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After World War I, the modern world became more closely tied together than ever before.

global trade and finance, sounds from radios and images from movies and magazines helped knit a modern global culture.

Workers upset with employers Many strikes, One Big Union formed Many felt union organizers were Socialist or Communist conspirators trying to overthrow government May 1919 the Winnipeg General Strike paralyzed the city – the government intervened and Mounties charged the protestors Bloody Saturday: 1 death, 30 injured, arrests

Maritime Rights Movement Farmers from Prairies form own political parties Mackenzie King wins 1921 election (Liberals)

Introduce Old Age Pension Act in 1927 > beginning of social services

1922 Chanak Crisis: King refuses to support Britain when it invades Turkey 1923 insists Canada signs international treaty without British representative 1926 King-Byng Crisis:
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King asks GG Byng to call an election to avoid having to resign Byng refuses (only time a GG has acted against wishes of PM) King says this is undemocratic, wins the election

1926 Balfour Report:

Dominions of the British empire request formal autonomy Balour Report recommends self-government

1931 Statute of Westminter:
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Recommendations become law, Canada becomes a country equal to Britain able to make own laws BUT, constitution (BNA Act) remain in Britain