These scenes of devastation shown above are not from Homs, or Aleppo, or Mogadishu, or from Mosul or Baghdad.

They are from the country called Japan where people are supposed to be very hardworkng, orderly, disciplined, prosperous, rich and possessing a very high standard of living. It is truly unbelievable and Japan is feeling very seriously embarrassed that scenes of such terrible devastation exist right in its own backyard. Therefore the Japanese government with the big blessings of the US has decided to rearm and whip up political confrontations with its neighbours. Japan is using the pretext of wanting to protect itself from the ‘North Kor threat’ but everyone knows the only threat is the one coming from Tokyo. The Japanese nation has been fully unable to overcome its big Fukushima problem and therefore it has firmly decided to gamble with the future of the Asia-Pacific region. Tokyo wants to play the game of US war dancing with the hope that everybody will end up in hell when the smoke clears. So, what is the Fukushima problem. Fukushima is in essence a very huge or super massive time-bomb. Right now, or today, 9th July 2013, reactor number 1 is leaking (part of) its contents into the Pacific Ocean. Reactors number 2 and 3 still require constant cooling and very soon, the Japanese government will have to decide what to do with all the used cooling water which is contaminated. One idea is to dilute it with humongous amounts of more water and dump it all into the ocean. The spinning of our planet is such that all that water will eventually end up on the western shores of north America. As for reactor number 4, it is silently ticking time for all creatures who live in the northern hemisphere. This unit hides over 1,500 hot fuel rods inside its ruined structure and is simply waiting for the next earthquake to hit the area. Or the next tsunami. Or just a big big typhoon.

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