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Whitewood v. Corbett - Complaint

Whitewood v. Corbett - Complaint

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Whitewood V. Corbett - Complaint
Whitewood V. Corbett - Complaint

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Published by: Equality Case Files on Jul 09, 2013
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("Kath") have lived together in a committed relationship for 10 years. Heather, 44,

and Kath, 41, live in Downingtown, in Chester County. They live off a country

road on 8 acres of land with three dogs that they rescued from an animal shelter,

two cats, and seven chickens. Heather is a Medicaid Liaison Manager at a

healthcare auditing firm. Kath owns a dog training and dog walking business.

44. On September 10,.2005, Heather and Kath got married in

Massachusetts, their home state at the time. Heather changed her last name to

share Kath's.

45. In 2007, during difficult economic times, Heather was offered a

promising job in Philadelphia and the couple relocated there. Going from being

treated as the married couple that they are in Massachusetts to being treated as

legal strangers in Pennsylvania has been hard for them logistically, financially, and

emotionally. For example, they had difficulty preparing their tax returns and

completing mortgage paperwork in Pennsylvania because accountants and bank

officials were unsure whether to treat the couple as married or unmarried. They

pay more for health insurance than they would if their marriage were recognized in

Pennsylvania because they must pay taxes on the health insurance for Kath that

Heather gets through her employer.


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