NURSE COCO (Concerned) Hey, Hey, Hey, buddy, you can’t be pulling on those tubes… DENVER (kind of scared

) I don’t like these needles in me, they hurt! Are you the doctor? NURSE COCO (Laughs a little) No, No, No, honey, I am Nurse Coco. DENVER (Confused) Nurse Co…Co?? NURSE COCO (Smiling) Yeah Buddy! Just like the hot chocolate drink? Co Co? Get it? DENVER (Serious look) I like hot chocolate, do you have some? NURSE COCO (Nurse tone) Weeeellllll, let’s wait and see how your sugars are first, ok? Do you know what it means when you have diabetes? DENVER (confused) No….

NURSE COCO (Smiling) It means you have too much sugar in your blood, so, that makes you sweet.

DENVER (Looks at arm scared) Nurse Coco….? NURSE COCO (working away) Yes buddy? DENVER (wincing) These needles really do hurt.

NURSE COCO (concerned) Honey, you were asleep when they put them in, and once they’re in, they don’t hurt anymore, you’re pullin’ my leg.

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