AN Egyptian Pentagram Ritual The Egyptian Qabalisitic Cross Face East, Visualize the Ball of Light above your

head. Reach up and touch the Light with your right index finger and draw it down to your forehead and Say: Entek Pau (en-tek pow) means Thou art He who is. Touch the breast and say: Ta Sutenit (tah su-ten-it) means The Kingdom. Touch the right shoulder and say: Ta Sakhem (tah sahk-hem) means the Divine Power. Touch the Left shoulder and say: ta Taui en Hah (tah tow-ee en hah) means the World,Forever. then say: Nedj Her (ned-j her) means Homage to Thee. The Egyptian Pentagrams Face east,trace a large banishing pentagram vibrate "Nud-jeru Yebeta" (nud-jeh-ru yeh-beh-tah means Gods of the East) as you trace it. Touch the center of the pentagram and vibrate : "NEF" means Air. Face south: trace another banishing pentagram while vibrating: Nudjeru Resu (nud-jeh-ru reh-su means Gods of the South). Touch center and vibrate "ASH" means Fire. FAce west: trace another banishing pentgram as you vibrate " Nudjeru Amenta" (nud-jeh-ru ah-men-tah means Gods of the West). Touch the center and vibrate "MU" means water. Face north. trace another banishing pentagram while vibrating "Nudjeru Mehta" (nud-jeh-ru meh-tah means Gods of the North). touch the center and vibrate "TA"means earth. Egyptian Invocation Facing east, hold arms out in a Tau Cross as usual and say: Before me HATHOOR, the MOther of Light. Behind me, TOUM of the setting sun. On my right hand, SAKHMET, mighty Lady of Flame. On my left hand, HAPI-WER, the bull of earth. For about me flames SEHEDJ(a heaven of stars), And above me shines TAU NUDJER (the star of God). End with Egyptian Qabalistic Cross