesd Ibe buzzard of pigenn of turtle. of shoos. will have an roosler s spur hanging and will bave Ibe followins. acbivata. have given Ibis person . oflbe eye and longue. mede lbal is Ibe heighl oflbis person s body so Thal when Ibe performed and ehbo. Orunla saw Ibis ifa and said lo!hem. lung liver heart . I fal cacao. is placad on oggun after Ihe ehbo is finished. gold dust. It is eals rooster and il is burled al Ibe foO! of an planl iroko . sal1 run honey and resl !he iagrediem. no situation asked Sbango lo remedy Ibe situatioo. We wiU grow as taII as Ibe sky. is placad oggun and Ibis is placad al Ibe foO! of obatala. The awo oflbis sigo have iron opele. ivory silver. I flag white. selt. Ihe right side oflbe opele. Dust of planl atipola. Suiled. il should haog around bis neck. There is a greal deal of capricious bebavior lo realize Ibis project but Ibis. On Ibe left side oflbe opele.

. _ it is lIkon out iato thc _1Dd broken !he _ br. Osun is Icts 16 days witbout olcaniDg him.mch iJ uoed to prq>arod inlUcioo of .Page 317 of 864 #313 CON1'JNUATlON 1lIE IROSO 011JRA ( !ROSO lUARARA ) To thc ""'-ivc _ away Tokc 1 cltay cocoaut lDd paiut it with cascarriIIa _1Ike 2 _ ofplallt malw with ouc. ofthc intcrcstpartys bad< wi1h tbc blood. cocoout water is give !he turl<ey. aIways arguing You were advicc nat too cal 9OIIlcthiD8.... but )'OU.. lDd osbc ClIUra.riven aod de.. wi1h !he aleDa !he penon will tbcn bathca with omi Iiom 7 dilf. in wbitc.. baba cjiobc ika iroso lroIo ClIUra. Ibcrc is a very sick_ ua osorbo. knife oggun are wcrc usod aod Ibe Policc is gOÍDg to get involvcd • Tbc: war is witb a Iot thc pcople that are you cncmies Thcrc family twin in you family Y00 are hade and .... fur thc penon to cIriak • Talte IOIDC goal s miIk odd hoocy aod use Ibis el... TotoIo is wrappcd in Ibe Cabrio aod Ibe _ is madc to jumbo out oftbc ciIcl. Ibe tolo tolo turl:cy is Wlappcd in tbc clotbcs cvcrytbing elsc is buricd 0Il a hiU lDd a bnu>cb of (-. lcaving Him _ ao ( arayoye olean !he _ ) is pcrfurmcd with !he (tolo tolo turl:cy ) lDd 16 c:aodIe _lit Ibe turl<ey is aacrificc aod!he bl00d is dmIchcd ovcr Osun.acacia ) is pla<:c 00 top of Ibis This is whcrc !he water wbccl would _ thc river water.. wbcc Ibe wbccl would ooIy extra thc river mud aod tbcy had to shut!he opcration oflbe water wbccl This patb spcak of an iDcurable discasc like canccr . your fiu:e with fur 16 dsys.yoye el.. Jotori arun This wiU otola! Ifyou horne.. but tbcrc camc a time.. tbat you are an amo of Orunla aod won I toucb you. !he _ I bouse lDd thc _ iJ UJed to pusb !he COCODU1 aD round thc iDside oflbe bouse. Pul 00 !he idora. thc awo wiU aIso toueh thc importaat . c:ootinues to do so Womao aD ofyour afIiIir are up in !he air.blown iato 4 comer of!he _ . Ibe awo will pla<:c OOUD aod !he laIcrcst party willllaod with bis back to Osun tbc pcnoo • elothea are rippod apart.iotbcs for a pcriod Of 16 days. &be lDd SIXlp of Ibe sign.. Jo Ibis sigo aod in &ay otbcr sigo whcrc <>SUD dcfcod !he pcnoo a spcII is pcrfunnod U.... otura !he (10101010 turl<ey ) wbitc 00 tbc 80cr is drawn osbc ClIUra...!he penan will Tbcn lIke baIhs madc Iiom plaot ( l'OOlpCS3llI3II ) oI>rc camino ) al&odoo ) salvadera) take tobacco is lit aod smom is . you pcrfo¡mc a .. So tbat iI:u can . Pray for CJ!8W1. y 00 ooce pcrfunncd a function tbat yOll can no 10000Cf do. you have bcalth problcm your mcnstIUal oyele is NO! normal tbc iUncas staIt in !he ehcst aod gocs down to you stomacb . You childrcn mus! aIso pul 00 !he idc& You have argwncnt or tragodics with Ibe pcoplc..

the aleyo mus! quickly receive bis awofacs. This person a1so believe tllal bis her life should be free of any adversilies. Because they are going lo c\aim their rigl1ts lo that money. This sign is maked by collapse and destruction ofthe home. unJess Ibis person receive bis her orunla This person has loose due lo lack offailh in orunla. And wbile person is alive.rson and place him her in a situation.o CUONOCU AFAFUN LEGUE LEGUE GUOBIRE UNI IRE ORDAFUN PlANCHORE TIJFQRUN AlEGUI AOJE MORl OBI MORl OWUO MEFA NIVE AKANI ATE KANYU OLODAFUN OOGUN NIBATI OOGUN OLOSI n. completely cover the hands ofifa with liquefied.oso ATE) KELO KUEMI INSHE NIFE AWORINE KELO KUEMI INSHE NIFE AW08IRE KELO KUEMI INSHE KOMISHE KELO KUEMI INSHE NIFE AWORlRE ORl GUEBm. ( OBA OTO ASIIUREO WA EMI ) around here Ihe onJy crown Prevails is mine You cannol waster the money tllal someone lells you lo hold on lO. with an alum crysW attacbed. he runs a greal risk of dealb The awo must be careful with the aleyo foe whom this sigo is seen fu Ibis sign. An igi tllal is the person s height.OSO UNKUEMI Im'ORI nJKA APARO ATARE MESAN EWE ENATORI AYE APARO ATARE META AGBADO lUYERE MERIN AYEKANCHA GUE GUE SIIERIN SHAYO mSHA GUE GUE 1ÉRuro OMODE TOBARINI KOFINI 5mRE You are probibited from leading money. When adversily louches lhi&p<.E ORUMILA KATE NI !FA m. 1ñere is hunger.Page 318 of 864 # 314 m. door Ibis will eal with elegua. fu Ibis sign orunla say. place tha! container in tbe refrigerator and a1low it lo coo~ and harden. of much suffering This person feels tllal suffering is unjust. The person forget tllal il is their.. Because with that money people do wilchcraft people would like lo know bow you live so weU If som""ne want lo pawn something Ibey own yoo. The awo of Ibis sign does no a1tend lo bis sigo. And talce it out Ibe orisha by blaspbeming against Ibem. So that !he person does no! have Losses or is no! lost himself. Finally place lhal container in a sopera filled wilh waler 1b. Nothing should befall him her lo yoo. Ihe destruction ofthe home Could also occur because ofthe dealh of one of Ihe spouses . She goes Ibis.OSO lRE1E (m. Destiny lo suffer Ibrough Ibis situalion and the orishas can onJy comfort the person wbile. Much fat is where ifa was tbrown into the river. caver him with the lid. Mani fu Ibis sigo ifa live in bis (sopera ceramic contain ) 6 month dry and 6 month with omi in order tbe person. Is placed bebind the person. Accepl it because il will be good luck for yoo. s ifa to live in water foe 6 montb the awo will take bis Hand of ifa Place them into a small wonder container. This is where the mother leads her cbildren by Ibe hand This person is looking lo resolve 3 lhings tllal are a1most impossible lo resolve.

. Iben place Ibis inside of your orunIa every day. Whomever . Pray.throw away your ifa ( awofica or ikofa ) Y00 are probibited from ratting Ibe clwge that yoo bave in your pocket Thi. ( adan bat ) head Ibe sniek plowed earth. in Ibe moming. could defend bim. Malee an omiero with plan! salvia. oven bis padrinio and madrina disrespected and rursed bim iroso umkuemi ) father clear Ibe brush in order 10 !he planl he seeds. wood. inlo Ibe jicara. everyone was humilialing iroso umkuemi lhey Mistreated bim. when Ibe awo (Iroso Unkuemi) saluted orumila he should sing Ibe following KELO KUEMlINSIIE IFA AWORIRE) KELO KUEMI INSIIE N1FA A\VORIRE ) KELO KUEMI INSHE N1FA KOMISHE ) KELO KUEMI INSHE N1FA AWOR1RE When 0bata1a wás goveming !he world. Talisman . He oontinued on and carne aero. and say. he grabbed it and put it in bis bag Sbortly Ibereafter he found a snake ( santa maria and grsve lbal one too. ALADE ruvu FUMI ESHU ORO .. So that Ibese animal.05O lRE11! (\ROSO ATI! .Page 319 of 864 # 315 CONTINUAnON TIIE IR. and snake blaele. aUow lbs! person so personaUy go lo your home 10 ask fur it never acc:epl messsge. sigo destroYed with plant salvia. Wasb your head with it (give an Indian rooster) yo you heard.. person has lee or wiJI lee something inside the water that wiJI faseinated bim You _mies throw witcbcrsft 81 Ibe fOO! ofyour door . an ada is placed Elegua. When Ibis sigo eal and ceremonies mus! he performed .I!NKIJEMJ ) No maIIer what happen lo you. by Courier. so people can respect yoo B _ (of amsrre love binding ) or betrsyaI by woman You dresmed that you bad • great lo.. !he waler irrigale bis is field. because people do not want 10 ooosider you as imponant do Ibi.. Iroso unkuemi began lo sing Ibe aboye . !bey cleaned all ofthe person that were p . he grabbed il and pul il is bis bag . KUELO KUEMI ) again Ibe araye. ground from lagoon differenl stick 1 head buzzard. Ibis talisman js wrapped wilb tiger skin. He took everything lbal he bad collected lo bis • home Iroso Ucuemi . he bad lo go find. Tbe awo will place 2 jicara of Water place the head oflbe heas.. placed a crown on 10p. and when he finisbed. Note on one occasion son somebody placed a lil chan:oaI and planl salvia wilh the salvia. neva. lower you bead because pride is an ovil lbing This person has mental problem or wiJl bave them Thi. Tbis person must bave an Osain of a awo. Ooe day. it east rooster wilb eIegua Ihe owner Ibis sigo must make an stone from river pIaced il inlO a coffin mnde of precious. Elegua say that he js Ibe one lbal clean Ibe brush away with bis machete. 3 newly bom ( eku tiger ama11 ) cub and grsved Ibose as well. Shortly Ibereafter he found a snake. on Ibe farm he carne &ero. silver cojo. then !bey placed it in Ibe ebbo Are give aboul Ibe charcoaI.-Js your service.

Feed etegua so that he can apeo the road for yOllo because everything is in a negative states ofbeing.n the sign on tha! same days [fa asomo trus sigo speak of arun.nto the jicara 8IId into thc river.. !he awo will do the sarne and say !he foUowing. is where . On the 4" comer. NI LAYE ESHU BAYEYIKU EGUN MALAWA LODE ELEGUA ODARA When !he awo returned to t1ús horne. ERITAMERIN MERIN. tbe apeterbi muS! be present Thi. directly' or indirectly. TIús sign is not about tomorrow.prinkle more water And food from !he jicara and can . 1 trap. he wiU do and say Ibe fuUowing Opon lcaving bis borne:. something to clea. there is a friend or enemies of your lhat has a blood Related illness possible cancer Feed your head as saon as possible Ebbo 1 rooster featber guine. and tbis person should do.inging the sang of ifa is born. The persan height stick. he will drink water and say KUDU IYO KUDU EPO SlREGUN . After this the awo has an obligatioD to take. Thc awo will . When !he food is not eni bordun. T he dock is ticking. bis borne with Ibe jicara. OTA NI EVO." . from 4 comer of!he opon ifa. OTANI ARUNOTA NI oro. be will give moforibale to orunJa he will eat a little bit. When Ibe awo lea. !he bark of!he palm tree different food. al! sort of good fortunes will come to you. ( IRE1E UNKUEMI Then the hcos an: present to orunla. and reS! !he ingredient . ESIIU BEYEKUN NIWE MOWA NILE ELEGUA ESHU ODARA ESHUOTA NIKU.Page 320 of 864 # 316 OONI1NUAnON TIIE !ROSO IRE1E. Thc awo will sprinlde waI<r on door bousc and say AWO SHONlLl! AWO SHONlLl! ODARA IKU UNLO ARUN UNLO oro UNLO EVO UNLO Opon arriving at tbc J. !he one on left. tbosc two jicara Of water river aDd place al) sorts of adimus i. clothes used. Tomorrow or in the future. ESHU BANIRE LOWOOTA YEffiE When tbc awo arrive at !he nexl comer. He wil1 sprinkJe water and food and say The sarne is done on the 3 rd oomer and the awo says BARALAYIKJ AWO lEN\JNYEN AKI ELEGUA MOKUO OBI OUNYEN TINAWE ELEGUA .. ground 4 comer from you house. with this sign. comer which i.

Guardian angel come 80d drags bis omo by lbe feet when it is time To die ir. 80d ashe.:. garbase oflbe house. where Ibe obsessive eggun dominaled Ihe person. OLoo YENYE ADIFAFUN AORE TINYO LA UNYEN OKAN AKUKO ELEBO OSHE COLOFUN KlTIFUN SIIAWO ADIFAFUN ORUNLA SUUJlRE INA INA INANTO INANYO 1UYEYE 01UYEYE YOU REPEAT . head fish. lbal has beeo consecrate with Ibis sing . IFA NlREIFANI KAFEREfUN OSHUN KAFEREFUN !YA. OrunJa. ground shoes. You are probibited frorn wearing jewelry tbat been inherited or purchased at a pawn shop Because you will bave bad luck This sign instructs. i. This person mus! keep oshu happy. Ibe awo should do. Ibe awo falls in love wilb Her and he puts bimself in danger of haviog her do witchcraft lo Ibis penis.aIIows a ceremonial feediog for the person • guardian 80gel Ibis person Willlive. everything is . where person. ·big butt braid wearing woman. Ibis is so because orunla i. Ibe intennediary betweeo iku 80d Ibe person Guardi80 angeL This is where the physical imperfection are bom You probibiled from crying misery due lo lack of found Ifthe person s molber is desd. I plate soap I pigenn give 80d the head. and lo malee lamps The bom ofthe dead. 'IUYE11l O'IUYE'IllINA INA INANYO 1UYETE 0'IUYE'Ill ' OLUNLLOLO ADIFAFUN AORE TlNLELEULO OCA EYELE OQIE COLOSUN QUlTlFlNOIAGUO ADIFAFUN ORUNLA I!URE YEYELE LEDO IFANIRE IFANI KAFEREfUN osmJN.Page 321 of 864 # 317 IROSOOSHE OLU YENYE ADIFAFUN AOIE TINYO LAUNYEN OKAN AKUKO LEDO OSHE KOLOFUN KlTIFUN OlAWE ADIFAFUN ORUNLA SUUJlRE INA INA IMANYO IMANYO. is where humans leamed lo used vegetable oil. fabric different color height. Ebbo wilb I rooster.oshe otura. iroso oshe. Which is oshe melle. otura oshe are also. ground Ibe 4 comer used c1othing. elliome. lo cook. IFA ODAFUN ORUNLA ODAFUN OZAlN. . a mass mus! be perfonne for her. This i. the person to act quickly in order to win the war that tbis person has or will have Tue I jicara 80d place leaves ofplant (uva caleta) dust bead jutia. In Ibis sign the &raye is a sbort.mashed togother 80d bis is used for eho misi t is complotely gone . olaced inlo the jicara. is placed inside Ibe jicara. hoal up in Ibe ground due lo fennenlalions and Ihey mus! removed From Ibe 10mb for Ibe ossuary. Thi. 80d rest Ibe ingredient Ibe ebbo Thi.

. and resl Ihe ingredienl Ihe ebbo. bum down lo tbe ground There is a strong possibility that Ihe head oflbe fiunily will die . and this sign was seen.. Aroni. lerrible !he rood i. bul since Ihe wbere both (omolu king son. There is fresh meal lo ea! al tbe home buzzard When !he two araye went lO eal Ihe mea!. of tragedy in your home If!he people in you home conlinues lo do ovil lbing against olher.. when akini went lo inspect bis. I pigeo. lo and she is very ungrateful. lbere is a . lo Ihe araye. OnmIa perfonne !he ebbo and ordered Ihe buzzard lo place !he ebbo in from of e. was seon. Rooster . everyone will suffer Ihe. ney fell inlO tbe trap and died In tbe overcome your difficullies and your . for bim.) be did nol perfonne !he ebbo.. InImp he found lhal!he had capture Aroni. Since her meals were assured. lo avoid meeting with trlgedy.Page 322 of 864 # 318 CONTINUATION1lIIllROSOOSHE Akin went orunla s house for an reader. same ebbo fur aroni. which instructed bim lo Ebbo 1 moster. instead oflhe prey lhal Ihe was looking for this. 0runJa had heen very adomanl aboUI doing !he. In a your home. lhal is 10ft al your door . but he aJso did nol perfonn !he ebbo. Afier this Ihey. left for !he woods in order lo Iay down bis traps and hunt bis animals prey. Ebbo in order. orunla marked Ihe. they bogan lo do witchaaft on each other. akini who was a hUJ\ler. who aJso an omolu king son ) jusi so. clotb. hap¡iened lo also vísit orunla and !he same sigo. is an older persan !hal you give foed. OnmIa jusi so happened lO a1sa visil orunla and !he aame sing was seon for bim. There is sreal al nighl OnmIa ordered eshu lo place Ihe ebbo al tbe foed. from you house And you sboe.. Akini liberated aroni from bis trap and begged bis forgiveness. and. ney both became very i11 and they had lo rerumed lo orunla s house in order for each lO do an Ebbo.. consequence lo !he poinl of possibly tbe hou . since akini was omolu son !he king. meal trap ground 4 comer. Ihe buzzard. of Ihe buzzard . ) paleros as socn as !he arrived lo Iheir respective home. is how they both come lo understand and helieve in Ihe efficacy of !he prediction of ifa. By mandale of obatala wenl lo !he hume o~ OnmIa and thi. this persen goes so far as lo curse you. sign was seo and Ebbo was marked wilh. bed and he was tben supposed lo delivered a message. you must he obedienl and perform Ihe rituals that are marked by ifa or Ihe orisha Ebbo is performed from elegua.. medicine. neir bodies were healed shonly after doing lheir·Ebbo Ihe buzzard has two very strong araye who were envíous of her and wished her ill will hecause she had Ihe ability lo live in many placed and nol have lo wony aboul hunting for foed. heighl persa. Because a11 sbe does in complain aboul how meager Ihe portion or how. earthen jar trap. n .emies.ick persan !hal !he orisha are trying lo help your are leavíng wilh your enemies. give !he moster logether witb OSU" !he destiny of tbe reS! of!he ingredient must be asked Beware of ( duS! ) ogo.. Ihe barl< oflhe palm tree.

Ibe awo orisba balhed awo awa. in order lo beeome the OWDer oC a11 the head in Ihe world. lode dressed bim in fabric while. Ihe pigeon were !he sole. ADIFAFUN On. wbo performe an osorde and saws Ibis sigll. '. who did nol Iike Ibe way he was. bu! io arder 10 accomplisb bis mission. Shango responded that is NOl • problem fur me..ELE LORI APATAN IMBUIO NlBESHUBU IMBELOTAN UNBE ELOPO BASHUBU IMBETERIFA ADIFAFUN OLUWO sm OKUE AYEREMI ABO LASO IMBELOGUE FlG\JER SHIN llYElE ADIE LEBO KAFEREFUN OYA All OSHANLA !ROSO OI'IJN OSHUN OPONI MINUMA ABAGDO ORl U!LE LERI APATA INBUIO N1BE SHUBU. Awo awa lode s ilI fortuned were Ibe work ofShango. success. So Ibal you can a1ways feel heallhy and bave prosperity in you Hfe Tbis is wbere agayo sustained a war against Obatala fór Ih. Where ifa said only Shango can steal. oC orunia. Tbis sigo that this person could go lo jail for!he res! ofbis her Hfe In this sigo ifa. Afier Ibay did this. Someone else Obatala Couod Sbango and lold him bis problem Shango and lold bim bis problem . then Obatala said the followiog lo awo awa lode Ibis Is Ihe manner in which you must live. !he home of awo awa lode and saw!he stated ofhis clcanlioess and Ibe order line Obatala Congratulale lo Shango and oggun. Wrth 10m and odorous clolbing The reasoo was because he was always surrounded by dogs whom be waoted lo show bowlO speak.U CHIN OCUO ALLAREMI IMBILOGIJO FlGE CHIN llYElE ADIE Y ABO LEBO OSHUN OPONI MUNUMAABAGDO ORD. senl Obatala 10 !he borne. oChim. lhe awo must nOl reduce bis prices eni oflbe ritual s Ibal nÉ:ed lo be performed this person Iikes 10 gossip. Shango grsbbed him. OSHUN OPINI MINUMA ABADO ORILLELLE LORI APATA IMBuru N1BE ClRJBÚIMBOLOTAN TAN UNIlO ELEPO BAClRJBU IMBO TARIFA. dominálion oCthe ashe oflbe Head Obatala spoke with yemaya Begging her for belp in acquiring !he pigeoo that olofin asked. property of argallu and Ibis made il that mucb harder yemaya. and usiog Ihe aina io his moulh burned his clothing oggun !hen.Page 323 of 864 # 319 IROSO OI'IJN OSHUN OPINI MINUMA ABADO ORl YEYE TORI APATA lNBuru N1BA KAFEREFUN OSHANLA All OYA.JNBELOTAN UNIlO ELOPO BASHUBU INBETARlFA ADIFAFUN OLUWO smOKUE AYEREMI ABO LEBO INBELOGUE FlGUE SHIN llYElE ADIE LEBO KAFEREFIJN OYA All OBATALA OSHANLA. Wheo Obatala arrived al. went lo work and killed a11 of Ibe dog. protecting !he borne Shango. ! will simply steals them from argayo. When Shangogol closed lo argayo bome noticed Ibal there were aII son oC veoomous and dsngerous animal. Tbis is wbere awo awa lode tived Ibe tife of a pauper . he must a1ly himselC wilh. the pigeon. Living One dsy. When elegua. went lo see elegua and IOld bim bis problems elegua quickly Thougbt up Ibe way in which lo steals from argayo. away from agayo. Shango and oggun arrived al bis house and he tried lo bide from Ibem. arrived al Ibe home oC . and lied bim dOWD for seven dsys. wilh.

used lo gamble Ihe money and lose il hecause o~ Ihe chealing. of olher prayed you must be very careful wilh !he madrina or padrinio lhal you choose lo do your Osha or ifa ceremonies because you wiII give !hem tbat money. and you will never see lhal money ever agaio. and corn. Y00 !he asbe Ihe owner of al1 Ihe heads. !he keen oflhe Iand of Dassa. After Ihe cerernonies Ihe persan can never again placed anytbing on bis hesd an. This sigo a goose is give to Ihe persan s head Bul first Ihe fealher of Ihe goose are placed On !he head. 0hataIa Ih. oolbing will be done for you. E1egua caIIed Shango and tbat W8S how agaUu. however. Ihe hegan lo converse and elegua convincc bim ahout bis sincerity and Ihey promply started to gel drunk 00 palm wine when agayu. Sbe CUI1iC Ihe bloodline oflhe King and bis lover her sister Ibis sigo speak of a COlTUpted or cursed bloodlioe wilhin Ihe family. Was hetrayed by her own bccarne!he love. hecause he canool a1low bimself lo be injected wilh hormooes due lo Ihe problem oflhe family. he!hen arrived to where agaUu. on Ihe grOUlld. were going to yoko osha Ohatala. W8S and said. was crowned Idng !fa ni kaferefun oshanla lodafun oya .) scrub pad mad of!he planl and !he awo sing . ( white soap castilla soap. W8S incapacitated wilh !he run.Page 324 of 864 #320 CONI'JNUATIO TIIE IROS OFUN He SlMted to sprinkle fish. oflbis persao wawe hesd wilh omiero of plan! atiponia. A1l be did Ibis e1egua began lo sing ESIW BARAOO 000 MOlLUBARA ELEGUA CHOLONA . mean there iS sexual impolencc and bis persan must take infucion or pills in order lo correct Ibis. Ofher husband Ihe king Ihe Queen W8S an Omologu and when sbe found out. lfa oftraps and trickery Ihere are people in Ibis sigrt. Which kept Ihe venomous animals away and did hother bim. found oftbat yoo wanl to prepare a trap for ohatala and I have come to help you. Tree asked. negalivity lhal it will be nearly impossible for Ibis persan lo have heallh and prosperity You have should have a mal or rug at Ihe entrance of you door Kaferefun osain elegua ati orunla. Remover Ihe (shep witchcraft ) and OsoOO. Ebho is first perforroed before Ibis ccremonies take placed Tbis is where san lazaro. What king ofhelp are yoo oftering me. agaIlu without climbing down &om !he paIm.n went before olofin with !he pigcoo and olofin said I confer upoo. lo him. Lon ago Obatala was Ihe one who took careoflhe money oflhe persan in bis lown lhat. sister or memher oflhe sarne religious family. and lo elegua Ihe owner of !he crossroads with !he asbe lo opeo and close Ihern at will Ibis sigo marked by a hetrayal hetween brother. pigeon wcre Sloleo. In Ibis ifObatsai is nol appeased he will maintain Ibis persan in as constan! state . Thal a very dubious and unscrupulous even lo Ihe poinl of killing to nO! be discovered or found out Ibis is sigo speak of evil prenda of palo lhal create difficullies for Ihe person and bis family.

put on!he necklace ofSan Lazaro . Or your children if you have any This person is lucky. Note the obbo with!he dog must have!he obbo hung around Ihe nock ofthe dog. 4 comer. filbric differenl color peanut. but his her.lFAOMA lFAILE lFAAWOATIPOLA lFABURU There was a prince lbal everyday like lo visi! a your gir\ al he< bome and wben everyone went lo slcep. He Betrayed her by marrying another one of his gir\fiiends There is infidelity on!he pSI! ofthe man. ground cernetery.' # 321 CONTINUATION TIIE !ROSO OFUN ATIPOLA lFABURU. in order resolve your problem and bring prosperity back inlo your Life. ground 4 comer from you house Ebbo 1 rooster ground hole. in your amorous relation ship. ofthe awo it is good luck . ATIPOLA lFABURU. Beware ofbetrayal by your lover Married woman your husbsnd absndoned your or is thinking about leaving you for another woman< You lover or husbsnd is going lo move or travel far away and wiU nol rernember you. 1 chain . Bu! is rea\ity. You Iuck will nol be found in lbe art of gambling Ebbo 1 rooster 1 twt1e . Roper. bair!he dog. Yuou must al !he very least. But found himself economica\ly changed he Wenl seo orun\a and tbis sigo was seo. differenl feather. He wou!a sn"* inlo!he gir\ room and have sex with her aside from !he young gir\ s illusions lo many the prince.. retumed lo !he horne. Where ira said you must stop gambling and receive San Lazaro. H acted as ifhe wou\d go bome. and bloating of!he stomach act quickly So you can cure these medica\s problems There was a man wbo Iiked lo gamble. used cloth..Page 325 of 864 . enemies don'l I aIlow tbis person lo prosper Do obbo so that you don I suffoeated due blood related iUness There!he person that has an ilIness of!he feet .

Ihe llame couId Not extinguish !he fue on Ibe parrot fealber . This . where Ibe earth carne logether 10 creale !he rocks and !he mountain This oign is bom !he araye.'¡A ELEBO (ro REPEAT 3 TIME OYOLO MOGUENE GUENE OYU OSE KOMARO OYUARAVE UNLO) ELENU ARAVE UNLO. IRAJUN BOANU ADIFAFUN A<INARA ALDELIl PEKO KIKO MAKUADA IKY. Conquest and celebrilies status belief and revelation help in an emergence lhe absorben! hsirs lbal line Ibe wall of!he intestine spirituaJ possession.minino.OYOLOMOGUENE CUENE OU KlI1 BILOKUN ARAVE nwA EBBO OItUMILA LOItUBO BABA OItOGUN NIMOUS ORI OUN lOKO ADIFAFUN AKITIFA ADIFAFUN ARONI MAMA FOItOSILE. i. Akere and awo 1I io represen! !he Iower strata of!he earth.peckIed one . !he seashells. OMOLODUMARE ARIKU LOWAO OMOLODUMARE AGANGARA OMOLORI3UMARE PRAVE OF TIII! FINE ILEKE MARA I'OROLOYU ERE KUSTAHO NARA NARA ADIFAFUN OLUYEBE OBI ORUN OLUYEBE OBI INA OLUYEBE OBI IKORDJE NOTE e1egua is covered wilb honor. Thi. !he virtues oflbe pigeon dust bin!.OLA BLA KIKUALORULAYEBEIFAOMONIOIANGOADDERENlLAYE. The deformed boing in !he spiritual rea1m gnld!he owner ofall!he metal. Ibe deformed boina in !he spiritual rea1m gold!he.) KIKOMAKUADA ARIlN) KIKOMAKUADA OFO ) KIKOMAKUADA EVO KIKOMAKUADA ARAVE) KIKOMAKUADA ONILU) KIKOMAKUADA ACllELU . ADELIlOI!KO COMO OLORDUMARE BABA OJUANI MEII ADIFAFUN AGANGARA. And is a child oftwin. The hand and fee! were crealed in Ibis sign. ) IKU UNLO ) ARUN UNLO. Metal tin Planet 1rabunI0kun Nemune ) . ADDELIlPEKOKIKOMAKUADAIKU ADDELIlPEKO KIKOMAKUADA ARUN ADDELIlPEKO.ign is &. wall oflbe inlestino spiritual posecion. ) OFO UNLO ) EVO UNLO OYUYEBE YUUlBE OLUYEBE YUUlBE AFERESHO AGANGARA. AKITIFA ADJE CINQUEÑA ELIlBO SUUERE) MAMA FOItOSILE AKITIFA ADJE QUINQlJEI. crushed bread eku jutía.Page 326 of 864 # 322 OJUANlMEUJ! AL LORO OLIJO!BE LORINA OLIJO!BE LOOI OLORUN OLUO!BE LOIII ODIDE OYOKILO POLOPA INA KODIDE SULLERE EGGUN ALAOUEMA IKU OFOWO ADE!RO !RO OLOGINI IKU OFOWO. The great King created fue crealed Ibe sun and craled Ibe parrot. KIKOMAKUADA OFO ADDELEPEKO KOMOLORDIJMARE AGANGARA OLUWO NI ORIBI OKUN OItUN WA WALE ESHU KIKOMAKUADA IKU. If day i. Sbsrp. and poinled objects. Tbe colora are !he . Awo asese Tbursday.

Agbesi to come down to earth.. ansd Oduduwa. Life and dead speak in this sigo : Human beings tonnent in Ibis sigo. The lonely souI (m'DimaslOlas) and Ibe specter (karakolo ) You suff.. In Is marine bIne) The obbo wiU bave various stick. feather pigeon and guine.. Ojuani melle completing !he msndaIe of olofio.. in order lo obtsin !he permission of eg . I roost. &om stomacb problem. is bom !he ( u1veras ) in Ibe rectum and in Ibe deudeno This is wh.. A violenl stated .. lived at Ibe foot oflbeir falber carne down from ara onu. in order lo save Ibe human race In this sigo. of dassa of dahomey In Ibis sigo. is bom Ibe ceremonies of!he coronation oflbe ja with Ibe feather ofosono Guine . dassanumolu and he carne down from the land of majino dassa zoume IN ORDER ro GIVE FOOT ro 1lIE EARTH 1) INLE OGUERE AGBAVE GBOGBO IRUMALE ALAGBA ALAGBA AIYE 2) INLE AFOKAN AGBAVE GBOGBO IRUMALE ALAGBA ALAGBA AIYE 3) INLE AFOKOERY AGBAVE GBOGBO IRUMALE ALAGBA ALAGBA AIYE 4 ) ALAPIN AGBAVE GBOGBO IRUMALE ALAGBA ALAGBA AIYE S ) ORO !NA AGBAVE.. OLUWO mE LOBI OLORUN.. of and intestinal virus an ulcer or dyspepsia. wbich !he arara call Ibe brush of san lazaro. Grains millet or sesame seeds ne color lo d .. OLUWO mE LOBI ODIDE OYOKl LO POLOPA!NA KODIDE ALAGUEMA IKU OFOWO ADDE IROSO IRO IRO • OLOGINI IKU OFOWO IRAJUN BOMU In Ibis ifa. !he ja was first used in !he Iand. killing men bird anything tbal Ibey saw.. The awo. The fruits of one s labor are never because ingratitude work barder!han this Person does The cbildren ofOduduwa Akala who. The dilldren of ojuani melle will be wealtby from cbildbood Ibey will bave cbildren. red..AGBA AIYE 8) OGUE/AN AGBAVE GBOGBO IRUMALE ALAGBA ALAGBA AIYE 9 ) POOLO AGBAVE GBOGBO IRUMALE ALAGBA ALAGBA AIYE in this sigo.ALAGBARA ALAGBARA AIYE 7) AYANAKUN AGBAVE GBOGBO IRUMALE ALAGBA AL. OLUWO mE LOBINA. GBOGBO IRUMALE ALAGBA ALAGBA AIYE 6 ( ASIIIKUELU AGBA VE GBOGBO IRUMALE . Money and faroe. Oduduwa &kala held Then back and ordered san lazaro. But !hey sbould be careful because Ibey could lose it 011 Do not ea! guinea hens. Created !he colo1'8 and !he precious stone Woman withlbis sigo. will talce o seed &om the mamey... Your suft'ering is due lo !he colic and nepbritic problem oflbe Stomacb. must be takeu directly lo !he ocean or!he river. San lazaro is called .Page 327 of 864 #323 CONTINUATIONnJEOIUNlMElLE . In Ibis sigo. goal. Is bom tbat when and hens is give to egguo. This is very powerful !he sigo. and pain Ihe sigo of ojuani melle. hair lamb .

Mst clean himselfwith an goal small and give il lo elegua. In order 10 live OD the surlBce ofthe eartb.. Ihe old warrior or gloherrutter. wbo liv. wben . And (afoche du~) is prepared wilb a butterfly and feces of ( ologbo Cal) To overoome a court battle. which was Ibe head directoroflbe cull of eggun and sbe herself bad Ibe power lo transform inlo waler This is where oggun is ca\led aro isbokuo. Since Ibe path was rugged. This made ber very sad and she began 10 ay because sbe knew she bad lo retum lo he her heme and live her Iife as what she now was an eag\e. Ojuani mej~ is Ibe ifa ofthe salamander.he anived. They were Cold blooded animals wilb a large body. Waler laba is Ibe power lbal (Osbun Opolnda) bad. She hegan 10 feel nostatgic aboUI ber homeland and sbe decide 10 returned and visit ber family. Who is an Obalala ca\led Mola MOla leave slowly ) This is an ifa of masks Where lhe cbiefwas Oyugudulashe planl jaboncillo The persan for whom Ibis sigo is seeo. ber fee! grew and her heak grew. sbarp and pointed. In this sigo (Aworo new awo) is!he lorment ofOrun Dio this ifa !he molber of aguema spesks.' found io the river mud. Ibe salamander s loucb is so cold lbal i~ could extinguish a llame. and Ibis whal help him change bis color. wbere the vettebrates evolve iolO gianl lizards Dioosaurs) and abandnned the sea. spesks oflbe 3 Warlock spirils which are I ) Ologbunmole Ibe one that travel on Ibe roads 2) Olobunmosa lhe one lbal tlys 3) Olobunnarepa lhe one lbal kills Ibese 3 eggun live wilh lusverr and Ihe 3 IOgether represenl Ibe vampire or Ibe spirils tlys on Ibe road and kills . However. Dtu Ibe fee! and Ibe heads were smaJl and Iberefore could nol adapt lo the cbangin8 environment resulting io the extinction In the sigo Ibe piseon lived with ber family. ooe day. Then ask him whal must he done wilb Ibe animals Ojuani meji. offlbe food lbal is '-. Marking war along Ibe ways In this sigo. AlI of Ibe olber bird were frigbtened by her and closed the door on ber. he direct Ihe Nomad from a placed lo mother. bul sbe was misunderstood and sbe decide lo Leave and live io Ibe mountain..Page 328 of 864 #324 CONTINUATION 11IE OJUANI MELLE Remover Ibe head from Ibe body oflbe hen This is wbere Iife began io Ibe ocean.

he struggle lo. You are having stomaeh pains The woman of Ibis ifa is a slave. bul Ibis egguo keep Ibis person a1000 for many years and only allows relationships that il deems wortby.> #325 CONTINUATIONTIlBOJUANlMElLI! In Ibis sign the awo poUf booey or pray for Ibe osbe. This is where ifa waS done to the " cat. becau . Yoo have an enemy that doos not a1low you 10 prospor and that eoemy will be wbere you are traveling 10.. Olorisha yoor orisha must a1ways have gourd of fresh waler next lo bem. and much mooey. rooS!er and 4 differenl rivees In Ibis sigo. Yoo are Ibinking oftraveling somew&ere bu! yoo mUS! do ebbo before 1eaving. Thal is 000 Ibe bed 'Ibis sign egguo father is fed wilh an rooster logetber with Shango. Then the following ingredient are added 4 stones ofthe river. acquire a man lbal will be faitbful lo onIy her she is faithful bul very jea10us Don I pass by ebildren Ibal are playing in a groop. where Ibe otisba could 1. When Ibis sign seen. Ebbo was dooo done witb cbalk 9 bread. Ibis rooster is wrapped in lesves of plarrt ( a1amo ) and placed into a cerarnic gourd. l oflbe ¡¡)Cest. . very faitbful lO bien however. y 00 are a spirirualist and the eggun take possession of your body You must foed eggun. elegua is truly angry 'Ibis i. 'Ibis sign is Ibe kingdom of odduwa.. Woman and their child are sick and must do ebbo wilb Ibe people s Clo!hes that !bey are weanng. Revelation is bom in Ibis sigg The man for wbom Ibis ifa is seen. An orpban. Now Ibis eggun is &ere lo protect and take cace oflbis person. arrive on esrtb. Ibere is a movemenl or uprisill8 in !he eity and you must nOl 1eave your horne foe the space of7 dsys. l eIcu. is bom Ibe forgetting oflbe memory oflbe previoos incamslion There are 2 kill8 egguo standing al your door blocking the entrance of every lbing good and beneficial for you. becan . l 10 prior incarnation Ibis egguo killed Ibis person s mother tben killed bimself lesving Ibis person. love her man a 101 and i. becau . The woman ofthe sigo. jea10us witb bim. yoo couJd get hil wilb a hall stiek oc other abject. sbe is a1so very. becan. she gives everythill8 in exehanger for notbing . bu! is very jea1ous..Page 329 of 864 . " 'Ibis sign speak of an eggun that aocompanies !he person and help Ibis person. And hand of cowries sbel~ l conch 9 (guaka1ote ) 9 oye boffa1o" 9 maler red. . is lold lO take a hoe and iII lbe groond with il in order 10 receive a blessing. oggun was standing in the way ID. you wish 10 reaIize more thing Iban yoo are eapsble of acbieving . And bed sheet. JI is take 10 fores! Thewoods. And overprotective will only a1low people that a good affinity Wrtb Ibis egguo live witb Ibis person Ifa of many cballenges and difficuJties.. Tbuodentooo is placed into Ibe ebbo of Ibis sign Ojuani moji has time wben bis ber head is in a stated ofbewilderment. There is a1ways a friend lbal will secretly harm you or betray you. y 00 clegus is wesk have Ibe awo fue bim. 'Ibis ifa is bom !he foonding oflbe IOwns The talenl ofhea1ing !he sick is boro in Ibis oduduws . Y00 sbould nol gol logether witb anyone In Ibis sign Ibe man.

are strong of ehaIacter and lemperameol. The cannot drink too mush water. Theo place sorne of Ihe rogarioo iOlo Ibe packsge oflbe ebbo Ihis done so lbal Ibe wilchcraft Oflbe clieol . or io froOI of anyone Padrinio and ahijados must be careful lbal !bey don I separated In Ibis sigo. In this sigo. placed lo elegua il is cul inlO 3 pieces and Ihe inlerested party cleao bimself wilh Ihem after 3 days. The soo oflbis sigo. Ibey forget about!be people. !hal was sacrificed. Shango and eleguo eal rooster logether Elegua give 1 jiojio small chicken ¡íDm 3 different forest. that help!bem. Are susceptible. They are no! assiduous visilor oflbeir meod because !bey are suspicious o~ People by nature !bey are good. Tbe awo must rogatioo heforeband. must he giveo always. Simple bul bold grudge Ibey should nol curse or verbally condemn someone they must take care afthe stomach._ They sbould avoid scandal. Coc a client. This sigo mark !be birth of San lazaro" bis continuity and Ibe ehange from lucumi lo arara. seo forthcoming event. Tbey have success in all lbiog lbal !bey embark upon bul !bey also.) Ibe awo will then ask if Ibe ebbo will go inside of Ibe akopotika ) In this sigo a Rat is give lo oggun. Whal Ibey bave built with Ibeir heads Ibey are. Oreen banana. Bul Ibey one defect. when an goal. doe. House ( UD bebolo lo be in !be city ) Ibe res! are placed into an ( akonpolika very small wooden coftin. In this sigo. It is depend. Note wben Ibe awo perfonns s rogatioo of this sigo on a eHent. Is boro !hal Ihe padrinio and Ihe oyubona cannol hil Ihe ahijado during Ihe ceremonies tbe ofthe Iyorye When the awo is gOÍDg to do ebbo oC tbis sign. Bu! al Ibeir base. Tbey bave good beart. An ebbo is performe wilb different type of insects among Ihem. Ibeo Ibis rogation divide into 4 pan and eaeh ooe is lied lo Ibe 108 oflbe rooster. 10 elegoa for 3 days wbeo lhe banana i. Tbey will 00 cry circumstanced. Smoked\ Dried and finally placed OOIOp of oggun. Tbe oecklace and Ibe idefa oflbis sigo made of2 threada When Ibis sigo is seen io an alefa. Womb abdomen and not eat the intestine organ oC animals they. Guide give thern a great ability lo. ooe of Ibe male goal. The awo will rogation on thje eye ofthe ebbo.Page 330 of 864 ' ) # 326 CONI1NUATION nm OJUANI MEJI Thcn this is fed. Have a lendeney lo destroyer with Ibeir fee!. Placed viole!. Before is give lo E1egua. he mast first do one for bimself. OnIy Ibe wood. 001 reach !be awo. dominanl and uncompromising. Ibis cenunie gourd is Ibeo buried In this ifa. is give 10 elegua. And group ofl. spiritualist. wilb hem Ibe awo ifa. Tbe are loken lo 3 differenl patbs or comer. Ihe awo lbal participaled iolbe ceremony .

eggun aliar Ebbo l .Page 331 of 864 #327 CONl1NUATION mE OlUANI MI!LLE ni. evcry once in a wbile place bis ifa nexI lo tbis< eggun guide on bis. plaut banana. and Ibis a!tribute is made of stick majagua. l ofwbicb are uscd 10 touch hcsd eku ena and rcst the iDgrcdieot : Ebbo l roostcr ground the 4 comer from you bousc and you boes. awo ofthe sigo should. waten:reas. pa1m branch i. 1 trap. covered with Ibe Sidn ofthe guin. A1so a especial olegua !hal is wrapped. muS! Ibe planled. Stuck in Ibe esrth al Ibe pcrson. ground the /rom of you enemies.. for"egua 1 rooster. bránch is hung over the bod oflbe awo Ibis spell is done so that the awo can elud. and it. the malignaD! eggun !hal can attack bim al an unexpected moment mille popper. Ebbo l rooster. /rom hospital. The pcrson will use the sboes 10 till a11 ofthe. and rcst the iDgrcdienl. 1 and reS! Ibe ingredieot Ebbo 2 hoes 1 bal.. l rat 1 trap. from you bouse. eggun for Ibis sigo In order fur Ibe eggun 10 obey Ibe padrinio.. :< needle 1 rol. ground 4 comer. 4 different filbrio. Ebbo new boes is conccntrated. You need control lb.. with prayer and token bome it is. cotton" and reS! Ibe ingredient. the millet powder and the popper ioto bis her mouth then blow Ibem ODIo elegua asking for Ibe resalution of Ibe problem rogation with two pigeon Ibon pigeon and rogation are thrown ioto Ibe river in Ibis pcrson s palio a guava treo. a1ongsido Ibis treo and attribule of osain is a1so buried. Ibe pcrson wiII place epa. esch al the pcrson bome cash doy. used stick Hala ha1a. 1 small cbicken. ground from a 10mb.. gnod lbing loward bis bomo. ground the 4 comer from you bouse and sboes. Or wilb lhe person with Ibis sigo a broom mode of palm live is acquired and the 10p part il lilled wilb head eku ella coro. majagua. bomo. com honcy !UD and !he rcst !he ingredieot ... fuúsh Ibe ebbo Ibe rooster lo elegua 1 patm branch lilled witSh inkin and 1 guine. instnunent !he surgcry. fealber. lo giv. Then dressed with fabric red color and block Small cbicken 10 "egua Spell so that Ibe araye l rooster 1 mirror com ground 4 comer . that male and fema1e. Wrth cowrie shell. and lb. Ebbo ifa fur resalvo anytbing. osain. 1 hens. give Ibe blOOm. /rom police. filbric diffcrenl color Fcather pigcon and guiDe.maIl stones /rom Ibe river. Is pantcd al lhe food ofthe tree . 10 ..

!bis dust. placad to "egua with a small candle in front. then place tbem 00 the principIe door in the borne. everything is wrapped in the colnred IiIbric. ofthe person guardian angel prepared dust for you enemi. sbe drinks ron and each Mooday of Ibe monlb It wiU ea! Ibe pigeon togetber ·wilb Ochosi and Osain Mouoted is a cerarnic gourd) heart buxzard. give lO elegua then ara is wrapped in leaves ofleaves banana 21 popper are added all !bis is bumad and turned into blood finally. leave. Note eacb Monday !bis. of stick cuaba. ofyoung rooster. 9 bulton COIto. 21 popper the sma1l chicken.. I sma1l fish il i. 111ey are bumed and. So tbat tbe araye don't come ioto tbe awo horne. tbe awo fecd then I rooster. are Iater wrapped in tbe banana. grouud oflbe 12 pm. he wiU take a üve chameleoo and place it • head into the sheI~ long witb 7 popper al! !bis is ground into a fine powder.. the coconut. eye gal. Then it is plaecd inlo an jicara. are also added Every Monday. smoked wilb iyo and epo. fealher Ibe buzzard heañ pigeo. in tbe momiog al nigbt The jicara plaecd al the head oftbe person s bed Ibeo io Ihe momios. which has been give to ochosi logether wilb osaio !bis is sewn with colton is dressed with necldace white inside of!bis 9 popper. ground. and 7 planl 3 planl the elegua.Page 332 of 864 #328 CONTINUATlON nm OIUANI MI!LLIl This i. turned into blood. on then witb OSUD and efun.11 cent are added lo the jicara and it • conteo!s lo the 4 comer .. a smal! amounl of cooked coro 8our. together with elegua. Thi... it is dried and finely ground 9 smaU pi. ofiló tapa camino. com ) I bott1e cottoo. and ask fur Ibe desired resoli after !bis the jicara is a placad in fronl of elegua a candle is lit for 3 day. 12 nigbt. The awo will do an ebbo with tbem. fioally !bis dust is blown 00 tbe persao a tragedy in order lO e1iminate him 1 Iizard small. are added 9 of cuaba whileand 9 cuaba yeUow. ) take I Iatger sbeU wbeo the inleres! pany wakes up in the momios. Talisman ) I rooster ( paja straw... wilb 3 small pi. tbe ifa ofthe door boh) take the sma1l boh paint the ojuani meUe. It ea!s pigeoo with Ochosi and osain. Ibe person wiU brush Ibeir teetb.. tbeo it is blown 00 the tragedy I young rooster. paprika epo And dray wine. Before he wasbes bis fiIce or mount< He wilI scrap bis tongoe with a popsicle stick. I stone remover the fire leaves I banana. grouud 4 comer from you house To acquire sometbing The awo will take. he will tbeo place !bis substance into the shel~ 111e awo will pray Ojuani Mej~ and curse bis enemy. roo! the palm treo.

be will omiero. bumed inside od Ibe casserole. and reS! Ihe ingredienl . Ebbo 1 rooster. after Ibis. Ibis powder is spread on the awo s band Iben be will caros Ibe woman s band. ground for comer. ) 00 the 3 rd day the awo will boil yam Wanted pour it into Ibe drainage dileh. and Ibe rest Ibe ingredienl In this sigu Ibe transformations of Ibe mean s filces speak A piece of jewelry wilb a small mirror is placed lo elegua. escoba amarga. Take 1 guiDe. the person is clean wilh wbile fabric. lmmOdiately. run honey Differenl fabric. ( 7 pascban stiek. and yellow . eku eya. 1 bal. Ibe person s height a11 ofthis is placed al Ibe fOO! o~ a Ceiba treo. band and placed on this person s forebead. EGGUN YIKU IKU EGGUN IKU AOO With Ibe pigcon Ibe person is cleaned and Ihe awo will give pigcon lo a11 of Ibe ingredienl. 1 stones. in question wbile Praying the sigo of ojuani melle. I boe. run is prayed is froml and behind Ibe. 7 popper ( índigo aniI ) blood Ibe twt1e. inba1e some ofthe smoker. ground different posilion. almacigo. eirele is drawn Ibe OparaIdo is performed as is CUSlomary. a1lowing tite dust lo cover Ihe wo. Tben a red circle i. Iben Ibe person is cleaned wilb an young rooster. is written Ibe person is c1eaned wilh planl albahaca paraiso. Wheo the awo wisbes lO lcaves ber. and oyeku obara.. I trap one fresb fish. in order lo eliminaled Ihe araye. wilb plant and especial estropajo natura1 soap yeUow) and Ibe remaioiog omiero will be poured into a drainage dileh wbile Ca1Iing egguo and praying the sigo. an candle is til . pigcoo are placed on top of Ibe fabric. of ( osa irete. ) dust oftwt1e eku ella and The 7 pascban stiek) a11 oflbis placed al Ibe foot oflbe beal oflbe iII patienl so lbal he she can. The guine is. The omiero is with plant (aniI iodigo) plant algarrobo. a wbile cin:le is drawn. and black Ibe planl and dead. 1 rooster. Add iyefa To tem. Together wilb Ibe popper" The plant (índigo aniI. Ibe inlerest party will have on young rooster.. Ibeo place a yam and yeUow f10wer into dileh Para1do fur six les gol.Page 333 of 864 #329 OONI'INUAnON 11IE OJUAN! MELLB Place 3 chameleoo out in the moming sun lo dry. Every thing is pieked up Ialer lbal days and talce lo forest. one small stones. Ibe awo will pay fur the power of domination over Ibe woman. albahaca averikunlo Note Betweeo Ibe red and yellow cyrc1e in Ibe casserole a blaek eirele is plaeed Para1do Ibe ojuni s band Ibis is bow the awo will domioated Ibe woman. behind Ihe person. Spell for good luck ) 1 goal. drawn inside oftlte casserole inside ofthe red eirele a yeUow. around the lop ofthe casserole. Ihen Ibis plant is used lo remover Ihe sign and Ibe awo will sins. S piece marble. in bis her left. 1f it rain and Ibe persan play Ibe lottery he she will wins Ebbo 1 roost. talce the tails pulverize Ibem. ) 1 casserole. rompe saraguey. person. wbile prayer fur Ibe desire resull Ibe awo gives obi mitulo and placed Ihe 4 coconul.

or you wiII hsve ono. Y011 mother or you father. lhal he noeded.. eku ella epo . !bis penan buried some money and is now going tbrough hard ship in Ihe afterliCe You are dreaming oC an orisha. that ia standing in front oC an altar !bis ia a good tbing Do ebbo so that none oC your children die y 00 hsve your woman and a rieh lo. finaneially.. wbat is!he lbing lhal you wanl Ihe mos!. with all oClhe ripped or 10m cIothes that !he penan has in !bis home Who ia your fiunily has died. Eaeh day Ihe inlerested party will ask for whal he noed from OIodumare. you Cor a few days because my husband has left on a trip she. However when ahe linds out that yoo are weU off. When your woman find out. Ihe woman s falho. When Olodumare was cured by !he &0 he asked him TeU me. awo after Ihe ebbo. Tbe youug rooste< sive later elegua. Ebbo 2 hens. She responded notbing 1 ve only come 10 visil. She ended up staying wilh her falher Cor 2 years in Ihose 2 years her husband advanced bis. In order 10 benefit fiom your good fonones The man hsve two woman and lb of!hem wants lo IdII You. . . 1 corals 5 arriving her falher asked. Do ebho 60 lhal doesn'l happen. was siele he ordered rus messenger lo lock for and bring baele Agangara &wo in order 10 cure him. 1 noed mooey Ibis is how Agangara Awo asked Olordumare for everytbing. eku en. She decided lo leave fOI her falher s hoose Upon. whsl • hsppened lo make yoo come visil me.Page 334 of 864 #330 CONTINUA1l0N nm OJUANI MELLE for siele lo go sarayeye 10 clean !bis penan) ia performed . The falho. And wear an affiican parro! feather in your bair Tbere once was a woman who had an apparently hsppy marriage bul one days abe found out that her husband was hsving an affair. She will wanl lo return. lo take ber baek lo bis son in law. you. ifa says that in yOll home. lhal Nothing that anyone ~d could console her. there ia a siele penan who needs lo do ebbo. me! holh oflhem al Ihe door and cursed bis formed wife after !bis she returned inlo a river AGANGARA AWOOWDUMARE ADlFAFUN OLORDUMARE When OIordumare. She is going lo leave your side and divo"". Tbis ncws csnsed such a great impsct. Olordumare 1 nced children Olordumare . !he sky You hsve given birtb lo twins you noed lo receive !he twin. with hot coro hot """.. s house The husband knowing lhal Ihe woman was retwning only because ofbis money. 1 small rooster. then everytbing is take 10 COres!. OLodumare 1 nced A woman.. agaogara awo said . are tied logerher along wilh Ihe coral. at 12 midnight after!bis !he hol ingredienl "'" placed 10 e1egua. fonones immensely and he became a popular person one days .

ARUN MUNIKABO. lbe first ( Ologboyo ) bis father WIS bumpbacked and protected by Ihe ogbba egguo ) De ire Ibis Ogba eggun was also bumpbacked. In the bottom oflbe mitror. will bde their King wbo will escaped througb a crack. ( Ihe one lbal makes witchcraft potenl Lizard is include in the moS! importanl preparation of ogu in order 10 increased Ibe potency of Ibe preparalions. walked 00 the earth lo lest it for Orisha. However the magica1 spelL tbat imprisoned these creatures. Tbe tirst 10 awaken. Ibe bens spread the sand turn lo solid. bu! the world ofthe mitror was coIorles. They will be joined by Ibe creaturos of Ibe sea aod tbere will be no stopping them. reflectioos ofthe real world. One day. and furmless place 00 days The inhabitant ofthe mirror world. Omobosabe the ooe lbal was boro inside ofthe crown. the awo imprisoned Ibe invaders in Ibeir mitror world. and lizard.E TIKO IKU 0REKIml IKU. Ibe orisba poured Ibe sand iDlo Ibe ocean. Wben the orisba arrived on eartb. MUNICABO . Gave tbem 1 gourd filled with sand one bens. invaded the world ofman. exoepl for rituals for the creation of medicines it s name is aje eggun. OFO MUNIKABO YAUNfA. bis fatber was ojuani meji Oluwo osain. He will be foUowed by bis legions of. 0REKE1Il AllELU YAUNfA OREKImlIKU MUNIKABO . c:reature beyond human comprebensioo. is must nol lo the lrilled. will be broken aod Ibe world wiU seo the awakening 01. 0REKElE OGU. Tbeir strengtb was so greal Tbat!bey wou1d bave succeeded if 001 fur Ibe otber. Condemning tbem 10 forever imitáietlie action oflbe worId ofman. 0REKI!1E ARUN 0REKI!1E oro. Ground the cbameleon. They fouod Ibe planed c:ompletely c:overed with water BU! olorddumare." Once upon time the world of the mitror and the world of man were able lo oommunicate Wilh each otber. Tbis is how the deities Were able 10 walk the earth The lizard is a saaed animal it. bul in that land only those tbat were humpbacked could aspired lO the throne l'RAVER ro SllANGO SllANGO ANANA AKATAlERI OWENlBIDA ANlKOLAFlN OLELE BIOKB AGADA ANAWAOYE WALAYA OKUN AGANGALOYU AWE NI1lJTIJLUERE AKAKAMASIA A WE Y ABIGU AWABARABI AWA BARA1n. 0REKIml EVO 0REKIml!NA.Page 335 of 864 # 331 CONTINUATIONTIIB OJUANl MELUl . 0REKI!1E INILU. eftbm of an awo (lilao! Chinese ) Babalawo wilb Ibe ligo ofOjuani mej~ using bis lmowledge oflbe magica1 arto. he was able lo prevail and stop the invadiDg army from c:onquering bis land. OREKETE ONA. Invader and Ibe time. Reducing them lo mere.

Osorbo oflbis sigo. In order lo avoid . So thal he does not destroy Ibis persan s horne in an instan!. persan is capable of Idlling someone close to him This ifa Signals that the person must do everything in her bis power in order to dominated Ibe anger and violence that they have inside because Ims will destroy Ihe persan. This persan muS! be persuasive. Thi. Esbu must urgently be given a rooster. When the persan hecomes perplexed. Should nol baptize lOyone In Ibis sigo. tragic situation. Money is nol everything in life You must receive anolber Obatala. ÑAMATI ABEU. The more he sbe wants. The more Ibis persan has. Because Ibis persan will go SO far lo romance Ihe woman Man of ms bers beS! friend y 00 muS! be careful wilh accidenls. Patienl lOd honorable with ms friend in order 10 inlelligently Resalve bis problern th'l wil1 come up in ms tife . The awo lOd apeterlli of Ibis sigo.Page 336 of 864 #232 OIUAN! ORBE (OIUAN! SROVI ) TABAYOKU BAIN BAIN LOBATI AOIFAFUN AUN BABALAWO MERI DILOGUN TINDODIFA UJ!OLOFIN OJUAN!COBE EOiUBA AUN AFECHU EOiUBA IFANI KAFERI!FUN OCIRJN Y Y~RDE OIUAN! 0I0BE EOiUBA AUN AFECHUEOiUBA OBB UN OIAOUB N1SA AOIB1>AlNILOOUB MOFE U!NI OIJ!MIOIIB AOAOAOOOO COFINUOUA ARAOUN LORDAFUN lCA ABALIDAMI LORUN MODA ORA AQUICEDIB octrrAN OWO LA MElLO TONruELLO ORE CORIRAMIU. hecause Ibis give rise lo violence wmch could cause yoo unforeseeable problem y 00 must be careful wilh theft Ojuani chobo is no on S friend. hecause your hoard will receive the strongeS! and maS! damaging impact . ls hom Ibe ( pinardo latife ) oflbe iworo This sign prombil taJcing care oflbing lhal are no! yours Your are prombited from lending anytmng lo anybody y 00 are prombited from complaining or protesting in a rude manner. Or angered. And usuaIly Ibis persan is egotistical and does I lilee lo belp anyone Arrogance is Ibe great. This sign an ifa of avarice.O OWO OJUANI SHOW ICE ESHU BAO ICE ESHU ONI LARIO ICE ESIIU BAO OJUANI SROBI OBE OSHA OOOUN OSAIN AWO AFEYE ARA WO SHUMIlNUSHU AOIB SHUMIlNUSHU NUKUAN LEKO WOMI OJUANI SHOBI ICESHU BAWAO) REPIT) UNBILA AWA LARIO OIUAN! SHOBI KEAHU BAWAO Note Ibis sign crystal was disoovered in Ibe world Here Ibe owneroflbis sign lives with whal is bad or eviI.EAOIFAFUNAMERECOCOROAWO AORODUN AKUKO 1 = .

He reclaimed Ibe cbain That was DOW around Ojuani son. by haviog each ofthem see ooly on. baoaoa tree and gave Ibe casserole hack lO ojyuani. Ogbe gave a cbain as a gift lo ojusni and retum ojusni gave ogbe ceramic casserol. Note Ihe manuscripl does nol say whal Ibe abov. with lO ( Iard corajo ) aod com lo san lazaro. How elegua was abl. However. so you must visit a ophtbalmologist on a frequenl hasi. So Ibat blood does nol Oow in your home Nevcr help aoyone because you will see your self fall and Ibe persan you help will rise above you. he gol a machete aod cut off bis own son neck just lo retom Ibe chain because oflbis ojusni wcnl lo jail aod ogbe s time spcnl cullivaling bis baoaoa Ir. aficr Ibe person will take infusion of rue rool and onion rool for 7 days. do bis her bidding nis is where elegua put on a baIf red aod baIf blsek. Oray wine and sall. BOlh oflbe friend lost in Ibis argument. ha! as black and Ibe otber as red. PIaced frieod fresh fish. Then Ibey started lo argo. ha!. Ibis is take for breakfast. Since ojuani could nol remover chain around bis son s neok. side orthe ha!. When ogbe return Ibe casserole. persan CIlIZ)' ni. In Ibis sigo Ibe pigcon and everything is of olofin !fa ire placed a ha! Ibsl is baIf blsek and half wbile !fa osorbo placed. side oflbe ha!. Time passed. And tricked two friend inlo Figbting. In Ibis sigo marked by an obligation Ibsl Ibis persoo wanls lo have come lO and end. Ojuani placed the cbain around bis son s neck aod Obe planled a Banana tree in lb. Ibeo Ibe persan will drinking oDlÍero madc from plant ( Shewerekuekue ) Wilb a IittIc bit of oi! for a perlod of 7 days. one of the frieod saw lb. previously give lo Ibe otber.. casserole. Ogbe went bome. s neck. over the color oflbe ha!.. punish by blinding and making lb.. You have problem wilb rheumalism arthritis you vertebral column ( you could end up an Invalid or in a whcelchair) ·and problem with you vision . and ir this person does Dot act with intelligence and moderation tbis person will have a lot oC problem Tum 00 Ihe faucet and let Ibe waler ron. wilh a littlcr bil of oil. lo break Ibis friendsbip apart forever Ojusni had a son.Page 337 of 864 #233 CONTINUATION 11lE OJUANI CHOBE You have problem wilb you vision.Iegua W8D1ed everyone lo do bis biddill/! Ojusni Shobi desire Ibsl everyon. a lotal waster. Wilb cumin and a piece of Ibe gizzard from !he hens... You must respect Oya . BUI one day Ibe two friend gol into a violent argument and each of them reclaimed Ibe gift Ibsl each one bad. one. rcmedy is for . You must take infusion of plant mejorana. and Ibis was. .. a ha! Ibsl is balfblack and halfred lo e1egua. gOl a machete lo cut down lb.. And Ibe son of ojuani grew up. is where .

Talce care of your eyesjght. Wben Ibe awo fini. Acbe bathe with il aod whalever asbe is left !he tablero. The ebbo is talce Ihe bushes is how ire and owo visit the house the Awo. p"'yer oruANI SHOBI ICE ESHU BAWAO ALASESEGUN AYE omANI SHOBI ALASESEGUN ADIFAFUNOruANIADIFAFUN AILE UNBATOWO AYE!LE AWO. H e will talce sorne oflhe. Ibsl give 10 elegua. Talce care of your children. oflbe ebbo.ying omANI SHOVI BASHOWANI OUN SIIEMISHE YlRO NI BODE AGADA AFOSHE YARA WADA EDI DANI LOGUN DAMIRE EfUN UlNI After!he bath. coro. wrapped wilb cottooed while while addiog Tbe general ingredient of!he araye Man have woman thst does oOlleave you a1ono. A boiled /lame. Ibeo ant tablero. And old lmife is p1aced lo e1egua.Page 338 of 864 . yoo have a daughter wilb her and you luck is dependanl 00 keeping Ibis woman happy.. Ibis js pjcked. is prepared around Ibe house" Spell lo spiritually This spell can also be done on any awo. Wheo !he awo does an ebbo tbrough Ibis sigo. during and to read. js placed 10 elegua and obata1a. And use bis elegua of igbodun for beniga jobs.. ifa. The moster is oponed up i. Ibis lmife i. Acho is sprinlded 00 Ibe floor. a deep plate wilb ewe malaoga is p1aced inside and 00 lop of Ibis sigo. Is elegua give and rooster. smolbered 00 Ihe i. And finally 16 piles of. Tbis is left on lop of elegua for 3 days. lo give 10 Oya. juti. Iben Ibe awo will ask if Ibis is talcen 10 forest . Fish .- #334 CONI'INUATION 1HE omANI CHOBE In Ibi. js prepared . y 00 cannot eal b1aclc beans. is drawn. Ibis plaeed bebind Ibe persan s door for ( achelu unJo policed les go ) . Ni for jobs of mischief and Promiscujty. a lit charcoal io placed oeXl. while saying Tbi. lO Ibis is added 1 cko eku eya epo osun Naburu 1 moster. dust almagre painter red color.. when this sign is seen. 3 fealber Ibe tail!he rooster. fal comjo. on top oflbis. wilb ooe candle lit.ide of Ibe moster. and of Awo narne mashed yaro. Theo add holy water or ( water oloifin ) Spell 1 plate. up plaeed into Ihe Ebbo. Ihen blood of the pigeon. give lo ( OYA ) laler Ibe hens are sprinkIed wilb san. siga 2 heo.hed. !he awo will coUect sorne ( imo osbun) Grind ir up boil ir cool add iyefa Tbal was left over 00 Ihe tablero ifa. Are used 10 destroy Ibe oegalivity ofthe siga . ls bloWD oulside Ibe entrance wbile p". Note !he ifa !he awo or person sbould have and use elegua. beside Ibe donr of!he main entrance. Ibe opoo lhe ifa. To elegua while Ibis js done. Ihere are plaeed bebind Ibe door Rogatioo with ekm. The awo will paiol ojuani ohobi on Ibe floor. ocean fa! corojo 1ben Ihey are take 10 !he sea. and !he ebbo. Malee sure thst Ibey are 001 aIIowed lo sufrer bet:ause of your AIgumentstive and violenl nature. Talce care of your Ihroal and blood.

Ibis person wilIihen stand before Ibis elegua and wrap!he ara of!he pigeon wilb!he Cabric white Tbis spe\1 is a1so etfective when !he awo wishes to &eX.) and lb. is give to e/egua in !he foUowing form. with anolber womsn and nol gOl Caugbt. Tbi.. Ebbo 1 roostcr 1 turtle. witb various stiele. AIons witb jutia fish fa! corojo com boney ron SpeU so that !he person is no discovered when be . Obi motto is give to!he awo mus! uk if an ebbo. .. ingredient" ihen bole is made in escb sbell of !he turtle !he general. and • tittle bit of otber ingredient. final 3 drop of!he blood lile give to elegua wben Ibis finisbed. forever united untiI dealb do Ibem part Awo ojuani shobo tives Ibe sigo ofbis ahijados for a period of6 y.. will eat. Ibis casserole is independent oflbe Osaill. (1 rooster. Ibis i. Tbe awo will Iben adel.1I !he orisba. Around elegua. on lop of!he name de banana. stooe Ibunder) esch time . an sigo ara is placed. tben !he awo will Sliele 7 pieces of different stiele and le! Ibis dray in Ibe sun. Then 1hese turtle. give lo Ibe odu ara. of. 1 chain.he commits an ilIega! Talce 1 pigeon remover son festher and cover elegua with them. Malee dust.he win eal everything that lb. to belp wilb Ibis a Ceramic casserole.Page 339 of 864 #335 CONTINUATION TIIE OJUANO 01000 An youlI8 roost.. !he banana. 1 ceramic casserole. s sboes soil of 7 differonl places ( uked ) eku ena epo ori efiJn Ron. and wilb a chain Ibsl i. Tben chsin is used lo uniteihe turtle. Ibe Lengtb of Ibe awo s waist it is tied lo an ceiba and an rooster i. is prepared first drawing Ibe alena of osain in Ibe casserole. he will iniroduce an ou wilb Ibe ingreÍIient ofbis ahijado and Ibis i. used lo feed !he stiele and Ibe area around. ánd res! d. lile talce to !he river and left Ibero to die logetber.. grifo tap) i.. 1 llame banana lndian. An iche osain is prepared wilb dust. wrapped wilh beod. !he locIe is used lo secure !he chsin. Tbe peISOD will tben clean bimself wiih !he ara of!he pigeon !he peISOD will !hen cover bimself with Cabrio. Ihe stiele lile !he Iass 3 drops ofblood and aIIow tbem lo &11 onto!he feathcr that lile covering elegua. And Ibis willlive underoealb!he pillow of!he awo. i. Ofhead rooster. ( on !he sand. ingredienl two person that lile lo be joined. No muera dominador palo santo tuya soil Ibe person..hobo is a true wilch doctor . that was separated. how padrinio willliv. ceiba. to Ibis sep. !hem !he person will talce • small piece of esch of Ibe stick. around !he elegua. Ibe awo does ifa. for six years al lbe coSl ofilis ahijado wilb !he smsll piece of cepa !he banana. lile placed into lbe turtle Tbrough m Ibe bole. Tbe awo will talce (1 cepa. mus! be perfonnoil with Ibsl blood filled sand. I son banana tree ) in order to mount an isbe osain. out of!hem and use Ibem as orunJa dictate because ojuani . Sand spread over!he ftoor. The aIIow Ibe pigeon lo faII. And elegua is placed on top blood of!he bens is giv. ifhss already receive Osain Qsain Ibe sign.

Ibis i. because you will always lose .Page 340 of 864 #336 CONTINUATION 11IE OJUANI SIIOBE Note Ibis is where the plan! known as no te avergueoces. is fed with Ibe blood oflbe heaS. is first WIÍtten. ) jio jio. Parsldo the ojuani shobes An ontiero prepared with leaves of plan! ( maranlion ) atiponla ceiba algarrobo. is coUected the awo make a bed Out of!bese leaves and the interested party willlie down 00 the leaves until !bey wither Then the leaves and the penon s clothes.. bejuco lechero zarza parilla bejuco mulatto. the bejuco you cut into 2 pieces ooe for the ebbo and the other ebbomisi don t do any favor for anyoDe. are written 00 the lIagruma leaves. and leaves ofthe banana. with filbric red. house in Ibis parsldo lhe sigo.. done in order to cure the persoo of any pulmonary di.. 1 piece of bumid crystal 1 stooe 6 pieces of marble ) spool of cotton. is added a11 ofthe plan! oflbe ontiero and banana treo and ) egg hens To Ibe omiero oflbis oparsldo blood of) hens is added and Ibis suyere is sung ABERIKUNLO KASIIE WAO MAREO EG<lUN MAREO -'-. And that is what is what is used lO. and black. are used to c1ean the doorway and the comer ofthe awo. ) stooe painted the red. Tbeo ojuani shob~ Tbe sacoe is done with the coconut that. simply red and black< Tbeo the obi lbat has the sigo written on it. Written first aside from this run. much mooey for the ebbo. an puppet. and it s left over. ebbo 1 rooster 1 hens sea sand . the egg hens. wnp up the young rooster.. plan! gbuye. then Obara Koso iflbe oparado is performed through the sigo of Obara iroso. theo Ibis egg hens is placed inside ofthe male or female puppet. Is Ibe ooe lbat is.. filbric of7 colon or el . paraiso Albahaca. the awo will rattle and agogo and sing EGGUN NI YAWO EWE IKU MAREO IKU MAREO. ) trap clolhing soi) from you hou.' Wheo the above ritua1 is performe. is made out of cloth and !bese ingredient are added plan! ofthe parsldo are placed into the head. However the sigo toyale ofthe osorde. Is performed theo it is buried together with the casserole after feediog it an rooster. are buried. Ifthe opacado is trough trus sigo ifa ojuani shoho. Wheo the youog rooster is going to killed. Ibis sigo is first. and the last ooe without any painted rooster. Wúl have severa! sigo written on it. ) stone for comer. aberikunlo. ofthe house ) knife 1 piece cottoo . is shattered hetúod Tbe persoo Ibe omiero that is Used to bath with. and the puppet.. ytagruma. Ola meta deep casserole with a hole 00 the bottom. To the body.

Page 341 of 864 1/337 CONTINUATION1lIE0JUANI SHOBI! Woman you have a 101 trl¡edy in your Ufe. You cspousc is stUl lhinkin8 about gdIing back logethcr with her be carcful. ocevcn dcath \fa osorbo trl¡edy. woman that is Iike your souI mate and Ibis woman will nol want to lcave your . you have liad 3 husband lovcr and until. That you don I havo 8 tragic enoountcr with Ibis man and blood is apit..ide and ditl'cmrt foml. for Ibis reason. bccausc elegua is Ihe obstade in Your patb and be<Xluld cause an argumcnl. bu! for Good howcver. You mJSt sive birth ID !he cbild that you havo inside yoo. Bcware tragedy cause<! by something !hal is oorrowed.a¡dy scparated ftom busband. You mus! do cbbo with I new cusemlc. !he hank kerchier is 1Ied around !he peraon • bead. In orderto Avoid you having your buaband come al you wilh a lmife. Thi. per50n mus! do cbbo wilh I twtIe I band kcrchief after!he cboo. Avoid trl¡edy with your cspousc. siga i. Separate them you are with a woman that just ree. and four 0. Man don I quarrel with your woman bccause if abelcaves. !he handkercmef is brougbt back and plaeed next to orumila You are annoyed al a situalion !hal is happening around you • You are vcry hard headed Tomorrowor!he day aft. And DO matter how han! you try< you will DO! be able to. smokcr fish. 2 pigeon bread I roost. you muS! holh do cbbo with pigCOD 4. WboSe guardian auge! elegua.. you will be Ihe hcad ofan ocganiution orbusiness You enler as !he servan! and you want to be !he lcather by force You mus! ebontisi your head with planl oru. so that in Ibis way.. You arevcry.' pigeon for!he woman.quarrelsomc and disobedicnl. thcn !he cbbo and !he live twtIe are 10ft in a bushy arca When Ibis sick person rccovcrs. involving a lmife due lo a woman !hal has anotIicr lover and !he fanúly is coverlng up Ihe situation. abe is going lo fiIIl in lovo with another man that you. taken to !he fOO! oCa treo oc bush. tbcn Ibis i. sick) per50n that has bis bcr fect haIf way in Ihe grave... !he lovcr oflhe woman is strongcr. For!he man. !hal Ihe espouse so be carefu~ That you are no kiJled or your kill someonc and spcnd !he res! of you lefe in prison !fa ire Givc female goal 10 onmla Thi. marked by envy and ungralcfulncss . you can hoth have good fortunes logcthcr Intori Ikn dcad ) oc arun. you have !he 4"' • You will DO havo tranquility. Your are going lo have 8.

with exception of!be son osbun because !bey.. Don I refuso 10 give food 10 someone In Ibis sign.. ber busband TIte domination lo thc man by thc woman is bom in Ibis sign. persan is egotistical gluttonous and is extremely proud ofwbal he she has ... wbal it cau. else nOl supplant your authorily or poaítion • The people !hat are around YOU.. everything wiU be 1051 • In this sign it is very possible that the persen could be an son Oya • The ashere ofOya is bom in Ibis sign Reat gibing are Si"" the persan head. bul ifthe persen does not give an gOS! to elegua. orisba and Ibis i. be careful !hal someone.. the persen will malee a 101 ofthe money. is when this persen will die. In Ibis sign Be careful with blood problem that affect !he head and could drive you insane Thi.. are envious and evil inlemion toward you You act without counsel from th. ifa of disobedience . is bom the erackling of \he plan! flunbroyan. at a oertsin hour ofthe nigbl The ire receive in Ibis sign by stealing pigeon coup then doing an ebbo with \he pigeon You are probibited from leUing Ues. OIWKUALIl OWO OGORO OBURI OBORI YEKU INLI! EBEREN OGORO BAWA IFA KALORUN OJUANI YEKU WATI8IIE AWO OSAIN IFA ORUN IFA SHANGO IFA OSAIN IFA KAFERIlFUN YERETIRE WALIl NI I!IJ!(JUA OJUANI OYEKU In this sign. is wbere first raised ber bao<! Up against. 1 turtl. A war is coming for Ibe awo • he must ann himself with spiritual powers • in oIder lo win the war.. that is gning lo save you There are argument .Page 342 of 864 #338 OJUANI OYEKU OCACA ANIE A1TE BALIl AlU ADIFAFUN ELEBO AJUN ROlJOLA AKUKO umo ACU're CUCU ADIFAFUN!ROSO ECUELE BO ICIIU ADA CURE ADIE LEBO IFANIRE IFANI KAF1!REFUN EOIU OCUNI ABUALESE AFEFO IFA NlIRE IRE IFA NI CAFI!REFUN ESIIU KAFERIlFUN OKUNI ABOA LIlSE AFOro KAF1!REFUN ALA OJUANI OYEKU ABORl BAWA ORIIIASIIE KAWO ORIBAWA IRE ASHEGUN orA ELI!SE SHANGO MERILAVE NI ALIlGBAR A . In Ibis sign \he person could die while oul on lhe oeean. In Ibis \he problem lbal you are baving at work or wilh your othor inleres! Ebbo must perfurmed wilh fruit for!he cbildren. Ifa of verification Eggun gi"" and I rat. spirituaUy economicaUy and romamica1ly.sed by one oC \he spou. or an argumenl at work or a figbt for a Position withio work or \he religion or some other importanl place. cannot performe Ibis type of rogation Ifa osorbo San Lazara is angry·and Ibis persen must appease bim by giving bim wbatever he asks foro This sing apeales of a person with sore on their fee!. Candies and sweets are plaud lo degus • When \he awo or persen is al the bappiest point in bis ber Uf..

E EBINPAO FUNIYE OSIRJN GUELE KINY AN OTAN OSHUNGUERE EYE EGGUN LORI KOLORI KUALERE MAGUE BINU AlNLA AlTO BALE AlU ADlFAFUN ELEBO OUN ROl ALA AKUKO LEBO KUKIJI'E KUKUA ADlFAFUN !ROSO EKUELE ESHU ADA EURE ADJE LEBO lFA NIRE lF~ KAFEREFUN ESIRJ KAFEREFUN OKllNl ABUA LESE AFEFE oro~ O~ OKAKA . Having finished Ibe Ehbo. To whom orunla said OOegive me sir. To aU oflbe panhandler that he could find. Elegua needs to be eefresh wilh plant. once bis money bad run order lo do so Due Ibis penan s bad decisioo. so whal you can servanls lhat foe you You receive elegua aod crown ( obatala ) so that Ibey can both guide you y 00 are sick ( haoer sanlo you make sanlo ) and eeceive el egua in oeder lo prosper and avoid tragedy. You will prospee. sometbing oe ask OOe a filvoe aod couId nol do so. yesa de blood Jicara wilb walee sal1 and blood oflbe animals lhal is sacrificed You must steal an pigeon from someone. one day orunla did ao Osorde foe bimself and saw Ibis ifa. but require spiritualligbt and spiritual mas. You must take eare ofOya. aII 01. oro~ OYEKU ENIYE OUNBO n. S borne then take it borne and perform a rogation with . Ibe money that he bat be bad. oe Ihe panbandle migbl nol do il. Ifil osobo yesa. Who has been accused.. Because 1 am Ibe panhandler that yoo have give a11 of your money 10. 1 am elegua andI. are true.. Upon arriving lo Ibe comer of bis abode. Tben Ibe person will balbe with plant caimilo. Have been tasked by (olofin) lo seo whether Ibe accusalions ofyou being miseely and egotistical. Afterward every lime tllal Ibe panhandle goes lo youe bome Oc placed ofbusiness) you must give \he panbandler money.Page 343 of 864 # 339 OO~ATIONnmoro~o~ . A fiunily member has rccentIy died and DO mass has been performe in bis her honoe. Iben he sol out lo gi. And remember Ihal from Ibis momenl 00. be she couId lose everytbing. Talce bim her to youe horne perform ao Ehbo wbile he she stand Ibeee walcbing. unjustly by you enemies Go home mowand attend lo aU oflbe a1eyo tllal Are waiting foe yoo. 1 will be foeever by you side lo iban eohu.. wbich insttucted. orunla was suppose lo SO inlo Iown and give it as a1ms foe Ibe pooe. 1 am satisfied that you are a generous and obedienl destination and give bim ber. eemembee lo adjust foe inflalioo. He came across anotber. . He beaded homo.. now eggun wants lo teII Ibis desire. lben instruct bim to take Ibe ebbo lo. bim lo do an ebbo with rooster two hens.. Panhandler bim foe money. orunIa set out lo deliver Ibe ebbo lo it s destinatioo. that pigeon Aside from Ibis. in Ibis way. and foed aod eggun. Ehbo wilb goat and cooster.. tllat Eggun wanted lo lea. Ibe blood is placed on elegua if Ibis sign come in Osobo. and a11 of Ibe money tllal he had aftee . Tbe mao said 1 know yoo are lelling Ibe truth. Talce eare ofyoue guardian angel Beware of problem oflbe blood OrunIa was going tbrougb maoy difficulties because no a1eyowould go lO bis home For and osorde. bol I ve already give away a11 Ibe money that I bad. An goal is give lo elegua.Ibe Ebbo. you must find a panhandler.

for infIatioo or!he paobandl. Never gel tired ofhelping otber. so whal you can win Ibe war Ibst is coming your way. Ebbo 1 rooster I pigeon on reS! Ibe ingreclieot . don l light witb your spouse. R. Ifa osomo Yosa do pi¡¡eon is a pIaced on e1egua if Ibis siga oomes Osomo yosa !he blood jicara waler sal!. When you linish ebbo yOu moke rogatioo . Aod remember tbat fiom Ibis moment on. by your enemics.. You have a statue tbat is !he bust of a woman • Don'l tbrow it away of gOl rid of il Feed Bobawa (lbe roofofyoo bomo) Be careful witb elegua comiog to you distioguished as a panhandle Arrn younelf witb Ibe attribUle of Ibis stands Ibere watcbing. becau . after wiu-d every lim. yoo dreamed lbal yoo bad monoy and jewelry lbal was bwied go 10 mountaintop aod beseech obatala for bis help kaferefuo ala To avoid 108ing your Iuck.sed unjustIy. Aside fiom Ibi. money in Ibis way you wiJI prospor Ebbo witb goat aod rooster. so lbal you can servanl Iba! work for you Receive elegua and crown obatala so Iba! !bey can bolb guide you You are sick Never try lo oommit suicide. yoo mus! liod a psohaod/er. so lbat yoo can be lifter up and oUl ofyour problems Beware of lewd and lascivious women. Toke care ofyour guardian 8Ogel..h. you guardian 80gel and elegua wiIl always Compensate you for your good deeds Ebbo I rooster. 10ft·over food oCa filbric pigeoo jutia srnoker Ii. 1 lID satislied tbat yoo are a generoua aod obedicnt man wbo has been "".Page 344 of 864 #340 CONTINUATION nm OJUNJ OYI!KU llave been tasked ( olofin ) to seo wbether!he ICCIlIlllion of you being miserly and egoisIicaI. theo insbUct him lo take Ibe ebo to it • clestinatioo aod give him bor. migbt DO! do it. by your sido lo ibao esbu ' An goal is give 10 e1egua tben !he person wiJI balber witb plaot caimito E1egua need to be refresb witb plan!.ememb« to!be acljuSl. Go borne now aod attead to aU !he aleyo tbat are waiIiD¡¡ ror you. Are bUe. take him ber lo your borne perfbrm aod Ebbo while he . tbat !he paobaodle goes to your borne ( or placed of business) yoo must give !he panhandl. aod blood of!he animals lbal is sacriliced You DIIISI stea! ao pi¡¡eoo from someane s borne theo take it borne aod perfbrm a rogatioo witb tbat pi¡¡eon. 1 will be befb..

of helittling of abandonment Take care of a build up of arterial pressure. This sign speak of a long life y 011 mus! receive San Lazaro.. you were cursed by a woman thsl used a wilch s cauldron against you . woman lake care of your ovaries and genilal area.EU . and your moulh is a sewer of profanity You mus! listen lo !he advice thsl is being give. so Ihsl you don I lose you way You weren'l even hsppy in your childhood you could have gone from fiunily lo family and you could hsve been cursed This sign marked by a spiritual aelion of an eggun mayombero osainista. thsl was made. Beware oflbe friendship ofmen and women Avoid Ibe vice of drunkenness and reckless sexual abandon because Ibis combinalion could load a lo.U GOGODOGE TILE HE OLORUN AKUKO LEBO ~¡ IFA oroAN! TANOIELA IWOR! TRANSIIELA ADIFAFUN TlMBERU FORO FORO ADIFAFUN AYEYU TJNLO HE OLORUN OWARI OFORE OUN YOYO IGUERI AOFERE EVA OSHUN ADIFAFUN ORINJ ASETA BAIN BAIN AWO OSIlUOMl oroAN! WORI PEYE IFA OMO METANSHELA OOARI MUTI MADAMU ADIFAFUN AYOYU TJNLOSHE HE OLORUN This is where Ihe spirituality is born. Note don I eross over holes You are very hsrd headed.Page 345 of 864 #341 oroAN! IWOR! (oroAN! TANOIELA OWARI OFORE AUN YUKO IGUERI AOFORE EVA OSIIUN ADIFAFUN ORlNJO ASElEBAIN BAIN AWO 05IIU0MI oroAN! WOR! PEYE IFA OMO NI TANOIELA OOARI MIITI MADAMU ADIFAFUN AYOYUTINLOSILE ILE OLORUN SONG AWAMUGARA EFEO MOBONI SOKU EFEO MOJIONI SOKU IFA OGUAN! TANOIELA IGIJOR! TANCIIElLE ADIFAFlNTlMBERU FORO FORO OGUARUMUTIIGUORIMARAMUADIFAFUN'ALLOILUTJNLOELERUNADIFAFUNAU. Avarice is bom in trus sign. ifa lies. in Ibis sign by !he nighl and day. of morals and sexually lransmitted di.. of greal power thsl desire thsl you stay alone Ifa Osorbo yOllr friend are always betraying you.. Whal you hsve abundance. in order lo achieve Ihe power that you wanl Tbe awo wilh Ihe sign should hsve and woman thsl ia color opposile ofhim. of Ihe problem wilh sanguinary circulalio. and this is the reason the person lose bis her way in life Always give lo others. such as syphilis or A1DS .. due lo Ihe pact. Be careful offal~ take care ofyour heart. In order 10 liberale yourself from all your enemies Adifafun olokun.. and blood problem in general 1 e diabetes.. awo You are prohibited from using perfume that hsve grease an ingredienl Ibis is Ibe osorbo oflhis sign move from where you life. Tbe scientific spirils This is where Ihe physical defect are born. !fa ire Ibis person likes 10 betray people Since yOllr childhood. This person hss an eggun thsl will get along wilh lhe eggun of Ibe awo padrinio.

sucb as sypbilis or ( aids ) . Tbis is whero olegua stole the ( epa ) from orunl. is where elegua liv. In Ibis sigo. !FA 01UANI TANSHELA IWORl TANSIIELE AD!FAFUN OLOF1N'lENlBEOUN PARA !FA Pooplo deceive you througb insincere love. i. 8ewaJe oflbe fHeodsbip of mcn and woman. is Ibe destructioo oftbe awo. and understanding oflbe par! ofifa. way 10 Ibe o. Stubbomness.. Ibis persao muS! ask orunla first Tbi.and placed it on Ibe inside oflbe door tbat is the maio entrance as well as 00 Ibe luxuri80t and largo plants. so tbat you can t bave sexual re1ations witb anyone else You DUJSt gíve an goal smaU to e1egua. cace of. Man aH oflbe above plus sexual impotency Tbi. Tbia per50II is involved in a very stroug war. Ira ofbanclit and sealawags. cace of you ovaries and genital ares. bas oow performe witchcraft On your penis. To come and work for 80y oefarious end. You cou1d SO 10 jail bec:ause ofblaclanail. Woman talc. aIone and never with • partner or lag along They wanI lo throw yoo out of your bouse or job. Quiet1y Ibe cbild lesm the path oftbe work of( ELA) Dame of orunla ) Tbi.bell were bis Method of payment For ice talce I white oag . Of problem with l8JI8Uinary circulation. tha! yoo bave in yoo home add honoy so lbal the 80ls can come into Ibe home. i. Avoid Ibe vice of drunkenne'Slexual abandon. and blood problcm in general diabetes. Man you are baving • sexual impotency problom You are baving problem witb an woman that want lo cause you trouble The woman lbat you bad an affair with. spiritua1ly c:eremonies. Ibis persao sbould no! become cIeaperate in order 10 do bis ber.. The awo can ca11 all ofthe ovil eggun ofthe nigbt. and was married. or apeterbi ojuano tancbel. A penan lbat pecfurm iIIegal dea1. Tbi. build of anerial pressure.Page 346 of 864 #342 OONTINUATION1lIE 01UANlIWORI(01UANlTANOIELA Talc.·on top of oko tun tun ( the bae ) with a railroad spike next lo bim ánd witb Ibis.. osha then orunla. where the powers ofthe divination and war arts were distributed Before embarking 00 any task. and baving lold olofin of what "egua had done olofin condomned elegua lO live al the croasroads . I>ec. You muS! adore "egua and respec:t all oflbe oricha. semence sigoals ability.ha. per50II will many difficu1ties 00 bis ber. merchant and tbe cowries ... Knowledgo.nse Ibis c:ombinatioo cou1d lesd to • loas of morals and sexuaHy transmitted disesses. You are emotional and romantic You receive elegua. where ololrun became a busine. Tbi. elegua smoker piper You should atways do your mega( dea1.

Orun1a decide lo lest him by sending him off ID govero the Iand of ( &dada nile ) in Ibis land elegua bogan lo do good ID alI carne seross. everything. elegua. who made this come aboul beesuse of orunla s laek of respect in showing !he secret rituals wi!houl first. oven thougbt the people oftbat land distrusted him greally seeing this elegua retumed lo !he Iand of ayani ifa ID complain aboul tIle trealmenl he received in the mew Iand. bim in !hen. and orun1a was always taIcing elegua ID all ofthe consecration ofifa. beesuse clegua will get scared child Beware of sexual abuse by a man Ifil of morbidity Thi. Wi!houl liSIS consecrating bim in!he four proper cerernonies. committed a lenible mistake in sending elegua lo this land witlloul list consulling witll Shango Osain and oduduwa. humiliale. And ifa lold 0run1a tIlal he had. elegua traveled lo a new IDwn. orunla feeling shamed sougbl Oul elegua buried him for 7 days in Onika lo avoid Ihe destruction of Ihe earth Ihem Orun1a consecrated clegua in !he mysteries. he began lo worlc ifa. perfonne and osorde and saw Ihis sign.Page 347 of 864 #343 CONTJNUATION 11IE OJUANlIWORI (OJUANI TANCIIELA) In Ibis lign !he penon canool be IlUde in tIle house. this paradox was tIle resuh of!he action of ShangoOsain orun and Oduduwa. bim lO do an ebbo. oruIa did nol listen lO tIle advice of ifa and retired tIle Opole and said ID elegua. and did no value bis spiritually work. is due lo envy so go lo tIlese new lands and impar! your Imowledge in tIlese IDwn. Shortly tIlereafter. The world reveres me. beeame tIle confidence of orun1a one Day having ootice elegua s ability lo interpret tIle secret of ifa. of Shango Osain Orun and oduduwa. Where Shango Osain orun and oduduwa instructed. Where!he same thins happened. As time went on E1egua due. consecrating. Path oftlle transformation of ebaracter In the Iand of( Ayani ni ifa) munJa Hve in !he same sIaIe with elegua. all ofthe people were complaining lo 0run1a aboul him. Ibis was done so tIlal elegua could only do good deeds The ceremonies) orunla open Ihe hole in Onikan placed elegua inside Ihen he gave mm blood of 3 pigeon covering !he head and singing LAYERE AWANI WDB y AN LAE ESHU MOWANl LORUN EYELE DUN DUN LA YERE AWANI LODE YANLAO ESHU MOWANI LORUN . ID bis intelligence and good conduct. This is how elegua was transfonned inlo destructive entity and. feeling disgraced and disillusioned elegua began lo leaeh people tIle wrong knowledge and Ibis caused lhe people lo respect and revere. lo make up for bis Responsibility ofsending elegua lo govera a lown. is Iand tbat does no! have a leader Thia penon oeeds ID do obbo and bead rogation . bul people simply laughed at him opely. When 1 perfonned good deeds tIle people despise me. Elegua Seeing Ibis elegua beeame confuse and asked bimsel!. bul now tbat 1 am doing bad deeds. Don'l listen lo Hes or gossip ofthe people tbat reside in tbÓse lown When elegua arrived al tIle fust new land. Orun1a performe an Osorde on bim.

Wben tbis siga is sec.... piece.. then oNllla gave tbem blood orun replied my Cood must be done in sucb away as to perform an oparaldo to e1egua witb it laIer orunla Togetber with Sbango oduduwa osain and orun consecrated e1egua in tbe aecret so that be cou1d only do good TIte awo oCtbis siga sbould perform the aforementioned ceremonics And ebbo oCtbe ocean is done witb l rooster thco tbe awo wil1 do .h. that has the oycs and mouth MMe out oC palm nuts that still bave their outer busk in tad An OparaIdo is perfurmed with guirie. tben Togetber witb e1egua oNllla kne1t down before Sbango Osain orun and oduduwa. theo it is placed 00 olokun You must rogation with two coConut-thst bave fallen otT cOconut tr. il i. Ebbo with 8 feather And musb money.. 7 grsins OC incense 7 pepper. then tbe took tbe bead oCtbis consecration tbe consecration witb Sbango. it eal. Oduduwa Osain and Orun and prepared and ishe Osain ror esbu mowam 10IUD so thst it cou1d atways bave tbislsbe witb it. and il cats fresh 6..Page 348 of 864 #344 COtmNUATION 1HE OJUANlIWORl (OJUANI TANCIIELE) He then 7 lit candI. p1ant blood oC rooster. 3 flag I yellow. then ontiero. and covered it witb ( aand sea) tbe ara oCtbe pigeon were tbrown into tbe ocean. mounled and clotbes al 12 noon . tbis is mounted on fabric red and block wbile. Ola china pelona) lhen they are ploced 00 elegua ooce again and en ebbo io performed wilh then . logether wilh ( oya ) then hens togetber with Orun1a ( 2 I ekure mi palmiche trcsh palm nuts wilb husks ) lo elegua and wheo yoo bave problema witb someone. ror the person. I blue.. is made trom 8 feather. piece lhe cloth. an omiero is prepared then i. color use omiero lo wash then place ilon an jicara.. Ibis person will smash tbem up with a omall round Ston. it is prayed and consecrate in trom elegua. and elegua is prepared.h i. from you house.. ground the ditTerenl comer. plant Canutillo while. (6sh witb red snapper. 16 split palm nuts 16 strip offilbric ofdifferent color I trap. with aberikunlo. to orunla. around !he bole. plawüllo de cuba alamacigo and elUn Awo your ifa shoold be given an male goal. and pigeoo An ebbo is done with an rooster thal is theo take lo !he sea A crown made oC mariwo. after 7 days'oNllla retumed to onikan took out elegua batbed bim witb water . S pepper everytbing gocs the river Talisman beart the bin!.. Take a smooth ( round stone ) ota china pelona) thst is greeni.) while maked and covered witb l bandkercbiefwhite. and 7 ditTerent palo leave Ihe peonias. and two hens black Awo rogation !he bead. I green. and asked Cor tbeir forgiveness. To bave aoquire ashe Planl malanguilla beart oC a palm tree plant jobo. stick panuni stedins. I rooster. It is made trom bom elephant. 16 sheU 16 peonias. il placed inlo a white receptade then 4 egg white are added ashe ofbaba and orunla in order to wash the bead Cor a perlod of7 dayo ca1ling obatala Place ( 3 torre lower ) oC meringue with sand river and sea.

stiek raspa-Iertg\lll vencedor Vence batalla ( tibisi curujey ) head different bird. ___4c.lackbead beads of elegua beads of elegua beads elegua .Page 349 of 864 #345 CONJ'INUATION 1HE OJUANI IWORl ( OJUANI TANCHELA ELEGBAR A WERILE ELEGBAR A WERILE KQKO ELENU SHOKUTA OMO BERATI BERAWA BERATI BERAWA OFOFO ALEYO BERATI BERAWA Into an talisman osain bag is placed head dust bin!. beach. !he awo must ask about !he 7 places . run and eigllÍ" is prayed of Ibis talisman. plant iroko. ceiba. it does have any other ingredient and it is decorated before ritually washing !he ( 7 jio jio sntall ehicken ) are give to the stone l eaeh day and !hey eaeh go different placed foreS! river. 4 comer cemetery hil!. tree palm. pitirre. every Friday eshu adawa ) ojuani iwori this elegua is mounted on 8 smooth round stone.wriles shel! red bead A. ntall wood.

ERE ARIYANYA KIYA. the reason is that you have sometbiog lbat neilber ofthem has. wbo Jive in the frontal cranium of lhe Oeer) skull wbile. Be very careful wilh a11 ofthe peoplethat you come in cootae! with . aod both of them are your enomios and are going lO do sometbing bad lo you becau .ign probibils living in an apartmenl on the 2 second floor or a house with 2 stories You have 2 mend 1 rieh and 1 poor. An ebbo is perfonned with rotting meal The mother of ( Ode ) is boro in Ibis sigo. lbat Ibis.. There are debts with e1egua There is a sick persaD that is fond of speaking profimilies. of envy. Tbis sign speak of a woman that has take away lhe busband of aoother woman. Ode live in hetween !he skull In Ibis sign ifa the polieeman Oluwo wbo take care ofthe heaeh speaks Neguo ( saínl Lazarus ) is boro in Ibis sign You probibiled from using perfume because you could ge! inlo a problem The respiratioD ofthe persoD is very strong. owed lo her Don I promise what you can I Do. oslwn reclaimiDg lhal i. oflkom. You mus! foed your guardian angel and the spiril ofyour lilIher. and Ibis person mus! receive bis ifa. so lhal you can prosper. as well as a11 ofthe other Orisha Tbis .Page 350 of 864 #346 OlUANIORDI (OroANIC!IDI) APIRE LEPANI KOSOBO TOLEPANI ADIFAFUN AWO ASIII!LU 'I1NSHOMO OLOJA AWOORUDIm! SOLAPU AKO OCHBWO KALAMBO ~ AWO ASHELU ADIFAFUN NEGUE ORUMILA OLUO POPO AGADA BEM ROTO LODAFUN POGO Sn. Mean you have 4 lovers Tbis person does ROl accomplish whal he she promises however. ARIYANYA KIYA KINILEMI SOBAKERE ARINYANYA KIYA SHAHOO LOWO I!YEBIO ARIYANYA KIYA oroANI C!IDI BUANI CORABATOLE PANI OWOORUDOBODOBOSOPALUACOClIOOUOCABAMBUMAJUODAGUNOGUOCHELLU TlNCHOMA ALOlLA AKUKO IC/W LEDO ORUMILA DIFAUOKO ADAFUN ONlSHESHE KOWONl EURE OWANCE NlSHIDI IYO RADESONAYE OJUANI NI C!IDI ARIRE LEPANI KOSOBO TOLEPANI ADIFAFUN AWO ASHELU TlNOIOMO OLOYU AWO ORUDIm! SOPALU AKO SHEWO KALAMBO MAro AWO SHELU ADIFAFUN NEGUE ORUNMILA OLUWO POPO In Ibis sign . Man you have been bound by a woman. is boro the seere! of why ( azowuano san lazara ) eats goat Ode the hUDIer is bom iD Ibis sigo.ign ..E LODEMI SUIJ. person promises thiog that are out oflbis person • reach to achieve Tbis . the reason for Ibis i.peak of a woman lhal waot lo perfonn a love BiDdiog on a roan lhal she linds Inleresting. This sign iDstrue! youlo perform a rogatiOD IliI of!he tsmt desk or tarot reading.

guineas soil of a biU. There is anolber gourd which Ibe persan will prepared in Ibe following way. mercury hesd. Bejuco beraco almacigo. Ibon each day. that yoo will not caro ahout that man s naws ( vices womanizing childreo. One ofthcoe is an a1cobolic and you want 10 leave ber. on Ibe gourd. when you fatI in love. To live for many years. But soonyou will be weU off Daughler or young lady. and Ibis chsracter naw couId Cause you to 1010 you way your are a prisoner ofyou own boredom. garlic and ginger In Ibis sign especial gourd that is prepared with. Ibe persan will spray run wilb tree pepper. lengue. into Ibe gourd an moster white is give lo Ibe goom. Receive your osba and I1iI. Ibe palm . Be carefuI of an aggressive action taken against you Beware you problem witb jU!tice or pollce bec. moruro. ponas~ Canutillo. 7 kind of oils 9 differenl color of fabric. A wooden Sl8lue is made wilb an old ~ and it ingredienl are stick cigaursya. benjui inle from Ibe núddle of house (Oya ) lhe plaza or mal~ water from 7 different churches valerian . fal cacao.. that couId load you 10 thc grave : Man you lOS! a job that W8J very good for you. you don t give thcm a reason 10 do so. however when you leave her. 3 stone . Blown on Ibe bed. and Ieam to love thcm you bave 4 lovers. honey planl okikan. The guts oflbe gourd are removed. you will be so obsesoed. thcoe are placed inside yellow soap planl albahaca incenoe. This sign is prayed morder 10 ronsecrste ashe oflbis sigo. perfumed waler. You are capricious and stubhorn. To over comer situation Bathc witb plant ita morrea!. Ibe guiro gourd is dried in Ibe SUD thcn ashe of Ibis sign of Ibis sign is placed mside a piece of guano. campana. AMlber speU lo overcome situation Place and ardimu of rice witb núlk and sah lo obatala.auoe you could be arrested y 00 bave sentiment or secret in your Ufe. . Aside from above gourd. ground from yoo bouse. should bave Ibe foUowing inside it s bottle. The puppel is rituaUy washed. you loved that job. The awo will take 2 pigeon and remover it s hean it is internal organ and Iben it is aU roasted placed mIo Ibis 2 gourd a large spoon is placed mside Ibis gourd is bung bebind hoUle door. myrrb. youmust leave a11 ofthcm You feel hored because you don 1 bave money. eaeh day Ibe persan must ask for wbal he she desire Plant donúdera vergonzosa il is made inlo dust il is conoecraled through prayer lhen il i. and thc one yoo bave now does not excite and yoo and feellike you will never bave a job Iike that ever again !bis situation has been cauoed by you guardian ange~ so that you can acbieve wbal you were mean! 10 achieve in !bis lifetime. And it eats young moster with Osain it lives in tbe living room ofthe person s borne and run is sprayed on thc puppel Ibe bollle ofruo. artemisa. corujo.Page 351 of 864 #347 CONJ1NUATIONTIlE oruAN! COI (oruAN! CHIDI) Never think that thc people wODt harm you simply bec.

bur Ibem and turn Ibem into dust. your heighl surgical instrument Ebbo 1 rooster 1 pigeon .Page 352 of 864 #348 CONllNUATION TIIE OlUANI OROI (OlUANI CHlRDI) Foramarre Hair from every par! of!be body scraping from Ibe interior. used dressed. This person should allow Ibe SUD s rays to bathes bim wel~ you should bathes wittl valerian root This person has a mame or compulsive act that he she. He will swaIlow thern defecale Ibero . And give Ibe victirn Ibis dust in • dark drink or in ODffee planl oflbis sigo ( itamorcal ) Canutillo artenú . of each oflbe 20 nail 9 finger loes) blood Ibe bird.. because you could lose your tife ¡fyou realize tbis veogeful . zunzun. likes to repeat over and over again You have a mole mark somewhere on your body Place 8 stuffed monkey with 9 taiJ. Ibe interested party will placed an fabric red on top !be fabric Iben place 3 pepper on 10p oftbese and wrap them up Ibe awo will prepared 3 bundle iD !be exact same way. jutia. Do ebho so thal you can liberated from your araye You have a fireann hidden somewhere in your horne or business Don't t realize the evil that you have in mincl. Someone wants to betray you ar someone has already betrayed you Ebho for Ihe sick person I moster 2 pigcon. smoker fish fat ODrojO. and campana tbe inlerest party is instructed lo smoker himself wilb valerian Iben go to a bill and lie down al exactly 12 noon tbis persoo will extend bis arms to Ibe height oflhe shoulders face up Ihen ask for olorun help in the whatever he desire. tbis ebho take lo the heighl of a hill and the person stay Ihere for a10ng wbile Ebbo so that you realize your promises rQOster meat buffalo cooking oil casserole 3 ofa arrow.) smoker jutia fish fat corojo . camvia voz. ( yagua yarako bark ) valerian rotting meat fruit. two pigcon are give lO ochosi and Ibe aboye dust is blended wilb Ibe dust of!be heart oflbese pige6n. dust Ibe amansa guapo. as well as Ibe general ingredient ofholb people 7 paper bundle filled wilb Ibis dust m give for Ibe victirn 9 lover ) 10 ingeS! iD a dark ODlored drink a littIe al a time To UDdo !be love binding ( amarre ) 9 popper 3 piece Ibe wbite fabric red. in yoo living room You were meant to have maoy people envy you just like the people envied the king of the Monkey.

born in Ibis sign. ni. ni. sign reconunend pationced lo avoid losing whal is in Ihe person s bands and if nis persoo is poor today . Place a glass witb water and perfume lo your protective eggun .. Bul no! tbat you will be lomorrow nis sign speaks ofwitchcraft and love bindiogs (amarre) You mus! complete all of!he ceremonios. in order 10 overcome. because Ibe araye is strong and persistent and yoo are very preoccupies witb other tbings . is where Yemaya caught 0runIa witb Oshun inside a hole surrender by pumpkin In Ibis sign. sign marks tbat Ibe awo is going lo separale from bis religious oldero Ojuani iroso have more inlluence witb eggun Iban witb ifa . bom !he lighting of!he candle. You mus! give ID (Jam Ram) lo eggun In sick people Ibis sign is dangeroos because of il s naturally depressive energy sta!e y 00 mus! receive Osun of yoor height . nis planl for Ibis . i. ..... Try lo capture Ibe bird and do IR obbo wilb il. in order lO remover !he negativily tbat you bave around you. Sbango yells in baven as well as down on earth Tbe good or !he ire is bmughl by a wbile person . ire i8 00 il s way You know lhal yoo arelnday. bis her.ign are !he ( Bejuco lianas or roeds ) In Ibis sign orun1a called. (Apedjnimu omayunimu arara stick guiguno ) If Ibis sign is seo for tbe awo he must refresh bis ifa By giving orun1a two hens black This is where orun1a removed !he power trom elegua lO kili any animal ni. OJUANlIRESUN DOSUMU KUELE LOYUMAMA KUELE KUELE ALALELE lOBA KUELE KIFQ IFA AWOKUELE KUYA ADIFAFUN 05UADA TINSHOMA OLORDUMARE· .Page 353 of 864 #349 OJUANlIROSO (OJUANI HERMOSO ) mm OF ORUNLA OF SlGN. !he awo will emb.. AWO ATANA ADIFAFUN ORUNLA OMBA11LO NIlLOCO I!YELI! AKUKO MEFA AWO KAF1!RI!fUN CHANGO AWO OBO AWOOBAN ADIFAFUN <>DE VUMBA11LO LOKADIB OBINI AKUKOOSllE OMl NIFE MUINE ADIFAFUN ORUNLA CAI'EREFUN SIIANOO OJUANlIROSO OOOUN ATI ElZ:OBAR A AWO NIPA UlSEOLOFlN ORUNLA ATI SllANOO UMIIO WARlYO ODARA N1GDARA OMO OLOFlN OFO U!ITOSHU ARAVE LADAFUN ORtlNMILA KAF1!RI!fUN PINADO. nis is where !he ( laúfe ) saved tbe world Tbe oriate i. ( AFEDIMU OMAYUNINU AlIARA IGUI GUlGUAO. himself and give thanks lo obatala Shango and 0run1a. AOADARA MOSARAO AGADA M05ARAOORUMILA OBI! AGADA MOSARAO IFA LOLA ONA fUMI LASHE OJUANlIlERMOSO OBOOBO AGBA EOOUN TORUN MAGBI!NI Ifyou don II0ve your selfyou cannot love anyone else A beautifuI cbild is bom and bis I her patemity is in question Wben Ibis ifa is seo. Ifa osorbo tbere is desuuction and deatb y ou DDlst be careful wilh a bird tbat always comes lo sing around tbe houses.

y 00 and your spouse must complete !he promisc of etemallove that both of you made befure a religious altar. lo save yourself. because il couId bum down or be destroyed. You wanI to do somethios.ther in each hand oflbis sign . Ibe eggun w2il1 posses Ibis persoo a1so the awo Ibis sign mUS! also havo 1 f. sign is ORe wbere eggun wist lo consult throush Ibis person. !fa saY' lbal something bad i. mind oflbe awo. You mus! give Lam lo egguo then io 00 jicara and io frolÚ of your room. Conform yourself wilh whal you have and avoid depression .peak of a short man that walks like an old man Two dos. Y00 will fiod sornethiog good when yOll amve where you are planning 00 going. Thi. bu! Ibe lrip there will be difticult Wben Ibe persoo gets dirty hatbiog will c1ean bim or bor. because if these persist you will hoth separate and hoth havo many problem. MuS! havo an (ikodiefeather) tied to each a1so !he The idefa and th. telling the awo that Ibe person beloog in !he Jand of eggun and in any • momen!. Take care ofyour horne. are apa lo oggun The ¡deja andnecklace oftheawo) oflbis sign. and Ibe awo will Ibis Person yOll mus! sil down and consult and worlc with eggun This is where ast>a eggun proIect Ibis person with ila inlluence Ibis eggun protects Ih. give thank lo the dream that you had last nigltl Avoid fight in !he home. then plaoed lbem lo OrunIa before he give ifa the two black bens. Do ebbo so lbal you can have you own home You fatber wants lo give you an ire. sign also . Because your house couId burn down. vaio and This sign speaI<s of o Conceiled. OIofin heard Ibe promiso and approved it for the rest of your üves y 00 desire lo have !he security of somethiog that yOll are investigatin& Don'I be so arrogan! and stubbom. bu! you first wanI to know if it will work out in your favor. You desire Iba! awo divine a secret lbat you have. you muS! do an ebho. dark -SkiMed woman wilh long nails. be careful with tire. coming from another Jand and will amve in you land in order. The padrinio shouId DO! do ifa lo Ibis individual bccause orunla i.. You are fiighlened because you believe lbal you are goiog lo die. you must feed e1egua. Take care ofyour physical heallh. Be careful lbal your blood I rush lO your heOd and develop an i11ness. necldace ofthe awo oflbis sign muS! have and feather tied . Wbeo thw awo Ibis sign give hens to orunIa he will grind pepper..Page 354 of 864 - #350 CONTlNUATION1lIE0JUANlIROSO (OJUANlHERMOSO) Wben Ibis sign ia sce in an awofaca. who is caprieious. Shango say tbat be spews fire from above and from beIow.

awo wiU ero. bis arms with tite Candl. Ebbo I young rooster I pigeon . cotton . Tb. titen the adimu. 4 piece the stiek. different planl Alaiguidi flowers mush money .Page 355 of 864 # 351 COm'INUATION 11IE ORJANlIROSO (ORJANlIROSO ) W2hen the candJ. Cabrie 4 color. Don't expect good lbing to come by way oC orun1a or any oftlte otlter orisha this action will cause you to become iII until you die . mUS! not be Corgotten. sign beCore marking lO para\do Cor any person . Mus! ask orunIa what he mUS! do first beeallse tite awo cou\d be in danger. osha and orunIa. red. Oys give fresh fisb. Woman yoo must yoko osba and in tite man time. different Cood. Wilh peace Good Iuek and tranquility . lo eggun together with Shango Place lO ada and small revolver lo Oehosi. oC gnfio. are lit lo eggun. so tltat Ibis ceremonies talisman and tltere spiritua\s worlc wil1 be blessed by 0run1a. Candl. 4 cancile 1 trap. In tite atena oCthe Opara\do Tbe signoff ojuani hermoso. Onikan bed person ) puppet Ebbo 1 rooster 1 hens water rive a basked of com cotton fish Psra\do 1 rooster Cabrie white blaek. Your spouse cines give you any reason for yoo to eheat on him with anotlter man. and Iornato is placed in a sewer An lam is giv. and ask Cor blessing oC Awo. 1 trap. eggun and Shango Tb. You wiU not have stability or tranquility yoko osba so what. you can live witb your orisha and your fiunily..tif. awo Ibi.

A prenda Ibis is Ibe only sign of ifa lbal authorizes Ibis awo 10 receive a prenda afier his consecralion of ifa and he will beceme a greal awo and a great Wilh doctor Note patbofifaawoawe .Page 356 of 864 #352 OJUANlOBARA CURlPA OBA N! 1. Is in lb. Arun follows Ibis person wherever Ibis person goes. Th. Woman yoo must receive your ikofu.0000 ORE ' ORAWAKaroKaroOFIKOKODffiADIFAFUNBABAADIFAFUNORUNLAOWUNKO AKUKO EYEU! U!BO Tbis . maJe goat. Iflhis awo does I have.. This person is poor and lives in a disorderly manner. You will have a child lbs! will be happy. This is where the eviction or dislodging is bom in this sigo is boro whero lbing are recollected. this ceremony is reaJized when Ibero is a problem wilb IIru And a change of bead is necessary. Tbis is an sigo of adversily and many problems. The goal is let loose on a paved or cobblestone road or highway. The money of!be ehbo IIIllst be give away Tbis sigo signa! lbal this p=on mUS! Uve and work united in order lo achieve greatness There is strength in numbers you must live with calm and -nol 6gbl your spouse. I1 Ibis awo can even have ahijado bom ofhis prenda as well as ifa.0000 aro OBARA OPOCUA ON! LOGUE ORE ONAGUA SOTO COTO OFICE CODffiADIFAFUNBABAORUMALEOUNKOI!YELIlU!BO KURlFA lOBA EN! LOWO OROOBARA APOPUA EN! LOWO ADIFAFUN BOGBO ORUN MALE KAFEREFUNYANSAN OJUANI OBARA KURlFA mA EN! LOWO aro ABARA OPOPA EN! 1. So long as tbere in no majar cause to Impede Ibis action. In atefa ir the awo has a prenda. because yoo are having problem wilh your memory Vou must nourish your body. ehbo is tied logether 10 a small sack of money That are then tied around !be nock of!be maJe goal. all ofyour problem will be resolved. respect Ibis p=on you must give pigeon to every cggun.d ragatioo. You muS! give lbanks lo obatala elegua and oggun. So lhal you can enjoy tranquility in yoor relalionsbip Tbis p=on loves 10 gamble on Ibe oock 6gbl (01' game o/ change or skill) Tbis sigo marked by economic !be sign. So that these can help you acquire prosperity and move forward. You must wasb your head wilb planl in order 10 refresh and cJear your mind . In arder to avoid tbe debilitation afthe mind and gaiog crazy. Ifyou are obedient. and the people around mm her • don 1. You must do ifa. because he will be a child of orunla. He must continue to attend to it and continue working wilh. Don'l lose filÍlb and have patience. IFA NIRE IFAFOREOYE KAFEREFUNORIlMILA You will overcome your difficulties When this sign see in an person. you must do ehbo and obey Ibe instruction of ifa You must hea.

This person or awo must receive Osain as sooo a possible . because Ibis sigo as weU as Obara juani. run honey Sbe performed Ibe ritual. Bows arrows and oggun ooly orunla retumed from Ibe batUe Adani had a gambling problem and bis woman was constantly reproaching bim for Ibis Because he would a1ways lose Ibeir bard earned money. was seen for her which marked a rogation witb. leaving Ibem without any means to live adani also mistreated bis woman. Because you could die. Do wbat oruola asks of you and do ebbo with rooster so that you can overcome your eneIllÍes Maferefun Shango Oshun and oggun in trus sign. Roaster pigeon. His owoer will also fall. Tben Ibey scrub Ibe Ooor wilb Ibe inking with Ibe rigbt hand. Iben with Ibe left band This sigo has a guiro of osain. Rogation at Ibe fOO! of elegua wilb cocanut water. The awo must bave an (lkoko casserole ) óf wit¡:hcraft that is plaoed al Ibe fool of a guira tree. two coconut.Page 357 of 864 # 353 CONTINUATION TIIE OJUANI OBARA In Ibis sigo. and Ibis sigo. Ibe awo Imeel on Ibe Ooor before beginning Ibe ceeemoDies of Ibe concentralion. cascarrilla. Ibe awo must quickly perform Ibe ritual that ifa requires for Ibis cbild Iben Ibe child is sentr to Ibe doctor. ciruela. And shortly Ibereafter tbey began to gel along better and they Lived happily ever aner Take cace of you self and avoid a tragic situadon involving firearms. There sick woman in your horne or there will be. mean Plant mastuerzo. Ooe day sbe went 10 see oruola. An necldace is placed on elegua !fa aay lbat when osun falls from wbere he is stating. guabina mud fish ) inside in Order 10 achieve the power. this is due to the war that she has with Orher people ot the war lbat you bave with other people. because he believed tbat she was the cause of bis stres!<. wilb an ( fisb eya oro. ofbad lucle. Are dangerous wben seen in young children especially young wbite chiIdren !fa aays that when Ibe orisba went offto war witb Ibeir spears . but as long as Osun is standing talL so will his owner Young cbild . bleoColorado. of ikofa.

pmoa in un ungrateful y 00 havo or wiU have an inheritance.ituation ofhaving lo be moved Quicldy. ifa is going lo formalizo ao arnorous relationsJúp. wben !he swift curren! tlows with speed The pmoa should no< aIIow him self herselfto be dragged by lbeir impulses when !his person is dominated by feeling of anger or Bge Tbis ifa requires this person lo move quickly.U AKORUN EU!BE ANlMARU EllBO BABALAWO. in Ibis sign everyone mus! ( orubo oIdper$On) y 00 are prohibited from being avaricious The ovil is found in Ibe throat . because a tragedy could eMUe and coSl lbeJife oflbe awo s woman Tbis sign speak of3 person that are deceiving yoo and are doing much harm lo you There is " losa in Ibe family. EspeciaIly. Ibis sign i. a woman lbal is an Son ofOsbun Tbis person forgetful disobedient. . You muS! also nol ruse you hand in aoger agsinst any woman.hese mUsh money Tbi. marked by "retiring menstrual al an early age Beware oCa thrombosis in !he vein of!he Iegs. OlUANlPOICORUNOKANA APUARI APORON ELI!BO ANlMARUElIQ OUN BABALAWO LODAFIlN ERI LOWOLO EYAOKUO ERA PADANNI ANSERI! MAROREIIDE ABO EURE EYELE LEDO AKUl!R. 1 rooster. Capricious. sign signals mortaIily snd lells Ibe sick people lo riso snd get weJl You sbould nol gel involved in nther people S problem snd you are proJúbiled from gettiog involved in gossip. ( shaguoro Igbln) 4 egg. and it reacbes all Ibe way down lo Ibe estomach One person desire lo forcefully over thrown annther . The woman oflbe awo .Page 358 of 864 ·. Note !he head Ihe animals determine Ibe. There i.bould nol go 10 !he plaza ( or mall) fur space of7 days after seeing. person nwst do ebbo lo !he woman wilh goat 1 rooster.bese and mucb money. KUKUTE KUKU ADIFAPUN AKAMBI . or f3ce Ibe . Ibal is Ibe heighl oftlle awo and covered Wrth epa.1 WHEN YOU SEE 1HI! S1GN YOU NO SUPPOSED GO ro SEE 1HI! PERSQN SIX POKON WHEN YOU SEE OF A SIGN ANNOUNCE nlE NOISE 1HI! WA1ER RIVE OVER mE STONES Polron polron onomatopeya is Ibe noise or lOWId that is made by Ibe roeks that are washcd along Ibe ri_. POPO N 354 aJCUIU CUCU ADIFAFIN ACAMBI EYELE LEDO. he muS! perform a special ebbo wi!h I guine 1 pigcon 1 stick. every . Because you couJd end up causing many problem for yourself This ifa proJúbit agsinS! being avaricious. dust Ibe bird. lb. There ebbo are seaet or taogle document do ebbo Woman. MOROOORA INTORI ONIJO ABO EYELE umo.. Tbis sigo. lOme kind ofmovement lbal is going lo either llelp you orhurt you Do ebbo 80 that you don I miss out on !he benefrt that couId come your way Tbi. . AKUKO LEDO. and a liJees lo do wbatever he/she wanl When !he "WO oflbi. 1 ( cencerro Sell ) differeDt . OJAUNIOKANA (OJUANlPOKON) OJUANI KUMAKUA NAMI! OICARAN...

Guardian ange~ oC the ceremonies !hat is about to be done the awo will then place the 9 candle around Ihe sign Otura obe And light Ibem the awo wiU pay oign oC Otum Obe. 1 puppet made oC a stump oC a banana treo plant . And will avoid using it until after 7 days !FA NI CAFEREFUN ESHU ATI OCHOS! Opacado the ojuani pokon. I young moster!he puppet Ibe plant in the candle where Ibe Opara1do is to be is 10 be performed. Ibe awo will bang the opele outside. sbould have 16 white bats. 1 hens black filbrie black slÍek algarrobo almagre ashe oC seeds oC maravilla or cotton plant averikunlo plant alii~ marpasifico run 9 different color oC filbrie. bands namely !he animal. aliiI. Otum obe. and cascarrilla. marpacifico. ifthe name ofthe eggun !hat io to be separated Ihe interested party known it is written a piece of paper and introduce into Ihe grove tbat is made into Ihe back ofthe puppet. Destroy awo Ojuani pokon Rere is bom the spirit oCthe island witcbcraft. is painted . Tbe awo will instroC! the c1ient to rotated in a elockwise Direction ) nO! counter ) c10ckwise Ihe case ) while Ihe Opara1do is being performed after !he awo has fini. the awo will Iben tie fabrie block white Red. 1 covered wilh the fat cacao. fat corojo. Wben this sigo. whieh is either 1 bens.Page 359 of 864 #355 CONTINUATlONTllEOJUANlOKANA(OJUANlPOCON) Tbe aleyo mus! place bis money into Ibe container oC ( epo ) in order 10 avoid a tragie confrontation with bis enemies. Onigan molasses with alii~ eku eya. as weU as plant 10 tbe left foO! ofthis olher young moster. Tbe child oC Oshun . Then candle are plaeed under the right wing oflhe animalo Everything io Ihen wrapped up without. Tbe awo will Rlb epo on Ibe opeIe Iben after Ibe rider.hed Opara1do and he has asked if Otan Ihe puppet. io placed undemealb Tbe left wing oflhe anintal.. after this Ihe awo will take wbat the Interested. and acknowledgernent is give lo person s . party has in bi. !he plant aberikunlo A1agarrobo albahaca. To elegua is placed Eku eUa and (chilekun door ) house io give whatever i. In Ibis sign is ca1led ( Ojuani Immakua ) And you mus! not visit any ~n in Ibe hospital because tbat palient will die and the people will say kiUed tbat palient with ybur bad Iuek Awo ojuani pokon. untying the fabrie or the planto < Then cverything io buried in Ihe hole Opara1do) 2 young rooster. alii~ and mar pasifico Other ingrediem ofthe para1do . the interested party is give Tbe animals and Ihe plant to a place on Iheir Corehead. and !he plants and begin to perform Tbe Opara1do. Tbe ritual Cabrie and the other ingredient oCthe para1do As 800n o para1do is performed a hole io oponed 10 bury the animals. an antenna is drawn inside Ibe hole using fat comjo and cascarrilla making SUte tbat the sbadow oCthe head oflbe interes! party falls into Ibe painted eitele inside the eirele. lo pW:ed in Ibe ( Inodoro lOile!). ask the person will head goal beforeband. then Ihe puppet is placed next to this sign Ihe puppet will a1ready have Ihe sign of Otura Obe. Tbe awo will performe bis moyuba. espanta muerto algarrobo albabaca. as is customary. Ihen interest party will stand on tlóo 1 young moster. Wilh 9 stripo fabrie Tbe awo will tie Ihe plant to the left of Ihe fealhcred animals. In orderlO sloop. Ihe candle will be unIit and Iying nex! to the a puppet. on it s ebest and on it baek the sign oC Ojuani pocon.

but before tbis ilru to see orunla who young rooster you must to ebbo so!hat yoo don t perform Ihe act in Ihe void or emptiness of spaces because Behind tbis persan was Ihe good fortuned oftbis person. so !hal he she does nOl die aIl ofa sudden ebbo wilh 18111. 2 egg. Female goal for orunla and black hens In you bome Ihere is a sick persan lha! is very emotional about a c10se family member that died.Page 360 of 864 # 556 CONI1NUATION THE omANI OKANA) omANI POCON Iku was about take a persan. I rooster 1 pigeon. that is the person • height covered wilh corojo. Woman Ihere is oggun being f)ung upon yoo by anolher woman lhal wanls lo steals Your husband or lover. an a daily basi. Ebbo I rooster. fat corojo. around Ihe room awo so that the aleyo does not become the awo rnust smother the rnoney of the aleyo ebbo wilh epo . rooster. jutia. jUlia fish. ilru did not do ebbo and when he Performed Ihe aC!. fat corajo. And notbing that lO realizo or : accomplish will ever come abou~ Woman your husbaod has left your side. each days Ihe sick person will use a differenl hal and Ihe person s bed will be moved. Family memher ofyour do an ebbo. 16 cowrie shell. pigeon. smoker fish. Ebbo to scare aW8y iku 1 guine. a tTee branclt. 1 hens plowed earth a piece of tube or hose Smoke. This persan must stop Ihe mouming process or tbis persan will a1so end up dead. he did it in Ihe void of space Do ebbo SO tha! your interest don t foil into a void. 16 small belI 7 hato pepper fabric different color.

Tbe woman will dress in the wbile for 10 day so !hal her enemies don I steals her good luclc.O EGUNGUN. speak badly ofthe awo and does no! respect them. and mush money the ahijado and the padrinio canool get with rain water because il is definile lhal ir will rain tha! days. When the see Ibis sigo. 1 pigeon 1 rat. so!hal the good luck lhal is al the door. Avoid argumenl in the borne. Husband and wife are envious of each other. Someone is doing witcberafi lo you. and she will also feed the head of Ihe awo afier!hal. Beware of tragedy that is going lO presenl ilself on Ihe street. He will feed Ihe bead of bis apetervi. Can come in Feed your bead so lhal your good luck can enler fresh and c1esn. The persan for whom Ibis read. Tbey will have many losses You recently had a dream Iry lo recall il. and their family also envies them Before Ibe years is over. Thia sigo give bim Ibe victory as long as he CO!lSCCT1lle Ibis sigo On the opon the ifa. and does nol respect 0run1a. Tbe scissor are boro in Ibis sigo If your borne there is a persan wbom you have placed aII of your trust and confidence ioto. Cbarge your wardrobe on a very frequent hasis. beware !ha¡. You have liunily in the country and before you go visil them . you must do Ebbo so !hal you can liberate you self from a figbl or argumenl !hal you are going lo have Ifa osorbo the sick persan will nol be bealed This sigo malee debls with ( san /azaro) and you mUS! pay bim and respect bim You mUS! be careful ofhurting your selfwbile Icneeling orofbeing bitten by a animals When you do the ebbo. AWO UMBO ASIIIRE ILE IFA lOBO ORUN OBlNIU¡qG BIDA!UN ASIIIRO ORUN AMONA ONSllO TORUSn. And if Ihey gel wet. Be careful tire You desire lo have whal seem impossible lo acquire .E APB'I1l CORISHA GBOOBO KALENO OMOLOGBA OBINI OJUANI NIOSI ADIFAFUN ORUNMABINU AYODE LAYEDE OPA OBINI OLOFIN ISIU AYODE ILE OLOFIN GORISHA KAPEREFUN OLOFIN LODAFUN EGOUNMER This is the strongest sign. that exists Den lo the meji Ojuani oguuda can never be oven:ome or destroyed bere on earth When the awo has a war.Page 361 of 864 #357 OJUANI OGUNDA OPA AORICO CHALESI ADIFAFUN ARO COMOLLA AKlJKO UlBO ACORA UlBO OKUA AKUKO SHALE SI ADIFAFUN ARORO MEYAMAFERI!FUN ORUNLA OJUANI OOUNDA OLOFIN APATAKIN IMALE ALAKAIYE OSIN GBOOBO IMALE OLOFIN ASHOR. for bimself. Someone in your family will die Give thank lo Obata1a elegua oggun and your woman. And you could get caughl up in Ibis tragic affair. is being done. So!hal your enemies don I recognize you While you are on the street. Olotin enc10sed bimself inside the coffin and be is ashoro The secret of olotin is boro in Ibis sigo. wilh an rooster and 2 small drum. The 2 eggun of olofin speak in Ibis sigo.this confidence is nol betrayed When the awo see Ibis sigo.

2 CQCOnul 9 olele 9 <ko. Tbe per&on thst <loes es nol look forward stay bebind Before going out onlo Ibe street . And il is due To disobedi"""". Tben come back for he later.. Ahout whal had happened Ibe villase foUowed . Iben il i. lb.. and wbile Ihen Ibese our are tied around the lenife in • 7 knol formalion To the per&on s (eggun habar. Tbere once was small lown Ibat made il • living frem Ibe manufacture of epo. in a poI and walch it carefuUy Ibe tiger. S house Arriving al the old woman s horne. e1egua is covered with eku eya epa. Who saw Ibis sign for bim and said" You must do ebbo and charge your c10thes. Ibe guine i. is where e1egua . man yoo will have lo many by force Woman you wisb lo cancel your pregnancy There is a osba or an eggun thst is going lo UDcover sometbing bidden or something thst Someone wants lo bide Tbis per&on has disobeyed the otisha many time. Tbis is wbere the siog oflove are playad for.' Bewue oftbat yoo ea! and drink. Tbe decision was made lo move everyone excepl for lO old woman wb. You IDUS! a1so beIvare of problem with your. i.. late cooker. Tbe woman as everyone was being transportad the old woman realized !he danger lhal she was in . Tbi. Had many sore 00 her body.he lold !hem. stomacb.. And began lo hoil sorne epa. the villas.. the ne><t day when Ibe villas Carne haek for the woman . collected. one day. falber) is give 2 guine hens.... who waiting for him around the comer frem his house OMAKO mUMU me KONDA YEMI EKUN INLE N11G/ INKIN Y ARAKO OBINILADIINA OPAEKUN. As everyooe left for Ibe oew location. Seeing Ibe tiger s head !he old woman. seeds w. Tbis was how the tiger avoided being persecuted by bis enernies.... lOd began lo smell Ibe odar ofthe epa and beadad in Ibe direction of the old woman.Page 362 of 864 .oftly caressed Oshun • face bis bands and she becarne very tranquil And obedienl orunla saw Ibis and because jealous of elegua. Ibe tiger began lo c1aw away al !he woman s door umil finally he was able lo stick bis head ioto her house.. Arrive the villase. decide lo barricade Ihe old wornan in her home wilh plenty of food and waler. how Ibe defense1ess old woman was able lo kill the powerful Iiger.. per&on • Yirtue are in bis ber bando. id danger bloodsbed Tbis sign speak ofthe besutiful cbild tbat 1000 tbrougb the window of a beautiful bouse Tbe people inside closes the window halfway in order lo bide whal was going on inside Tbi. a Ferocious tiger began lo troqueO! the lown and instilled fear in a11 of the peop1e the Iown people decide lo mover all ofmove all oflbe woman and cbildreo lo Ibe placed wbere Ibe opa Inkiog. And placed 00 bis ahar. A Icnife is wrapped with ou black. # 358 CONTINUAll0N 1HE OJUANI OOUNDA ". His love remiodad bim of thst orunIa s advice He beaded her advice and he did nol go out. tske lo where tbis eggun determine Tbe liger was dressad in rad and he wenl lo leC orunla. Do tbis a10wly so tbat you don I cboke y 00 tDIIII take care of e1egua and amother hin! wilb eku eya com lit corojo Woman beware ofproblem with women becouse ahbougb yoo may believe yowsclf To be Itroog a. so thst your enemies wonl I recognize yoo when the tiger was going lo gn out. Tbi. Woman can shoot you orthmw bot sreases in yoo face. immediately threw the poI of hoilíng bot epa ooto Ihe riger head and Ibis blinded !he tiger.

and placed yOWlleJf at Ibe service oflbe orisha : Ebbo for elegua with rooster bread so. elru akara a piece of black Clothing gbogbo ere. Advantage of anyone becanse Ibe weakest penon can cause your downfall beware Of sorneane throwing bot grease into your fiIced... together in an casserole by a lagoon and observed everything tbat bappeoed on the road. beware ofelegua talce care ofhim wbat you owe him . .Page 363 of 864 #359 CONTINUATION 11IE OJUANI OGUNDA TnúI ofthe maimed tiger lb.lber ofibe( papagallo ) parrot) p1ant ewe tete. ali of your negativity y 00 bave problem wilb you chest and your beUy or abdomen. elru ella JIWch money . someone ls subtly watching Yon.lfto be never taIc. kiIIer bim. This is where elegua was cooking ( ere) bean black red. No matter big strong oc powerful you are or you coosider y"""". Woman receive yoo cofa. Ebbo rooster f..tbat you can cleaned yourself witb it the placed it 10 elegua so tbat he can take away.

And Ibis is why Ibis person has many problem and goes Ihrough many embarrassing momenl You must Ceed an eggun Ibal is in a staled oC spiritual torroent You are goiog 10 cure a sick person with a very minor treatment. In your path a cbild meanl lo arrive and lo make sure !hal Ibis cbild arrive wilhoul any Problem you must do ebbo. 1ms person does listen to good and advice.IlMILOQUEORUNLAAKUKOADJE OJUANI BOSABONOSA ADIFAPUN OSHUN ADIFAPUN OBATALA ISIIE NISIIE TOYU IMBERIN BAMBA LODO LOYU IDA INA ATOSI NILEMlJ ADIFAPUN ELEBUETEBABA AWO mEROO IWO LODUN KO'I\1IIlFA UJUANI BOSA BONOFA ADIFAPUN OKUN ATI OBATALA IFA FORE !RE OMO NESHU ATIOLOFIN OJUANI BOSA KOFATO LOTA LORATOOWO LOGUN ASAYENI LOWOORUNMILA AKUKO.Page 364 of 864 #360 OJUANI OSA (OJUANI BOSA) COPATOLOTACOPATOAWOLONGUNASAU. But when this persoo bríngs anolber .. When Ibe baby is boro Ibis child. in order to get rid ofthese negative influence . ADJE LEDO OJUANI BOSA BOMOSA ADIFAPUN OKUN ATI OBATALA IFA FORE!RE OMO ESHU ATI OLOFIN ISIIE NISIIE TOYU BANDA LODO LOYU EYA ONA ATOSI NI LEMU ADIFAPUN ELEBUTE BABA AWO mEROOWO LODUN KOTOTEFA AWO NmAO NIMU IYALO 1ms sigo a legal battle.icl< person Cor treatmenl do no! do anything Cor Ibis person just send Ibis second person to Ibe medica1 physician because be could die and you could have very serious legal problem. perforroed on her. !hal she lose Ibis cbild Ibis is Wbere orun1a enemies did nol wanl his apeterb~ lo give birth lo Iheir cbild. Beware oC sexually disease Oshun is very angry wilb everyone in Ibe home everyone problem because Ibese people Don t respect the wishes of ochun You must respeet and adore ( saínl !azaro ) Someone is pladog ogu at the foad of you door this is reason wby when you want to 80 Out. and you are Being blamed You should nol be out on Ibe stree! after 12 midnighl Your are a person thaI has a great dea1s oC spiritually prolection The negative projection and evil eyes oC people are whal are holding Ibis person ITom Prospering. An order lo remover Ibe sbepe ITom Ibis child s palb because Ibis cbild s molber has had oggun. must receive Ibe Warriors and 0run1a. The ebbo is so Ibe baby does nol asphyxiale upon birth or is still bom. Your are constantly cbanging youe mind. Involving a person !hal tried lo cornmil suicide. Perfonn head rogation. Ibere are people who don I wanl Ibe baby lo be live.

Ibe ebo was done wilh Iaotb.Page 365 of 864 # 361 CONI1NUATION mE OJUAN! OSA. A buoeb of Ibe banana are placed lo Shaogo. lbal is Ibe reason wby Ibey a1ways bad so many problem when Ibey were living wilb yon. is give lo elegua logether wilb eggun.He said look do you see how scattered and disorganized Ihese ants are. untess this sign come in Osoroo in whish case an rat. this next days 09ata1a went for an Oso . On one occasion Obatala was canying many wild ants in rus apo. Obatala feeling embarrassed went home to Perform a rogation on bis head with two coconut. Because if you do. You are unclean. Iben iyefa is added blood is give lo tbis mixture Iben a Paste is prepared so tbat Ibe person can smolber il on bimself when he wakes up There is much negativity and several evil wisber around yon. because you Once cu. ao rooster. You must nOl reveal your secret lO anyooe. in order lo cure people and he forgol about his (fa one day he did an Osorde and he saw bis Odun ojuani boca. PIaot Malbale. This sigo speak of a man tbat bad maoy eoemies because he was nol from Ibe same land as Ibe otber bowever be was Ibe rigbtful oba of lbal Iand Awo ojuani bosa willlose bis way because ofligbting and being capricious This is !he ifa !he good for notbing. Older person Ibere is little stabililies in you Iife. Ibe meo io yoo tife. and had lo do an ebbo lo Recover bis ashe. Ojuani bosa ifa oC embarrassments. and eko . together with Osain. Take some fealber from Ibe rooster lbal has beeo give lo elegua lie Ibem up with cottoned Add some iyefa Iben a1low Ihese fealher lo haog on lo elegua In this sign elegua does not cat rat. and hid himself in the river mud Ojuani bosa become obsessed with the work oC osain in arder to cure people and he forgets about ifa. is also give in order to refresh the blood the lamb. Shango is give an lamb. There was a man that offered so much to Oshun that he could never realize when he went to the rive he saw her was embarrassed. I pipe. Take a Iarge piece oC charcoa1 smother it with epo. are no! longer a child Woman yoo bave a problem with one ofyour a1so bave problem wilb your. then write the name of Ibe araye on tbis cbarcoal and place il lo elegua. and elegua knocked the bag lO Ihe ground and Ihe anls spread oul a11 over lbal land when Obatala asked for an explanalion from elegua . and he eventually loses bis ashe Awo Ebeland onIy work wilh bis Osain. '}'our good luck. for bim. bave a1ways waoted fur your lo take care of Ibem Financially. and when he work evil wilchcraft wilh Aroni he must balhe with eko lifo. menstrual Pigeon. Avoid tragedy because there will be bloodshed and Severe legal problems. the inhabitants of rus land are living their live just Iike those ants. is masbed with ori.rsed trus land. When the awo work with Osain through this sign he should smoker in a pipe (smoking) pipe. yoo must change your attitude because yon. so wbat tbis child does 001 die Tbere are fiunily battles lbal are being cause by member ofyour spouse s clan because Ibey are 001 happy witb your spouse. do t you remember. This is where Obalala cursed Ibe Iand of obara nil aye. you willlos<. (OJUAN! MOSASO) y 00 must baptize your child and do an Ebbo. 2 rooster.

#362 CONTlNllATIONTIIIl OJUANl OSA (OJUANl MOSASO) Went for an Osorde witb. fealber pigeon planl salvia. tbat are very scares in Iba!. because my cune bu affected thisland. hate intrigue. Be earedll tbat an old man does I cune you lUId you never again have good luek This sing !he ojuani bosasc. Tbere are people who have raised false accusalion againS! yoo. on the opon ifa. angry ants and bogbo srick You muS! offer tribute 1m yemays Wben !he donkey is over1oaded with loo mueb cargo he refuse lo !ravel you are a person That wben you feelHke there is too mueh of a load or burden on your sboulders you very ofien feellike nol conlÍnuing the 6gbl or struggler and your mind has thouglrt of suicide Do ebbo because there are 3 ire in your path lhal are mean! fur you lo have and so lhat E1egua does nOl keep you from receive them. and smother bis Cace with iI then !he awo will blow !he remsining iyefa onto ( sbileken door house ) the awo wiII then painl 2 coconul are mUed around the bouse then mUed out onto!he street.. !he awo wiU then take both ofthese coconUl lo wherever orunIa has determined This osain lhe tbis sigo muS! have (InIe ) of7 different placo.Page 366 of 864 -. bu been cuned by you . he thouglrt to bimselfI muS! conform myselfwith what bappened in Ibis Iand. the awo Will !hen take some iyrefa. This cune bu affected This Iand. Baba you know very weU tbat !he Iand of Obara nil aye. a1ways be in tranquility. land Obatala did no! answer orunla and when he gOl home. is written and prayed on the iyefa. and res! Ibe ingredien! Ibe ebbo . who saw tbis ifa lUId said to obata1a. these vices will away be more abundan! Iban !he small gesture ofkindne. do ebbo so tIuu you can Liberale yourselffrom lbal Osorbo Ebbo I goat I rooster. 0runIa. in tbat there wiII. avarice uncontroUed ambition.

1 frog. Witb a1lof necessary ingredieot al !he beginning of Ibe each year. are then give Ibe 3 mek are Iben incrusted ioto tbis and a1l Tbis including osain are buried al !he fOO! of a oeiba tree for 7 days wben Osain is unearthed be give 1 rato I turtle and 1 moster. Ibe 3 American pennies are placed on top of!he 1I0ne. and otura oshe. is plaoed on top oflbese soil. the following is placed !he tarantuJa. !he casserole Ibe Osain must bave These sign paioted or it oche otura. and two quail. aside from tbe general ingredient oftbe Osain. oflbe oemetery al midnight. Ibe followiog cannot be mi. give 10 the Awo Osain then tbe bead of!he Osain" Then faIlowing soH are plaeed On top Ibe grnund ofthe 4 comer. tbe 1izard the snake head. ome ojuani. turtle. covered with dried ewefa. bead. lbe awo wil1 then place tbis osain among many.Page 367 of 864 #363 OJUANlIKA (OJUANI BOKA aroBA1J! ODOMJ IKORDIODINAGUI ADIFAFUN OTOnNSHOMO EllO IKA DIlMI AKA OMO OLOPIN OJUANI BOKA IKA IKAU! KALAYE EYEMI OLOFIN YEWI!LI! YI!WELI!KE OZAIN AM IYU KIlEJUESE KOW KIJEUlSIl MI!YI WANWAN OGIJERB LAOORI OBAYDE NI ORlSHAOKO OBATALA ADEMI IKABALE ADIÑ AWI ADIFAFUN ore nNCIIOMA mOlE TlNCHOMA ABURB AKA OLOPIN • SUYERB. and the 3 pennies the awo wiU then call ( Orun and Osain ) and Iight 9 candle around tbis. ground of!he 4 comer. plan! and bum ( etubon gunpowder) underneath Ibis Osain and cal1 tbis Osain Osakereweye . tbe young rooster. ABYBIDB OZAIN ABYBIDB OZAIN ADIFAFUN BKU !!KAN OTOBALE ADOMI lCABALI! ADIÑAAQUI ADIFAFUN OTO 11NSHOMA 80ICU nNSIIOMA ABURB ACA ADA OANIO OLOPIN OUNKO AKUKO BYA LI!BO. bom !he reason wby Osain mus! be burled and it s because Osain married We oguere ( !he motber Earth ) and Orisbaoko was !he one who married !hem Osain !he ojuani boles. then head is placed on top Ibe sigo. cemetery at midnight aoH Ibe hill 1 stone tbunder. ADU NBDEVI IBORU IBOLLA OTOBALI! ADEMI IKABALI! ADINA AMI ADIFAFUN OTO 11NSIIOMA ABURB TINSHOMA ABOIKA AKA ADA OMOOLOFIN OJUANI BOKA OTOBALI! ADEMI IKABALI! ADINA AWI ADIFAFUN ore TIN5HOMO 8015MB nNSOMA ABUFE AKA ADA OMO OLOFIN OJUANI BOKA IKA IKALI! KALAKAVE KAN BYBNI OLOPIN YEWELE YEWELE OSAIN AWANIYI KIJEUlSIl KAN KUBLESE MEJI WANWAN LAYOiU OSBASMB NI ORICHAOKO In Ibis sign i.sing Goal. Ibco Ibe awo. 1 male Iizan! 1 tanntuIa 3 Americao penis . !hat was previously cleaned with Omiero of ewefa. tbe skin oftbe forehesd is removed And the 16 meji are painted on the forehead. 21 mel:: different Awo ojuani boka mus! give a dark young rooster 10 Osain. then !he awo. ojuani boles. Ibe scorpion the frog. quail. 1 moster blael:: color. will add res! !he ingredieot And 2 turtle. in Ibe fores!. turtle. a11 tbis i. Ofan al hiU a11 tbis is Done as the aforementioned sign are prayed an stone. then the goal is saerifioed.

then everythiog is sewn up with cotton it eats goal twtle. tite lWO must not forget lo place plont lJId root of plant ItipoDla around e1egua Talisman !he ojusni bolea. Whe!he awo is il~ he will ask 0ruD1a bow many ebomisi must be performed with plant cedro paraíso ciruela amarilla.Page 368 of 864 #364 OONI'INUATION nm OJUANI !KA (OJUANI BOKA ) Tbe awo wiII take tite 4lcgs of a deod ( oI0¡b0 gat ) lUId grind thom up lJId place them lo oIegua wben e1egua eat so wiII Ibis dust is wnpped up in pardunetJI paper titen placed lo elcgua or Osain wben tite awo necds lO mount ID ilhe Osain he will take a smaJl Quantity oflbis dust. Ibis sigo mar\ced by debt with elegua obatala lJId Sbaogo. gat leg. these omiero are take al 12 noon In Ibis sigo 1 rooster white give 10 house door.!he IWO wiII take halfof!he coro and throw it out lo !he right side of!he street. that rooster give trom out sido ofthe house. wben tite dust is placod lo elegua fur the first time. kneeling behind door house. 00 Friday as well as dIy wine and cigar on the I st of evety month !he awo willlight en candle for Ibis talisman. !he iyeía oflhis sign must ioelude b\ood the bird of sparrow bawk. blow lOme dIy wine with ground peppet lJId ginger as weII as smoker of en ei¡¡ar coro grajo are placed into en jicara lUId positioned in ftom of e1egua IIlen 1 roostet is give lo elegua lJId tite com. Eggun give 1 rooster white and ebbo is perfurmed with small chicleen white then they let go al door 0ruD1a began 10 divine for humanity with a handfW of com awo ojl¡ani bolea. peppet.. together with Ohatala the talisman is wrapped up with ewefa titen in fabrie black red.. 1 ishery D1a Dlil train. of a fures! Awo an iyalocba will visit yoo and it will be fur ice lUId everything that you do will tum out well.. and the eyes. Alter !he rooster white is give lo the door house from the out sido. 3 grajn lhe coro. oole no! aII oftlte talismen ojuani boka. end cucarriUa then everything is take lo !he middl.. lJId two piseon. I rooster. is used lo fold OYer IDd coVet!he 3 fabrie 00 lop of Ibis !he awo will place the following on th. are !he .. indio. due lo tite fauh of a woman . can a1so perform atefa with coro. it is give 1 rooster together with. AN OparaIdo must be Performcd lo everyone in the bouse. or with Osain !he balf ofthe 10ngoe. ) Iarge spikc ) that is c1eaasee! in omiero of ifa. together. Oggun lJId wilh elegua. oftlte filbrie a leafofpllDl abre camino. is give 1 rooster. !he talisman is titen dressed with en oecldlce of a11 !he colors evety Tuesday lUId Tbursday !he petsoo wiII . talismen plant ItipoDla. You must and reinforce oggun This ifa signals • problern between 2 awo. And a11 of!he peraon thete Must stay inside !he bou.. are aloo placod into !he talisman. Because iIru stIJIding there scaring Everything away. Ibis sigo the pigeon of!he ebbo are give to olofiD in ID jicara with fa! cacsao.. lJId filbrie !he ocha. then !he rest of tite corn is thrown out 10 !he left side fur tite street. with e1egua. befure!he awo c10se! !he talisman. but they can a1l he peraonalize for wbalever situalion !he ishe Ozain is wrapped in • fabrie of3 differenl color lbal orunla bas detetmined 00 top. lJId odd it 10 tite talisman. ofthe rooster.

from you house and you shoe. ebbo 1 rooster 1 pigeon. because they couId one day become yoo. different money. Beware oC your woman and childreo. the person that Ojuani Bolea consider wesk or insignificanl can kili him or her The people tbal you talce care oC financially are your worst enemies.Page 369 of 864 #365 CONTINUATION TIlE OJUANI IKA (OJUANI BOCA The osorbo oC Ibis sign . and you shoe. and cest the ingredient Ebbo 1 rooster com hair gal. used dressed soil 4 comer from you bouse. 1 arrow. because aII the river flow inlo the ocean You must and receive olokun Ebbo 1 pigeoo. 1 Cemale puppet. different Cabric 2 coconut 2 candle and res! the ingredient you must and receive Qsain and Oduduwa. ground 4 comer. Is lo abuse those people tbal are physically wesker lover on the socialladder. hair dos. worst enemies The evil that you do lo your neighbor will return lo you by the hand oC Olofin The king oC all the river is the oceao. sack fabric. . trap. 2 coconut And rest the ingredient .

awo oflhis sigo.s Ibe Powcr of In eggun. but will Never be bappy.:-. !be owncr oflhis . KAPEREFUN OLOKUN Y ELIlOUA Wben Ibis . lo live according lo how well he known ifa . The awo oftbis sign musl suffer Ibe desth ofhis woman. cannot drinking dar\¡ beverage or dress in blaek lb.. Tbis is where the people willlcave your land becausc Ihe wars lbat you are figbting bUl it is very likely that you bave callsed Ibis situatioD lO come aboUl hecause ofyou attitudes Tbe awo Ibis ifa should tcaeh ifa lo bis ahijados hecause onc of then will bave bis life onc Day &om the onslaught of an OmOIOguD Awo ojuani batrupon cannol do ifa or pay for lhe ifa ofbis ebildren Tbe awo oftbis mUs! do ifa lo Ihe aijado lbat mects the rcquirements no mattcrs wbat this person s ecooomic lituation is like Awo ojuani batrupon. Awo ojuani batuio is no respectcd in bis binh family or bis religious family hui he atoo does not respect bis god ehildren and docs no! leacher them anylhing juSI 00 lbat be can atways have powcr over Ibem Awo ojuani batuto is always in warfare hecausc oflbis supcriority complex. he commilS many error> in moral judgment and lose bis moral standards Awo ojuani batuto aside &om nol possessing.. canoot kilI a ram because he wil1 baYO many loso. #366 OIUANI O1RUPON (OIUANI BA'IRUPON AQUlCANNIMBOU!NIOSHUNMAREADIFAFUNADAEROACUAROANlEOIADUN MARORA NIBI ILLA OUNKO EYEU! LEDO OIUANI 'IRUPON IFA ADERE OBA INLA BAYA LAOIRA IFA MONI AWO LO'Il!RE !KA KAFEREI'IJN ADIVO LAGUANAIFA NI CAFEREFUNESIIU SllANOO Y OYA OIUANI BAnrro!KA RALARE OKOUSHlRAWO OMO OLUWO POI'O BASARE NI IFA NAYIRE AWO OMO OSAIN MORUBURU OIUANI 'IRUPON IFA YANYANIRE OYA IFA MOFUN OMIYAWO INU! FEU!YEICUN IFA ONIRE OMO NI OBA OSAIN oroANI ONI BA'IRUPON OMO OKOYA LA AWO GIJRANDE IFA NI OLONA OBARA EN! IFA KAFEREI'IJN OSAIN KAFI!REGUN OLUWO POI'O KAPEREFUN OYA KAPEREFUN ORUNLA.ince he .. lbal if take care of propcrly.ign is lee obi mi lUlO is give to elegua and Shango Tbis is ifa that wu the one that brougbt peace bctween beave and earth Tbis peno. As IWO ojuani batulO.Page 370 of 864 ..ign cannot ea! ram.ign cannot he without Oya or the twin lbe owner oflhis .. Iflhe person has bid many problem . goes Ihrough life. ashe lo resolve pcople problem .ilion and life a bappy life. greal dea1s ofknowlegofifa pos. Moneyand Ibe ability lo enjoy aU ofthe pleasure oflife. lbat bim Tbis sign ofthe stuUcred. and the fact that he canoot aocept lbal anyone can bavo more knowlcdge or baYO abiliti..he was a child then Ibis. advice in ordcr lo bave I good po. penoD musl do as Ihe orisba. has come lo the world with • blessing of I borne. will give the awo Ih. will he abl.

and·ofan lamb. She quickly informed Ibe awo ahoul Ibe cbild birlh.. \he iohe must have the siga of ojuani oUUpon Then it is mounted on \he skin ofangoat. She gave birth she had a Boy lhal was boro with a scar on bis righl ea. in orderto live wi\h hea1th and tmlqui1ity. Have tied Ibis cbild lo Iife. When Ihe queen gave birth \he child was hom wi\h a sel of myslery oyes. heos is give \he talisman togeth. The cbild then gazed upon ( olupamora awo ) wilb a furious stare. of Ibe cave or in sma1l house.. 1 tongue oye • and mashed fingernail I egg. differenl planl And reS! \he ingredient. on Ibe opon ifa. send word lo me immedialely. albaha<:a morada atori. algarroba ceiba. awo then filled Ibe puppet wilb Ibese ingredienl. When Ibe awo arrived he placed a mil 00 the lloor. In Ibis sign io hom the psychotically weakness of bis cbilel. red.. Bul when you are give birth lo agsin you will be called ojuani bauupon time. some hair from the oewbom head. should also nol entero Into a housing block OJUANlBA1RUPONBANKOYEADIFAFUNYEKINOOLONUKOKOiBeOMO KEKERE KAN! WA UMBO KADDA ALAGUGU ARUGBO LODAFUN ORUNLA OLUPAMORAAWO Ebho 1 roostee. blued.. 6 banana. Posilioned Ibe newbom on topo Theo marked Ihe Ebbo. has a house on the other sido ofthe ocean. Take care oflhe Puppel. Cabric while. artemisa. . Ozain. then bathes wi\h Omiero plan! pasiOora. 3 omall inkin. puppet lbal he had previously used on \he queen. Then the awo head a voises that said. And cut a very small pieces of lhe newbom s right ear Ihe.. And lell me when you give birth.. He \hen lold her. 1 puppet 1 chain. The elephanl cannot en!. When Ibe boy was token 10 ifa for an Osorde \he siga was seco.. Passed and ( Oluopamora ) Awo died then Ibe queen became pregnant agsin she had fallen in love wilh Ibe puppet Thal the awo had prepared for her and when ohe gave birth. very well you. He Iben performed Ibeebbo whit Ibe. hens Layed on good Friday.Page 371 of 864 #367 COm1NUATION rnEOJUANI OTRUPON (OJUANI BAlUTO) Ojuani baIuto should give bimself2 heos from you bead to Ibis ifa. but Ibis will be Ibe laSI time yoo do tbis in your land Ihey call yoo bonkoye and yoo will soon hens. There once was king who was very worried hecause every time bis wife the queen Would have cbild it would die shonly afier birth wheo \he Queen was pregnanl again \he !Gng ordered bis men lo bring \he land diviner who was ( olupamora awo ) ifa ojuani Batrupon in order lO consull ifa • ( olupamora awo ) consulted Ihe queen and marked Ibe Ahove Ebho. wbich was lo be performed on her abdomen. Talisman 21 stick bead young roost. UIbano. be Ihen lit ID candle used scissors to cut. Awo ojuani ouupon must receive osain odduduwa ansd Otun. which became Ibe name oflhe cbild from that momenl on and Unlil he finished bis Iife here 00 earth .. Ojuani baIuto.. Awo ojuani baIuto cannot enter any cave or live in a sma1l hoti.

wony about you Don t eat in som!X)oe else s house SO that you can avoid an embarrassing moment The placed that you visit is inhabited by onIy one womaD or you visit a place in order to see 8 woman and there is jealousy by another woman . you will bave many..Page 372 of 864 #368 CONl'nruATION1HE OJUANI BATRUPON (OJUANlBAnno) Aftee the ebbo the puppet is lilled with hair from Ibe head • ver¡ small pieces oflbe cbild Right. children Money. wbom !bis sign is sec will never bave any necessities in life Okuta was the woman of 0run1a. ero obi cola com anuo root of ceiba. Don t kili or eat ram. Sbortlyafterward all of!he disgl1lCCs and lI1lgedies Followed her. puppet is pl1lycd on Ibe opon Ibe ifa Thcn it is dressed with blue panl. and you bave come with a house and money. She has come lo serve you and mankind here on cartb. problems and setbacks You bave killed o.der lo avoid Ibis you must do. ofp1aDt iroko ami ofp1aDt . bave !he ability lo kili anolher persa. in o. lben he must do ifa You bave come 10 !bis world 10 be a gentleman. s fee! ( beg bis fo.giveness Woman ifyou are pregnanl il is a femalo. because Oya is very close to you and if you do.tori Planl pasiflora soil fron the door Ibe cometer¡ lb. Ebbo with 2 pigeon 1 carving knife ami 1 ladder You bave a superiorily complex ami cannol accepl Iha! anyone known more skilled Tban you and tbat is why you have many enemies !fa of Ihe king s horse !hat was nol well taken care of even though all of Ihe money Was there lo so You family does Dot take care of o. did ebbo with an female goa~ in order 10 coUect aH ofthe ire ofwoman .ed shirt Orunl.. balfwbile and balf.. If the cbild is • malo. As well as many other good thing !fa says that !he person fo. and she left bim lo go with anotber man • man that sbe was 001 meanl 10 be wilb . She will also be an Apetervi of 0run1a. And she bad lo retumed and kiss 0run1a..

is Iben fed I pigeon logether wilb Orun. filled wilb sorne oflbe ingredient. This dwelling and implore lhis eggun To continue belping him against being dominaled by any olber person . When Ibis sign is see tbrough Ibe palb of yemaya. the obligalion lo hear Ibe counsel and advice that yemaya will give in order lo avoid being destroyed by your enemies (path oflbe gladialors ) Path of the insane pñnce.Page 373 of 864 #369 OJUAN! O'IURA (OJUAN! ALAQUENlU) aJAQrnTI NEVO OLIJORA ADIFAFUN ORUNLA 11NaJAG\1O llJl OLOKUN EURE LEBO aJAQrnTI NEVO OLU ADIFAFUN OOIOSI11NOIORE LORI OQUE 000 AKUKO EYELE LEBO CHAKITI MEDO ALU ARA ADIFAFUN ORUNLA 11NaJAWO ILE OLOKUN LODAFUN OBATALA OJUAN! ALAKEN1U SHAKITI NEBOOLU ARA ADIFAFUNORUMILA 11NSHAWO 1LE000KUN LODAFUN OBATALA Tbis ira of (binding amarre ) Tbis is where Ibe reUgion of ( qulnbisa is bom) A was pact was made an eggun lbal was passing by received it and took il lO il destination. Due lo Ibe bad and vice oflbe padrinio loward Ihe ahijado Tbis sign Ibe ifa the domination of Ibis persan by anolber To the avoid dorriination that someone has or will have over this person And. For Ibe community or family as a wbole. Ihe puppet. Afterwards every year. wilhout analyzing Ihe consequence of Ibese actions. Th. Whelher Ihey be good or bad. from the ebbo. The awo or the persan being consulted has. only will Tbis persan be respect by otber . Olokun . musl receive. Tbis sign speak oCa marriage Tbis persan is disgraceful. puppet and ebbo are tak. This sign ís of capriciousness and of mental problems This ís where people want to impose their whim. lbat ifa determined. Ibe awo will lo gn lbal spot and call Ibe spiril lbal inhabils. and money The son Ibe ojuani alakentu. ( depend on Ihe case ) after Ibe ebbo lhe puppel i. AlI oflbe apayeru lbal are performed wilh Ihis sign musl have (gungun bone oflbe rooster) fealber!he rooster. I woman.or wilh Ibe animal. Soil fr04 comer I man puppet. in order lo enjoy stabilily. Another rooster is give lo Ibe puppet. Ebbo is performed wilh an rooster. Tbis sign the dominalion of the padrinio over Ibe ahijado and Ibe unsettling ofthis Relationship.e Ihe virtue otber people because he she believe lbal he she is the only one wilh virtuous qualilies Ibis persan believe lbal tbey know everything and 8CIS superior lo everyone else Ojuani a1aquentu is usually a bad child a bad brolber a bad fiiend and a very powerful enemy. A scoundrel and will continues lo be ooe In Ibis ifa where human cadaver was cul open for the fim time Tbis persan does no! want lo recogniz. Accept conduct this person will 80 contrary to those nonn or try to influence others to Go against then. ove the customs and norms of. and placed on lop oC a rock that protrudes fron Ibe center ofa river.

#370 CONTINUATION mE OJUANI OTURA ( OJUANI ALAQUENTIJ ) To beJp with impotence For 7 days you IDUS! drink omiero of ( guira clmarrona)then think an effusion of Chichi) wilh romerillo and never ( indoko anal intercourse again) Talisrnan ceramic casserole sand sea. wilh and rest Ihe ingredienl 2 candle is lil eaeh days for 3 days. l egg. retuming from ocean. When the looks at his feet. hair lamb . ajonjol~ com. lo Ihe river . hair from dog. (wilh a fresh y'olk ) Ihe coconut. Ihe towel lhal was used lo dray off is coUect and taken lo Ihe river.. e1aws of plundering bird soH inside hbuse. the inlerest party will Ihem place 3 balls. ground cementer. popper l lizard. and river. You will never become an important persoo.Page 374 of 864 . This sign speak ofthe identification ofthe person through their fingerprints The great secret of the eshualakentu is bom and the reason why the peacock embarrasses . You must respect your elder. 3 stone . Soil ( arun hospital) bark. worthy of respect and honor.. $OCte! Ihe duek. theo the coconut is brokeo over the shadow of the interest party !he pieces are collecte<! sigo osolbo speak of illness that runs through the bones a cyst or tumor in the body Or specifically in Ihe lungs Be careful where you leave your fingerprints because you could get into trouble because ofwhere your fingerprints were fouod Beware of doiog favors for others Beware of gossip that is bom out of envy . inc1uding Ihe. soil inside the house and from. broken glass piece of iron. washed over elegua. 3 kind oflhe albahaca 3 head fish. and gave him good luek and 101 of money 1h. You will do well ¡foot. once the person retum an rooster is give to the elegua and it is tben take. made ofñam. igun thom ofzona) 108 of hens. the pe""n will bathe wilh !he omiero !hal W8S left over io Ihe casseroles of elegua Ihen whal W8S left of Ihe bath. ( eshu alaken/u) is called on Ihe way baek home. both religious and family You are like a bird without a oest When ode was huntiog he was very poor and didn 't have luck or " money . when Ihe talisman yoo mounted it is taken to Ihe food of a banana treo to Ihe ocean. then take lo Ihe sea.. together wilh 3 pennies lo Ihe fool of tr. the person why an ¡tutu must be perfonned when a peacock dies Ifa of complexes and neurosis Ifyou do what ifa advice. Himself. run . l tongoe goal. mate goat hair. so he did Ebbo l rooster. palm treo. lO Ihe fool of ceiba treo soil is coUected from eaeh ofthese place and placed iolo Ihe Osain Qparaldo l coconut.

testicl. ofriver.bel~ laying OD it s side or mOUltled iD !he boJlowed.) Ground ant. soH four comer. ebbo·. Ebbo 1 rooster secret Ibe duck. Embarrassing. mad. run boDoy fresh fisb. and rest th. drinking. is giv.. 3 differeDI stick grouod sea. peonia. tSheD !he head oye. from bil~ from plaza. much money ud res! Ibe ingredienl Ebbo 1 moster 2 egg. and res! Ihe ingredient Ebbol moster bead fresh fisb. defect in !he face. . of u can. ofpalm ofcocollllt. Esbu aJakentu can be mounted iD a conclJ sea. Ibis eJegua is mounted al midnighl !he masb. roo! ofatiponla. arsha. of cedar wood. 3 jequirity seeds. bread 3 sticle . 3 smaJJ seasbell 7 needle.Page 375 of 864 #371 CONl1NUATION nm OJUANl OTURA (OJUANl ALAKENnl) The osorbo Ibe sign is excessiv. head ( tillo. 1 puppel. ingredienl lh. are removed pulverize and placed into Ibe secret of (eshu elegua aJakentu. and res! Ihe ingredienl Ebbo I mostee stick cinnamon. ( bibijagua big ant. and had. skin of rst. ditrereDI planl dray. pigCOD head. from clnJrch Smashed cowrie sheJl bead s of dift'erenl coIors 1 feather coIors. feather bird. barl<.. or msrlc:etpla<:e soH from an atrium or garden. ofbil~ 4 comer. lo Ibis mixture. water from river and sea Honey run. WlIn problems. them. Ebbo 1 mostee ( two llame yam. honey run 2 egg. The conch sbell or cane is washer in omiero and give 3 jio jio smaJI baby cbicleen. . I sack. much money. peonia mixture is prayed then an blood bird and blood ditrerent animal. Dressed Ibe penon ground from and inside bousc. buzzard ) head bat. ) Ibis elegua ritually washed with 2 I plant ocha. Iongue.) I hoe arrow soil bil~ differenl planl dray. hens. ofjaguoy ofjobo. dift'erent nioney. out bondl. of in¡¡redient consist of ( bom head eggun ) dust bom eggun. bccause wben Ibis penoD drinkiDg he throws Pcople. head goal. goal. 21 pJant 7 sticle. and Ibis is !he re8SOD wby Ibis penoD has so ID8DY. moster Head. are begged from dift'erent people ground CIab.

cologoe and pIant (higo OpoIO) Note Ibe same applies for man or wnman in tbis path tbe is applied in order to find a Weallby man or womaD aod dominale this wealthy persan . Tbis sigo oflbeft 0runI. in order lo bave marital stability. spur lard corojo. bul Before it is used as a musical instrument. 2 small hoIlow stick tbal are form of ID rooster. 'Ibe sbrimp lbal sloops is swepl away by Ibe currenl OrunIa one day announced that a revolt oc riot was coming to the order of fife on Earth in Ibe ocean . but lbey did Not do ebbo.atber pigeon and rest Ihe ingredient. must live with a Awo Woman will never grow oId with a man Talisman 2 spurs roaster. 'Ibe young roaster strikes al Ibe older roaster becanse oflbe bens The young persan bils older persan. The same lhing bappened excepl for Ibe sbrimp Who did ebbo and. For ire aye bath are done with plant romero. and this is why this person bas problem wilh Ibeir parent or Falber osba padrinio) or (madrina. Tbis is why !he sbrimps family never dies off In this sigo 3 hoes are placed to Ibe ifa oflbe awo ifa is caUed with one ofthe boes. f. popper. lo yoo so lhalyou can bayo legal problem. with tbis prayer TIPO TIPO NlKUN 1M\} ARUGBORE !fa of disobedience.Page 376 of 864 #372 OIUAN! IRlITE ( oroAN! BIRlITE ) OQum BABAOPEaJN AOPOPOADIFAFUNWFIN APARlPARACOLE ADIFAFUN AKUKO ADIFAFUN ADmEYELllLEBO OKlTI BABA 0PIlKU ADIFAFUN OLOFIN APARI ADIFAFUN PALAKORE AKl1l BABA APEKUN AFOPO ADIFAFUN OLOFlN IF A NI YAWDE ICAFEREFIJN ESHU . the aWQ will pray over the hoes. in Ihe home in Ihe religion . And Ibe gual and amaU people oflbe world wilL baYO lo ebbo. is advising yoo lo talce care ofyourseIf and don I confide in anyoDO. oroAN! BIRlITE AKl1l BABA OPEKU ADIFAFUN OLOFIN APARI ADIFAFUN PALAKOROY . molber ofosba) Tbis is where tbe woman lakes care oflbeman. 'Ibe female child ofthis ifa . wilb family member oflbe persan for whom this sigo is see Tbis sigo oflbe COUDt and marquis Ibsl were a1waya at war In Ibis sigo in Ibe Iand of Odo. In this sigo a relígious party is give lo Ibe orisba that asks for il The awo can bave problem. among !he smaU animals. in Ibe beginning Ibe largo animals were frighlened . because someone want lo do witchcraft. Ibe owl was an ( ayagba Queen) aregue Ibe ebild of olokun in this sign. You sboold never go lo Ibe beacb . Old Ibe persan talce care ofyourseIf and don I confide in anyone becanse people baYO come logether lo $leal Ibe money Ibsl you bave bidden ñus probibits bathing in Ibe sea.

( abo 10mb) the 10mb is for Shango for ole ( so lbat he can belp. and is she leaves bim He will miss ber terribly To avoid !he woman &oro leaving you must give In rooster to elegua 00 a frequent basis You mUS! talce care of yoor fee!. ( coral ) in order take bim 10 a rieh and Prosperous Iand. Tbe ebbo oftbis sigll. awo will talce an stick tbat must bave it • tip sbarpeoecl then wrappecl witb COUOn. you when yoo want to stesls something Yoo bave disrespected!he orisba on severa! occasions and beesuse oftbis. P1aced 3 banana witb boney lord eOlojo. is left witb it • beak uprigbt. Tben the iDleres! party wiU pl1ly lo the hesves 10 allow bim ber lO Uve lonser beesuse you are still a ebild Tbis is where orunIa did no bave any work and be WIDIecI 10 mover 10 anotber 1and ifa Instructecl bim lo do Ebbo. the interes! party wiU talce the stick with Ibe young rooster.Page 377 of 864 #373 ORJANO lREll! (ORJAN! BIREll! ) To resolve the problem give 10 lolrun I rooster To lengthen the Ufe of a person I young roost..lntroduce iato the (orilo anus) oflbe young rooster. in suro • way tbat Ibe young rooster. il only inelude two hens. but you must be careful !hat you don t endanger your life in the pursuit of the adventure Be careful with bad tbing (legal problem) tbat want to manifest themselves in your Iífe Your are borecl and you feel Iíke you want 10 talce a risk in your Ufe . y 00 must place and offer of eko lo elegua however il must be done in the specifie way tbat e1egua want. KAFEREFUN ORUNLA Tbe ebbo this sigo roquire . You want to hurl yourself on an adventure or romance or business. Tieldes her busband in a special give lO th. he dominalecl it and becsme wesllby In this sigo olofin come down 10 tbe bottom of!he sea. AD!FAFUN OLOFIN LODAFUN AKUKO LORIFAFUN KUA KUA. witrb I rooster. when the ripen they are ealen for good besllb the Owner this sigo canoot ea! rooster. 10 elegua. tbatbad becn give lo ololrun beforeband. wbere a family ancestor posses on lo you wbal this eggun was unsble lo fulfill and wbat you must DOW fulfill For tbis eggun.. does no inelude a rooster. wbieb are give lo Orun1a. Two rooster canoot drink out of the same container. OrunIa did !he ebbo and when be anivecl lo !he Iand. p1ant il into the earth in a bushy arca. this stick is then. sigo. sbadow. Ihere is a very sick person in your horne !hal must be very careful You bave jeerecl al all the things orisba beesuse you don t belíeve in them !FA CAFEREFUN IYALORDI! KAFEREFUN I!SIIU Tbe awo could have problem witb tbe family of tbe person for wbom this ifa is seon Tbe woman in thi. In this sigo is bom !he dynssty of the reUgious inheritance. ofthe interestecl party th.

#374 CONl1NUATIONTIlBOJUANIIRETE Osbun is lIII8'Y with you and . • .•..he want. You weot through a very fiightening momeot in !he river or in !he 0C<!8II Beware that yoo don't CalI into a deep dcpression and havo mental problem ..Page 378 of 864 ·. ask your parent for thelr forgiveness because !bey are old and deserve your obedience. if you don't do tbis . 10 hand yoo over lo elegua do thst he can cause you many problem. Shango and elegua will cause yoo many problem in your 6fe ~ . You must l<IUrn home.

so that the osomo. then at !he awo o borne. lo elegua. Tl¡en tlús person Mus! he bathed in !he river. The awo wi11 bit the persoo 2 time with an stick the person wi11 theo gel dressed in clean clothes. .. along with the persen s clolhos. A head regation io performed on the person with two pigeo.. The person must he take.) Give 3 omall hsby cbickeo. While the inlerested party is standing nude in from ofelegua. While the persoo peays foe whst be she Desire !he clothing and evecytlúog else. !hen at tbe edge of tbe river an goal Ver¡ smal~ mamon ) io give lo elegua. The person wiU !hen dress In clean clothos. and l long whippiog stick. l new wbite seap l new rag loew jicara. in clean cloth. AlIowiog the rivee aod elegua to eeceive the blood Eveo thougb the sigo may he seo foe person aleyo ) the awo must perform ebbo then clean bimself wilb egg he. of tlús sigo. JRE FORE AVE UNBO OWO MONI BOSIIE Ebbo l rooster l pigeon. So that the river can take aU of tbe negativity away. Does nO! reach !he awo after tbe ebbo The awo must give 2 pigeon wbile to this person s head in the river.. This is done wbile facing !he oocoming current. Thio sigo eequire the perso. (OJUAN! BOCHENCHO ) CUClITE CUCU ADIFAFUN ODO IFA JRE ALLIl UMBO JRE AYE OMI BEBE ONISIIEGUN YlDU OBA y ALE RU A DI FAFUN AKONl YEMAYA LADAFUN APAYAATOOATALA OMONICHE KAFI!REFUN YEMAYA ATI OOATALA BABA BOEFA KORUGÓ K04'WO BUDO INKA LAFECHE KORUDO INTORI CHEKE CHEKE LI!SA OBOO KAMIBACHE ORICIIAS IlLEGUA ODOFUN OGGUN YOB¡ OMONISIIE KAFI!REFUN YEMAYA ATI OBATALA BABA BOEFA KORUGO NKILOWOBUDO INKA KORUBO INTORI SHEKE SIIEKEL ESE OBINI KAMlBASHE AMARORA ORISHA ALGEBRA OBOFU OGGUN YOB¡ OJUAN! BOSIIE OMONISIIE KAFI!REFUN YEMAYA ATI QBATALA BABA BOEFA KORUGO KOLOWO DUDO INKA LAFESIIE KORUBO INTORI SHEKE SHEKE LOSA 0000 KAMIBA SIIE AMARORA ORISHA ELl!GBAR A OBOFU OGGUN YOD! Oshun says that Ibis persoo is seated 00 the top of money lJl¡ Osorbo yoo must give two heos oshuo. because theno are obstacle. While ripping away the clotlúog thal yoo hove 00.. to the river with elegua. 10 deeso in wbite (yoko osho) make holy... and leave the rivee as ifhe sbe hosjust been boro. . Shouldee leogth Then two pigeon white give to the persen s head. differeol fabric coloe. shoes and everythiog then and 3 hoy chicken give lo elegua.Page 379 of 864 #375 OJUAN! OOIE . Must stay in the river. Regalion then the person de. and the clothing thal tlús perseo hss on then the person wiU face the oocoming curreol with their legs speead. wbite. Ihe persen wiU bathe in Ihe river. The rogatioÍl io the riveris done witb l jicara...

and aII oflbe person s clolhiDg. decide lo get oven. bul punished orunla by forcing him lo give bis gay brother Abaranifo The awsofaca or first band of ifa. Ibis was how OrunIa recovered the abilily lo worlc wilb bolb bands and all thanks 10 ob. and people WIIh similar defect. (11 is thrown away wilb Ibe ebbo. Another variation oflbe bath ( wben tbere is DO Ibe ti_ close by An ebbo is perlimned. !he awo wiU Iben wrap up Ibe rooster an planl lechera in fabric red. The vel1Seanee of Ibe awo wbensomeone in Ibe world physically injure hilO. Ibe person will bathe wilb omiero of plant ( shewerekuekue plant eyeni Ibe bard. aaked hlm lo consecrated bim in Ihe secrel of ifa. 1 rooster COCODut 2 can<Ue run honoy Ibis is Ibe talisman SpeII. ied fabric. e1feminate. 11 80 happened that e1egua who also bad Ibe same defect ( he was gay. The destruction oflbe person is certain Abaranifo was effeminate. (Your enemies bave blown afoshe osgu on you . No matter kind of defect this person band. oruola performed the ceremony and swore before 010& That wouId attend any all person that wouId seek his help. should Uve together. orunla performed all oflbe consecralions lo the woman and gave Ibe awofaca gay man . Wilb bolb band abaranifo eried Before 010& and obatala.) and orunIa ignored hlm. ( known as adonile inle Land !he adodi effeminate ) abaranifo was an ineredibly gifted clairvoyanl who acquire greal fame . Ibe awo will give 1 rooster lo e1egua. ( plam Iawara) and made orunla lose Ibe power oflbis band. Ibey bolb live in Ibe land. Ibe·awo wiU lake The plat Iecbera and wipe il up with il Iben !he planl wilb blood is placed on elegua . wenl 010& and obataia 10 aak for the curil1S of orunla band . awhile calling Ibe name Ibe person who physically injured Ibe awo. Oruol. that arnve 81 bis home the. Ibe sigo of ojuani boshe. awo Ojuani shesbere ) . or worlc ) that bas as Ibe objective.Page 380 of 864 #376 OnJAN! OCHE (OnJAN! IIOCIIBNCHO ) 0nJAN! SIIIlSHERE y OU JDUSt bathe because your body is dirty this is due 10 Ibe wickedness that yoo enemies Have Done 10 yon. This sigo Ibe person receive ( Oddun 010& ) is ofvital importaDce in this sigo of ifa In this ifa. Ibe awo will talce Ibe knife and cut. Ibe res! oflbe bath and Ibe wom. Orunla aaked for Ibe help from Ibe oba ofthe land Oba awo ( ojuani boshe ) Ojuani _hesbere ) who wilb two heno. and evcryone desired lo consull with him ( abaranifo ) nol desiril1S lo talce power. 0106n Obatala accepl Ibe petilion of oba awo Ojuani _he_bere. when !he blood tlown. The place it inside Ibe ( sopera soup tureen ) of orunIa . lB wbere Ibe awo shouId and must altend Ibe alero. and DO! sepsrated inside !he sopera Ibis awo I ifa must always be give two bens at Ibe beginning ofovery years Ibis awo mus! aIso adore and C8Rd for obataia. stopping short of doil1S ifa lo Ibem. and sinee he could nol use it he became one banded orunla was then unable lo talce caro ofhi_ many foUowers or perform consecralion. that!bey bave on goes with Ibe ebbo after Ibe bath. wberever Ibe injury was received on !he body. iyefa oflbe ebbo. feclinS insuIled struck bis brother in Ibe faee. oflbe rooster oflbe ebbo. The hand of ifa of awo Ojuani boshe. And from lbat momenl 011. c:Iothing JDUSt be umbebolo. Elegua took sorne oflbe planl lecbera. or prestige away from orunla. ( effeminate DDlst only be give nolbil1S ) raHsman for VCI1f!eance against someono who abuses Ibe awo Plant lecbera 1 knife.

and is!he sentry of ( iroko ) it is made from stone which must he found heneath an ( aragba Ceiba treo.. quicksilvO!" Elegua laIu okirioko 'Ibis elegua Uve in treo Ceiba . of majagua. plant mowo Head mosto!" goa!. Ebbo 1 moster 1 pigeon castile soap ( 1 new estropajo of rope ) I small chicken differenl plant I cuje branch marpacifico Ebbo 1 moster fealher of pigeon and reS! Ihe ingredient . bat... gold silv.. sand ocean An river. 1 rose of Jericho cedar siguaraya. and !he other ingredient of!he elegua Before mount tbis elegua it is give two baby chicken .. the foUowing is added soil Ceiba. and different soil buzzard of cementor 7 diff.nt bird. ground 3 com~. wrapped with 16 cowries shel~ ( 8 on each side ) secret aside from fundamental Ingredient of elegua.nt stick . ( must ask ifa ) gold silver.."lant orille Curujey SpUl" caballero plant pata gallina. ground from foot of a paIm treo.. it is mounted in the cement ofthe ikoko secret. of inkini paIm tr. dust diff. then the ara and head are placed inside ... plant agbure tua tu&...Page 381 of 864 #377 CONTlNUATION 1lIE oruAN! OCIIE) BOCHENOIO) oruAN! SIIESHERE Eshu oro igi de ojuani boshe ( ojuani enigbo ) 'Ibis elegua carne down to eanh in the company of obataIa iroko is made of cement It i. roo! of ceiba.

hair dog. functions and processes are bom . and placed il lo elegua.he can get married and he happy. mUs! receive her ikofa. An parado is performed in order to remover it Due to lack of attention of your personal hygiene and your marital obligation your marriage has disintegrated lo Ihe pojnt of coUapse. Ihen !he person will take a Cuba yam. #378 OJUNI OFUN ) OJUANI BOFUN OMOBIDE 000 OIEPU UJDU OBAlLELU ADIFAFUN ACONl LORUBO EGUEFA ACAFOLORICOLODAFUN APAILA UMBATI oca AIMBA ACHOTA LEGUE DELLEGUE ENl OLUMI AKUKO EKU ElLAELEBO !RE AVE OMI BEBE INISHEOUN YlDU OBA YA LE RU ADIFAFUN AKOMI YEMAYA LADAFUN APAYAATOEATALA OJUANl BIOPUN !RE AVE OMI BEBE ONlOlE OUN YlDU OBAYELE RU ADIFAFUN A KONl YEMAYALODAFUN APAYA ATI OBATALA ORI BEBE ONl SIIEPU YODU OBA YALELU ADIFAFUN AKONl LORUBO EWEFA AKAPQLORlKO LODAFUN APAYA OKO OJUANI BOFUN !RE AVE OMl BEBE ONOSllEGUN YlDA OBAYELERUN ADIFAFUN AKONl YEMAYA LORDAFUN APAYA ATI OEATALA This is where !he river and Ihe ocean were united This is where Ihe funereal. . When Ibere is oggun in lhe bouse. smolher il wilh fal corojo. I piece ehain . so . appeorance go.:. middle lo il s score remover some of The yam from il s middle placed Ihe name of tbe araye inside il js smolhered witb epo tben placed lo elegua Ebbo I roosler I trap name. lbe person will tben take a Cuba yam. ( ebomisi omiero ) water from tbe ocean from Ihe river And plant verdolaga. You mus! do ebbo and paraldo in order to elO8ns your path. lhe bouse cieaned with planl salvia albahaca piñon Jengibre for 3 days straight. In Ibis sign is !he ifa Ihe funeral. araye !hat Iive with Ihe person. take accolade and honors wilhool haviOS eamed Ihem Woman yoo are pregnant. And yoo enemies are doing witehcraft so!hal your child won I he bom witchcraft so Ihal you destroy yourself and everything around yOIl. so that when you reaeh a new a plateaus of proaperity and happiness.Page 382 of 864 .!ice it a100S Ih. yoko osha and altend to eggun. Beware of new of a death or of severa! dealh Woman you have abandoned your personal hygiene You should DO! opeo your door in a manner. You must receive elegua lbe young woman !hat acts Iike a virgin . This perso. you won t lo lose il all over again. I piece bark. tbe aya is let loose where Ihe ebbo is dropped off and if lhe dog retum. In Ibis sign speak eggun. and tbis is !he reason why Ibis person has let !heir perso. ji is for good luek .

hea1lby Rea1izing. from Ibe baclc lo Ibe fron!. feather hen 1 llame. In order 10 perform Ibe ebbo Finishing Ihe ebbo. maníage partoers musl find a middle ground respect each otber and have Mutual consideration. Clolbes shelter foed and find medicine lo keep woman. lbal olofin hoard Ibem. lben Ibe floor and &om door is washed Wrtb omiero of plan! salvia. ORUMILA IYEFA ATEFA ASHE YEMIYO AOORO NISHE DOMADO ADO AWA SI AWA WUOMA . and Ibey begged olofin lO belp lbem find Some otber creature 10 take care oflbem. Ebbo 1 roosler 1 pigeon. and rest Ibe ingredienl. did nOl occupy himself wilh praying lo him OIofin condemned man lo a1ways take caro 01.Page 383 of 864 #379 OJUANI OFUN) OJUANI BOFUN Ebbo witb rooster pabilo plan! atiponla Ibe plan! is placed througb pabilo until Ibis tums Oreen Iben it is tied around Ibe waist while sínging Then awo will take Ibe higbes! brancb on Ibe atiponla. Tbe woman prayed so mush. 1 shopeigi (a bunch oflire logs) I drum ofwhite thread AfIer Ibe ebbo Ibe drum ofthread is unwound from Ibe fronl gate oflbe ptemises To Ibe back oflbe bouse. ( yagua harle. Iben corresponding sigo are prayed after Ibis Prayed is said. In trus sign. This is also Ibe reason whylhere are men lbat lbÍnk lbal lhe woman is a slave ands only good for &eX and. and resl Ibe ingredienl Ebbo 1 roosler hair dog. Iben it is rubbed over Ibe body wilb iyefa . If orunla says yes. Talisman. fabric differenl color and different plant and resl Ihe iogre . Ibe awo will ask iflbis drum oflhread give lo Ibe ínlerested PartY ín Order lo store it somewhere in his her house. 1 piece chain. pillon . I pigeon. The drum will go wilb Ibe ebbo. if Orunla says no. treo it ís mashes witb filI coco boree!. for each otber on order 10 avoid Ihe quick destruction of Ibe marriage Man do ebbo. Due to their obedience women received the blessing of olofin to always be cared for by Ihe man Women were physically weaker Iban men. ) Ibe dog is le go wilb Ihe ebbo And if it return it is for good luck Ebbo 1 rooster 3 baby chicken. seeing lbal Ihe cresture known as man. Iben Ibe thread is wound again. silly. albahaca and ginger Ibis is done for 3 days Asbe of Ibe ojuani bofun 11 ís prepsred a base oflbe dust name. Ibe threaded drum is given. smolber it witb epa Drag it a11 over bouse. Cleaning up Ibe borne. Ibe gresl responsibility lbal olofin hnd placed upon Ihem MaR built ahorne. feather heno. Ebbo two bens. for woman to work in and take care o( This reB$On why there are wornen that lbink that Iheir man ( husband) ís a slave sbould give her everything she desir. In Ibis palb lb. when lbere wilcbcraft Ibe person will take a CUban yam . with rooster to avoid impotence and you can (sex stroog )with your woman Ebbo 2 rooster..

And lbe forked stick or the horse tbief th. ootr performed in tbis sigo. Shango. oC any kind. penis. Ihe sexual act You must oot ea! ground coro mea!. ofthe congo.ARA 081. This is where Shango defealed Ihe arara This sigo expresses Ibe streogth and powe oCIbe masculine principie Bifurcation and forked trees are dependant on Obara melle . 0runIa. 11BUO KOKORO YOBI YOBI!.. The children jewelry Ibe Color ligbt blue. herpes drougbts Ibe unfeeling. iD Ibe couotryside and Wishes for you 10 llave them and give lbem life again The woman Ibe ligo. it is koowledge personified Thi. And cbiJd of olofin and anashe. The is wbere the pyramid were buill If an ebbo i. Obara meji signifies Two King) Day oflbe week (oye Oti) Friday) Metal Cooper) ruling planet olare (Benus ) There air is bom in this signm Tho pauye of Obatala was creates in lhis sigo The folIowing are bom in this sigo. Ibe f8Jlopian tubo. OLOWA EKUUl LOTOWA!LE UlSHENJWA BI OSI KIlNLI! 1'OOB OPANJ PRAYER IYESA OBRA MELLY. sigo. lestícle.Page 384 of 864 #380 OBARAMElLB OBRA MEllE ONJ OBARA OLA RARA ElE RARA KIKA TE AWO ADIFAFUN ORO POTOOSHE ONJBRAOLOBARAEYEBARAKIKATEKOMAKEI'I!ADAORUN ADIFAFlNBOGBOEYEOKO OROPOBOGBO BOGBOTENUYE KOKORO. The hill. Banani. The abilru. The different types wea!th. Iikes 10 suck. branch 11 is Iho reigo oC adiCa. Olokun.ENJJ OMOKATI ONILUOMOKATI ASHELU OBARA OBARONA ONlBARA SHANGO OBARA OLORUNOMO ONJ DARA ORUMILA LORUGBO OBARA MBII ONJ BARA OLA BARA EYEBARA KIKATE AWO ADIFAFUN RAROJOYlNSIIE ODA OLA ESHU INO BLEDO. ONlBARA ALABARA AYABARA KIKATE IKATE OLUO OROLO TINSIIB OLOYA BYIBO ME<lUN ERU MBYI BLBG\JEDB ARlNDILOGUN OBARA ORUBO ACIIO ARA BKU ElLA BPOKIKATE OBARA NJBARA KIKATE IKAU! OBARA NJBARA oidOLoRUN ORUNMILA AKUALOSINA ONJBARA LASIIE OBARA N1FAKIKATEOMOKIKATE IKU OMOKA11 ARUN OMOKATI OFOOMOKATI EVO OMOKATI ARAVE OMOKATI EI. EUlGUEDB MEDILOGUN BLEDO ASIIOLA FUN FUN BLEDO IGllEBO This sigo is masculino. and Ihe cemeoler Oye ntbe god oC be wind Obatala. Anona ( e1egua Okubaraina ) will come The foUowing . The ureters. Obara meji is the head oCthe earth. Dada. YIWOYIWO KOKOROYOm YOBI KOKORO ONlBARA OLABARA AFIYU l!YEKIKEI1! KOSEBARA KAMA BARA11 ARAVE KOKOBORD YlBUO. at cut down the fence iD order 10 sleal.peak in tbi. is where Ibe e1egua ttaveled lothe laod ofthe congo in search oflbe cauldron of WI\Chcraft (prenda) This sigo speak egguo that owns jewelry burled underground. Oshun the twin. and Ibe eggun.

. Ibis . and sreal deal oC sexual vices have becn experienced That Ibis penan does no do at bome with Ibe spouse be . lbe apeterby that is unfaithfullO Ibe awo. . siga. And live in Ibe home oC orunla will be unknown as In awo. Oshun began lo malee miraele cure lo women in tbe river witb ( pumpkin ) and millet The twin made gold Cor Oshun. due 10 il s negativity and lendency Cor negative transformation nio siSll speak oCbetrayal oC disorder and insecurity il io oiSll oC public discrediling and remaval oC publi... and ohould nol qwekly. Wrth 25 .ide.maU bello then!bey look her lo Ibe (pumpkin) nio is where tbe flago and Ibe umbrellas were crealed. Ibe fidsification Ibe maney is hom in Ibis siga. Ihe awo should never believe superior lo anyone e!se. he sbouId arm bimselCwith many oCIbe implemeot ofwitchcrúlas possible lo Ibis siSll Ibe dog is given lo Osain. He muS! rogation with a ( pez pega fish) or guaikan in order lo avoid losing bis crestive and wilh certainty tbe person Spouse is unfaitbful . siSll oCleara and suffering. Obara melle defend bis eblldren Iflbe lWO battles or desire sometbing ftom someone more powerful Iban bimself. Ibis penan has no friend. s conversation is unfortunale and very uocomfonable lo listen lo Obara Meji speak of infidelity in Ibe home.iSll is very difficult lo conserve.. you muS! take caro interest. and where lhe flag was used as an insignias because it performed ebbo. scandal ni. lbe leaching oC a curriculum are hom in Ibis siga. You mus! thrown a party Cor tbe ancestral And fiunily eggun. and you willleave rather Iban cause a scenc or. financiaI does with antber person out on Ibe streeI lbe awo leHs Ibe person yOll enjoy giving and received oral oopulation bul you don I do ni••1 home You dream oCacbieviog sometbing that you have nol yet realized in your liCe Wheo tbe woman i8 inlimate wltb her hu. nis sign . Iflbe awo is rieh.Page 385 of 864 # 381 OBARA MELUI CONTINUA11ON lbe Corked tree ia boro in Ibi. ifa and eggun Thi. office il. nis is wbere Oshun made Ibe first Iamp or lamp or laotem from tbe pumpkin and ohe dances witb il on her head. Ibe penan far whom Ibis siSll is seen.hes with death. in Ibis siSll puni. because Ibis person tbink thsl all oC bis ber problem will be resolved easily oro has aU oCIbe good and all oCIbe bad around and wilbin bim lo Ibis siSll is where tbe person like lo gel . The contradictory compromised retum lo cause Ibis penan problem lbe rogation mus! be perfoniled quickly in Ibis siga. it is IR siSll oC greatness and oC greal tragedy your . is where Ibe ( oIogho gat ) became Ibe servan! ofOruola and Obatala PRAYED)OFORDBODEIOARAOUNFEYUEYEKlKATEAWOOSHEMlNlE The eggun thsl speak are from Ibe coUO!ly. bu! witb 1 or vice versa she he dreams oC someone olse Ibis penan is very fiery and lustful.pouse and Ibis will cause !he destruction oribe relationship. lbe home Ibe abara meji is poor and humble. and I Cea1her tbe bird Become wealthy. and pretend 10 Ceel nolbing with bis ber spouse Amen you prefend 10 reel nolbing wllh your .

prepared beforehand and will !hen balbe.. Ihe clienl is instructed 10 stop on planl ( cundiamor ) and !he clothes. Iben stand on Ibem. own leetll. where Ibe persan is lold lO talee off all oftheir clotbes. Ibis package along wilh Ihe soap. is where thing that are nOl true and U To belp resalve problem 2 blaclc bena. done while calling Shango. and spread aU over Ibe bomo. lo lbe. • . above and·below Ihe (lÍoup !urcen batea of sbango it is Ibon placed in. The awo wiU talee an <ko. Tbe bens are opened tbrougb the middle. dry wine mush money. wilb waler. awo !hen lighl two candle lo eggun. everytbing wilh Ibe while fabrio. must bi indios the inlerested party is taleen lo Ibe woods. Ibon dried com meaI. are taleen lo where Sbango determine and Ibe 3 rooster is for elegua. 6 piece different color Cabrio. theo !bey are plaoed on Iop of ifa speU of obara meUe Ibis sigo altbougb it make ( ire) be she does nO! have it. in orderlo avoid the lalter. rigbt ( Obara MeUe ) lo !he 10ft ( obara bolbe ) these sigo are prayed tben !he yofa. Ihe ara of Ibe rooster. Tbe person wilb il clienl will Iben dry off wilb while fabric Ibe banana is covered with. allowing Ibe rooster 10 remover Ihe planl ( cuodiarnor ) from !he body. and place Ibe longue in !he batea. The awo will Ibeo plant ( cundiamor) around !he persan s body Ibe. must be talee !he 2 moster. is placed io from of elegua for 3 day Iben Ibe awo will ask where it. Ibe awo will have an omiero of 6 different planl of Sbango. of Shango. Tbe ( sigo. !he 2 moster. Iben he will sarayeye Ibe clieol wilb Ibe two moster indio.ide wilb Shango ( still on tire ) !he ¡¡re i. ro nm EOOUN OF nos SIGN Childn:n are resentful swindler. lo Shango Ibese rooster must be completely oponed all the way up lo Ibe beak then !he cHenl will remover the moster s Iongue wilb bis her. dance and make • pact with death during Tbe dance of!he atena. with ( okra ) is sprinlded over!he eko. I!GGUN MATARIN MAWA IKU ORUN MATARIN MAWA IKU I!GGUN LODO I!GGUN AWA OLUBEKAN MAWA BANIRE EOOUN MORAKAN EGGUN MAOYORE EOOUN . 4 candle I banana. is sprinlded on !he ( eko ) with waler. Ibe clolhes. baba elliobe ) is make in the middle of!he opon ifa. in order lo manifest itself and gi"" advice in order lo save !he world Obara melle is bom !he =son why!he alawo. quenched wilb wine and when Ibe smoker begin lO rise.Page 386 of 864 11382 CONTINUATION 1lII! OBARA MEU. of the clieol and all Ibis is. I moster. and ron lo give orunIa.E CAU. 2 coconut. aU of!he ovil ofthe world. the awo will give Ibe 2 rooster indio. and are nol truthfuI with anyone In Ibis sigo is where !he eggun used • Uving human being. Tbe planl cundiarnor ) and finally. indio are for Sbango bul in a very special ceremonies Ibe awo will talee a bunch ofmariwo) Iight il on Ibe tire make eros. because Ibis is where all ofthe good and. and dissolver it in omi. 6 planl of Shango. are perfonned correctly Tbi. aU over house ) Ibe awo will Iben contioue with Ibe ebbo or ita Iben everytbing is swopllo Ibe Streel speIl oC abara melli to unbind on 8 woman or man I intertwine of ewe ( cuodiamor ) I soap. is concentmed.

3 small ftesh fish fishhooks. woman 3 men are after your affections 1 live on a hill or mountain and is a crucf and acquires money easier. An lamb. you over anaIyze everything. OSAIN OTAWO ODE OSAIN MEWO FOWO NIRE AWO To rise in the status or position 1 white soap. and Ibe heat of Ibe person . head!he fish. leave oC plant caimito . is a1so give to obatala. a hole is made and filled with mariwo. an ebbo is done with black fabrie. blaclc fabric. Ibe awo will prepared an omiera with !he ground plant hieva hedinda. kola ewe meloncillo and ashe it is given two pigeon it is covered. okra. 1 tongue plant prodigiosa. 3 smalI OIOne. 1 puppet. is give to oggun or in it s absence I turtle. bave patience in order to overcome your enemies and not lose the war. the sprinlded. speak oC a11 Ibe good and all oC Ibe evil Ibat ia around this person.Page 387 of 864 1/383 CONJ'l1NUATION 1HE OBARA MI!LLI! Secret !he sigo 1 roostee 1 pigeon 1 silly. ground cnb. OSAIN FOWO MEWO TOWO DUNDUN. An eko is dissolve in water. than the rest your are going 10 star a business and it will be Ibe way lbat yOll become wealthy you muS! mgation heat. TIten Ibe person will balbe wilb soap until it is completely used up when the awo seos tbis sigo twice in an osorde or ita. bleo blanco you prepare to Ibe help resoIve difficult aituation In obara melle Sbango speak and order . when Ibe Shango eat.. oC Shango. 1 small rooster. then buried at Ibe foo! oC a jobo tr. Okra. and plant yagruma. ron mush mOney. 1 guíoe. 1 rooster. Ibe tongoe mUS! flom Ibe 1 yaung rooster. Ibe awo will place fish. . Ibe awo will sacrifice !he animals also!he awo will placOO ( 12 elegoOOe pumpkin ) around Ibe Shango then placed I candle for every Cor every (4 pumpkin ) day! 3 candle total. all around the house Iben crude con meal. and Ceed orunla hecause he is hungry woman you have 2 lover and you will have legal problem man you have 2 loves and you wiU have legal problem. lea! oC plan! yagruma. is spread over Ibe eko wilb water. earthen jug with water river san amoke fish. :~ Tbis sigo. Iben Ibe plant umbebolo. coro ( plan! onibara meloncillo) plant aroma plant curUjey ) inside oC Ibe batea. 1 mamey. then give Ibe omiera blood oC guíoe and pigeon !he. I quail. but it is!he sigo oClbe líe anci betn¡ya1 Ebbo 3 1eavea of!he plan! caimito. 11 container with eIw eya epo com honey ron !he hcart Ibe rooster and oflbe pigeon sand . wilb Con meal. on top oCthis.

The mao broko Ibe boUlo oC honoy and !he honey spread .. . It mighl he 1001 late. your lover in a jealous rase... The ant soon carne a100g and alo bim a1ive Don I wait lo do what you havo lo do. tree. !he man was carelcs. If s • belIayed woman she will fighl wilb her rival he careful because ogguo i. The man Cell tired And decided lo reS! 81 !he Coot oC. An onmla marked an ebbo wilb water bul sin. You havo 3 child and anolber 000 is on Ibe way Ihat is a clúld oC oggun In Ibis sigo you muS! he careful becau . This iIlncss bogan wilb Ibis penan feet Your enemics wants you seo you lotally destroyed . Ho promptly Cell asleep.Page 388 of 864 #394 ~tf'i CONI1NUAll0N 11IE OBARA MElLY In you bome is a penan Ihat is bcd riddon witb ilIness due lO witcbaaft lbal is !he penan Slepped 00. Ibero is infidelities aod your hushand could kili you or . because you migbt find lbal wheo you finally decide lo do ebbo. in !he middle aod there could he bloodshed Thete was a man Cor wbom Ibis sigo was seco.11 over bim.. don lliighteoed becau. On·lbe way lo onmla • bouse Cor!he ebbo. oruoIa is on your sido and will defend yOll.

in Ibe consecration ofua.. you think lbal Ibey appreciale and love you. in tbis land. ADA fE LEBO OKILAND PIRU I!KU OKI LANPI RU no. OBAQUINU ONlQUI ANFIRUBO ERAN LI!l¡I! MERE RU LEBO LODAFUN QUll!RUN LORDAFUN I!LEBO ' LAlOSlOMODU OMI KEBO. Ibe woman canool gOl on lop. because Ibe police is walching you . IFA TIMUDASHE IFA TIMUDAIIE OBARA BOLBE IFA TIMUDAOIE This if. in Ihe same way lbal no one can take a chicken trom trhis ess.TO IBAN ESHU SOKOBONlI!NI LEBO OBARA BOBE LAlOSl OMODU OMI ICE BEODA fl!LEBO OKILANFIRU EX\} OKILANFIKU no no TO IEANESHO SOKOBONI OMO OSUN OMOOGGUN no no TO BAN ESHO SOKOBONI LAlOSlOMODUOMIKEBOADAFELEROOKILANFIRUEPUOKILANFIRUEYEOKILANFIRU OBARA GBOGBE LATOSI OMO EDUN OIEREGUN SIIERE SHERE ICE ESO ADA fl!LEBO OOBARA GBOGBE LAlOSl OMO EDUN SHEREOUN SHERE 11NSHOMO ELEGBAR A. The drum of ifa speak . OKILANFERU IKU OKILANFERU ARUN OKILLANFIRU 01'0.Page 389 of 864 ¡. ICE EBBO ADA FELEPO . as well as Ihe Can. bUI don I treal you fairly. you will suffer imprisooment. The awo comes by way of an woman In the sexual act. You should leave Ibis land. the orisha &le your enemies y 00 muS! feed yoor WIIlrior and elegua. The passing ofthe holy spirit al 12 Noon There are tbings that are bidden and covered up. 385 OBARA BOBE LAlOSl OMO EGUI OIIRIGUNCIU OMO CAlUJI>AN OMO IlLIlGUAEQUIRIBU LI!NI LEBO ONl AUN LATOSII!GUN OIIRIOUNCIU OMO AUN CARODA OMO ONl QUINI I!BURU AMPRIM I!CURU ONlBOCU EBURU oia AMPIUMECURU ONIBOCU ANIllO COCUNARU LOGUO QUINI AFlRU ANPIO ADII!. A11 Ibe funeral ceremonies muS! be performed completely and as soon possible. may no one be able lo take anything frnm me . Ibe worse off you &le In Ibis sigo Olotin sal Obara Bolbe before atena and ordered him lo painl Ihe same sigo. no. one after another. because she will hurt berself and become ill Shaworo small bells ) are placed lo orunla. OrunIa is angry . bul this is simply nol Ibe case. COLLAMARU LOGUO QUINI AFlRU AFI ADIE P101'ORUN ONl OMAPI!PI! BlADIE LOO! ORUN (J . Take one egg and say. wben you &le doing well. even if il jusI S year . In this sigo it is said that. OGBARA GBOGBE LAlOSl OMO EDUN SIIEREC1UN SIIERE T1NSHOMO IlLIlGBAR A. wbich is Ibe symbol of a11 Ibe departed awo When Ibe awo (Obara Bolve) dios.mJro OBANQUIN\J ONIQUI ANFIRUBO ANPIO ADIE COLLAMARU LOGUO QUINI AFlRU ANPI ADII! P10F0RUN ONl OMAPI!PE BIADIE LOO! ORUN 11 El J EG. and Change your lifestyle because Ibere Are many people who are watching you. speak ofconcealmenl. otherwise. OBRA ORUNMALE ) kalstesoya ) leave for anotber !and. You muS! do two ebbo. y 00 ohould be more carefuI because you are loo trusting of people who are nO! only nol your meud.

after eating such a wonderful meall don I really feellilee Marching up Ibis hill and fighting over woman. Oque found out about Shango s pride so he dressed up and. Ibe children board Ibe prayers and hegan lo listen lo everything That going on in Ibe nex! room. and wheo Ihe Babalawo started 10 pray. And Ildid ebbo witb. borne he saw lbal a greal feaS! had becn laid out. giving inlo lemplation he bogan lo eal Ibe delicious food until he ale so much lbal be said 10 himself. Orunla aoswered iboro iboyalbochiche ) il is good lbal may children perform a second rogation .Page 390 of 864 #386 CONTINUATION 1lIE OBARA OBE Ebbo I rooste<. When Ibe awo finished the ceremonies and left Olofin Home Ibey found. When Ibey arrived They enlered inlo Olofin s Chambers. Rooster Con meal and 0Ua. When they arrived Elegua instructed The residenl oflbe lown lo a11 do ebbo. Le! Ogue leeep her Shango headed bacle home singing and happy Ibis was how Oge and Ibe woman were able stay IOgether Elegua and ochos~ and oggun were going tbrough economic times and Ibey a11 Decide lo search for luck in Ibe neighboring city. When ague board ofwhat Shango. I sheet white. 0runIa wbo saw Ibis ifa. wilhoul noticing lbal children were playing in Ihe adjoining room Ibe awo hegan 10 perform Ibe rogation on Olofin. river water. was going lO do him be quicldy weDl lo sec. pul tast oorojo. The lowns people were surprised because just a few bours earlier. Elegua bowever insisted and everyone weDl lo him lO perform Ibeir second Ebbo. Eni imogui When Shango arrived al Ibe foot ofthe hill ofOque. She did DO! resist Ogue s advance and ohe left wilb him. 4 stick . Elegua replied I elegua. beside I have so many WOItlan after me Already lbal I can afford lO le! one go. When Shango found out. can be perform Ihe first Olofin was iII and he called upon Ibe babalawo lo perform a rogation. be tlew inlO a roge . se! out 10 seduce the second woman of Shango. Ibe children playing in Ibe street and singing the same prayers lbal Ibe awo were reciting in the chamber of olofio Beware ofwhal yoo say because Ihe walls have ears and you could have many problem Because oflhis . Ogue. because DO one oould seduce Ibem. Orunla had already finished perfonning ebbo for everyone in Ibe lown . Asked Who is performing new rogation on a11 of you after I have juSI finished performing a11 of Ibe necessary rituals. hair the goat. and from lhal day forward a second ebbo. when orunla retumed aod saw what was going on . took up anns and se! out 10 Iook for. Is perfonned Shango have two woman one was Obba and Ibe olber was a very beauliful "'oman< Shango was a1ways proud oflbe fact that no one could take away eilber one ofhis woman. Am Ibe one who is perfomúng Ibe rogation. I jican. run 2 oooonut two candle. 2 candle and ~ the iDgredienl With the 4 stick and sheet a canopy constructed Ibe bell of obataIa io give 10 a sanlera so that she can play it while the ebbo. I crucifix I beU Of 0bataIa.

the culprits are the very people that Uve in your horne ar visit your horne . elegua will opon up Ibe roads for you and let you pass You are fortunate individual bUI you mus! quieldy feed elegua Mean you 6ghl wilb your woman .. clothesjewelry. You don I known what you want. money.Page 391 of 864 #387 CONI1NUATION TIIE OBARA OBE This is where Obatala and Shango were accused ofbeing homosexual. TIte reason. Do ebbo so Ihal Ihe money can retum to you You recently peñonned a rogation. You must quickly perform a rogation because elegua is standing in the way of your Progress and afier doing you rogation. and exil Ihrough Ibe olber. even Ihough she has done notbing wrong lo you Ihink Carefully beeause lomorrow she may nol be around lo pul up wilb you . Ihal he wanls lo gtve you You must take care of elegua Someone has stolen something from you. for This was beeause Obatala once govemed a province wilb a soft hand permitting excessive corruption. This is where Shango and oshun wenl lo war wilb eaeh olbor In Ibis sigo. you must now peñorm another one You musl feeds Ihe spiril of your dead falher because he has a blessing. Money enlers Ihrough one band. And licentiousness No one knows tbat it is lbal Ibey bave unlil Ibey lose il. is found why Ihe ( Oni Shango ) cannol crown ( Yoko osba ) Oshun and why Ibe ( 010 Oshun ) canool crown ( Yoko Osha Shango ) .

&oc'" . You are probibited from getting involved with Ibe religion of ( paJo stick ) You should receive ( pati Yaga) san lazaro in palo stick ) Your ifa should bave a wooden hand. how !he original manuscript describe tbis spell moybe Five baby chicken. But they refuse lo see Obatala. will suffer Ibe sarne huiniliation . and tbe other one is give to door house. sign speak of problem in Ibe workplace Tbis persa. Note Ibis i. Ibe awo wiU take 3 smaJl cbicken. then ones is given to each comer. difficulty maintaining a stable relationsbip.igo is ifa of young bens Tbi. You cannot use caramel colored Tbis science or rdigioos. Is bom Ibe smoking of opium and marijuana Tbis is wbere Olofio condemned !he woman lO aJways live under Ibe dominion ofher Husband. and !be woman.Page 392 of 864 #388 OSARA OYEKUN ( KUYE) KERE EREOMA AlE ARE A IBO OMA AlE AKU PARA SBAKU PI! GE(lI! mu PA SIIE ERE LORUOBO IDA AGUrAN ABEOWA IoJAPA AKllKOLE DO QUEQUERE OMA ALU! AREOMA AIBOOMA ALU! ACUPA ERE mufA lLERE LORUBO IDA AGATAN BBEGUA AlLAPA AKllKO LEDO OSARA YEKU KEKERE OMA AYEEMEOMA AE OYlBOOMA IKIJOKPARERE IKIJ OKPAWERE IKIJ OKPACiIIlRE SONG. The awo will bathe with cascarrilla and fat cacao. !ben used a as facial powder Awo Obara Oyeku. OSARA OYEKU KEKERE OMA AYE ERE OMA AYE AlBO OMA AYE APUPARARE. APUA GEGE IKIJ OPAWOWE IKIJ APASIIERE ORUMlLALORUGDO IDA AGUrAN EBEWA AYAPA AKllKO LEDO PLANT EMBELESO Tbis is where ObataIa sen! bis servants in searcb of!he monkey. io order lo thank Tbem. 11tis is where 010fio went into bis garden of aromatic plants and went into 8 stated of HaUucination. wooden rule and a wooden dagger inside To bring !he ire. Shango is give 1 tun1e afterward it is reduced to dus!. BARANIYETO OLOPIN AKAMA BARANIYETOOLOFlN AKANA '. still does nol canvioce yoo of it s vaJidity Tbis sigo is maric:ed baya loss of memory. cansecrated then !he opon ifa. A sboemaker for you shoes. You must kofibory 3 time in a row The persan lbat lries lo humiliate you. Theo evcry ara is thrown ooto tbe street. is only ioterest io position status secwity and mooey Kaferefun Obatala ati yemaya. KERE OMA AYE ERE OMA AYE AlBO OMA AYE EYE OLUPARARE AKUPI! GEGE ESCUPA SIIERE LORUBO. after smelling !he aroma of bis plant In Ibis sigo.because oflbe erron lbal Ibey bad committed In Ibis . lbat has tbis sign in !be ) Ikofa ) will bave a great deal ot.

status and economic abundance. This person is a hypocrile You have rogation pending. !fa give two bens. Do ebOO so lbal tragedy does Dol reach you. so lbal you can appease Ibis orisha.~. and she wiU oever achieve marital stsbility wilh any man. 3 days tame. troo for escb oflbe heas. And feed Ibem a1~ solbey can Corgive You Cor what you have done Woman when Ibis sign is soon in an osorde.. when !hey found lbem stuck in !he river mud. They started 10 formulate a plan as lo how !hey woold rescue !hem. noticing their absence went in a search of!hen because!hey wanled lo sex. And rooster. ). You must become a Sanlero (a yoko ocha .To make osha) Tbe older bens got stuck in the river mud. " this sigo" WiIl cause the ebbo lo work wilhin !he 3 day time frame. !hon wanls nolbing lO do wi!h you he has a1so gone so far as 10 romance other woman rigbl in from of you . You have stoles money as weU as demanded money from your hushand in order 10 give il 10 your lover for eotertainmeot or so lbal someone can do a binding spell amarre) on your hushand you are sick and blood flows from your orifice You suffer from fibrosis or a malignanl illness Your are involved in a dangerous situation in order to cover up for someone else. Wrtb 6 money cowrie shella. which must be opened and tied Around Ibe nock oflbe hens. and she does DO! believe in anyone or in orunla or in Ibe awo You are an ( Eshin ho. Whal yoo have now come lo inquire ahoul a1so concero a bad situation that could tum tragic Woman you have great tragedy wilh your husband Woman you have tragedy wilb your spouse because oCIbe 3 lovers that you keep The guardian angel oC one oC !hose women is figbting wi!h you because you are mistrealing her children Seo which one il ia. You mUS! pray a 101 lo orunla and a11 oflbe orisha. When !here is a grave iIIness or" situation that must be resolve befare. because &he is only interest in social. yoo canool speak ill of lbem because you wiU nol able 10 support Ibe punishmem oflbe orisha . Ibis in Ibe principal osorbo ofthis sign Woman Apeterl>i Obara Oyeku is ofno uselbe her husband or hercbildren..he is an apeteroi ofa awo. Onmla is figbtins with her because she is a1ways Trying 10 discredit orunla. #389 CONTINUATIONTHEOBARAOYEKU(KUYE) Awo Obara Yeku wiU usuaUy not respect any woman. !fa say lbal you were already advised aboul changing your altitude in order lo avoid Ibe Tragedy that id in your path.Page 393 of 864 . jusI !hon a group OC young hens were strolling by and Ihe rooster Corgot ahout lhe older hens and wenl afler you hena. lbal yoo can avoid !he punished oC Ibis osha.. Y00 must foed Obatala and yoko ocha. you have 3 lovers and one ofthese was a former lover of yours. and will a1waystty lo romance He. Woman is . ) oflbe orisha and as an (eshin 00. Woman you husband only want yoo lo satisfy bis sexual desire. ' Spell lo resolve difficult problem . Secret of obara oyeku This sign is written on !he opon ifa and prayed afler !he sign loyale..

is doiug but there is also someone that is watehiug Tbere are servant or employees lhat no serve their master or ernployer Ebbo I rooster I ·twtle I casserole with llam.. miniature stBirs or ladder llame. Iku could come a take yoo before your time In Ibis sigo. And lb. casserole witb fat comjo. Is where tbe twtIe was curaed In Ibis sigo. Ebbo I rooster. In Ibis sigo. mashed together and mode ioto a poultiee for Ibe feet. Not matter bow mueh Ibis person progressed he she will never reaeh Ibe summit ro help cure Ibe soros on Ibe fee! Cookiug oilleavo of plánt cundiamor leavo of plant itamoreal. feather guino. You are pmhibitec! from goiug up stair earrying heavy objeets beeause you could slip snd FaI~ This sign speak tbe persan lhat it is hiding the bad lbins that he sbe. you are yoo tias my fee\. and reS! the . 10 revel againS! Olofin. Wbat autbority bav. Y00 are never c:omcnt wilb wbat you bave An eggun pursues you. feather hens. I lID goiug 10 croas it any ways lb. umbreUa smoker fish jutia and fa! corojo run honey Ebbo I rooster. . turtIc said. . is given 10 door house al 12 midnigbt while singing BARANIYETO 0L0f1N AKANO W"rth Ibis soug tbe asorbo oflbe leuer is destroyed . twtIe lec! Ibis group &croas tbe road and up a hiI~ Olofin saw tbe diJobeclient turtIc and demand al! explanation with. • mandate as lb.m with your memory.. bec:ause I baYO caugbt yoo in your disobedient Act. Due tissu. twtI. lb. fee! ofOlofin. you croased tbe prohibited patb and c1imber Ibis hil~ TIte twtIe carne down from tbe hill and bogan 10 ti. what is It wilb Ibis road that cannot croas . So from Ibis day forward c:ondemn yoo to a1ways crawl on tbe !loor to iban .Page 394 of 864 #390 CONTJNUAl1ON nm OSARA OYEKU (KUYE) Olofin had prohibitec! tbe traversiug of a particular path. re1ating 10 money. Olofin said Wbat a hypoait. I easserole and reS! the ingredient Of oeba Horse osba . This person is a trickster and a eheater y 00 bavo probl. And twtI. ingredieot tbe ebbo. 2 small easserole cotton different fabric. quicldy Convinced otber animal.

muS! go through grea! adversilies before reaching Ihose heighl In order 10 better Ibis penan s memory Wash Ibe hOld planl jaboncillo.. of prison life bad food and little . ( Obara Wereko) because Ibey willlose Ibeir memory and Ibe cUent will regain bis her.loop When Obara wereko was ill everyone said lbal he would die Iben orun1a said he will nol die. orunlsa says tbe! he will save!he awo. was killed in order lo save Ibe Uve. Oue this person diversion vice women theft Iives distance from rus orisba and From orun1a and will have to flee from Ibe police lo another city or country iflbis person is capture !bis penan will lose !heir memory due lo Ibe rigo. Orunla Ihen rubbed !bis mixture all over Ibe ara of Obara wereko and he recovered Tbe nlbbit was Ibe enemies ofObatala and orun1a was always watcbing il lbank lo Tbis vigilance Ibe nlbbit. cannot perform a rogation with any of Ibe following ingrediem whatever. cascarrilla.. only a smal\ amoum of sun1ighl can louch !bis omiero. OBARA WEREKO ADIFAFUN ESHU In !bis sigo bom indian nlbbit. a rogation is perform with 2 pigeon giving blood Ibe ebbo. lermites from a palm tree . The skin and made it into blood and mixed il wilh ( planl berro walercress. Ibe omiero. kind !he animal . He Tben toasled Ihe hOld. esbu . and Ibe laS! ooe is talcen lo • hiJ~ in !bis sigo is bom why certain . 0run1a found an gOa! and gave il lO. Tbose that have tbis sigo.Page 395 of 864 # 39\ OBARA IWORl) OBARA WEREKO ) OBARA GURI) OBARA WORI ANKO NlYE ERANKO EKU mA EWEFA EU!lIO. !fa of experimem When !bis ifa is seen for a sick awo. and fat cacao bored. so lbal!he omiero can receive the beneficial influence oflhe astra1. orun1a and Obatala .EI OOU BEREKE YA AYANA ADIFAF1JN SBWABRU LEN! cm ADIB MEWA AJKODIB EKU I!YA BBBYO OWO OSARAKORI ANKO NlYA ERAN AGlITANLEBO IFA FORBIRB AYBKAFERBFUNOBALUFON ATIOLOKUN. and mush less. prodigiosa. in order lo acbieve great height in life. is prepared in a whiJe clay bow~ Ihen it is p\aced outside for 3 night. Alter 3 night. OBARACORI AMACONILLA ERAN AarrANLEBO mA I!GUEPA OSARA WEREKO ADIFAF1JN ESHU LORUBO OUNKO EWE DUNDUN IWORI ESHU OfllREKO KE1IJNKE mADAROSO ONJ ODA ASl!EUlI OGGUN BEREKE YAMA AY ANA ADIFAF1JN SEWA OBARA WORI IWORI ESHU OFORESO KAJUNKE mADAROSO ONJ ODB ASHE!. \ pigeon take lo a path 1 is talce 10 foreS!. for \ will give bim back bis hea\th. Ibe bead is washed wilb !bis omiero and allowing the head lo air dry only Secret Ibe sigo Tbe son of yeroaya. before beginning lo pray Ibe meji ifa. OSARA WEREKO ADIFAF1JN ESHU . Two coconul water.

The lack of memory is pernicious and this is not spoken to tbe client Whatever. she believed Ihal fighliog wilb Osbun Was Ihe way of gettiog rid ofOshuo and having Obara Wereko. ( Orunla ) aUlo herself However. per!OD must dowse himself with Ibe contents of eaeh washbow~ wilb one dowsiog Ibe . root the atiponla cotton of obataIa. And look whalever wanled. wilb rooster and an stone sma1~ so that you can tbrow tbis stones away later. so that Ibe 8WO can perform 8 rogation on tbis per!OD with obi omi tutu 8Ild two leaves of plant ( higereta white ) Work for memory Rogation is perform with resin plant (jobo) For vaginal washing boiled water mixed with coconut riods and plant cundiamor Talisman of obara wereko for war Head of a bat. cambia voz. from wherever she happened lo be OBARA WEREKO ADIFAFUN !KA OBBA ADIFAFUN OSHUN Obara wereko had two women. ooe was ( Oshun ) and Ibe olber was ( Oba ) he had lrouble wilh bolb of Ibem. with an goal and rooster. Obha could 001 wio Ihe battle with Oshun and tbis was how Oshun was able to stay with Obara Wereko.Page 396 of 864 #392 OOHl1NUATION mE OBARA IWORl (OGBARA WEREKO) The sick penon wiU bathe with 7 washbowls of omiera of( higueret. 8Ild eaeh time it desire it. turtle. and in particular a woman who a !hief by professioD . Man Another man is fighting with you in order you take your woman away oc something of vaJue away. it placed 10 Ibe oight sky just before dawn. sioee Oshun had performed Ibe secret ebbo. lodestone obi cola fish. that was caused by Orunl. and give yolk of eoi hens with dry wine and I candle. 8Ild find good fortunes wherever you thrown that stone . had an Osorde dODe where ifa lnstruCled he lo do an ebbo. charcoal osaín. ) Ibe 8wo will if it is prepared with river water or ocean water) lb. iye for lave ( ewe oriye. vencedor. eku ella epo flies or spider wilb Ibeir web. kotorille ) phil8llthropist. This is mounted in Ibe lining oflbe testíele of 811 goal. . and this person will even use oggu. Your are thinking ofmoving and your are dissatisfied because 8U ofthe finaneial burden is upon you. This is Ihen palb ofObatala ( santa Catalina) who wheo she did nol have whal she Iboughl she oeeded. abre camino. Jt eats goat rooster. Is where yoo are goiog to mover tooIt ís also the place where you will find blessing of money and a spouse You are going to this lottery ( receive mooey ) and you mus! quiekly do ebbo so that people. stick yaya. don t try to rob lbal money or have lhal money slip tbrough your finger Where you live there are people who want to rob yOl!. But lhal ebbo muS! be done very secretively sioee Obba was of a violenl nature. tbis penon begins he she does not fioish Tbe ehild this sign are f8tuouS 8Ild believe lbat they are only ones who know.lient wiII Iben dry off and be take into the house. never used guine. in order to achieve his ber. She weol lo war wilb her sword. Do ebbo. moruro.

him. do ebbo so thaI you don I lo. but don I wony.. oftbis attitud. and &eaII'ity in bis he< Iife there is • c:olOled person possibly a woman OthaI is trying lO force you lo do somethiog that yoo don I waot 10 do and tbal is nol your bes! interest lo do you have a had bead. and there are time wbeo you go 10 get something.. you aod up getting. yoo waot lo move or talce 00 a big responsibility.. aod always wanls people lo do whalever he ohe . and change of attitude is definilely require ifa osorbo ebbo l lamb l rooster l trap. tbal is lotsIIy wrong lo your. sometbing el. In Ibis sign you muSl receive oduduwa immediately Ibis penan ia trickY and has !he ability 10 do many thing.!fer fIom vsginaJ discharge you mUS! wash with boiled wáter tbal was mixed with green coconut rind and planl amdiamor. and res! the ingredienl !he ebbo ebbo l goat l rooster l pigeoo l Slone and res! !he ingredieol ebbo for Ihe memory 2 pigeon 3 planl for memory. and tbis penan mUS! do ebbo in order lo recaver Woman if your . Ibis person is Slubborn capricious disobedient.. used dressed aod !he res! the ingredienl '. but Ibis penan is in ooed of SIability. a sick woman in yoo hame ... bul if yoo do your ebbo .. it is strong willed and violen! woman thaI wants lo do tbis .Page 397 of 864 11393 CONTINUATION OBARA IWORl (0BAItA WEREKO) Woman another woman wants 10 SleaI away your spouse. Give thank lo yemaya. you will nol lose Tbere i.~ .ya tbis penao has also gone through many difficulty problem beCau. aod res! Ihe ingredienl ebbo l rooSler l pigeon 2 small stone 2 c:oc:onut.

. remover by removing this persan from bis her evil activities and surrounding . Ihe head ofthe persoo. Woman you use your body to make money. This sign speak of Ihe woman wilh a big bebind and gnad cap o. in order lO remover Ihe bad air he has inside body ( Slomach problem ) rogatio. I pul a stop lo her oul of control activilies. Ihe head the. This persan mUS! receive ( ala kalaha ) An eoi osha buko... secret lhal can be used far good work .' SULl.BRE NAMIBA ORE NAMIBA OSIRE IKU BAFOWAO MAMIBA O SIRE OFO BA FOWAO NAMIBA SIREEYOBAFOTAONAMIBAOSIREARUNBAFOWAONAMIBAOSIREARUNBAFOWAO. NAMIBA O SIRE ARUN BA FOWAO NAMIBA O sniE .NAMBAOSIREEYOBAFOWAO NAMIBA OSIRE BARA BARAOI BARA BARAOI ADIFAFUN AWO OLOBU OKO ROKO OMA SHOKOYO EURE AWO LA MI!NI ELEBO SUlLERE NANSA ORE NANBA OSIRE IKU BA FOWAO. #394 CONTINUATION THE OBARA ODI ( OBARA OH. This is where Shango handed over bis crown lo yemaya lbey eal logether The ebbo of Ihe year is boro in Ibis sign ifa Ohara dila broughl lo Ibis wortd the Iigbt of day. ale male goat . il is taken lo Ihe river This is where lbe evil wind rule.A) OBARA ODI BARA ADIFAFUN AWO ELE BU EKOORO OKO OMA SHE KO 10 AURE LI! BO OWOMI!JI BARA BARA DI BARA BARAOI ADIFAFUN AWOOLOBU OKO ROKOOMA KAFEREFUN ClANGO BARA BARA DI BARA DI ADIFAFUN AWO PLUBO OCO BOCO DMA CHOCOLLO EURE OWO LA MI!NI LEBO SULl. fish. NANBA ORE NANBA OSIRE ARUN BA FOWAO NANBA ORE NANBA OSIRE OFO BA FOWAO OBARA DILA OMO DA YE EBBO ODARA NII. The evil that surround trus person is quicldy. is. is placed o.E IYA MAFUN This is where a person is bought in order to briog down another Ifa of reflection. maferefun Shango who conquered and remover Ihe evil wind. wilh fresh fish. Mean you have erectile dysfunction This sign Ihe fish. You must eat less salt The awo oftbis sigo mUS! (10 suck water Oshun ) wilh stick malambo and orozu. her toolh There is a young girI ".Page 398 of 864 .BRE WAMBAARENAMBAOSIRE IKU BA FOWAO NABA OSIRE ARUNBA FOWAO NAMBA OSIREARUNBAFOWAONAMBASIREOBABAFOWAO. This is where olofi. lbe.hose parenl couId lose her ifthcy do.

added. Stop. hecause ohe is a good person wilh a very good head for finances. For good Iuck a small container of ( ochinchin ) of planl cerraja. had lo transport him from one place lo another To combal bodily dischaIge Drink infusion oflbe planl ( guacamalla ) Planl platanillo Cuba. Ibem mixed wilb ori and rubbed on Ihe legs Ibe person will also drinks infusion made from planl plalanillo Cuba. it is placed on. and wnp il up with the piece of pape< wilb name. that momem.. after the work is cOmplete. or orisha that wants to be responsibl. Your spouse alone. are added il is give blond ofrooster and turtle Togetber wilb Shango. This in is sign. everything is plaocd into a Bag Wilb 3. smolber it with mucb corojo. or a crossroad. wilb 4 mamey and much money y prepared and placed to anolber This is where Sbango was in a invalid and !he olber people. from once s path Tbe first and Ibe last name. you Ibon take an fresb fisb. a whole fresb fisb . smother witIi corojo. a platter and then posilioned on lop oflbe orisha that wants Ibe responsibility oflbe word al. okun. Ibe awo wiU then cul!he fish in balf. ofthe araye. and wiU try lo steal ber away from you Someone has robbed you or will roo you try. To remover Ibe araye. have 3 children wilb her You are in love with a bea. . is tumed ioto blood. conch shel~ Everything is placed inlo a small gourd . Do ebbo so that you can. fix Ibe lbings lbat need repair in your life .pennie. There is an anxious woman in your path man You are a very jealous person. yemaya did not have busband and she was very anxious . Ibere will be many men who will envy you and will become your enemies hecause ofher. Eggun will make sure lhal Ibe word of orunla is fulfilled You confide in everyone around you This is where. This sigo is marked by religious deception. !fa of disobedience. marry her. is loasted. sending one balflO Ibe river and the other haIf lo Ibe ocean.Page 399 of 864 #395 CONTINUATION TIIE OBARA OROI ( OBARA DILA ) SpeU with Ibe fisb for good Tak. but if nol.:. The carapace oflbe IUlUe. Osain Ibe of OOara dila Placed a coconul lo elegua and wben il gels ohl. and you will. and consecraled iyefa. hecause she could gel tired of you and ron off wilh someone else JUSI lo get back al you leave. are\Yritteo on a piece ofpape<. Ihe coconul is graled and Ibe oil is extracted Ibon bija. and find out who Ihe lbieveo are so!hal Ihey Won I go free and you end up wilb Ibe blame Beware !hal you don I develop sore on your fect. and wben Shango ealo Ibis osain also Eats. for Ibe work and left for Ibe amount of days that Ibe deity specifie. Ihen mixed wilh sane!. As along as you are obedienl wilb Ibe orisha you will triumpb. then placed into the ocha. being so controlling and jealous of your spouse. Ibeo take to fores!.utiful woman who is also very appreciative.

Ebbo 1 pigenn ori efun cotton 161eave cottOD. !he pigeno are give to !he jicara and 10 !he ruling orisha for lbat year 1 pigenn is give at 12 nODn Ebbo 1 rooster 1 trap larrow. he mus! be drinking water osbun from !he jicara that also has piece of stick tus tus Inside. ground 1 jicara where all of!he leave and !he cotton baIIs are placed aloog with bot water much money . and res! !he ingredient " . and res! !he ingredieot Tbis ebbo is performed at 6 ain. water Osbun while !he 8WO is perfonning Ibis ebbo.Page 400 of 864 #396 CONI1NUATION TIIE OBARA OROI) OBARA ORoA) Ebbo 1 rooster 1 bens fabrio yellow mud ditt pumpkin guts intestine of an ben that W8S given 10 Osbun plant higerreta. and res! ingredienl Ebbo 1 rooster 16 stones small 1 egg. caisimoD. oda .

This stick marañon lost lhe way because of this arrogance.. To achieve these ends. Ibe moster is give after Ibe ( rider osorde ) Ibe secood moster. and gossiping This person does nol hove any failh. AA' san lazaro was leaving Ibe land lukum~ He said lo Ibe people don'l wolI)' about paying me. Thal can charge coloro from one days lo Ibe nexl from green. producing. and many will uke tbeir mother with then during cbild birth Ilil oflbe stick (ManUlon ). . IFA DURE IFA NIRE IRE KUN KA FE REFUN ORUNLA ESHU ATI OGGUN OBARA KOSO IFADURO IFA NIRE lREKU KAFERI!FUN ORUMILA ESHU ATI SHANGO ODA OMA ODIN! AWO AKUE DABA ODA AWO ALARA ADIFAFUN ALARA lNTORl BELU EURI! U!BO ADffiERE EREBE RELOWO ADIFAFUN EYELE 11SIIOMA OLOKUNEYOEWE(mANARYTOMATOES) IFA NIRE AIUKU MAFEREFUN ORUNLA ATI OLOKUN This is wbere san lazaro. to yellow. . and perform a rogation of Ihe ( ponis ) wilb wholever ifa marks. person muS! go to Ibe woods six next lo a fallen treo. wben lb. thi. for 1 hove already left you may sickness lbal will coDect your debt This is where 0bataIa wenl lo visil Ibe home oflbe ( ANAl ) This is where Ibe illnesses of san lazaro were cured Ilil saya. what mystery does il posses. person goes to ( 01. stea1 ) and Ibe last moster when Ibe person come back after Ihe Ibel\. You are probibiled from doing Ibe rayarniento ceremonies and join.Page 401 of 864 #397 ODARA IROSO ) ORARA KOSO OBARA!ROSO IFA DURA IFA NIRE IRECU KAFERI!FUN ORUNLA KAFERI!FUN CHANGO CAFEREFUN !!LEGUA POPO ELEIIURO ElLE OCUN ARARE GOZALLIl OSA ILLO ELEIIURO ODAEGUE ELLE N!BI ARERE. You must use hair tiger or of leopard You are prohibiled from eating pigeon. is give 10 orunla. The person must do ebbo with. was tbrown out oflbe land oflukumi . Is in danger of death. because Ibe people oflbe province wou1d . Ilil of ole ( lbeft ) wbere Ibe person goes lo stea1 money from very wealthy place and in oroer. Every moster is give to elegua Ibe h.. of thanks. disohedient. lrDpotence for this person.. Place 3 stick marañon seeds 10"egua.ns. to counteract this action. That evecy newbom child this year. and changes bis ber mind very quickly The protect Ibe eggun are arara. religion Tbe various religious sect spesk in this sigo Tbe tree oflbe anai is Ibe stick ( galan de noche ) This person is a child oftwo molber. 1 hens. This ifa spesk oflbe king in need money This sigo lbal an eggun that live trapped within Ibe casserole of sainl san lazaro is. 3 at him for Ibis service. when Ibe person return after Ibe Ole as a gestur. at whom Ibe people marveled and said. lo red. Ibe palo.

Ibe fresh tish.I had leprosy on her head he. while calling Shango. look !he hair she had cul olber. and do awan for San Lazara. And the next day he will take everything and place it at Ibe fool of a palm treo. #398 CONI1NUATION 1lIE OBARA IROSO (OBARA COSO) lbe owner oflbis sigo. CaII lO Sbango ( OBAIIE MI SHANGQ OMO ALARA OBA OKUN To help resalve problem witb Ibe araye Ebbo is done wilb I hens I small bow and rice. is given lo !he head. When Ibe obatala discovered Ibal bis daughler Dada banan. In 10 doing yoo bolb will benetil from tbe blessing of good fortune Ibal will come yoor way y 00 or IOmeone in your farnily has secret illness and Ibis person muS! be careful nol to infect. and you will be uniled once again. The awo will . muS! have . Ibe smoker is a1lowed to concenlrated. muS! have a crown oftiger skin on 10p oflbis deity. In lhe house until il becames very smoky. Wrtebing a few days.. Shango is angry with you and eshu is in a tluenoy. And retumed wilb Orunla lo live for Ibe reS! of her life You have separaled from your spouse due lO misunderstanding and you Iack of patience now botb of your minds are tilled witb Ibooght of . In Ibis ifa is boro. wild (tomatoes) muS! be one oflbe ingredienl used in the cleaning ritual This is where Oba Koso spread tire in a11 direction because he left he was nol being take care o( Beware of tire in !he home. Whalever is left oflbe eleansing ritual muS! be take lo olokun s home in !he ocean. bom Ihe mark oflbe smallpox iIIness. and cover Ibe iDness Ooe day orunla s wife left him lo go live in another land Sbortly Ibereafter orunla missed . ofthe awo (lbe awo wiII ask it is s done over Sbango. To eliminate the negative influence in the bouse Incense mode wilb cascarrilla and dried planl escoba amarga.. tbat was washed witb omiero cooonul kol. '. com and reS! Ibe ingredient To help elevale!he heallb oflbe awo And oil lam wilh one flame lit for elegua and anotber flame lil for san lazaro and guine.nsing ritual for a11 Ibose Iive in Ihe house the (Abiku) muS! aIso be fed. her and did an ebbo. you to do IOmething iIIegal Ibal you bave in mind . lben Ihe door and windows are opened In Ibis bom the crown of dada banana. should be Ibe one tbat is inheriled from bis padrinio. tbat Ibe IOn ofsan lazaro. as wellas Ihe bum mark y 00 are even in tranquilo in your own borne Place fruil lo Ibe twin.Ieep wilb Ibe seven head.Page 402 of 864 '. or san lazaro Iben seven head of úesh tish. . Your bodies may be apar!. This strong desire to he logether again will eventually Wm over your stubbom sense ofpride. wilh an rooS!er and give lo elegua. Here!he osain is a1ways wrapped in Ibe skin ofliger. Ihe o!her member oCtIté fiunily A especial ceremonies muS! be performed in tbe home a el . but your hearts stiU heal as one. Cannol receive (san lazaro ) untiI bis padrinio dies beawse !he ( y8nllll casserole) of san lazaro. and mode crown oflbe cowry shells in order lo placed over her head. ir yoo commit the act you go to jail . Because Shango is angry In Ibis sign i." .. noS!a1gia enlered !he mind of orunla s wife.

that yoo have in mind and avoid going lo any parties Ebbo I bens I young rooster. fabric while and red and rest'lbe ingredienl Ebbo 1 rooster. Ebbo 1 rooster ground of you hoes. lbal will be Ibe cause of you having a tragedy with Another member ofyoue family IfiI osomo forget about Ibe trip. people will accuse you ofsetting il on purpose orthroogh your negligence be careful lbal yoo don I pay for Ibe evil deeds of olbers Beware oflbe abiku... ground four comer.lber of guine 1 trap 1 stones from you bouse. from yoo bouse and foue comer used clothing 1 fruit maraDon honey ron and rest Ibe ingredienl have faitb and do what say in order lo avoid having losses do you no speak iII of your religion elder find a way to be firm in your decision and not be constantly changing your mind . 1 pigeon 1 trap. Don I use firearms beCI"'se you willlwrt or kiU someone and you 11 have many legal problems with Ibe family oflbe deceascd. Ifthere is fue in youe bome. and from you house Ebbo 1 rooster f. everyone blamed yoo for!he accidenl. A penon Uves in or visits yoo home. a river or Ibe ocean. Be careful that something bad does I bappen lo Ibe penon and you are Ibe one IlC<:llsed and imprisoned '. and take careofyour children because (san lazaro want lo pay you a visi! y 00 have important posilion and yoo lost it because of a tragedy that you had lbal position bad you working near a Iake.Page 403 of 864 #399 CONTINUAnON 11IE OBARA IROSO ( OBARA coso ) y 00 Uve clase 10 a weallby penon. in lbal disaster.

- . When Sbango s eoemies hoard ofbis exile tltoy rejoiced aqnd made plants 10 make over bis kingdom . People in order 10 queU Ibis potential tbreat . And Shango had 10 O .he will die . he made powerfol enemies witbin bis OWD army. Iflbis sign is seo for a white person. Among these. ONI PAN EJE ADIFAFUN OLOFIN EIYE ILE LI!BO AKUKO LI!BO 01'0 MORO ORO AWO AHUN EIOATORIGUACAMAYA . These incidenl provoked ao uprising aroong Ibe people. he was traosformed ioto ao Orisha ( oya ) who was ORe of Shango s wives tumed tumed herself into Ibe rive Niger aod tite olher. Al that moment. KABI!l. A10ng with bis wife aod cbildren. Ibis was how Sbaogo was able lO win several wars aod conquer many lauds However because of bis violen! character. And before Ibe third day is up 1 young rooller. His supporters had 10 endure a great d!'8i o( scom aod ridicule.. OBARA JUANI JUJU OMO OL\JWO ATOPOLO OBARA KI!YELE NI OBARA NI WANI ALEYO OTORI LAYEO OSORBO ONIWAMI KABEYEKUN EU!OBAR A. must be give 10 e1egua. enemies. Oshun aod Obba atso turned ioto f10wing rivers that bears their names. Ibis puh Ihe person is exile 10 aoother Iand. Shango mode Ibe two loader 6gb! each other. and Ibis was bow he was able lo lerrorize bis .LIlKUN OBARA ONIWANI KOTOKUN ALEYO INTORI ARAYE ARA NILE lll!KUN INTORI LONI OBI FUN SHANGO OUNLE ALEYO ONIFUN OMO NIFUN OBARA N1WANI·JUJU OMOL\JWO ATOPOLO OBA EFUN OLOFUN LASIDREO OPETI OYU MOFA OBARA NIWANI This is ao ifa flIilure Then Ibe awo see Ibis sigo.. in order 10 overcome difliculties aod Ibe araye. Who were stillliving inside. IFA NIRE PERlIFA FORE AYE KAFEREFUN ORUNLA YALORDE ATI ESHU 01'0110 RO AWO KOSHINLO ORUOIIO. Then sen! Ibe winner inlO a baItIe that was destined for disaster.ALO FIOUOO I!YELE MI!LLI AWOMEPA.. lbal is where he . ( Tomi aod Grooka ) who were very popular among !he. He will give obi mituto 10 Sbango. Sbango was so firll of aoger for what he had done Ibsl he struck Ibe ground aod • loud explosion could be board. He titen buried bimself ioto lhe earth. !fa requires you lo give • ( tambor drum ) musical ceremonies ) To your gualdian angel In Ibis sign Ibe exile is bom because Ibis is wbere Sbango was exilelo aoother laod aod bis supporters had 10 endure abuse .Page 404 of 864 #400 OBARAOJUANI ONlPAN OLU! ADIPAFUN OLOFlN YI!YELE LI!BO BIMOLECUN MACU BINOl1lLA NALA ADIFAFUN SHANOO A!l. That several bolts struck bis own palace aod completely Obliterated i1. Ibe osorbo is oven wone. were Ibe principalleaders.ud adversilies during exile Sbaogo was Ibe (fourth King of oyo ) aod possessed Ibe power ofbringing down Ibe Iighting aod breaking fue from bis moulh. Note iftbrough. Bul Sbango had broughl down so mueh lightning. two woman. in order lo keep Ihe memory oflbeir King ative. Sbango traosformed lbeir joy inlO lerror once again By moing down bolts of Iigb!ing on bis enemies.

BU! be careful tbat Ibis situation does I end in tragedy Vou a widower you must do an Oparaldo to rernove !he spirit of your dead spouse and in Ibis way be able lo remarry and be happy -. He did Ebbo with 1 rooster 1 egg. After wlúeh elegua said lo him. an fabrie wbile is used lO cover!be medium. stolen property in your home. The falher is Ibe one possible for bis ebild s deatb because he did nol heed Ihe word of orun\a and do whal needed lo be done. And il coSl bim Ibe life ofbis ebild This ifa says lbal awo ( Obara Ni Wani ) ifa brolber lhal envy bim and are alwsys trying lO cause bim problem You are going to win the lottery Even iflbis sigo comes in (ire) Ihere is still a danger oflbis person s ebild dying Man beware aftwo woman. Osun is give 2 pigeon they are opeoed . and piece of paper wilb Ibe general ingredienl of !be araye. Are in love with your husband s fiiend. So tbat !be eggun can say everytbing lbal il need lo say. Ibeo !bey are buried in Ibe wood yoo mus! place (12 stones tbunder) in a standing position inside Ibe contaiáer of Shango when il noins. Because yoo are !be one tbat wiU have prnhlem with Ibe pollee. and hhe is also interested in her don t Jet tlús person come over your house anymore Woman you don I have any money and you lbink lbal your husband has anolber woman yoo.. opeo your moolb . And inviled bim lo come lo Ibe place Orun\a however did on osorde and saw Ibis ifa wbicb foretold betrayal.Page 405 of 864 #401 CONJ1NUATION TIIE (OBARA OJUAN[) . Don I go 10 reumon or paroes because yoo will find your eoemies Ibere Be careful tbat someone does nol rob yoo or bide. and coUoct as mucb water as you can. instead Ibis persan did whal an envious persan lold bim lo do. were you (ive or work that wilt cause you problems Your espouse is in love with a friend of your tbat you ve done many favors. Wheo you spiritua\ medium is possessed by Ibe eggun of your dead ebild. !be pigeon are pJaced lo Osun. in order 10 kili you. go outaide. olherwise it will say nothing due lO Ibe laek ofspiritual Iight oflbal eggun In Ibis sigo. Don I leave your bome because your enemies have placed eggun along your patb. . are introduced ioto Ibe pigeon. orun\a caIIed e1egua and fed bim !be rooster. Ibeo blowup ioto !be &ir and ask for water you wisb Ibeo n:peat Ibis two more tintes Ibis is where !be (pashane pacba long piece stick ) of eggun were consecmed when !be devils decide lo e10ct orunla king. . Elegoa arrived and held nhatala by ealing all Ibe yams Yams are place lo e1egua. This is where 0bataIa cursed Ibe eartb because Ibe yam grew and completely covered His borne and almost killed. Ibe palb of atopolo Oba Someone has IciIled your child and yoo don I known wbo did it Your child died or could die because you havo I done Ibe necessary ebbo.

1 rooster. Because you have occult enemies ebbo 1 rooster 1 guine. 1 pigeon. 3 pachan piece stick. ) and res! the ingredieot. from you house and res! the ingredient Ebbo intori ( ire ) 1 rooster . ebbo for 08000. old cloth. wlúte fabric. feather the the male goal. ground the 4 comer . and res! the ingredient .. used clotlúng .Pa