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LAB ASSIGNMENT # 9 Objective: Feedback control of thermal system at the mid of the steady-state (of open loop) temperature

In this experiment you implement a feedback control system design for your Thermal System, developed in Lab # 8. Take Set-Point as Tin = 0.5* Tss achieved in your system.

Tin C

ON-OFF Gain Control

s s-1 +1)
First Order Thermal Plant Plant


Tout C

Figure 9.1: Feedback loop proportional control of thermal system.

(I) (II) Chose Vin (Volts) = Tin * Kh = Tin *0.10 V/C, this will realize unity feedback system. Implement unity feedback ON-OFF control system and simulate it on MATLAB. Add LOAD in the output and set values TLoad C = [1 10 50 100], and observe its effect. (II) Change (increase Kc from 1) and observe and record the simulation results. That is for, Kc = [1 5 10 100] and see how steady-state flickering is reducing. (IV) Practically demonstrate, in LAB, the simulated operations and results on scheduled day.

Required Results:
I. II. Plot the real and estimated step response on MATLAB and determine error in the estimated model, if any. Discuss your lab observations, results and give your results.

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