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Deadline for application: 1st of July

Accommodation Guide .-. Geschwister-Scholl-Straße has a rent per month of € 242. Geschwister-Scholl-Straße (only self-catering) and Fabrikstraße. The Student Dormitory Reservation Form is complementary to the “Students Acceptance to the Esslingen Master’s Program”. The rooms are furnished and heated single rooms with bathroom and toilet shared with one person. -1– K:\Wohnraum\Verwaltung -Graduate School\Info und Formulare\Accommodation Guide. as all applications will be considered on a “first come-first served basis”. This amount is due until the 15 July. All 3 residences are in Esslingen nearby campus. € 300. Please note clearly which address is the address you want to be contacted and until .for deposit and € 300. toilet and a small kitchen. As soon as we have done the assignment of rooms you will receive by email an offer of room in which you will be required to make a prepayment of € 600. General Information The residences are Goerdelerweg (only self-catering). Offer of a room After having received your “Student Dormitory Reservation Form” we will acknowledge the receipt by email and reserve a room in the above mentioned dormitory.17 73728 Esslingen . Whatever you might pay too much will be reduced from the next month rent. Goerdelerweg. How to apply  The deadline for accommodation application is 1 July  The “Student Dormitory Reservation Form” has to be submitted by post to the following address: Hochschule Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Studentenwerk Stuttgart Wohnheimverwaltung / Accommodation Service Kanalstraße bank transfer (€ 300. Further details concerning the mode of payment will be given in the “Offer of room”.prepayment of rent). The rooms are furnished and heated single rooms with bathroom. Geschwister-Scholl-Straße and Fabrikstraße. The rooms are furnished and heated single rooms with private bathroom. and who wish to find accommodation in our student residence in Esslingen.Graduate School This guide is prepared for all students of the Graduate School. Please attach a photo which is not older than two years It is possible to apply for accommodation for the period of twelve months (beginning of September until end of August) or six months (beginning September until end of February) Every section of the student contact details needs to be completed. toilet and kitchen shared with three persons. who have received their admission for a place in the MBA or MEng program.-. As a great part of the information will be sent by email it is very important that you give us your current email-address and keep us informed concerning any changes.. The deadline for accommodation application is 1 July.doc . We recommend to send the complete reservation form as soon as possible.-..3.or from which date the address is valid. The kitchen is been used by 4. Take some time to read this guide carefully before completing the “Student Dormitory Reservation Form”. Fabrikstraße has a rent per month of ca. The deposit is € 300. Zimmer 01. Accommodation cannot be guaranteed for applications submitted after the deadline and incomplete and / or unsigned forms will not be considered.Germany       Please type or print clearly in black ink.-. Goerdelerweg has a rent per month of € 278. 6 or 8 person.

Pillow. and the rules and regulations you must adhere to when you are in residence. toasters. Check-in time: 03. where you will be greeted by a staff member of the Studentenwerk Stuttgart. wardrobe and lamps. On the arrival day please go directly to the dormitory. There are no reductions or refunds for late arrivals or early departures. If you arrive out of the official arrival day. Cancelling of reservation If you decide that you do not need accommodation. sheets and bedspread can be bought by from the janitor for an amount of 35€. -2– K:\Wohnraum\Verwaltung -Graduate School\Info und Formulare\Accommodation Guide. Zimmer 01. freezers and cupboards are provided. September to February and March to Frequently asked Questions Is my room furnished? Yes.djh. though there is the possibility that there is a stock from former residents.e. Except the rooms with the single kitchen in Goerdelerweg. Please notice: There are no microwaves. 33.doc . On your arrival day you will sign a contract. Cookers. desk. The rent has to be paid monthly by debit permission. between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. please inform the Studentenwerk Stuttgart Wohnheimverwaltung/Accommodation Service until the 15 July at the latest. You will receive a rental agreement for a continuous period of 12 months (September – August).3. egg boilers or rice cookers provided.ladewig@studentenwerk-stuttgart. Rooms are furnished with necessary furniture and equipment. a suggested place to stay is: Youth hostel (see also internet: http://www. September 2012.Arrival at Esslingen Together with the “Offer of Room” you will receive detailed information concerning the address and location of the dormitory. chair. i. fridges. 6 or 8 Students. Please submit the cancellation in written form to the following address: Hochschule Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Studentenwerk Stuttgart Wohnheimverwaltung/Accommodation Service Kanalstr. which is a legally binding document stating the terms and conditions of renting a room from the Students Service.17 D-73728 Esslingen Fax: +49-(0) 711. Fabrikstraße: kitchen shared with 6 students Cooking utensils. Cover. All rooms have a bed. What equipment is supplied in the self-catering halls in the kitchen? Goerdelerweg: single kitchen Geschwister-Scholl-Straße: kitchen shared with 4. crockery and cutlery are not generally provided.397 3180 Email: Rental agreement Please note that the apartments are basically rented out semester wise.

More questions? If you have further questions. The student Accommodation Service has a special e-mail account: housing@hs-esslingen. A set of bed sheets. Is it possible to move within the university managed accommodation? Unfortunately not possible. 15/ room-no.doc . Be sure of notifying the correct address and the room number. provided that the room is left in a condition ready to move in. Example: Geschwister-Scholl-Str. Is there internet connection in my room? Yes. with complete inventory and all keys. What happens to the deposit when I move out? It will be refunded not earlier than six weeks after the rental agreement has expired. the room is rented out for one person only. Am I allowed to have guests in the residence? Unfortunately not. Studentenwerk Stuttgart Accommodation Service . pillow and cover blanket can be bought from the janitors for an amount of 35€. don’t hesitate to contact us. What about laundry and linen? There are laundry rooms in all dormitories with washing machines and dryers available. But it can not be guaranteed. Does the janitor speak English? Yes. They work with special coins you buy from the janitors.Where is the bathroom? Goerdelerweg: Geschwister-Scholl-Straße: Fabrikstraße: single bathroom in each apartment with shower and private toilet Two rooms share one bathroom. 9999 Are there phones in the residence? Unfortunately we have phones neither in the room nor in the residence any more. Xuemei Ladewig -3– K:\Wohnraum\Verwaltung -Graduate School\Info und Formulare\Accommodation Guide. The postman will put your mail into the appropriate mailbox. and use for the internet is free of charge. Is it possible to extend my rental agreement? There is a possibility to extend your rental agreement from winter to summer term. bathroom and toilet shared with 3 students You have to bring your own towels. What happens to my mail? In the dormitory there is a mailbox for each room number.

Student Dormitory Reservation Form Please type or print clearly in black ink and return it to Hochschule Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Studentenwerk Stuttgart Accommodation Service Kanalstraße 33...for a deposit and € 300.: +49 (0) 711 397-3102 / . All information given on this application form are complete and accurate ___________________________ Date: dd/mm/yyyy ______________________________________________________________ Applicant's signature K:\Wohnraum\Verwaltung -Graduate School\Info und Formulare\Student Dormitory Reservation.17 73728 Esslingen Germany Tel.doc .3..3123 Fax: +49 (0) 711 397-3180 photo Deadline for Accommodation Application: 01 July I apply for:  MBA  MEng DDM  MEng ASM  I wish to register for one year: From 1st of September __________ to 31th of August __________  I wish to register for one semester: From 1st of September __________ to 28th of February__________ I would like to live in  Goerdelerweg or  Geschwister-Scholl-Straße or  Fabrikstraße Student contact details Family name: ____________________________________________________________________________________ First name: Sex: ___________________________________________________________________________________  female  male Place of birth: _____________________________________ Date of birth: _______________________________ dd-mm-yyyy Nationality: Home address ___________________________________________________________________________________ valid until: _____________________________________________________________________ Street: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Postal code+Town: ______________________________________________________________________________ Country: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone number: _________________________________________________________________________________ Fax number: ___________________________________________________________________________________ e-mail: ________________________________________________________________________________________ I accept to make a prepayment of € 600. Zimmer 01.(€ 300.for the rent). For more details see “Accommodation Guide“.

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