Sympathy for the Zimmerman Jury

By Elton Camp Neither killer nor victim are exactly saints A wannabe cop and a smart-mouth teen A situation that escalated far out of hand Neither suspected what that day would bring Is one of the two a bully and a racist pig? Was the other merely defending himself? The living one’s life will never be the same The other deprived of life far too young One side says this and the other side that The survivor will not offer any testimony The young man sadly unable to do so Six women the truth charged to discern Their freedom temporarily restricted Confined to a hotel, deprived of news Soon, from them, a decision demanded Sift through the contradictions for truth “Members of the jury, have you a verdict?” “We have, your honor,” the chair might say With baited breath, the entire nation awaits Whatever it is, there will be outraged gasps But if agreement they are unable to achieve, Another trial with more weeks of agony The media will trumpet the awful news “Zimmerman unpunished, but jury hung!”

Whatever decision, criticism is certain

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