Name__________________________ Date:__________________________ Match each branch of psychology with the issue or questions posted below.

Write the letter of your answer on the space provided before each number. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. Biopsychology Experimental psychology Cognitive psychology Developmental psychology Personality psychology Health psychology Clinical psychology Organizational psychology I. Counseling Psychology J. Educational psychology K. School psychology L. Social psychology M. Industrial psychology N. Consumer psychology O. Genetic psychology P. Cross-cultural psychology

_____1. Joan, a college freshman, is panicking. She needed to learn better organizational skills and study habits to cope with the demands of college. _____2. At what age do children generally begin to acquire an emotional attachment to their fathers? _____3. It is thought that pornographic films that depict violence against women may prompt aggressive behavior in some men. _____4. What chemicals are released in the human body as a result of a stressful event? What are their effects on behavior. _____5. John is unique in his manner of responding to crisis situations, with an even temperament and positive outlook. _____6. The general public is more apt to buy products that are prompted by attractive and successful actors. _____7. The teachers of 8- year old Jack are concerned that he has recently begun to withdraw socially and to show little interest in school work. _____8. Janet’s job is demanding and stressful. She wonders if her lifestyle is making her more prone to certain illness such as cancer and heart disease. _____9. A psychologist is intrigued by the fact that some people are much more sensitive to painful stimuli than others. _____10. A strong fear of crowds leads a young woman to seek treatment for her problem. _____11. What mental strategies are involved in solving complex word problems? _____12. What teaching methods most effectively motivate elementary school students to successfully accomplish academic tasks? _____13. The vice president for administration is looking into the educational qualifications and job performance of the employees for promotions. _____14. It explains how traits are being transmitted from parents to offspring. _____15. It explains the effects of child-rearing practices among Muslims in Mindanao on adult values and attitudes. Give what is asked in each item. _______________________16. He opposed the idea of Aristotle on empiricism. _______________________17. An English philosopher who favored Aristotle’s proposition on empiricism. _______________________18. The first proponent of tabula rasa. _______________________19. The Father of psychoanalytic psychology. _______________________20. The proponent of introspection and pioneered the first laboratory for psychological research in Germany. _______________________21. Parents of Psychology (items 21 and 22). _______________________22. _______________________23. A goal of psychology that tells us why events occur. _______________________24. A goal of psychology that involves changing or controlling aspects of the environment. _______________________25. It means self- assessment.


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