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Preparation of a Code of Ethics in Decision

Preparation of a Code of Ethics in Decision

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Published by Carlos Hunter

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Published by: Carlos Hunter on Jul 09, 2013
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Preparation of a code of ethics in decision-making research, Private Investigators and Contact Information This research is for academic

purposes only and will be managed in accordance with strict ethical code. This document explains the confidentiality of all information collected during the study, and provides detailed contacts of Uzi Freund-Feinstein, the PhD student conducting the study, the student’s advisor, Professor Shlomo Bekhor, and a collaborator, Esther Njuguna Confidentiality All information gathered in this study will be kept under full confidentiality and not be transferred to anyone not related to the research. Advertising research findings will only be made with reference and individual cases will not be published. The questionnaire itself, research data file, and confidential documents will be stored on a secure server standard HIPAA. No person or entity other than the listed research staff will have access to the data. Contact Information In case of any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the following: Uzi Freund-Feinstein: E-mail: uzi.feinstein@gmail.com Telephone: +972-777823803 Skype username: abirroni Prof. Shlomo Bekhor: E-mail: sbekhor@technion.ac.il Telephone: +972-48292460 Esther Njuguna: E-mail: enjuguna@mit.edu Telephone: +16175151246

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