“A more vibrant downtown will enhance the character of the city and provide more choices for shopping

, dining and leisure activities.”

Let's set the record straight… Economically, it is a good idea. It does not raise taxes, it protects farmland, lowers greenhouse gases and will create a vibrant downtown that residents will look forward to visiting. Vote Yes on Measure A.

• • • • •

Victor Gaxiola, Morgan Hill Resident, Jackson Oaks

Morgan Hill Times Editorial, March 24/09

“Morgan Hill can have the best of both worlds- a vibrant, walkable downtown and a fully protected greenbelt. Both require action. One action is to vote Yes on Measure A on May 19th.”
Michelle Beasley, Greenbelt Alliance , April 3/09

…for a thriving village center, you can't beat a
built-in clientele within walking distance. Measure A will clear the way for that success… Vote Yes.
San Jose Mercury News, April 2/09

“Changes need to come. That's part of the life of a downtown, having new waves coming in.”
Marieke Ruys, Downtown Resident

On Tuesday May 19th:

Vote Yes on Measure A

For a Vibrant Downtown