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Whitewood v. Corbett -- Complaint

Whitewood v. Corbett -- Complaint

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ACLU Pennsylvania marriage lawsuit.
ACLU Pennsylvania marriage lawsuit.

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Published by: jsnow489 on Jul 09, 2013
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have lived together in

a committed relationship for 22 years. Deb and Susan live


in Bridgeville, in Allegheny County, with their three children. Susan, 49, is a

human resources executive at BNY Mellon. Deb, 45, is a stay-at-home mom. Deb

was born and raised in Pittsburgh. Susan has lived in Pennsylvania since attending

college in Pittsburgh.

18. Deb and Susan have two daughters, Plaintiff A.W., who is 16, and

Plaintiff A.W., who will turn 15 this month. Deb is the children's biological

mother and Susan obtained second parent adoptions after the children's births to

establish a legal parent-child relationship with both children. Deb, and Susan also

have atwo-year-old son, L.W. He was placed with them by the Allegheny County

Department of Children and Youth Services when he was 11 months old. The

placement initially was a foster placement. When L.W. was 20 months old, Deb

and Susan jointly adopted him. The judge in the Allegheny County Children's

Court granted the adoption after determining that the welfare of L.W. will be

promoted by this adoption.

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