LTE eNB Commissioning Procedure

Tools Required:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. NEM Software (NEM.LA4.0.1_D1.18) Software Load (ENB_LA0400_D60_E03603) Filezilla Putty or Secure CRT Lan Cable Laptop

Procedure 1. Give your laptop as mentioned in below snap.

2. Go to laptop Start->Run->cmd
Try to ping If ping is ok then open NEM and file Zilla In file Zilla File->Site Manager and do configuration as mentioned below

. After Configuration connect the file Zilla client and transfer the snapshot file of eNB After successful transfer of file close the File Zilla client.User – enb0xfer Password-&65UytJhg 3.

Open putty and make configuration like below mentioned snap .4.

1's password: Qwe*90op take back up of default database file first then replace the file.1 root enbDev 67155 Jan 1 00:00 old_db.bck eCCM-root-mim> ls –ltr -rw-------rw-------rw------1 root 1 root 1 root enbDev enbDev enbDev 67155 Jan 1 00:00 old_db.5.xml.xml databse.xml 46664 Jan 1 00:00 database.xml.168. Root #edcVfr4%t . Open Putty session and put login password login as: enb0dev enb0dev@192.xml 46664 Jan 1 00:00 database.xml eCCM-root-mim> cp database.1 root enbDev -rw------.bck Then give reboot to eNB.xml 46664 Jan 1 00:00 database.10. eCCM-root-mim> ls -ltr -rw------.

Wait until every board (CB. Some times RRH not visible in NEM because of installation issue as eNB not able to communicate with RRH so try to fix it first.If one RRH is visible you can start with software upgrade and later on fix other two RRH. BB. In eNB properties you can see name and ip of eNB.Note: . and RRH) is up. . SYNC LED on CCM board is green & stable. In NEM you can see existing software in software properties 7.use NEM to reset eNB (reset CB board). 6.

You need to use vi-editor (Unix command) for it.8. In this tab choose Allocate configuration Rights then . Use again putty to unlock cells In cell configuration window cell are locked so follow below steps to unlock it. Now from NEM follow below steps 10. Cell unlock 9.

Downloading will start .11.

12. When download finish .

Accept button highlighted . If sync LED becomes green and stable put login cable again and you will get 14. Click on activate button after it enables on NEM window During activation of software eNB will take reboot so during reboot just remove the login cable from eNB & laptop and wait for 10-15 minutes. After connecting login cable you will get connection establishment on NEM.13 .

15. After you will accept it you will get wait and NEM will get full data Check the software window on NEM it should have all 5 software files related to boards From NEM unlock every board and sectors and it should be up .

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