Habits are the mechanical “secret weapons” in the all out assault that I teach my clients to launch on a mediocre existence. By creating a habit, we are able to take a simple action that is associated with a favorable, and desired outcome, and ingrain it the mind to the level necessary to ensure that it is completed with regularity with a minimal amount of conscious effort beyond the initial habit formation period (three weeks). Action taken on a daily basis has a compounding effect, creating growth in whatever the targeted area may be. Simply put, adopting productive habits is a can’t-lose formula for creating more of what you want in your life. My upcoming book “Blueprint to Beast”, which this eBook is designed to supplement, gets deep into the idea of habit creation as well as the rest of the tools and education necessary to ensure one’s ever growing success. For our purposes here in this title, we will be looking at some excellent habits that you can begin creating today to help you move forward, away from mediocrity, towards greatness, in the five major success headings, which are, in no particular order:

Body Relationships Professional Life Finance Mission
The provided habits are simple to implement. As a reader, you can begin the habit formation process with any or all of the recommended tasks today. As I’ve written before, the process necessary for the adoption of a new habit is simple. One must simply complete the task every day, without interruption, for a period of three weeks. It’s a longaccepted principle in the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that twentyone days represents something of a magic number when it comes to habit creation. Once the task has been performed for three weeks, it begins to require much less conscious effort to continue to perform with regularity. Blueprint to Beast will discuss with much more detail why this is. For now, think of it this way.

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you would associate not brushing your teeth with pain. Now let’s identify something that you could do that would be conducive to developing a more attractive/healthy body. one that has been solidified by years of repetition. without any immediate reward or gratification with the exception of the avoidance of the stress and anxiety that would come with not doing it. so what I’ve done here is compile ten simple actions that can be installed as habits beginning now. if for no other reason than to avoid the “pain” that you’ve associated with not doing it. 3 . but hopefully the implementation of a few. Now. Brushing your teeth is a deeply ingrained habit.This morning upon waking. or whatever your day has consisted of this far. In our terms. or maybe six months that you’ll “fall off” and give up brushing your teeth each morning? Of course not. to meet friends. and would more than likely be seeking a way to remedy the situation so as to not be breathing your awful. of these will get you on your way to building a bigger life “Blueprint to Beast” style. Enjoy. are you concerned that in a year. unclean. While the act of brushing your teeth this morning most likely did not require much conscious effort (you just kind of got up and did it). two from each of the listed categories earlier. morning breath in the faces of every one that you meet. or one’s that I have used myself. before beginning your day. with the same subconscious drive to do so. You’ve repeated the same action over and over. Imagine if you performed that same task everyday with the same regularity that you brush your teeth. How would you feel if that were the case? If you’re anything like most people (with good hygiene habits) you would feel terribly uncomfortable. failing to do it would create a degree of stress and anxiety for you. or all. This is critical. I am relatively certain that you probably brushed your teeth. This by no means represents a complete list of the habits that can be created to bring more success in your life. These are either common habits that I work to create with clients. What do you imagine the effect would be on your body over time? Pretty simple huh? Ok. Now imagine if you had not performed this simple task and instead headed out to work.

which most readers will admit that they have the most control over in terms of making change. If it is within your ability to develop such a body. Build a strong. attractive body. Since this is the case. financial success. Healthy relationships. and begin changing your life for the better by changing your body. ©2013 Villain Publishing 4 . Take care of yourself from the inside out first. a powerful professional life. Remember that each of these headings carries with it a spillover effect that impacts the entire picture. it is your responsibility to create that for yourself. The body is the one heading. take advantage of that fact. and a strong mission are no good if you aren’t alive to experience them. and then reap the rewards of your efforts in all aspects of your life. at present time.The Body Habits A strong. Generating momentum in one of the five will improve the others every time. The two habits presented here are an excellent start. healthy. attractive. healthy body is critical for the successful individual.

I can tell from my own experience. Here I will look at the daily workout idea as it pertains to someone attempting to build serious muscle mass and strength. you will be very pleased with the positive effects on your physique. Adopt the philosophy that there is a workout to be performed each and every day. represent it as a “non-essential” or “supplemental” type of training. a term that I loathe. In my book “The Greyskull LP: Second Edition” I talk about creating habits that push you closer to your body recomposition goals. and the favorable effect that fasted walking has on the appetite of the individual. 5 . whether you are more interested in building large amounts of strength and muscle mass. The latter is similar to the idea of “assistance” movements in weight training. and from the experience of many others with whom I either associate with. whether you are scheduled to be in the gym that day lifting weights or not. In fact. Bench Press. particularly chin-up and push-up ladders. The idea here is to accept the idea that each component of the program is of equal importance. The biggest issue that people have with taking advantage of the benefits of the fasted walks is the simple adherence issue. or reversing the effects of having foregone responsibility with regards to body composition while gaining weight. in my experience I have yet to encounter someone who truly has NO concern with that his or her body looks like. or serve as a consultant to. Now. particularly the positive effects that this action has on controlling or reducing bodyfat (dependent largely on the diet used). Deadlift) are seen as being intended to “assist” in increasing performance in said movements. or dropping bodyfat. There are no such things as “assistance” movements in my book. and overall health.Body Habit #1: The Daily Workout So this one may sound a bit overly simplified. Regardless of your intended outcome. otherwise why do it at all? This “assistance” concept is a carryover from the powerlifting world. and build muscle without becoming a fat mess in the process. Both of these examples represent daily workouts that are performed regardless of the day of the week. where movements outside of the three competitive lifts (Squat. you are going to have to put in the work. a large percentage of the consulting and coaching work that I do with clients is centered around helping them grow. right? I mean here is something that can and will help you. consistency is key. Lame. I’ve often written about the benefits of walking for 30-45 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach. coach. motivation. that if you hit the fasted walking hard on ALL NON-LIFTING DAYS. yet you neglect it. Each movement plays a major role. and what I call the “Villain Challenge #1 burpee progression”. train. or worse. namely making you hungry as hell all day long. but the fact of the matter is that if you want to change your body for the better.

Build the habit of training daily and you will dramatically speed up the process of building the body that you desire. as well as the lesser. Whether it’s a walk. and the entire bigpicture improves as a result. both of the conditioning/cardio variety. ©2013 Villain Publishing 6 . whatever it is. a weight session. I can assure you that approaching each day as a training day whether you hit the weights that day or not will eliminate the problem of missing workouts.As you will see with each habit that you create. Every day is a training day. but still often neglected strength training type. a chin ladder. momentum is built.

Drink a protein shake shortly before going to bed. All of the habits presented in this book. but had built the necessary momentum to overhaul her entire situation and get back on track.Body Habit #2: The Protein Shake Sandwich This one I addressed in a case study with one of my former consultation clients in my book “Drop the Panties: The Greyskull Guide to a Better Body”. The client was a female who had given birth to her first child and had fallen off the wagon so to say with diet and training. and any productive habit for that matter. and inside of four weeks she had not only adhered to the task with one hundred percent consistency. For instance. This one is extremely simple. This one is a bit more universal. will help you build the momentum necessary to begin moving forward with your diet in a bigger way. It’s amazing how much more success you will have with a diet if you use this layer building approach as opposed to the yo-yo diet inducing overhauls that we have all tried at one point or another. I assigned her one simple habit. 7 . That’s it. someone looking to add strength and mass might construct a shake similar to the mass gain shakes outlined in my book “SWOLE: The Greyskull Growth Principles”. inspire. Then. but doing it day in. She had been in possession of a seriously awesome body prior to getting pregnant. The only variance here would be the serving size. My focus in building diets for clients always centers around establishing good habits first. while someone else (like the client mentioned above) might opt for a simple Whey protein in water shake. day out will definitely help you accomplish whatever your physique goal is and. will have a spillover effect. sans carbs and or fats. The habit was: Drink a protein shake first thing in the morning. helping to motivate. more importantly. as my recommendations for shakes before bed are always protein only. the result of a solid diet and training regimen. The shake’s contents can vary depending on what your objective is. The demands of a newborn coupled with the toll that the pregnancy had taken on her body placed her in a mental position that was not very conducive to being where she wanted to be body wise. or in other ways further you on your quest to your big picture targets. not going in and telling them what they can’t do.

This heading also includes personal relationships of all sorts. ©2013 Villain Publishing 8 . your friends. your friendly dry cleaner. but is not limited to. your cigar guy.The Relationships Habits The relationship heading includes. etc. your family members. intimate relationships.

Relationship Habit #1: Talk to Strangers Human beings are the most valuable resource at your disposal. Talk to strangers. 9 . The more lines of communication that you open up. In order to make this happen. Of course there will be days where you don’t feel like talking to people much. The habit to create here is simple. and talk to as many strangers as possible. the more you find doors opening to you that previously were closed or that you didn’t even know existed. you should make it a point to introduce yourself and converse with at least one new person per day. Cultivating and continually developing strong relationships with other humans will go a long way towards advancing you in any pursuit. enjoying a meal (more often than not comped). and learn and grow as a result of their wisdom and gifts of knowledge and/or love is greatly predicated on the number of people with whom you have relationships with. and chatting with the staff. or something along those lines. Make it a point to proactively strike up conversation with people from all walks of life with whom you make contact throughout your day. There are of course the chance encounters where someone who provides continual enrichment to your life strolls up and introduces himself or herself. we need to shed the wisdom bestowed to us by our parents and teachers in early life. but more often than not such an introduction is going to require some action on your part. or influence of others in my network. I can say without equivocation that the overwhelming majority of the accomplishments that I have made over the past several years would not have been possible had I not been able to enlist the help. Your ability to leverage your contacts (other humans) in order to accomplish the things that you need to accomplish. and your ability to enjoy the company of others. People who spend time with me often comment about the extensiveness of my network. and that is ok. and the more quality relationships that you cultivate. but assuming that you leave your house on any given day. saying things like: “You know everybody” These comments are normally made as I am smoking a cigar in the kitchen of an upscale restaurant during business hours.

Don’t be the guy or girl (I have a few of these) who only contacts people when you need something from them.Relationship Habit #2: In the words of Dalton from Road House. People get busy. A simple act of kindness is all that it takes to change someone’s entire day. Make sure that your friends hear from you regularly. a few nice words to a store or restaurant owner who provides you with excellent service. I don’t doubt that there are several people in your life. “Be Nice”. even an email sent to someone who you haven’t been in contact with recently. This can be in the form of flowers or even a simple note or card left for or sent to a significant other. don’t shutter yourself behind the “the phone works two ways” excuse and not be the one to make contact after a long silence. select one person that you know. What does matter is that you are making a conscious effort on a daily basis to let the people with whom you are close know that they are in your thoughts and appreciated. and make a nice gesture towards them in some way. but who you are thinking about. Do one genuinely nice thing each and every day for someone with whom you have a relationship. This one is a fun one. thoughtful interaction with others that they crave. The universe will reward you to a much greater degree than your investment of time and effort. When it becomes habit to enrich the lives of others regularly. Make the effort to provide the kind of genuine. Become the one who affects others in this positive manner on a daily basis. and relationships and other aspects of life get pushed to the back burner sometimes. ©2013 Villain Publishing 10 . Human beings thrive on appreciation and significance to others. If you care about the person. A wise man once told me that a relationship is like a muscle in that it grows stronger when you work it. you will find that the gifts you receive are tremendous and will wonder why more people don’t live in this manner. What I’m asking of you is to be the one tending the stove. This can be a thoughtful gift for a good friend. Each day. No one wants to talk to that person whose name on their caller ID produces a: “What the hell do they need?” type of reaction. I’m sure you can relate. or in the periphery who you know you do not show your appreciation to regularly enough. whether in your inner circle. The form that it takes does not matter. and may be lacking.

This is one of the things that I often discuss with my coaching and consultation clients. I am including two habits in this section that are designed to be as generally applicable as possible. and also to provide examples that hopefully inspire the creation and development of additional habits more appropriate to the reader’s individual situation. productivity. 11 . etc.The Professional Life Habits Since profession is such a broad topic. Obviously within each individual profession there are specific habits that can be created to promote better performance. These two are designed to be helpful to anyone. and readers no doubt represent a wide variety of professions.

and the overall effectiveness of the tool in my experience. Schwab contacted Lee and paid him twenty-five thousand dollars (a massive sum in that time period) for his services. then no payment was required. Every single person reading this should begin to apply this habit today. which needed to be completed the following day. then Schwab could pay Lee whatever he thought his services had been worth. would they move on to item number two. He instructed the execs to spend five minutes each night writing six tasks on a piece of paper. Lee’s method was simple. Within the three-month window.Professional Life Habit #1: The Sacred Six This is one of the single best habits that I have ever used in my own life. When the day began. I first became aware of this story about seven or eight years ago. Lee told Schwab that he could increase efficiency and productivity in his organization significantly if he was allowed fifteen minutes with each of Schwab’s top executives. The simplicity is utterly ridiculous. The physical acts of reviewing the list and checking off items as you go enhance both the habit formation process. Roughly a century ago. a massive company in its day. and then in half again. ©2013 Villain Publishing 12 . Once the first item was complete. and place it in your back pocket the night before. If he was satisfied. and had passed the idea down to the people that they managed. When the company began to experience some rocky times. If after three months he was not satisfied. but the results are nothing short of extraordinary when the idea is put into practice. then. He added that he would do the job for free. without allowing distractions. One of the men he spoke with was a man named Ivy Lee. and then spend five minutes preparing the next day’s list. The overall efficiency and productivity of the organization skyrocketed as a result. he sought the advice of several experts in an effort to increase productivity and efficiency in all departments. Personally I think the best way of doing this (for reasons to be discussed in Blueprint to Beast) is to make the list by hand on a sheet of paper (as opposed to in smart phone note or something similar). a man named Charles Schwab was in control of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. they were to work on the first item on the list until it was complete. They would continue this process until all of the items on the list were completed. Fold the paper in half. allowing Schwab to judge the effectiveness of his methods for three months. This concept is extraordinarily simple. all of Schwab’s top people had implemented this habit. and only then.

From that point on. I walked to the front of the class where she was sitting. I have my mother to thank for getting me into books at a very young age. as parents ever so annoyingly do. She would read to me on all of the topics that I was interested in. touting my intellect with heavy exaggeration (is there anything more annoying than this. and thought that the teacher read to us at a painfully slow pace. I raised my hand out of frustration. “John can read!” She replied. I was getting antsy. I was reading full books (“chapter books” as I then called them) before I started Kindergarten. Then one day when the teacher asked if anyone wanted to try to read a few words of our “Weekly Reader” to the class. The teacher and teacher’s aide bombarded my mother when she arrived to pick me up shouting. lifelong love affair with the printed word. two books per week. or that she was simply. See I wanted to get through this part so that we could play with the trucks sooner. on average. For the first few months of Kindergarten I kept my hand down and my mouth closed during story time. saying. as well as the usual childhood stories. and though I was a gifted child. and was tasked with helping the others learn to read as well. This practice (a habit) has been responsible for the bulk of the knowledge that I have gained on all of the subjects that I teach and write about.” They had brushed her off during the conferences. “I know. For pretty much my entire adult life I have read. and proceeded to read aloud the entire story to the class. really?). 13 . I have my mom to thank for getting me started on a great. I told you this. Looking back it was awesome that I was able to do this.Professional Life Habit #2: Reading is FUNdamental I vividly remember getting my first library card at the age of three. unphased. I read to the kids each day. took the magazine. thinking that I had maybe mastered a few words like CAT or DOG.

I cannot imagine a life without books. reading materials germane to your given profession will help you expand your knowledge and make your self more valuable to your market place. at the root of it all. wherever. These are great for in the car. aiming for a fifty/fifty split of educational materials. Whenever. Additionally. and always will be. many people rarely if ever read once they reach adulthood.Reading always was. ©2013 Villain Publishing 14 . You need not complete two. and regularly top off my iPod with new titles. and reading for enjoyment. but it troubles me to think that I am not the norm when it comes to this subject. For example. or in good old hardcopy form. Simply read some form of printed word. you choose to make it happen. Your life will improve greatly as a result. Everyday. Sadly. This I promise you. if you have a lengthy commute on public transportation. In order to get ahead in your professional life. that time would be well used reading a book on your iBooks or Kindle App. or even one whole book per week (though one book is an excellent target). I encourage that this habit be anchored to a certain time of the day so that continuity is much simpler. read. Additionally. Creativity is a valuable attribute in any profession. I am a huge fan of audio books. I highly recommend adopting a habit of daily reading. reading fiction for enjoyment increases your creativity (as well as reading’s inherent power for increasing your vocabulary) significantly. Obviously.

I’ve been dead broke. I’ll pick wealthy every time. but seriously. We’ve also heard things like.The Finance Habits “Money makes the world go ‘round”. having spent more than my fair share of time at or well below the poverty level. Adopt the habits of the rich. I am here to tell you. Learn to do this now. 15 . that it is in fact possible to be happy without money. I prefer a statement made famous by author/speaker. regardless of your current situation. dirt poor. Randy Gage. and wealthy. “Money doesn’t buy happiness”. and begin laying the bricks to build yourself a much more comfortable and rewarding life. or “More money more problems”. We’ve all heard this at some point in our lives. and you will see dramatic results in terms of your own financial situation. “Money lubricates life”. who the hell would want to do that.

Certainly it was no small sum. and three ones back as change. separate from your other bills. or at the end of the day. Once you have a hundred banded. which I had not missed by sticking them away. I was able to start a bit of a “rainy day” fund despite a very low income at the time. banding them once I reached a hundred. When given the estimate on the repairs I immediately thought of my ones. I was able to pay the full cost of the unexpected bill with my ones. For most. especially since that represented more than a week’s income for me at the time. when much more of my transactions were in cash. What I do. I had been in the habit of sticking all of my ones in an empty cologne can on my desk. Nowadays I invest my ones in silver bullion (more on this in the next habit). or a pack of gum. or fold them and place them in your wallet. What I found however was that I had almost one hundred in the can. All of them. and knowing that I had a few hundred stashed.Finance Habit #1: Stack those Ones This is a habit that I started over a decade ago while I was in the Army. you can put the stack of bills in a drawer. This is a habit that many of us have carried from our youth. but you can still find me stashing them away each day at the end of the day. Many people are in the habit of saving their change (coins) in a jar or “piggy bank”. Get yourself a handful of one-dollar bill bands from the bank to use to band your ones up once you have one hundred dollars worth. and then throwing the banded ones in a money bag that I kept in my file cabinet. deposit them in a savings account. and get a five. and making the silver store runs every so often to turn my easily saved ones into an asset. ©2013 Villain Publishing 16 . which we were excited to deposit found coins in. and over twelve hundred in the bag! (At most I would have guessed that I had five in there). ten. is take that idea a bit further. and what I am encouraging you to get in the habit of. I remember one particular instance where I needed some repairs on my truck that totaled about seven hundred dollars. figured I’d be able to make a pretty good dent in the fee by retrieving them from the drawer. When you arrive home. I accumulated quite a stash of ones in this manner. and save all one dollar bills that you receive (or whatever the equivalent currency is in your country). create the ritual of depositing the bills into a jar or can. the first lessons received regarding saving money involved a simple bank. and still had about five or six hundred left. Several years ago. If you break a five. or use them to purchase precious metals or another investment vehicle. or twenty dollar bill buying a drink. immediately deposit the ones in a pocket.

17 . “At the end of the week I don’t have anything left to invest”. Empty your pockets and put any ones in a safe place. and you will soon escape the ranks of those who say.Start this one now. Do this absolutely every time you receive a one-dollar bill.

which is a crucial step in “Wealth 101”. you can still apply this idea with your post-tax dollars. and then pays estimated quarterly taxes. even if you are only paying out a small percentage. including bills and other expenses. Now I know what some of you will say. and the economic. yet liquid. it is entirely possible to apply this in the truest sense. “I don’t have enough money left over to invest after my bills/debts are paid” or ©2013 Villain Publishing 18 . For those with a nine to five. who have taxes withheld from their pay. they are able to be written off and are not taxed as income. The additional benefit to the entrepreneur is that if the pretax dollars paid to yourself are re-invested in assets for the business (or personal assets if you are crafty. In those situations however. this one is impossible to do in the purest sense since the government takes their piece of your income first. will continue to be so for at least the next six or seven years). The simple idea is to save money (pay yourself) before spending money on anything else. you will begin to accumulate money that you can use to invest in assets to increase your income without increasing your workload. Talk about a win/win. It’s recently dropped a few dollars per ounce. and represents a strong. My recommended investment at press time is physical silver. and socioeconomic factors that control the prices. Physical silver is easy to purchase at any coin dealer. but the primary trend is still upward (and due to increasing demand and decreasing supply. For the entrepreneur. convert to cash. asset that can be bought with a starting investment of around twenty-five dollars at present time. “The Richest Man in Babylon”. I recommend educating yourself on precious metals. who receives his or her pay. and understand tax laws).Finance Habit #2: Pay Yourself First! This one is straight of George Clason’s famous work on personal finance. or otherwise partition before anything else is done with your income. The key to using this principle is to establish a fixed percent that you transfer (manually or automatically). Once you establish this habit. or pays a lump to the government at the end of the year.

19 . I’m going to start putting this one into action” I urge you to change that way of thinking and adopt this principle now. This promotes creativity. and you will never perceive to have enough income to give any up for such non-essential purchases as long term assets (all intended sarcasm present). I teach my clients to set a percentage to invest. which is covered in “Blueprint to Beast”. Pay yourself first. education. you will already have the habits necessary to expand your wealth and close in on the ever-present target of financial freedom. and will always represent a formula for building wealth. and begin to adopt the habits of the wealthy now. As soon as I do X and can make some more money. which they do prior to paying any bills. which is the “C” component of my “CASH” acronym.“This sounds awesome. they are forced to become creative with regards to finding ways to increase their income to pay the necessary expenses. I can assure you that the time will never be right. they are still workable habits. As your creativity. This is non-negotiable. If income is short. if they come up short at the end of the week/month. Though they may be on a much smaller scale. and income increase. At that point. invest in yourself.

and each of us has a responsibility to do so. Once the mission statement is complete. These are meant only as examples. Mission is simply the purpose of your life. I will of course think that they are excellent habits to adopt for anyone. Since they are linked to my own personal mission. or are in a period of confusion. small actions that you can perform consistently to move you in the direction of accomplishing your mission.The Mission Habits Mission is the Blueprint to Beast heading that will vary the most from person to person. explanation of your intentions for the rest of your life. and determine which habits you would like to create for yourself in the mission department based on what you come up with. This document should present a clear. What do you want to contribute to society or the world? How do you wish to be remembered when you are no longer here? Each of us has gifts to give to this world through our actions in life. if you are working to prepare said statement. The two habits that I will present are two of my personal mission habits. In the meantime. it is possible to reverse engineer habits. I do however encourage you to prepare your own personal mission statement. One exercise that I have my clients do is to complete a formal mission statement like a company would. ©2013 Villain Publishing 20 . concise. it certainly would not hurt you to adopt the two examples that I present here.

Those who demonstrated that they were ambitious and sought to better their situation were automatically OK in his book. recalls spending an entire winter in his employ doing nothing but hauling loads of firewood to families in the city and delivering them. who is my hero. He would do whatever he could to help. who purchases my products and/or services are responsible for a significant percentage of my yearly income. He regularly donated large sums to schools. You. with tremendous result. by their door. and over the net via email or on my Internet forum. He instructed my uncle to not accept any gratuity from anyone. and seek to get over on their fellow man at every possible juncture. which is similar to the relationship habit of doing one nice thing per day for someone who you are close to. It sickens me the way that some who have become very wealthy as a result of producing products purchased by people like you act when asked simple questions online. and I never forget who makes these things possible. and the single most influential person in my life is remembered by many in the city of Chester. This is why so many comment on my approachability. People in today’s society do not frequently display this type of generosity. This is not always financial. The habit that I have adopted. stacked neatly. and other media. This did not however stop these thankful people from showering him with homemade cakes. For me. this habit has extended into my professional life as well. One of my uncles. is nothing short of amazing. and non-condescending demeanor both in person. as well as coaching and consulting. PA as an extremely benevolent individual (despite others who will speak of his volatility and propensity for violence). The money for these gifts came from my PopPop’s pocket. sometimes it can be as simple as helping an elderly woman bag and carry her groceries at the supermarket. which he was always all to willing to receive. bought coats for people living on the street (who he had never met). More and more people suffer from a ridiculous sense of entitlement. or helping a struggling mother broken down on the side of the road. A great portion of my grandfather’s legacy has been cemented by his saint-like generosity and compassion for those who were good people. pies. The lifestyle that I am able to lead as a result of providing value in the form of books. is to commit a truly benevolent act of kindness for someone who I am able to help each day. and other signs of appreciation. with turkeys meant for distribution to those less fortunate. cookies. I am truly grateful for all of the blessings that have been bestowed on me in this life.JP’s Mission Habit #1: Give Back My Grandfather. his youngest son. How someone can 21 . At the holidays he was known for filling one of his dump trucks that he owned as part of his plumbing and heating business. but not as fortunate as others. the reader. nor would he allow him to accept any pay. and sent chords of wood to families and elderly community members when the temperatures dropped.

looking to get over on someone at every possible moment. and professional life aspects of your life. I don’t care whether you are a religious person or not. I’ve found that the more generous I have become. and you will be rewarded in immense proportions form the universe. relationship. as well as in the sheer intrinsic value that you create for yourself with each truly generous deed. and the more my success has flourished. Do this each day. the more my own life has so ungrateful to their fans and followers is something that I simply will never understand. ©2013 Villain Publishing 22 . the simple fact exists that good deed do not go unnoticed. Commit to providing value in any capacity to at least one total stranger each and every day. This occurs both in the finance. Don’t be a leech on society. Look to help others whenever it is in your power to do so.

I’ve helped paint walls. I believe that this nation still has within it plenty of strong people like the pioneers of business in America. at various restaurants and businesses in my community. you as a consumer aid in the progression or destruction of their business by reviewing their business. Each day you cast votes for businesses in your community by choosing. I mentioned in one of the earlier habits that I often eat for free. patronize them. As the owner of several businesses. This is due to the kind of generous support that I am known for showing to businesses that I feel provide a great deal of value to their customers. my proactive attitude with regards to getting others to visit and enjoy their goods and services. the “go to school. indeed. I understand what it is like to embrace risk. and re-pave parking lots. patronizing. generous tips. you have no shortage of people around you at all times letting you know just how risky being in business for yourself can be. Whether it’s a neighborhood sandwich shop that has been in place since the 1920’s or a small take out place that just opened up last week. visiting. most importantly. now. As a business owner. I’m a patriot at heart.JP’s Mission Habit #2: Stimulate Your Local Economy I believe strongly in helping those in my community. and. These are the same people who have whole-heartedly embraced the notion that spending a small fortune on a conventional education. and the negative outlook held by many. and take on the task of building a business despite the current economic climate in America. This is all in addition to the most valuable service that I can provide to the business owner. What these people seem to forget is that all of the major companies that they would love to be employed by were at one time. For me. small business is an American tradition. or printed somewhere. and seeking a well-paying job is the way to go. or enjoy other special privileges at various places in my community. Additionally. my frequent patronage. founded by someone. helped to clean carpets. and in all other ways helping out the local businessperson in my neighborhood is something that I do on a daily basis. or choosing not to. As many in my circle have illustrated. helped with repairs and plumbing nightmares. in the information age. 23 . and get a job” mentality can be far riskier than venturing out and attempting to build something on your own. The public would be the judge of whether or not a business was to make it. either by word of mouth. and a die-hard capitalist. and one that I am proud to say that I support. Our nation was built on the idea that anyone could pursue their dream in a free market economy.

Try adopting this habit. You’ll feel great about doing your part to stimulate your local economy. and I promise you that your support will not go unnoticed. ©2013 Villain Publishing 24 .

com or by way of my question and answer forum at strengthvillain. As always feel free to shoot me any questions via email at: john@villainintl. and I hope to hear from you all soon. and use the twenty-one day rule mentioned in the introduction to begin the process of installing this new “software”. without a doubt.Conclusion So now you have been presented with ten habits that I wish you all success beyond anything that you can imagine. -Johnny Pain 25 . I highly encourage that you select several of these habits. get you on your way to living a more successful life should you choose to adopt them.

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