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Roosevelt Institute Constitution_1

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Published by: Ryan Haas on Jul 11, 2013
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Constitution of the

Composed March 2010 By The General Membership of the Roosevelt Institute
Approved by consensus on April 1, 2010. Amended February 3, 2011

Section 1. The title of the organization is The American University Roosevelt Institute. This chapter of the Roosevelt Institute is located at American University in Washington, DC.

Section 1. The Roosevelt Institute is a student policy organization that engages new generations in a unique form of progressive activism that empowers young people as leaders and promotes their ideas for change. ARTICLE III LAWS Section 1. This chapter may enact rules and regulations for organizational operations providing such rules and regulations are consistent with the Constitution of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, the bylaws of the American University Club Council, and these


with mutual trust and respect. Section 3. Section 5. with the exception of circumstances described herein. Public Relations Director. unless the candidate wishes to resign from a candidacy. The elections will be held in a “drop down” format. proposals. Any candidate who. Only student members of this organization are eligible to vote. allowing for general decisions to be made by consensus. Section 3. as well as the date. Candidates for elections are eligible to run for no more than two positions. is unsuccessful in their respective bid will then be eligible to continue running for their intended second position. ARTICLE IV VOTING & ELECTIONS Section 1. Vice-President. The voting procedure governing the structure of the organization is simple majority voting. When the Bylaws are to be amended or proposed to be amended there must be one week’s prior notice to general membership including the text of the bill. date and place. Section 4. Upon a candidate’s election to an office of the American University’s chapter of the Roosevelt Institute.Bylaws. Outreach Director. Treasurer. Secretary. Officials elected will take office on the last day of classes. The election season including speeches and candidates releasing their platform begins March 1st and elections must be held by April 1st. explicit candidacy for both positions must still be announced the week before elections and may not be subject to change on the day of elections. after the first round of elections. this document shall be interpreted with the sense that the organization’s membership shares a common purpose. Section 6. any concurrent candidacy for a second Executive Board position must be immediately withdrawn. The general membership must be given at least one (1) week’s notice of the election time. All candidates for office must release a brief summary of their platform to the general membership at least a week before the election. These positions include President. Section 2. In order to have concurrent campaigns for office. and a Policy Center Chair of the candidates’ choosing (with the exception of concurrent candidacy for the offices of President and Vice President). While it is necessary to devise formal decision-making procedures. as well as the list of candidates. The incumbent and the newly elected officials should share information including memos and shadowing must occur 2 . Section 2. or which arise and are determined to require consensus voting procedures. These Bylaws may be amended by a vote of the chapter membership after proposed amendments are read at a general membership meeting prior to the general meeting intended to facilitate the vote. starting with the most senior Executive Board positions and immediately proceeds with the announcement of the winner for each office until all have been filled for next year.

advisory and faculty members. at times. at times. A. are not eligible to vote or hold elected office in the organization. at times. community activists. advisory members. Section 3. Section 2. A voting membership constitutes those who are registered on the Roosevelt Institute at AU blog. C. affiliated. Honorary members include those alumni. 3 . faculty and staff of American University. This chapter supports five (5) general classes of membership: student. and its activities determined eligible by the membership of the American Roosevelt Institute for a grant of temporary. et cetera that receive and accept invitation to provide advisory services to the organization as necessary. ARTICLE V MEMBERSHIP Section 1. while welcome to participation. consultants and other honorary members as this organization may receive into membership. Alumni. alumni. coincide with advisory or honorary membership as dictated by individual circumstance. with the understanding that this membership may contain certain restrictions upon participation. advisory and honorary members. These members are on the listserv but are not registered on the blog. together with such faculty. other prominent individuals. coincide with alumni or advisory membership as dictated by individual circumstance. E. with the understanding that this membership may contain restrictions upon participation and may. Affiliated members include any student properly registered for and actively pursuing an undergraduate. advisory and honorary. local or other businessmen. Student members are those members properly and regularly enrolled for and actively pursuing an undergraduate. graduate. permanent. or any other degree or degree combination from American University. or lifetime membership in the organization. its goals. advisors. D. This organization consists of student members.between the election and the transition at the last day of classes. Alumni members are those former student and affiliated members who wish to continue their involvement with the American University Roosevelt Institute upon their completion of work at American University. with the exception of alumni. a. affiliated. Advisory members are those administrators. or any other degree or degree combination from American University who have fulfilled all membership requirements and/or fees adopted by the American University Roosevelt Institute in accordance with University policy. with the understanding that this membership may contain certain restrictions upon participation and may. No member shall be discriminated against by having the right to vote or hold office denied or abridged. coincide with alumni or honorary membership as dictated by individual circumstance. B. and may. and those individuals who will better the club. professionals. graduate. affiliated members and former students of American University.

as well as local and federal laws. or the laws of the District of Columbia or the United States. responsibility for revoked membership will rest with the Executive Board (see Article VII. disability. 4 . The Executive Board is comprised of the President. Section 4. The Executive Board meets bi-weekly throughout the semester. ARTICLE VII EXECUTIVE STRUCTURE & OFFICERS Section 1. and are conducted according to the discretion of the chairs and directors. Section 6. Section 5. at any time. Vice President. If. Every academic year. PR Director. the Student Code of Conduct of American University. Membership in the American University Roosevelt Institute is voluntary upon the individual and the organization. the Roosevelt Institute should strive to host at least one (1) large event for the benefit of the entire membership. All meetings are conducted in accordance with these bylaws. color. a member of this organization wishes to discontinue membership in the American Roosevelt Institute. Section 3. Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called with discretion by any member of the board who deems such a meeting necessary. Section 5. age. Ultimate decision-making responsibility within the organization rests with the Executive Board. A. as needed. at a time and on a day which is convenient to all members of the board. religion. If a member of this organization engages in behavior that is contradictory to these Bylaws. ARTICLE VI MEETINGS & EVENTS Section 1. sexual orientation. The chapter as a whole should host at least one (1) policy-related event per month. gender identity and expression. In such a case. Section 1A). or any other bases under federal or local laws.Section 4. sex. the meeting must be rescheduled. Policy Center meetings are conducted on an ad hoc basis. If at any point less than half the board is in attendance. as well as the edification of the public. our organization is open to all students. B. A. Section 6. the bylaws of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network. their membership in this organization may be revoked. In accordance with University policy and procedure regulations. whether a speaker event or otherwise. they are able to do so. and there shall be no discrimination on the basis of race. national origin. which serves the center membership and the campus community as a whole.

Treasurer is directly elected by the general membership of the chapter and is responsible for overseeing the budgeting process. Secretary is directly elected by the general membership of the chapter and is responsible for taking minutes of the meetings of the executive board and general membership and must be involved with internal and external communication for the chapter. and in the absence or disability of the President. and managing relations with campus press. and activity with the chapter’s Student Account. obtaining sponsorships for events and activities. Outreach Director. PR Director is directly elected by the general membership of the chapter is responsible for the advertising of events. and the Policy Center chairs. B. Treasurer. i. recruitment of new members to their policy center and the organization. In the event of a more lengthy vacancy. and coordinates the chapter’s presence at the student club fair. The Economic Development Center 2. f. The President acts as the official spokesperson and leads the club. The Policy Centers are based on the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network Model and include: 1. The Policy Chairs are responsible for monitoring all policy research and development. The President embodies and enforces strict observance of these Bylaws as well as the Constitution of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network and the bylaws of the American University Club Council. promoting the club. The Policy Chairs are elected by the general membership of the chapter.Secretary. Outreach Coordinator is directly elected by the general membership of the chapter and is responsible for outreach and recruitment to other student clubs and organizations. fundraising. The President is directly elected by the members of the general membership of the chapter to serve as the outward-looking face of the organization. a. as well as insuring the successful translation of policy into publication submissions from the American University Roosevelt Institute to national and/or regional publications. b. The Environment & Energy Center 3. the Vice President shall function as President until such a time that the Executive Board can appoint a new president by unanimous consent. i. g. d. All Executive Board members must be present at the American University campus for the entire academic year. e. The Policy Chairs also serves as the representative of the Policy Centers and are charged with meeting the needs of individual centers so that all might have the resources to function and excel. The Defense & Diplomacy Center 5 . The Vice President is directly elected from the membership by a simple majority to serve as the partner to the President. as well as the direct liaison between the chapter and the regional and national levels of the organization. shall succeed to the President's powers and duties. c. i. (S)he is the host and speaker for the Roosevelt Institute at all events. The Vice President assists the President in the performance of the President's duties.

Section 2. All impeachment hearings must abide by the AUCC guidelines. or election. Decisions of the Board are made by majority vote with the exception of appointments. There are no term limits for any Executive Board position. The Advisory Board is comprised of American University faculty and staff in addition to local experts. businessmen. and assets pertaining to their offices and to this organization. guidance. records. appointment. D. and 6 . and a two-thirds vote of the board is required in order to directly remove a member of the Board. All members of the Executive Board must be in good standing with the Roosevelt Institute as well as American University in order to maintain her/his position on the Board. at the same time instructing said successors in the duties and proper administration of their respective offices. Any non-Executive Board member can introduce an article of impeachment of a member of the Executive Board. Section 5. If. ARTICLE VIII COMMITTEES & CENTERS Section 3. It is also be the duty of the new board members to secure from former officers all data and records pertaining to the conduct of their offices together with such instruction and advice as will enable them to perform the duties and responsibilities of their various offices satisfactorily. Section 7. Section 1B) if it is considered necessary. items. Section 3. Section 4. Any member of the Board of the Directors has the ability to convene a special meeting outside of the regular meeting schedule (see Article VI. It is the personal duty of the outgoing members of the Board to turn over to their successors all data. The Health Care Center 6. The Education Center a. New centers may be added through the approval of the Executive Board pending proof that there is a sufficient amount of interest in the proposed policy center. Day-to-day decision-making responsibility within the organization rests with the Executive Board. after nomination. The Equal Justice Center 5. and politicians who can offer knowledge. any member of the Board temporarily or permanently withdraws from American University or is placed on probation by the University. C. Section 6. The Executive Board of this chapter is elected during the campaign season of March 1st and April 1st of each Academic Year and serves a term of one academic year. reports.4. that member shall be automatically disqualified to hold office in this chapter and a successor will promptly be found to fill the vacancy thereby created.

they engage in policy research and writing and then connect the fruits of that research to the political process. 7 . but from a progressive standpoint. a national student initiative. delivering sound. Roosevelt cannot lobby or advocate a party platform. counties and states. We call our unique model of policy activism Think Impact. Section 2. either politically or otherwise. The Roosevelt Institute is a registered non-profit organization-501(c)(3) and is therefore. students identify pressing issues facing their towns. engages young people in a unique form of progressive activism that empowers them as leaders and promotes their ideas for change. but otherwise the Board shall have no formal leadership.opportunities to the organization. Taking advantage of the unique resources on their college campuses. and National regulations oblige us to address issues not from a conservative standpoint and not from a liberal standpoint. Adding policy papers to picket signs. Think Impact engages young people in activism fueled by innovative. ARTICLE IX GENERAL Section 1. by law. Through communication and coordination with political actors and community members. The Faculty Advisor to this club will understandably play a leadership role within the Advisory Board. progressive proposals to policymakers and advocacy groups. The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network. non-partisan and cannot endorse candidates.) Section 3. student ideas. a. The Roosevelt Institute may facilitate discussions among candidates for student government but can not endorse any candidates. This club does not offer endorsements for any student government office. The Advisory Board acts as a moral compass and springboard of ideas.

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