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Adjectives The Tropical Rainforest Word Mat Eco and geo terms

crawling Key regions with TRF biome

cycled Amazon Basin buffer zone
dappled shade Central America canopy
dark Central and West Africa carbon cycle
dense NE Australia clear felling
destroyed SE Asia/Indonesian Islands conservation
disrupted decomposers
equatorial deforestation
eroded Key countries with TRF ecosystem
extinct Brazil emergent trees
flooded Cameroon epiphytes
humid Colombia food web
intense sunlight Costa Rica hunter/gatherer
interconnected Democratic Republic of Congo laterite
littered Indonesia leaching
nutrient poor Malaysia leaf litter
parasitic Peru liana
rapid Thailand national park
regenerated Venezuela nutrient cycle
remote parasites
secondary Some other geo names photosynthesis
shrinking Equator primary consumers
straight Tropic of Cancer primary producers
sustainable Tropic of Capricorn secondary consumers
sweltering selective felling
symbiotic shifting cultivation
tall An Orang Utan in a rainforest refuge in the Malaysian state of slash and burn
tropical Sarawak, on the island of Borneo sustainable development
unsustainable This word mat was produced by from an adapted idea by Chesterton High School symbiosis
vast The words for all pupils are in bold, most pupils are in normal and some pupils are in italic font understorey