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Understanding Women's Issues

Despite the plethora of provisions and advancement made, women living in modern India are confronted with issues of discrimination, subjugation, oppression and denials. Crimes against women today have assumed the proportion of an epidemic. It is pertinent that we analyze the social realities from womans vantage point. The anthology reflects various aspects of womens lives, the discriminatory practices, subjugation, oppressions they are subjected to and their struggles against the patriarchal terrorism.. It is strongly felt that understanding womens lives, experiences of oppression , from a feminist standpoint produces more complete and less distorted knowledge than that produced by men. This is what Womens Studies is all about. The book also seeks to address the Muslim womens issues, Sharia and the Islamic Feminism. Shahida, has tried to provide the epistemology of the oppressed as it gives a different view on hegemonic reality. The anthology could serve as reference material for all the students of gender studies.

Shahida Murtaza (Ed.)

Shahida Murtaza Dr.Shahida is a faculty in the department of women education at Maulana Azad National Urdu University,Hyderabad,India.She has been actively involved in empirical research on women for the past one and half decades and has been contributing her scholarship at various national and international fora.She has to her credit several articles and a book.

Understanding Women's Issues-a Feminist Standpoint

Murtaza (Ed.)