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1) Goodreads recommendation: 2) Book #5 on TBR: dragon seed (pearl s buck) 3) 3rd recommendation shelf: queen lucia (classics) 4) Recommendation

from Users: 5) Popular this month: 6) Author Interview: night circus (erin morgenstein) 7) Good Minds Suggest: the name of the rose (carlos ruiz zafon) 8) Debut Author Snapshot: 9) My Author Quote: “Reality continues to ruin my life.” ― Bill Watterson, 10) Popular Genre: ender’s game (fiction) 11) Listopia: sidhartha books_That_Everyone_Should_Read_At_Least_Once (76)

12) Goodreads Choice Awards: dance of dragons (best fantasy) 13) Giveaway: Who shot the sheriff (crime)

14) Tags: garden of the moon (best epic fantasy) 15) Highest rated on TBR: all things wise and wonderful