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The Condition Technique in Pricing

The Condition Technique in Pricing

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Published by: venkatvavilala on Jul 09, 2013
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The Condition Technique in Pricing: Define Condition Table V/03 Create Access Sequence: o Maintain Access Sequence V/07, o Optimize Access Sequence Create Condition Type: o Maintain Condition Type V/06, o Define Upper/Lower limits for Condition OVB2, o Check Setting for Condition Types Check Condition Record: o Create Condition Type VK11, o Maintain Scale for Condition, o Tracking Cumulative Value with Condition Update Pricing Procedure: o Maintain Pricing Procedure V/08, o Define Customer Pricing Procedure OVKP , o Define Document Pricing Procedure OVKI, o Assign Document Pricing Procedure to Order Type OVKJ, o Assign Document Pricing Procedure to Billing Type OVTP, o Define Pricing Procedure Determination OVKK, o Check Setting for Pricing Procedure Define Pricing by Item Categories OVK0 Maintain Price Relevant Master Data Field: o Define Price List Categories For Customer, o Define Pricing Groups for Customer o Define Material Group Maintain Pricing Reports Condition Exclusion: o Define Condition Exclusion for Groups OV31, o Assign Condition Types to Condition Exclusion OV32, o Maintain Condition Exclusion for Pricing Procedure VOK8 Pricing Agreements: Define Promotion Set up Sales Deals: o Define Sales Deals, Condition Type Group (Assign Condition Type/ Table Condition Type Group o Assign Condition Type Groups/Sales Deals)

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