.:Amateur Shooto Rules:. "Shooto Commission (SC)" is the organization that supervises Shooto Wrestling.

SC proposes an idea of "No-Holds-Barred as Sport." (1) The time of the match is 3 minutes. The match is 2 rounds. The interval between each round is 1 minute. (2) The refereeing is carried out by one chairman, one referee and two sub-referees. (3) Mouth pieces and a protection cup must always be worn. Knee-pads, shin-guards, and headgear authorized by SC must also be worn. Feet must be bare. Pants and tights suitable for fight must be worn. The use of vaseline, oil, or similar substances on the body, face, or hair is forbidden. The nails must be cut close. (4) The competitors are allowed to have three persons in their corner and only one chief cornerman can enter the ring before the mutch. If cornerman enter the ring or touch competitors during the fight, his competitor shall be judged the loser. (5) There are weight restrictions as followed; flyweight (51.0kg (112.43lb) or less), bantamweight (54.0kg (119.04lb) or less), featherweght (58.0kg ( lb) or less), lightweight (63.0kg ( lb) or less), welterweight (69.0kg ( lb) or less), middleweight (76.0kg ( lb) or less), light heavyweight (85.0kg ( lb) or less), and heavyweight (85.0kg ( lb) or more). (6) The ring shall be of a square type. Mats, instead of the ring, may be used. (7) Shooto gloves (open-finger and -palm style) authorized by SC must be worn. The alterations in the shape of the gloves are forbidden. (8) Bandage may be used only for the purpose of protection of knuckle part. The tape used for fixing the bandage must not be worn on the knuckle part. The use of tape, instead of bandage, on knuckle part must be three pieces or less. After the bandage or tape is worn, it must be checked and signed by SC. (9) The determination of the winner of any match shall be made according to the following. a. Knock out (KO): A competitor goes down and does not show his will in

injury. (ii) the referee can stop the fight for a competitor's damage. 10:10 no difference 10:9 a little difference (clean effective hits) 10:8 difference (knock down without sereous damage) 10:7 clear difference (knock down with sereous damage) 10:6 overwhelming difference (almost knock out or technical knock out) Grappling points shall be judged by referee as follows. 1 point the competitor gets takedown which does not get positioning points or submission points.continuing the fight in stand position by the end of a count of five called by the referee. Decision: When rounds are over. If the foul is too wicked." c. the referee shall call "Catch" and ask the competitor whether he will give up or not. If the competitor does not defend against the sumbission hold. d. the competitor shall be immediately disqualificated. (ii) Positioning 5 points back mount position 4 points mount position 2 points on-top position (iii) Submission . Disqualification: When competitors hit foul. striking points and grappling points are summed. the referee shall start the countdown after the competitor returns to the neutral corner. and will stop the fight. does not respond to the question. and a lot of cautions shall equal disqualification. or loss of his will in continuing the fight. they shall receive a caution. or scream in pain. b. and the competitor which gets more points shall be the winner. Striking points shall be judged by two sub-referee as follows. the referee shall stop his count. the referee may judge the submission hold complete. IPPON or Submission (S): Submission by a competitor shall be expressed either verbally or by tapping two times or more on the mat or on the opponent's body with a hand or a foot. The opponent must await at neutral corner during the count down or until the referee gives further direction. f. Technical knock out (TKO): (i) A competitor goes down three times a round (three knock down system). In such case. If the opponent does not await. Technical IPPON or Technical submission (TS): When the submission is almost. or (iii) it may be stopped by a competitor's corner by "throwing in the towel. (i) Takedown 2 points the competitor gets takedown which gets positioning points or submission points. e.

corner mat. (v) any attacks to the fingers. (iv) taking the skin with fingers. (v) pulling the hair. (ii) scratch with nails. or similar substances. Escape: (i) deliberately leaving the ring. (iii) putting into the eyes. (vi) catching the wear. . d. or ears. (xii) squeal or shout. (x) disobeying the referee's instructions. (12) When both competitors are about to fall out of the ring. (vii) attacks and defences using rope. and the referee with two sub-referees shall move them to the center of the ring and continue the fight." and the competitors must separate each other. (ix) pushing an opponent out of the ring." In this case. nostrils. (ii) collusion. Illegal attacks: (i) headbuttings. b. Faked match: (i) match fixing. a." (10) Fouls are as follows. (11) When the fight becomes deadlocked. (iv) blows to the spine. (ii) spewing the mouth pieces. and continue the fight in the stand position. the referee shall call "Don't move. (iii) blows with a hand except the knuckle part (open hands blow or chop blows). nose. the referee shall call "Break. (iii) failing to fight in good faith. both competitors must stop their motion. c. (xi) offensive language or insult to an opponent or a referee. or anus with the fingers. earholes. (ii) elbow blows. (viii) attacks to a knock downed opponent.1 point the competitor gets "Catch. (vi) blows to the opponent in ground position (in case of continuous touching of any parts of competitor's body except the sole of a foot on mat). Ill-mannered acts: (i) biting or pressing with teeth.

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