Kukishinden Ryu Biken Jutsu body while keeping the sword¡¯s movement to a minimum, without trying to imitate the

movements with just your arms and hands. This is something that is true for the Kenpo (swo rd methods) of every Ry?-ha.¡± Quote from Manaka Unsui ¡°As I have mentioned previously, in Kukishinden Ry? Biken something called Kasumi n o Ho (¡°The Principle of Haze¡±) is taught. This is an attitude for those who are learning the s word. Essentially, it is to use one¡¯s strength only when necessary, and at other times to remain compl etely relaxed. The body should be just like a willow tree blown by the wind, and it is importan t to tire opponents out by using kyojitsu (deception) to confuse them. In summation if you train to first defeat your opponent¡¯s spirit, next to defeat his technique, then to defeat his body, all three in rapid succession, then however many enemies you face and hours you fight, even if the opponent becomes tired you will not exhaust yourself. It is vital to train hard with the above in mind. The techniques I will list next cannot be explained in writing, so I will only descr ibe the important points of each.¡± Quote from Manaka Unsui

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