Grammar: Read each sentence then Circle the correct

1- Everyday, the students ( go , goes, goed ) to school.

2- Yesterday, the boy ( goed, goes, went ) to school.

3- The girl ( plays, play, playes) with her doll.

4- My parents ( watch, watches, watchs) the T.V. ( watch)

5- Salma ( watch, watches, watchs ) the T.V.

6- Yesterday, Ahmad ( goed, went, goes) to the club.

7- The cat ( catch, catches, catchs ) the mouse.

8- I ( wish, wishes, wishs ) you a nice day.

9- He ( wishes, wish, wishs ) us a nice day.

10-The man ( cross, crosses ) the street.

11-The children ( crosses, cross ) the street.

12-I ( catches, catch, catchs ) the ball.

they ( grade 1.My grand parents -------------.a lot of homeworks.3 puppies. 6. 8. 1.The students ------------. were. the garden. 4.a very nice book.I --------------. Grammar: Use verb “ to Be” or “ to Have” to complete each sentence. do. .The students -------------. 7. 9. 3- The cars ----------. are ) at school. am ) a clever student.The dog -------------.on the mat.I ---------.The cat ------------. I ( doed. 2.13-He ( are. 14-Yesterday. did ) my homework home. the street. 15-Last night.The boys ------------.

at school.a lot of toys.a nice day. 20-Our school -----------. 11-She -----------. 15-You ---------.a big playground. Vocabulary Put each word in the correct place. 16-You ---------.a new book.a new car.closed.a smart child. 19-The door -------------. 18-He 13-My father -------------. 17-He ----------. 12-What time -----------.10. 14-It -----------.They his room.a sister. Pull – author – help – ride – many – explore – device – prevent – function – stable .

The ----------------------. 10-Geologists ------------------------------.means to grab something towards you.You can to give a hand to someone.1.anymore because its battery is low.The ----------------------------------------------. 5. a synonym of the word tool.We must use sun block to the person who writes the story.My toy car doesn’t ---------------------------.means a lot of things. 9.To --------------------.--------------------------------. 4. 6.the desert to learn more about it.sun burn. 3. 2.The word --------------------------.a bike but you can drive a car. 8. .To where the horses are.

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