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PaGE o> PETERSON beau regan7L ecto gawx eet. SB4%av 34 Kathy Petecson 392 Pheasant Chase Bolingbrook, lL 60440 Hai ensas/2ee2 27:31 sae 7e84271 PETERSON ne 3 Kathy ‘a letter is belng sent to you for your benefit. At this point and Ume yu are romani well aware that your husband ishaving af affair, The gis mars (and she isatines 8 ft. ie Stecy Yalan bom July 17, 1984, resides at 5° <-- ho Rreaton Apth128 rok, I we pes yariay atready have all of t's information, but ff not, you wil need tte prevent any further embariaesment and disgrace to you ‘and your farnily. This affair has been going on for several months and several people have been sere of this situation. San hae cai es me the village, and becaiise of Drews ag6 and his occupation, he holds 2 positien of authority over her. Drew could be chargad eriminatly for his intimate involvespont with this minor. Village officiate (Mayor, trustee's.) and everyone at the polloe dazart an have complete knowledge of this situation. tt hes bean an ongoing jake wisn ‘the danartment. The ltsue has been discussed and has been decided to cx nova! hie behavior to protect the Village and Drew, Because of his Political allan: with Roger Claar and Ken Each, they ara protecting themselves from the | ‘embarrasament and the liability. The real vietime, (Being you and your far) should be the ones being protected from the embarrasamrent. f ~~ This fa hot tre Test hime ih The past year that Drew's immoral and undthio! dehavicr ham eer concerted. This past summer Drew allowed the beatinglof an arrestee, who was handcuffed and detencetaes. ‘The past fall Drew was |) susperted fo have planted nancoilcs (cocaine) on two séparate drug raids, obtain a substantial arrest to overshadow his recent behavior, arid how seg mane relationship with a tninar ~~ a iréw hia been willing to Sacrifice his integrity for his persona! gain, with total disregard that his actions will embarrass and disrespect his wife and " children. BEWARE whorn you taik to within the Village administration and within ‘the police department; (.2.: Mayor, Chief, Deputy Chief, etc... | Protect yourself and your Family