Demo Client Private Limited

No. 1 AE Estate, South Block Chennai, INDIA
Specification Form

Basic Information
Drawing Number Client Ref. No DWG-101 Drawing Date SAMPLE May 21, 2013

Vessel Construction
Flow Rate (m3/hr) Design Temperature (° C) Design Pressure (Kg/Sqcm) Allowable Stress In Design Temperature (Kg/Sqcm) Density Of Vessel Material (Kg/m3) Joint Efficiency (Dish) Height On Straight-Hos (mm) Standard Minimum Shell Thickness (mm) Total Weight Without Load (Kg) Leg-No.Of Legs 20 Flow Velocity (m/hr) 40 6 1,166.980 Operating Temperature (° C) Operating Pressure (Kg/Sqcm) 12 35 4

Allowable Stress In Operating 1,166.980 Temperature (Kg/Sqcm) 0.700 ACF 1,500 10 3,331.180 33,100.190

7,848 Joint Efficiency (Shell) 0.700 Type Of Filter 2,000 Rounded Off Shell Dia (mm) 8 Standard Minimum Dish Thickness (mm)

1143.270 Total Weight With Load (Kg) 3 Leg-Total Load Acting On Legs (N)

Filter Construction

480 .5"X1" Height (mm) 50 Pebbles 3/4"X1/2" Height (mm) 200 Gravel Height (mm) 200 Mixed Sand (mm) 900 Total Weight Of Media (kg) 50 50 0 0 2.497.Pebbles 2"X1.5" Height (mm) Pebbles 1"X3/4" Height (mm) Pebbles Total Height (mm) Cylex Height (mm) Carbon (mm) 50 Pebbles 1.

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