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59 Convo

59 Convo

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convo iit kgp
convo iit kgp

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Published by: Amanpreet Singh Arora on Jul 10, 2013
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No. IIT/Acad/59th Convocation/2013 NOTIFICATION Sub : Fifty Ninth Annual Convocation The Fifty Ninth Annual Convocation of the Institute will be held on Saturday the 27th July 2013. All students graduating in the session 2012 – 2013 are eligible to be awarded the degrees at the Convocation either in person or in absentia. For Award of Degree in Person: + 1. Register in the Exhibition Hall (Ground Floor of Main Building) during 9.30 am and 12.30 p.m. on July 26, 2013 and produce the receipt of the amount paid. 2. Collect the Convocation Scarf from Exhibition Hall. 3. Attend a full-scale rehearsal of the Convocation on July 26, 2013 Netaji Auditorium. at 3.30 p.m. in the Date 20th June , 2013

4. Follow the guidelines ( to be circulated to you on July 26, 2013) for the Convocation on 27th July, 2013. 5. Follow the dress code given below for both the rehearsal and the actual Convocation: a) For Boys: Light colour plain full-sleeve shirt (no printed design) dark colour plain trouser (no printed design) and shoes with socks b) For Girls: Light colour plain sari or light colour plain Salwar Kurta (no printed design) with scarf and ladies shoes. 6. Registration for participation, attendance in the rehearsal, and the dress code are mandatory, failing which no recipient will be permitted to attend the Convocation.


Sd/REGISTRAR | They are requested to notify in all possible manner the above matter among all passing out final year UG/PG and Research students.

Copy to: 1. All Heads of the Deptts/Centres /Schools 2. All Wardens, Halls of Residences

Security Officer 7. Chairman. Technology Student’s Gymkhana 4. MBA.Tech. Secretary.).Tech.(Hons.. ERP 5. Copy also forwarded for information to: 1. Secretary to the Director 12.Arch. Training & Placement 3.-2- 3. All Deputy Registrars 8. All Students/Scholars who will be eligible for B. All Assistant Registrars 9. MS and Ph. Registrar’s Office .Sc (2-year). M. Professor in-charge. MMST. President. Deputy Registrar (F&A) 4. MCP. MHRM. Librarian 6.D. Conveners of Convocation Sub-Committees 10. Engineer.). Dual Degree.Sc. M. Secretary. Deputy Director’s Office 13.year) M.(Hons. Degrees in the Session 2012-2013 (through ERP/website). (5. Technology Telecom Centre 11. LLB. B. All Deans 2.

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