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Accommodations for Sanford City Commission Meeting

Accommodations for Sanford City Commission Meeting

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Accommodations for Sanford City Commission Meeting
Accommodations for Sanford City Commission Meeting

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Published by: Judicial Watch, Inc. on Jul 10, 2013
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Obtained via FOIA by Judicial Watch, Inc.

Lisette Garcia
From: Sent: To: Subject: Carswell, Amy (Advocacy) <AMY2@miamidade.gov> Friday, March 23, 2012 3:12 PM Alexis Snyder Accommodations for Sanford City Commission Meeting

You may wish to reach out to Mr. Thomas if you are in need, or would like, seating or other accommodations for the  Congresswoman at the Sanford City Council meeting Monday.    
From: Thomas, Andrew [mailto:Andrew.Thomas@Sanfordfl.gov] Sent: Friday, March 23, 2012 1:11 PM To: Carswell, Amy (Advocacy) Cc: Thomas, Andrew Subject: Touching Bases

Good Morning Ms. Carswell. I got your name and email address form Mildred Duprey de Robles from the Community Relations Services of DOJ as a person to reach out to and connect with regarding the Trayvon Martin case. We are very saddened by this tragedy and can only imagine what the family and friends of Trayvon are going through. As the Mayor and City Manager of the City of Sanford has stated on numerous occasions, we like so many others have echoed, want the truth and to see justice prevail. In preparation for our upcoming City Commission meeting next Monday, March 26, 2012, I am reaching out to you for assistance. Mildred indicated to me there may be several buses coming from the Miami area to the Commission meeting in support of Trayvon Martin’s family. Thank you for your participation and please be assured the City of Sanford welcomes you as our guest and wants to make your visit a pleasant one. Since we are anticipating a rather large crowd and seating will be limited, I would greatly appreciate your assistance in letting me know approximately how many people you anticipate will be attending the Commission meeting so we can plan accordingly. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know if any City/County Officials from the Miami Dade area plan on attending the meeting and if any one would like to speak. The Commission’s Agenda is pretty much devoted to recognizing and acknowledging the death of Trayvon. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Cordially,

Andrew Thomas
Senior Project Manager Office Of The City Manager City of Sanford P.O. Box 1788 Sanford, Florida 32772-1788 Phone: 407-688-5132 Fax: 407-688-5161 Website: www.sanfordfl.gov

"The significant problems we face cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." Albert Einstein

Obtained via FOIA by Judicial Watch, Inc.
City Hall Hours: 7:30AM - 5:30PM Monday - Thursday Closed Fridays and Holidays

PLEASE NOTE: Florida has a very broad public records law. Any written communication to or from City officials regarding City business is a public record available to the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications may be subject to public disclosures.


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